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The Kettlebell Golf Swing

May 9, 2007 10:47 AM

Here’s a fun, easy to learn kettlebell drill that will build explosive strength throughout your core and hard to reach upper back muscles. Grab a light kettlebell with your right hand and place your left hand on top of it to stabilize the grip. Keep the arms straight, elbows locked. Begin swinging the kettlebell from side to side. Very important point: Initiate the movement with the hips. See photos below.


It’s like a golf swing with a kettlebell. Your knees should move in the same direction as the bell. It’s O.K. if the heel comes off the ground slightly. After you get the hang of swinging with the body upright, you can gradually bend forward, looking up as in the good morning exercise. Keep swinging the kettlebell as you work your way down and back up. Try to go lower with each rep. Gradually work your way down to shin level.

I’ve found this movement is great for the oblique, abs, upper and lower back, hips and upper gluteus. As always, get the technique down before you move up to a heavier bell. Do this exercise for three to five sets of ten to twenty reps. I like to use this exercise as part of a kettlebell circuit routine. Enjoy the results!

To see the Golf Swing in motion go to: and click on the Golf Swing link.

Joe Pavel, RKC, CAS is based in Cottage Grove, MN. For more info on Joe, go to