Praise for the RKC Kettlebell Certification — Gaithersburg, MD, September 2019

Daiva Beck

It was an eye-opening experience. I’ve learnt that kettlebell trainings are very applicable in everyday life. The class was mentally and physically hard and demanding, but fun at the same time.

Instructors’ knowledge surpassed my expectations. Mike was an exceptional leader, very observing, engaging, and understanding. I enjoyed that he was fun and personable, but at the same time strict and demanding for participants to do their best.

This is the best workshop I have ever taken.

Matt Grafton

The RKC was easily one of the most challenging things I’ve ever done. The amount of knowledge and information I received  was so helpful. Mike Krivka is honestly one of the most skilled/knowledgeable instructors I know. Everything I learned from this certification will forever translate into my personal training career.

His knowledge is endless and he explains everything in a very simple way. If I ever need advice or have questions on kettlebell training, Mike will be the first person I come to. I can’t thank him enough for his enthusiasm and passion for what he does.

The RKC was the most information-packed certifications I’ve ever taken. I will always be able to use what I learned from this course.

Leonardo R. Angeles, III

Two days of learning from top professionals in the KB community. Fun, exciting, physically and mentally demanding, just like a kettlebell !!!

The training and knowledge from the instructors were great!!! Had answers for all my questions and were open to answer concerns about execution of movements. I feel that I can reach out to any of them in the future.

Jeffrey McAndrew

Mike’s instruction was great. Started from the ground up and worked the basics and made what was hard, look easy.

Mike is the most knowledgeable RKC, bar none.  He takes time to break down every technique and keeps it to the basics. There are none more involved or dedicated to KB than Mike Krivka.

The best training course I have attended—all because of Mike’s attention to details.

Joan Tran

Wonderful experience with Mike and the other RKC instructors. Super helpful, yet fun! Understanding the correct techniques and understanding the ‘why?’ behind each movement is going to take me a long way in my fitness journey!

Mike and the rest of the team were amazing. They were engaging, informative, and encouraging most of all. They taught me the most important thing which is that you have to master the basics and technique in order to progress.

This training was my first physical certification so I was super nervous and intimidated. But Mike and the RKC team made me feel at home and comfortable. The information and physical training made so much sense and is going to make me so much better and have more confidence in myself.

Jennifer Hoyer

Mike is very knowledgeable and conveys the information well.  I would recommend learning from him to everyone and feel fortunate that he is relatively close to my home. Everyone was knowledgeable and their tips and advice to improve is much appreciated.

Phil Jones

I only took this RKC instructor certificate because of Michael Krivka. I wouldn’t have taken a chance on, or parted with, for me a considerable amount of money for anyone else. He speaks the truth and wants the best for the individuals he reaches.  The crew Michael selected were also all excellent and their experience and patience shone through.  Christine, Toni, Laurie.

I can’t compare it to other physical exercise training courses as this is the first I’ve attended. However, in terms of a learning and teaching experience (of which I’ve had many professionally), the certification run by Michael Krivka was right up there with some of the best in the business industry.