Praise for the RKC Kettlebell Certification — Louisville, KY, September 2021

Tony Denham, Police officer, Personal Trainer

This RKC course teaches exactly what is needed to make our clients better at fitness and life. The time taken to break down the importance of technique & “the why” are priceless.

The quality was top level and the humble way it was presented was outstanding. All were very knowledgeable and were great at teaching what they know. This was more in-depth and took the time to break down techniques and cues. I will definitely be able to use what I’ve learned.

Dan Mason, pro strength athlete, personal trainer

A game changer. Worth every penny. I learned how to use kettlebell movements to bullet-proof my body and complement my other competitive lifts.

So much knowledge I need to get them on my podcast and do some deeper dives on training philosophies and applications.

Way better than most workshops that I’ve been to. I asked some out-of-the-box questions and you can just tell the amount of experience and thought and background these trainers had.

Cal Cumpstone, Attorney

Absolutely fantastic experience, the attention to detail surpassed expectation. I feel that I have added an entirely different skill set and am able to competently execute the acquired knowledge.

Chris Holder is a giving and competent professional. He is a mentor of teaching, his explanations and insight were crystal clear and applicable. Robbie and Colleen were perfect complements and unbelievably helpful. The three of them created the exact synergy that you could only hope for. Thank you. It was amazing, I’ll be back for RKC 2.

Daniel Struck, teacher

I have been certified by BFS, USAW and Crossfit so far. I’d say what I liked about this was that they went fully into each movement. Half a day on the swing! I liked that. I’ve been to certs that fly through it and check you off. I like the thoroughness of the course and the attention to detail of the “hey you’re going to go coach this – know it”.

Loved that the leader, Holder was a HS S & C coach. It helped me gain perspective of how to incorporate this into our HS setting w/barbells and such. Having Colleen demo was awesome as it was needed to have a person so graceful and fluid in every move. The facility and the way we were welcomed made for a great atmosphere.

Joshua Garrett, personal trainer

Overall great experience. I really enjoyed the attention to detail and the tips with in each of the movements. Everyone was awesome. Easy to talk to and willing to go above and beyond to answer questions. Very hands on instead of just reading material and detailed within each of the movements.

William Nash

Very thorough and informative. I learned tips and technique improvements that will help me going forward. Also was able to identify areas where I need improvements. All instructors were well educated, organized and eager to engage/assist students.

Jeremy Calder, college student

I really enjoyed this experience, it was not what I expected, the fine tuning and all the tips and tricks the instructors taught are amazing tools that I will share and use forever. I have a completely new outlook on how to train with kettlebells after this weekend.

Chris Holder- has very insightful and amazing tips and tricks that helped me tremendously improve my movements and mindset.

Colleen- is very smart and talented and she also helped me tremendously with the fine tuning to my movements to make them as efficient as possible.

Ryan Waldron, personal trainer

A detailed instruction on kettlebell mechanics and coaching. Chris and Colleen exceeded expectations. I honestly wouldn’t change a thing. You can tell both are invested in kettlebells and love it. All around great instruction, best experience. Applies directly to what I do in all areas.

Praise for the RKC Kettlebell Certification — Coventry, United Kingdom, September 2021

Karen Hillman

The whole RKC experience has been extremely informative at a deeper level to what I expected. I have learnt so much from Andrea, it is really hard to put into words. Every movement has been broken down to give such a greater understanding. I literally can’t wait to put everything I have learnt into practice.

Andrea Du Cane is an outstanding instructor with a wealth of knowledge and explains it all so well. High energy and fast moving. Patient and explains in different ways to help you understand.

RKC has been another level. The quality has been better than any course I have done before. I wish I had done it sooner. All the material is really great!”

Francesca Collins

This has been one of the most insightful certification events I have attended; the absolute attention to detail throughout the 2-day course from Andrea Du Cane the master trainer, Shell & Craig was incredible.

Andrea Du Cane: Exceptional coach and an inspiring figure for me – really made me feel that I was capable and more, just through her coaching & corrections.

Craig Gilkes: His cues were a lifesaver for me in the snatch and get-up. Really approachable & made me feel more competent that I thought I was.

Shell Gilkes: Amazing instructor in her approach when correcting movement and just her overall presence felt reassuring for me when testing.

Very in-depth theory matched very well with quality.

Jinan Joudeh

A fabulous, informative, inspiring weekend. The RKC was well-delivered in a supportive and empowering environment.

I loved this. I think it was of a much higher standard than most weekend certifications. I felt I had to earn each “pass’, but also I felt the environment for learning was particularly strong and supportive and to be completely honest free from the internalized misogyny sadly very much prevalent in the fitness and kettlebell world.

I thought this group was SO lovely. I’m really grateful for the experience. A massive thank you to Andrea, Craig and Shell!

Joe Rooney

Extremely rewarding hard work. An excellent opportunity to meet new people from different training backgrounds and learn from each other as well.

Very narrow focus allowed it to go much deeper into specifics. Much more practical effort at workout weight. Greater assumption of starting with knowledge/skill.

Jonathan Woollard

Educational experience that has reinforced fundamentals and corrected bad habits and gave me a much better understanding of myself and how to see others.

Andrea’s depth of knowledge is amazing. Her certainty of right and wrong and reasoning behind is phenomenal. Corrective actions and making us understand how we apply what we have learned.

I have mostly trained alone. This shows the benefit of coaching and training with others. The quality of intentional focus on form “quality over quantity”. Plenty of material without overloading, leave me to go back confident to training and coach others. Great focus on learning and not about bravado.

Nicci Forbes

It was worthwhile and really honed in on education and correction. A truly immersive experience. Instructors, Andrea, Craig and Shell first class!