Praise for the RKC Kettlebell Certification — NYC, NY, February 2023

Neely Hague, Coach

This is a life-changing program weekend. The ability to learn & practice skill with leaders in the RKC is unrivaled.

Tiffany Joyce, Coach

The training was an amazing experience. The days were well organized and efficient. The information was presented in a digestible way. The training was unmatched, best experience I’ve had in a training. The coaching was phenomenal, the best in person seminar I’ve completed.

Jane Simmons, Personal Trainer

This weekend challenged me. I am so thankful for all of the incredible coaches who have taught me so many specific ways to improve my technique and ways to improve my clients. Everyone is so knowledgeable, thoughtful, and specific in their feedback. The support has been extremely helpful to move with strength & confidence.

Romel Sanday, Personal Trainer

This cert was very educational. It helped explain a lot of different form issues and it addressed common falsehoods about the kettlebell. I loved the team. I believe they all helped with foundation. I love how they are excited about training. RKC far surpassed any other certification I have attended. I love it.

Emily Lawerence, Coach

The training was clear and enthusiastic. In depth detail was provided for each exercise and I enjoyed the live feedback from the coaches. Everyone was so smart and offered amazing feedback. Each coach actively led extremely well and had the skills to back it up. RKC has been absolutely invaluable to my KB training. No cert/training has the energy or expertise like RKC.

Anita Alba, Trainer/ Health coach

It was amazing, thorough, fun, tough, thoughtful, and thought provoking. The team was extremely knowledgeable, thorough, and provided clear and helpful feedback with great cues and analogies. This rocked! Far surpassed any other course. Worth the time and money. Unrivaled!

Susie Lundari, Personal Trainer

Emotional LOL. But in all honesty, this was a surprising and humbling experience. I came to learn, not to pass, but I was tested far more than physically. I left better, with more direction on where to progress in my training, it was worth it. After meeting this team back at the Strong NY conference, I knew I wanted to keep learning from them – that there was something there and I wanted it for myself. They are all so kind, giving, motivating, strong, and encouraging. I’ve learned something unique from every individual this weekend.

Christine Laderer, Personal Trainer

A very informative and supportive environment. I received specific feedback for certain skills that have helped me improve. The master instructors were great and a huge help. The master instructors’ knowledge is incredible. So glad I got to learn/train under them for this cert.

Kevin Maya, Strength & Conditioning

The knowledge provided was eye opening. Darius is one of the most charismatic individuals I’ve ever met. He saw something in me that I did not and I’m incredibly grateful. Honestly this group makes hard work fun and enjoyable, all the while refining our technique and our performance as athletes. Most importantly explaining why these movements are important of the feet and barefoot training.  

Jesse Barnett, Trainer/ Pilates Instructor

Master instructor was excellent. He was heavily recommended by my coworkers and lived up to their praise.