Praise for the Russian Kettlebell Certification Workshop (RKC) — New York City, NY, November 2013

Mike Medrano, New York City, NY, Professional MMA fighter/ personal trainer

ATHLETIC ACHIEVEMENTS: Professional MMA fighter, practicing in Muay Thai, wrestling, Brazilian jujitsu, and Cross-fit competitor. (Olympic lifting and power lifting since high school) College football player, College track runner

Like a kid in a toy store.  I had so much fun learning new movements and improving what I already practice in my daily routine.

Each instructor really hammered away at the fundamentals of each movement, a well as explaining what physical corrections need to be made to improve efficiency. They were considerate and approachable, which helped communication and learning. I had an awesome time.

I am looking to become a better athlete and coach thru all these things I have learned this weekend.

Kirk A'Gard, New York City, NY, Teacher

ATHLETIC ACHIEVEMENTS: LT. Lifeguard, CrossFitter, 5th Degree Black Belt Vee Arnis Jitsu, Instructor Filipino Martial Arts, Surf, Run, Swim, Kettlebells

I have gained a deeper understanding of kettlebell training through the use of RKC methods. The realization of past kettlebell techniques has become clarified. I have progressions to work from enhancing not only my overall technique, but also my strength and conditioning. The aspect of overall health has become more of an awareness overall. Additionally, I can tell that this certification method can be applied right away in my own training and martial arts practice.

In my opinion all of the instructors were very knowledgeable, exact and patient. All questions were answered with example of training. The staff all come from varied backgrounds, were very open about their own training, and motivated the attending group to not only complete the course yet to improve upon what was taught and learned.

I have taken the Kettlebell Concepts and Crossfit Kettlebell certifications, both of which didn’t have the depth, scope and methods used in this course.

Great certification! Looking forward to one day doing the RKC II and FMS certifications.

Nick Kenon, New York City, NY, Personal Trainer

My training background is body weight, powerlifting and various martial arts styles. some certifications: CPT (aapt), Animal Flow, TRX (all), PCC

Most thorough certification I have ever attended, as well as the most challenging. I was mentally and physically pushed to the limit and had a great time doing it.

Phil Ross showed exceptional enthusiasm and passion while leading the group through the weekend. He obviously had a lot of knowledge both academically and experientially regarding the use of kettlebells. Great energy!

Angelo Gala was extremely knowledgeable as well as passionate about training with kettlebells and his feedback and cueing was very helpful in my development of the techniques.

Each of the assistants also offered an added sounding board and helping hand throughout the weekend, which was especially helpful because it increased the instructor/student ratio and improved the overall quality of the course!

Top notch. I have always preferred a 3-day certification to a single day. You really get to know your instructors and fellow attendees in a longer course, which for me is one of the most important aspects of any certification.

Maurice Christovale, New York City, NY, Personal Trainer

Trainer for 10yrs, Boxing background

Phil – "Rock Star" Top notch instructor. Made every penny of  $1600 worth while.

Angelo – "Hard Ass" My personal favorite instructor, tones of useful information was given by him, he really encouraged me to be better on every rep.

RKC is by far hands down the best KB cert out. Un-matched in quality.

Amanda Nugent, New York City, NY, Personal Trainer


This certification has been challenging yet rewarding. The attention to detail, precision of movement and integrity in teaching has ben unparalleled. I have learned many new ways that I can be a better student and better teacher.

The delivery of material was well thought out and well paced. The information was presented in a clear, concise manner in a fun context. I felt that everyone was very hands on, very helpful and informed.

The quality of information and practical use was some of the best I have received considering the scope of fitness related workshops, seminars and certs I have participated in.

Frank Karam, New York City, NY, Lawyer

Attended two prior RKC programs and am presently a certified instructor.

It is like a 3-day retreat where you are challenged to learn about your body and mind using the KB as the tool. At the end both my muscles and brain are both tired, yet energized.

Phil is 1. Unbelievably strong, 2. Great speaker and teacher. 3. Perceptive of what is happening in the group.
Angelo is 1. A masterful all around athlete. 2. Calm but challenging teacher. 3. An encyclopedia of strength and movement knowledge.

I love KBs. I have not taken a lot of other training but I am devoted to KB as the best investment in my long term health.

Ian Noray, Brooklyn, NY, Project Manager, Facility Management

Track - Sprinting. Sports - Basketball

When I came here I thought I knew how to perform most of the kettlebell moves… I was so wrong, I had to unlearn everything and coming here taught me all the fundamental moves and techniques of kettlebell training.

The RKC Team Leaders was awesome as they were consistently there to evaluate, critique and correct our techniques. Coach Ross and Coach Gala were a fantastic team both in leading and complementing each other to dynamically address each kettlebell exercise.

What I have learnt in 3 day is amazing, this was worth every penny and so much more.

I can’t say enough about the team assembled here, so knowledgeable and a tremendous resource.

Seana Hart, New Fairfield, CT, Personal Trainer / Fitness Studio Owner

EarthFIT Training, Back Pain Relief4Life Training, AFAA certified.

I am very happy with my experience! The coaches all rocked!

Everyone as great, truly! I cannon say enough about the caliber of knowledge, professionalism, and training of all the team! I wish I could attend a training every month (But I would go broke). You are all amazing! :) I love meeting interesting and positive, knowledgeable people!

No comparison!  Other trainings go through the motions every trainer came here with the purpose of training, teaching, sharing and making each one of us successful that was the goal! And it was accomplished for the most. The seriousness taken through the entire process gives RKC the quality in maintains on its website and elsewhere.

Stephanie Miller, New York, NY, Finance / CrossFit Coach

USAW Sport Performance Coach

Very thorough and challenging. The staff was beyond professional and demonstrated an amazing understanding of all the movements. I learned so many new things and got amazing workouts!

Phil Ross – Master RKC – was incredible. He effectively demonstrated and coached every movement. He was able to help almost everyone in the class individually. The same goes for Angelo Gala, Team Leader. Super patient and knowledgeable. There was nothing that came up that they didn’t have an answer/tip/fix for. A+

Best cert to date. Great amount of activity.

Phil and Angelo are the Best!

Jarret Lewis, Pittsburgh PA, Nurse, personal trainer

Brazilian jiu-jitsu purple belt, 5 years active duty Army

Fantastic! Solid, technical instruction by professionals who walk the talk.

Perfect! Instructors from the top down provided detailed instruction on all lifts. Questions were encouraged and answers were always above what I expected. It was great.

Thank you!

Dan Salazar, Brooklyn, NY, Coach


The experience was amazing. The cert makes sure that coaches who pass can walk their talk.

Phil and the other instructors were great. They really took things that were complex and made it simple to understand and apply.

Jon Roth, Brooklyn, NY, Management Consultant

Triathlon, running, and cycling racer (nothing special!), ACE Personal Trainer, Spinning Instructor, College Football (1000 years ago!)

The lead instructors were awesome teachers and inspiring athletes.  The Instructor team was dialed into improving everyone’s capabilities. I appreciate their focus and all of the corrections and tips they gave me. I enjoyed going through the experience with so many athletes from so many backgrounds and disciplines.

It was a great balance of fun and work. Phil and Angelo are great teachers and they have fun with it. You need that on long days. Sue and Amanda were dialed in and helped me tremendously. I wouldn’t have made the progress I did/will without their corrections.

The practice makes it real and lets you actively see great instruction in action. Trying to teach someone else was a great experience as well, and reinforced how skilled our RKC instructors are.

Chelsea Witiak, New York City, NY

I am so happy that I came. I learned so much in such a short period of time and have become so inspired to tackle some of the tests and challenges others endured this weekend.

I think that every instructor was spot on. They were motivating, demanding, an tough! They were all very knowledgeable and  killed in their kettlebells.

I danced for 15 years so this is the 1st time I did anything like this… I thought it was great and will be a great skill in terms of building my strength.

I was so inspired by Niaomi!!! She spoke no English-flew from across the world… and passed her snatch test with them to spare! I will take that moment with me and us it for inspiration!

Benjamin Mandelheim, White Plains, NY, Civil Engineer

Some Gymnastics & Boxing in young years.

Phil Ross, Angelo Gala and their team have demonstrated excellent level and knowledge here, and I believe I made a great investment attending this training.

Alexandre K Vieira, Brazil, Strength coach

Strength coach and personal trainer

An experience of how to develop powerful and safe/functional movements. Patterns and maximizing strength/power/endurance = athletes

Excellent quality/material/books/kettlebells and gym to use.

Ramy Ahmed, Montreal , Canada, Strength & Conditioning Coach

Gym Jones LV-3, CrossFit LV-1, CrossFit Competitors, CrossFit Gymnastics, CrossFit Kids, ISSA-Certified Personal Trainer

The training was absolutely informative. Best part of this experience is the amount of knowledge and earning the cert.

They were all very knowledgeable and demonstrated their knowledge every step all the way.

I can say that this is one of the best certs I’ve been to in all the above elements.

 Praise for the Russian Kettlebell Certification Workshop — Melbourne, Australia, November 2013

Dean Robinson, Physiotherapist, Strength and Conditioning Specialist

For General Physical Preparation (GPP) Training this is by far the best course I have seen in my 20 years as a Strength & Conditioning Specialist and Elite Coach.  I would recommend this to both Senior Elite & Junior coaches of any discipline to gain a greater knowledge and tools of GPP.

Andrew Read is one of the most outstanding instructors I have ever come across. He has a depth of knowledge and passion for teaching to enhance each individual whether personally or through his students.

Matt Beecroft  has an incredible ability to make the most complicated thing simple!

Shannon Scullin’s attention to detail is amazing and something that every instructors should seek to attain.

Alby Owen’s thoughtfulness and patience got me through this course and showed me new ways to working with clients and patients, but most importantly on how to improve my health, flexibility and mobility.

Quality: 6 stars

Scope of material:
More in-depth than any other course or certification I’ve seen in 20 years within the allocated time.

Practical use: The course is not a theory based course it is a course that will appeal to all, as you have to personally master the material which demonstrates your knowledge.

This course is a necessity for anyone who is thinking of working with any clients or athletes. Unless you’ve done it you won’t know what you’re missing out on. This is a course that makes you put your money where your mouth is as a trainer.

David Norton, Rockingham, WA, Australia, Manager

ATHLETIC ACHIEVEMENTS: I've been training for 30 years and have a Martial arts background holding a second Dan black belt in ju-jitsu but now retired.

The RKC Certification was exactly what I wanted form a Kettlebell course. The depth of knowledge and understanding of the instructors was world class.

Brett Turley, Woonona, Australia, Personal Trainer

ATHLETIC ACHIEVEMENTS: Rugby and medium distance track as a teenager, boxing, 8 and a half years in Australian Army as an explosive detection dog handler, 2 tours to Afghanistan, 1 of which was with Special Forces.

Professional, challenging and a step above Australian Kettlebell Course Standards. The instructors were second to none.

Pól Ó Breasláin, Sydney, Australia, I.T. Professional

ATHLETIC ACHIEVEMENTS: 1st Dan Black Belt Tae-Kwon-Do (ITF), Also studied some Muay Thai with George Kolovos in Melbourne and in Phuket at Tiger MMA. Melbourne Half-Marathon, Training with kettlebells for 5 years.

The RKC weekend is a real eye-opener. It introduces concepts and training drills of a very professional standard and the instruction is of such a high quality that everyone, whether they pass or fail the certification comes away from the experience with a wealth of knowledge and a ton of practical advice which they can use for their own training purposes or for teaching their own clients.

The quality of all the instructors was top class. They were professional at all times, very inspirational in the way they were able to make us dig deeper for that last rep. I’d highly recommend them.

The RKC is the best standard of training I’ve experienced.

Tori Robinson

Best course I have ever done, with inspiring and knowledgeable teachers.

Andrew Read is an amazing teacher. Great pace of teaching, working, learning, and putting it all together. Great with fixing technique and using appropriate drills.

Shannon – so encouraging, professional, knowledgeable and particularly good at 1-on-1 coaching.

Matt – always raised salient points at the right time. Encouraging, supportive of candidates, demonstrate great movement.

Alby – professional, great movement model, inspiring in teams of his personal mastery of technique.

The quality was the top of its game. Scope/depth of material was appropriate – I’ve gone away with a lot of practical info that I can use straight away.

(Previous courses – AWF Weightlifting, CrossFit).

Congratulations on a great course and developing such good instructors in Australia!

Cat Gallaher, Sydney NSW, Australia, Personal Trainer

ATHLETIC ACHIEVEMENTS: Cert Fitness III (AIF), Cert Fitness IV (AIF), Kettlebell and Functional Trainer - Level 2 (AIK), Battling Rope Trainer (AIK), MMA Instructor (PunchFit), Boxing Trainer (PunchFit), Boxing Instructor - Level 1 (PunchFit), Boxing Gym Trainer (PunchFit), Boxing Park Trainer (PunchFit), Trigger Point Therapy (tptherapy), Mentorship (DC Health Performance)

A must for all PTs or serious athletes. The amount of knowledge and skills that are passed on will help improve you as a coach and an athlete.

What five aspects of the workshop did you find most useful and why?

  1. Coaching Skills – learning ways to coach your client and not just teach them.
  2. Correctives – knowledge to understand how each individual moves and how to enhance their personal performance.
  3. Techniques – breaking down each of the moves into simple moves to bring out perfect techniques.
  4. Progressions – knowing the bet ways to progress the exercises helps individualize the moves for each client.
  5. Interactions – interacting with the RKC head trainers as well as others in the industry brings along its own kind of knowledge being shared.

All the instructors demonstrated professionalism. They passed on knowledge in ways that were easy to comprehend. Many skills have been passed on. They are all tough but fair, wanting to help everyone achieve their full potential. The amount of knowledge is vast. The level of exercises is enough. You never felt overworked or underworked.

A million times better than any other course. Most other courses pass anyone who bothers to turn up. The RKC is a challenge and you have to prove your worth. The exercises were perfect for anyone wishing to coach their clients.

Glenn Walmsley, Suffolk Park, NSW, Australia, Yoga Teacher

ATHLETIC ACHIEVEMENTS: rowing for 10 years

The information that was shared was amazing. Everything in this course was a very high standard, the course exceeded my expectations. Go the Community.

Every one of these instructors was incredible, they empowered you with great information. These people are at the top of the PT-Tree.

Great experience and then some.

Brinn Lupton, Melbourne, Vic, Krav Maga Instructor

Expert level 1 Krav maga instructor

It is the course that all Personal Trainers should do. It gave the best GPP knowledge and skills for them and their clients.

This has been the most professional course I have been on in the last 6 years. I am amazed and impressed by the whole team. This course and team are beyond all others.

Thank you for this amazing opportunity to train under such knowledge. It is more then expected and has challenged the drive to succeed inside myself.

Jaseton Heath, Adelaide, SA, Personal Trainer

ATHLETIC ACHIEVEMENTS: Bachelor of health science, human movement

An amazing system to teach basic human movements that can be transferred with ease to various other systems.

The instructors were all very knowledgeable and presented in a informative but entertaining fashion, always keeping the group engaged.

It is hands down the best certification that I have ever done. The workouts were hard but not to the point of taking away from the lessons being learnt.

The workshop was perfect.

Shane Hunter, Melbourne, Australia, Chef

A fantastic weekend of information and coaching. It has reignited my passion for the bells and will give me a great reason to further my training.

Amazing instructors, very caring, extremely involved with group, willing to go the extra mile to help people.

Small group size was great!! Not lost in a sea of students with one teacher/trainer like many other courses. Again great manual.

Lukas Misovic, Sydney, Australia, Student

Martial arts

Really enjoyed, I expected good quality and I got great quality.

All of them are just great all my questions have been answered clear and simple. Lot’s of useful tricks for training and teaching.
This is in a league of its own.

Tony Mitrevski, Melbourne Australia, Testing Evangelist

The instructors had a fantastic ability to provide technique cues and drills to fix issues with exercises.

RKC provided more practical demonstrations and practice than Cert 3 at Australia Institute of Fitness. Testing of techniques is more comprehensive.

Michael Nolon

World Class trainers, with a passion to teach and see all students learn and grow. Professional at all times, honest, extremely knowledgeable and genuine in wanting to teach people about KB.

Most thorough course ever attended.

Steven Tarrant, Munruben, Australia, Personal Trainer

Cert IV in Personal Training, C.H.E.K Exercise Coach, Sports Power Coach / Club Weightlifting License Level I

The RKC was fluff free and the detail in the instruction made it far more practical than the majority of courses I’ve previously done.


 Praise for the Russian Kettlebell Certification Workshop — October 2013 Denver, Colorado

Eric Franks, Centennial, CO, Aurora Fire Department

ATHLETIC ACHIEVEMENTS: Firefighter, former Police officer.

Best physical fitness class I have ever participated in. I have been in CrossFit, ACSM, NSCA, and Firefight Peer fitness ACE classes and this is by far the most dynamic and satisfying. It was HARD but worth it.

Outstanding instruction. I enjoyed getting feedback from them on many aspects of my form. It was not a hostile or abusive environment. I knew I had things to improve on and it was delivered in a way that was easy to understand. I like the universal respect from the instructors. There was the correct amount of organization and authority combined with a playful atmosphere.

I put it at the top of the list. The practical was very well integrated and at the forefront. Better then all my other classes I have been in but also a great and necessary basis for all other activities I plan on doing.

I really enjoyed the functional moving and body stretch functions. The yoga was GREAT. The warm ups in the morning were brilliant and loosened me up so well. The cool down stretch at end of day was great. It was a hard class. I found many weaknesses but I LOVED the class. Thanks!

John Spera Parker CO, Firefighter

By far the best certification class I have ever taken. The trainers all brought a wealth of knowledge and more importantly a passion for the RKC system.

This class was amazing and it has opened my eyes to a whole new way to training. So much so that we are considering going to primarily kettlebell training for our Fire Academy. We already do FMS and see how this can be added seamlessly.

Erika Woolsey, Fort Collins, CO, Freight manager/kettlebell instructor

ATHLETIC ACHIEVEMENTS: College cross country runner. 2013 Boston Marathon finisher. 2013 NASA powerlifting World Cup Women’s intermediate 148lb 1st place (deadlift-274.9lbs, bench-114lbs, squat-215lbs )

The knowledge and skills that were presented this weekend were at an unreal level. I am walking away knowing and fully confident that I am able to safely and effectively train my students.

Keira and Mark have a great dynamic between them. They use each others’ skills and knowledge to help others understand the skill/movement.

The skills/training I have learned transfer over to everyday life more than any other training I have done.

Jim Eitel, Castle Rock, CO, Firefighter

The class exceeded all of my expectations. The teaching was very professional and in depth. It w s the best certification class I have ever taken.

The knowledge of the group is phenomenal. I wish I could spend more time with them and really get these moves ingrained.

The practical use of everything we learned transfers into everything I do, especially working for the fire department.

Christopher Burke, Denver, CO, Sport and Wellness Professional

ATHLETIC ACHIEVEMENTS: -IRONMAN Triathlete and 2:58 Marathoner, -ACE Certified Personal Trainer, -Red Cross CPR/AED and First Aid Certified

I had an excellent experience. It was educational, fun, well-organized and tough as hell. Top notch.

I thought they were great. The leaders, and assistants as well, were good teachers and the leaders especially were so well rounded and able to address nearly very issue and question.

The best. I’m a trainer and coach and I’ve never been to a more informative and functional 3-day event.

Tanden Bell, St. George, UT, Personal Trainer


This weekend was informative, difficult and has changed my perspective on the way I exercise and how I will teach others to exercise.

I thought this weekend was amazing! I have learned more here, in these 3 days, than in a year of personal training. The instructors, ALL of them were very knowledgeable and patient. They taught on my level and I felt like they were here for me. Thanks guys!

Much more physically demanding! Quality was top notch! This training exceeded all others.

Todd C. Hall, Denver, CO, Firefighter


It was super informative and very hands on. It opens your eyes to the benefits of kettlebells when executed correctly.

Everybody was super knowledgeable in technique and always took the time to share with each student.

I enjoyed that they are so concerned with technique and made sure everybody "got it" before moving on. In the past most classes are worried about the time line and continue on even if people aren’t getting it.

Paul Logan, Denver, CO, Forensic Investigator and Security Consultant

ATHLETIC ACHIEVEMENTS: 15 years of classical martial arts training (Kenpo Karate, Tae Kwon Do, Jukite Jujitsu), 10 years competitive bodybuilding. Co-Owner of Logan's Gym & MMA Training Center in Longmont, Colorado.

Extremely valuable information, great instruction. These instructors are true "Black Belts" in the art of kettlebells.   Able to not only teach verbally but also able to properly demonstrate each technique. Could not have had a better instructor/coaching staff.

Kettlebell training is a martial art. Having gone through three classical styles of martial arts I can say this is equally as challenging and applicable.  Extremely intense.

Thank you for an amazing experience! I look forward to my journey through this amazing art.

Rocco Pellerin

This is the first fitness cert I have attended but as courses go the quality and knowledge of the material is amazing. I could feel the instructors wanting to share more despite lack of time.

Greg Terry, Centennial Co, Firefighter

ATHLETIC ACHIEVEMENTS: Firefighter, SWAT Medic, Football, Baseball, Jiujitsu, Crossfit Level 1, Rower Instructor

This certification was more than I could ever have expected. I enjoyed kb before the certification, and now I LOVE them.

The knowledge and insight that both the Master RKC and the Team Leader brought was above and beyond what I expected at a level I certification.

Foundationally better than other courses. The details and science behind the system is old school. In a new school way.

Marci Leffingwell Fort Collins CO, Designer Solar PV

ATHLETIC ACHIEVEMENTS: I have been a certified climbing guide/instructor for 15 years. Working on Personal Trainer Certification through NASM.  Currently Teaching Kettlebell Classes For Old Town Athletic Club in Fort Collins.  Changing careers to be a personal trainer working with minimal implements. Kettlebells are perfect for that! .

One of the most thorough instructions of a single exercise tool. Fully impressed with depth of knowledge of instructors and three full days to learn.

All the trainers were top notch; you could really get that they all had lots of experience. The Master RKC I have a ton of respect for. I have been following both she and her husband (Team Leader) work and was very pleased that they were here in Denver for this RKC weekend.

From what I have heard this workshop is more in depth and complete than others similar in the fitness world. My only comparison is my AMGA Cert that was very complete 10 days, but very much on par.

David Mack, Lakewood, CO, High School Teacher


It was as I expected, however it’s your team of instructors that will make or break the experience. In this case, they made it a positive experience.!!!

Cheers to the Yin and Yang of KB training, Mark and Keira. 

One is grounded and earthlike – the other is fluid and liquid. Each complements the other perfectly in their energies; an Awesome pair. Nicely done! The assistant RKC’s were very helpful and sincere in their guidance.

Todd Lacey, Denver, CO, Lieutenant

ATHLETIC ACHIEVEMENTS: Peer Fitness Trainer - American Council on Exercise, Crossfit Level 1, Tactical Strength and Conditioning - NSCA

This RKC certification training utilized current up to date methods and incorporated the additional functional and mobility that is required for a healthy lifestyle.

Great instruction by all instructors, all are very passionate about sharing knowledge and cueing techniques.

This cert training was better than most of my trainings that I have attended in the past.


Praise for the Russian Kettlebell Certification Workshop — October 2013 Chicago, Illinois

Wayne Edmiston, Des Moines, IA, U.S. Marine

ATHLETIC ACHIEVEMENTS: CrossFit Level I Instructor, Marine Corps Martial Arts Black Belt Instructor, Marine Corps Water Survival Instructor

Outstanding experience that created a broad depth of knowledge. As a member of the military, the kettlebell is portable and can be used in the most austere environments. I can’t wait to bring this back to my troops.

Qualified and experienced professionals whose knowledge of kettlebells was only matched by their athletic achievements.

I have been to multiple training programs both military and civilian. This was more challenging by far of any civilian program I have attended. Such an eclectic group of athletes in one room.

Michael Morelli Jr., Menomonee Falls, WI, Entrepreneur

ATHLETIC ACHIEVEMENTS: Certified Personal Trainer

The RKC has ingrained and instilled amazing technique and training fundamentals that I will confidently apply in my own life, as well as the lives of many clients.  I am more confident, I breathe better, and I am stronger as a result of my time in RKC.

I couldn’t be more pleased with my experience. I had heard RKC was the best, now I know first hand.  The knowledge was incredible. The best part is each of the instructors had different methods and perspectives of teaching.  With that in mind they all arrived and instilled the very same training and techniques.  Thank you for holding such a high standard making me work hard, and putting by success first.

Scope was great. We didn’t waste any time on movements that we wouldn’t apply in the real world.

It was very refreshing to feel as though my success was the most important thing. You have a great thing going here with some special people. Thank you for having me.

Namon D Johnson

It was the most purposeful education I have ever received out of all my years of schooling. Not only do I feel more educated on effective and efficient training, I feel like a more confident, effective and efficient trainer.

The instructors were The Best instructors I have ever experienced out of all my years of having one on one experiences with trainers. No egos, very personable, very TECHNICAL (with care) and they really make you feel like family!

RKC is far none to any other training I have experienced. The quality of workouts, techniques, form, reading material for preparation along with practical exercise and training. Because of all the steps that were taken to make sure I’m an effective instructor, this gets me excited about being part of the RKC community.

Thank you so much for making me a better instructors/personal trainer. Invaluable teachings.

Monika Stahl, Lake Mary, FL, Crossfit trainer/olympic weightlifting coach

Very effective way of learning proper use of kettlebells in short time.

I strongly believe that all instructors and team leaders possess high knowledge in kettlebell training.

Chris Leathers, Johnsburg, IL, Gym Owner

ATHLETIC ACHIEVEMENTS: All State Football Player

Fun and worth it! Quality of training and knowledge provided by head instructor etc, was the best teaching I’ve ever received.

Love, Love, Love this company. The techniques I learned this weekend was invaluable. I LOVE how high the standards are to be RKC.

Kristin Burud-Wood

HKC provided me with a basic foundation/introduction to kettlebell training, but RKC really surpassed my expectations and gave me many tools to help me become a better trainer.

What aspects of the workshop did you find most useful and why?

  1. As a fairly new trainer, my weakness is mobility exercises, so I loved learning those.
  2. The knowledge of the instructors helped me with my own technique and how to better assess my clients techniques.
  3. I enjoyed our workouts – they gave me ideas for my own clients. Sometimes we get "stale".
  4. "Hands on" approach to learning and the immediate feedback provided.

All instructors were fantastic!!  They were patient, provided great feedback.

The best I have been to.

Tina Wendel, Sumner, IA, Office Manager and Group Fitness Trainer


It was a busy weekend packed with information that I can take back to my clients to help them become more stable, more mobile and ultimately stronger. The now available network of trainers will enable me to program safer workouts and to use the kb in all aspects of my training.

Every instructor involved was extremely knowledgeable and helpful in every comment. Each question/concern was listened to and then thru feedback from participants a course of action was attained. Excellent job by all.

Quality of instruction was stellar. I have never attended a workshop or certification that utilized as much technique explanation and why and then apply that to hands-on drills. I never felt lost or left behind.

Katherine Petersen, Chicago, IL, Personal Trainer

ATHLETIC ACHIEVEMENTS: Nationally Ranked Figure Competitor 2009-2012 (NPC),
BS in Marketing, NASM-CPT, Power Plate Cert-Level I, Poliquin Biosignature Practitioner

  1. The focus on mobility and attending to any body imbalances was extremely useful.
  2. The instructors were really helpful and thorough in their guidance... they made the break down of each movement very clear.
  3. I truly appreciate the amount of personal attention each student was able to received.
  4. The partner switching was really a great boost to learning how to coach different bodies/people before leaving the class.

This weekend has vastly improved my knowledge on how best to apply not only kettlebells, but also RKC philosophy and methods, to my current training model. I’ve gained new confidence in introducing more kettlebell movements to all of my clients due to the concise breakdown of progression, regression and honest assessment of each individual.

What five aspects of the workshop did you find most useful and why?

  1. Focus on energy rooting and shoulder packing.
  2. The broken arm bar is perhaps my new favorite movement to fire the lat!
  3. Each instructor’s individual cues – being able to learn from several perspectives.
  4. The team-building/multiple partners work – again learning from different people’s strengths and weaknesses.
  5. Learning how to break down each movement for necessary regressions.

I felt all of the instructors were extremely knowledgeable and each brought something different to offer. They were all high energy and very positive throughout the whole weekend. They reinforced solid technique, which really assisted in altering some bad habits I didn’t realize I had!

I thought this was the perfect balance of instruction:practice. I like that I felt not only physically pushed, but also mentally extended. This training gave me such a better understanding of how to get the body mobilized prior to adding resistance... a tool so often brushed over.

Patrick Leathers, Chicago, IL, Personal Trainer/Nutritionist

ATHLETIC ACHIEVEMENTS: Sports and fitness is a huge part of my life. I played soccer for 7 years. Football for 4 and am doing Thai boxing ju jitsu today. I am studying to become a personal trainer and I am certified in nutrition.

It has been a massive learning experience that has highlighted my strong points but more importantly my weak ones, and has kept my brain working 24/7.

What five aspects of the workshop did you find most useful and why?

  1. The training exercise we did on Sunday.
  2. Working the get up to better form.
  3. Getting time to have fun workouts and press heavy weight.
  4. Working on mobility as well as flexibility to become a better athlete.
  5. Getting to hear peoples story and learn from everyone.

I thought every one of the trainers was fantastic, everyone knew what they were doing. They seemed genuinely interested in helping you learn. And they were all humble very real people.

I think RKC will help greatly in all areas of my training.

Dustin Martorano

It was a challenging but rewarding experience to say the least. Anyone who is serious about learning and teaching kettlebells needs to be RKC!

The quality of training was very high which makes the certification that much more legitimate. Andrea doesn’t let ANYTHING slide and neither did the other instructors. It’s easy to see that the training staff really cares about the RKC brand.

RKC is the most challenging cert I’ve ever attempted.

Steve Peterson, Chicago, IL, Personal Trainer / Chef

ATHLETIC ACHIEVEMENTS: HKC certified, FMS certified, Still practice gymnastics at 44 years old.

The ability to learn, teach, correct, communicate, and do work, all at once.

Excellent!  I think Andrea is a great Master Instructor. She makes you want to be better and prove yourself.  Cortez Hull is on of the best communicators I’ve worked with – honest, straightforward, respectful.

The hands on work at RKC is unmatched. Lectures open to questions, practical applications.

John Harvey, Chicago, IL

The attention to detail was incredible! Every aspect of movement from stance, grip, breathing, contraction and relaxation was drilled.

What aspects of the workshop did you find most useful and why?

  1. Attention to detail. Showed me that the movements are not about getting the kettlebell from point A to B, but about proper human movement.
  2. Holding tension throughout the body. Showed me how total body tension can increase strength instantly, such as in the military press.
  3. Practicing, drilling, and performing all of the movements in workouts and practical exams. Actually doing the movements really increases the rate of learning more than talking through the movements.

The quality of training was very good. All of the instructors were knowledgeable, well spoken, kind and also appropriately critical of movements.  All of the instructors demonstrated excellent movement patterns.

The RKC demands a higher level of performance than other courses by using practical examinations of movements instead of written or multiple-choice exams. I loved all of the workouts, and movements practice. I will definitely leave this weekend sore, but stronger and more knowledgeable.

This certification exceeded my expectations. I loved that so much material was learned and practiced. It is also very thoughtful to include time to discuss not only kettlebells but the business aspect of being trainer/coach.

Joseph Miller, Chicago, IL, Personal Trainer


Tough! However instructors are very helpful but "tough love" helpful. If you want to be a true technician of the kettlebell go to an RKC workshops.

What five aspects of the workshop did you find most useful and why?

  1. "You go I go". Allowed me to watch my partner and assess properly.
  2. Visual instruction – it helps if you can see something first before I do it.
  3. Instructors. They each brought their own style of training with the kettlebell, and taught that in hard style format.
  4. Applying what you have learned and being tested on it. It makes you focus more on what you have to do.
  5. Meeting new people.

I think that the quality of the instructors was absolute. They all had a great understanding of the model used. Andrea Du Cane was great at leading the course as well as all instruction from my team leaders. Rob Miller was great at relaying info to me in an easy to understand method each time.

Next to military training I would say RKC ranks high. Most courses are not as in-depth and definitely not as hands on.

Dylan Parkes, Chicago, IL, Coach

ATHLETIC ACHIEVEMENTS: 3rd degree brown - shotokan. Self-trained in Strongman lifts, power lifts, and oly lifts. Triathelete. Tough Mudder. Soon to be certified in Strongman lifts and as an Underground Strength Coach. Div. I Varsity Fencing.

This cert has been, simultaneously, one of the most challenging, educational, and rewarding experienced I have had in this industry. I came in unaware of the rigor and will leave in awe of it, as well as in awe of myself. I am stronger for having taken it.

What five aspects of the workshop did you find most useful and why?

  1. Instructors’ demeanor – you will learn nothing from someone who doesn’t live their material and present it in a friendly manner.
  2. Focus on basics – no matter your skill level, the foundation can always use work.
  3. Volume – nothing easy is worth having.
  4. Workouts – direct, challenging application of technique.
  5. Evaluations – reflections is the root of learning.

Everyone was fantastic. Thorough, and congenial. It created an honest, real, and warm environment to suffer in.

Quality – excellent. The top of top tier
Scope – ambitious but executed well.
Practicality – I will apply this material to my life and work immediately.

Thank you. Andrea, you are a pure professional. Cortez, you are a gifted instructor and an inspiring person.  The remaining team members were beyond fantastic. Talent, poise, skill.

Justin Enders, Chicago, IL, CrossFit Owner

ATHLETIC ACHIEVEMENTS: NPTI, CrossFit Level 1, CrossFit Coaches Prep, CrossFit Gymnastics, CrossFit Power Lifting, Kettlebell Athletics,

The instructors and staff were very knowledgeable on movements and how to perform and teach things. I strive to move and teach like them.

Andrea Busch

It is definitely a course to show you where you stand both physically and mentally. You will get out of it what you put into it.

All of the instructors sere extremely helpful with our progress as cadets their #1 priority. They all treated everyone with respect and left their egos at the door which was a good environment to learn.

Most physically demanding, but I knew that going in. Excellent quality and applicability to my training business.

Phil Lamonaca, Chicago, IL, CPA

ATHLETIC ACHIEVEMENTS: Collegiate bodybuilder, Bodyweight exercise aficionado

Very personalized training with some of the most talented and experienced instructors in the industry. They truly care about helping people reach their goals. The intimate small group setting made for a great training session.

Instructors were top notch, very attentive to detail. Provided a lot of tough love, and really showed a true sense of caring for the student.

Jonathan Kaya, Schiller Park, IL, Fitness Professional

ATHLETIC ACHIEVEMENTS: - ACE certified personal trainer, - Triton College Personal Trainer Certificate, - Mixed Martial Arts (MMA)

Hard-Style. All I needed was two words. It will make your STRONG. I didn’t know what strength was until this course.

It was AWESOME. Everyone was so helpful and always willing to help. I could not have asked for better instructors.

It was all in all well rounded. I felt there was good standard and quality throughout the course.

Pete Moore, Naperville IL, Personal trainer

ATHLETIC ACHIEVEMENTS: RKC, FMS, licensed massage therapist. 2-time RKC. Owner Girya Fitness Inc.

If you really want to learn kb’s from the ground up, the how and why or technique and strength, then RKC is for you. Nothing is more detailed when it comes to kettlebell instruction.

Every instructor was helpful, respectful, knowledgeable, accessible and eager to answer questions.

RKC is the only course I have taken but I can’t imagine anything being as good as this.

Scott Wallen, Chicago, IL, Coach

ATHLETIC ACHIEVEMENTS: National Team Member for Rowing. 5 years working at Great Lakes Naval Station with BUD/s Prep course.

I learned a lot and the instructors were great. The quality/scope/material of the weekend was all good. We went over a lot of information but didn’t try to fit too much in. All the staff were available and willing to help out at any time! Good job! Thanks!

Eric Hendrickson, Bartlett, IL, Operations Manager

ATHLETIC ACHIEVEMENTS: Certified Personal trainer and strength conditioning coach with Streamwood Park District. Have worked with a wide range of clients including teen conditioning programs and older adults.

Overall a great learning experienced, especially for myself who is completely new to the fitness community.

Short and sweet, extremely professional & knowledgeable and personable.

By far the most intense, pushed me farther than I thought it would, but in a good way. Made me realize aspects I need to work on.

George Deoudes, Chicago, IL, Personal Trainer


Hard, fun and to the point! Great feedback, engaging, always correcting and giving feedback.

Personalized attention. 25 students, 7 coaches – awesome!!!

Russell Katz, Pella, IA, Head Fitness Coach

ATHLETIC ACHIEVEMENTS: I have my C.S.C.S and FMS Level 2. Background in Power Lifting (PR's 505 Deadlift, 315 Bench, 380 Squat at 178lb Bodyweight). Have worked with College Strength & Conditioning Football, Basketball, Baseball, and Tennis teams. Currently am the head trainer at a gym specializing in fat loss.

Intense! Learned a ton! The form they teach will forever be in my head for when I dam coaching clients or doing my own training.

All of the team was helpful, some were more in your face, some more subtle, but they all helped to get the message across. I was very impressed by the knowledge and skill of the RKC leaders.

Technique/Form – it was top notch, very good hands on and very in-depth.
Practical use – fantastic, gave many great cues that we can use on clients, great teaching of form.

Tyler Andersen, Jupiter, FL, Yacht Captain

Great course! Provides you with an outstanding fitness tool that can only improve your life.

What aspects of the workshop did you find most useful and why?

  1. One on one coaching from instructors because it gave me immediate fixes for problems with my form and mechanics.
  2. Working with partners for constant coaching Q’’s.
  3. Hands on training! Lots of time moving steel! Talking gives the basics, moving the kb teaches you how to do it.
  4. Lectures: good, concise and informative

Great training. Knowledge level of all staff seemed very high.

 Praise for the Russian Kettlebell Certification Workshop — August 2013 Salinas, California


John Wolf, Salinas, CA

It has been a decade since my first RKC and I am very pleased with the evolution of the system and culture. Mark Bixby and Keira Newton were amazing coaches and provided constant support for all the attendants. There were impressive improvements in technique by everyone in the room.

What aspects of the workshop did you find most useful and why?

  1. Smaller group format – higher touch, building relational value with coaches and fellow classmates.
  2. Emphasis of quality over quantity – demonstrating the care a professional should take with any client.

I thoroughly enjoyed the narrow focus on core competencies. Too many other certifications do not adequately teach instructors how to teach nor provide the time and resources to ensure proper testing of the skills.

Juan Pina, Monterey, CA

The quality of training and knowledge provided by Keira Newton and Mark Bixby this weekend was outstanding, very professional and education! I learned well under the environment both instructors presented.

The material and quality were outstanding. Both coaches improved the quality of my movement by a great deal.

April Buchwald, Miami, FL

Keira and Mark were an outstanding group of instructors. Left me with the understanding of RKC, and with the confidence to go out to teach others. I look forward to RKC II with Mark and Keira.

The knowledge base that was taught at the RKC was above what I expected.

Christopher Lao-Scott, Alameda, CA

The passion of the instructors was there 100%. You can tell they want all of their students to succeed. Used cues that made sense to me. Always checked every student multiple times. They were confident and spoke on many side notes so the class could understand from a different view.

Everything that we coved was given time at a good pace. Lecture was very informative and gave me different views regarding my training and the training of my clients.

Miguel Pina, Pacific Grove, CA

Looking forward to doing it again. Lots to learn, always room for improvements.

Great RKC instructors! Tons of experience with the kettlebells. Instructions were easy to understand and follow though. Getting their point across every time.

James Hall, Sacramento, CA

Great experience. Trainers were excellent and complimented each other well. Facility was great in terms of the overall culture that the club owner was maintaining.

Great representation of mastery of the techniques by both Mark and Keira. Very passionate about their craft and this came through in a very positive way.

Ryan Ely, Indianapolis, IN

The RKC Cert weekend lays bare all your preparation and deficiencies. Anybody can brute strength their way though when fresh, but form carries the day when your body is exhausted. Great instruction with no BS.

Mark and Keira have great knowledge about kettlebells but beyond that they gave me a role model for a successful and effective trainer.

Matt Crockett, San Mateo, CA

It was a hard but awesome weekend! I learned a ton, challenged myself and am taking home some new tools for my athletes.

Mark and Keira have a wealth of knowledge surrounding KBs and it truly showed during the course.

This is one of the most physically demanding and one of the most useful. The practicality is great!

Daniel Shaffer, Salinas, CA

It was amazing. I learned more about exercises I thought I was sufficient at. I had fun.

Mark, Keira and Jennifer are all amazing instructors. They are extremely knowledgeable in all RKC moves and very helpful. They are approachable and fun to be around.


Praise for the Russian Kettlebell Certification Workshop — July 2013 Melborne, Australia


George Iacono, Pascoe Vale, Australia

Best fitness certification I have attended. Informative and professionally conducted.

As mentioned above, instructors offered variety of perspective on different movements/drills, which helped complement and expand on what was in manual. Instructors were knowledgeable and it was clear they spoke from extensive personal experience in KB training.

Kylie Pethybridge, Padthaway, Australia

From the moment I signed up for the course I had renewed focus in my training to rebuild strength and technique after having a baby last year. I wasn’t disappointed.

Andray Voronov, Narre Warren, Victoria, Australia

Terrific! Should be the mandatory qualification for all trainers seeking to use kettlebells.

All instructors and tem leaders were professional and well spoken throughout the course. Information was presented clearly and I feel confident that I will be able to translate their knowledge into my own gym.

Far more advanced than any other training program in physical exercise. The fitness requirement (snatch test) sets the standard high and ensures that all RKC graduates practice what they preach.

Szilard Balogh, Bondi Junction, New South Wales, Australia

I came here to learn from the best and that’s what I experienced. A great workshop with a very thorough approach to teaching and passing the KB skills onto trainees.

Every one of the trainers were/are absolutely awesome. Without the input of any of these people the training would’ve been different. Thanks and thanks and thanks and thanks to you!

No comparison can be made with anything I’ve every experienced.

Jason Athanitis, Grovedale, Australia

RKC has been the best thing I have done, for my own training and also to better the training of my clients.

Second to None! The collective knowledge of all the trainers has far exceeded anything I have ever been to. Real life trainers with real life ideas and information. Money well spent.

Luke Pryor, Wendouree, Australia

A brilliant 3 days of learning and practice. Perfect balance of physically challenging and learning environment. Highly recommend.

Very knowledgeable and approachable, they all created a positive and optimal environment for everyone to get a s mush out of the weekend as they could. Fantastic course really appreciate the time and passion that all of the instructors involved gave over the 3 days.

Daniel Forster, Miners Rest, Victoria, Australia

Quality was outstanding by all. Each instructor was able to provide myself with the skills and knowledge in effective ways. Allowed me to make corrections to my technique quickly. I feel confident in teaching others and working towards improving my own quality of movement /strength.

Craig Heslop, Auckland, New Zealand

I enjoyed a 3-day course taken by real professionals and I took a lot of knowledge away.

Craig Soley, Tuart Hill, Western Australia, Australia

RKC has shown me an alternative method of KB training to my previous experience and given me a greater appreciation of how challenging it can be.

All were able to demonstrate excellent form/technique and trouble shoot issues for participants. Environment was collaborative and open to idea sharing too.


Praise for the Russian Kettlebell Certification Workshop — June 2013 Santa Fe, NM


Sean Leffler, Los Alamos, NM

Keira Newton and Mark Bixby are simply phenomenal. They know their stuff and can teach it well. Very approachable during class and outside of class. I got to pick their brains on nutrition coaching, client expectations and working with special populations. They are super fun couple to train with.

This cert was leaps and bounds better than my first RKC, the greater emphasis on how to be a good instructor versus a physical beat down was greatly appreciated.

Peggie Larsen, Pierre, SD

I learned so many new things and also reinforced what I had already learned as an HKC. Mark and Keira made everything easy to understand.

Every single instructor this weekend was amazing.

Keira – unbelievable amount of knowledge and how to convey that knowledge to every single person at the cert. Love her style. Cares so much about her students.

Mark – unbelievable amount of knowledge – instruction style is amazing. Mix of seriousness and humor makes it feel so much easier to be open to learning. Great style as well. So nice and caring.

Everyone was great. Everyone went out of their way to make sure the participants knew what was expected of them and helped everyone reach those expectations.

Marla Diener, Albuquerque, NM

Amazing – the small group made the training more personal and more relevant.

I have been through only one other certification school of thought that I have found to be as thorough as RKC training. That says a lot, I have been many trainings and seminars.

Kristian Harding, Novato, CA

It was an awesome experience! It was a huge mental challenge in addition to physical.

The quality of the training was exceptional. Everyone was extremely knowledgeable, caring and helpful. Keira and Mark compliment each other very well. Keira is incredible teacher, leader and training. She has a gift for what she does. Mark is very personable and has a great way of communicating to those who might not understand the first time.

I thought the way Keira and Mark ran the certification was awesome. Their assistants were also incredible and very helpful.

Nicole Banning, Fountain, CO

The course was very informative in understanding the concepts of proper technique and corrections on technique by using corrective measures.

All staff were excellent – each person was very helpful and knowledgeable on the subject and knew different ways to cue in order to get a correction on form. I’m extremely impressed with the level of professionalism and knowledge each person had. The quality of this training was incredible. We learned so much, including trouble shooting, which will allow myself and several others to improve an expand on what we were taught.

The RKC training was very hands on which helps the visual learner. Other courses I’ve taken were mainly focused on reading books and not the visual of hands on component.

I was extremely impressed with the amount of knowledge the instructions had. I’ve learned so much in these 3 days and am very excited to continue my journey in leraning. The trainers were such an inspiration and extremely helpful when teaching.

Vadiano La Luz, Albuquerque, NM

Some of the best training and tutelage I have ever experienced in my life! Would def take more certs through this program.

I appreciated the knowledge base and skill set of all involved in this certification. Professional and clean. Down to earth and humble. Training was exceptional and well put together.

Atiba Wade

RKC Certification Training improved my overall skill set as an athlete and increased my knowledge base as a fitness professional.

Keira Newton is a phenomenal instructor. Mark Bixby is very knowledgeable team leader. Together, they provided a very well prepared course. It was a 10 out of 10 for me.

This is my first RKC and Mark Bixby and Keira Newton made this course what it was. They really brought the material to life for me.

Stacie Schaible, Chandler, AZ

Great education in the use of kettlebell training for every aspect of fitness.

Excellent all the way around. Great team of instructors that taught excellent technique. Instilled the importance of safety, very well run and organized workshop. On time good programming. Excellent job of working with everyone and their level.

Coming from the world of Crossfit and marathon running I enjoyed the order and focus of safety, good from and mobility. Very practical information to correlate to all aspects of athleticism and different levels.

I really liked kettlebells now I love them and see how proper technique can translate to Oly lifting and gymnastics and other skills. Thank you for an excellent experience that will keep on giving.

Lance Banning, Fountain, CO

If you use kettlebells and have never had your form checked out, get with a professional. I went 5 years and the instructors were able to correct my flaws.

The team as a whole were just excellent. If one missed something others were right there. If you had a question or problem they all had different cues to get you back on track.

It was great that every aspect covered, was done so in depth so you leave with a greater understanding of the why.

Victoria Kaus, Albuquerque, NM

It was a plethora of knowledge and skills as well as a very intense challenge, physically.

Both instructors had a very good command of knowledge and experience and were good at communicating and demonstrating the points they were trying to get across.

Far better than training for the ACE exam. Every bit as good as my HKC training. Very practical.

Rebecca Grijalva, Albuquerque, NM

The extremely informative, knowledgeable, skilled and passionate instructors made my experience fun, intense and of course helped troubled areas.

Everyone was so great with the instruction. As a trainer myself, I look for and expect top notch coaching, cues and corrections. The passion everyone has at dkb fitness is amazing and they all have top notch experience and coaching.

This is the only cert that is completely physical. It is great to make everyone to through it all before applying to potential clients. Corrective exercise, mobility, stabilizers are always overlooked and its so necessary to have incorporated into exercise regimen. Pleased that RKC does that.

Benson Fletcher, Durango, CO

Being able to attend and train with the instructors was great. Everything was made clear and presented in a way that made it easy to understand. I’ve enjoyed much the others in class as well as the coaching staff. It was a fun three days that will be very useful during my ongoing kettlebell training.

All coaches at the course were very professional and helpful. They all have a very good understanding at what they are presenting and did it in a very enjoyable and fun environment. All the instructor took time to make sure everyone had a very good understanding of all material. They are all true professional and present a great course.

It was by far the best course I’ve ever attended. Everything from the material to instruction was top notch. The test to workouts were run with the upmost professionalism. The best course I’ve attended for my training aspect. The usefulness will be invaluable for me in the future.


Praise for the Russian Kettlebell Certification Workshop — June 2013 Ho-Ho-Kus, NJ


Roberto Ortega, Newtown, PA

I learned more in 3 days than I did in 6 years. I highly recommend investing the time and money to help better yourself and clients. The instructors all exceeded my expectations. Very humble and helpful.

George Corso, Salt Pointe, NY

Professional, educational, friendship. I feel these words best describe this course, especially the one held at American Eagle MMA. I am better because of the course, but more important, because of great instructors!

  • Phil Ross = professional, intense, inspiring, strong leadership!
  • Mike Krivka = professional, educated, knowledge, strong.
  • Scott Tighe = professional, educated, extremely helpful.

One of the best! I have been training for 13 years. I have my C.S.C.S. NSCA-CPT i360, etc. The instructors here rank with some of the best I have ever been around.

Zachary Fox, Wyckoff, NJ

As a martial artist, the training the RKC provides me with is the most beneficial type of training I can do. I believe any athlete not training in this way is being foolish.

The instructors did an amazing job this weekend. All are very knowledgeable and made the experience very enjoyable, but also knew how to be hard when needed.

In my opinion RKC is much more practical for athletes then traditional power lifting or sport specific training.

Kelley McKenna, New York, NY

This was AWESOME!! I learned so much and can truly say I improved my techniques and training.

  • Head Instructor Phil Ross – very knowledgeable, focus on technical skill which is important, picked up on basic stuff = so helpful with improvements.
  • Mike Krivka – Very knowledgeable, polite, good pointers, helped with critique and improving little things. Lots of experience in diverse settings = helpful.
  • Coach Scott Tighe – quiet but did a good job, he helped me with my shoulder and elbow pain by changing the deceleration.

Felix Rosario, New York, NY

Phil Ross, Mike Krivka and Scott Tighe are the most comprehensive instructors I ever came across in my life. Attention to detail mixed with field experience—our group is walking away with a deep understanding.

I understood more in 3 days than 8 years.

Mark Walsh, Allendale, NJ

A very intense learning experience in which I had some very good and highly experienced coaches imparting a great deal of knowledge, but doing so in a way that was fun.

I thought that all of the instructors had a great deal of knowledge and were extremely skilled at teaching the group.

The quality of the training and the depth of knowledge of the instructors far surpassed other training I have had. The scope of material was vast yet it was covered quite thoroughly, there was a great deal of practical use both for my own training and for use in training others.

Overall the workshop was a very good experience. I came in thinking that my form was quite good and that I had a decent skill level and came away thinking I was wrong on both counts. I saw where I need to improve a lot of things and was given the information I need as to how to work on them.

Anna Piccinich, Emerson, NJ

It was probably one of the hardest things I have ever done, but one of the most rewarding. I learned how strong I truly am and our instructors were amazing.

  • Coach Phil was awesome!
  • Coach Mike again was so awesome and hugged me when I cried after I passed my snatch test!
  • Coach Scott – he was also a great coach!

We had an awesome team.

Scott Hanson, Bronx, NY

RKC standards are a must if you’re interested in learning the basic kettlebell movements, especially if you plan on teaching or coaching another person. The RKC experience allows you to absorb the technique and movements enough to teach them.

  • Mike Krivka – Super knowledgeable and approachable. Very supportive and easy to understand.
  • Phil Ross – a true master of kettlebells. Phil has an easy way of explaining and always finds a way to get the best message out.
  • Scott Tighe – very supportive and friendly. Always searching for a way to help and improve.

Quality - The RKC quality is top notch. Standards are key.
Scope - KBs are simple and complex tool. The scope of the RKC hits every point.
Material - Is specific and easy to digest.
Practical use – there is an incredible amount of transferable use with the RKC.

Spencer Ross, Ho Ho Kus, NJ

It was the most valuable experience of my entire life. The instructors, candidates and program itself have left positive impressions on me that will last a lifetime.

  • Mike Krivka – excellent instructor. Taught me so much about hip hinge and control of the bell, and also helped me a lot with my programming. Also did fantastic with the tape.
  • Phil Ross – He’s my dad, so he did pretty awesome. He held everything together really well and was enthusiastic and encouraging towards everyone.
  • Scott Tighe – very helpful, humble, friendly instructor.

Scope of material wasn’t huge, but it was effective and widely applicable. Quality was undeniably one of the best experiences I’ve had, and it was very practical. I will be able to use this information for 80-90% of my training, and even weave some of the basic ideas into the other 20%.

Great certification. It was astronomically better than I could have imagined.

Jonathan Caufield, Ho Ho Kus, NJ

A great experience that has changed me... for the next 2 years at least.

The best quality of instructors I will ever know. Very professional.

Nicole Ross, Mahwah, NJ

It was an intense and intensely rewarding experience. I came in knowing the moves, but was really able to refine and own the skills over the course of the three days. The small group allowed the training to be really individualized, which was very beneficial.

The quality of training and knowledge was phenomenal. Phil, Mike and Scott were all incredibly helpful and knowledgeable. They knew when to push us and when to give us a break. Phil and Mike were also very, very experienced and knowledgeable with program design, which I found extremely helpful to the entirety of the RKC.

I’ve been training with Phil Ross for a very long time, so I’ve always been around a high-quality of training. The RKC is incredible and covered everything thoroughly. I know I can continue to use what we did this weekend in my daily life.

Janet Moody, Somerville, NJ

Excellent learning skills for me to take back, practice and teach.

Knowledge and training was great. They all really helped you with your problem areas and cared about you fixing it correctly.

Praise for the Russian Kettlebell Certification Workshop — June 2013 Atlanta, Georgia


Mark Del Vecchio, Vail, CO

It was a fantastic certification. After completing the HKC I knew I wanted to get to the next level. The RKC was everything I envisioned and I learned how to better individuals even more with my current personal training. Max was superb in his delivery!

The quality of instructors was unbelievable. They all knew the RKC philosophy and what the RKC meant to KB’s. Their positive attitude and fun personalities made it a fantastic learning weekend.

Franklin Jackson, Charleston, SC

This weekend training really got me past the limitations that I possessed.

Max was one of the sharpest teachers I’ve had in this process. His background allowed him to take us through breaking down ourselves individually over the weekend to a better ideology to become sharp ourselves. He was very professional and at the same time relaxing and kept us in a great environment to really understand and improve.

Russell Andrews, Cartersville, GA

Very thorough explanations of exercise, corrections; energy level was intense camaraderie was awesome – lots of philosophy about lifting, teaching, common sense on training.

Mr. Shank is very knowledgeable, thorough, and visual with teaching. He explains each point in depth – he is patient with allowing students to absorb the info before moving on to the next point.

Beth is thorough, clear, knowledgeable in technique and exercise corrections, mobility, and the process of step-by-step progressions.

Sean Donaghy, Lawrenceville, GA

Loved the extra attention the smaller class size allowed. Small class allowed for camaraderie among the group. Team effort in training and cheering each other through workouts.

What aspects of the workshop did you find most useful and why?

1.    Max was very knowledgeable about many health issues, allowed for very open discussions.
2.    All 3 RKC leaders came with a teach-first attitude, non-militaristic approach.
3.    Focus was how do we teach (and help) clients.
4.    Class size allowed for instructors to understand students’ strengths and weaknesses.

Krisy Agan, Rome, GA

I loved the small group! Allowed instructor to answer questions and put more attention on what we need to improve. Received a ton of good info in 3 days that will benefit me as a trainer.

One of my favorite certifications. Felt that Max has a great understanding of the material and explained everything well. Definitely feel better about what I know and what I can do.

Ready to put my new knowledge and skills to work! RKC II is my next goal.

Chip Pugh, Cookeville, TN

The RKC was a great experience in learning the value of the kettlebell and how to use it effectively in training for functional strength and work capacity. I was impressed with the detailed approach in instruction.

Max Shank was very helpful with his teaching approach, he was willing and able to adapt to the unique needs of our group.

This particular cert was the most diligent approach in learning and analyzing technique that I have experienced.

Lindsey Boyd, Cartersville, GA

I feel much more empowered with the knowledge to teach others. I am also more confident in my own technique.

It was amazing mind blowing info! Definitely got my $’s worth.

Max Rocks!

Jennifer Bledsoe, Euharlee, GA

The training is very thorough and helpful in terms of all aspects of training – personal improvement, client based, programming, assessment.

The instructors were very professional and helpful. Max was great to learn from – he’s really a gifted teacher and trainer. I think Beth is as well.

RKC was definitely more thorough. Everything covered was helpful – personally and professionally.

Megan Bonomini, Charelston, SC

RKC furthered my ability to teach others skills and the way I will assess clients.

What aspects of the workshop did you find most useful and why?

1.    The physical test – I believe you must walk the walk.
2.    Max sharing program design tips.
3.    Mobility drills – because I think they are important and I learned new, very efficient ones!

Everybody shared what they use to get the best results and they were all very consistent.

I loved how hands-on it is. I think there was time for a little more material. Love the small class size and individual attention!

Nathan Toews, Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada

I added another tool to the box and sharpened the ones that were already in there.

Knowledge was in depth and wasn’t just out of a book. All three instructors embodied & LIVED/practiced what they preach. Easy to tell.

It was top notch, just wish we had 3 more days!

I like the fact that the class was small, don’t ever change that!

This workshop exceeded my expectations.

Praise for the Russian Kettlebell Certification Workshop — May 2013 Houston, Texas

Cesar Sevilla Jr, McAllen, TX

It was better than expected. Learned way more information that I will be able to use for myself and to current and future clients. Information that makes someone better and healthier to me is priceless!

Max Shank has a style of teaching that makes people want to try their best. He is not overly aggressive with any of the instructions he gives but simplifies them effectively and correctly to each person.

I have been to several certification courses in my life. (AFAA, TRX, Crossfit, NASM, Les Mills, etc). This is by far the most I’ve ever learned in a weekend course. The material is priceless and I will be able to share this knowledge with others.

Great learning experience!! Valuable information with knowledgeable instructors. Great group!

Ray Wright, Dallas, TX

I have numerous certification and experienced many workshops. RKC was far and away the most thorough and challenging of any of them. This is the most rewarding and useful training I have ever received.

Flawless! No BS. They know their kettlebell training and had solid answers to every single question that arose. They had a method of correction for every lift and imbalance that occurred. They projected real confidence but more importantly they were able to teach and convey the method into understanding.

Esteban Garcia, McAllen, TX

It was an amazing experience where I learned how to properly use a kettlebell for exercising safely and efficiently. I cannot wait to take everything I learned and apply with myself and others.

Instructor – Very knowledgeable, not just on kettlebells but overall fitness and athletics. He was strict but fair on all his instruction and what he expected of us.
RKC Team – Very attentive to al concerns or question from students.

RKC far outweighs other training in regards to intensity. Material was simple yet effective. Practical use made it very beneficial for everyday life.

Emilie Jirrels, Houston, TX

RKC training articulates KB movements into your training regiments in a clear and user-friendly way. I am excited to add more KB movements into my training and more importantly, into clients lives to make them better. KBs are safe and an amazing tool in any gym environment.
Quality of training was top notch. Everyone was very helpful and inviting. Well done.

RKC is very high quality. One of the best training courses I’ve taken.

Brad Allen, Austin, TX

It was an excellent 3 days with an enjoyable group. I’m very happy and confident to move forward with my personal KB training and with my clients.

Chris McGee, Houston, TX

An enlightening experience that taught me a strong foundation to build on. I am better.

What five aspects of the workshop did you find most useful and why?

  1. Teacher interaction was first class.
  2. Knowledge of instructors was superb.
  3. Interaction with like mined people.
  4. The break down of each movement.
  5. Group discussions.

I felt like I was being instructed by true professionals. The poise, knowledge, concern and experience of my instructors was bar none. I truly trusted and learned from each individual.

I’m looking forward to bettering myself through what I’ve learned and am confident about my progression now.

Jennifer Rivera, Lakeland, FL

This weekend has been challenging and very informative. Max is an amazing and knowledgeable instructor, doing an impressive job in demonstrating technique, identifying flaws in technique, and articulating the theory behind why kettlebells work in all aspects of life and athleticism.

Max is everything someone could ask for in an instructor, with apparent knowledge and training evidenced throughout the course. The entire RKC team was excellent and I could not have asked for a better team, and would recommend to anyone wanting to be a better fitness professional.

RKC is top notch, definitely worth the money to gain this knowledge and experience. I am definitely better from this experience.

Sandra Exline, Houston, TX

My experience was very educational and enlightening. Informative and tough physically. There was a lot of camaraderie within the group.

All of the instructors were extremely knowledgeable and had great example to share as tracking tools. They had a good rapport with each other that carried into the teaching and overall vibe of the class.

Excellent scope. I like the teaching and programming requirements as many other certs don’t require. Mentally and physically demanding. Very thorough and comprehensive.

I really liked the small group. My husband did his RKC with larger class an di really enjoyed the small group. Keep it this way! It facilitates learning.

Max was excellent at providing feedback and corrections in a way that was easy to comprehend and was very disarming. Gave good corrections without making you feel "on the spot" or judged. Kept it fun and light while keeping it very educational.

His demeanor and rapport with the other coaches facilitated good camaraderie and a good comfort level – put people at ease so they can focus on learning!

Jared Sporrer, Spring, TX

This course will teach you many kettlebell exercises that can be used for athletic enhancement, life enhancement, and or therapy. Technique is key and rewarding.

Max, you were unbelievable. You have taught me so much and have even forced me to challenge previous held beliefs. I can’t express how much I respect you as a teacher.
Rob, I thought the subtle cues and explanations you use were very helpful. I think you’re a great coach.
Jay, you have many useful tips, tricks, cues. I enjoyed your instruction and eagerness.

I’ve taken several seminars but this is one of the best in terms of application, time training and usefulness. I am very excited to implement what I’ve learned and take RKC II.

David McKay, Houston, TX

I learned a lot to make me better and that is the key reason I came.

Excellent on all instructors, Rob and Jay were knowledgeable and helpful. Max was surprising in so many ways strong and flexible, cocky but compassionate very smart and system thinker.

Erik Vigil, Vancouver, BC, Canada

Tougher than I imagined, but not impossible, very fluid and covered a lot of info an technique, new perspective on exercising.

Very knowledgeable in his field, great attitude, and teaching method. Made me feel welcomed, and prepared everything very well fro where you could stay – to where to could eat. Very satisfied with the whole thing.

Very different, usually I feel like the course or seminars are overpriced for what they teach or offer, with RKC, when they say come prepared they mean come prepared. I do feel the overall experience has been more than worth it.


Praise for the Russian Kettlebell  Certification Workshop — May 2013 Columbus, Ohio



I am amazed at the depth of knowledge, all the different finer points used to make each exercise successful, safe and beneficial.

Everyone involved was very knowledgeable, professional and made it fun.

The best by far, and for me attending as a Re-Cert, more time spent on teaching was very helpful for me, as I still work for a living and don’t get enough time to train others. I am still learning to become a better trainer and hope to help others for a long time, retirement job!!

I have been practicing KB’s for 10 years now. The info, training and knowledge I have received from Dragon Door has changed everything about how I train, and how I move in all areas of life. Being resilient and injury free is a testament to how well it works.


First Class. Andrea "The Goddess" and her FANTASTIC team possessed more knowledge than all the books and DVDs (of Kettlebells) combined. The Kettlebell exercises are quite complicated but Andrea broke them down into individual movements, which she explained with precision that allowed me to perform to a new level.

I do not believe it could have been better. Andrea is the #2 Kettlebell instructor in the world. She meticously broke down every detail of every step of the drills, exercises, coaching and breathing. The RKC Team Leaders provided constant feedback. I received a great amount of feedback from all of the team members, which significantly enhanced this experience.


This was one of the most intensely educational and invigorating weekends I’ve ever experienced.

Everyone was very knowledgeable and easily understood. They made corrections without hesitation while keeping you engaged. Not making you feel bad about issues in correcting yourself the most helpful and insightful group of instructors I’ve ever had the pleasure to working with.

Covered an incredible amount of information with great thoroughness. The application of exercise and principle were amazing beyond comparison. One of the most in depth and involved certs I’ve ever known.


The instructors are very knowledgeable and friendly/approachable. You can tell they are there to teach. Your technique is guaranteed to improve immensely as well as your knowledge of the techniques.

I feel I definitely improved immensely over the weekend. The manual has even more than I expected. Everything I learned I feel will be valuable both in my own training as well as others.


This was the best, most intensive instructor course I’ve ever attended. The instructors were top-notch, leading from the front!

Andrea was very tough but gentle at the same time. Joel, Dave, Sarah, Kim and Brandon brought lots of patience and skill and humor.  I still expect Kim to hit me when I least expect it.

The RKC cert was head and shoulders above other training. I think the extreme attention to detail and clear standards made a big difference.


The RKC weekend is both broad in scope and deep in quality. The instructors were able to present a large amount of content at a very high level. The movement standards were strict, clear and enforced.

The quality of training and knowledge was very good. The standards were clear, and the instructors were amiable but firm.

I have fortunately had the opportunity to learn from CrossFit, gymnastics, Olympic lifting, power lifting, endurance, bodybuilding, martial arts, yoga, etc… The quality and scope of material at the RKC were excellent. There are several practical cues and methods I will take back with me to use immediately.

Thank you Andrea, Kim, Dave, Joel, Brandon and Sara! I had a great time, learned a lot, and met some genuine people. In the future I look forward to becoming a bigger part of the RKC team.


The experience was even tougher than I thought it was going to be, but in a good way. I felt like the teaching was first class, and the hands on approach was very helpful.

Andrea and the RKC team were very professional and helpful. Andrea had consistent energy and precise teaching. She seemingly saw everything.

Other certifications are more lecture oriented, but RKC is more hands on in learning and teaching. When I leave this RKC workshop I’ll be ready for real world clients because of this approach.


It emphasizes mastery of the basics. There are many options available in regard to fitness and GP. Perfecting a few movements that are proven to product results is more satisfying then chasing a dream by not understanding the basic needs of the body.

Andrea speaks well and understands the content. Keeping the information simple (Just as explaining to a new client) seems to be most productive. The experience and feedback from the team was highly appreciated.


The instruction I received greatly improved my skills. This course has prepared me for future clients.

The training and knowledge provided by the instructors was outstanding. All questions I had could be answered.


RKC Certification focuses on the safety of the client first. The basics are taught and mastered before progressing. Techniques are taught and practiced in an understandable teachable manner.

The instructors were very qualified. They worked at correcting (Tough love) while allowing you to know they cared.

Focus was on safety and form first. Not on rushing a KB curse to say one is certified. When you are done with the course you understand and can apply what you’ve been taught.


I have a much better understanding of concept/fundamentals of each core exercise taught in this class. I feel very prepared to teach clients the skills we covered during these 3 days.

I thought the trainers demonstrated outstanding understanding of each principle covered and explained it clearly to the class.

Quality and Scope – outstanding job on explaining the principles of KB exercises – very nice job on demonstrating key components and allowing the class to practice these learnings.

Very good workshop that focused on educating us to be the best KB trainers we can be.


This is the best certification I have attended, comprehensive and packed with usable info.

Andrea is knowledgeable, kind in her corrections, demanding of perfection (In a good way) and understanding abut our needs. She is a 10 out of 10. I would like to model my teaching after her.

Best quality, most practical, perfect scope and very practical. Would like to have another day to soak in the knowledge.

No, this was perfect and in my hometown. Please continue to train in cities around the U.S. I want to obtain the CK-FMS next, so please offer that more often.

Loved that our cert was 20+ people. Host Dave Clancy did a fabulous job hosting us – Blue Chip Athletics.


I thought I had a general idea of what I was going to be learning and doing. I thought I knew 90% and there was 10% I did not know but by the end of the three days there was 10% I kind of knew and 90% I did not. Great learning experience.

Everyone was very helpful and professional. Each instructor made sure that everyone was 100% at each position.

I came from a BJJ background and the way you break every position down to its simplest form was very helpful for my learning patterns. The physical exercise was amazing.


It was intense and very informative. While I was going through the training I dug deep into myself and found I was stronger physically and mentally than I thought.

All of them had such complete knowledge and love for the training. There was nothing that was left out as far as I’m concerned.

There was a lot put into three days. But it was very organized, and again the caring put into the trainers wanting you to leave with everything you need was great!


First the workshop is full of knowledge and friendly people. Second it was the hardest thing I have done to my body. I have trained my whole life. Entered a bench contest, rock climbed and did ½ marathon. This was the hardest!


Praise for the Russian Kettlebell Certification Workshop — May 2013 Encinitas, California



I can think of no better training course to develop a deep knowledge of kettlebell training. The course is taught in such a way that to pass you have to be proficient at the movements but you’ve also got to be able to identify your own weaknesses and those in others. You have to then know which movements to have the student to do correct the problem areas.

Max Shank is a superb instructor. He is constantly providing insightful instruction based on what he is seeing in each student’s performance and challenging each of us to do the same. I’m leaving inspired to be a better coach by spending 3 days with Max.

In terms of depth, quality and practical use, I believe it’s near impossible to do much better in a 3 day course.


I think that this should be the standard for RKC workshops. Every question I had was answered and then some.

It is broader in scope than anything I’ve done before. Extremely practical.


It was a very comprehensive and hands on learning experience for understanding how to coach good movement.

I was very impressed with the knowledge and level of training provided by the entire RKC team this weekend.

Most comprehensive certification training I have had the pleasure of attending.


It was an amazing weekend. The class provided the most informative platform to learn the techniques so that we will be prepared to teach.


Max is one of the best instructors I’ve seen, over 25 years of leading people I have been involved in.


The understanding I gained in how to communicate the points or improvements in someone’s movement was worth every penny.

All the instructors were fantastic. Max has a wealth of knowledge and is a walking talking example of why the knowledge he is giving works.

The communication from trainer to trainee that was taught sets it apart.


The staff and instructor’s knowledge, professionalism, and ability to communicate made this course worth it.

I find it most interesting how the progressions can go from extremely simple to seemingly impossible if you wanted them to be. The broad scope is what sets it apart.


So beneficial to me! Easy to understand and put in to practice. I loved the slow breakdown of each aspect of our training. I will be able to use my training with every client I have.

The small class was great for me. More personal attention helped me t feel more confident. Not as intimidating!


I would say that this was the most rewarding time/experience I have ever had. I learned not only ways to help myself but also and mainly how to help others. I can honestly say I am way more knowledgeable then before I came. I am very glad I invested in this workshop and I will definitely come to future ones. Thank you Max and RKC family.


It was very informative on many levels. It was also very personal as well as fun. Max’s teaching style is simple but logical and easy to understand.

I have been to many certs. And workshops. I believe the emphasis on the student’s ability to be a better coach not just build their own skills during the weekend makes the RKC one of the better certs/options available.


Praise for the Russian Kettlebell Certification Workshop — April 2013 Tallahassee, Florida



It was a very challenging and rewarding experience.

The instructors are incredible. Andrea Du Cane is a badass. Thayne is a machine and Laurel was tough and helpful. The one-on-one attention specific to my trouble areas was great. Master is a great word for Andrea.

Having the assistants was really valuable. Laurel and Thayne both helped me with a lot of tips to improve my performance. Again Andrea’s knowledge and strength is amazing!

You did a great job. Thank you for the opportunity to attend, learn and experience the camaraderie.

It’s a top-notch certification and to become RKC is an honor not a privilege you can get by just attending.



It was a challenging, thrilling accomplishment I will never forget. The instructors were thorough in all of the explanations which helped my technique and understanding of KB’s that much better. I would recommend this to anyone looking for knowledge and a CHALLENGE.

What five aspects of the workshop did you find most useful and why?
  1. Small class – more hands on from instructors.
  2. Manual – well written easy to relay to others for corrections or trouble shooting.
  3. Workouts – managing fatigue, program design.
  4. Changing of partners other – offered opportunity to see different faults from different people.
  5. Atmosphere – instructors knew how to push us but also made you feel like family.
One of the most knowledgeable group of instructors I have ever been around. They were diverse but all had the same end goal in mind; to PUSH US and make us the best we could be. They could easily identify who needed a progression or regression. They made us all successful in one way or anther.

I wouldn’t make any changes the expectations were crystal clear and it lived up to every bit of it.


The experience was great! I loved the training and how intense it is. It really shows you how important form really is and how breathing can make such a difference.

The three instructors were wonderful, helpful and very knowledgeable. I really learned a lot from each one of them.

Other certifications are not as hands on, and I felt this is very good because of the expectation of everyone is so high. The material was great!



By far the most informative, comprehensive and exhausting seminar I have EVER attended.
  • Andrea is a master technician. She is meticulous and thorough. She has a quiet strength.
  • Thayne is a drill sargeant. His eagle eyes catch you EVERY time you use bad form; however he is a GREAT motivator. An amazing combination.
  • Laurel is a great a coach. She’s a GREAT friend too. She inspires me to be a better person. I owe my good health and fitness to her. She is a friend for LIFE!


I discovered I was not implementing enough ballistic and dynamic movement in my own personal workout programming – after training clients for 15 years I have become too narrow with my focus on core, balance and function that I neglected targeting the whole chain with explosive and safe programming.

I was/am thoroughly impressed with the standard of training. This course is as comprehensive as it can be. I feel blessed to have been a part of this weekend.

Quality was exceptional all 3 days. The amount of material is enormous but was approached with terrific thoroughness. Practical use of everything from mobility movements to RKC basics to non-tested supplemental movements is phenomenal.

I’m highly satisfied with everything we’ve gone through and I struggle to think of anything that needs to be changed.

Dragon Door has lived up to its very prestigious name and I must say how impressed I am with all 3 days as well as the 3 instructors leading us.

Fantastic workshop!  I’m truly grateful for this wonderful opportunity.



Absolutely the best and most challenging certification out there. Top notch instructors who really excel at teaching complex movements.

The quality of the instructors was the best I’ve every experienced. I now have the confidence to teach the kettlebell to my clients.

I’ve never walked away from a workshop with as much knowledge as I have from the RKC.


This is not a certification that you just show up and get a piece of paper. It is earned with dedication, hard work and sweat!

Second to None! Andrea, Laurel and Thayne were amazing, helpful and incredibly knowledgeable. I learned so much and had a great experience. Above and Beyond.

No comparison. I’ve done many fitness certifications but none of them come close to this. This certification was thorough from start to finish.

Thank you for an experience of a lifetime!


Andrea Du Cane is awesome. Time with her this weekend has been so valuable. Her knowledge and skill is the very best. Can’t wait to work with her again.

Laurel is an awesome trainer. She inspired me to try this challenge again. Her knowledge of the kettlebell as a tool for all certified RKC trainers has changed my life. I wouldn’t be here today without her.

Thayne – awesome guy. His love for the kettlebell shines through when he talks about his gym. His knowledge of how he can use them to help his clients is fantastic.



If I were asked to summarize my experience of the Russian Kettlebell Certification Training in a couple of sentences, I would say:

A tremendous amount of volume, both in sensory information and practice. I feel like I’ve been given a brand new tool to put in my toolbox.

Second to None!


I have been afraid to come and the certification course for my RKC since I began my online life coaching company in 2010. I always knew I had the strength in me just dying to get out. No one seemed to know the proper form and I wanted to learn myself. I want to incorporate kettlebell training into my company’s foundation which I now feel confident and excited to do. This is only the beginning of my life long journey into greatness, which I am no longer afraid of.

Andrea Du Cane is the most awesome Master RKC ever. If you ever need proper form, I guarantee you she will correct it she is a small body, yet has the heart of a lion which I admire the most. Laurel has the greatest desire to train others in becoming the best of themselves everyday. She studies her own form as much as others, so she may practice what she preaches. Thayne is the most hardcore trainer with the hugest heart to make others the best of themselves and he never preaches what he hasn’t done himself, a true warrior and survivor. Because of these people, I will never be the same. I truly pray in the future to work with them more, as I only desire to grow and be great from the best.

No other training can ever possibly compare to what I’ve learned this weekend. I’ve finally learned the true definition of hardcore fitness training.


A very grueling weekend of workouts that refined my technique at kettlebell exercises. Made me very glad I had prepared 6 months for the weekend or I would not have been prepared.

Very knowledgeable and helpful. Each person had input that helped me improve my technique on all my lifts.

RKC training is by far the best training I have ever done. Ballistic training without the eccentric landings from jumping is the best.



Praise for the Russian Kettlebell Certification Workshop — April 2013 Vienna, Virginia



ACHIEVEMENTS: Division 1 Scholarship Athlete, Ranked Competitor in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu and Submission Grappling, State Records in Drug-Free Powerlifting incl. 605lb deadlift at 181lb weight class.

It was an excellent course and I came away with a much deeper level of skill and knowledge then I came in with. This course has brought me to the "next level" both as a trainer and as an athlete.

The best instructor course in any discipline I’ve ever taken.



What a truly great certification and one that is earned. The course integrates the mental and physical components needed to pass on or share knowledge to others.

Quality of training was great. All staff was professional and expressed passion of RKC with there teams.

I am a previous Special Boat Operator within Naval Special Warfare. I think any Special Forces operator should aspire to be RKC.


ACHIEVEMENTS: Former USMC Infantry, Light Armor Recon, Embassy Security Guard

The RKC training weekend gave me the quality instruction I needed to improve my ability to help my clients and was an incredible challenge. The training atmosphere was focused on just that, training.

The training provided by all instructors, head down to the assistants, was excellent and helped me better understand proper instruction techniques. Having small groups helped by getting more attention before testing occurred.

Having been through numerous physical raining programs, from various program sin the U.S. Marines to various seminars in the civilian world, nothing has compared to the quality of instruction I received during this 3-day training.


ACHIEVEMENTS: HKC Certified Kettlebell instructor as of 9/15/2012. NASM Certified Personal trainer
The RKC certification experience is both athletically demanding and mentally demanding. You will be pushed to your physical limit all while learning how to master kettlebell technique to become an expert trainer.

All instructors were 100% awesome.

I have trained I NCAA division basketball camps, but this was much more intense physically and much more comprehensive. I came out of RKC feeling like I had learned a decade’s worth of information in 3 days. Not to mention I’m 100% stronger.



Standards were high and attention to detail maintained.


ACHIEVEMENTS: NSCA - CSCS, CPT, Functional Movement Specialist, Candidate for Master of Exercise Science: Strength & Conditioning from the George Washington University (anticipated graduation May 2013) - Graduate Assistant in Exercise Physiology, Assistant Volleyball Coach at Marymount University & Arlington Volleyball Club, U-18 Allegiance, Played 4 years of collegiate volleyball, 6 years experience in strength & speed training for all sports & combine training for football

This is a great weekend of learning from a biomechanical, psychological, and emotional aspect. The teams develop camaraderie, coaching skills, and mental toughness that is hard to achieve in three days anywhere else.

All instructors came across as extremely knowledgeable and passionate. Each had their own ways of teaching the same things, which maintained continuity, but added variety and kept things fresh. They all spoke with confidence which inherently adds to credibility.

The level of "buy-in" by the instructors was high. This is huge in selling. It was comparable in depth and expertise of knowledge to a week long membership I took at Athlete’s Performance.



This has been one of the most rewarding experiences of my life. Incredibly physically challenging, but also a sense of community and family. No competition and no egos, great quality instruction, fun and tough love.

Every lecture was outstanding in instruction and quality. I learned too much to write it all here, but I know it will help me to only further my technique and training. I hope one day to have that same level of knowledge and skill.

This was very physically and mentally challenging for me. I felt I was given an enormous amount of invaluable information that I can apply to my own training. Each instructor was extremely knowledgeable about the subject matter, technique and skill. Couldn’t have asked for better!


ACHIEVEMENTS: HKC and ACE certified, I began training with kettlebells in the winter of 2011 and received my HKC in February of 2012, and then obtained my ACE certification 2 months later. Personal achievement--I've lost over 100 pounds and 10 dress sizes (from 26 to 6) since 2007!

The hardest physical challenge of my life. My RKC certified boss asked me last night "having fun?" My honest response, "No, I’m not having fun, but it is great." That being said, I’m realizing now that the excitement I feel over showing my clients what I’ve learned it putting a big smile on my face – and knowing what I’m accomplishing by sticking it out this weekend is growing my confidence in my ability to reach my own ongoing personal goals.

What five aspects of the workshop did you find most useful and why?

  1. Drills and correctives – wow! Especially witnessing the before and after in those demonstrating.
  2. Team time and intimacy of a small group team that allowed for more specific and tailored instruction.
  3. 1 awesome team leader and 2 awesome assistant team leaders. Someone always there to observe and offer advice/training/tips/critique.
  4. Having the manual be so thorough and concise so that I could easily follow along and know I can read up when I’m home.

Compassionate yet persistent in their focus on not letting me give up. I came in with a rib injury and was terrified of being cast aside. My team leasers didn’t baby me, but they worked with me, and I’m leaving feeling not as injured as when I arrived.

The HKC was great – but this is super fantastic!!!



The instructors were incredibly critical and understanding at the same time. This was an incredibly experience I will share with the world.


ACHIEVEMENTS: Tier 4 Fitness Coach

I would say that this is the most rigorous ad helpful physical training I have ever done. With the group behind me in can accomplish things I never thought possible.

Everyone was friendly and helpful. I was nurturing a back injury and I still made it the whole way through only because of the assistance I received from my instructors.

There is no comparison. The personal attention I received in all of the categories listed above exceeded many and all expectations.


In one word awesome! RKC certification training was very informative and extremely fun. It is a difficult task, but that is why RKC is the elite certification to have if you want to train kettlebells!

Quality of training its amazing. I love the attention everyone gives even if the leader is from another team they had pointers and cues.


ACHIEVEMENTS: Collegiate soccer player with all south region honors, Exercise science degree from Salisbury University

I could not have asked for a better, more challenging experience.

I thought the quality of the training was phenomenal. Each instructor was very knowledgeable and never hesitated to give pointers whether you were working or coaching. They were always very positive during testing and encouraging during workouts.

As far as training and exercise go this has been my best experience. The quality was fantastic and practical use even for me as a chiropractor was great.


ACHIEVEMENTS: Weight loss of 95 lbs.

The RKC, truly was a learning experience. As a personal trainer, it felt good to get such through feedback with regards to form and how I could personally improve.

My RKC weekend took me back to High School, College football. The unity of our group and the accountability we had for each other attributed to our success.

The instructors were amazing. they demonstrated pure professionalism, humor, knowledge and most importantly patience to help each one of us grow.

In comparison the RKC and other workshops that I’ve attended in the past are not in the same league.


ACHIEVEMENTS: Rugby Player for 10 years, Boxer for 4 years, Wrestler for 6 years, endurance running (marathon and half marathons) and currently train BJJ. Have been engaged in some form of weight training since 10 years old. I am a CSCS, FMS level 1 and 2, nutrition certification through Precision Nutrition.

It was a phenomenally challenging experience that allowed me to both hone my skills as well as test my abilities. The staff was extremely supportive through out the process.

Everyone was extremely knowledgeable ? all of the instructors were able to answer any question asked and if more time was needed to answer would follow up after. Experience shown through with their technique.

It was better given time amount of time spent ? most certs try to jam too much in to a short time. It was also good – better in that you had to learn, demo and teach the lifts, not just learn. You walk away being able to show what you know versus talk about how smart the instruction is.

I am proud that all the work and training I put in to prep for his course paid off. But more importantly, I am extremely happy to walk a way with more information and the ability to be a better trainer. The RKC is a prestigious certification that carries a lot of weight in the industry and allows us to set ourselves apart.


ACHIEVEMENTS: Played D1 college football, MA, CSCS, PN, TPI, USAW

Incredible experience, the physicality of it, the technique excellence and the overall flow was exceptional.

I’m proud to be a part of RKC. When I started this journey 6 months ago I could barely press overhead due to old shoulder surgeries and yesterday I pressed the 36 kilo so it’s been rewarding. I look at this as a new beginning and I credit my trainers and my quest for RKC.


ACHIEVEMENTS: Train at StengthOps, Baltimore

The camaraderie and encouragement from team members helped immensely. Each member was involved in checking my form, offering feedback, and cheering me on though the difficult portions of training. Incredible.


ACHIEVEMENTS: Marine Sgt Veteran, NASM CPT, PES, CES,TRX Instructor

I thought it was an amazing experience and gained a wealth of knowledge.


It was intense – but very fun at the same time. I have a deeper appreciation for the RKC and what it means to be RKC. It truly is a "rite of passage". I hope to be back for more!

Excellent! Each individual who participated was extremely knowledgeable and helpful. They were all excellent!


ACHIEVEMENTS: ACSM-HFS, Graduating from Liberty University with a Bachelor in Exercise Science in May 2013

I have greatly enjoyed my training. It was eye opening to many techniques that I wasn’t aware I was lacking.



It was challenging but manageable. It was engaging and encouraging. Very practical.


ACHIEVEMENTS: BioSignature Practitioner, Level 1

It wasn’t just a certification/workshop, it was an experience..

Very good. Again, instructors were very thorough and wanted to make sure that everything was done as best as possible. Quality was top notch. Practical use was good. Instructors were pretty chill, but still demanded effort and technique from students. That’s very good!



It’s physically demanding and there isn’t one exercise that allows you to mentally shut down. Everyone presented the information with clarity and feedback on flaws were consistent with what I felt.

I thought it was a great course and it reinforces the level of fitness one must posses or develop to make it through course.



Excellent by all measures.


ACHIEVEMENTS: CrossFit certifications

It’s a fire hose of information. Excellent quality of content.

The RKC quality, scope of execution and practical use was excellent.


Praise for the Russian Kettlebell Certification Workshop — April 2013 Marlboro, New Jersey



The RKC is only for those who want to take already skilled technique to the next level. It is a graduate college (so to say) for strength.

As a fitness manager for TSI NYSC in Livingston, I work with trainers all the time. I would not train with anyone, other than an RKC or HKC certified instructor because they can walk the walk while talking the talk. Amazing team and leaders by example.

For those most serious, the RKC is second to none. 


Very interesting weekend. Met some talented trainers and learned a lot. Very impressed with how learning/perfecting my form changed how my body feels.

I thought Tom did an excellent job. The entire team together has so many different strengths I felt like they addressed lots of my weak points and had great ability to help me change bad patterns.

Amazing. I haven’t been this inspired to reinvent my approach ever before.


My three days at the RKC were extremely beneficial for me in many ways. Most importantly I learned confidence with the kettlebell. The expert instruction by the RKC staff enabled me to make small revisions to my technique. These revisions/adjustments made a world of difference for me.

Superb instructors. Extremely knowledgeable. Treated everyone with respect. Accommodating, firm. Talk the talk and walk the walk.

This training ranks high. Physical training has been a part of my life and I have received instruction from many different agencies, associations, military and law enforcement. I am proud to be a member of the RKC.


Was an amazing learning experience and I look forward to my next level of certification.

Great team of instructor! Very serious and helpful – I found the three days of training (hard work) to be an amazing learning experience. Each instructor helped immensely.

Practical use, quality, material and physical exercise outweighed information learned in any other training I have attended.


I’m overwhelmed by how much my skills have improved in the past 3 days thanks to the level of coaching. I’m honored to be a part of the RKC community and show the instructors their time did not go wasted.

As a martial artist, the RKC felt right at home. Nothing is given, all is earned. The hard work needed to succeed in the RKC was phenomenal. I can honestly say I am leaving the RKC STRONGER. The scope of material to cover was just right, not too much – not too little.

More intense than I expected but fair and appropriate. Loved it.

I felt all the instructors provided quality information and feedback. They had a good balance of toughness and respectfulness.

I loved the breakdown of each lift to the basic progressions of movement. I learned many of the lifts can and should be taught without even holding a kettlebell.


As something I wanted to do for a while, it met my expectations and put me in the mindset to want more. This is the best… had HKC too and was great also.


I loved the facility and instructors. The training was spot on and easy to see in everyone’s level of improvement over the weekend. Gratifying and exhilarating.

As a group they were so helpful totally professional and dialed in… having trainers who can show a technique as well as teach it is huge. The knowledge of the guys was far reaching, excellent team.
Tom Philips is superb!!
Matt Maher is wonderful!!
Steve is terrific!!

Way better then others – no ego. Lots of instruction, totally approachable.

This course was awesome!!!!


An experience any serious trainer must have.

The instruction was direct and precise. Every cue/correction seemed to have immediate results in improvement of the techniques taught. I believe this quality of instruction led to a higher success rate for the group.

The quality and scope of the material is within the top rung of all training systems.


RKC is hands down the most comprehensive fitness certification I have taken to date.

I thought the entire team of instructors was very knowledgeable and open to helping us understand the material in every way possible.

This has certainly been one of the most insightful of the many certifications I have taken in my 13 years as a trainer.


I was very impressed by the dedication of the coaches and how proud they were to be teaching us. Overall I cannot say anything I did not like and am happy I made this choice.

The dedication and passion of all the instructors is what stood out most for me. I feel proud to be a part of this and will continue to put forth the same effort they have.

The training I did prior to this for this course required a huge amount of dedication. I am better for it.


Although multiple physical conditions such as asthma and shoulder instability were present I was able to pass all but one of the tests. The instructors were patient and thoughtful with their approach and focused on learning. They were tough on us but were well within reason.

It is clear that they are all passionate about the integrity of what it means to be instructors. They were honest and fair. At no point did they cross lines that a class made up of adults would find anything negative to report.
Everything was run in a timely manner with attention to detail as well as care and concern or us as well as our future clients. They are all masters of their craft and extremely helpful.


Rewarding experience dependent on holding oneself accountable for success.

Experts with knowledge, integrity, and high standards that helped me improve my person abilities but also the ability to "safely" and accurately instruct the basic concepts. I appreciate the intent of the instructors to maintain a high level of integrity and discipline.


You learn how to master your craft not just for yourself but for others that you work with.



Praise for the Russian Kettlebell Certification Workshop — April 2013 Saint Paul, Minnesota



ACHIEVEMENTS: NCAA football and track & field athlete, CrossFit athlete, strongman and ironman 70.3 competitor. 8 year Force Recon Marine/ team medic and OEF veteran.

This was amazing and fulfilled all of my expectations. The instructors were very confident and knowledgeable and were able to troubleshoot any problems I had with technique to create a great product.

I thought the quality was second to none. I’ve been to many military and civilian courses I thought were great, but after RKC they weren’t on the same playing field.

Great Job! Thanks for the incredible education.


ACHIEVEMENTS: World Champion Powerlifter, Miss Collegiate America, National Fitness Hall of Fame inductee

The RKC is awesome! The staff are very professional, the course is well written and it’s a group I’m proud to be part of.

I felt each instructor was highly qualified. Looking at Andrea’s body as a role model and her personality and ability to connect and teach has been very inspiring. Each person on the staff was extremely helpful and knowledgeable.

After mastering those programs, RKC Kettlebells moved me into a very dynamic, athletic use of my body. Adding the weight with kettlebells and loading those patterns changed my experience of all my previous training.


ACHIEVEMENTS: Clubbell yoga certification

The RKC increased my understanding of the kettlebell technique to a new level. Having the opportunity to be trained/coached by the elite is an honor. My ability and confidence with kettlebells has transformed in ways I did not anticipate. Thank you :)

Incredibly high from head to team leaders! All were knowledgeable beyond the aspects of just kettlebells, and obviously hold the highest level of kettlebell training.

The level of detail covered was incredible. No one is leaving this certification not knowing how a skill should be executed and how to get to the next level with each exercise.


ACHIEVEMENTS: TPI certification

The certification training has led to a greater understanding of the intricacies of the basic kettlebell movements. In doing so, my confidence in teaching the basic movements has increased dramatically.

Not only were instructors and assistants extremely knowledgeable in every movement tested this weekend, they also possessed intricate, experienced – based corrections that were very helpful. I greatly appreciate the multitude of credentials represented by the staff.

The RKC is absolutely unmatched in the quality and specificity of instruction given and knowledge gained. No equal!



Many lights have been turned on. I feel more confident, authoritive, yet gentle in my own perspective. This weekend has help take my love and enthusiasm for KB’s to a whole new level!


ACHIEVEMENTS: NASM CPT, CES, Trainer since 2005

I’ve been training for over 10 years and was surprised by how much I learned. I found new ways to analyze and correct movement. I found weaknesses in the way I’ve trained myself. I used to rely on hard work and dedication alone, but now know how to employ breathing and relaxation techniques to break strength plateaus. Thanks!

Best applied training course I’ve taken.


ACHIEVEMENTS: Doctor of Chiropractic, soccer player, sharp shooter

The RKC Certification program not only enhanced my current knowledge of kettlebells but raised the bar in my expectations as a kettlebell user and more so, instructor. The program is designed to challenge, encourage and enhance technique, confidence and performance.

I thought Andrea (Head Instructor) was excellent, as a woman, it’s nice to be able to see the achievement, strength and confidence she demonstrated throughout. The team leaders were critical in setting the mood and encouraging us but critical enough to fine tune and add an experience as practitioners and teachers

All the quality, scope and practical use, was there for my background as a Chiropractor to make me feel confident in training others.


ACHIEVEMENTS: I enjoyed assisting my first RKC! Andrea, Phil and Cortez each brought with them unique and valuable training tools. I learned new workouts and grew tremendously as an instructor. What a fabulous training program! Well done.
  • Andrea Du Cane – She knows the human body so well. She has the eye of a magnifying glass! It’s wonderful learning from such an accomplished head instructor.
  • Phil Ross – He is amazingly strong and full of great technique tips and corrective exercises.
  • Cortez Hull – He brings intensity and enthusiasm in his teaching. This is so helpful to ramp up the energy in the room.
All instructors were personal and approachable. This hasn’t always been true in the past RKCS, so it was refreshing! Not a lot of inflated egos, which is good!

This RKC felt like it went at a great pace. We lucked out with a group of quick learners and smaller group size. I liked the emphasis on coaching and giving our certs plenty of practice time to teach and correct their peers.



It was the best one that I’ve been a part of. RKC has continued to get better and I’ve seen faster improvements of participants than in any other certification.

Tremendous experience from leaders. Very professional.

I love being a part of the family of RKC and always look forward to what’s next. RKC and CK-FMS has given me a living to provide for my family and community.



It was an excellent training, one of the best I’ve attended. The camaraderie was incredible.


ACHIEVEMENTS: Canadian Personal Trainers Network since 1999, HKC, Augusta Kettlebell Certification level 2.

Everyone was awesome very helpful friendly. I had difficulty with a few things and they stayed with me until the problem was corrected.

I was very impressed at how well organized it was. The instructors were very professional and patient.


ACHIEVEMENTS: College Athlete

Very informative. Understanding, personable instruction. Multiple cueing to accomplish the goal.

Very knowledgeable, eager to help and assist. Wanted to see everyone succeed. Motivating.

More in depth than other certs I have attended. Provides a true understanding of the what, why and when.


ACHIEVEMENTS: Completed 5 half marathons

It was a hard weekend and made me find the inner strength to push through. It made me think about my mental blocks and how to overcome them.


ACHIEVEMENTS:HKC, Certified Athletic Trainer, FMS Level I & II

All leaders did a great job and have areas of strength. Important to work with all of them as they each vary in their method of instructor and feedback.

I am very happy with group I worked with. Glad you focus on instruction as must as performance and still kept to the principles from your beginning.


ACHIEVEMENTS: Group Fitness instructor, ACE Certified Personal Trainer

Overwhelming but I would highly recommend. Much more in depth than other trainings. 



ACHIEVEMENTS: Been training to become certified for over a year!

My experience here at RKC training was amazing. help and encourage others to succeed. It was so encouraging ad emotional!

The leaders’ knowledge stemmed much further than just kettlebells. They have amazing knowledge on how the body works and how it all works together. They were always willing to help and demonstrate. We got very lucky with a smaller group. We got lots of personal attention.

We gained more than knowledge on how to use a kettlebell. We learned how to use our body to create more power. We also learned about marketing ourselves. It went further than just how to successfully use a kettlebell.


ACHIEVEMENTS: Kettlebell trainer for 1.5 years, Training with bells for 4.5 years.

The training has been extremely motivating, uplifting and inspiring. I feel I will walk away better educated and far more confident in my abilities and instruction style.

The knowledge and information was overwhelmingly useful. I soaked in all in, took notes and will apply it in every way.  The variety of instruction was beneficial to see different styles and techniques from the pros.

Going forward, the RKC will be the foundation for which I base any other training/certification in the future. The bar has been set very high!


ACHIEVEMENTS: CrossFit 2012 Opens Athlete

In many ways, the weekend is overwhelming in the amount of information being relayed. However, because there are many instructors who have differ hints and cues, I am coming away with many gems that I can use in my own practice and with students.  I feel stronger and better prepared to help my students in their training.

All instructors had different strengths and strategies in teaching skills, so it was really great to be exposed to many coaching/teaching styles. All instructors were competent and were generous and honest in sharing information. They also helped set a great atmosphere for the weekend – one of learning, focus but also humor and camaraderie.


ACHIEVEMENTS: FMS, Semi-Pro Mountain Biker

I liked the hands on approach. You made me a better athlete and coach.


ACHIEVEMENTS: Was impressed with the knowledge of the head trainer and senior instructors. I got the impression that there was more variation and inconsistency in experience and knowledge amongst the assistant instructors. My team leader was Phil Ross and I have only positive things to say. He did a great job instructing and correcting without being discouraging or condescending or making me feel singled out, while still being tough enough to illicit respect.

How did the Russian Kettlebell Certification Training compare with any other training you have taken in physical exercise—in terms of quality, scope of material, and practical use?

The organization and professionalism was on par if not better than most certs I have taken. The material was appropriate and practical.

I had heard many stories of RKC courses form the past. Honestly I don’t think I would have been successful in the male-dominated macho world of burpee penalties and brute strength I had been hearing about. I really appreciate the culture and atmosphere of the weekend. Work hard, play hard.


Praise for the Russian Kettlebell Certification Workshop — February 2013 San Jose, California



The RKC was a powerfully positive experience. The instruction was truly expert. Perfection was clearly the standard. The instructors are valuable beyond measure. We were given the appropriate dosage of instruction and practice to achieve success without unnecessary injury. I was certainly challenged and was given a sense of what it feels like to pushed. I really had to dig deep at moments.
Biggest benefit as a result of attending the RKC…

I know what it is like and how it feels to go through tough workouts and how to dose reasonably challenging situations, which result in benefit to a human being, not damaging abuse for the sake of just being tough.

P.s. – I was not injured at all. I’m willing to recommend other trainers who are against attending RKC—due to the reputation of RKC being unnecessarily abusive attend—because the course was not at all abusive. The instructors are caring, intelligent experts who sincerely want their students to do well.


ACHIEVEMENTS: Have won Canadian National Field Lacrosse titles as both a player and a coach. I have a degree in Human Kinetics from the University of British Columbia. I currently own a personal training company and run a youth lacrosse academy.

Attending the RKC was like taking an express version of high school. Before coming I was just learning about kbs through play. I have come out of the RKC knowing more and understanding more, but still haven’t gotten it all, with more advanced levels of the RKC the pursuit of obtained a university degree, masters degree and a PHD in kbs is lurking in the distance… one step at a time through a strength school.

The instruction was top notch, never beating down always building up. Going for lecture to practice, drill to drill, really reinforces the message.

ABOVE AND BEYOND. Well thought out and organized. The structure never allowed for a rested moment. The message was clear from beginning to end.


ACHIEVEMENTS: Triathlete, Ironman, U.S. Marine

I went into this weekend expecting a lot less. Mentally and physically, this has been one of them most rewarding things I have done.

The RKC instructors that worked with me knew what they were doing. I felt confident that anything they told me was honestly for my benefit.

One of the toughest training courses I have ever done. I know feel that I can do home and put this to work.


ACHIEVEMENTS: NSCA-CPT, ACE personal trainer, ACSM personal trainer.

As a veteran of the fitness industry with multiple certifications, I have never prepared for something as intensely as I did for my RKC. After this weekend I feel that I own kettlebells. The journey continues, but with a quiet confidence.


It was an amazing weekend that I will ever forget. The instruction was incredible and it is truly an organization that I’m proud to be a part of.

This weekend went way beyond any other training I’ve ever attended. The material, the instruction, and the camaraderie was amazing.


ACHIEVEMENTS: I used to be a runner when younger.
Trained with kettlebells for the last 4 years.

My certification training (RKC) is very different from what my husband’s was (years ago). I’ve learned so much more, more instructional. It’s very important for me to learn and master the basic and we were fortunate to have great mentors teaching us everything thoroughly. I am highly impressed by the quality of knowledge of our RKC.


ACHIEVEMENTS: Army Warrant Officer, Tae Kwon Do under Black Belt Hall of Fame Young S. Won. HKC & Personal Trainer.

This was a humbling experience for me, as this course requires you to be hungry for knowledge. Truly the school of hard knocks that results in quality. Love my RKC bothers and sisters, we are a family.

Much better than the United States Army. Please tell them how to train soldiers properly.



It was fantastic instruction. I learned a lot of new things and refined some old things. I have a much ore vast understanding of kettlebell movement and movement in general. It helped me understand work my true strengths and weaknesses.

It’s all pure gold. I learned so much from everybody including the students. They did a great job of grounding me and showing what works and what will just get you hurt. What I found to be best about it was no matter how much you struggle they all helped me over come any issues while being concerned for my own safety and well bing.

Everything else comes up short. There are no short cuts just results. What is great about is that all of the training is applicable to everyday life.



The first thing we were told was that the weekend would be transformative. It was. The professionalism of all was inspiring, comforting and motivating.

I feel the leaders have great skills to share and did what they could to pass on their knowledge I was impressed with all leaders.

Way beyond other training in terms of quality. I feel I was given great opportunity to learn and practice.


Fantastic class that focuses intently on the fundamental of each movement with the intent to absolutely perfecting each exercise. This makes the weekend an extreme learning and growing experience no matter where your skills are coming into the weekend.

Special thanks to Tim Spencer, my Team Leader, and his excellent staff.

ACHIEVEMENTS: Dedicated Kettlebell trainee for two years.
This certification is filled with endless knowledge and has completely changed how I see fitness. I see this as a life changing experience that I will always cherish.

This training is of high quality and I truly believe, over time, it will take over the world and bring back the olds ways of training. The instructors are phenomenal people who hold knowledge of gold. I am very lucky to have trained with the amazing people did this with.

This opened my eyes to a whole other world of strength and fitness. I believe this certification is priceless knowledge and has really impacted my life. It has completely changed my training mindset and shown me functionality in working out.

You guys are awesome, I am very honored to work with all of you.

ACHIEVEMENTS: RKC I since 2008 (recertifying), CrossFit L-1 Instructor, Paramedic since 1991

My experience was excellent. I’m leaving with more knowledge and tools, a greater confidence in my abilities as a coach, and no injuries or hand issues! :).

Being my 3rd RKC course, I appreciated the focus being more heavily on content and instruction, versus beat-down workouts. I had the best complete team of instructors yet.

ACHIEVEMENTS: Hardstyle Kettlebell Certified (HKC), CrossFit Level I Certified Trainer, CrossFit Kids Certified Trainer, CrossFit Endurance Certified, CrossFit Movement and Mobility Certified, CrossFit Coach's Prep Certified, TRX Certified, TRX Sports Medicine Certified, International Sports Science Assoc. (ISSA), Certified Fitness Trainer, FMS Level I Seminar Attendee, Freestyle Connection Gymnastic Movement Seminar Attendee, Bachelor of Science in Nursing, BSN, RN from University of Arizona

Empowering experience! Superb quantity in theoretical aspect as well as practical.

I loved it. Do not change anything. Thank you for a great experience.  LOVED IT :)

ACHIEVEMENTS: Before this weekend, my practice has introduced me to a small number of fellow travelers. I now know I’m part of a large, highly motivated community.

It has been an empowering experience.

ACHIEVEMENTS: Former Boston-qualifying marathon runner

I went into the weekend the Luke Skywalker of the Empire Strikes Back. I came out the Luke Skywalker of the Return of the Jedi.

ACHIEVEMENTS: 5 years D-1 football, 3 years crossfit

It was a very informative certification breaking down the movements of the kettlebell to minute details. The workouts were strenuous but necessary to fully comprehend the information we were given.

The level of training was very high. Everyone had a lot of knowledge and was willing to share. They were very critical of small details, which makes everyone better. I though I knew a lot about kettlebells but there was still more to be learned.

Kettlebells are by far the most versatile piece of equipment. The quality of training was world class. The practical use was made very clear for how to use the training in our work environments.

ACHIEVEMENTS: B.S. Kinesiology, CSCS, USAW, FMS lvl 1,
U.S. Coast Guard, 4 years
The RKC not only increased my knowledge and understanding of kettlebell lifting, but how I can use those same principles and apply them to all my lifting endeavors.

The training staff this weekend were incredibly knowledgeable and helpful!

The strength requirements were extremely helpful in my preparation for the course. It kept me motivated and focused on increasing my knowledge and abilities with respect to kb lifting. The hands-on component was top notch and greatly exceeds training I have received at other courses and certifications.


The certification training was one of the most physically and mentally challenging experience in my life. It was also one of the most rewarding experiences.

Every one of the RKC team was fantastic. I learned so much that I can immediately put into application in my practice.

ACHIEVEMENTS: CSCS, USAW Sport Performance Coach

This workshop solidified and enhanced my previous knowledge about HardStyle techniques and kb training. If the best in the business are using these techniques and methods, we had better pay attention.

Very well organized and simple (but complex at the same time). Material really kept attendees engaged. Testing was very fair but challenging. Took a fundamentalist approach, which can apply to all populations, from beginner to advanced.

ACHIEVEMENTS: Track and Field

Not my first RKC workshop. There was some discussion (light-hearted) over "whose workshop was harder" among instructors, re-certs, etc. Excellent educational environment. The right mix of presenting and participation, and adequate time for individual questions. Met and exceeded expectations. Thanks in no small part to my team leader and assistants.

The quality of training is stellar. Knowledge blends with and adds to much of my previous education in KINES.

ACHIEVEMENTS: I am a very active person. I love being outside doing pretty much anything, for example: hike, climb, run, swim, etc BUT I spend ALOT of time with my kettlebells. I played softball and basketball up until 2000 (when I went into high school). When I quit playing I found myself either running 3-6 miles a day<----stupid! had to cut back due to pinched nerves in my low back?i than found myself at the gym every chance i got. fitness and health intrigued me. i’ve had a taste of just about every way of training and have loved every moment of it but nothing can compare to my love of kettlebell training along with mobility and body weight exercises. i currently have my hkc cert and i am super stoked to dive in and learn everything i can at the rkc. yay!!!

The RKC opened my eyes to a lot. No one is perfect but you can work towards becoming the bet you can be. This was a fantastic experience!


RKC training provided year of distilled knowledge from a team of strong, smart, talented and really funny instructors into one intense weekend. It was a huge physical and metal challenge. There were several times when I lost confidence, but my instructors and teammates pushed me, and tuned my form – and I came out of it much more knowledgeable and ready for more challenges. In other words, it was good (painful) fun.

ACHIEVEMENTS: HKC certified, Crossfit coach and athlete, train and teach Krav Maga as well (Israeli self defense system)

The course has given me invaluable information and tools to help my clients. It was an amazing and inspiring weekend.

Incredibly impressed! I respect the RKC for going into so much detail on teaching proper movement and basic ideas using the kb as a tool. I haven’t been to another cert quite as detailed!

ACHIEVEMENTS: Black Belt in a MMA, NPTI Seattle graduate

I learned a great amount about how to teach kettlebell drills, when they feel like done correctly, and how to progress oneself and clients from one move to the next. Also, I greatly value the understand of the RKC system as a whole and value the ability I have gained to integrate the basic 6 skills (with their progressions) in order to achieve a variety of goals.

Very high quality of training and knowledge evidenced and put into practice helping us teach moves, teaching us the moves, and brainstorming/trouble shooting a variety of difficulties which often come up as a practicing RKC. They have also very inspirational!

The RKC packed the most useful information into the least amount of time while clearly delivering the scope of the RKC practitioner and providing us with tried and tested tools to use and recommendations as to how to implement them with our future clients. Worth it!


"If you enjoy growth" RKC is a part of the fundamental growing anyone looking to improve their, strength and knowledge should experience.

The knowledge packed in this weekend was valuable because it is result oriented and tested and approved by many! It is supported and is undisputed!

ACHIEVEMENTS: CF L1, CF Gymnastics, CF Olympic weightlifting, USA Weightlifting, A.C.E.

I learned a great amount about how to get people safe and effective movers. The RKC isn’t about the kettlebell; it is about the person holding the bell.

The team leaders and masters did very well at helping to keep me safe while accomplishing my goals.

This course is right up there with my training from Kelley Starrett and Mike Burgener. Great job!

ACHIEVEMENTS: Spartan Runs, Mixed Martial Artists-Sanshou

Lots of material, wide range of topics the emphasis on being a coach was unique.

ACHIEVEMENTS: Amateur Muay Thai competitions, Semi Pro Muay Thai Fights 4-3-1 Record, 6 years serious training in Muay Thai. Trained in Thailand.

It was a great experience. I enjoyed the A+ teaching. And would definitely recommend and refer.

I felt it was all great. Having so many different skilled eyes was exactly what I needed. Different perspectives on the same skills with the same results is a great tool.

No contest. Was better then any other cert I have taken. No BS training. No hiding info.

ACHIEVEMENTS: 21+ years US Army, CPT NFPT, HKC, RKC Attendee, CrossFit Level 1, CrossFit Olympic Lifting.

Highly effective and professional atmosphere conducive to ensuring the athletes success.

A+ - the depth and scope of knowledge and experience was great. Multiple diverse backgrounds with multiple vantage points.

ACHIEVEMENTS: ACE Certified Personal Trainer and Group Fitness Instructor; Mad Doggs Spinning Instructor; ISCA Master Trainer

There is noting as inspirational to me than being in a setting such as the RKC certification. The presence of others "like you" with similar goals and aspirations is the perfect and safest place to achieve greater things as a fitness leader. It was just the right amount of push along with positive feedback I needed to go to the next level.

The RKC training was the most mentally and physically demanding cert I have attended. I like the fact hat I have to work at this to pass.  I know when I complete my videos to re-submit my areas of weakness. That I will have earned my cert. it will serve to create the value for me. That I met standards. A sense of accomplishment.

Amazing experience, has me fired up to work on my own kettlebell practice and use them more in training clients.

I thought the trainers were very knowledgeable, especially the team leaders, and Master RKC. Pretty impressed and humbled by the scope of knowledge. Motivates me to keep improving.

Definitely the best physical course I’ve done, seemed like we got a lot of instruction but have really just scratched the surface.

ACHIEVEMENTS: Swimming, rowing, crossfit.

The RKC certification training is a great tool for self awareness and teaching others. It also covers functional human movement and teaches how kettlebells can be applied to many situations.

It was a great certification. I felt like the RKC staff were all very enthusiastic about what they were teaching, which made it enjoyable and fun to learn.

ACHIEVEMENTS:  2 years of D1 college rugby, Crossfit Level 1 Certification.

Excellent course that uses a simple tool to open a vast number of training opportunities that are applicable to all walks of life. The course teaches much more then simply how to swing a bell and encourages its instructors to use what is taught as tools for life, not just fitness.



Praise for the Russian Kettlebell Certification Workshop — November 2012 Melbourne, Australia



It was the most miserable thing I ever experienced. The instructors were brutal, the environment was hostile and the physical demands placed on my body pushed me into my "discomfort" zone by a mile (1.6km). I LOVED IT!!! It was definitely a transformative experience. Fostered a sense of spirituality around the kettlebell, it’s becoming more like a religion for me…

What five aspects of the workshop did you find most useful and why?
  1. Hands on experience is the second best way to learn, and we received ample amounts.
  2. It was very nice to have the added value of lessons not found in the manual.
  3. I loved the marketing lecture – it’s something every fitness professional needs but few receive.
  4. Failing the snatch test by 1 rep made me realize I’m not as awesome as I thought. Very educational.
  5. Personalized instruction when I need it was worth the price of admission.
The amount of knowledge, expertise and professionalism each instructor brought to the table made the whole experience extremely worthwhile. For me the international team assembled made it a genuine "world-class" opportunity to learn.

The standard has now been set. I have doubts any other program will be as physically demanding and educational simultaneously as this.


How to have fun while busting your arse. It’s the best thing that I have done for being a stronger, better and more physically prepared person. It has helped me on my journey to becoming the best person I can be and want to be to combat the compensations that have plagued me throughout life. Thank you RKC.

Very well worth the time and expense compared to other courses. Felt life value for money.  

Incredible weekend of learning and application of knowledge. Great technique building exercises. Being able to push ourselves and manage fatigue.

Very well run certification course. Great weekend of learning heaps of information. Broken down really well so that we could understand things on a step-by-step basis. Great course.


The RKC has been a long time coming for me. I saw it as a huge milestone that needed to be achieved. What I now realize is that I have only just opened the door to a bigger reality and what I know need to achieve within the RKC will be a life long goal.

What five aspects of the workshop did you find most useful and why?
  1. Having lots of RKC/RKC II to draw information from.
  2. John’s marketing workshop – because I own a PT studio.
  3. The extra time spent on learning regression techniques. To trouble shoot clients.
  4. Tension techniques because I applied them to life a PR press.
  5. Constantly swapping partners – everyone has different weaknesses to apply teaching skills to.
Any certification that has a strict strength/technique testing policy has a tremendous advantage over other organizations.  


A real life-changing experience. No matter what your profession or hobbies are you will benefit tremendously!! This training has exceeded my expectations by far. A big thanks to the whole RKC, Dragon Door community.


The RKC is an intense weekend, not to be taken on lightly. In many respects it’s like a baptism of fire in the iron forge. Even with three years kettlebell training I felt like a complete novice and I was truly humbled by the experience. It is without doubt a life-changing event as cliché as that sounds.

The quality was topnotch, the scope of the material was extensive and very practical.


Fantastic! Great weekend, full of learning from some of the best around the world. Definitely one of the most challenging and rewarding things I’ve done. Above and beyond anything else in the fitness industry.


A brilliant test of my technique, strength, physical and mental preparation. It is the hardest fitness cert you can do in Australia and graduates are the cream of the crop. I feel like a practitioner rather than a trainer.

Blasts everything else out of the water.


It’s hard but it’s truly worth doing – some of the best money I’ve spent on education.

Every instructor has got something special to offer – that little bit of gold – add it all up and you’ve got billions.

Best info ever.


I would say that the course was definitely the hardest but most enjoyable and knowledgeable course I’ve ever experienced, everything I learned on these 3 days was amazing.

Amazing quality of training couldn’t have imagined the depth of knowledge that is available through RKC, I can’t wait to learn more!.

In a scale of 1 to 10, the RKC is a 15 it doesn’t compare to any other course I have done.


The Russian Kettlebell Certification Training contributed to my understanding and practice of kettlebells in the following five ways:
  1. Absolutely hammered my technique. You can read the books but it’s not the same.
  2. Made me realize the depth and scope of the 6 basic moves and how they are enough by themselves keep you going for a lifetime
  3. Helped push personal limits. 5 rounds of deep six at the end of the day in 35° of heat was a challenge.
  4. The troubleshooting drills are tremendous. I was amazed how big an improvement they could make in a short time
  5. Emphasized this is a whole system, not just a collection of exercises.
This takes you to a whole new level of understanding. Understanding the system, understanding the movements and understanding yourself.


Great training course, full on and in depth. A course for everyone interested in strength and fitness. Incredible, just incredible!

Thank you for helping me to become a better trainer!


A true test of physical and mental toughness whilst incorporating knowledge delivery in a detailed and easy to understand format, the different delivery methods of coaching from all instructors was incredibly beneficial.

Equal quality with other Dragon Door products, and the best in physical exercise I’ve experienced.


John Du Cane marketing session had enormous impact - not linked to KB training alone.

Good training material probably could spend 5 days instead of 3 to really absorb it all. Immediately useful.


Very informative course, something I would advise other people to attend.


The Russian Kettlebell Certification Training contributed to my understanding and practice of kettlebells in the following five ways:
  1. Feedback – I just had books and DVDs to train with. Everyone gave great detail to corrections.
  2. Information – so much I didn’t know! So much to learn.
  3. The Basics – since I am training on my own I want my basics to be as strong as possible.
  4. Just being around and being trained by people who have been through this. Excellent!
  5. The Breakdown and Trouble shooting for exercises. Invaluable!
Excellent! I learned so much, had fun (even though I was a nervous wreck). But … it has made me want to learn even more. Ignited an enthusiasm! Thank you!

Just a huge thank you! I expected a lot and you delivered. I learned a lot and learned I need to learn a lot more. Wonderful people attending and teaching just thank you for this opportunity.


To benefit both as a trainer and person this is a must for professional development.

The way it was facilitated had a direct impact on my ability to relax and know that I had experienced and skillfull support to assist me. This allowed me to focus at set tasks and get it done.


RKC has been a truly challenging and humbling experience. I have constantly learnt so much and appreciated the professional supportive learning environment.

RKC has been the hardest course I have ever done.  Everything was done to a high professional level and was very consistent.


It has been an amazing experience the course literally exceeded my expectation. Almost too much knowledge and info to absorb over a weekend.

The coaches are extremely well prepared, so much knowledge definitely the best mentoring I had so far.

Definitely the best course I’ve taken so far. Well organized, prepared. Staff very helpful.


I came for the challenge only, but have learnt a lot about the possibilities in kettlebell. Thanks.

It was good to learn from the real experts of kettlebell and I really look forward to attending an RKC workshop again. Well above anything else I have ever come across.


The RKC was a highly challenging but extremely effective course. I’ve learned a lot to help with my own practice of strength training as well as many techniques to help by students.

All of the instructors and assistants showed a great deal of knowledge in the subject matter. Despite the toughness of the course, they treated us with care and respect.


I loved how the instructors were available, friendly and ultra professional. My time at RKC taught me much about becoming a better instructor, person and niche businessman.

I totally recommend the RKC to all who are filled with a desire to better themselves and the lives of their students. Well done team for a great weekend.


A weekend full of quality information that allows you to teach people how to use kettlebells in the safest manner.

Awesome! So much knowledge to be learnt from these guys – just wish there were more hours in a day (without additional workout! ?)

I have always found the training I have received from Dragon Door to be outstanding – the only place I’d recommend for someone to become certified in kettlebells and other types of education they run.


Definitely one of the better certification courses I have done. Any coach or trainer who wants to be the best they can be should do the RKC.


Golden information that you can’t do without a test of your spirit.


Great weekend with great people – knowledge of the trainers was incredible.


A very comprehensive course on technique and corrective options to ensure the best possible teaching skills are adopted and easily utilized.

Fantastic opportunity to meet and train under some of the heads of RKC. All team members were professional and a wealth of information.


I’ve had a fantastic time learning and training with some fantastic people, and will remember this course for a long time to come. I believe the skills I have acquired will help me improve my training and the results I achieve.

I have been very impressed with the professionalism and quality of the training and knowledge of the RKCs.

This course far exceeds any courses I have completed in the past and can use the techniques learnt to better my training to get greater results.


An eye opener learned a lot over the weekend than I did in a year. Very humbling.

The teaching was top notch. The videos, articles only show 10%.

Very demanding. You definitely earn the title.


Hard work, very in depth, and a plethora of knowledge to absorb. You well come out more skilled and more equipped with tools to last a lifetime.


I am not a personal trainer nor do I plan on being one so I haven’t wasted my money on other certifications or training systems.

Praise for the Russian Kettlebell Certification Workshop — August 2012 San Diego, CA



Rachel Cosgrove, Santa Clarita, CA, CEO of Results Fitness

Athletic Achievements, training background or specialty:

BS Physiology, CSCS, HKC

What aspects of the workshop did you find most useful and why?

It was challenging but also very informative. I had a lot of "light bulbs" go off on exercises I had been doing for a long time. Excellent. One of the best I have attended. More practical, put into use information than most certs, which is so refreshing. Overall a fantastic experience! Thank you!

Barry Givens, Irvine, CA, Administrative/Personal Trainer

Athletic Achievements, training background or specialty:

8 time National Age Group champion in Masters Track and Field. Hold an MS in Kinesiology from Cal State Fullerton and a CSCS certification from the NSCA.

What aspects of the workshop did you find most useful and why?

This is the best course I’ve taken regarding exercise in my life. College courses and taking the CSCS can take the back row now. It’s worth every penny spent, and will be looking to continue to advance, in the RKC.

The quality of instruction is the best. It’s easy to digest, and we had the opportunity to execute the instruction. The RKC rules! College classes get too boring, and you lose interest.

Mike MacKenzie, Bremerton, WA, Physical Education Professor

Athletic Achievements, training background or specialty:

Played college football @ Eastern Washington University and earned All-American honors as a running back, and Academic All-American honors my senior year. Played professionally for the Hamilton Tiger Cats of the CFL.?I earned my Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist (CSCS) through the National Strength and Conditioning Association in 2002. Have been training with kettlebells for over 2 years after earning my HKC in 2010.

What aspects of the workshop did you find most useful and why?

The quality of instruction, corrective feedback, enthusiasm and encouragement is what makes this community. Every instructor wants you to succeed. Ego’s and past accomplishments are left at the door. It’s a humbling experience that will test you!

I am a CSCS and have been for 10 years. The RKC system and the hands on approach is un-paralelled. Demonstrating that you have the requisite skills, and have the ability to teach those skills is what makes this certification unique.

Eric Johnson, Norwalk, CT, Strength Coach

Athletic Achievements, training background or specialty:

Certifications: B.S. Exercise Science, NSCA CSCS?TPI Level 1, USAW Sports Performance. Studies: Muay Thai

What aspects of the workshop did you find most useful and why?

As an individual who always looks to get better each and every day, I set out with my brother to take the RKC and come away with a sense of accomplishment. I left this certification with much more – a phenomenal experience, a new set of tools to apply, a part of a great community, and knowing I can accomplish anything I set my mind to. Thank you RKC for allowing myself to bring it up a notch. I got better today.

The training and knowledge provided this weekend by all the RKC community was superior, supportive, and went above and beyond my expectations. I applaud them and the experience they provided.

The RKC training is superior in my opinion to other certifications I have partaken in the past. I believe the RKC provides a system like no other that in simple terms, Makes Sense! There was no lack of quality educations, instruction, and practical experience.

Travis Newton, Napa, CA, Owner of Newtons Law of Fitness Club

Athletic Achievements, training background or specialty:

I have coached wrestling for nearly a decade. I attended the Krav Maga training in Long Beach. I have been trained by RKC instructor Jaret Newton for 3 years.

What aspects of the workshop did you find most useful and why?

My ability to train and teach the art of kettlebell training is much more refined and appreciated after this 3 days of teaching.

Ken McCutchen Mullin, TX, Author

Athletic Achievements, training background or specialty:

Crossfit Certification

What aspects of the workshop did you find most useful and why?

RKC made me aware of my previous exercise and training limitations and gave me a starting point for future development. I now know where I am starting and where I want to go.

Joey Morstad, San Diego, CA, Fitness Coach

Athletic Achievements, training background or specialty:

Former Division I collegiate golfer & team captain?FMS certified, Precision Nutrition, Level 1 certified, Sprint triathlete, Author of "The IBD Fitness Solution" / fitness coach for those with IBD (Inflammatory Bowel Disease)

What aspects of the workshop did you find most useful and why?

Everything I imagined it to be. I will leave with a vast amount of knowledge and improved skills that I am eager and excited to teach to my clients, family and friends.

The best training workshop event I’ve ever attended. Information was consistent from top down.

Martin Mapoma, Pasadena, CA, Personal Trainer

Athletic Achievements, training background or specialty:

AOS Certified Kettlebell Instructor, ISSA Certified Trainer, Certified Training for Warriors Instructor, 3rd Degree Brown Belt Shaolin Do.

What aspects of the workshop did you find most useful and why?

This experience has refilled what was once an empty cup. The balance between hard work and safety is unparalled in any other systems I have studied.

The training was second to none, started and finished on time. Never felt rushed or that any aspects of the course were skipped. Extremely informative.

Kurt Hodlin Milton, MA, Personal Trainer

Athletic Achievements, training background or specialty:

Boston Marathon 2012

What aspects of the workshop did you find most useful and why?

My experience has been everything I expected it would be; challenging physically, engaging mentally and inspiring emotionally.The training knowledge given was collaborative and was at high a level as anyone could ask for.

It has been the highest quality of material with some of the highest level teachers that I have ever been involved with during a certification.

Brandon Hofer, Beaverton, OR, Personal Trainer

Athletic Achievements, training background or specialty:

Certified Yoga Instructor

What aspects of the workshop did you find most useful and why?

An awesome weekend to be challenged and inspired by other professionals and like-minded people. Still the best! The high standard of performance and ability to instruct sets RKC apart. The higher the stander the better!

Bradford Gillis, Toronto, Canada, Student

Athletic Achievements, training background or specialty:

Weightlifting, Yoga

What aspects of the workshop did you find most useful and why?

A very welcoming and serious group of instructors and trainees. We started training from the ground up. I improved my form dramatically. I still have a lot of room for improvement.

Great quality. Everybody is very professional and competent in the practice of kettlebells.

Much more intense than anything I have done before. I thought I was strong before. I have since learned that I had no skills that transfer to kettlebells. Wonderful and humbling experience.

Ivy Perkins, Marietta, GA, Strength and Conditioning Coach

Athletic Achievements, training background or specialty:

HKC, FMS, USAW Sports Performance Coach, Sergeant First Class in US Army for 11 years, BS in Sports and Health Science

What aspects of the workshop did you find most useful and why?

The RKC forced me to take a much needed look into my own practice and to always keep things simple. Intensity is not necessary until the skill is proficient at a minimum. The smallest of tasks can take a lifetime to master. By far the best workshop I have attended.

Eric Lauterbach - Atlanta, GA, Sales

Athletic Achievements, training background or specialty:

All conference collegiate linebacker, Level 3 Krav Maga, student, Crossfit Level 1 Instructor, HKC Instructor

What aspects of the workshop did you find most useful and why?

The RKC community is an incredibly cohesive, intense and welcoming group. The kettlebells brought us together and will continue to do so. But the people who are a part of the experience made it unforgettable.

I’m a fighter and a Crossfit athelete. There is nothing better to supplement those two disciplines than the RKC.

THANK YOU! This workshop is an event I will never forget, nor the people who helped lead it.

Minerva McCutchen Brownwood, TX, Gym owner, English teacher, personal trainer, group fitness instructor

Athletic Achievements, training background or specialty:

I have been a certified personal trainer and group fitness instructor for about twelve years. AAFA personal trainer and group fitness?SCW Yoga, Pilates, Sports Nutrition, DotFit Nutrition, Les Mills Body Combat Martial arts, Body Pump, RPM indoor cycling, Powder Blue TurboKick Pilates, Yoga?Ripped, Zumba, I am also a brown belt in Kajukembo martial arts.

What aspects of the workshop did you find most useful and why?

I appreciate the care, and knowledge and time spent by all the staff to ensure we all had a great learning experience, no matter what level we were on.

IPreparation before cert ? great. I have been CrossFit certified for 6 years, and I have never used it. I will be using RKC tomorrow in my gym. That’s how much I have learned and how confident I feel.

Jeffrey Crouse, Nunica, MI, US Navy

Athletic Achievements, training background or specialty:

MILITARY. Bodyweight Exercise Workshop

What aspects of the workshop did you find most useful and why?

RKC gives one the tools to succeed for a lifetime. Exercise, fat loss, etc. cannot be accomplished in 3 days, it takes dedication to improving yourself.

Nichol Cruz Sanderson, Richmond, VA, Group Interactive Coordinator

Athletic Achievements, training background or specialty:

Successfully completed Tough Mudder-Wintergreen,, Warrior Dash, Merrll Down & Dirty Mud Run.

What aspects of the workshop did you find most useful and why?

All instructors were super helpful, professional in truly wanting you to succeed!! This certification was exceptional in breaking down each step of every drill.

The amount of information received was unbelievable!! Almost information overload! But so great to be in the presence of so many wonderful RKCs how ensured that you are given the right information to help you become more knowledgeable. No one person was unapproachable and the community/camaraderie I felt was superior!! Thank you for sharing such awesome and valuable information along with your own personal experience. Thank you, too, for making this a fun and unforgettable experience.

Drew Skaggs, Dallas, TX, Strength & Conditioning Coach

Athletic Achievements, training background or specialty:

Collegiate Baseball National Champion (Rice University 2003), Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist (CSCS), Precision Nutrition Certified (Pn1), 3 years Brazilian Jiu Jitsu training

What aspects of the workshop did you find most useful and why?

The RKC event is the best workshop of any kind that I have attended. The format of "learn, then do, then coach" is optimal for maximizing the experience.

The knowledge and experience of the team is top notch. It is a long weekend of instruction, but the enthusiasm throughout the course, as well as each instructor’s ability to handle any coaching need, was excellent.

Number 1 by a long shot. Many courses just cover one aspect (either you learn a bunch of material, or you are put through a lot of movement sessions), but the RKC covered learning as well as doing. Additionally, the RKC requires you to immediately apply the material in coaching sessions.

Dan Lauth, Portland, OR, Personal Trainer

Athletic Achievements, training background or specialty:


What aspects of the workshop did you find most useful and why?

One of the best experiences in my life that I never want to repeat ?. One of the best tools any person in the fitness industry can have.

By far the most rigorous physical experience I’ve ever had. I really appreciate a cert in which you have to physically be able to perform the exercises, and have to demonstrate proficiency in teaching/instruction.

Lael Boyer, Clovis, CA, RN, PHN

Athletic Achievements, training background or specialty:

My athletic background is mostly in tennis and dance. In the past 5 years I made a transformation physically. Five years ago I could barely get off the floor. Since then I have educated myself in exercise, fitness and nutrition. I lost a total of 59 pounds and kept it off. I am a mother of 4, and a Registered Nurse. I find the performance base requirements of RKC challenging and worthy of pursuit.

What aspects of the workshop did you find most useful and why?

It’s tough, long, exhausting three days that hone your personal KB skills to help others improve quality of life.

Jeremy Stone, Oakland, CA, Strength Coach

Athletic Achievements, training background or specialty:

NASM certified

What aspects of the workshop did you find most useful and why?

It was a great experience, I already knew some things but listening to each speaker had their little tweaks on things and helped me add to my knowledge. It has been the best, especially how you can see peoples technique change over the weekend.

Jon Rew, Carpinteria, CA, Personal Trainer

Athletic Achievements, training background or specialty:

B.S. in kinesiology from CSU-Northridge?NASM- PES certified, TRX certified, HKC certified

What aspects of the workshop did you find most useful and why?

My experience at the RKC was an intense, challenging cert that allowed myself to better understand training the human body. You come out of the RKC a better equipped trainer.

My instructors were all knowledgeable about skills but also how to take care of your body throughout the weekend.

Shannon McConnell, Seattle, WA, Kettlebell Instructor

Athletic Achievements, training background or specialty:

HKC, Volunteer Firefighter/ EMT

What aspects of the workshop did you find most useful and why?

Iron Solid weekend. Quality is good, well organized and well thought out. Team Leader and assistants rocked at making this an amazing experience.

Amber Lee, Somerville, MA, Coach

Athletic Achievements, training background or specialty:

PDR Coach (S.P.E.A.R System), some CrossFit certifications, heavy BioMed and Sports Medicine interest (planning on FMS cert after my RKC), love working with special populations.

What aspects of the workshop did you find most useful and why?

This is my second RKC, and it could not have been more different. The level of training and support was just as high, but I was far more prepared. Above and beyond. Again, this experience showed me what a cert should be.

Allan Phillips, Tucson, AZ, Attorney, Athletic Development Coach

Athletic Achievements, training background or specialty:

CSCS, Titleist Performance Institute Golf Fitness Instructor Level 2, Functional Movement Screen Certified, American Swimming Coaches Association Level 2, USA Triathlon Level 1, NCAA Academic All American (golf), 1:13 half marathon, 4:37 Half Ironman

What aspects of the workshop did you find most useful and why?

A major milestone on my own journey toward better movement, and a wealth of information to help athletes/clients/patients move better in the future.

Rudy Thomas, La Jolla, CA, Head Strength and Conditioning coach

Athletic Achievements, training background or specialty:


What aspects of the workshop did you find most useful and why?

The most intensive yet extensive an instructor course that I have taken. It was a willing battle.

Lisa Garman, Soulsbyville, CA, Personal Trainer

Athletic Achievements, training background or specialty:


What aspects of the workshop did you find most useful and why?

Amazing instructors and assistants! Learning is a skill that will continue long after the weekend is over. RKC is a community that will be a part of me forever!

I felt all the instructors, assistants gave great constructive feedback at all times. The level of commitment they have to teach and their love of instruction is inspiring.

The level of knowledge is very impressive. They know how to break down the exercise in simple terms for anyone.

Mary Ellen Coffey, Tucson, AZ, Personal Trainer

Athletic Achievements, training background or specialty:

NSCA, ACE, AFAA Certified Personal Trainer, HKC Certified, FMS Certified 1 & 2, Black Belt/Tae Kwon Do (Chung Do Kwan Schools)

What aspects of the workshop did you find most useful and why?

I appreciate that the leaders and assistants were all very professional and they took good care of us throughout the whole weekend.Their knowledge and professionalism was outstanding! I came to learn from the best and I did. ?

Ryan Johnson, Norwalk, CT, Strength Coach

Athletic Achievements, training background or specialty:

HKC, USAW Level 1, Muay Thai

What aspects of the workshop did you find most useful and why?

Demanding and tough, yet enjoyable and supportive. It not only challenged your body, but your mental toughness and spirit as well. The RKC is set-up for you to succeed, but at the same time earn that success and the RKC title along with it.

It was much more in depth, interesting, and challenging than any other cert I have attended. It was the perfect blend of lectures and hands on learning which is something I value and believe you need to be successful. The quality matches everything I was told about the RKC.

Tricia Dong, Vancouver, BC, Canada, Owner, Code 5 Fitness

Athletic Achievements, training background or specialty:

Former police officer & firefighter. Trainer of pre-recruits for police & fire. Trainer of Canadian Forces Primary Reservists of the British Columbia Regiment (DCO 2290). RKC since 2006. GS Athlete since 2011 (65kg BW, Long Cycle & Snatch, 16kg KB, 3 golds, 1 silver). MA Background (recreational): Judo (blue belt); BJJ & FMA (novice)

What aspects of the workshop did you find most useful and why?

A complete system of training for the beginner client to experienced athlete. Far surpasses anything in general fitness certifications, workshops or conferences I’ve attended.

Brad Jellis, Dallas TX, Strength Coach

Athletic Achievements, training background or specialty:


What aspects of the workshop did you find most useful and why?

Great 3 days that improved my technical proficiency of kettlebell lifts. Excellent instruction and patience from your Team Leaders and assistants.

The instructors were great. They wanted your lifts to be perfect, but showed patients in helping you get them there. (Or at least improve).

One of the best I have been to. The hands on experience and testing of technique is great. I will be able to immediately apply this in my teaching.

Lisa Miller, Brownwood, TX, Personal Trainer

Athletic Achievements, training background or specialty:

Certified Personal Trainer and Fitness Instructor

What aspects of the workshop did you find most useful and why?

It meet my expectations and not only did I get more knowledgeable about kettlebells I became more knowledgeable about myself and what I’m capable of and to me that created something life changing.

Amy Palmer, Atlanta GA, General Manager at Artifact Design

Athletic Achievements, training background or specialty:

Teacher at Condition Kettlebell Gym in Atlanta, GA.

What aspects of the workshop did you find most useful and why?

The most difficult thing I’ve ever done. Great mental and physical growth.

Angelica Moore, Napa, CA, trainer

Athletic Achievements, training background or specialty:

Bachelors in exercise science and clinical nutrition, UC Davis, retired national figure competitor, personal trainer

What aspects of the workshop did you find most useful and why?

The best and most detail oriented certification. All leaders and assistants where very knowledgeable and paid attention to detail. They always provided you with feedback and ways to improve.

The material is well organized with great info and detail. Lots of example, what is expected of you…

William Safford, San Diego, CA, Personal Trainer

Athletic Achievements, training background or specialty:

Brazilian Jiu Jitsu

What aspects of the workshop did you find most useful and why?

The RKC was a test. The course tested not only my skill/strength but my endurance, patience, and ability to communicate. By testing all of these things, they were also strengthened and refined.

The techniques are immediately applicable and practical. I feel I have enough knowledge to create/instruct a program. It was also a great test of mental and physical endurance.

Alex Argyroudis, San Diego, CA, Trainer

Athletic Achievements, training background or specialty:

Security Training

What aspects of the workshop did you find most useful and why?

Definitely the best and most helpful program I went though. I am looking forward to the next one.The RKC is a 10/10 in quality as a program and in practical use. They go through all aspects perfectly. Had a fantastic, learning experience. It was great.

Jenn Reiner, San Diego, CA, Chiropractor and Strength/Conditioning Coach

Athletic Achievements, training background or specialty:

Doctor of Chiropractic, Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist, FMS/SFMA Certified, Active Release Technique

What aspects of the workshop did you find most useful and why?

The RKC is a comprehensive course that addresses all aspects of training. Each movement is taught with precision and focus. We were challenged not only on our physical abilities, but our competency in communicating the movements to other participants.

Every leader had a great knowledge base and the ability to deliver material in a effective manner.

The RKC was one of the bet courses in terms of organization, quality instructors, quality information and physical toughness.

Crystal Butcher. Albuquerque, NM, Advanced EMT

Athletic Achievements, training background or specialty:

Training with kettlebells for 2 years

What aspects of the workshop did you find most useful and why?

It is an exhausting, exhilarating and growing experience which leads to the opportunity not only for "certification" but for life changing friendships as well.

Training and education was amazing. so much information to process and integrate – I will be engrossed in it for weeks.

Cristina Goucher, Stockton, CA, Teacher

Athletic Achievements, training background or specialty:

Played soccer competitively and swam competitively up to partway through high school. College and beyond have stayed in shape via recreational swimming and cycling.

What aspects of the workshop did you find most useful and why?

One of the most challenging three days I’ve ever experienced. It was awesome to finally see and meet many of the RKCs I’ve seen on Dragon Door, YouTube, etc…

Above and beyond anything I have ever taken part in, in terms of physical exercise. All backed by science and experiential proof.

Cyndi Velasco, Ripon, CA, Business Owner

Athletic Achievements, training background or specialty:

My only athletic achievement thus far is my current HKC Certification.

What aspects of the workshop did you find most useful and why?

It was valuable to me in my personal journey to be and I feel very honored to be a part of this unique community. It was hard and worth the training I put into being here. A wealth of info and knowledge was received and helped me greatly in my own technique and I will use of my clients.

Aubrey Schaeffer, Oceanside, CA, Personal Trainer

Athletic Achievements, training background or specialty:

Trx cert & Npti grad, Mud Runner - super spartan jan 2012, Tough muddier - feb 2012, Warrior dash - march 2012, Roc Run - may 2012?Camp Pendleton mud run - June 2012

What aspects of the workshop did you find most useful and why?

It has been an amazing exp., both physically and mentally.

Kyle Grieve, Vancouver, Canada, Personal Trainer & Nutritional Consultant

Athletic Achievements, training background or specialty:

Aspiring powerlifter, lifetime hockey player, Pn1. FMS II, IYCA SCS

What aspects of the workshop did you find most useful and why?

A challenge, but very fun and insightful. Amazing! Such a wealth of knowledge to draw from. The team leaders and instructor helped greatly in my understanding of proper form. They answered all my questions very well and had excellent troubleshooting abilities.

James Louthan, Bellevue, WA, Senior Personal Trainer

Athletic Achievements, training background or specialty:

Personal Trainer for 10 years, HKC, TRX, ACSM HFS. Group Fitness Instructor (various classes), Metabolic Disorder Personal Trainer.?Personal Trainer of the Year for 2011 at our facility w/ over 100 trainers.

What aspects of the workshop did you find most useful and why?

I knew I had the strength and this workshop helped me tap into it with simple/effective tips/technique drills.

J Darren Domingo, La Jolla, CA, Owner of Collection Agency

Athletic Achievements, training background or specialty:

My only athletic achievement to speak of is exercising to lose weight for health purposes. My decision to achieve RKC and learn to train others is to immerse myself in fitness and share my love of kettlebells.

What aspects of the workshop did you find most useful and why?

Condensed and concise information packed physically challenging staffed by knowledgeable experts.

I have been working out with kettlebells off/on for 5 years and consider it by the only way to go. Efficient!

Megan Hornick

What aspects of the workshop did you find most useful and why?

Humbling. I appreciate the education and a deeper understanding of the kb. I love the idea of it being 10 sets of 1 with each "set" being an opportunity for improvement.

So much knowledge! I appreciate that an "expert" was leading the group. The knowledge, the structure. It fell well run.

Adam Babin, Alexandria, VA, IT Project Manager

Athletic Achievements, training background or specialty:

Level 1 Olympic Weight Lifting Certification, Level 1 Crossfit Certification, College Lacrosse and Hockey, United States Marine Corps MCMAP

What aspects of the workshop did you find most useful and why?

It was just the right level of challenging throughout the entire course. The right ratio of coaches to students. Time used wisely.

Well spoken, clearly experienced in their work. Able to handle my faults such as hard headedness, and work through them, making me a stronger more successful student.

It is challenging without being too much. Movements are functional to daily life, helping make it easier to use real life examples when instructing to new students.

Mandy Steinbrenner, San Diego, CA, Fitness Trainer

Athletic Achievements, training background or specialty:

HKC certified as of May 19, 2012, ACE certified trainer

What aspects of the workshop did you find most useful and why?

It was a fantastic learning experience, not just regarding kettlebells but about myself and the way I train. It is very thorough and taught with patience, skill and safety.

Praise for the Russian Kettlebell Certification Workshop — February 2012 San Jose, CA


Troy Daugherty, Allen, TX, Trainer

Athletic Achievements, training background or specialty:

HKC, Coopers Institute Functional Fitness Trainer ?ACE Group Exercise Instructor, US Army Officer, Major (Retired) Airborne, Air Assault, Ranger, Instructor

RKC represents an incredible depth of knowledge presented by extremely competent and dedicated professionals. A great experience.

Jaron White, Solana Beach, CA, Student

Athletic Achievements, training background or specialty:

Certified EMT, student in exercise science and karate practitioner

Pain is momentary, RKC is forever.

When coming in my expectations were very high. My expectations were not only met they were surpassed. This was by far the most badass of all workshops I have ever attended. Truly to compare this cert. to any other, would be a serious injustice.

Rachel Collver, Alexandria, VA, Personal Trainer

Athletic Achievements, training background or specialty:

Competed on the National collegiate level in Powerlifting, lifting for the US Naval Academy, NESTA certified for 4 years, 2nd Degree Black Belt in Isshinryu Karate, Captain, United States Marine Corps.

This workshop has been eye opening as far as how little I actually knew about strength, and I come from a powerlifting background. The training here has been in depth, challenging beyond words, and impressive because of the access to such knowledge and expertise that we have had in just one weekend.

What aspects of the workshop did you find most useful and why?

1. Very deliberate, progression of every single move. Because I am very detail oriented and believe we cannot delve far enough into the basics.

2. Our instructors/Asst. RKCs were open manuals about kettlebells, the moves and our improvement. They care that we learn and grow.

3. The manual is outstanding and complements the course perfectly.

4. The level of instruction is such a high level, it is taught by various instructors with varying teaching styles. And this speaks to how we can present kb’s on such an individual basis.

The quality of training was excellent, there is no question about the expertise and knowledge that has been presented and available for our access this weekend. I thought the level of knowledge displayed by Pavel, Mark Reifkind, Dan John, and other about absolute strength and actual physiology displays such a level of depth and science that it makes it very hard for one to question the validity of kettlebells. It also really gave me an added enthusiasm for what I am learning and how much meaning I have ahead of me – and that I absolutely look forward to.

I have had some very high quality training in martial arts, powerlifting and rugby and in the Marine Corps - and the RKC training is just as high in quality, depth and magnitude. The training is 100% practical, doable, teachable and so it’s 100% valuable. I really appreciate the level of professionalism and expertise that was offered and brought to this course.

Mari Fernandez, Modesto CA, Trainer

Athletic Achievements, training background or specialty:

NASM Certified, TRX Certified, TRX Sports Certified

1. It’s not just a certification it’s the introduction to a new and amazing community.

2. Tension & relaxation is key to everything.

3. Stick to what works and master it!

4. The kettlebell is not an exercise it is the tool that will change your life and once you accept that everything else follows; great mind, great spirit and an amazing body.

5. The importance of how you achieve a great body and the tools that you first must master to own a great body (mass, mind and soul!)

There is no way I can summarize my experience of the RKC! I just know that I will never see things the same or live the same. I no longer see a bell with a handle, I see a universe!

I have been blest with the opportunity of attending this certification because I have a new understanding of what real quality is. I will leave today with real quality thanks to Pavel, Master, Senior and Team Leaders! The quality of everything given to me this weekend was amazing!

Let’s just say I came this weekend as an idiot and I leave as a teacher I can’t think of anything I can even slightly compare this to!

Roxy Richardson, Los Angeles, CA, Gym Owner, Trainer/Instructor

Athletic Achievements, training background or specialty:

Former Professional Muay Thai Fighter, ACE Certified Personal Trainer, CrossFit Certified, Functional Diagnostic Nutritionist, Owner of Function 5 Fitness in Los Angeles.

I signed up for the course not knowing what to expect. Having a wide variety of exposure to different systems: power lifting, Oly, Cross Fit, Muay Thai, functional training, etc., and only a moderate level of kettlebell work, it was eye-opening. During the training I fixed bad habits and refined my technique and have been inspired by the challenge and the coaches to further my kettlebell knowledge so that I can effectively help others.

Much more detailed, challenging and applicable then any other fitness certification I have received. I regularly attend Preform Better, which I like, but the time spent on exercise is too short. I’m ACE certified and Cross Fit Level 1 (which I no longer use). RKC is a cert I now respect because it has challenged me technically and physically to prove my skills.

Will Schlucter, Ocean City, NJ, Personal Trainer

Athletic Achievements, training background or specialty:

NASM- Certified Personal Trainer, TRX GSTC. Extensive board sport, water sport and action sport background.

My RKC experience was life changing. Having Cystic Fibrosis, my chances of performing at a high physical capacity aren’t pretty. From the first day, thanks to the help of a few RKCs across the country, I felt confident in my strength, conditioning and skill level. That allowed me to spend more time and energy absorbing the unbelievable quality AND quantity of information being shared; which was, again, life changing.

What aspects of the workshop did you find most useful and why?

1. Pavel’s Press/Tension Portion. Incredible volume of seemingly personal instruction that took me to a new PR within a few hours… try finding that anywhere else.

2. John Du Cane’s Marketing Seminar. I felt as if John were specifically addressing the gaps I have stumbled with when trying to develop a large client base.

3. Team Leader/Team principle. This RKC course is a large group and while united by goals, passions and experience; could be perhaps too large to truly allow a sense of team spirit. The teams fix that.

Having slept through portions of my NASM workshop, it’s not easy for me to get excited for these things. TRX was fun, I learned a bit, and didn’t have to peel my eyes open; but I can’t say I’m eager to hit another anytime soon. The RKC however? When can I sign up for my re-cert? The quality of information, sincerity of the instructors, and the format it is all assembled into was perfect. My Team Leader, Layport, was an incredibly effective communicator.

Ken Murray, Las Vegas, NV, Student and Whole Foods Market Supervisor

Athletic Achievements, training background or specialty:

Played a variety of sports: Karate, Mixed Martial Arts, wrestling, soccer, basketball, swimming, dodge ball, kayaking, and one triathlon.

It was a dream come true. I told myself that I would dedicate a portion of my life to understanding the art of using kettlebell and attending this workshop was much more than I expected. I enjoyed every second of the experience, from the wonderful instructors and people and of course the good pain from the workouts.

Pavel: Amazing, Amazing, Amazing. Very simple to understand. Tons of fun.

It blew everything else out of the universe! This is another level of training that I think should be a standard as far as any kind of physical activity.

Graeme Mallace, Palo Alto, CA, Sales Support Management at HP

Athletic Achievements, training background or specialty:

In the past I played soccer in high school and rowed in college.

The quality was fantastic, my form and knowledge have grown so much over this certification course. I would definitely recommend this to anyone who is serious about being an RKC Instructor.

Mike Corrales, Union City, CA

Athletic Achievements, training background or specialty:

Received RKC Instructors Cert February 2010 San Jose State University RKC. - Martial Arts Training - Kajukenbo, JKD

Excellent Certification! Extremely high standards and really delivers on the promise. A demanding high level workshop that is well worth doing.

Kim G Odykirk, Grand Rapids, MI, Personal Trainer, Body Worker, Musician (singer), Life Student

Athletic Achievements, training background or specialty:

Tai Chi practice 20+ years, Professional Certifications: (to name a few) NSCA, NASM, Licensed Massage Therapist, Neuromuscular Therapy, Orthopedic Massage, Myoskeletal Alignment

Took theory (books, DVDs) to the next level with specific coaching.

The RKC training is head and shoulders above any other training I have experienced. I have been in the industry for 20 years, have attended and acquired many other certifications, and the level and professionalism of this training program is the vehicle through which I will take myself to acquire the next level of education and professionalism.

This training program (RKC) is the most professional I have experienced in my years of attending training programs and at this time I do not have any additional comments of additional changes and additions.

What connected and reached out/resonated with me deeply is RKC’s value system and code of conduct. Also that the RKC is a school of strength, and I am a life-long student.

Thank you Pavel, Thank you John for being authentic, and great leaders in the field of Health, Professionalism, Education, Happiness and Prosperity.

Eric Killin, San Jose, CA, Student

This weekend has been the toughest, most informative thing I have ever done. The knowledge from team leaders, and RKCs seemed to pour out from everywhere. I had so much fun and learned so much in these 3 days that I wouldn’t change it for the world.

The knowledge and info at hand was endless. I learned more in these 3 days then anything I can think of. I loved how everything was broken down and explained in detail. I couldn’t ask for more.

It doesn’t compare to anything else. The quality of teaching was amazing. The focus on safety and injury prevention was very useful it makes all of the lifts more functional and practical.

It’s been the best weekend of my life.

Spencer O'Hara, Boulder, CO, Video Editor/Videographer – Dragon Door Publications

Athletic Achievements, training background or specialty:

I was introduced to Kettlebells after being hired to edit an RKC video in 2008. Prior to this, I tried all sorts of fitness regimes: Bikram Yoga, conventional weightlifting, rowing, and even..gulp..p90X. In July 2010 I received my HKC.

I have an intense fear of heights, and last summer after climbing Mt. Whitney, the tallest mountain in continental US, I felt a great sense of accomplishment. After the RKC, I feel as if I have climbed Mt Everest.

What five aspects of the workshop did you find most useful and why?

1. The team element and the ratio of students to instructors were great.

2. The high level of professionalism both amongst the instructors and the students.

3. The marketing workshop was extremely beneficial as an aspiring trainer, it gave me a platform to jump off of.

4. The attention to detail – allowed me to understand and apply the technique with great skill.

5. The intensity level was fantastic in regards to program design.

The quality of the training was phenomenal. Each instructor brought their own experience and technique into the mix. All the instructors were open to others input which resulted in great information exchange.

Asher Falatic, Sunyvale CA, Athletic Trainer

Athletic Achievements, training background or specialty:

NATA-BOC certified ATC, AED/CPR certified, Member of the 2002-2003 NCAA Div III Football National Championship Team (Mount Union College Purple Raiders)

It’s like training for a fight, a marathon, a power-lifting competition, and a grad school exam all in 3 days. It feels like you won or passed them all when you’re done.

Brian Dean, Saratoga, CA, Strength Coach

Athletic Achievements, training background or specialty:


A very professional, well ran certification program that combined researched education and practical hands on application.

I have been in this industry for 12 years, have been to numerous certifications, seminars. Been through university for Kinesiology and am very pleased by the level of knowledge and the amount of content which I have been fortunate to have been exposed to here over these past 3 days.

Joe Lee, Dalton, GA, Student/Military

Athletic Achievements, training background or specialty:

20+ years US Army, Crossfit level 1, Crossfit Olympic lift certified, Personal trainer - NFPT

The RKC training experience has really changed how I perceive myself and evaluate my training. It was a pleasant experience to be around absolute professionals and be treated like a peer and not just a student. Fear of failure was not an issue.

Absolutely superb, the stories are the best and how they relate to the task at hand.

The quality and professionalism far exceeds any other training or certifications I have ever been to. There was a good marriage between training, lecture and work. There was no staff conflict, which is not normal with so many personalities. The sense of community really came through.

Greg Hatheway, Saco, ME, Strength Coach

Athletic Achievements, training background or specialty:

Empire 8 Presdents list Ithaca College Wrestling?CSCS

The best experience that I have had at any course. It is an amazing combination of teamwork, technical discipline, excellent instructions and hard work. I would recommend this course over my other.

In one word excellent. The instruction, demonstration and cues were crisp, concise and easy to comprehend. Learning and stressing the importance of the fundamental movements and building on them was awesome.

The best course that I have taken. I really liked that increasing the difficulty of each exercise was based off of the mastery of the more basic movement. It is excellent material that can be applied in any setting.

Jody Potosky Anchorage, AK, Contractor, Strength Coach

Athletic Achievements, training background or specialty:

Ex Air Force, Level 1 Coach – USAW, Highland Games Competitor - AK State Record in WOB, Strongman Competitor

RKC doesn’t play around; the lead instructors have a profound knowledge of human movement, and can pass it on. No comparison, the RKC course was top notch like no other.

Sofie Eckerman, Sweden, Student

Athletic Achievements, training background or specialty:

HKC, Krav Maga Instructor, KMG, 15 years of riding, showjumping and mounted games. Youth riding instructor and teamleader.

A tough and humbling experience with outstanding instructors and a spirit that I’ve never seen elsewhere. I feel grateful that I ever picked a kettlebell up so that I could take part in this.

Karyn Randolph, Marysville CA, Group fitness instructor and mother of four

Athletic Achievements, training background or specialty:

HKC Certified

This was an amazing experience! Every kettlebell trainer should pass this course. RKC has set the standard.

Liz Glorioso, Palo Alto, CA, Personal Trainer and Sports Performance Coach

Athletic Achievements, training background or specialty:

NASM CPT, PES, BS Exercise Science, minor: Nutrition ?2 years division 1 collegiate track and field running 100m, 200m, and long Jump?7 years as a Personal Trainer, Anatomy and Physiology teacher at Bryan College 2008-2010

It was hard, but well worth it. I feel much more confident that I am teaching the right method to my clients. I feel like me myself has changed physically and mentally in a good way and I feel tight and sore in all the right places.

I thought the training was awesome. I love how technical it was, because I feel like I have a lot to improve on and it makes me want to do more improve myself and see my clients improve. I thought all the instructors had great techniques to help us remember lifts and I am very tankful for that!!!

Josh Halbert , Ellicot City, MD, Performance Coach

Athletic Achievements, training background or specialty:

10 years of wrestling, 4 years of Mixed Martial Arts Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, 4 Years of Kettlebell Experience. Certs: Ace, FMS, HKC

The RKC broadened my understanding of kettlebells and school of strength. Being around exceptional RKC inspirers me to become better myself. The emphasis on pure and crisp movement really resonated with me.

Throughout the whole weekend I really felt that this process really made you earn your cert. Knowing past RKCs had gone through the same process makes me more apt to recommend them in the future. The high level of quality isn’t matched in the other certs I have done.

Paki Gordon, Oakland, CA, Personal Trainer and Sports Performance Trainer

Athletic Achievements, training background or specialty:

Played 4 years of College football and ran track.?Played 3 years of professional Football. NASM certified as Sports Performance Specialist

All I can say is fantastic. This has been the most excited and proud I have been about a certification in a long time. It feels like I am in the family and presence of the elite. All the instructors are very knowledgeable, open, eager to help in any way possible.

Fantastic: night and day. RKC, very professional, educational, motivating and challenging. Leaves me with a sense of pride. In my line of work as a trainer and working with athletes this fits right into the spectrum of what I need.

Mick Philp, Seattle, WA, fitness trainer

Athletic Achievements, training background or specialty:

state champion lacrosse player

I always liked how Pavel says in his books, that we shouldn’t "work out", but we should "practice" instead. 3 days of practicing under the tutelage of expert, passionate, and caring instructors has been inspiring.

Scope of material was perfect – a grueling three days, but we were given enough to take back home and use as a complete system. Quality of instruction was unparalleled.

Trish McCrumb, Sunnyvale, CA, Coach

Athletic Achievements, training background or specialty:

CrossFit, CrossFit Kids, NASM-CPT,CES,PES, high school athletics (field hockey, softball)

This certification training was for real, in every sense. There was no fluff, no concern other than pursuit of excellence. It tested me mentally, physically, emotionally and spiritually. I believe I walk away a better coach, a better athlete, and a better human for it.

By far, the best certification I have ever done. I have been attending fitness certs for over 10 years. As a former instructor – trainer, I’m generally pretty "picky" about certs, instructors, and content, and hold several certs. This was incomparable, by far. The most complete, well thought out, most intelligent and most practical course/cert I have attended.

Kari Syme. Kittery, ME, Personal Trainer

Athletic Achievements, training background or specialty:

Certified Fitness Trainer through International Sports Sciences Association (ISSA). Pursuing a Master of Science in Exercise Science and Health Promotion. My own training background includes over ten years of weight training, distance running, and yoga, over five years of bellydance and cycling, and a marathon.

The RKC training was a challenging and inspiring experience that was not draining but motivating, building me up in knowledge and strength. It was truly educational in a way that could not be conveyed through the books and DVDs, and it was absolutely worth it.

The quality, scope and practical use of the RKC training was far better than other training and certifications I have done. I learned be seeing, by hearing, and by doing, which cemented the principles in my mind. I didn’t feel like any corners were cut or concepts rushed.

Taylor Ramsdell, Los Angeles, CA, Owner - Chain Fitness, Strength and Conditioning Coach/Personal Trainer

Athletic Achievements, training background or specialty:

Strength and Conditioning Coach/Personal Trainer?Certified Personal Trainer for over 8 years. NASM - CPT, CES. Battling Ropes Level 1 Certification. Athletic Performance Inc. Certified Caveman Training Instructor?Member of IDEA and NSCA

Wow… This was NO JOKE! I absolutely gained a tremendous amount of knowledge that I’m VERY excited to share with my clients and athletes!

They all were very knowledgeable and helpful. I highly respect each of them for their knowledge. I truly believe that one should always be striving to learn more, and I learned a great deal of information that will hopefully continue to grow.

Tai Mullen, Modesto, CA, Office Manager

Athletic Achievements, training background or specialty:

I am currently training at Full Force PT in Modesto, CA under RKC Mike Sousa

One of the reasons I really enjoyed and respect the RKC training is the intermingling of learning technique, troubleshooting, lectures, and workouts. When leaving here I feel like I earned the title of the RKC as opposed to studying for and taking a test. I really like the idea of being in an elite group of trainers and not just anyone can pay the money and earn the cert.

Enrique Jauregui, Pittsburg, CA, Student

Athletic Achievements, training background or specialty:

NASM personal trainer

A climactic revelation of the true value of strength and conditioning principles!

It totally met my expectations in every aspect. Hands on practical training. Theory behind exercises. High quality research proven tactics.

Makayla Whitney, Modesto, CA, Personal Trainer

Athletic Achievements, training background or specialty:

Division II soccer at CSUMB, NASM certified

Being around like minded trainers and experts in the field helped reaffirm my own training methods as well as introduce me to how much bigger of a paradigm shift kettlebells can be from the societal norm when it comes to the fitness world. It was an honor to be able to sit down with the instructors and learn and grow as a result.

The standards they set are high. Since they all lead from the front, using themselves as examples, the expectation is to work at being just as good if not better. You will always work towards perfection without actually reaching it. This methodology is one that I appreciate and so the quality I have been shown is unlike the quality of any other certification I have taken before.

I have trained with exceptional sports specific trainers, but all around RKC seems to be the best so far.

Phillip D. Rocha, Modesto, CA, Entrepreneur

The RKC has helped me to understand that there is always constant improvement. No matter how good we may think we are, we continue to improve and correct ourselves. It has also taught me how to cue other people while they are performing the 6 kettlebell workouts and give me a better understanding of the kettlebell model.

I really appreciate the small feedback I received from the Team Leaders and instructors and how to try to correct small mistakes. I also appreciate the training and received more into depth about why it’s important to do kettlebells the right way to prevent injuries as well as how to make adjustments when performing the 6 workouts.

Jennifer Grossman, Novato, CA, Consultant

Incredible life-changing experience that both challenged me to my core and helped me realize how much I, as an RKC, have to offer people searching for health, body transformation and strength.

It was clear that everyone here wanted to teach, wanted me to he better, gave until they, themselves bled: Thank you.

Don Saladino, New York, NY, Owner, Drive 495

Athletic Achievements, training background or specialty:

Division 1 College Baseball, Certified TPI Level 3, NASM, owner of Drive 495 in New York City.

Life changing. I came out here thinking that this course was about the kettlebell. It is much more..

Pavel is incredible and a genius. For me, to have been able to read books by Pavel and Dan then speak and have them watch me was special.

Heather Harestad San Francisco, CA, Personal Trainer

Athletic Achievements, training background or specialty:

Certified PT, Dance and Fitness Instructor

The training surpassed other training I’ve had. Yes I’ve been this physically challenged before, but the other training can’t compare to the base of strength knowledge I learned.

Gianna Bandoni, San Jose, CA, Student

Athletic Achievements, training background or specialty:

Strength and conditioning intern/coach for women's cross country team at San Jose State University. Aqua fitness instructor. R.I.P.P.E.D. certified.

This RKC training was one of the most incredible experiences of my life. I love all of the strength and the power involved in the exercises and I love that there are only six exercises. I love everything about RKC.

Most intense training I’ve every experienced. I was very physically challenging, as well as mentally challenging. Best quality, best scope of material, and best practical use of any other training course I’ve ever had.

Anne Jelinek, Sunnyvale, CA, Personal and Performance Trainer

Athletic Achievements, training background or specialty:

ACE CPT, HKC, Power Vinyasa Yoga

I feel empowered and strengthened to further my own training and to change the lives of my clients and those around me.

The quality of instruction was outstanding, as was the encouragement to be excellent in all movements.

I have yet to see such succinct and repeatable standards and drills. It will make teaching quality movement much easier/safer. The broad scope – from mobility to performance – helps explain to others why the program is so successful.

Thank you. I feel like a more proficient athlete, a more prepared professional and a stronger individual. This was life changing.

Tyler Schaeffer, Los Angeles, CA, Personal Trainer

Athletic Achievements, training background or specialty:

Ex collegiate football player, Competitive powerlifter ?Train in Muay Thai and Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, Specialize in barbell training, Certified CSCS

I was put in a setting full of great fitness minds that challenged me to re-evaluate my training regiment and the regimen of my clients. The information I received and corrections I made are truly priceless.

First off, the testing is excellent and I believe should be mandatory for any cert. The practical use will be top notch and the ideas and skill given to is priceless.

Mike Galan, Osaka, Japan, Instructor

Athletic Achievements, training background or specialty:

Pilates Instructor, Personal trainer

This experience changed my perspective on how to properly train myself and future clients. I also learned to mentally and physically break these plateaus/barriers.

So much in depth explanation properly presented. Sequence according to effect of creating progress. The emotional and physical challenge to test our knowledge and passion.

Alyssa Umsawasdi, Atherton, CA, Software engineer

Athletic Achievements, training background or specialty:

I’m a former distance runner, and have completed 5 marathons and numerous races of shorter distances. About 4 years ago, I developed a love for challenging myself in the weight room, and about a year and a half ago, began training with kettlebells. I train with the focus of improving my strength and fitness for outdoor activities (rock climbing, hiking), and am an avid practitioner of Pilates.

It’s impressive that so much practical material was introduced in such a short time frame (3 days), with great opportunities to practice the skills ourselves and to practice training others. it gave me great tools to incorporate into my other areas of training, as well.

Top notch quality of instruction. All the team leaders and Master RKCs were quick to give additional tips and corrections for all the exercises that were taught. It’s helpful to hear the same concepts explained by different people because it reinforces the knowledge.

The programming lecture was excellent. Dan John is a fantastic and engaging speaker with an amazing depth of knowledge.

Tommy Blom – great Team Leader. Very approachable, with a great attention to detail and great at explaining different ways to achieve a good result.

The quality of the manual is impressive and will be a great reference in the future. The practical experience section is more in depth than the Pilates Mat certification training I have done in the past.

Chris White, Bakersfield, CA, Performance Specialist

Athletic Achievements, training background or specialty:

AFCA All-american Sports Performance background, Have trained under Chris Holder in college and Dr. Marcus Elliott at P3 post college

Most intense certification I’ve been a part of. Extremely detailed with high expectations of the students. I received all the information I wanted and more.

The knowledge was very high, I learned from the Best. Appreciated the details which allowed me to learn most efficiently.

Maria Martin, Los Angeles, CA, Personal Trainer

Athletic Achievements, training background or specialty:

2 years experience ACE certified personal trainer?NASM - corrective exercise specialist, 2011 LA triathlon competitor

A test of endurance and spirit, focusing on learning, teaching and respecting the tried and true methods of Pavel.

Strict adherance to RKC teachings only. I am not a Crossfitter and was afraid the cert was going to steer toward that school of though on certain topics. LOVED that RKC was the ONLY focus.

I agreed with all the principles taught. Most times, I use what I like and "leave the rest". This cert was all valuable info and was always presented professionally.

Jennifer Vercellino, Sunnyvale, CA, Medical Assistant

Athletic Achievements, training background or specialty:


An amazing start of my journey as a trainer. Intensive at times it seemed impossible but I made it and I enjoyed every minute I spent learning from the best!

Christopher Campbell, Santa Fe, NM, Kettlebell Instructor

Athletic Achievements, training background or specialty:

US National Cycling Sprint Team 1986-1989, Team One Training - cycle coaching 5 world titles, 3 world records, 33 national titles

It was all terrific! In terms of comparisons, I cannot compare this to other worlds.

Carmen Solla, Hercules , CA, Personal trainer

Athletic Achievements, training background or specialty:

NSCA cscs NSCA cpt, BS sports medicine, FMS, ACSM, HKC, Crossfit L1, Yogafit 1

Hard, humbling, hard. Educational Hard!! I was blown away, I learned more than any workshop I have taken so far. I try to attend 2 per year. You can tell this group is open to share their craft, help others. Thank you.

Andrew Dunbar, Concord CA, Self Employed

I didn’t know exactly what I was getting into, I just went for it. I’m glad I did!!! These people are great. They all figured out really fast how "I tick" and how to get the instruction into my psyche.

Very dense, but not so overwhelming that I’ll forget anything I can honestly say that if I continue practicing I will remember everything I was taught.

Cabell Jones, Richmond, VA, Kettlebell Instructor, Kettlebell Club Owner

Athletic Achievements, training background or specialty:

FMS Certified

Intense, deep, classy.

They are all top shelf people both in their knowledge at the subject matter and as people.

Nothing compares to it. None of the other certs I’ve been to demanded so much. The others were paid for, this I earned.

Huey Carroll, Los Angeles, CA, Visual Effects Artist/Personal Trainer

Athletic Achievements, training background or specialty:


Lifetime challenge worth every minute and not a waste of money.

Everybody here is a family. The level of genuine care and passion in the RKC is self-evident. The skills passed on are explained thoroughly and precisely, there is no guesswork. Solid people.

This is a new level of excellence from me to maintain. The experience here has been a reward in itself.

Dave Stashik, Berkeley, CA, Personal Trainer

Athletic Achievements, training background or specialty:

Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist, Certified Personal Trainer, American College of Sports Medicine: Certified Health Fitness Specialist, Exercise Test Technologist, Certified Clinical Exercise Specialist; TRX Training: Suspension Trainer, Sports Medicine Suspension Trainer, Rip Trainer.

I was exposed to a great deal of information, and although it at first was difficult to process, it came together. I enjoyed the challenge and am appreciative of the extraordinary learning experience.

Quality – very high standards. Scope of Material – many concepts, like sipping H20 from a fire hydrant. Practical Use – I can use this knowledge for more than kettlebell training.

Dan Pratt, Martinez, CA, Police Officer

Athletic Achievements, training background or specialty:

USMC infantry; Police SWAT

Tough training – designed with a purpose behind the tough training. Knowledge – very helpful instructors; when an issue is noted all instructors will jump in to attempt to rectify the problem. The instructors have vast knowledge and are eager to share it.

Top quality. I have some mobility issues and many of the instructors jumped in to assist. Mark Reifkind was particularly helpful by seeing my problem, doing a quick assessment and spending time to correct it.

The best, top quality instruction. No wasted time, everything was pertinent. Detailed explanations as to why. Simply presented by masterful instructors.

Peter Sinajon, Irvine, CA, CPA

Athletic Achievements, training background or specialty:

NDS student under Junior Nartea, RKC-II

"Definitely worth the journey"

Quality of training and knowledge was of the highest degree. RKC management broke down teaching and performing techniques in clear/concise manner. Jeremy Layport especially provided good real-world examples in our group setting and was very patient with our questions.

I learned from an RKC II and that changed how I view health and fitness. The course was a treasure trove of info that will help me as I progress in my career.

Michelle Skieresz Bakersfield, CA, Sergeant, California Highway Patrol

Athletic Achievements, training background or specialty:

Former NCAA Div I basketball player, Sergeant, California Highway Patrol, HKC

I received a tremendous amount of knowledge and expertise condensed into 3 days. Everyone was very professional and without egos.

Impressed with the knowledge and teaching abilities of all. Obviously, the team leaders are carefully chosen. I enjoyed the enthusiasm and dedicated style each showed over the course.

Daniel Fenwick, Santa Cruz, CA, Physical Fitness Trainer

Athletic Achievements, training background or specialty:

Mountain and road cyclist.

I have to say this was the most worthwhile certification class I have ever attended it’s also by far the most expensive. So, the saying, "you get what you pay for" definitely applies here.

Specifically, compared to my personal and group certification, this was hands down the most applicable to real world training. There has been such a movement to make things "safe" that people are getting less out of their programs then they could be getting. KBs are safe, if done properly, and extremely effective. Other methods are safe even if there isn’t instruction but, many times they have minimal or limited effectiveness.

Thanks for a truly worthwhile program. I will definitely continue my training and education in kbs.

Micah Micheli, Live Oak, CA, Farmer

A fantastic weekend that showed me my limits and how to exceed them. It was of the highest level and quality.

This training program (RKC) is the most professional I have experienced in my years of attending training programs and at this time I do not have any additional comments of additional changes and additions.

I am exceptionally proud to say that the RKC is my first certification. I do not know how any other certification could surpass the quality and practical use of what I learned from Pavel and his supporting staff of RKCs.

Participant Praise for the RKC Certification Workshop September 2011, Chicago, IL


Matt Hoff, Columbus GA, US Army Ranger

Athletic Achievements, training background or specialty:

Black Belt in Tae Kwon Do, West Point Class of 2007, Deployed to OIF 9, Scout Platoon Leader in the 82nd Airborne Division Ranger Instructor,, Ranger, Reconnaissance and Surveillance Leader's Course, Airborne, Air Assault, Combatives.

The hardest part of the weekend was changing my mind set from go-fast to do it perfectly. I am definitely used to muscling through everything as fast as I can with violence of action instead of technique. Oddly, this was the easiest the snatch test has ever been for me and I PR’d my press. I always know that technique is there for a reason, but it’s interesting to see performance happen as a happy aside to seeking technique perfection. It’s something I will bring back to both the gym and to Ranger School.

Unparalleled. I’ve done four other kettlebell certifications and numerous other fitness certifications. The RKC had an amazing teacher to student ration and all of the instructors were on the same sheet of music. I would go out of my way and pay to train with Mark, Kate and Gus again. There was never a point where a candidate had an issue with a movement or a technical question where the instructor or assistants struggle with the answer or had anything less than a complete mastery of the subject.

Easily the most rigorous in terms of testing and expectations. The quality and organization was top notch. It covered about the same scope of material, but in much more depth and much greater emphasis on movement and movement quality. Where as most courses focus on safe and effective movement completion, the RKC focuses on movement perfection.


Jen Sinkler, St. Paul MN, Senior Fitness Editor, Experience Life Magazine

Athletic Achievements, training background or specialty:

USA Women's National Team Rugby Player 2002-2009, USA Weightlifting Senior Coach, LIFT Ultimate Sandbag Cert, CrossFit L1

I just got a whoooole lot better at learning the technique and nuances of kettlebell exercise.

  1. The attention to detail was spectacular – I appreciate the instructors’ willingness to break things down.
  2. I already adore the community
  3. The marketing presentation was a surprise and delight - I wasn’t sure how much take away I’d get from that considering my editorial background, but it was great.

Clearly all of the team leaders were experienced, passionate people who invest so much time and energy into teaching people what they know. Pavel was so charismatic that it was always a delight to watch him present.

I enjoyed myself immensely and learned so much.


Mira Kwon, Portland, OR, Training Network Manager, Nike

Athletic Achievements, training background or specialty:

USAW certified, competitive Olympic style weightlifter.

I nervously signed up to take the RKC to prove to myself I was strong enough, mentally and physically to complete the certification. What I discovered is I had untapped courage and courage for my fellow teammates which has made me feel more empowered than ever.
Quality of training was excellent! What I appreciate the most is the consistency of instruction material. No matter who I had I, I would get a consistent answer.

RKC was by far the most thorough, the quality as on par with what I have experienced. Practical use was great and exactly was needed.


Hugh Davis, Fort Smith, AR, Instructor

Athletic Achievements, training background or specialty:

USMC Force Recon-4 years, Arkansas State Police-Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Training, Dept of Energy-Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, Kettlebell PT program.

The experience is life-changing and eye-opening to fitness and discipline. My strength was not to what it needs to be and this has taught me how to fix it as well as spread the knowledge to others.

Professionalism was phenomenal. The specificity of techniques and the ease of addressing it was amazing. A sense of accomplishment was established each hour and day! Absolutely amazed at how little I did know.

Kettlebell training is more conducive to training anywhere, anytime. The exercises, although technical, once mastered, are the best fitness tool in my experience. As a Recon Marine, State Police Officer and Instructor for Federal Agents there is a reason here why special forces trains with kettlebells.


Kim G Odykirk, Grand Rapids, MI, Personal Trainer, Body Worker, Musician (singer), Life Student

Athletic Achievements, training background or specialty:

Tai Chi practice 20+ years, Professional Certifications: (to name a few) NSCA, NASM, Licensed Massage Therapist, Neuromuscular Therapy, Orthopedic Massage, Myoskeletal Alignment

Took theory (books, DVDs) to the next level with specific coaching.

The RKC training is head and shoulders above any other training I have experienced. I have been in the industry for 20 years, have attended and acquired many other certifications, and the level and professionalism of this training program is the vehicle through which I will take myself to acquire the next level of education and professionalism.

This training program (RKC) is the most professional I have experienced in my years of attending training programs and at this time I do not have any additional comments of additional changes and additions.

What connected and reached out/resonated with me deeply is RKC’s value system and code of conduct. Also that the RKC is a school of strength, and I am a life-long student.

Thank you Pavel, Thank you John for being authentic, and great leaders in the field of Health, Professionalism, Education, Happiness and Prosperity.


Al Rymniak, Mercer PA, Sales

One of the best experience of my life. I learned more about myself than any other civilian training I have paid to attend!

I improved all kettlebell skills 1,000%. I am convinced RKC is a way of life! I am 53 years old!

This is my first civilian physical training course. Compared to the USMC (Marines) I would put this on par as far as physical training and method.


John Koeshall, Lindale, TX, Consultant

Athletic Achievements, training background or specialty:

Kempo Black Belt, JKD/Kali Full Instructor

Coming into this weekend injured, I had a bit of trepidation as to how I would be received. From the moment I met my TL and Asst. to the end I felt comfortable, challenged, and apart of the group. This was an exceptional training opportunity as well as a fantastically fun and challenging event.

I was very impressed with each instructor I had the privilege of interacting with. To say this is a "Harvard of Physical Instruction" is not an exaggeration. It is an honor and a privilege to be trained by them.

I have been actively training as a participant and trainer in various subjects for the past 25 years. While there have been great courses, NONE of them surpassed this course. I was very impressed with each evolution and aspect of the material, implementation, design and logistics of the program. Bravo.


Cory Felderman, Rochester, MN, Civil Engineer Technician

Athletic Achievements, training background or specialty:

2010 Ironman – Wisconsin Finisher, 7 time marathoner with a 3:04 PR.

1 year ago today I competed in the Ironman Triathlon in Madison, WI. This weekend was more challenging than that event which covered 140.6 miles. The best part is that I have more tools and desire to compete and strive for greatness after this weekend than after Ironman.

The quality of training received was absolutely excellent. Everyone was very knowledgeable and great at explaining this knowledge so that it makes sense.

It was by far the toughest, most challenging experience of my life. The material is something I can use forever in all aspects of competitive triathlon racing and working as a surveyor.


David Shallcross, Greenville, SC, Medical Doctor

Athletic Achievements, training background or specialty:

Multiple high school sports. US Army Special Forces 1972-75, Full time practicing MD in field of rehabilitation-musculoskeletal/neuromuscular injury- interested in fitness in mature athletes.

Comprehensive introduction to basics of mobility, flexibility, strengthening and endurance skills and the people who have studied these basics and know how to teach them.

Excellent staff, friendly, available, knowledgeable humble. Very professional.


James Richmond, Pinehurst, NC, Registered Nurse

Greatly exceeded my expectations. The RKC system is the Gold Standard! In a short period of time, you as a student, learn an easy, yet complex system on how to teach kettlebells training! I cannot say enough about the high quality of instruction. If you can only take one physical exercise training class, you should attend the RKC.

The quality was excellent. Every one of the leaders was knowledgeable and eager to help. They broke down the content to a "micro" scale, which in turn, made it easier to understand and practice. As a student, it was easy to see that each RKC training staff knew their content and did show you/educate you without ego.


Rachel Held, New York, NY, Personal Trainer

Athletic Achievements, training background or specialty:

Certified through the National Council on Strength and Fitness, In-House Equinox Kettlebell Level 1 & 2 Certified Pre and Post-Natal Certified

Attending the RKC is both grueling and very rewarding. The three days are long and brutal, but you are completing everything with the guidance and experience of amazing Sr. RKCs and assistants. Preparing for the RKC is a must and it is the ultimate reward to pass the course through personal preparation and the aide o the RKCs leaders and staff.

Pavel was very patient with every potential RKC that came up to the stage. He gave the most effect cues that enables the individual to execute the movement efficiently with I a short period of time.

My leaders Dr. Mark Cheng was extremely helpful. He has a perfect eye to pick out even the smallest imperfections, correct it and make the movement better. He is very patient, concise and clear. He also never hesitated to compliment or congratulate us on things we were doing well.

The RKC was the most challenging physically and mentally compared to other types of training I’ve done.


Lauren Perreault, Boston, MA, Personal Trainer

Athletic Achievements, training background or specialty:

NASM CPT, FMS, Precision Nutrition Level 1

I came to the RKC confident in my skills. I am leaving the RKC humbled by the amount of information. it is 100% unique that after hours of rigorous exercise while learning and make corrections, my form and technique on day 3 (while sore, tired and bruised) was incredibly improved!

Every time Pavel spoke he commanded my attention without even trying. His presence alone made me want to listen and absorb information like never before. When he would trouble shoot the skills and take someone with very sloppy technique and make them perfect the movement it was immediate proof that his methods work. My group leader was Karen Smith and she was fantastic. She exhibited great knowledge and skill and really made me wan to work hard, improve and impress her. My assistants Scott and Gary were also great.

There is no comparison. I have never learned this much and more importantly retained this much information in one course. I feel that I’m leaving with so much confidence not only in my own physical skills but also in my ability to safely and effectively teach someone how to train with kettlebells.


Daniel Villela Runkel de Sousa, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, Environmental Engineer

Athletic Achievements, training background or specialty:

2nd Degree Lakan Guro(Teacher) in Kali Silat Sinatirsiawalli and Instructor of Kombato (Brazillian system of defensive tactics).

A humbling weekend that reset my personal limits and stretched the boundaries of my goals. One of my top moments in life, so for.

Top quality training, equaled by none. Tips and lessons were straight to the point and backed by good, hardcore implementation.


Mike Apple, Stigler, OK, D.O.E. Instructor

Athletic Achievements, training background or specialty:

Dept. of Energy Tactics, P.T. instructor, IUF instructor, Firearms and CQB instructor. Train in BJJ

Great experience. I had a general knowledge of kettlebell training before arriving, but this training was exceptional. Learned a lot about the small things about the tech. also awesome progression points. Def be able to use everything in my line of work. Also being able to set a new PR in the 5 min snatch test on the last of training. Show the small subtle things that you learn, especially after two days of learning and workouts.

The expertise and knowledge was awesome.

Mark Toomey as an excellent team leader. He provided helpful tips, kept it fun, and pushed us at the same time.

Gus Peterson as awesome. He helped keep us motivated gave great instruction and told the some tech and tips as Mark Toomey.

Kate was very helpful. She helped clean up a lot of problems with tech. kept us motivated and also told the same material as Mark and Gus.

I thought it was very helpful and professional that the TL and the assistants all taught the same material.


MINERVA WOLFE, Urbana, IL, Fitness trainer, private investor, supervisor/home health care agency.

Athletic Achievements, training background or specialty:

HCK kettlebell certification (2010). 2 years of intense traditional West African dance. 20 years training in: running, swimming, yoga, & dance. President of Nutrition & Health Research, Inc. As President, I developed nutrition programs concentrating in preventive medicine: vitamins, minerals, foods, diet, & exercise.

In my personal opinion and experience it is the best physical training system to achieve overall strength, cardiovascular, endurance and flexibility all at the same time. The RKC Instructors delivered on every promise and more! I found it to be honest. The integrity of the RKC system is clear.

I love it. Class A training, good organization.


Josh Brunner, Indianapolis, IN, General Contractor

Athletic Achievements, training background or specialty:

10 years of Powerlifting experience specializing in dead lifting. 12 years traditional Korean Tae Kwon Do experience.

This course provided me with the fundamentals and understanding of what kettlebell training is. It also provided me with the knowledge of what it can "Really" do for you, if you let it.

The instruction was the most in depth I’ve ever had. The instructors were all wonderful and extremely educational. The interaction between the instructors and students was outstanding.

Hands down, the RKC was the most educational instruction that I’ve ever been given.


Angela Wigginton-Lyngso, Burr Ridge, IL, Pre School Teacher

Athletic Achievements, training background or specialty:

High School Soccer

This experience was beyond my imagination in many ways. Being given the opportunity to learn and work with the masters and seniors of this art was so gratifying, valuable, and worth every penny

Pavel truly is an individual who strives to master his craft and it is apparent through his unbelievable knowledge of kbs. He takes care of his students, leaders, and assistants and wants everyone to succeed and be proud of the work they did. He not only stresses the importance of knowing kbs on an individuals level, but how the knowledge will play a vital role when working with a client. He is a great motivator and inspiration to take this school further.
All the team leaders, seniors, masters, etc. really were here to teach us to the best of their ability and assisted us in being the best we could be.


Jeff Ehrike, Oshkosh WI, Gym Owner/Trainer

Athletic Achievements, training background or specialty:

Multi All-Conference Highschool (Football, Baseball, Basketball), All-American Collegiate Athlete DIII (Track & Field), Certified Strength & Conditioning Specialist (CSCS - NSCA), Power Plate Certified

The RKC training is incredibly beneficial however very difficult. However, the difficulty is what makes it rewarding once you’ve completed it. Nothing great ever comes easy. The tools and unmatched direction are given to us as applications, however it’s up to us as to what we do with it. The progression we were taken through was very well thought out and strategic. Everything I expected.

I could not have been happier with the group I was in. Geoff, Joe, and Rob were a great combination. They were very clear on their high expectations, however verbalized it in a very likeable manner that kept everything enjoyable. HARD Yes!

The only other thing I can compare physically to this was when I completed in college football two-a-days and "hell week" of Track and Field were very grueling also. However, the knowledge learned in the past few days can’t be compared to any of those things.


Ian Holmes, Calgary, Alberta, Canada, Performance Coach

Athletic Achievements, training background or specialty:

5 years aerial acrobat, 8 years national gymnastics training, Worlds ice/mixed climbing competitor, 3 years power lifting, 10 years training clients, YMCA FIT cert., Crossfit level 1 cert, (Precision Nutrition Coach

I felt that this was one of the best taught courses I have attended. Pavel and Geoff Neupert have been able to diagnose and help me solve issues that have limited me for close to five years.


Pam Dolby, Chicago IL, advertising sales

Athletic Achievements, training background or specialty:

randomly passionate athlete. In the past I have completed an Ironman (Germany 1996), done numerous running races, biked regularly-completed centuries, golf, kayak, horse back riding, but the one consistent throughout all of my passions has been weight training. I started in the gym at the age of 28 and 28 years later...I'm still there. I have trained in weight lifting, including power lifting and olympic lifts, but nothing has worked as well or consistently as kettle bells which I have done for the past 2 years with RKC certified trainers.

Like drinking water out of a firehouse. So much great instruction and training in a short period of time.

Outstanding – great balance of humility, accessibility and deadly hard ass. You really feel a significant goal has been preached with (hopefully) graduation from this course.

Great job. I alternately hated and loved the experience (in a good way) the sense of accomplishment is overwhelming. Thank you.


Ryan Atkins, Berrien Springs, MI, Student

Athletic Achievements, training background or specialty:

Martial Arts, currently studying Krav Maga, HKC, studying for ACE CPT

A really overwhelming flood of principles and consistent correctives that even you are learning them allows you to accomplish more than you ever thought possible. I have never been so exhausted yet completely happy and constantly energized. Being surrounded by people who have learned and accomplished so much and having them teach you… incredible.

Amazing. To meet, train with, and learn from the experts in the field, the authors of all the books is one of the most amazing experiences of my life. Even if I fail, I still walk away with the most amazing knowledge.


Mike Allard, Colorado Springs, CO, Instructor at Intellitec Medical Institute / Personal Trainer

Athletic Achievements, training background or specialty:

National Academy of Sports Medicine: Certified Personal Trainer and Sharecare Certified National Council on Strength and Fitness: Certified Personal Trainer USA Olympic Weightlifting: Level 1 Sport Performance Coach I am an instructor for the Personal Fitness Training program at Intellitec Medical Institute. I teach a multitude of classes from muscle physiology to sports nutrition. I am responsible for curriculum and course development, competency implementation and application of learned knowledge. I am versed in numerous martial arts. Most notably I am a first degree black belt in TaeKwonDo. I was recognized by BusinessWeek as one of the Top 25 Entrepreneurs Under the Age of 25 within the United States in 2008.

It was an absolutely amazing certification course in which I learned and applied knowledge in a tactful and respectable manner. I also am fortunate to have built lifelong relationships through the camaraderie of kettlebell training.

I sincerely believe that I received the best possible kettlebell instruction I could have. All of the instructors and leaders were sincerely interested in helping us improve our abilities and learn. I respect all of them to the utmost degree and hope to be one someday.


Tess Hunt, Yokine, Western Australia, Fitness Centre Manager and Personal Trainer

Athletic Achievements, training background or specialty:

Black Belt Zen Do Kai 7 years, Black Singlet Muay Thai 7 years, Boxing 7 years, Currently training in Brazilain Jiu Jitsu 3 years.

Hard, challenging, emotional but best of all fun!!!

Amazing, amazing, amazing their knowledge, their way of communicating their knowledge is awe-inspiring. If I became half as good as them I will be thrilled.


Glenn McCracken, Fayetteville, AR, Graduate Student/Personal Trainer

Athletic Achievements, training background or specialty:

I have been ACSM and AFAA certified. I am most proud of doing 9 straight minutes of 2h and h2h swings with the 24kg

Makes other programs pointless. The technique testing is more valuable and credible then written nuances.

I appreciate the punctually to the clock.

I will be a much better trainer after having taken this course. I was a pretty damn good one coming in but now I’m thinking that ignorance was bliss. The quality of information in such a short amount of time parallels the efficiency of the kettlebell. I cannot say enough about the quality of knowledge; thank you.


Malcolm "Shane" Rosario, Baton Rouge LA, Student/Personal Trainer

Athletic Achievements, training background or specialty:

10 years Military, NASM, CrossFit, TRX

Thankful for the opportunity to gain knowledge from real people, very real experts in the art of strength.

Blows other certs out of the water. It’s on its own playing field!


Debbie DeLuca, Columbus OH, Registered Nurse, Certified Personal Trainer, Business Owner

Athletic Achievements, training background or specialty:

Registered Nurse, Certified Personal Trainer, Senior Fitness Instructor

The course is taught by the elite of the elite in the industry. The wealth of knowledge and the humility each instructor exhibited exemplifies the values and integrity Pavel holds each and every individual to.

Indescribable. Pavel, Andrea, Mark and Gus are four of the most humble people I have ever met. Their willingness to help in a very positive way was so helpful for me. After training for a few hours, changes in my form amazed me. Thank you for changing the lives of so very many comrades.

RKC genuinely is devoted to stand behind their code of conduct. This is the most comprehensive training course I have ever taken. I put it right up there with taking my nursing boards in terms of knowledge and body awareness.


James Wright, Billings, MT, Functional trainer, HKC Kettlebell Instructor

Athletic Achievements, training background or specialty:

AAU, Sambo, Greco-Roman, Collegiate Wrestler Regional Sambo Champ, 2nd place Greco-Roman Montana State finisher, 2nd and 3rd place AAU Montana State finisher, Bodybuilder: 10th place Las Vegas World Championships, 2 time Montana State Lightweight Champ, 1st place in Denver, Wyoming, and Idaho tournaments, B.S. in Exercise Physiology/Minor in Health Promotion, ACSM-HFI Certification in 2002, HKC in 2010

I have better learned to be firm with my instruction, but have patience and have fun. I have learned how and why my RKC training is so valuable. Integrity and precision of movements!

They were extremely knowledgeable and great example to follow. They have helped my to understand why I would want to pursue my quest for further RKC certifications and move up in the levels. They were real people! Phenomenal weekend!


Monique Swirbalus, Braintree, MA, Registered Nurse

Athletic Achievements, training background or specialty:

MA Army Natl Guard 1989-1998, Amateur Boxer 1999-2003, RKC Certification 2004

Pavel Tsatsouline was exceptional in all aspects of the workshop especially the way he could troubleshoot. The drills perfected a student’s technique in seconds. Andrea Du Cane was extremely knowledgeable and very attentive to detail, very encouraging. Karen Smith, who was my Team Leader was very inspiring and not only is she exceptionally physically strong, she is a very strong leader. Gary Music, RKC assistant was phenomenal in his attention to detail and correction of drills.


Erin Warwick, Urbana, IL, NSCA CPT, Exercise Physiology student

Athletic Achievements, training background or specialty:


I came here thinking I was very prepared and competent with kettlebells. The only thing I really had going for me was my excellent physical condition. I had to re-learn all my techniques. I was mentally and physically exhausted, but at the same time I am leaving here stronger, tougher and more confident than I could have imagined.

Pavel was excellent very thorough and informative. I can’t stress enough how Geoff, Joe and Rob brought me from being incompetent to being able to do things correctly. They gave it their all to make sure I passed this course. I am very thankful from everyone’s careful evaluations and honest advise. I found ways to utilize all their comments. They fought for me to get through this and come out much stronger.

This was physically and mentally the most demanding weekend of my life. But every night when I left here worn and tired, I also felt more alive and more confident. Each day I was ready for more and I discovered myself in so many ways. I came here thinking I was pretty hardcore, but I now know I’m even better than I thought. My training will forever be changed.


Adam Kantelas, Baltimore, MD, Personal Trainer

I was given a wealth of information and advice within a short period of time that was both comprehensive and cohesive. This event is put together and streamlined very well.

It was awesome, everyone is very helpful and resourceful.

It was more in-depth than any other instructive course I have taken.


Scott Gray, Lowell, IN, Strength Coach

Athletic Achievements, training background or specialty:

CSCS, All Conference D1 Running Back, College Football Championship, as well as a High School Football State Championship

Overall, it is a great experience. By far ahead of other competitors. It is very detailed and set up in a nice system.


Ryan Jennings, Lebanon, NH, Personal Trainer

Athletic Achievements, training background or specialty:

Certified personal trainer, Corrective Exercise Specialist, Movement Training Specialist. - I have competed in multiple Strongman events. -Specialize in "unconventional" lifting styles and techniques, Strongman training, and classic barbell

Something you have to experience to understand. A hard-hitting weekend that teaches you to push yourself. Challenging, educational, awesome! I thought I knew how to use kettlebells before I got here, but I was way off. Now I know.

Outstanding! The quality of instruction and the attention to detail far surpassed any expectations.

Much more thorough. In order to get through the weekend you need to be committed and passionate, so it weeds out the people who just want another credential.


Sean Levesque, Minneapolis, MN, Regional Director

Athletic Achievements, training background or specialty:


This experience has been one of the most powerful reminders of what the human body is truly capable of doing. I will never again doubt my or my clients’ abilities to DO and achieve more than we ever dreamed possible. Thank you!

Almost all the trainers were great communicators. The ability to relay such detailed information in an understandable and intriguing way is an art form in itself.

At the top – the only other one would be Pilates reformer training because of the attention to details. The little things matter so much!


Scott Bradley, Centerville, VA, massage therapist/ personal trainer

Athletic Achievements, training background or specialty:

Tri-athlete, Tough Mudder, HKC, CMT

An unbelievable experience that served up knowledge, based with experience, passion and fortitude.

I was amazed oat the level of one on one attention I received, even in a large group setting.

Jon Engum’s passion for kettlebells and implications of other techniques (martial arts) and over all teaching was amazing. I could work with the guy for decades and still have more to learn.

Also, Dr. Cheng’s teaching technique stood out amongst great instructors.


Jason Pak, Somerville, MA, Personal Trainer

Athletic Achievements, training background or specialty:


Expert instruction of the foundational kettlebell movement. The ability to show personal competence and then proceeding to use the RKC system in order to strive for personal "mastery". The RKC wasn’t just a series of physical aptitude tests – it was an entire methodology of strength that fostered the mentality of a martial arts form.

The best part is that my background with the FMS ties in so closely with the system of the RKC that I can seamlessly integrate the two into my training.


Kael Skaden, Omaha, NE, Personal Trainer

Athletic Achievements, training background or specialty:

B.S. Exercise Science, NSCA-Certified Personal Trainer, HKC, NASM-Performance Enhancement Specialist, 2011 Heartland Classic Figure Champion, 4 time Lincoln Half Marathon Finisher

The RKC certification course was worth way more than the monetary investment I put into it. Not only did I sharpen my skills as an instructor, but I learned valuable lessons about strength, commitment, camaraderie, and even marketing myself. RKC training is the beginning to a wonderful journey!

It was very humbling to be among such knowledgeable instructors. To be able to meet Pavel and some of the Team Leaders as a great experience and quite awesome to see how humble they are themselves. Everyone in a leadership role is so knowledgeable which really built the value of the course for me.

The Best! Hands down. I really appreciated that this course is focused on improvement and not to work us to death.


Jacqueline Luciano, Tucson, AZ, HKC Trainer/LMT, LMT, HKC, FMS

Incredible experience offering a plethora of information. I feel privileged to be among some incredible people and masterminds. One of the best experiences of my life.

This weekend was remarkable. I’ve worked with Daniel Sawaya, RKC in Tucson, AZ. He physically prepared me for this event and always said the experience is one I will find for myself. I’m overwhelmed by the knowledge and charisma of all the RKC’s I’ve learned from possess. The assistants were incredibly helpful and the instructors incredibly knowledge. I’m so grateful to Danny, Pavel, masters, Seniors, Team leaders, and comrades alike. Next stop… RKC II!

I’ve attended both RKC and HKC, as well as FMS. All three have provided more in depth discussion and I have left more confident each time.


David Johnson, Summit, IL, Personal Trainer

Athletic Achievements, training background or specialty:


No Comparison! I have been to literally more than 100 professional courses. Bar none this is the most legitimate, most difficult course I have ever taken.


Bradley Hartman, Danville, VA, Trainer

Athletic Achievements, training background or specialty:


The Russian Kettlebell Certification met all of my expectations. It offered would class instruction backed by would class service.

I have only done FMS and the two go hand in hand. More emphasis on the "hand" in RKC than FMS. It is redneck meets Russian, deadly combination.


Matt Malatzky; Boston, MA, Personal Trainer

Athletic Achievements, training background or specialty:

Worked out for 10 years. Trained with KBs for 4 years. Have NSCA CSCS and HKC.

It was a very educational and extremely informative experience. I came in confident in my KB knowledge and the amount I learned blew me away. I will be able to get more of the benefit out of my and my client training from now on.

The quality of training and knowledge by everyone was extremely helpful this weekend. All questions I had were answered thoroughly. It seemed like everyone had a different expertise or specialty which was nice so you don’t just have one biased opinion.

It was definitely the most educational and most hands on training I have ever done.


Matt Mitchell, Rockwall, TX, High School Teacher, Professional Actor, HKC

Athletic Achievements, training background or specialty:

HKC--Edmond, OK--2010

I learned more in three days about kettlebells than I’ve learned about similar subjects in the same amount of time. The mental, intellectual, and physical intertwining of types of information made this experience the most holistic I’ve ever had.

I found John Du Cane’s marketing session enlightening. As a high school theatre teacher, professional actor, writer and HKC, I see extensive shared connections with what John had to say. Hearing such philosophy as that which I already use in teaching and performing resonates with me in a strong, surprising way.

I told my wife after the Saturday session ended that Pavel is (to quote Rage Against the Machine) "Calm like a Bomb". Pavel delivered instruction with such patience, integrity, and thorough knowledge. I was happy to have multiple opportunities to learn from him -- each session was profound.


Dino Correa, Oroville, CA, Owner/Trainer

Athletic Achievements, training background or specialty:

B.S. Nutrition and Food Science, DragonDoor HKC, TRX Group Suspension Training Certified, AFAA Personal Fitness Training Certified, AFAA Group Fitness Certified, AFAA Kickboxing Certified

As hard as the course is, you learn more about form and techniques by living all the movements.

I felt confident from day 1 that I was in the best hands with the top instructors in the world.

No comparison, top notch training. I would say, almost better than the instructions I’ve receiving at the university.


Craig Hirokawa, Fredericksburg, VA, Physical Therapist, Massage Therapist

Athletic Achievements, training background or specialty:

Collegiate squash, FMS, SFMA, DPT, VA Certified Massage Therapist

An incredible learning experience. The instructors were extremely dedicated to our learning and our success, and were great examples of what the RKC stands for. And the kind of professional that I aspire to be.

The quality of instructors was fantastic and what makes them so effective is their diverse backgrounds. I had the opportunity to pick the brain of an HS strength and conditioning coach, an entrepreneur and man who wrote the book on the get up every day!

Way ahead in all aspects. Every day was intense both mentally and physically. And because those two were combined. The breadth of material covered was huge. It also enabled people with different learning styles to assimilate what was presented.


Randy Harding, Burbank, IL, Firefighter

Athletic Achievements, training background or specialty:


It was by far the most physically demanding challenge I have ever done. I started the class with a few injuries. By the time I was done, I had better flexibility, more strength and less pain.

The quality of training was priceless. With all the knowledge I have gained this weekend, I am leaving with improved form in every exercise. I am also leaving feeling physically better than when I started.


Gregory Milsk, Chicago, IL, Personal Trainer, Real Estate

Athletic Achievements, training background or specialty:

NESTA, PTA Global Bridging, HKC

It is priceless to learn from the best RKC’s in the world face-to-face, and to feel my form improve drastically in the most important exercise – the "foundation" and the "framework" in only 3 days. Leaving here will inspire anyone to always work towards perfection, but realize it is a life-long goal.

Doesn’t get better than this! I was pleased with my HKC led by Engum in Chicago. This was even more impressive. It’s nice to also feel respected by those "ranked" above you in the RKC world. I always felt comfortable when getting critiqued.


David Kliewer, Yukon, OK, NONE GIVEN

Athletic Achievements, training background or specialty:


This is the only certification I would recommend to learn kettlebells and movement technique. The instructors truly care that you come away with a wealth of knowledge. They are interested in seeing you represent the community in a respectful and professional manner.

Pavel – Amazing teacher. I enjoyed his work on fine tuning different lifts. He was able to convey things very plainly for everyone to understand.

Other Instructors – Everyone was willing to help anytime some asked. They were all passionate about the RKC and wanted to see us succeed.


Aaron Klestinec

Enlightening in ways I never imagined, while also humbling to know that there is never a point where you can stop learning.

Excellent, efficient, tough but understanding. Very encouraging and humble.

The application of performance and actually going through what you will further educate people on. You’re not just reading a book and memorizing material to pass a test.


Michelle Ross Woodstock, IL, Personal Trainer

Athletic Achievements, training background or specialty:

ISSA Certified Fitness Trainer HKC

I was very happy to have as much instructor as possible the first day. It made the weekend as a whole a great experience for me and I was able to take what I learned and apply it through the rest of the weekend.

In one word incredible. The team leaders and assistants were great! Just one idea or demonstration can make ever part of a movement come together. Loved the pointers. Thanks Team Newton!

Not comparable. This is the best training I have ever had.


Mark Hesse-Withbroe, Lake Elmo, MN, Stock Analyst/Investor

Athletic Achievements, training background or specialty:

Trailing running – Warrior Dash, Tough Mudder, Urbanathalon

I very much appreciated the "School University of Strength" analogy. This proved to be a big step for me on my ongoing journey to improve myself every day. My Team leader, assistants and team mates all proved great coaching, technical improvements, encouragement and support.

Pavel was great and his personal corrections as he mingled were terrific. Shaun Cairns – beast tamer and also extremely humble and knowledgeable – a fantastic trainer who I could also relate to as a person (father of 4, 41 yrs old. etc.) Keith and Brad – many great pointers provided to help me improve. Very good combo of tough love and encouragement. Great to see that instructors come in all shapes and sizes, from Rugby beast Shaun to dynamo Keith and everything in between!

Although he was not on my team – Steve Freides led a team next to mine. Steve’s attitude support and kindness made me feel like I had a second leader for a good portion of the weekend. Steve, Thank you!


Patrick DiFronzo, Highland Park, IL, Personal Trainer

Athletic Achievements, training background or specialty:

Fitness Institute CPTS

I was the most physically challenging experience I have ever experienced. I was an emotional roller coaster, could not sleep for two nights. I am not ashamed to say I was practically in tears upon completing my testing, especially on the 10 year anniversary of 9/11. I am leaving this weekend with nothing but respect for the RKC community.

Pavel has a presence unlike very few people I have ever met.

Above and beyond any workshop I have attended.


Chris Warren, Champaign, IL, Kinesiology & Personal Training Program Director

Athletic Achievements, training background or specialty:

Former college basketball player, multiple certs (FMS, USAW, NSCA-CPT,etc..)

Toughest thing I’ve ever done.

Coaches were vastly knowledgeable. Unbelievably so.

Quality of instruction excellent. Amount of knowledge presented vast. Physical requirements brutal!


Josh Bond, Durham, NC, Fundraiser

Athletic Achievements, training background or specialty:

Open water swimming

Refinement of skills, unlocking power, building confidence through knowledge and practice.

Inspiring to be instructed by this team of instructors. To have a variety of personalities, body types, etc. reminded me that anyone can make kettlebells apart of their life – for life.

I’m a swimmer and have completed multiple workshops for that sport, including total immersion. This is the most comprehensive, well constructed training I have received. Pavel and the team deconstruct the techniques and build a sound foundation for training with kettlebells.


Jon Wahlberg, Hudson, WI, Project Manager

Athletic Achievements, training background or specialty:

Kettlebell Training since early 2009. HKC Certification June 2010

Top notch, could not have asked for anything more.

Provide more time for technique testing. Being rushed through this critical point is not ideal for the candidate.


Marvin Rodas, Dyer IN, Owner/Trainer

Athletic Achievements, training background or specialty:

United States Marine Corps (Sgt), ISSA CPT Battling Ropes Certified, TRX Certified Instructor, HKC, WKC/AKC, Twist Conditioning Certified, National "D" Licensed soccer coach

A great workshop that has honed and finetuned my kettlebell knowledge and a great experience and camaradarie that has elevated my kb knowledge to a whole new level.

By far one of the best training certs I have attended. Tough and worth the price of admission!


Robert Clark, Omaha, NE, Personal Trainer

Athletic Achievements, training background or specialty:

College football/track. Bachelors of Arts-Exercise Science. NASM PES, HKC.

The example is humbling, gratifying, and knowledgeable. You also start to think of it as an art rather than just a workout. Always strive towards perfection which may take years to come to get one perfect exercise.

Everyone did a great job! I was working with a partner on day 2 and we were working on his get up! Pavel’s was walking by watching the exercise so I asked him if he could help me. We altered the windmill and half kneeling hand position and the way down of the get up to help with transition to the elbow and through to the floor. Pavel, Then asked Dr. Mark Cheng over to help with the tweaking cause it was his drill assignment! Later I told Pavel, thanks! He said "he referred me to an expert"! So those words of being humble go a long way!


Randy Calle, Jackson Hts, NY, Personal Trainer

Athletic Achievements, training background or specialty:


This certification training was really hard, even with my training. I now know that you can always push yourself even when you practice. By far the hardest and most rewarding experience I have put myself through. Thank you!!!

Really organized and taught well!! All the Master, Senior and Team Leaders were great. Shout out to Master RKC Geoff Neupert for all his help and breaking the movement down.

The quality is by far solid. The scope of material is complex, but with the help of all the team leaders it made it easier to learn the technique.


Ari Foote, New York, NY, Personal Trainer

Athletic Achievements, training background or specialty:

NSCA Personal Trainer certification Kettlebell Certification 1 and 2 thru Kettlebell Athletics, Pre and Post-natal Certification. 2 years Wado-Ryu Karate

Overall a very positive and information experience. I was physically and mentally challenged like I never have been before and I have learned to appreciate and respect the kettlebell in a whole new light.

Every Master RKC, Team Leader and Pavel displayed great knowledge and professionalism. My team leader, Jon Engum, was intelligent, respectful and fair, and I will take with me his philosophy of kettlebells as a martial art. Without the professional instruction and encouragement I would not have made it through this course!

This course was not only for more physically challenging than any other training I have experienced, but required far more mental activity and attention to detail. It was above and beyond anything I have experienced.


Danny Dlubala, Nashville, IL, Athletic Trainer

Athletic Achievements, training background or specialty:


Difficult and no joke! It was a great experience and helped expose the weak parts of my training that I over looked. Worth the pain!

Everyone was amazing. No question went unanswered and the instruction was great.

The quality and everything was perfect. It was a much more physical course but that’s to be expected.


Scott Hanson, Bronx, NY, Personal Trainer

Athletic Achievements, training background or specialty:

8 years experience as a Trainer. NPTI Graduate - Master Trainer, NSCA CPT, FMS, HKC.

It was highly beneficial for me to go through and really experience proper technique in order to educate and instruct my clients and anyone interested in working with KBs.

There is a wealth of knowledge in this system that commands respect. Quality: I appreciate the strictness in technique that allows for a better industry of strength. The instructors and tem leaders pounded that well and I was grateful for it.

Quality: I believe this is the edge of kb fitness training. (Bar none)

Scope: honing in on the benefits of the basics is key and will always be. That is the key to RKC. The fundamentals. Drill=exercise practice.

Material: is exceptional, very practical dependent upon environment.


Jeremy Gritton, Peachtree City, GA, Personal Trainer

Athletic Achievements, training background or specialty:

Ironman Triathlon and College Basketball Player

Grueling, demanding, enlightening and worth every penny we pay for the price of admission.

Absolutely amazing! I felt humbled to be around coaches with so much knowledge to be able to take home and help others.

Absolutely amazing weekend and learning experience.


Jeff Armstrong, Wheaton, IL, Strength Coach

Athletic Achievements, training background or specialty:

Highland Athlete, Weightlifter, Strength Coach. Studied at the Murray Institute for Higher Lifting, 2001

I asked Dan John what the value of an RKC was. He gave me a two word answer: life changing. It truly gave me a new perspective on life.

The team Pavel, Geoff and all assistants were everywhere they needed to be. Extensive knowledge and physical examples.

The hands on teaching – tough love made all the material and other Pavel books tie together.


Tom Foley, Oakland, CA, Sales Executive @

Athletic Achievements, training background or specialty:

SF Marathon – 1998, I trained with free weights initially in my teens, then slowly converted over to bodyweight exercises in the early 2000's, with kettlebells being introduced to me by a friend about two years ago.

Empowering. Spiritual motivating. The beginning of my next life.

Totally awesome experience all around.

I feel proud to be part of such a awesome group of people.


Amanda Pezzullo Chicago, IL, Fitness Manager & Personal Trainer

Athletic Achievements, training background or specialty:

Athletic Acheivements: 4 Year Full Gymnastics Scholarship to University of Missouri, NCAA Post Grad Scholarship to University of Missouri, Training Background: Graduate Assistant Strength & Conditioning Coach for University of Missouri 2007-2008, Club Sports Strength & Conditioning Coach for University of Missouri 2007-2009, Personal Trainer for Equinox Fitness 2009-Present, Fitness Manager for Equinox Fitness 2010-Present, Professional Certifications: NSCA-CSCS, CSCCa-SCCC, FMS Certified, PowerPlate L. 1 Certified, Pre/Post Natal Certified

This certification allowed me to learn and understand the basics of 6 kettlebells movements in a team environment. Because of the team environment, I was given multiple ways/versions to teach and cue movements.

Quality wouldn’t stand for just passing anyone. Practical use – allowed for much more practice.

Took the additional time to break up into teams for more individual coaching and breakdown.


Amber Lee, Somerville, MA, Coach

Athletic Achievements, training background or specialty:

HKC, CrossFit L1, Olympic Weightlifting, 12 years of dance and soccer

The amount of quality, patience, tough love and knowledge was phenomenal. I have been impressed all weekend with the conduct and attitude of the instructors.

I was blown away by the breadth and depth of knowledge.


Frank Caruso, Lemont IL, Used Car Manager

Athletic Achievements, training background or specialty:

Trained in Muay Thai,Power lifted, have been weight lifting since 1983

Very informative with great transition into a workout.

The quality was higher than I could expect and the knowledge was so understandable and easy to interpret back to future clients.


Matt Semrick New York, NY, Personal Trainer

Athletic Achievements, training background or specialty:

HKC, NSCA-CPT, FMS Level l and ll, TRX Suspension Training and TRX Sports Medicine Certified, Former Navy SeaBee Reservist and Veteran of Operation Desert Storm

As an adult who’s life is built around helping others achieve fitness and life style goals – I have found a place to help me truly push for mine – it fits me, it makes sense – I feel renewed.

I have never experienced a better source of information for so many of the major components of moving well – mobility, flexibility, strength and even conditioning. This was consistent from all the instructors. I enjoyed the different presentation styles – but loved the consistency of the message.

There is no comparison. This has been the best investment of my time for me and my clients. I cannot think of a better way to invest in me.


Carl Canning, San Jose CA, Water Polo Coach / Personal Trainer

Athletic Achievements, training background or specialty:

FMS Certified. 2008 Team Captain, MVP and Scholar Athlete of the year at De Anza College

Great instruction from everyone, from Pavel to the assistants, not everyone can complete this, so it is great to become apart of an elite and close knit group.

All of the main speakers were fantastic. Clear in communication and had valuable information. The pace of instruction and incorporation of practice during lectures lead to a much clearer understanding.

Much better, clearer and professional. Great course! I feel like my money was well spent, I have a lot to take home with me.


Jennifer Simpson, Springfield, MO, Massage Therapist

Athletic Achievements, training background or specialty:


Absolutely fabulous!! I discovered kb 6 years ago and it helped with my overuse issues with tendinitis in elbows. Little did I know it would help me find my power. I truly became empowered with the practice. The RKC drove in that empowerment but also helped me find my north. The instructors were excellent, communicative, skilled and fun. Pavel is such a wonderful teacher and so incredibly engaged with every person he’s focused on. This was a wonderful opportunity to learn and to discover inspiring role models.

Above and beyond. What sticks out to me is that the instructors leave their ego behind. I never felt judges or criticized or demeaned. I felt encouraged, supported and that I belonged here. Thank you! Pavel – I am so impressed with how personable and considerate you are and so approachable. Even though this is hard core stuff you don’t use fear to motivate. Rather, safety, discipline and the desire to use correct form.

The organization was wonderful and professional. The logistical team really has this down. Thanks to all for helping with the comfort level.

Kelli O’Neil – just can’t say enough good things about her. Wonderful instruction, and encouragement. Made a real connection my whole team leadership was remarkable.


Brook Benten Jimenez, Round Rock, TX, Personal Trainer

Athletic Achievements, training background or specialty:

Bachelor’s of Science in Exercise and Sport Science. Masters of education in Physical Education in emphasis in Sport and Fitness Administration. American College of Sport Medicine (ACSM) Health and Fitness Specialist. ACE Certified Personal Trainer, AFAA Group Fitness Instructor.

RKC does a great job with educational layering. They use a "building blocks" approach, where the following technique taught is a progression of the former learned. It is a brilliant sequence that makes somewhat complex tasks easy to learn, and to execute properly.

I believe that Pavel has a great way of combining humor with his instruction, which keeps the audience engaged. Although I cannot speak for the background of all of the Sr. Instructor, Team Leaders, it was great that mine, Dr. Mark Cheng, has extensive exercise science and biomechanics education. Having Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees in the exercise Science field, myself, it was important to me that my team leader have a solid background in the field, not merely RKC training.


John Ferraro, Atlanta, GA, Personal Trainer

Athletic Achievements, training background or specialty:

TRX Class Instructor Certification BS MTSU, Minor Exercise Science, 4 time mens south Rugby team, 4 Time all-south collegiate Rugby team, Rugby Scholarship to Middle Tennessee State U., Football Scholarship to Benedictine College, All District, All Metro High school football Nebraska

It was the most demanding personal training certifications I have taken. More confidence for my personal technique was obtained than any other certification I have obtained. I am excited to continue progression in the kettlebell world.

Pavel and the masters all demonstrate very high quality presentation and communication skill. This allowed me to have the ability to take the most possible from each presentation.

Assistant RKC instructors were very observant and ands on make sure to constantly correct all mistakes and technique. Without them I would have not known when I got my personal technique correct.

The material and practical use of RKC have been much more beneficial than most certifications. Other certifications never test to make sure all participate can produce correct technique. Passing the test gave a great deal of personal confidence, which I will be able to demonstrate to my personal clients.


Fiona Coutts, Burnie, Tasmania, Australia, Medical Scientist

Athletic Achievements, training background or specialty:


Entertaining, engaging and invaluable.


Stefan Jacobs, Waltham, MA, Personal trainer

Athletic Achievements, training background or specialty:

ACE CPT, HKC, Pre and post natal, professional fighters license 2006 and 2007 United States Kickboxing Association, team BIT (Brazilian Impacto Team)

A great experience! Instruction, overall, was more thorough than anticipated. Most people talk about how physically draining the RKC is, when they should talk about the level of education we receive.


Jennifer Purdy, Atlanta, GA, Educator, Trainer

Athletic Achievements, training background or specialty:

CrossFit Level 1, HKC, played varsity field hockey at Princeton University, train and coach on nutrition at FitWit and Condition Kettlebell Gym in Atlanta

RKC is one of the most physically and mentally demanding trainings one can accomplish.

The training and example provided by the trainers was excellent. I felt that I could always get an answer to my questions. I appreciated that while the training was intense both physically and mentally, it was not overwhelming. The staff were attentive to not beating us into the ground, but genuinely helping us improve and successfully make it through the cert days.

Karen Smith was an excellent team leader. She was compassionate and approachable without compromising high standards.

Gary Music kept his attention fully in our group. His comments and coaching were invaluable.


Laura McNally, La Grange IL, Lawyer

Athletic Achievements, training background or specialty:

Played water polo in college. Since then, endurance cycling and, more recently, strength training

I learned so much about the skill of strength and the importance of movement integrity this weekend. But more than that, I experienced and learned about respect, support, encouragement and meaningful challenge. As a result of training for attending this cert, I have a new body. I also have a completely re-oriented mind regarding all physical activity.

Professional, respectful, inspiring, encouraging, supportive, playful, fun knowledgeable and consistent.


Amy Rakestraw, Atlanta, GA, Personal Trainer, Yoga instructor

Athletic Achievements, training background or specialty:

Amy Rakestraw, Atlanta, GA, Personal Trainer, Yoga instructor

It was the most physical training I’ve experienced during a training/workshop but I think that was beneficial. It was thorough and well thought through.

Great information was given in terms of talks and manuals.

The additional marketing talk was important and overlooked in most trainings, so it was great to have that here.


Paul Straw, Sheboygan Falls, WI, Fitness Professional

Athletic Achievements, training background or specialty:

US Navy

As a system of strength like no other, it has brought about changes in me that can and will be used to help my clients/friends more better and stronger utilizing the true strength they have within them that just wants to and is eager to come out.

Very impressed. Inspiring for me to see what kind of RKC instructor I can become. Always very helpful wanting the best for us as students.

Way better, challenging. Not a show up and listen… then you get the certificate. It actually means something… not all will get their certificate.


Tracy Shaw, Durban, KwaZulu-Natal, South Africa, HKC Kettlebell Instructor + Graphic Designer

Athletic Achievements, training background or specialty:

Ballet, Hip Hop Dancing, Certified Fitness Instructor, Certified Nutritionist, Certified HKC

One of the most challenging yet regarding educational experiences I have had the privilege to be a part of. It was like being broken down and them being rebuilt into something far better – renovation. Like a new foundation has been cast with far more stability to build upon – Thanks!

Exceptional! Their experience and detail in communicating what is required to perform will skill is going to be useful to communicate to my clients.

Professional, educational beyond my expectations, the skills I have learned transcended across more than just kettlebells.


Vicky Jordan, St. Peters, MO, Personal Trainer/ fitness instructor

Athletic Achievements, training background or specialty:

Personal Training cert./AFAA, Primary Group Ex. cert./AFAA, Spinning cert./Maddog, CPR, Working as Personal Trainer/instructor for past 8 years

There is no finish line when it comes to training – at RKC you work with the most elite trainers who help you realize this. While you take a beating you somehow learn that you have so much untapped potential to offer to others.

I will find it difficult to attend other trainings – will do so much more research before attending any seminar – any kind.


Jano Iriarte, Viña del Mar, Chile, Martial Artist, Yoga Teacher

Isn’t about the kbells as a tool, it is about the teaching. Everyone can watch a video and "repeat" the moves. But the real experience is with a teacher that had this knowledge. The real value is this seminar is to have access to all this knowledge by great teachers.

Just excellent. Team Leaders put on eye all the time, Sr. RKC Dr. Cheng have the key to find the details to improve and fix the concepts/movements. Pavel? For reasons he is the Master.


Jon Green, New York, NY, Securities Analyst

Athletic Achievements, training background or specialty:

Have been training with RKC II Antonio Cordova for about a year and a half

Thanks to the preparations for the RKC and the RKC itself, at 50 years of age I am becoming an athlete for the first time in my life. This training gives me the confidence that I can live another 50 years or more, and all of it will be strong and functional. Since training seriously for the RKC with RKC II Antonio Cordova, I have been more confidence and strong than before in my life, in all aspects of my life.

Better than any training I have done in any arena.


Matt Griffin, Columbus, OH, Trainer

Athletic Achievements, training background or specialty:


It was well-regimented and well planned. Very good balance of didactic demonstration and hand-on practice.

High-quality. Not too much info all at once. Good consistency – no conflicting information. Shaun Cairns, Keith and Brad were great.


Brian Nagel, Ottawa ON, Canada, Retired Air Force Officer

Athletic Achievements, training background or specialty:

General Fitness

Incredible focus on technique, demonstrated, broken down and then practiced, and practiced and practiced, and practiced. Small things picked up by instructors, practiced and then tremendous improvements.

Quality of training was second to none. Pavel has a keen eye and his rapid diagnose of technical errors and the corrections was outstanding. All the master and senior RKCs were very helpful, respectful and fluid. The demonstrations provided the goal to emulate.

The training was very detailed and a good baseline for kettlebell practice and instruction. All the technique corrections were very direct and then just repetition to push away bad techniques or errors. Watching the Masters, Seniors, and Team Leaders in motion was the proof of the material being presented.

The pull ups and the snatch test are well known, the techniques tests need to e announced/disclose to the candidates sooner. I understand that we had to demonstrate the technique of each exercise, but the specific conditions (press with 2 snatch size bells) for example would have aided my preparation. If it was out there ahead of time I missed it.


Kenneth McClelland, Cedar Rapids, IA, Coach

Athletic Achievements, training background or specialty:

Played college football, competed in MMA for 3 years, lifted for 20 years.

Great opportunity to improve my techniques and knowledge regarding the kb and its training philosophy.

I’ve been to numerous seminars and certs but this one was the most comprehensive.


Peter Karp, Wenatchee, WA, Glass Guy

This has been a mind numbing body numbing experience. I’m ready to do it again – let’s go!!

The quality of the instructions was absolutely impressive. I would love to have the time to spend a weekend with my TL (Dr. Rhodes, Paul and James) I loved the information and experience. Mind boggling.

Of highest caliber – much better than any other professional seminar/workshop. Job well done – thank you.

What’s the next course/cert I can attend ?– I’m jazzed about this stuff.

It’s been great to be amongst a group that knows how to communicate without using locker room language.


WALDO COSTA, DISTRITO FEDERAL BRASÍLIA, physical education teacher

Athletic Achievements, training background or specialty:


The material is the best that I ever seen. The quality is the same


Steven Peterson, Chicago, IL, Personal Trainer

Athletic Achievements, training background or specialty:


Humbly in a way that opens your eyes to what upper lever performance is like.

Much more physical, which showed the importance of proper efficient movements.

More consistent training of teams. Some teams were pushed physically and less mentally. Others stressed technique with little or no hands on performance.


Matthew Blankenship, Nashville, TN, Retail Manager

Athletic Achievements, training background or specialty:

RRCA certified running coach, HKC instructor

This training was mentally and physically exhausting. The amount of knowledge imparted to the candidates will serve them well in their business and/or lives.


Richard Davis, Tulsa OK, Self Employed

Athletic Achievements, training background or specialty:

Division 1 Athlete (Football), Amateur Cyclist

A very informative yet challenging three days both mentally and physically.

I thought the quality of training superb for our team. I was greatly impressed with the physiology knowledge of the staff and how the program was based in science.


Edwin Miller, Glenwood, MD, Healthcare Software/Professional trombone player

Athletic Achievements, training background or specialty:

2 years kettlebell experience with HKC certification (12/2010)

Pavel – excellent. Could watch him fix people all day until I learned to anticipate his response.


Jerry Milos, Mt Prospect, IL, Business Owner

Athletic Achievements, training background or specialty:

Wrestling and football coach, masters division wrestling champ

It has been one the hardest and the same time most gratifying things I’ve done.

I found all of them to be very knowledgeable, hopefully and well spoken. Awesome job.


Tom Abbey, Centreville, VA, Personal Trainer

Athletic Achievements, training background or specialty:

Div 1 track athlete, USA National Skeleton Athlete 2007-2010, NSPA CPT

An amazing physical and mental experience. I leave with a brain overflowing with knowledge and muscles screaming from education. This is just the beginning.

Spectacular. Instructors provided info for all diverse styles and than gave hands on feedback.

Superior. I am not left with ??’s of how to implement. Instead, I’m left with a precision system.


Faith Smith, Country Club Hills, IL, Account Executive

Athletic Achievements, training background or specialty:


It was very informative and pointed out areas that I need to continue to improve in. it was also a good opportunity to meet different people and learn from them. Everyone was great and really helpful and knowledgeable. My team leader Steve F was great! He has a wealth of knowledge and was very patient and approachable. I think that was the best thing about all of the staff, everyone was friendly and not intimidating in anyway. You got the feeling that they were trying to help you get where you need to be to be a good instructor as well as to get the most benefit from your training.


Joshua L. Hughes, Federal Way, WA, Small Business Owner

Athletic Achievements, training background or specialty:

U.S Navy, Command Fitness Leader for NCHB-5, Division Fitness Leader for Deck Dept. USS Boxer. Blackford County Corrections Officer.

Every movement has a purpose, with out one you lose all. The challenge helped me to be precise at all times.

Amazing, it goes to show when you continue to deepen you knowledge with the kb it becomes natural, easy to correct someone.


Sebastian Katzel, Hickory Hills, IL, Firefighter/Paramedic

The quality was great. Like above, it was an eye opener. All leaders were solid on their teaching. The team leaders were very helpful


Sebastian Katzel, Hickory Hills, IL, Firefighter/Paramedic

Athletic Achievements, training background or specialty:

4 years kettle bell training

We will all be students for life. There will never be a perfect movement. Practice makes near perfect!

That’s why I came. Really awesome on what you can learn. If I went to another RKC next week I would pick up another 20 points on technique. A wealth of knowledge.


Tony Gracia, Portland, OR, Fitness Manager - 24 Hour Fitness

Athletic Achievements, training background or specialty:

BJJ purple belt, Olympic weightlifting

It was an incredibly thorough, complete certification course that touched on all aspects of training. I now feel more confident and competent in coaching strength, power, endurance, flexibility and safety.

he knowledge and quality was absolutely as good as it gets. For me, much of the information was review based on what I had learned in books (namely Pavel’s) but is was a fantastic experience to have great coaches refine and enhance these techniques for me.

Overall a great experience! The published materials (especially Brett Jones) on how to prepare really paid off for me!



Athletic Achievements, training background or specialty:


A weekend more than worth the cost, training and personal changes I had to make to attend. Each day, the fear factor loomed its head, and each day, no matter what happened, I got beyond my fear. The knowledge, support, professionalism and tough love pulled me through.

Pavel exudes confidence and authority. There wasn’t a question he could not answer. Karen Smith was smart. Always spot on and helpful. Came away with more respect then before.

No comparison. A thing to learn, another to perform and teach also. Best ever.


Ken North, Edmonton, AB, Canada, Graphic Designer

Athletic Achievements, training background or specialty:

two years kettlebell training - Rod Silcox

I feel very fortunate to have taken part. It is truly a magical group of individuals.

You have assembled a very caring and inspiring group.


St. Paul April 2011 Russian Kettlebell Certification Workshop—Participant Praise


William T Sadler, Bountiful, UT, Physician

Athletic Achievements, training background or specialty:

M.D., Pulmonary and Internal Medicine

Anyone can improve strength, endurance, flexibility and sense of well being by the approach used in the course:

  1. Baseline assessment;
  2. Development of skills and strength in incremental steps with careful instruction and feedback;
  3. Achievement of clearly defined goals.

Pavel is without peer: His ability to break down skills into small parts for the student to absorb; his ability to spot and correct problems; the overall design of the program as a cohesive whole. I know of no similar person My team leader Mark Toomey has been and continues to be a great help in reaching my goals. His instruction is clear, focused and helpful. He is never derogatory. Over several RKC events he has become a valued friend.

I’ve attended one non-RKC event that was horrible. This RKC cert was the polar opposite.



Molly Bird, Omaha, NE, Personal Trainer

Athletic Achievements, training background or specialty:

Assistant Department Head, Personal Training, HKC, NASM CPT, Metabolic Technician (VO2 testing)

The staff is amazing. RKC is a respected group of elite fitness professionals that I would be extremely proud to be a part of. The process is organized, fast-paced, challenging and very educational. The weak need not enlist.

Amazing. When they spoke, I listened. It’s also amazing how they are so good at what they do – while also being good public speakers. The quality of these instructors and their professionalism cannot be matched by any other organization.

Thank you for the opportunity and experience., I am a better trainer just for attending. Andrea Du Cane is an inspiration. I have so much respect for her, she is a great role model. I am honored to have been in her group. Pavel is amazing; I have so much to learn from him. I am registering for RKC II is I pass.

John Du Cane’s marketing lecture was great. It was useful, informative and eye opening. It may have helped me make a very important professional change in my life. It was motivating, and I found myself getting emotional at times.


Patrick Kolashinski, DC, Hudson, WI

Athletic Achievements, training background or specialty:

Trained for Tri’s for years, years ago. Dabbled with martial arts and boxing.

It was one of those life-changing events that some of us, who live life, are lucky enough to experience.


Gretchen Summerville, Boone, NC, Mom/Health Educator/Student

Not only has attending the RKC training changed my life, using kettlebells has helped me to overcome a chronic (10 year) shoulder injury, transformed my body and helped me to tap into and awaken the inner warrior inside of me. Having gone through a tough divorce and hardest two years of my life, turns out the timing of the RKC training was not the worst but the best!

Of course Pavel is a genius. Not only is he an impeccable specimen of human strength but also a brilliant teacher with the ability to really speak to everyone at all levels in every subject matter. Although there are probably 150 plus people at this training, Pavel spoke to me, addressed me byname, and offered helpful advice on numerous occasions. Not only a sign of a great teacher, but a kind hearted human being. I cannot say enough about Cortez, Sonnie and Tim, my team leader and assistants. I literally would not have been able to come this far without them. Not only their constant constructive critique, but complete kindness, understanding and absolute attention to safety, made this one of the most incredible experiences of my life. They did not have to go above and beyond, but they did, and I will be forever grateful!


Mike Huffam, New Zealand, Personal Trainer

Athletic Achievements, training background or specialty:

Personal training since 1998, NASM Certified PT, Les Mills Body Trainer, Personal Trainer of the year 2005, 2008

I have been kettlebell training for five years and this has taken my skills to a whole new level. Any kettlebell practicing people out there wondering whether this is worth it? Without a doubt! 100% absolutely!

I felt absolutely privileged to bee on Andrea’s team. Great coaching skills, great knowledge (assistants were also great). Andrea didn’t ramble on, but what she said was well worth listening to. I hope to work with her in the future. Pavel was fantastic – knowledge of the human body was unparalleled in my training life so far (started in 1998). Not to mention his kettlebell skills were amazing. The other senior instructors and team leaders were also very highly skilled. I leave here a way better kettlebell practitioner than when I arrived. Thank you all.

Without doubt, at the top of my pile. Kettlebells, instructor manual, quality within the manual, how the information was delivered and how much information – unbelievable!

Overall – loved it and coming from Auckland, NZ was well worth it. Thanks Dragon Door.


Jason Manous, Athens, GA, Engineer

Athletic Achievements, training background or specialty:


It was very difficult but such intense knowledge should be earned through trial and practice. Probably the most rewarding thing I’ve ever done.

I’m unsure what to say except "incredible". The level of expertise at this workshop was immense; every aspect of Hardstyle was represented and presented in such a way as to pull all the parts together into one piece.

Overall I found this experience immensely rewarding – I wouldn’t take it back for all the tea in China. This is by far the best workshop of its kind.


Shawn Reed

Tt far exceeded my expectations and expanded my knowledge base of how to be a better or the best kettlebell instructor. The RKC has proven that it is more than a kettlebell certification; it is committed to strength and power.


Michele Neil Tulsa OK, Physician

Athletic Achievements, training background or specialty:

Martial Arts- 1st degree black belt/Tae-kwon-do, Brown belt/Judo • Bodybuilding/weight lifting-enjoy - multiple competitions- NPC Masters Nationals-Pittsburg May 2007 Opens Womens Heavy Weight 1st, NPC USA’s-Vegas July 2007 Open Women’s Heavy Weight 1st • HKC

This outstanding athletic/academic experience has potentiated the ability for me to redirect the scope of my medical practice. :) Thank you.

  • Outstanding
  • Solid
  • Impeccable
  • Committed
  • Reproducible
  • Organized
  • Friendly
  • Passionate
  • Engaging
  • Timely
  • High Standard
  • Entertaining
  • Reflective
  • Imaginative
  • Superb
  • Powerful
  • Hardcore
  • Inspiring
  • And much much more.



Luke Wilson, San Francisco, CA, Personal Trainer

Athletic Achievements, training background or specialty:

I.S.S.A. certified, Exercise Science, HKC, Certified in Plyometrics, PNF / ART / AIS stretching, Functional Training, Dumbbell Training, Body Weight Training, Sports specific training, Myofacia release.
Yoga instructor, boot camp instructor, aqua aerobics instructor, Brazilian jiu jitsu instructor, Muay Thai enthusiast, rock climber, lifestyle coach, sandbag trainer and fitness model.

Blows all of the workshops and books I’ve read away. Most certs tell you what to do but lack in the why. This program breaks it down in a way you can understand and apply.


Scott Poirier, Dudley, MA, Electrical Engineer

Athletic Achievements, training background or specialty:

HKC Certified, US Navy Seabee, Second degree brown belt, kensho ryu kempo karate, trained for 2 years with Carols Terrinha Team Draculino Gracie Barra, Currently training in the Gracie Combatives Program.

The training was top notch. I’ve never seen such professionalism, knowledge and strength under one roof. The training was very tough, but when it was said and done, it was worth it.

Pavel is incredibly knowledgeable on all levels of strength and conditioning. It’s not only the vast amount of knowledge e that he has with kettlebells, but also how he connects all his knowledge to all type of movement, especially martial arts. The Sr. Instructors and the Team Leaders were awesome. Very professional, patient and helpful with teaching the kettlebell techniques and quick to make correction if needed.


Simona Boler, Maplewood, MN, Massage Therapist & Child Care Provider

The RKC has really challenged my physically and mentally but most importantly it has affected me as to who I am. I have gained skill, knowledge, confidence and respect for myself.

The quality is superior and Pavel, Instructors and Team Leaders are all passionate about what they do and it is conveyed in a way that is tough and respectful in order for us (the students) to succeed and learn.

The RKC has really been one of the best thing I have one for myself. Not just in terms of strength and knowledge but I am a mother of 4 girls and have always been the mom that does everything for my family and with kettlebells and RKC I have found myself again.

I am a better mother, wife and person. I have gained confidence, knowledge and a sense of purpose that has been lacking in my life. Everything I have learned here this weekend in some form will trickle down into every aspect of my life. Thanks Pavel and Dragon Door for all that kettlebells have given me. Just want to add that I have lost nearly 25lbs, over 20+ inches and gained more than 10lbs of muscle using KBs for the past year and a half.


Lou Argenzio, Avon, MA, Health Club Owner, Trainer

Athletic Achievements, training background or specialty:


This was an extremely challenging and thorough course. It makes you stronger both mentally and physically. Outstanding! This course was not just about kettlebells, it was about movement and how to use the skills to improve it. These techniques will help anyone become more connected to their bodies.

This is the best training I’ve been to by far. It is a great combination of information, practical application and skill.


Aaron Vice, Chicago, IL, Personal Training Manager, Fitness Consultant

Athletic Achievements, training background or specialty:


My body is full of pain and my mind is full of knowledge. Quality of training was excellent. Team leaders were knowledgeable and approachable.


Piers Kwan - Brisbane , Australia, School Chaplain and Personal Trainer

Athletic Achievements, training background or specialty:

Certificate IV in Personal Training, Diploma of Youth Work, Bachelor of Theology.

The instruction was thorough and well thought out. There was a great balance between up front teaching, practice, and practical troubleshooting. I flew halfway around the world for this certification, away from my family and friends and I can say without a doubt that it was worth that and more!

Fantastic. Without a doubt there is no other kettlebell organization – and maybe no other fitness group that can offer the caliber of instructors and training we received this week.

By far the best. Blows the others out of the water in quality, scope and particularly practical use.


Rosalia Chann, Brooklyn, NY, Personal Trainer

Athletic Achievements, training background or specialty:

Professional Contemporary Ballet Dancer

The RKC community opens arms to all that are here. More than willing to help and share invaluable techniques and information. The knowledge and lessons that I’ve gained here will help me in all aspects of life. (Respect, Discipline, Dedication, Strength)

It was worth every penny, I improved so much over the past three days and gained knowledge that will last me a lifetime. I am looking forward to taking other courses in the future to continue expanding my knowledge.

They were all excellent and so helpful. I learned/ improved so much while under their instruction. The training and knowledge was in depth and invaluable. I like that you must earn this. They don’t let any mistakes slide by. They are stern and strict, but very encouraging when making corrections. It was a great experience.

It’s the best. No other courses I have taken have been this in depth and hands on with individual attention to each student. I now have a greater understanding in how to practice myself and what should be done when coaching others.


Andrea Nichols-Everett, Chicago, IL, Fitness and Nutrition, Business Owner

Athletic Achievements, training background or specialty:

HKC, AFAA- group fitness, NESTA – personal trainer, Zumba Instructor

Pavel is amazing! Just amazing. It was an honor to be in the same room with him.

This was by far the hardest training I have ever completed- physically. The marketing presentation was a wonderful bonus you normally do not get. Lots of material presented but not overwhelming at all.

Thank you for the opportunity to be here. I have learned so much. I am better at kettlebells because of this course.


Aaron Baulch, Tulsa, OK, Owner: Deep Development Studio

Athletic Achievements, training background or specialty:

I have been in the health and fitness industry for more than 20 years. After spending many of those years as a competitive body builder, my focus now lies in deepening my yoga practice and learning movement with the kettlebell.

The course from start to finish has truly been an incredible experience. The amount of material covered has been amazing. I look forward to digesting it, putting it into practice and coming back for more!! Thanks to all at Dragon Door.

One again, the amount of information covered has been amazing. All of the instructors are incredibly well prepared and qualified to be in the positions they are in. the RKC is the gold standard of the strength/functional movement group and it shows with al those involved. Thanks again.

The complete program has been excellent. I have been a part of the fitness industry for over 20 years and this course definitely rates at the top of all that I have taken part in. This has been an awesome experience!!!


Marc Morris, Lisbon, IA, Direct Sales

A lot of information, packed into 3 days. Learned to simplify my training to be able to convey that to the clients back home. Grueling training, but very satisfying from a content stand point.

Pavel put many of the cues and subtleties in very easy to understand terms. He helped with many examples and answered questions I had before I even asked them.

The most intense training I have ever experienced. Quality was second to none. Lost of material to digest, but excellent manual to revisit after leaving here. Very practical exercises that can be taken home and used with clients.

Great use of time and materials covered – workouts were fantastic – no changes needed – a fantastic experience!


Ben Poss, Vancouver, Canada, personal trainer

Athletic Achievements, training background or specialty:

I've been a personal trainer, running my own business for the past 6 years. I used to compete in amateur boxing when I was younger and won the golden gloves a couple of times. I've been training with kettlebells for the past year or so since getting my HKC and have been a member of CrossFit Vancouver for the past year and a half.

This has definitely been one of the most challenging experiences of my life. It has also been one of the most enjoyable and the things I’ve learned will definitely make me a better athlete and trainer.

I was very impressed by the instruction. From Pavel, to the presenters, to my team leader and asst instructors, they were all awesome. Very knowledgeable and were able to correct a lot of my weaknesses.

This was by far the most intense certification I have ever attended. The focus on detail and from, the level of integrity, the high standards and the snatch test have made this my favorite cert to date.

All in all this has been a fantastic experience and I am definitely proud to say that I am now a member of the RKC family!!!


Josh Renkens, Nashville, TN, Chiropractor

Athletic Achievements, training background or specialty:


It is a top-notch organization providing quality, useful instruction. Their attention to detail and professionalism is something I have not experienced with other certifications.

Pavel and Jeff O’Connor and Andrew Read stood out for me. I enjoyed working with my team leader – Michel Hartle – very much. I enjoyed his sense of humor and appreciated his knowledge and high standards of instruction.

The quality of instruction was excellent. I most certainly appreciated the attention to detail.

Great job to the entire RKC team. Thank you for providing a fantastic experience.


Kellen Milad, Chicago, IL, Personal Trainer

Athletic Achievements, training background or specialty:

NASM-CES Certified, specializes in kettlebell and bodyweight training

The RKC experience, to me, is characterized by the relentless pursuit of knowledge. All to often we encounter people and situations that are complacent. The RKC has shown me there is a community out there of people that want to get better and want to impact the world with positive change.

The training was excellent. A thorough review of comprehensive material published by Dragon Door delivered in a simplistic, minimalist approach. Through this simplicity we can then become aware of the depth and complexity of everything we learned and process (the info) at our own pace and to whatever depth we desire.

This was by far the most well organized and comprehensive workshop I have ever attended. I have been working with kbs for 2 years and directly with an RKC, but his experience was irreplaceable.


Tracey Macri, Latham, NY, Central Office Technician

They are a wonderful group of professionals who are "over the top" passionate about kettlebells. The camaraderie that you experience when attending is like no other. If you want to get the skills you need for self growth or to show others, this is where you need to do it.

I’m sure all has been said before, but Pavel has this incredible aura about him. When he speaks, he commands attention. He is so knowledgeable and I guess I didn’t think anything less. My instructors Neghar and Jeff were incredible. They had many suggestions and really took the time to be sooo… attentive. Mark Toomey was great also, what a sense of humor and a calming force. He made you feel relaxed and stopped us form sweating over the small stuff.


Wannika Henderson, Alban, NY, Service Manager

Athletic Achievements, training background or specialty:

Crossfit Level I Certified

This certification training has been the most educational and satisfying training I have been to. The way each movement is broken down and simplified into basic steps contributes to significant understanding. It helps me feel more confident in being able to impact this knowledge on to others and in the correct manner in which it was taught to me.

The quality of training was excellent. The way everyone is consistent in their message and how it relates to everyday life is very valuable. The passion is seen during every moment review. The quality was of the highest level.

It truly has been the best. In other trainings, you do not receive the applicable uses for everyday life and you do here. RKC talks and emphasizes fundamental care basics which help in every other movement you do.


George Koupatadze, Chicago, IL, Software Testing, Personal Training

Athletic Achievements, training background or specialty:

Martial Arts training, NESTA personal trainer, CrossFit Level 1 trainer + a few CrossFit specialty certifications

The training was incredible. The instruction was top notch. The attention to detail by the team leaders and instructors was amazing. it helped me in many ways to become a better athlete and trainer.

The Dragon Door staff was amazing. Pavel provided very deep insights into the art and science of training. The team leaders were knowledgeable and helpful. They were very encouraging as well. I appreciated their efforts very much.

The RKC cert was by far the best and fullest certification seminar in terms of quality, scope of material and practical use.


Christina Leo, Nashville, TN, Database Developer

Athletic Achievements, training background or specialty:

HKC Certification, May 2010, Before discovering kettlebells, I completed six half marathons, two sprint triathlons, and numerous 5-Ks.

I have grown and changed in ways I never imagined in the past 16 months. I hope to be swinging a kettlebell well into my nineties. OUTSTANDING! I was well impressed with all the team members and assistant RKCs with whom I worked. Not only were they all more than willing to help and share their knowledge, it was clear to me that they are passionate about this discipline.

The RKC was everything I expected it to be in terms of quality and depth of training, as well as high standards and integrity. I feel very comfortable teaching others to begin their kettlebell practice safely and with fun.


Brady Jones, McComb, MS, Teacher

Athletic Achievements, training background or specialty:

HKC Instructor

This certification training has given me a vast amount of additional tools I can implement with my clients and friends. It has provided more than I could have ever thought in three days. This is the definite turning point in my training.

I believe I just got three days of the most powerful and informational packed instruction on the planet from the best. All leaders expressed what they expected at all times and were direct.

I’ve never been comfortable with safety in physical exercise till now. I can take this instruction into my training immediately.


Michael Morris, Acworth, GA, Teacher

Athletic Achievements, training background or specialty:

High School Football Coach, HKC certified, Level 1 Sports Performance Coach certified USAW

The RKC experience is tough, professional, and extremely thorough in its teaching of HardStyle Kettlebell strength training.

The instructional team was outstanding. The depth of knowledge and understanding was apparent and the professionalism displayed by all instructors was impressive.

Top notch I am certified in Olympic weight lifting through USA weightlifting and this workshop blows it away. Because of the physical testing, practice, and program design this workshop deepens the understanding of not only how to do the lifts, but also why you should use kettlebells and their benefits.


Dawne Taylor, Summit, MS, HKC Instructor

It was pain. Preparing for and the actually three days of the RKC training has pushed me harder physically, mentally, and emotionally than I have ever experienced before.

A whole lot more than I could obtain in a lifetime. Exceptional to say the least.


Achilles Litao, Mansfield, OH, Physician

Athletic Achievements, training background or specialty:

American Board of Pediatrics

Akin to a spiritual awakening. Exercise suddenly made sense.

Pavel’s presence by itself is the main experience most specially if one has read his book(s). His manner of imparting information is outstanding, a gifted teacher. I was under Mark Toomey’s team. I am impressed by the way Mark handled the topics oat hand. He adjusts the way he presents materials according to the level of understanding of the listener. Most especially I picked up significant aspects form the TGU from Mark that I haven’t encountered or might have missed in the books that I have read about the GU. Truly, Mark has provided a lot of insights not mentioned in the lectures.


Steph Hoeper, North Liberty, IA, Fitness instructor/personal trainer

Athletic Achievements, training background or specialty:

College basketball and softball. Recreational runner. Former teacher, basketball, track, and cross country coach. Currently hold ACE personal trainer and group fitness instructor certifications.

I was sick to my stomach with nervous anticipation for this course. Once I met my team and team leaders, the true excitement set in. I love the community and the vast knowledge made available to us.

Highest quality I’ve had in a fitness workshop. I am a fact and stat junkie – loved the info; proof and explanation of why we do what we do – because that’s what I want to be able to give my clients when I go home. I love the high standard of the RKC because it gives it value to me and to others to know I EARNED it (hopefully :) ). I also really appreciated Mark Toomey’s ability to make it all real instead of building up pressure. He, Neghar, and Jeff were excellent at building confidence while providing us with ways to constantly improve. I appreciated the one on one persistence especially with tweaking my swing. (Which I thought I had tweaked at my HKC). I feel much more confident, smooth and athletic in my kettlebell skills.

Beyond any ACE certified course I’ve attended in all areas.


Chris Reynolds, Bloomington, IL, Firefighter/Paramedic

Athletic Achievements, training background or specialty:

Military Police Corrections Officer (Army 1994-1997), IL Department of Corrections Correctional Officers (1998-2006), Professional Firefighter/Paramedic (2006-Current)

I came to realize that it is the series of little things that when added up can make all the difference in t technique and performance. Instructors were super and very helpful. I look forward to returning to my department and teaching my fellow fireman correct use of kettlebells.

I was very impressed with the quality of instruction. Every instructor had the goal of making us better.

RKC was more concise and to the point. No Fluff!


Greg Gorecki, Hinckley, OH, Sales

Athletic Achievements, training background or specialty:

Black Belt in Kenpo, Trained in Tae Kwon Do and Hapkido

A tough love approach to testing your discipline, safety, endurance and strength. A great experience for the not faint of heart!

Excellent knowledge on all instructors parts especially Pavel. Their insight was top-notch! I learned so much more about kettlebells and their usage!

Above and by far the most intense physically and the most mentally nurturing seminar I have been to.


Brandon Sallee, Columbus, OH, Army Infantry Officer

Athletic Achievements, training background or specialty:

Active Duty National Guard Infantry Officer with various athletic endeavors including track, semi professional football. Airborne Ranger qualified, Military Mountaineer qualified and Iraqi Freedom veteran. HKC qualified in Jan 2011 in Columbus, Ohio.

The RKC training cert has opened my eyes to the simple yet highly sophisticated world of utilizing the kettlebell as a tool of strength that travels the whole spectrum of physical culture.

They are all professionals who bring their expertise form their fields and apply it to the RKC system. They all bring a flavor and give something you never though of before.

It has a militaristic quality down to the true attention to detail. It was a tough physical weekend that still allowed motor pattern development.


Trevor Frampton, Devon, PA, Fitness Director Club LA Maison.

A higher standard was set by getting instruction from multiple RKC instructors. I realized that the wealth of knowledge in this community is greater than I ever realized. I will train harder and smarter than ever before.

Wonderful instruction and extension of knowledge. It feels like we are joining a family. We are joining a family that has knowledge to back it up and will make a great impact on the entire world.

Outstanding! The knowledge is very expansive and diverse. It’s nice to see continual development in techniques and strategy.


Patrick McCarthy Kennebunk, ME, Strength Coach/ Fitness Specialist

Athletic Achievements, training background or specialty:

NSCA CSCS, HKC, Functional Movement Screen Certified, College Baseball

Wealth of knowledge slammed into 3 days. High repletion of the basic movements made the learning process easier.

Top of the industry. All presenters are extremely knowledgeable and showed us different teaching styles.


Aaron Pierson, Fort Collins CO, Emergency Medical Technician

Athletic Achievements, training background or specialty:

HKC, Level 4 Krav Maga practitioner.

A realization on how kb’s have changed so many lives, from so many walks of life.
The RKC workshop has been one of the most physically and mentally challenges I have experienced. I will walk away stronger in every aspect of life.

I found that each instructor has something to teach. Not everybody is created the same or teaches the same. Watching nearly 20+ instructors troubleshoot in various ways taught me a lot. I truly enjoyed the lectures and individual talks with each instructor I spoke with. I also like knowing that each instructor must pass the same test I do before the workshop begins.

The hand on instruction by far exceeds any training I have encountered.


Sarah Riedl, Minneapolis, MN, Personal Trainer

Athletic Achievements, training background or specialty:

3 years triathlon/marathon experience, including one Ironman-distance triathlon, NSCA-Certified Personal Trainer since 2005, Specialist in Active Isolated Stretching (the Mattes method) since 2005

It is a great combination of listening and actually doing, in a way that makes kettlebells easy to understand. It certainly helped refine my technique while explaining why it is so important to be so precise. And it was also a wonderful opportunity to network and become involved in the RKC community.

I appreciated the careful guidance they provided. They were quick to help us spot our mistakes, and very useful in teaching us how to teach others.

The Russian KB Certification Training is far better than any other training I’ve had in physical exercise. With RKC you have to be able to "walk the walk, not just "talk the talk". I’ve actually taken courses that you can study through a video and workbook, with no instructor evaluation at all. RKC provides more information, and better yet, direct feedback from qualified instructors. It is the most thorough certification I’ve taken.


Steve Goldbach, New York, NY, Management Consultant

RKC challenged my body and my intellect. I’m not a trainer but RKC made it more likely that I will have consistent and positive experiences when I train. In essence, RKC showed me what good looks like. Terrific instruction – Jon Engum, Andrew and Val had the right mix of tough love and encouragement.

The knowledge demonstrated was broad and deep. Best part was when the instructors would show the deep connections between the movements to demonstrate how they reinforced each other and built on that same principles.

I’m a white collar guy who just happened to meet an RKC II Instructor (Antonio Cordova) and the training has delivered more results than any other coaching I’ve received. 2.5 years ago I couldn’t do a pull-up; now I do the snatch test in 4:15. I came here as "my marathon".

Actually, I think this was extremely professionally run for the cost. I have attended other (non-fitness) conferences/seminars and the organization and professionalism of this is top notch.


Marion Ingram, Nashville, TN, Banking

Athletic Achievements, training background or specialty:

HKC Certified

Mental strength – there comes a point at which you have to make a decision – Am I weak or am I strong. KB and the RKC has a way of challenging you physically and mentally. A good instructor is both and the RKC offers every opportunity during certification for you to decide – the choice is yours.

Respect – I’ve heard many fitness certifications are more bookwork and tests – why would you want an instructor who can’t do the moves correctly on their own? RKC has set a standard for all their instructor and the level of respect comes for knowing the extreme amount of physical tests the instructors are put through. You don’t "pay" for their type of certification, you "earn" it.

Loved my team leader – Du Pain! And Josh Hillis and Dustin Miller – awesome team leader assistants.

No comparison. I’ve worked with other fitness instructors and it wasn’t until I worked with an RKC did I know I was squatting incorrectly. I can’t believe I was doing it wrong for so long, but I’m grateful I found an RKC instructor to correct it. Now I know I’m doing it correctly and won’t hurt myself.


Jeremy Bowman, Richmond, VA, Personal Trainer

The course was well planned and put together. From the beginning to the end, it flowed from one aspect (movement) to the next, to finish with an understanding of how each works to better the other movement.

The quality of Pavel was outstanding. I got to get some personal attention from him and through this corrected some issues that I was having with my squat. He cleared up a lot of questions and head banging against the wall on why certain techniques were not working. The quality of the Senior Instructors was outstanding; lots of combined knowledge and ideas that when used together helped very much. The Team Leaders were very knowledgeable and constantly trouble shooting to make everyone better.

This has been one of the most intense as well as the most hands on style of teaching (training). The quality has been the best in terms of physical exercise and on par if not better on the knowledge. The scope of the material is well thought out and put together.


Steve Fillbrandt, St. Louis Park, MN. None

Athletic Achievements, training background or specialty:

HKC, Krav Maga student

The RKC helped me strengthen what was right, improve what was wrong, and showed me many of the varied, though correct, techniques that work with different body types.

Even if I did not receive a teaching certificate, this weekend of training is worth about a year of kettlebell classes (and I am not denigrating kb classes when I say that).


Beth Ehrmann, Colorado Springs, CO, Owner of The Wrecking Bell- a strength and conditioning gym in Colorado Springs, CO

Athletic Achievements, training background or specialty:

Marine, former police officer, Krav Maga practitioner, HKC

Invaluable training. From corrective drills to marketing ideas, everything "made sense". There was no exercise, no lecture, no tip that I felt was a waste of time. So much knowledge in one room – three days well spent!

Seeing these guys in person, putting their knowledge to use to sometimes. Literally, transforming a person’s form and skill level was impressive. Their willingness to lessen and help never wavered. The positive "can do will do" attitudes were always there. Great experience.


Kristina Chang, Sunnyvale, CA

Wish I could do this every weekend!

Every single instructor I met this weekend was knowledgeable, professional, consistent and engaging.


Robin Arnone, Woodbine, MD, Personal Trainer

Athletic Achievements, training background or specialty:

19 years of personal training, Pilates Cert. FMS, Certified, HKC Cert.

I truly enjoyed being around such dedicated and knowledgeable instructors. You would never know that the asst. did this on a volunteer basis. They were very helpful and approachable. The instructors seemed truly interested and dedicated to my learning.

For the most part I was very surprised at how humble the instructors were. I was surrounded by such great athletes and such great knowledge but no egos. I didn’t feel like the instructors were trying to intimidate you. I felt welcomed into the RKC community.

The take home material is def. superior. With exception to the FMS class/cert., no other certification seems as professional or put together. The RKC has made a great name/reputation for itself and I am proud to be a part of it.


Sean Leffler, Los Alamos, NM, Embedded Software Developer

Athletic Achievements, training background or specialty:

Tae Kwon Do, AFAA PT Cert

I only thought I knew how to swing. :)

A terrific group. The breadth and depth of knowledge you gain is invaluable, even if you don’t take it for certification (or don’t pass). My students are in for quite a shock when I get back!

All of my team was very knowledgeable and super helpful. Kind when needed, strict when needed. I would not hesitate to take trainings /courses with tem in the future.

For my (part time job) @ the YMCA, I have to have an AFAA Cert. that cert is practically useless to me as a KB instructor. This RKC Cert is about teaching how to teach, where as the other paper certs are about insurance liability. I hope my YMCA will change its policy about this.


Katherine F Parent, New York, NY, Clinical Research Associate

Athletic Achievements, training background or specialty:

5 years kickboxing, 2 years training in Kettlebells.

A very tough course but well worth the investment. Instruction was stellar and well thought out as techniques we learned in class the first day were used as building blocks for the instruction on the second day. Course is very well organized and team leader a wonderful instructor! (Andrea)

If I can one day swing the way Pavel does, I will be a very happy woman! Until then, I plan to train very hard to hopefully got close! He made sit look very easy! All jokes aside, I learned a lot from Pavel and his presentations. The way he presents his material is well organized and thought out. Andrea really spent time to help me achieve much more than I thought possible.


JP Martinez, Albuquerque NM, Flight Paramedic

Athletic Achievements, training background or specialty:

Firefighter/Paramedic with Albuquerque fire department, Involved in plenty sports throughout life with experience coaching high school basketball years ago. Most certifications related to fire service and medical services.

The training was a success to me mentally and physically made possible by very knowledgeable practitioners of kettlebell and movement training.

Pavel is brilliant in books and even better in person. All personnel bring his same spirit to teaching.

No comparison. Efficient training compared to mindless exertion.

Thank you to all that helped bring this opportunity to my life and practice!


Michelle Chan, Seattle, WA, Sports Management

Athletic Achievements, training background or specialty:

4 year Division 1 Collegiate Rower, CrossFit Kettlebell Certified.

It provided a very clear and concise explanation of each fundamental RKC movement from the top down. It highlighted the background of each movement and how each ties together. It was extremely enlightening and absolutely invigorated my passion for the kettlebell and what it can bring to our community.

The quality was impeccable and gold standard. Instruction was clear and concise with a bit of humor tossed about. Our team leader and assistants on TEAM ROSS kept us very engaged – gave me very helpful tips. I truly appreciate the emphasis on "subtleties" of each movement.

High level of practical usage. Scope of material is concentrated; definitely not able to get all the subtleties, but the support of the RKC community afterwards will definitely lend to the continued refinement of my kettlebell practices.


Jessica Huthmaker Columbia, SC, Kettlebell Trainer

Athletic Achievements, training background or specialty:

Powerlifting, fitness, and bodybuilding titles prior to being introduced to kettlebells. Now, kettlebells only! I love seeing my clients and my own life changing for the better the longer we do kettlebells! Initial RKC cert in 2004

Great! Excellent teachers/team leaders.

No comparison. No other cert I have ever attended even comes close to being in the same league.


Orion Dooley, Cranston, RI, UPS Driver

Athletic Achievements, training background or specialty:


Quality instruction from very knowledgeable professionals was given.

Amazing! Pavel is an exceptional teacher. His knowledge and ability to fix problems is unequaled. The team leaders were excellent. Each one bringing something new to the table. My team leader "Doc" Hartle was very helpful with his tough love.


Rhonda Dean, Mansfield, OH, Information Technology Manager

This certification training has been amazing. Not only did it test physical strength, but also my mental strength and endurance.

The instructors were very professional and extremely knowledgeable. All seemed to be very helpful and generally seemed to want to make sure we succeeded.


Jenni Hanson, Bettendorf, Iowa, Nurse

A weekend packed full of instruction of technique, practice and evaluation. We received individual attention and instruction whenever needed.
Pavel is a deep well of knowledge and it was amazing to hear each thing had to say. Each of the instructors did a great job at tough love with instruction.

It was extremely well organized and I feel like I was able to increase my knowledge with technique dramatically during this course..


Dennis Evans, The Woodlands, TX

A very well designed class that is light years a head of the times for cutting edge training. Very knowledgeable in human biomechanics with scientific research to back it up. Strong family feeling from instructors to students.

Pavel and all the instructors were very informative and approachable. The strong sense of family and community was very refreshing. No doubt their goal was to improve everyone at this seminar in some very, shape or form.

This class was by far the most informative class that I have attended. All the material is based in science with research to back it up as well as practical application that bring truth to the why’s of what we are doing.


Noel Tenoso, West Linn, Oregon, Physical Therapist

Athletic Achievements, training background or specialty:

Former Competitive Cyclist (road, velodrome), former runner, college tennis, karate, physical therapist, certified functional movement screen (FMS), certified Mechanical Diagnostic Therapist (Mckenzie Institute), certified Orthopaedic Manipulative Therapist(North American Institute of Orthopaedic Manual Therapy), Orthopedic Certified Specialist(American Physical Therapy Association)

Best training I’ve had on exercises movement analysis. Bering a P.T. I look more at isolated movement but this puts it all together for me at looking at total body movement and stability. This has all levels of application in both clinical and stress realm.


Crystal Kelly, Boone, NC, Program Director – NonProfit

Athletic Achievements, training background or specialty:

None, other than sports (cross country, swimming) almost 20 years ago.

This training is extremely well organized with so much information and practice with the kbs. I feel stronger, both mentally and physically, after this weekend.

I was so impressed with the depth of knowledge of all of the instructors, team leaders, and especially Pavel. It’s so clear that there is a deep commitment and passion that everyone has – it’s contagious! There’s so much to learn I feel like t his training could be a week long just to cover the basics.


Michael O’Brien, Ashburn, VA, Small Business Owner

Athletic Achievements, training background or specialty:

High school and college football (division III), no other certs at this time but studying for the ISSA PT cert.

Great experience learning techniques and skills from top-notch instructors that were completely accessible to learn from. Great networking with other top-notch athletes, trainers that want to add value to themselves and their clients.

Thought all instructors that taught were great. My team leader, Jeff O’Connor was great. He was strict with the students but always wanted to let us know to have fun and relax. Excellent overall experience with trainers, I have learned to have the upmost respect to the knowledge, experience and teaching ability of Jeff and his team of George and Alise.


Amy Bento Ross, Darien, CT, Fitness Professional/Expert

Athletic Achievements, training background or specialty:

HS and College Athlete (Volleyball, Basketball, Softball) Creator and star of 24 home workout DVD's sold on the global market. Star of four "10 Minute Solution" series workout DVD's Certifications - AFPA PT, AFPA Advanced PT, NASM CPT, CPR. Married to RKC Team Leader Phil Ross.

I learned the fundamentals and foundation of kettlebell training. A high level of attention to detail in specific core moves were taught. I was challenged both mentally and physically throughout the weekend. I would be proud to receive the cert based on the "gold" standard of experience this weekend.

I was impressed at the depth of knowledge. There was a high level of integrity shown for not only the subject matter and practice but demanded of us as well. This is what sets RKC apart from others.

There was more depth of movement. Other certs focus on just specific areas of movement without weight stimulus. This cert is physically challenging. Others are not and therefore I don’t walk away with as much. I was put through the motions here and extensive movement. This sets it apart. Repetition and physical and mental challenge. I will retain more here than in other certs.


Allan Stephenson Jr, Upper Marlboro, MD, Strength Coach

Athletic Achievements, training background or specialty:


It was the most complete and physically challenging certification experience I have had.

Pavel is excellent. He is friendly and a great representative for Dragon Door.

More time for instruction. More time for better adherence to breaks so bathroom and necessary phone calls can be made. If there is a ten minute break and three minutes of it is spent addressing us we have limited time to take care of things.


Rachel Ali, Jersey City, NJ, Physical Therapist

It is the best seminar I have attended so far because it not only improves me personally but I can also use all the principles to help my family and friends and clients.

Mr. Pavel Tsatsouline is someone I have looked forward to see and listen to, and he didn’t disappoint me. He was very knowledgeable on his topic but presented himself humbly and reachable and understandable to me. You didn’t have to be a person with a science degree to understand what he was talking about despite trying to explain and present scientific principles. It has been an honor to meet him.

The RKC training is by far the best seminar I have attended, amongst a lot of other physical therapy courses and seminars I have attended. Most PT courses are a waste of time and money because the lecturer just reads off from the book or a speech and almost all attendees get sleepy whereas RKC is presentation and application. Application is active participation of attendees. I never had a single moment where I felt sleepy.


Carrie Walker, Fuquay-Varina, NC,

My experience of the Russian Kettlebell Certification training gave me a better respect for myself. Through this training, I experienced and realized how far I have come since the first day I picked up a kettlebell. I have so much pride in myself as a result of kettlebells.

This is by far the best organized training event I have ever experienced not only in the fitness world but at a corporate level. I felt very welcome. There was not a time where I felt rushed if I did not understand something or felt degraded for my lack of knowledge. I enjoyed the emphasis on safety and loved the camaraderie.

This is my very first certification, yet I have been to several seminars on running and nutrition. Everyone was knowledgeable, professional, well organized and respectful. I loved the structure and enjoyed the use of time with out being rushed.


Todd Hitchcock, Catonsville MD, Personal Trainer

Athletic Achievements, training background or specialty:

BS. Exercise Science, NSCA – CSCS, FMS, HKC

The RKC has a unique way of challenging you to your limits and beyond. Not just physically, but mentally as well. A true test of oneself!

I was very impressed. These guys are all world-class experts on kettlebell training. Every instructor was very knowledgeable on all aspects of skills, techniques and training methodology.

Nothing comes close. HKC was one day of basic instruction – still good. But RKC was three full, intensive days packed with information and practice.


Cullen McDonald, Albuquerque, NM, Firefighter

Athletic Achievements, training background or specialty:

State champion in wrestling, all-state in football and track in high school. Competitor in Firefighter Combat Challenge World Championships (2003). Won 2005 Grappler’s Quest in Las Vegas, NV. Two-Time winner in Rumble in the Rio, police vs. firefighter boxing matches 2007-2008. HKC certified 2010. Wrestling and Football coach in 2001. Background in MMA style fighting. Instructor in Albuquerque Fire Academy in 2007. Training as a HKC for past year. Z-Health Essentials certification. MMA submission wrestling under Greg Jackson,

There is no better training or teachers, they back all statements and instruction with proven scientific research.


Elisa Mailman, New York, NY, investment analyst

The training was amazing. I was on team Ross and our three instructors were knowledgeable, thoughtful and when needed, critical. I felt myself improving all weekend, which I attributed to them. They were able to tweak little things, which helped tremendously. I am not a personal trainer, so this was my first (my trainer is RKC II and challenged me to do it). But the quality, scope of material and practical use was fantastic. I can take all of this home and make my workouts more precise, stronger and hopefully more enjoyable.


Derek Lahti, Neenah, WI, Functional Training/Kettlebell Gym Owner & Trainer

Athletic Achievements, training background or specialty:

6 months of TaeKwon Do, Lifetime interest of martial arts, little experience with Wu Style Tai Chi, Bachleors Degree in Exercise Science, CSCS Certified, Trained under Level II RKC trainer for past year, Opened own gym Oct 2010.

An intense training both mentally and physically in the proper training of kettlebells. Proper breakdown of the movements to better understand safety and strength.

Quality was in depth. They freely shared this knowledge on techniques to better perform a movement. This information will be able to be directly incorporated into my kettlebell instruction and own training.


Fred Mindach, Murfreesboro, TN, Personal Trainer

Athletic Achievements, training background or specialty:

Served 5 Years in the United States Navy, supporting Iraqi freedom. Been a personal Trainer for 9 years. I have moved to exploring a lot of bodyweight movements. Hold a degree from the University of Hawaii, Hold an ACE-cpt and AFAA-cpt currently

It is has been every mentally and physically challenging course that has a return of a hundred times. It helps you get past barriers that push through every aspect of your life. One of the most rewarding certifications I have even ben to.

It is by far the best collection of minds and experience I have had the pleasure to be a part of, it is quality instruction that is very personalized even though it was in a bog group. That only happens with top tier instruction.

The attention to detail is unparalleled. No other course I have taken goes near into the depth of training than this.


Sergio Perez, Chicago, IL, Personal Trainer

Athletic Achievements, training background or specialty:

IMS Certified, Y-Balance Test Certified

Pavel and the team leaders are greatly knowledgeable. They pushed you and corrected and showed you different ways to viewing kb training, corrections and life lesson. It’s knowledge they have built up through years of practice but one weekend only gives you a fraction of what they can teach.

Russian KB certification is in a world of it’s own! Nothing gets your heart racing like bks. From a running background, the only thing that gets me that working this hard is sprints and your body can only do that for short sports. kb’s allow you to train full body in the same intensity as sprints!!


Cap O'Rourke, Minneapolis, MN

It is a physically demanding yet technically focused training that transfers knowledge of kb to others so that they are prepared to teach.

I have had little training but the attention to detail and building on a base of knowledge was impressive.


Victor Selvaggi, Ellicott City, MD, Personal Trainer

Athletic Achievements, training background or specialty:


Hand work and dedication to one system equals great results. Sharpening the sword! A large variety of backgrounds and knowledge, all under one roof. The instructors were professional and dedicated to the cause.


Roxanne Altmeyer, Minneapolis, MN, Hairstylist/RKC

Athletic Achievements, training background or specialty:


I’m re-certing. I now understand why there is a need to come back to this place every 2 years. I have refined my skills/moves 10x overs. The certification gets better and better.


Steph Woods, Cedar Lake, IN, Fitness Coach

Was a great learning experience. The training was intense but not unbearable. All the instructors are amazing and really know what they are talking about and now how to help your form.

Besides where I train I have no other experience of training. But because of the workouts I do at home it helped prepare me for the RKC and my coach also Angela Romas helped prepare mentally.


Paul Gorman, Evansville, IN, ATC, PTA, CSCS

Top Notch. No comparison. The HKC/RKC should be a part of elite level certification programs for all strength and conditioning certs.


Vince Gabriele, Berkeley Heights, NJ, Owner and trainer at Gabriele fitness

It helps people/trainers understand how important it is to be strong. It helps us understand how the human body moves and how it shouldn’t. It helps us understand what needs to be stable and what needs to be mobile in order to be healthy.

The hands on aspect was huge. Most certs are just from books. This you have to prove you can perform the drills yourself and also be able to coach someone through them.

I thought everyone was helpful and gave consistent feedback on certain coaching cues. I felt everyone was on the same page in regards to the coaching cues that were given. The quality of training was outstanding and taught me that anyone can get strong and everyone should be strong.


Gary Herman, Springfield, MO, Athletic Trainer

Athletic Achievements, training background or specialty:

FMS level 1; SFMA level 1, certified athletic trainer (ATC)

After going through Brandon Hetzler’s, RKC, CK-FMS training for six months I thought I fixed most of my bad habits. The RKC exposed those habits I thought I fixed and rebuilt my techniques. The RKC is a long, high volume certification, but done in a manor to control fatigue and still get quality/RKC standard reps.

Hard to put into words. You can see the different level of knowledge each leader brings to the table. You can tell these people live for RKC and practice it on a daily basis. There is one thing to know how to do a skill, but it is totally different to be able to teach it to different people and have everyone understand.

RKC has a reason to what it is doing. All through life coaches tell me to do something, but they don’t have a reason. RKC explains everything in a manner that easy to understand.


Linsey Smith, Springfield, Athletic Trainer

Athletic Achievements, training background or specialty:

FMS level 1; SFMA level 1, certified athletic trainer (ATC), PES.

After my training I thought I had fixed my bad habits. This course was intense and made me realize there is always work to be done.

This weekend was exceptional! My knowledge was greatly improved by the staff. They were professional and detailed in their instruction.

This training was more intense than anything I have gone through. The material is greatly beneficial to me for my profession. I will be able to apply these exercises to improve the quality of my athletes.


Jen Codutti, Springfield, MO, Athletic Trainer

Athletic Achievements, training background or specialty:

Marathon, half marathons, trail running. ATC, FMS, HKC

It is probably the most intense training and seminar I have attended. I am already using many of the ideas and techniques in my own work setting.


Rowena Litao, Mansfield, OH, Homemaker

My endurance and strength levels were tested to my maximum limits. It is imperative to train hard for one year before coming to RKC training. Most importantly, is to keep my focus at doing perfect techniques for each form, in spite of the grueling training drills and workouts for the whole weekend. Staying mentally alert at the tine of execution is a must.


Justin Lindley Plano, IL, Personal Trainer

Athletic Achievements, training background or specialty:

USSCA National and Iowa State Champion (1992), NSCA Certified Personal Trainer (2007), Associates Degree in Physical Therapy (1995), and HKC Certified (2010)

How strength is enhanced by mobility. Developing a more resilient person.

When I think Pavel and RKC I think quality. That was just reinforced this weekend.

Pavel and the whole RKC team keep the integrity of RKC and the kettlebell. They are proud and protective of it. Not so with all certs.


Heather Dayton, Maplewood, MN, Personal Trainer, Group Fitness Instructor

Athletic Achievements, training background or specialty:

In the Fitness Industry for 15+ years. Professional Certifications/Training include: HKC,Spinning, NETA cpt, TRX, Zumba, with a strong interest in core, corrective exercise, chronic pain disorders, physical and cardiac rehab.

Honored to be a part of this training experience. It was difficult but rewarding. I have gained insight and knowledge that I know will impact my own personal/physical development as well as my clients.

By far RKC has provided in a short 3-day time span more information and practical training experience than any other certification. Thank you. I respect the strict requirements for certifications!


Benjamin M. Bulera, Woodbury, MN, Student

As a college student I face instruction, and lectures every day. It is apparent that the RKC holds a standard of expectation for all team leaders to be elite in knowledge as well as strength. Thank you!


James Croteau, McComb MS, Personal Trainer HKC

Athletic Achievements, training background or specialty:

HKC, BJJ Blue Belt 1st Stripe under Carlos Machado

Very informative. Tests your ability to endure hard workouts but at the same time shows you how to endure better.

I’ve practiced Brazilian Jiu Jitsu for a couple of years. And the same kind of discipline is there. The scope of material is there and also the practical use is a little more than BJJ.

All over great experience. Very informative. I will definitely be training in a different way for now on..


Roy Bocina, East Northport, NY, Police Officer

Athletic Achievements, training background or specialty:

Prior US Army, Current Police Officer, Sandan American Jiu Jitsu, Guro Pekiti Tirsia

Was a good experience, very good instruction.

October 2010 Russian Kettlebell Certification Workshop—Participant Praise


Sean Greeley, Orlando, FL, business owner

Athletic Achievements, training background or specialty:

Former professional wakeboarder, personal trainer and multi-location personal training facility owner, Crossfit Level 1 Certified

The Russian Kettlebell Certification Training contributed to my understanding and practice of kettlebells in the following ways:

  1. Drilling Down- the instructors were excellent at drilling down into all of the intricate components of each movement from tension, breath, body position, awareness, etc.
  2. Community- the more time I get to spend with the dragon door community, the more I come to appreciate just how incredible it is and how much I have to offer the world.
  3. Recovery- I learned a ton this weekend about using the kettlebell as a therapy and recovery tool for injuries, aches and pains, improving flexibility, etc.

Having spent my life as an athlete, coach, multi-location studio owner, and now a coach and consultant to thousands of trainers and fitness business owners around the world; today I can honestly say that the RKC Certification is the most comprehensive I have ever experienced and the quality of coaches the RKC develops are second to none. I fully endorse and strongly recommend the RKC system to anyone serious about improving their athletic performance or working with others as a coach.

Amazing. I was incredibly impressed by all of the coaches and assistant coaches this weekend. They are all incredible individuals with great gifts to share. When you put them all together I believe the collective Dragon Door community is second to none in the fitness industry.


Incredible all the way around. Love how comprehensive, yet simple, it is. It covers everything: physical conditioning standards to fundamental movements, coaching correction tools and cues, movement lessons, and more. It is truly a complete certification.


Drew Massey, Columbia, TN, Wellness Director, YMCA of Middle TN

Athletic Achievements, training background or specialty:

Masters in Exercise Science California University of Pennsylvania, HKC, NSCA-C.p.t. NASM P.E.S, USA Weightlifting, TRX instructor, Former Collegiate Football Player: Austin Peay State University, Bethel College Football Staff: Film work and Strength and Conditioning

Great experience. The course teaches you how to teach. Others either gave you a lot of information and no practical experience, while others give you a chance to just get a workout. This course does both extremely well! Knowledge is gained but it can also be applied.

The ability to interact with great instructors is priceless, no wonder it is considered a family. I like the fact that you have to prepare for the workshop. You don't get credit for just showing up.

This was phenomenal! Individuals who have had a huge influence on my abilities as a coach/ trainer were right there giving encouragement and guidance. This is a great group of people dedicated to helping individuals meet their goals. Unbelievable!

Hands down one of the best workshops/ certifications I have ever attended. Every student of exercise science or health should attend. This should be college curriculum – I have a MS in exercise and nothing I have done compares to the real world knowledge I have gained as an instructor in the course.

You guys really think of everything. Every detail is covered from time of presentation to breaks to the flow of the whole weekend. Wonderfully organized.


Annie Vo, New York, NY, Personal Trainer

Athletic Achievements, training background or specialty:

B.A. in Philosophy, NCSF-CPT

This was an extraordinary learning experience with the best coaches I have ever worked with (both instructors of the course and unique/courageous attendees)

RKC is by far the most extensive and rigorous physical fitness training I have ever experienced both physically and intellectually.


Beth Andrews, Cartersville, GA, Personal Trainer

Athletic Achievements, training background or specialty:

HKC certified, NETA certified, AFAA certified

This was truly a spiritual experience for me. Learning to connect with my own body, connect with a group, and connect with my "victim" and the RKC grogram.

2 words: Spiritual Awakening!

This certification focused on your "victim" from all aspects of their well being. It wasn't about making them look good but about helping them to feel better, be fit and functional in everyday life. My other certs – well let's just leave that alone-

No Offense! I have found my Religion! ;)


Shelton Loren, St Louis, MO

The RKC is an awesome test of your metal. Any chinks in the armor are identified and corrected.

The best I have experienced. This is the next step. If you don't do this you're not really getting better whether it is fitness or rehab or just general health.


Aleks Salkin, Omaha, NE, Student

Athletic Achievements, training background or specialty:

Krav Maga

It was one of the most physically challenging, mentally demanding, and character building things I've ever done. I can honestly say I'm a better and more informed person as a result.

The quality of the training provided by Pavel, the Master and Senior Instructors, and the Team Leaders was unmatched by any other instruction I've experienced before.

Thanks for the unforgettable, life-changing weekend!


Ryan Dendinger, New Orleans, LA, personal trainer

Athletic Achievements, training background or specialty:

American Fitness Training of Athletics; CPT, Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu; white belt, Mixed Martial Arts; amateur

One of the most exhausting experiences of my life, mentally and physically. This weekend was a true testament to my perceived toughness and I enjoyed losing every drop of sweat and blood.

The quality of instruction was unbeatable. Everyone is extremely knowledgeable and all instructions were communicated in a way that a person with no kettlebell experience would have been able to pick up.

The scope of material was more vast than any I had experienced before. Pavel and the other instructors made it clear that the RKC program can be implemented to absolutely anyone for any pursuit of physical fitness.


Kavon Atabaki, Falls Church, Virginia, Personal Trainer

Athletic Achievements, training background or specialty:

American Council on Exercise, Certified Personal Trainer, National Strength Professionals Association, Certified Personal Trainer, HKC, National Capital Area Parkinsons Foundation, Certified Trainer.

An eye opening learning process that taught me principles that can not only be applied directly to kb lifting, but cross into all aspects of strength, sports and fitness.

Untouchable. With 4 different existing, nationally recognized certifications, and numerous seminars and workshops attended. I found the instruction here to be the best I've been exposed to thus far. From verbal cues, depth of knowledge, hands on guidance. I couldn't have asked for more.


Adrienne Harvey, Maitland, FL, Personal Trainer, Internet Entrepreneur

Athletic Achievements, training background or specialty:

Certified Personal Trainer (American Council on Exercise)

Very high quality instruction displayed by everyone. The variety of speakers/instructors with their individual voices and experiences was especially helpful. This feels like THE certification to get if you are actually very serious about kettlebells and not just trying to make a quick buck. Pavel's sense of humor is rather amusing as well.

Far beyond any other certification/training I have yet experienced. I prepared for this weekend for over a year. Very glad that I took it seriously because this is a real challenge, not just a "show up, listen, pay, get certificate" operation. I like that not just anyone can be an RKC, you have to earn this honor.

This weekend did more for my posture than 9 weeks on 1990's era "how to be a model" school mom made me attend!!


Tim Vicchrilli, Rome GA, Personal Trainer

Athletic Achievements, training background or specialty:

Played football for Georgia Southern University, and The Rome Renegades (an arena football team). NSCA-CPT for the last 5 years

Amazing!! The diversity of the instructors, Master and Sr. RKCs was the best. Each one brought something different and different style of teaching and expertise. This made learning easier and more enjoyable. I can't wait to take my RKC II.

The best training I've ever had. VERY, VERY knowledgeable and very helpful. If they didn't know, they found someone who did. Not above saying "I don't know" which showed me they are humble.

Much more in depth. I LOVED IT. Broke everything down and showed us how and why it worked and what the purpose was. Showed me how the exercise applied to all my clients, not just athletes. The quality of material and the coaching was come of the BEST I've ever had.


Barry Tallis, Hillsboro, OR, Strategic Consulting Director

Athletic Achievements, training background or specialty:

BTFA Certified Personal Trainer

Amazing time bonding with fellow warriors, it is a huge milestone in my transition from corporate America to personal training.

Top notch training – definitely worth the investment. So much more principles taught and how to apply them than any other program out there.

Far and away the best. The depth of knowledge and correction and reasoning behind the program is incredible.


Chad Cook, Marietta, GA, Golf Performance Specialist

Athletic Achievements, training background or specialty:

Certified Golf Performance Specialist, CHEK Exercise Coach, Holistic Lifestyle Coach 1, NASM CPT, TRX Certified, Served in U.S. Air Force, Hockey: College All-American, All-American Academic, High School Captain, 1st Team All-State, Team Wisconsin, Golf: High School Captain, State Tournament 2 yrs

The RKC is a great blend of technique and application. The training was excellent at taking the lessons and applying them immediately in a practical setting giving me the feel needed to master on my own.

Excellent! Learning from the best in the industry gives me confidence in applying the principles.

RKC is exceptional at providing a learning atmosphere that excels in quality, scope and practical use. I found their ability to transfer the knowledge to practical use very refreshing.


Sid Wright, Athens TN, Electrician

Athletic Achievements, training background or specialty:

HKC. Shichi Dan in Isshinryu Karate

I feel like I have been brought into a family of elite athletes. The instructors are mentors and friends.

The training is unmatched. The team leaders treat you like family. The depth of knowledge is unreal.

I have had other training from so called experts but when you are in front of true experts as in the Russian Kettlebell Certification there is no comparison.


David Goff, Central, South Carolina, Facility Owner

Athletic Achievements, training background or specialty:

Competitive swimmer until college. Started weight training in college and have limited competitive background in power lifting & body building.

I could not be more pleased. My expectations were exceeded.

Again this exceeded my expectations I though the quality, professionalism, and competency level was top notch. The standard -> benchmark for all kettlebell instruction.


Quality – professional and very well run. Content and quality was very good.

Scope of material – comprehensive with references for future refinement.

Practical use – a wealth of practical information. I was able to set a PR x 2 kb sizes just based on applying force tension techniques.


Jim Barys, Teacher, Oakham, MA

An amazingly intense three days of superb instruction. Direction and redirection, correction in movement and technique, camaraderie and openness, were the hallmarks of the instruction and instructors.

Nothing short of outstanding from all. Direction, correction, encouragement and praise meted out in the correct proportion.


Susan Sloan, Tallahassee, FL, State Employee

It's true, "Tough Love". I never felt bullied, I felt I was instructed with goal to succeed. Pavel was amazing. The team leaders were awesome. Ms Du Cane was so helpful. Her instruction was invaluable.

This was one of the most exciting things I've done in my life. Losing 100 lbs, and setting my goal early on helped me get here along with some very special people. This weekend has been the highlight in this long journey. One that is not over for me.


Christopher Esposito, Coral Springs Florida, Gym owner

Athletic Achievements, training background or specialty:

Kickboxing, Brazillian Jiu Jitsu

The RKC was the most thorough certification I've ever participated in. all the instructors had an eye for detail and they all knew the subject matter inside and out.

They left no stone unturned. They were all sticklers for detail until we got the subject matter down. This allows me to go back to my gym and confidently teach kettlebells.

I'm proud to be with RKC!


Jeff Falkowski, Boston MA, Strength and Conditioning Coach

Athletic Achievements, training background or specialty:

HKC, NSCA CSCS, CPT, NASM CPT, Sports Performance Specialist, USA Weightlifting Coach, FMS certified, Played: NCAA D1 Football, Soccer, NFL Europe, Arena football, Amateur Boxer

It was the best certification course bar-none. It required not just learning the information and how to apply it. But also the demanding physical component and technique test often missing in most certifications.

Pavel is obviously the best!! Dan John was also great both in how he taught and drilled home the kb exercise and in how he made the course fun even though we were physically beat up. He truly represented what a coach should be.

The difference that I appreciated the most was the fact this course requires you to physically perform all the techniques plus be physically fit yourself. Most certifications just require reading a book and taking a written exam anyone could pass or if a practical opponent does exist every one that pays passes. So there are not standards. Here the bar is set high but you know you can value what we have done this weekend.


Aaron Johnson, Belleville, IL, US Navy Senior Chief Master Explosive Ordnance Disposal Technician

Athletic Achievements, training background or specialty:

Navy Special Operations Bomb Squad, 2 combat tours with SEAL Team 1. HKC

The RKC was one of the most intense and thorough courses I have attended, be it in or out of the military. The amount of quality instruction in the three days of the course was mind blowing.

What five aspects of the workshop did you find most useful and why?

  1. Energy of the instructors and candidates really helped keep everyone motivate and wiling to learn.
  2. Fantastic workouts – I thought doing a workout with the movements just taught really reinforced the instruction.
  3. Movement breakdown – every little portion of a movement was taught and explained why it has to be that way.
  4. In depth instruction – the best instruction I've ever experienced.
  5. Marketing Seminar – fantastic opportunity to listen to an amazing entrepreneur and learn form him how to effectively market yourself.

An outstanding group of instructors. All are very passionate about the subject and will go out of their way to help a student.


Rob Koch, Largo, FL, Health Care

A wonderful experience full of personal growth, challenge and rewards. All done in a supportive but still authoritative environment.


A wealth of information. Unusually high quality of instruction a very well organized workshop I really appreciated that a schedule was kept did not feel like any portion of the class was wasted. Thanks to all instructors for their patience and tips.

Excellent quality loved how organized class was did not feel like my time was at all wasted. I often go to courses in a variety of fields medicine, massage, nutrition, and exercise it is rare to find one with the quality and depth of this one.


Chris Morgan, Lubbock, TX, Physical Therapist Asst.

Athletic Achievements, training background or specialty:

Fitness Enthusiast for over 20 years. I've been rehabilitating folks with sports injuries for 20 years as a practicing PT Asst.

PHYSICALLY intense from the demands of doing the moves correctly.

Mentally intense from the demands of learning the cues and skills to teach and correct fellow students and potential clients.

My thoughts are that I wish I could be around these folks for a lot more than 3 days. Their knowledge base and ability to teach in a way that elicit immediate improvement is very, very impressive. All of the instructors were very approachable.

Highest level of FUNCTIONAL exercise training that I have had.


Yoshitomo Ashitate, Boston, MA, Researcher

Athletic Achievements, training background or specialty:

Rowin (for 5 years:1998-2003)

We could make progress with our instructor and partner. We could create strong friendship.


Jennifer Urbano, Orange, CT, Personal Trainer

Athletic Achievements, training background or specialty:

HKC, NASM Certified Personal Trainer

The RKC has strengthened and sharpened my skills, helping me to fully integrate all that I have learned into my practice.

The instruction provided was clear and concise. The drills served to cement the skills without overtaxing or overloading you. Even the "punishments" served as a learning tool.

My team leaders were there every step of the way, offering support and criticisms needed.

I have never experienced any other workshop quite like this. The hands on learning goes far further than any reading you can do with a book. The 3 days seems just right to present and implement the skills we have learned.

Thank you for helping me to move better, feel better and be stronger both within and on the outside!


Chris Lopez, Toronto, Canada, strength coach, personal trainer

Athletic Achievements, training background or specialty:

13 years in the fitness industry, former varsity & provincial volleyball player, Certified Strength & Conditioning Specialist, Bachelor of Science Human Kinetics

It was one of the most physically and mentally demanding weekends of my life. I've been a trainer for over 10 years and never have I gone through a more intensive and demanding course. Pavel, the instructors and Team Leaders are so knowledgeable that no question went unanswered.

It doesn't compare. It's b far the best and now I question even more the other certs that are offered – even the CSCS.


Nicholas Mack, Tallahassee, FL, State Investigator & Part Time Personal Trainer

Athletic Achievements, training background or specialty:

Sprint Triathlete, AFPA Certified Personal Trainer, HKC Instructor

It was a life and career-changing weekend. From beginning to get ready for the 100 snatches in February when I signed up, to the evaluations. It has been fun, encouraging, enlightening and demanding.

It was worth all the pain, sweat and skin! I was able to improve on what I knew as a personal trainer and as a HKC. Team Jones as awesome and I got helpful input from all my instructors.


Brandon Heck, Calgary, AB, Teacher

Athletic Achievements, training background or specialty:

Bachelor of Physical Education

A challenging, rewarding, and extremely informative experience. It was eye opening and has changed how I look at fitness and training.

It has been outstanding! I did not anticipate it to be this informative and in depth. So many helpful people here.

Team Snideman was exceptionally helpful with great feedback and expertise.

Really no comparison. RKC is above and beyond anything I have ever done. You need to be prepared both mentally and physically, focused and determined. It is not for the weak and not easy, which is why RKC's are proud. The functionality is applicable to all sports, activities and daily life -> total body strength.

It was great to have Thayne here. Besides being a phenomenal coach, he rehabbed an injury I faced on Day 2, and ended me to remain strong and confident throughout.

- Franz was a great leader, high energy, easy going, extremely knowledgeable and determined.

- Alysha was phenomenal at cueing and inspiring exercises.

- All of the RKC was outstanding.


Jorge Cruz, Fort Lauderdale FL, Videographer

Athletic Achievements, training background or specialty:

HKC, NASM Certified Personal Trainer, CrossFit Level 1 Certified.

The RKC is the most comprehensive kettlebell training and instruction course.

Amazing! Each one is an expert, providing helpful tips and drills.

I'm very excited of becoming part of this community. I know that I enrolled in the perfect workshop to help me succeed in my career.


Oscar Agramonte, Orlando, FL, Marketing and Sales

Athletic Achievements, training background or specialty:

Wah Lum Kung Fu practitioner, IFPA certificate for personal training, HKC,

I've been involved in Chinese Marital Arts for almost 10 years. The great thing about the RKC was seeing the basic principles of my art – respect teacher and teachings, learn kindness and humility and show/practice control also being part of the RKC code of conduct.

Quality of training! Knowledge was outstanding from Pavel, Andrea, Brett, Dan, Cortez, Franz all the way down.

The only thing I can compare it to is my Kung Fu training – tremendous depth, quality and scope.


Carlos Garcia, Dallas TX, Vitality Coach

Athletic Achievements, training background or specialty:

NASM CPT,CES,PES, Cooper PFS, Metabolic Typing Advisor, USAA Performance Coach, TRX Instructor

I highly recommend it to any fitness professional craving a challenge.

The hands on approach is great. It is challenging but very rewarding. It makes sense to make sure the students are both able to do and teach, not just read a book and boom you have a cert.



If you can, I hope that the wonderful training program hold in Japan.

The three days is so exciting for me. I am happy the meeting to American friend watching other high quality player watching instructors teaching improving my skills and more.


Ed Tessel, Bothell, WA, Personal Trainer

Athletic Achievements, training background or specialty:

NASM, Crossfit Kettlebell Ins., TRX trainer, Army 3yrs.

It was a great, tough experience that I would never forget. It was awesome. I feel at home.

I liked it better then the Crossfit kettlebell cert. This is more in depth.


Maria Winans, Parkland, FL, IBM Vice President of Industry Marketing

Athletic Achievements, training background or specialty:

A certified instructor for 15yrs in ACE / AFAA / TRX

A complete, thoughtfully and tactically put together program and certification delivered by truly experienced/professional instructors.

Exceptional! Loved Pavel's hard-core, yet passionate and embracing approach. He demands respect through his skill, knowledge and overall character.

No comparison – period!

Dragon Door did an exceptional job "pre" certification program, "at" and I can only expect "post" afterwards. A true end-to-end marketing approach.

The overall planning, structure and execution of this certification was the best I've ever attended. Complete – "Execution Perciod"


Nick Perretta, Naples, FL, Licensed Massage Therapist

Athletic Achievements, training background or specialty:

Martial Arts-Student Instructor (assistance to Instructor) in Capoeira: training for 8 years, plus 2 years in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu. 2 years of high school wrestling.

Strength comes from where you least expect it when form is at it's strictest.

Being here is better then reading any Dragon Door book and that's impressive since I have found Pavel's work to be the best out there.

Brett Jones is full of awesomeness… and I'm sure he agrees ;)


John Duren, Kewaskum WI, Director of Manufacturing - Medical products company

The course was excellent in demonstrating proper technique. I benefited from getting the cues to make the work more efficient.

The quality of the training was very good. Each instructor had a clear understanding of their subject matter and those covered by others.

The supporting comments by other instructors were also valuable.


Joe Wagner, Wake Forest NC, Paramedic, CK-FMS

Athletic Achievements, training background or specialty:

Paramedic x 17 yrs, RKC x 2yrs and CK-FMS x 1 yrs.

Both mentally and physically exhausting, in an incredibly positive way.

Obviously, when the creator of the system is the Chief Instructor, you can't get better than that. The support structure that is the Masters, Seniors, Team Leaders only solidifies what Pavel preaches. None Better!

Blows every other cert out of the water!


Claude Ray, Broussard, LA, Self employed/ commercial Millwork shop owner

I came here not knowing what to expect, well my eyes were opened to the intense amount of work, skill and dedication it takes to have the privilege to be an RKC, in these short 3 days. It's hard to learn it all but through this I felt I have performed better. Thx.

Expertise like none I have had, very in depth, very knowledgeable in all aspects of health and life in general.

I have only attended an HKC workshop which was excellent however, we were warned by Doug Nepadol that an RKC workshop would be far more grueling, boy was he right!


Nicci Johnson, Belleville, IL, Homemaker

Athletic Achievements, training background or specialty:


It was an amazing, challenging, fulfilling experience that showed me what I can achieve in life with hard work and dedication.

I greatly appreciate the time and effort put in by all leaders. The knowledge expertise and professionalism should by all was inspiring!


Jenni Baker, Franklin, TN, Corporate Fitness

Athletic Achievements, training background or specialty:

ACSM- Health Fitness Specialist, HKC

RKC exceeded my expectations. I was very happy with the entire premise of why we are here, to learn! I felt that we were treated with lots of respect and understanding that everyone is different physically, mentally, professionally and that we learn things in different ways. I feel that this is a solid system to learn from, backed up by research, studies, science, etc, but communicated in ways that we are able to teach the general population.

Outstanding. I feel it is important to learn from different people. The system to foundation provided by Pavel is excellent and I am very impressed that he says we keep evolving and learning, so something that is correct now may change in the future. I loved that Pavel would refer questions to certain instructors and that we learned from all different instructors who each had their specialty. I love the way Pavel teaches and relates with the student.

Definitely more physically intensive but also more intensive mentally. The biggest difference in this course is that is immediately related to things that we deal with on a daily basis to how we can communicate this info to general population.

I love Dan John!!! ;)


Shane England, Dayton, OH, Personal Trainer

Athletic Achievements, training background or specialty:


I felt part of a community. Almost everyone there helped me improve at some point and I can only hope that I did the same.

Took very complex and wide information and made it very accessible.

I studied and trained harder for this than anything in my life. While my other certification helped me learn a great deal, the RKC prep allowed me to improve myself both as a trainer and trainee.


Kristin Cox, Virginia Beach, VA, Student

Athletic Achievements, training background or specialty:

HKC in October 2009

It was extremely helpful and absolutely worth the price! I learned how to further my technique and that of my clients! It makes me want to further my training through Dragon Door and its certifications.

Pavel is a genius in my mind. Between him and the other instructors – every answer to a question. For every problem, they had a drill to find a solution. Brett Jones gave me a cue on my goblet squat that helped me fix a problem I've been struggling with for a year.

I thought it was a great weekend and I learned so much info that I will take home and apply to my life/training and that of my clients.


Boris Fernandez, Key Biscayne, FL, Triathlon and Swim Coach

Athletic Achievements, training background or specialty:

30 years of Swimming, 10 Years of Triathlon

Created a whole new world of athletic training method that I am excited about to use with my athletes.

It is very valuable. These drills that I learned I am going to start using with my athletes and clients. I am in endurance sport and strength is a weak link in that community of athletes. With this knowledge I am ready to make a different impact.

Way ahead. All instructors were very professional. The workshop was very well organized. Everybody provided a different aspect and added a special quality to the students.

Keep up the good job you are providing a great value and knowledge to the sport industry!!


Jenny Adams, Monument, CO, Personal Trainer

Athletic Achievements, training background or specialty:

NASM certification

I feel like that I'm walking away with kettlebell knowledge I can implement with my clients that is understandable and practical.

I loved that all the trainers where genuine about wanting us to succeed. The course had a perfect balance of physical demand and instruction.

The RKC training was very thorough and practical.


Lee Quattrone, Lafayette LA, Personal Trainer

Athletic Achievements, training background or specialty:

Crossfit Certified, Crossfit Kettlebell Certified, did a burpee mile.

This is one of the best certifications I have ever been to. The team leaders make sure you don't blow through it without knowing you know what your doing.

Pavel and everyone at this cert knows so much; but are also very humble. They don't show off and have an answer for every question.

The Russian Kettlebells Cert, I think gets deeper into the reasons why we train like this. Also, this type of training is something you can do for the rest of our life and it keeps you in a healthy state to.


Nicole Money, Dayton, OH, Personal Trainer

Athletic Achievements, training background or specialty:

ACSM Certified HFS, FMS Certified

It pushed me harder than I thought I could go and was supportive and encouraging at the same time. It truly is a life-changing experience.

Pavel is a one of a kind and it was an honor to learn from him. Andrea and Brett are fantastic. My team leader Cortez Hull helped me physically and mentally. He is strong, knowledgeable and humble I felt like he was there for us and wanted nothing more than for us to improve and become RKC. Christine B is fantastic and put herself out there for us from day 1. If it were possible, she would make it happen for us. Thank you for them!

There is no comparison… except for FMS training with Brett which I did 2 years ago. RKC is one weekend you walk away from knowing you've learned something, pushed yourself to the limit and earned what you deserve (either positive or negative).

My opinion is that everything has been top notch. I feel I more than got my money's worth.


Larry Birzer, Meridian, MS, USN-RET, SCH COUNSELOR -RET

Athletic Achievements, training background or specialty:

MS Fitness Management, U.S. Sports Academy, Daphne, AL

The RKC is upbeat, informative, and most applicable to the trainer as well was the clients he/she instructs.

Team Leader, Hull, was very informative and understanding of my short falls. Staff leaders went out of their way to assist me when they could have been helping others – appreciated that. Training was short concise and to the point and allow trainee to model some.

Much more hands on for reinforcement of the training concepts. Allowance for making mistakes and discussing corrective actions. Quality of staff, training materials top notch. Breadth of coverage was most applicable to the task at hand. Very practical without a lot of concepts.


Cody Millward, Derby, Kansas, U.S. Air Force Officer

Athletic Achievements, training background or specialty:

KC-135 Evaluator/Instructor Pilot

The Russian Kettlebell Certification Training contributed to my understanding and practice of kettlebells in the following ways:

  1. It greatly refined my knowledge of how and why we perform the six basic exercises they way we do.
  2. It offered me a greater potential to increase my personal conditioning.
  3. It helped me refine my teaching technique by showing me cues I can use to help my victims improve their strength and conditioning.
  4. This has been a great networking tool.

The RKC training has helped me to start on the journey to greater personal conditioning. I feel now that the RKC has opened doors of opportunity which were closed to me before.

This has been a top notch experience. The instructors have been personable and exacting. It is obvious that their combined knowledge base is vast. They have very succinctly and efficiently passed on as much of that knowledge base to us as they could within our time constraints.


Janice Muller, Miami, FL, Full-time Administrator of Publications; Part-time Fitness Trainer

Athletic Achievements, training background or specialty:

Weightlifting and cardiovascular conditioning regimen for 5+ years. A little experience with boxing and kickboxing. Some experience with kettlebells. Certified Spinning Instructor.

It was an amazing opportunity to really dig into the kettlebell as not only an exercise tool but as therapeutic tool.

I had lost something in my swings, but I couldn't really figure out what it was until I got some hands on instruction. I think that's the best part of the workshop – small groups with attention to detail.

The hands on nature of the training is unlike that received in typical certifications – it is far superior. The manual that breaks everything down is terrific.


Chris Davis, St Cloud, FL, Strength and Conditioning Coach

Athletic Achievements, training background or specialty:

U.S. Marine

This is by far the best format for certifying instructors. All were very professional and knowledgeable. Expert staff.

No other training that I have taken requires very high physical capabilities and teaching capabilities as the RKC. No one else compares.


Jose Cardenas, Miami, FL, FireFighter

Athletic Achievements, training background or specialty:

HKC, US Army Infantry Veteran, Crossfit Level 1 Instructor.

I thought I was a pretty good kettlebell lifter prior to the RKC. Now I realize all the techniques I wasn't using during my training. If you are serious about kettlebells seek out an RKC instructor or come to an RKC. It's worth every penny.

I thought the quality of training was excellent I learned something new from my instructors every second of my training.


Mark Hassinger, Riverside, RI, Firefighter/EMT

Athletic Achievements, training background or specialty:

USCG service,Firefighter

RKC training is challenging, and all staff was helpful, respectful.

Everybody was extremely professional and I was humbled by their credentials and fitness backgrounds.

Comparable to public safety training in the discipline aspect. Also just as intense as physical conditioning in my prior military service (USCG)


Mike Brown, Salt Lake City, UT, Student

Very mentally challenging. All of the instructors were very helpful. The venue was amazing. The amount of info presented was fantastic but I know there are so are more details for me to learn.


September 2010 Russian Kettlebell Certification Workshop—Participant Praise


Samuel Clark, Jacksonville, NC, Amphibious Recon Corpsman

Athletic Achievements, training background or specialty:

Recon Corpsman Training Pipeline, Operation Enduring Freedom II and Operation Unified Response deployment experience.

A valuable experience that will be extremely hard to match. it was as if I were an aspiring guitar player locked in a room with the greats such as Steve Vai, Slash, and Eric Clapton and given the opportunity to learn their secrets.. only much cooler.

This is my first true system that I have followed, and it will definitely be the foundation for everything I do.

Can't express in words how grateful I am to have had the opportunity to be here. Everywhere my life takes, in everything I do, I will do whatever it takes to become better than the day before. I have gone through a myriad of military training from USMC Recon Selection, to Combatant Diver course, to the Special Operation Combat Medic course and even with all that, it is RKC I am most proud of!!!


Jedd Johnson, Bradford County, PA, Strength Coach

Athletic Achievements, training background or specialty:

Grip Sport

A wealth of technique information – I have had years of poor techniques and this course helped me correct a lot of that.

Great. Pavel's speaking and demo abilities are inspiring for me as a professional speaker myself.

I highly enjoyed interacting with Brett Jones. He remains humble even after all his success.

My Team Leader, Tom Philips, went ABOVE and BEYOND with me to correct some problems I have with my joints.

Hands-on practice of concepts is the best for me. Other seminars and clinics I've attended are nowhere near as good about teaching techniques.

I very much appreciate the recognition Pavel gave us (Smitty and Jedd-Diesel Crew) on the Power Bomb/Overspeed eccentrics. I did not expect that. It was a pleasant surprise and I thank you.


Jim Smith, Sayre, PA, The Diesel Crew

Athletic Achievements, training background or specialty:


As a strength coach, I now understand the huge carryover and many benefits of kettlebell training for athletic preparation.

I train religiously and am very physically fit, but I haven't "challenged" myself in years. The RKC (Level I) was exactly the tough training, extensive learning and group-supported atmosphere I was looking for.

What five aspects of the workshop did you find most useful and why?

  1. Knowledge – it really impressed me that Pavel and the instructors understood and communicated.
  2. Complex strength training concepts that I studied in "super training".
  3. My team Leader/Team assistants were amazing! Geoff Neupert, Trish Dong, and Mike Krivka.
  4. Power Breathing/Bracing, available for my MMA fighters.

I hold many strength coach certificates and the RKC is one of the few where you have to demonstrate and "prove" your understanding.


Heather Wetzel, Lititz, PA, Educator/Group Fitness Instructor

Athletic Achievements, training background or specialty:

Certified Fitness Trainer—ISSA, Fitness Nutrition Certification—ISSA, Certified Spinning Instructor--Mad Dogg Athletics, Inc.

This has been one of the most rewarding experiences of my life. Not only did I meet supportive, amazing people, I learned to represent myself and my values effectively. I will be able to train others safely and effectively regardless of experience or background. I am proud of my accomplishments because it was a challenge.

The quality of training and knowledge by Pavel, is above and beyond anything I've ever experienced. The attention to detail can make or break a movement. The info was well-rounded; not only physical strength, but mental strength, relaxation techniques, stretching exercises, troubleshooting ides and regeneration. The knowledge and the ability to translate it, is phenomenal.

At first I was unsure whether I wanted to do this based on cost. This training is worth every penny a hundred times over. High quality, tons of information broken down into manageable pieces and the versatility to be useful in multiple situations, not just kettlebell lifting.


John Daniello, Allentown, PA, Small Business Owner/Personal Trainer

It was intense yet enjoyable and I would recommend it to all interested in learning how to teach effectively.


Albert Owens, Sydney Australia, Labourer

It was worth every cent. I've come all the way from Australia and have not regretted this at all. Great atmosphere and very well run.


Chris Larson, Brookline, ma, Fitness Coach/ Manual Therapist

Athletic Achievements, training background or specialty:

black belt Dennis Brown shaolin wu shu, 5ish yrs of Chung Chuan (northern long fist), 5ish yrs of tai chi

Tough but nurturing, a lot of info but presented well and organized.

Top notch, very knowledgeable staff very good role models, everyone had great people skills.


Marcie Whalen, Fayetteville, AR, Nail Technician

This experience was transcendent. I fell in love with kettlebells 3 years ago and after this workshop I feel as if I've taken that love affair to new depths. Truly the most challenging, deeply satisfying and fulfilling experience I've ever had. I gain so much confidence from inner strength and knowing that I can correctly perform every move taught in this workshop feels fantastic.

Absolutely Amazing! While somewhat intimidating, the knowledge that Pavel and all the trainers have in all aspects of the certification process is unparalleled. Tom Phillips and his assistants, Andrey and Carrie were fantastic to work with. I truly learning so much from all of them.


Martin O. Brown, Columbus, Ohio, Office Specialist

Athletic Achievements, training background or specialty:

Former collegiate tennis player, competed on the United States Tennis Association Satellite Tour, Guild Certified Feldenkrais Practitioner.

A humbling, eye-opening experience that goes beyond anything I could anticipate. The first day alone was worth the price of admission.

The breadth of information was beyond impressive. It's more than what can be digested in a weekend. Plenty to review and apply for a lifetime.

I was amazed at how comprehensive this workshop could be inside of three days. I will greatly benefit from the experience for the rest of my life as an athlete and my prospective clients will as well.


Adam Horn, Forest City, NC, Chiropractic Assistant / Retail

Athletic Achievements, training background or specialty:

My list of achievements include, at one time or other, a 500lb raw deadlift, 265lb raw 20-rep squat, half marathon, and 210 rep SSST. I've also spent short amounts of time doing personal training.

The training was excellent. My instructors were very helpful in improving my form and were encouraging at the same time.

it was amazing; like they could sense what's going on in my body and even what I'm feeling.

The RKC has exceeded any training I've had in physical exercise in all areas.


Patrick Flynn, West Chester, PA, Personal Trainer, Group Fitness Instructor

Athletic Achievements, training background or specialty:

HKC, Tae Kwon Do, Jiu Jitsu

The RKC weekend was an incredibly insightful, challenging, and rewarding learning experience. The knowledge displayed this weekend was incredibly thorough, inspirational, and informative. Top notch!


Abby Cassity, Frederick, MD, fitness director

Athletic Achievements, training background or specialty:

top 5 national figure competitor

This was the most informative, intense, and rewarding certification. You really feel like part of a family that you can continue to grow and learn from. Most certs just teach enough – then you're on your own.

This doesn't even compare – the RKC stands alone on this pedestal.


Ross Meyer, Seattle, WA, Health & Fitness Coach

Athletic Achievements, training background or specialty:

Chek Exercise Coach, Holistic Lifestyle Coach level 3, Jidokwan Tae Kwon Do 1st dan black belt

Worked my butt off, learned a ton, made new friends, and improved my technique.


Johnny Rodriguez

I taken kettlebell workshops before but this by far is the GRANDMASTER of it all! That's my opinion!


Derek Overstreet, Knoxville TN, personal trainer/ Advance Auto Parts manager

Athletic Achievements, training background or specialty:

Have been a trainer for 7 years, black belt in taekwondo and currently studying Kung Fu.

It's by far the best in the industry not just in the kettlebell world. No one else is so organized or has the diversity of professional and experts in one place.

By far the best instruction I've ever had, no other cert comes close.


Brent Madalon, Briarcliff Manor, NY, Strength & Conditioning Coach

Athletic Achievements, training background or specialty:

Hardstyle Kettlebell Instructor, Attended Gym Jones Seminar in Utah June 2010 under the direction of Mark Twight and Rob MacDonald

The depth and knowledge covered and spread to us was unbelievable I like how the tough times were always for learning purposes, not just to show off and try to prove a point.

Outstanding! I didn't doubt what they were saying for a minute and gave them my full attention and trust!

Hands down the most professional and insightful without a doubt! On top of that the instructors were genuinely nice, good people which made the whole experience more enjoyable.


Rick Doten, Sterling, VA, Chief Scientist, Cyber Security

Athletic Achievements, training background or specialty:

Taught women's self defense and practiced Chen Style Tai Chi 10 years ago. Rock climbing the last 9 years.

It was the toughest physical experience I've had, but every hour, I had a "A-ha" moment I understood how previous lessons build onto each other to improve my form. I can see that the more I learn, the more there is to learn.

The instructors were exceptional. They know their craft and clearly are experienced in communicating with student. They were all very eager to share their knowledge and answer questions.

It was very intense and physical, but because we learned in pieces, the physical part was not as difficult as figuring out how specific techniques make your form better.


Judi DeMuro, New York, NY, Westchester Court House

Athletic Achievements, training background or specialty:

HKC, CPT, Addictions Counselor, 7yrs Kickboxing Training

My experience was truly worth everything. My learning experience will truly be valued and carried on.

The knowledge is highly exceptional I have total admiration for Pavel, Sr. Instructors, Team Leader, extremely clear and precise in explanation of everything RKC.

There is no comparison. RKC stands in a class by itself.


Nancy Hallock, Delmar, NY, Trainer/Coach

Athletic Achievements, training background or specialty:

HKC, American Council on Exercise (ACE) and AAFA CPT certifications

This is an amazing organization whose commitment to excellence in teaching it participants is second to none. I've learned a great deal that will make me not only be a better trainer but a better practitioner as well. The instructors in our team (Neupert) were nothing short of excellent! Focused, instructive and relaxed.


Michael Zealand, Lynchburg, VA, Functional Movement Instructor, Physical Trainer

Athletic Achievements, training background or specialty:

FMS Instructor, RKC, Indian Club Specialist, ACSM-HFI

A great workshop for those seeking more and further understanding of kettlebell training and for experienced users seeking great benefits and form evaluation.


Anton Varzunov, Brooklyn, NY, Personal Fitness Trainer

Athletic Achievements, training background or specialty:

WITS Certification for Personal Training

Excellent, powerful, unforgettable.

The Russian Kettlebell Certification training I can't compare with any other training I have taken in physical exercises.


Sal Sciametta, Long Island, NY, Personal Trainer

Athletic Achievements, training background or specialty:

Graduate of National Personal Training Institute, 20 year member N.Y.P.D (retired), Former U.S Marine, A-CPT certified personal trainer

Everything I have learned about sports, personal training, training athletes etc… does not compare. The discipline, focus, and knowledge will help me stay focused on the results my clients want.

Excellent. All techniques were taught and explained with great cueing ideas. Team Leader Phil Scarito was tremendous and kept our team calm and relaxed so we could concentrate on learning throughout the weekend.

From a practical standpoint I revert back to RKC training and principles to all my clients even when not using kettlebells. They teach you how to move first and foremost.


John Dixon, Baltimore, MD, Successful Entrepeneur

Athletic Achievements, training background or specialty:

2008 RKC Grad, Co-owner of Sterling Kettlebell School

It was performance based in that you really can't fake it. If you don't get it, you can't do it. The care for the RKC candidates is the most important thing to all the team leaders, assistants, etc. they will do what needs to be done to make you into the great athlete and trainer of athletes.

I like the "no bullshit" attitude of Thomas Phillips. I like that the team leaders all have individual strengths and that they are not all carbon copies of each other.

Light years beyond. The only thing I can compare it to is high school weight training. If HardStyle was taught to high schools maybe there would not be so many magazines with juiced up meatheads on the cover.


Paul Dzelzgalvis, Fairfax, VA, Personal Trainer

Athletic Achievements, training background or specialty:

NASM CPT Certified, NASM PES Specialty, KBC Level I Instructor, Played TE for Lafayette (Pa.) Leopards, D I-AA football, Former Fitness Manager, then General Manager of WSC locations, now Master Trainer for WSC Fairfax

This is a course that focuses on the precision and accuracy of execution of every repetition performed, without losing focus on the greater goal: GETTING STRONGER. Many other programs focus on perfect techniques, but using light, fluffy weights. You will never be encouraged to push yourself to achieve greatness, for fear of losing form with a heavy weight. Without heavy weight, you never reap the benefits of resistant training, both physically and psychological.

Very knowledgeable and thorough, clearly putting all techniques into practice and physically superior, giving me something to aspire to.

I've been waiting to take this course for 10 years, since I first heard about it (Muscle Media). Fantastic experience, totally worth the wait! Thanks!


Gibson Hein, Sneads Ferry, NC,

The amount of knowledge that I have gained during this course far exceeded what I expected. I look forward to instilling the same principles that I have learned to my "victims" as well as improving myself everyday. It was definitely worth it and I look forward to teaching these methods.

PAVEL and the instructors were inspiring to hear and made me think about concepts that I never realized.

The TL's did an excellent job at the individual level by "fine tuning"

The assistants were also very helpful during group workouts moving from person to person critiquing as they went along.

Being a recon Marine, I have undergone a large spectrum of training evolutions, from winter/Mt training to 20-mile ruck marches. I have lived and trained through some physically demanding climates. When I was introduced to kb's I knew this would be the perfect baseline to prepare me for such tasks.


Adam Eckart, Tinton Falls, NJ, Strength and Conditioning Professional

Athletic Achievements, training background or specialty:

New Jersey State Championship WNPF Deadlift-Only 1st Place 2008, Aikido Practionsher-5 KYU, CSCS and USAW certified

This RKC has changed almost everything about the method which I teach. This has been by far the most useful course I have taken ever!

I would say that I have been in the company and under the teachings of the best strength experts in the world. Their knowledge and understanding of strength and power is unparalleled.

This course has been the highest quality have been a part of. The material covered will be immediately put into practice. Everything taught has been useful.


Emily Bearden, New York, NY, Muay Thai Instructor/trainer

Athletic Achievements, training background or specialty:

BFA Dance Choreography, Muay Thai amateur titles: Stet, Regional, National. Muay Thai professional titles: World Champion WKA, HKC Cert, TRX Cert.

It opened up a whole new box of useful information and tools for both my workouts and my clients. I had taken the HKC which certainly wasn't anywhere near this experience. After this weekend I feel I can understand and demo and teach these movements.

It really dives deep into each movement but not at all overkill or just talking to talk. They really make sure you are at 100%.


Thomas Ayers, Worcester, MA, electrician

Athletic Achievements, training background or specialty:

army vet. doing kettlebells and crossfit for a couple of years.

At first I was skeptical about the price, because I an not a personal trainer. But after receiving all the training. I realize it is definitely worth it for someone who is in that field.

The knowledge, professionalism and courtesy of all the RKCs were impressive and appreciated. Excellent!


Melissa Blood, Albany, NY, Business and Sales Manager

This has been an awesome weekend for me. I knew the RKC was a great organization but until I experienced the community for myself I didn't understand it fully. This is an organization I'd love to be a part of for the rest of my life. I just want to keep learning.

I think for the money a lot was provided – although the days are long it's worth every penny.


Katie Estell - Nashville, TN, Office Manager

Athletic Achievements, training background or specialty:

Cross Fit and Muay Thai experience, CHECK Level 1, 2 and 3 NLC certifications, and Personal Training certification through the Cooper Institute.

The weekend has been a whirlwind of practical application, honing skills, developing coaches and cultivation though words and actions. I have been humbled in ways that I hadn't expected and am a better person for it. Coming into this course with anything less than full commitment with your body, mind and heart would most certainly be a recipe for disaster.

This has been the most extensive training certification I have ever attended with the most knowledgeable group of trainers who not only know their craft backwards and forwards, but are passionate about helping the attendees succeed.


Jeff Woodward, GlenMoore PA, V.P. of Sales & Marketing, Zeigler's Beverage Co.

Athletic Achievements, training background or specialty:

Lifetime of interest in Strength & Health...and old enough to have read "Strength & Health in the 70's! Have competed at both end of the Strength & Endurance Continuum, from Olympic Lifting to 1/2 marathons.

You have heard this many times before, but the RKC is a truly life changing experience. Far beyond a physical experience, the mental challenges and obvious integrity of the TEAM far out pace other professional and physical challenges I've had the pleasure to tackle!

The most impressive aspect to me is the consistency of message across the entire training team.

Whether it's the local RKCs I've worked with (Petty, Volante) or the instructors this weekend, the Principle Based Instruction sets the System apart from (most) of the rest of the "fitness" world.

No comparison to physical exercise training. Closest previous experience was a multi-day Aikido Camp… combination of physical, mental and (dare I say?) spiritual journey that made this weekend so outstanding.


Kat Suwalski, Natick, MA, Opera Singer

They were very knowledgeable and thorough with explanations. I really adored Thomas Phillips – I found it encouraging that he worked one on one (during his break) on a rotational issue I was having. They were tough but always in a positive manner. I would choose to work with Thomas again.

It was taxing on the body but not overwhelming if one was prepared. It really solidified what I have learned so far and as long as that translates to my trainings and to my clients then I am happy and satisfied.


Jodie Leigh Richter, Norristown, PA, Pharmacovigilance Coordinator/RN BSN

It was amazing to be taught by so many knowledgeable individuals in such a concentrated amount of time. Everyone was interested in bettering my learning experience. All the team assistants were excellent and helpful!!

Even though the level of intellect was off the charts here this weekend, I felt everything was presented to us in a very reachable/teachable manner. Which is what I want to strive for with my future clients.


Wendy Davis, Coventry, CT, Exercise Physiologist/Personal Trainer

My certification and training were a positive experience due in large part to my team leader, Mark Toomey, and his 3 assistants. The sincere interest they took in us as a "team" really came through with their instruction, health and safety (hand car) and general well being and enjoyment from the certification.

No comparison – RKC covers it all with utmost attention to detail, range of information and practical application.


Ernesto P. Weiss, Bala Cynwyd, PA, Personal Trainer

Athletic Achievements, training background or specialty:

Muay Thai, HKC, NSCA-CPT, FMS, Bachelor's in Health Science from West Chester University.

It is definitely possible to learn how to be stronger, more powerful and move more efficiently in just 3 days. I am walking taller after just one weekend and didn't need to be forced to walk that way. I always had it in me. This weekend taught me to be more efficient, physically mentally and I think subconsciously.

The training and knowledge of everyone is superb. I must really congratulate Mike Krivka and Tricia Dong for their humility, kindness and eagerness to help.

This certification is light years ahead of any material covered any other cert. because of detail, hands on learning and quality of instruction.


Dawn Jarrell, Chicopee, MA, Fitness Instructor

Athletic Achievements, training background or specialty:

HKC, ISSA CFT, Over 30 years ballet experience

The RKC teaches a total movement system that exposes weaknesses or imbalances in my body and provides the methods to strengthen or improve my movements. The exactness of the techniques that were taught helped improve pain issues that I was having in my body almost immediately! Moving better is much more valuable than just working out.

These leaders have such a great knowledge base of how the body works and responds to training. I feel humbled in that I know I have so much to learn.

This is the most comprehensive and physically challenging program. Useful material that I can apply Monday morning. It gives me a desire to learn more.


John Bair, Lansdale, PA ,Personal Trainer

Athletic Achievements, training background or specialty:

3 Time PA State Champion-Football, NFPT CPT, HKC

This cert. has opened my eyes to see that I'm only at the tip of the iceberg and I have work to do, but showed me that I can get to the new heights the only thing holding me back is me.

I believe it was top-notch. When you want to be the best, you go se the best. RKC is the best period. Way above anything I've seen or could imagine.


Lee White, Raleigh, NC, Personal Trainer

Athletic Achievements, training background or specialty:

Amateur competitive bodybuilder 1996-2000; personal trainer since 1998; group fitness instructor 1999-2004,specializing in aerobic interval workouts, weight room techniques, cycling. NFPT certified personal trainer; TRX suspension trainer certified oct.2008; HKC certified Feb. 2010.

This has been one of the most valuable experiences I can remember, both professionally and personally. Technically superb. Paramount integrity.

So much expertise in one place. These individuals name so much knowledge and are able to communicate it on a level to be understood by all of us.

Expertise in their fields and communication skills is a combination not often found - this has been top-notch.

This has been the most comprehensive training I've had. NFPT cert was self-instruction and 1-day workshop this far exceeds that experience.


Conor Higgins, New York City, Personal Trainer

Athletic Achievements, training background or specialty:

American Academy of Health, Fitness & Rehabilitation Professionals: Medical Exercise Specialist, -Post Rehab Conditioning Specialist, Owner, City Strength & Balance, 20 years in personal training, Mixed sports background

The team leader and his assistants were superbly helpful in communicating not just the what, but they why. Each had unique experience that contributed to the total package of RKC material. I could not have asked to be under better educators.

Beyond compare. Nothing I have done in 20 years fitness was as comprehensive and thorough.



I feel privileged to have had the opportunity to attend this workshop. It is evident that Pavel and the instructors/team leaders are highly skilled in their craft and I only hope I can achieve the same high standard of ability and comportment/professionalism.

This has to be just about the best workshop I have ever been to!! The instructors and staff were friendly and helpful, and most of all approachable!! I really appreciated the fact that senior instructors and team leaders were willing to make themselves available.


Thomas Kupke, Hampton, VA, Clinical and Exercise Psychologist

Athletic Achievements, training background or specialty:

Ph.D. in Clinical Psychology; ACE-certified personal trainer; Owner of Mind Over Matter Fitness, specializing in exercise psychology and personal training; 2-time Virginia Senior Games High Jump Champ in 60-64 age group.

Great training from great instructors. More demanding than other trainings I have had and much more attention to detail. You have to know your stuff and be fit to earn this certification.

All instructors were great. Pavel and the Sr. Instructors were inspirational.

This was the best trainings I have received and the most difficult. It addressed just enough information and skills to make it manageable yet extremely useful.


Thomas Sher, Northfield, NJ, Fire Fighter

Athletic Achievements, training background or specialty:

Marathon runner-In training for a half iron man on Oct 2, 2010-Lifeguard for 20 years with over 200 saves-Certified in RKC Oct. 2008-Certified in Flexibility for Athletes and specialized breathing techniques. Professional Firefighter /EMT for 8 years

Coming here for my re-certification I as expecting the same routine form my 2008 Minnesota experience. I learned that some techniques change for the better, think I was in good enough shape that it wouldn't be a challenging as last time, I was wrong!

The communication and personal attention you get from the instructors is what really makes a difference from any other certification. Thanks Geoff – I had a great time.

Pavel is always great! The books and videos are always good but it us just not the same as when you are here. Geoff Neupert – I went and bought your book while I was here because all of his knowledge cannot fit into one weekend. Trish and Mike did an excellent job this weekend.

Highly recommend for anyone who is willing to take their fitness and life to a greater level. Thanks Dragon Door.


Daryl Murtha,

It was a great learning experience for myself. I will walk away with the knowledge to not only help others but myself as well. The certification was one of the best learning tools that I have encountered because I never felt like I was less than anyone and that is a good feeling.

I thought the level of training I received from my senior instructors and team leaders were above and beyond. They really seemed to care about helping and not jut making our form better.

It was definitely more involved and helpful then any other form of training I received in my younger years. I wish I had found kettlebells sooner.


Jay Pepito, Philadelphia, PA, Personal Trainer

Athletic Achievements, training background or specialty:

ex-USMC, USAW coach, CrossFit 1, CrossFit Kettlebell, CrossFit Olympic Lifting, Director of Training for RowZone, Muay Thai teacher, BJJ/MMA experience.

An amazing experience; the RKC challenged my body's limits, and put me in a higher state of conditioning. Most importantly, it gave me the tools I need to change my clients' lives.

The best hands on instruction I've received sine I began my career in fitness six years ago. Toomey was great, and noticed things that I never would have. He is an asset to the RKC.

The best by far. I as a bit hesitant when I saw how many students there were, gut we were all handled expertly.


Valerie Pawlowski, Peapack, NJ, Fitness Business Owner, Certified Professional Trainer

Athletic Achievements, training background or specialty:

World Champion Kettlebell Lifter, All Natural Body Building Champion Professional Certifications: Art of Strength -AOS Kettlebell Instructor, February, 2008 World Kettlebell Club -WKC Fitness Trainer, March, 2010 Russian Kettlebell Club – RKC Kettlebell Instructor Certification Pending Sept 2010 American College of Sports Medicine - ACSM Personal Trainer, March, 2010 Heart Zones Triathlon Coach, December 2009, A.C.E. Personal Trainer, 1994 N.A.A.H.F.P. Medical Exercise Specialist, North American Association of Health & Fitness Professionals Post Rehab Technician, 1995, A.F.A.A. Weight Room and Resistance Trainer, 1995, Polestar Education Balanced Body, Pilates Practitioner, 1999, Lifestyle Management Associates, Nutrition Specialist, 2000; LMA Nutrition Manager, 2006. Madd Dog Athletics Spin Instructor (expired), BOSU Balance Trainer, NESTA Adventure Boot Camp Coach, 2005, Heart Saver AED First Aid

Very well structured and thorough. Team leaders, assistants as well as presenters, Pavel and John Du Cane, are professional and highly knowledgeable.

What five aspects of the workshop did you find most useful and why?

  1. TIME MANAGEMENT! (Although frustrating) keeping group organized, on time and in synch was probably the best I've seen in 16 years of conferences, seminars and workshops enabling us to cover all.
  2. Ratio of Team Leaders and assistants to participants everyone gets equal share of attention.
  3. Diverse backgrounds of Team leaders and contribution from their areas of expertise.
  4. Keeping to subject matter not straying off course on tangents.
  5. Pacing of mental, instruction and physical output.

The commitment to a quality learning experience is noticeable in all of them. Participants can be confident that information given is valid professional and integrity.

Quality is excellent, high caliber scope of materials is very thorough clearly presented. Practical use also, information is very clear concise and will be readily implemented immediately.


Michelle Collier, Havertown PA, Personal Trainer

Athletic Achievements, training background or specialty:

ACE Certified Personal Trainer, HKC, FMS, Certified Mat Pilates instructor, Martial Arts Experience - Bando (Burmese martial art)

Pavel and the rest of the instructors provided excellent training.


Greg A. McNeil, Albuquerque, NM, Clinical Counselor, Life Coach & Personal Trainer

Athletic Achievements, training background or specialty:

Body-builder-Physique Southwest(natural)1st place winner, Personal trainer and aerobics instructor, Dancer, Wing Chun practitioner (6yrs). US Air Force 10 yrs. Texas High School football 4yrs, Cyclist - 100 mile races; Generally active lifestyle: sports, hiking, running, fishing etc.

Proper Russian Kettlebell training is a life skill and not a fad exercise. Perfect practice is process.

The instruction was timely and outstanding. I look forward to becoming a part of an outstanding team.


Justin Thompson, East Hartford, CT, Exercise Physiologist

RKC is still one of the best opportunities for any individual looking to get back to basics, also the proper tools needed to succeed.


Lee Putney, Washington DC, Consultant

Athletic Achievements, training background or specialty:

Semi Pro Football

Much more respect for the kettlebell and the professionals who teach and explain the why's and what's to every aspect.

Words cannot describe the amount of respect I have for all the trainers team leaders and of course Pavel. World class info.


Steve Holiner, Brooklyn, NY, Sr. Visual Effects Producer

Athletic Achievements, training background or specialty:

HKC Certification, TRX Group Suspension Training Certification, Muay Thai student

This was one of the most challenging and rewarding experiences I've had.

I was impressed by everyone. They taught in a way that was easy to digest and put into practical use. My team leader and support staff were amazing.

The HKC was a great base, but this blew it away. This is my first 3 day cert. I've learned a lot. I'm looking forward to sharing this knowledge (and learning more).


Tony Rosa, Beltsville, MD, Personal Trainer - Crossfit Level 1 Coach

Athletic Achievements, training background or specialty:

Retired Marine with 20 years of active service, including two years as a Marine Drill Instructor. Presently certified as a Personal Trainer through ACE, and certified as a Crossfit Level 1 Coach. I've been training athletes for 7 years total, and at present train athletes at SportFit, Bowie, MD, and at Crofton Crossfit, MD.

This has been a total eye-opening experience for me. I'm motivated now as never before to continue learning more, thanks to the RKC.

Pavel, and the entire staff exhibited total professionalism and caring. The quality and breadth of knowledge at the RKC is head and shoulders beyond anything I've been exposed to.

I can honestly say that the RKC is the most in-depth and relevant training. I've ever undertaken. I've done Crossfit and other certification, but nothing else compares to this experience.


Robert McConnell

Has to be the most in depth training program certification I have ever known because of its approach to hands on training!!

Sr. RKC instructors and Team Leader, Mark Toomey – are very motivating, encouraging and brings simplicity to something I thought may have been so complex. No one compares!!!

Looking forward to helping Dragon Door and kettlebell training soar to new heights!!


Emily Lucas, Downingtown, PA, Music Teacher

Athletic Achievements, training background or specialty:

Kettlebell training since February 2009 with Michelle Gabriel.

I appreciated the detailed instructions, personal attention and ability to "practice teach" my peers. I came in feeling prepared, but am leaving feeling stronger and better prepared to work with clients.

I felt the sessions done by Pavel as well as the SR instructors and TL's were of the highest quality, the tips and methods explained not only made me feel stronger in each of my skills, but helped me understand drills and techniques to use with future clients.


Michael Rankin, Philadelphia, PA, Director of Strength & Conditioning


The perfect mix of hands on and lecture experience. As a coach it is nice to have someone (and in most cases multiple instructors/coach) critique me for a change. Thank you.


The instructors from top to bottom are outstanding. Each has a different personality and style of presenting.

This was a much more intense certification then others I have taken. Similar to USAW but a little more hands on. This is the perfect way to learn and apply all the material.

Thank you for a great experience. I look forward to being a part of the RKC family.


Nick Hendrick, Garland, TX, Fitness Professional

Athletic Achievements, training background or specialty:

5K, 15K, 13.1mi, 30+K finisher, BJJ blue stripe from Carlos Machado, HKC, CICS, Summit of Strength attendee

Very informative. Great times with great people. I love this community!

It's the gold standard. Nothing else comes close.


Paul Thompson, Forest Hills, NY, Yoga Teacher and Personal Fitness Trainer

Athletic Achievements, training background or specialty:

Division III college football, Yoga teacher, ACSM Health/Fitness Instructor, NSCA CSCS, CHEK Practitioner, CHEK Holistic Lifestyle Coach, FMS certified, Crossfit Level 1, NASM CPT

This course was physically and mentally demanding, and I was exposed to a huge amount of information. Although, it may take some time to absorb it all, it is all immediately useful.



Alan Lendaro, Danbury, CT, Database Project Manager

The RKC was very intense, a lot of information to process with a lot of physical activity. It really showed me what I can do if I push myself when "out of the box".

Very knowledgeable and very generous with that knowledge.

If you care willing to put in the work, they will help you correct, or find some who can, any issues/problems you are facing.


Vish Iyer, Columbus OH, IT developer

It's been a wonderful experience. Loved the pain.

Pavel and others have been very exceptional. I got to understand my weakness and I shall work on them, to be more strong and effective.


Jason Ackerman, Albany, NY, Fitness

Athletic Achievements, training background or specialty:

Blue Belt in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, won many tournaments. Many CrossFit and other fitness certifications.

Definitely worthwhile. Overall a phenomenal experience. I thought they all were great. Geoff was a great team leader, always making sure all of our questions were answered.

August 2010 Russian Kettlebell Certification Workshop—Participant Praise


Joseph Stumpf, Cardiff By The Sea, CA, By Referral Only - CEO

The 3 days cut 10 years of my learning curve and increased my desire to learn more by 10 times.

Overall it was brilliant – Teach – Demo – Model – Action - Enhance!

I plan on referring the RKC to all my athletic friends who want to take fitness to a new level.


Nick Setrakian, San Francisco, CA, Family Business- Beth's Fine Desserts

Athletic Achievements, training background or specialty:

Sports background: Rugby, Wrestling, MMA, Gymnastics. Certifications: HKC, Monkey Bar Gym, Crossfit-1, Crossfit-Gymnastics

  1. The depth that the instructors went into while teaching each movement helped me make solid improvements in my skills. Subtle corrections led to big results in my performance.
  2. Being surrounded by all the talented professionals that are part of this organization has opened my eyes even wider to what it has to offer.
  3. The marketing lecture by John Du Cane was great – I plan on putting what I learned into practice immediately when I return home.
  4. The balance between physical, mental and emotional strength is what it takes to be truly strong – RKC does a great job of exposing candidates to this first hand and that is truly valuable.

RKC was a physical, mental and emotional learning experience that I will never forget. I am both proud of what I accomplished here and eager to continue my journey as part of this family.

Nothing but praise for the teaching style of Pavel and the rest of the RKC Team Leaders and Sr. Instructors. The course material was engaging, challenging but easy to follow. I learned a lot in terms of my own skills/practice as well as how I can teach these skills to the athletes I train in a safe and effective manner.

I have taken several teacher training courses in the last year with several organizations – RKC is without a doubt the best I have encountered. The amount of material covered and the retention rate of that material for me was astounding.

Sincerest thanks to the entire RKC family, it was a pleasure and an honor to be here. Power to you!


Eric VandenBergh, San Diego, CA, Strength & Conditioning Specialist

Athletic Achievements, training background or specialty:

Strength & Conditioning Specialist, Golf Performance Training, Titleist Performance Institute Fitness Professional L-3, Medical Professional L-2 , Golf Biomechanist L-2, CHEK Golf Biomechanic, Former collegiate Quarterback - University of Missouri & Western Illinois University, NFL & Arena Football League Quarterback, Illinois Junior Olympic State Wrestling Champion

Very intense in the amount of physical activity in a short period of time. The instructors are extremely knowledgeable in their understanding and instruction. The instruction is terrific. I've worked with KB's in different arenas, so it was great to received hands-on instruction in Hard-style.


Shannon Scullin, Melbourne, Australia, Personal Trainer

It's like falling in love, learning so many new things about something you enjoy doing as well as meeting so may AWESOME new friends. As tough as it was and as much pain as I'm in, I wish the weekend didn't have to end.

Well worth the trip from Australia. Amazing course and amazing people!!


Kai Johnson, East Palo Alto, CA, Architecture

Athletic Achievements, training background or specialty:

Wrestled in high school for one year, skateboarding for 20 years, mountain biking including cross country, downhill and some dirt jumping, ice and roller hockey. Training kettlebells, barbells and bodyweight for approximately 2 years now.

Absolutely life changing. I will be reaping the benefits information I"ve taken in for the rest on my life.

Humbling to say the least. The amount and quality of the information provided exceeded my already very high expectations. It was by far the highest quality and rigorous instruction I've ever received.


Robert Seik, Las Vegas, NV, Pharmacist, Health Consultant

Athletic Achievements, training background or specialty:

Robert Seik is a fitness enthusiast and health advocate with special interests and training. He holds a degree in pharmacy from Duquesne University in Pittsburgh, PA. Robert is the principal owner and CEO of a Las Vegas-based compounding pharmacy.

This course is grueling, difficult and packed full of detailed information to improve anyone's physical performance with the brilliantly simple and profoundly effective tool, the kettlebell. I feel privileged to have discovered Pavel and kettlebells and am proud to have the joy of supreme fitness.

I feel very fortunate to be taught by Pavel and his team because this is the most meaningful fitness information I have ever seen. The entire instructor team follows the RKC code of conduct. They are all experts and very professional. Gives me even more of a feeling that I am part of an elite group.

This training is perfect on its own but I am eager to put it to use and share the training with other athletes for improved sports performance. Nothing I have ever done is getting me stronger.


Noelle Cherry, Reno, NV, Math Tutor

Athletic Achievements, training background or specialty:

Blue Belt, Gracie Jui Jitsu

It was unusual and brilliant to be around such a diverse and educated group of people that also love to train hard. In life I meet people who are either into the physical or academic aspect of life, the kettlebell community has a good balance of both.


Candas Jones, Valencia, CA, program coordinator

Athletic Achievements, training background or specialty:

Mom of Turbo Twins! Cyclist, hiker, rock climber, spin instructor, former professional ballet dancer

You know next year I will be 50 and be able to SST with a 12kg. But for my 49th b-day I decided to go and snatch test with the 16kg. I have had issues with my health that have made me doubt my body and its function. I have felt that my body has failed me with great sadness. But today I found that my body is strong. There is no doubt in the strength you learn through the RKC. I am now healthy and proudly able to keep up with those younger then me. I learned to slay my own dragon of doubt that I had in the strength of my body. Thanks so much for giving me a weekend not only filled with knowledge and practice, but one of new found strength and power.

Nothing compares – RKC is so professional and well done.


Ryan Grob, Lafayette, LA, Student

Athletic Achievements, training background or specialty:

Rock Climbing and Yoga Instructor

It is a mind-blowing, world-class, precise, intense, and amazing program. It has dug down to my core and taught strength that I will practice, evolve, and share for as many days ahead as I can see.

The instruction here is in a class all its own. The knowledge and detail is still amazing me as I write. The staff is outstanding and open to give. I have never been more satisfied in any training aspect than I have this weekend. If I would rate it on a scale of one to ten: I would give it a 100 and crush the scale with the kettlebell.

In all the areas listed above: this training has been the highest quality in all ways. There is nothing I have that comes close to the skill and application that I learned this weekend. The RKC is phenomenal.


Bill Maeda, Honolulu HI, Owner FitPro Hawaii

Athletic Achievements, training background or specialty:


I am 41 years old and grew up in world of privilege. I was always well provided for and sheltered from the realities of life. In my 30s I realized this and ended up breaking ties with my family. I also realized that I had never done anything hard in my life. The RKC literally represents the disposal of my old, weak self and the start (re-birth) of someone of courage and character. Thank you for offering this to me.

This is by for the most inspiring, informative, and enlightening workshop I have taken on any subject matter. I thought I knew kettlebells.. HA!!

Thank you for offering this course in San Diego. It really makes it easier for us in Hawaii to gain this priceless knowledge.


Scott Iardella Parkland, FL, Clinical Specialist

Athletic Achievements, training background or specialty:

Former Competitive Bodybuilder, Former Orthopedic/Sports Medicine Physical Therapist (MPT) specializing in Shoulder & Knee Joint Pathology and Spine Rehab, Current Certified Strength & Conditioning Specialist (CSCS), Certified Sports Nutritionist (CISSN), and Hardstyle Kettlebell Certified (HKC). 28 years weight training/bodybuilding and healthcare/fitness experience in various professional roles.

One of the best overall experiences in my left because of the attention to detail with this type of performance training. The physical and mental demands were every bit as demanding as I anticipated. There is no better fitness or performance enhancement certification available, period.

Simply, outstanding.

As a physical therapist and strength and conditioning specialist, I am astounded by the level of knowledge by the top instructors and team leaders. (Pavel goes without saying, of course) I have been extremely impressed from the start, with the staff and level of instruction at Dragon Door.

There is no comparison.

The physical training and learning experience is simply superior to anything else I have done in the past.


Perren Baker, Nampa, Idaho, Fitness/Personal Trainer, Nutrition Advisor, Wildlife Biologist

Athletic Achievements, training background or specialty:

HKC Certified, NASM CPT, Fitness/Nutrition Coach, Past College and High School Wrestling Coach, Retired Wildlife Biologist

The most progressive, intense, practical and substance oriented training I have ever experienced in a life blessed with training from some of the greatest fitness professionals and coaches in the country. At 57 years of age I feel privileged to have been part of this training with some of the finest professionals I have ever met.

As a wildlife biologist, part wrestling coach, and fitness professional. I have been privileged to experience expert training. Pavel, the Senior Instructors and Team Leaders have provided the most professional, practical, and most substance oriented training I have experienced to this date. They are the most humble, caring, professional, and I felt honored to be around all of them.

Absolutely no comparison! In terms of quality, scope of material, and practical use. This was the best.


Shauna Smith, Tucson, AZ, certified personal trainer

Athletic Achievements, training background or specialty:


As a returning RKC, I have realized this weekend how much I have missed this RKC "family". There is a great joy and excitement in working hard to reach a goal among your peers, who are working just as hard. The camaraderie has been amazing and inspiring. I have fully embraced the teaching and the RKC family once again and will continue to do so, through forums, learning material and newfound friendships!

Pavel is a humble genius. Everyone was extremely professional.

Even better than the 1st RKC (2yrs ago).


Mike Sousa, Salida, CA, Personal Trainer

Athletic Achievements, training background or specialty:

NASM certified personal trainer, pilates coach reformer 1 certified, ASFA kettlebell certification.

I've been broken, beaten and scarred. But from that I've become smarter, stronger and more professional.

I thought it was very professional and awesome! The assistants were very helpful and encouraging in tough times. I can't wait to come back as an assistant.

This has been by far the most useful information that I have ever came across.

Keep doing what you are doing. It's only for the people that are tough physically and mentally. I love the way it is.


Jaret Newton, Napa, CA, Wrestling Coach/Construction Worker

Athletic Achievements, training background or specialty:

CIF wrestling qualifier, 2x junior college state placer, J.C. all American

One of the best experiences of my life. I thought I knew kettlebells and strength training. Upon leaving I now truly do.

There couldn't have been anyone or anything done that I feel could've been better. Extremely personal. Even Pavel being a super human and star in my book never once acted like it. Pavel and the staff were modest, assertive, helpful, supportive just amazing human beings.



Mat Boatright, OCEANSIDE, CA, USMC

Athletic Achievements, training background or specialty:

-Active duty U.S. Marine, Master Gunnery Sergeant with 24 years of service, -USMC Martial Arts, 1st Degree Black Belt, -Personal Trainer - Cooper Institute (currently expired), -Amateur Bodybuilder (NPC & ABA)


  • Good relations were created between all those instructing of students. No one was disrespectful to us. Students and instructors shared a mutual respect and that is living the RKC code from the top down. This relationship allowed for students to willingly and openly receive instruction (ask questions)
  • Knowledge/training is outstanding.

Similar to USMC training; safety measures, competent leadership, good "product", repeatable objectives and testable end state. If feel confident of my training and will embrace the RKC code.

Harder is good for the soul!


Jenn Nims, Ventura CA, Homemaker

I found strength (physical and mental) I didn't know existed. The satisfaction from this cannot be expressed by words.

All instructors were kind yet determined to bring out the best in the candidates. Everyone also had great speaking skills and the different senses of humor were appreciated. It helped reduce tension. ;)

Loved the high (and clear) expectations that were laid out.


Ignacio Franco, Napa CA, Wrestling coach, General Sales manager

Athletic Achievements, training background or specialty:

High School Wrestling coach, all American @ Santa Rosa Junior College

The certification was truly amazing. It was great to get such knowledge from Pavel and his whole team of great instructors.

Simply awesome! You can sense their knowledge of kettlebells.

It's a new system that I can put into my regimen and be more complete.


Julie Cousens, San Diego, CA, Account Manager, Medical Education Company

Athletic Achievements, training background or specialty:

Student at Iron Core for 1 1/2 years

I was very intimidated and nervous for the RKC event not knowing if I would be prepared. I realized after my first day that this is truly a learning experience and the team leader and assts are there to enhance your performance, not just to judge. Overall this has been probably the most challenging experience in my life physically and mentally but also the most rewarding!!!

Incredibly informative but very entertaining and very applicable to other areas of my life that I could relate to.

The RKC training is probably the most thorough and strict training I have experienced. There is a positive and/or negative consequence to everything you do, which is challenging when you are working so hard physically.


Kirk Texeira, San Diego, CA, Master Fitness Trainer, Health and Fitness Coach

Athletic Achievements, training background or specialty:

Certified Personal Trainer, Master Fitness Trainer

High quality of deepening and breath of instruction. Extremely practical for anyone interested in a lifestyle change.

Great Fun! I cannot image how to practice without kb principles. KB till death. Power to the people!


Richard Lander, Granada Hills, CA, Physician (M.D.)

Athletic Achievements, training background or specialty:

Finished 3 Ironman distance triathlons. Have been training with kettlebells for about one year.

The RKC pushed me to the limit in 2 ways:

  1. Attention to detail in the basic RKC Hard-Style drills.
  2. Strength and endurance during the multiple drills and workouts.

Pavel – what can you say? He is inspirational.


Tracy Borden, Boone, NC (moving to New Zealand), Feldenkrais Practitioner

Excellent course to really develop and practice technique. Detailed instruction, which makes things easier to understand and therefore practice.

I thought the quality of instruction was amazingly high. Everyone is very knowledgeable and enthusiastic to share what they know. Instructors are easy to talk to, which makes it easy to learn. I think it is great that John offers a segment on marketing. I believe that is a great aspect of the course. I really enjoyed it, great learning experience. Thanks.


Tom Strafaci, Pasadena, CA, Fitness Trainer

Athletic Achievements, training background or specialty:

Certified Strength & Conditioning Specialist, ACE-Certified Personal Trainer, CA Licensed Physical Therapist Asst., Director, Fitness Training, Functional Physical Therapy & Fitness, Inc., 1972 US Team Powerlift Champion, 148 lb. Class, 2001, 2008 Sr. Olympic Powerlift Champion

Excellent learning tool. I now have the best tool for my toolbox of skills. I have also made some wonderful friends.


A step above any course I've taken previously. Lots of material relevant to my practice. Totally enjoyed the experience.


Dave Neal, Brentwood CA, P.E. Teacher/ Trainer

Athletic Achievements, training background or specialty:

Marathons, Adventure racing, Cycling, RKC 2008

The second time (recert) was sweeter than the first. The learning curve for me on my own techniques and cues/drills on helping my clients priceless!

This may sound goofy but I received my RKC in 2008 UCLA. Now in San Diego 2010 it feels like an entirely new RKC. Same but better! The learning shared fulfills your promise to continue being a growing community.

As a physical educator for 30 years I know nothing else compares. I've heard it and seen it: the RKC is at the top of the food chain!

Just continue to stay true to the RKC principle of refinement!


Bryan Mashburn, Tucson, AZ, Personal Trainer

Athletic Achievements, training background or specialty:

RKC I, ACE, 4 yrs experience

That is was tough, physically demanding, mentally challenging, and pushed my body to places it's never been before. Overall it IS THE BEST CERT in the world – as advertised.

Unmatched. Top level. Not HIGH level or top notch – but TOP LEVEL. Bar none.

It doesn't compare – there is nothing else like this in the world.


Cindy Tseng, Los Angeles, CA, Emergency Medical Technician

In comparison to the UCLA cert in 2008, this RKC was much more in-depth with respect to driving home the core principles of functional training and movement by truly grasping just a handful of exercises.

I find it invaluable to personally witness and feel the modestly of each and every instructor in this workshop, form Pavel on down to the assistant RKC's. Everyone operates without ego and treated one another with respect. Pavel serves and wonderful chief instructor and role model by directly telling us that we are an evolving school of strength. And proving those words through his teachings. Doug and Jeff themselves also serve as great examples as individuals who led lives as mirror muscle gym rats to flexible strongmen. The humble attitude truly makes it a please to learn and feel a sense of true knowledge bestowed upon us.

This is my only training outside of personal studies and college martial arts and rock clinging. The purity of this school perhaps makes me believe this is the only training worthy of being called "training".

Amazing experience, as usual! Will keep training hard and hopefully come back for RKC II.


Barb Bartee, Seal Beach, CA, Personal Trainer

Athletic Achievements, training background or specialty:

B.S. in Kinesiology, Exercise Science (CSULB), M.A. in Sport Management (USF), 10 years experience personal training, HKC May 2010, Co-founder, Beach Fitness 2006

  1. Technique – this workshop improved my technique to be even sharper after the HKC. All of the leaders and assistants were so encouraging yet so detailed in their critiques that it really helped improve every lift and grind.
  2. Discipline – "on the floor" "move it to a tight circle" we moved! There is not enough discipline in the world to make us better. This experience taught respect and discipline to all.
  3. Community – kettlebells are growing large but there is still tight group of people who "love" kettlebells and the RKC method. I love being part and now a stronger part of that community.
  4. Confidence – "school of strength" gave me confidence to push hard and stronger and smarter.
  5. Strength – relaxation/tension techniques helped improve my strength and my skills to help me go back and get even stronger.

Challenging and rewarding. Strict and fun. A good time. I'm not a marathoner or a century cyclist. I never had a sport to call my own. I am so glad and honored to have found RKC.

Beyond excellent. Pavel is charismatic yet strict. Tough but fair, funny and smart. He has developed a small army of team leaders and instructors that carry on his beliefs and teaching methods. Every single instructor on Unit Nepodal and especially under Team Leader Yoana Snideman were strict and detailed yet encouraging and motivating.

Toughest course I have ever taken yet so fun I would do it again and more so I would encourage others.


Robin Sinclear, Durham, CA, Paramedic Battalion Chief, RKC Instructor

Athletic Achievements, training background or specialty:

RKC Instructor for 2.5 years, Paramedic Battalion Chief for 20 years, Fitness Competitor

As a recert student, I can safely say that I learned more this weekend than I ever expected. The standards are higher than ever before, and that has improved my personal skill level and my ability to pass those higher standard on to others.

I am always amazed by the vast knowledge that each and every one of the instructors possess throughout the RKC. We are fortunate to have the opportunities that we have to glean tidbits and tip from these fine people.

I expected my second time through this course to have a great deal of repeated information. Nearly every drill, cue and lecture was completely new information. The standards for the RKC candidates were higher as well.


Mark Chaney, Tucson, AZ, Physical Therapist

Athletic Achievements, training background or specialty:


Pavel seemed like he was excited to be sharing this material with us, even though he teaches the course frequently. The enthusiasm for Pavel on down to all of the assistants was infectious.

I took the HKC cert 5 months ago, and that is my only other fitness training. I am very impressed with how well the 2 experiences fit together. The RKC training supported everything I learned at the HKC and greatly added to it. I would probably have been overwhelmed without my HKC training.


Clifton Harski, Ramona, CA, Personal Trainer

The RKC was a fantastic collection of truly enthusiastic and knowledgeable staff sharing their combined experience with our eager class to prepare us to successfully do the same.

Felt like college compared to preschool Crossfit. Hands on instruction way better than "book" ACE or CSCS or etc.


Myra Reisin, San Diego, CA, Assistant Aquatics Director

Athletic Achievements, training background or specialty:

Competitive swimmer, Sprint triathlon, American Red Cross Instructor and Instructor Trainer, Soon to be ACSM Personal Trainer.

An amazing, mind blowing, learning experience. The strength I have was unlocked, my confidence boosted.

Well Pavel is just outstanding, the knowledge and training that he has is unparallel to anything I have experienced. The time and dedication that everyone puts in is evident in the feedback they have given us throughout the weekend, yet there is still so much more to learn.

RKC is more mental than anything I have ever done. I was a swimmer, swam 500, 100 fly, 200 nu, but this pushes you beyond your comfort zone. You always want to do more, perfect your skill, hone in on that inner strength that is inside.


Michael Sperling, Huntington Beach, CA, Personal Trainer

Athletic Achievements, training background or specialty:


3 days of the most comprehensive, thorough information I have ever learned and applied.

Quality of the information and training was thoughtful and in depth without being complicated.

Nothing else compares to RKC! The practical application is what sets this apart.


Ledyard B. Hakes, San Mateo, CA, Personal Trainer

Athletic Achievements, training background or specialty:

National Personal Training Institute - CPT, Equinox Fitness Training Institute - Tier III, Master Instructor, Kettlebell Certified, TRX Certified, Personal Training for 7 Years. Lifetime athlete: Football, basketball, baseball, track and surfing. NCAA Collegiate Football

It was an amazing opportunity to meet and learn from some great people. Very tough, but with a purpose. I will leave here a better trainer and person.

With each event I attend my learning and respect grows for RKC.

All presenters were entertaining as well as providing a valuable knowledge base to grow kb training from. I felt like I was learning form the best and I respect them as teachers, mentors and people!

Far and away the most useful course I have attended. I feel that the scope was very broad but through enough to learn and retain the material.


Markus Heon, Carlsbad, CA, Fitness Consultant / Trainer

Athletic Achievements, training background or specialty:

20 years in fitness industry, NASM P.E.S, C.E.S, Former Military, Affiliated with NBA,Pro Snowboarding,Pro Surfing,Pro Tennis,Pro Football

My respect for Russian kettlebells and their applications has very much increased. I appreciate the inner action and hands on approach from the entire staff.

Loved it! Catalyst to me pursuing my involvement with your organization concerning higher education.

The RKC is a great complement to my present training and I am looking forward to learning more.


Merrie Vieco, Woodinville, WA, Personal trainer

Athletic Achievements, training background or specialty:

ACE certified Personal Trainer, Gold's Gym Redmond, Registered Nurse, Mountaineer, tri-athlete, competitive swimmer in youth

This weekend although mentally and physically challenging, helped me see the benefit of kettlebell training on a larger scale in which most of my clients can benefit from, starting from gains in flexibility for grandma to endurance and power in athlete – how to teach these technique effectively.

The knowledge seemed to be backed by lots of experience in the training and exercise field – both personally and professionally. All instructors were helpful and encouraging with the right amount of feedback.


Lisa Tosi, Chico, CA, Licensed Vocational Nurse, Professional Photographer, RKC

Athletic Achievements, training background or specialty:

I've been training with kettlebells for 5 years now and have been instructing classes at KOR FITNESS for 2 1/2 years. I continue to train with K.C. Reiter (who is a RKC level 2) and loving every minute of it.

The RKC workshops continue to teach effective techniques that teach instructors how to instruct effectively. This was my second time through. My re-cert was even better then my initial certification. The new techniques are great and will be very effective in my instruction. Dragon Door and the RKC continue to be the best of the best!!


Zach Ganska, Reno, NV, Student, Personal Trainer, Valet Parking

This has been one of the most memorable experiences of my life. The more I've learned toe more I understand how little correct knowledge about the human body/mind exist in our culture. It has been inspirational and key in clarifying my aspirations as a trainer and human being.

Unmatched. I have read most of Pavel's books and cannot think of one technique not covered by this instruction. I am unsure how many books and DVDs could be made of the additional knowledge presented.

Incomparable, and unique in its scope and depth.


Tim Peterson, Riverside, CA, Teacher/Trainer

Athletic Achievements, training background or specialty:

HKC, MS-Kinesiology, High School PE Teacher and Weightlifting Coach, Avid Mountain Biker and Road Cyclist, USAF Reserve-6yrs.

I did not anticipate the phenomenal "family" atmosphere that develops. The camaraderie that helps you show up each morning, sore and beaten up, to receive more tough love. I always felt like the odd-man-out in my gym, with my kettlebell, barbells, doing complexes. Now I have a brotherhood of men and women who like to work as hard as I do.

The breadth of knowledge and expertise is awesome. No matter what your background or expertise, there is a TL, Master or Sr. instructor who can relate to you.

This is by far the hardest physical accomplishment I have ever done. This is the most in depth and quality instruction I have ever done.


Neil Mitchell, Bronx NY, M.A.T. Therapist/Personal trainer

Athletic Achievements, training background or specialty:

Boxing. Ballet, Muscle Activation Techniques specialist, A.C.E. certified advanced health and fitness specialist, A.C.E. certified personal trainer

This has been a life changing experience for me. Not only do I feel much more competent to teach my clients, I feel truly strong for the first time in my life.

Second to none. Depth of knowledge beyond my comprehension, with humility and concern.

Methods that show immediate results. Information and practice that match up.


Hugh McNeil, Monterey, CA, Physical Therapist

Athletic Achievements, training background or specialty:

Train and compete in Brazilian Jui Jitsu; played baseball in high school; board certified Orthopedic Clinical specialist

Very intense and technical training. Loved the course and the instructors were great!!


Chris Ruiz, Santa Maria, CA, Personal Trainer, HKC, Martial Arts Instructor

Athletic Achievements, training background or specialty:

USMC-Sergeant(00'-05'), Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Purple Belt, Attending the first HKC in St. Paul, MN, NASM-CPT

The greatest instruction out there. One of the toughest, mentally and emotionally demanding experiences.

Top notch training with people who know what they're talking about. Plus, all the instructors want you to do your best and obtain your RKC.

The only other time I've been this tired, was after 3 – 30 min sparing matches, with 200+ lbs guy at my BJJ school.

I gained a lot of knowledge in a relatively, short period of time.


Brad Loomis Portola, CA, Pro Bodybuilder and RKC

Athletic Achievements, training background or specialty:

RKC, WNBF Pro Bodybuilder, RAW Power Lifter

Expanded my knowledge base of not only RKC but just lifting heavy stuff in general.


Payton Aarestad, Ontario, OR, unemployed

Athletic Achievements, training background or specialty:

played 2 years at California Lutheran University men's tennis team at the division 3 level

The best training and most eye opening experience you can get in physical training. Nothing compares to a kb. Once you go kb you don't look back.

Pavel is amazing and what does really seem like Russian magic but it is all written in our manual. He's the Einstein of working out!

It has no comparison I have never worked out harder or received better instruction. It's the most practical workout in the world, you don't need a $8,000 machine for every body part.


Chad Stewart, Santa Barbara, CA, Personal Trainer

Athletic Achievements, training background or specialty:

LA County Life Guard, 4 years US Navy

  1. As a returning RKC, here for recertification, the great attention to detail on movement was very helpful.
  2. The teaching at RKC is phenomenal.
  3. The evolution to the RKC course (this is my 2nd) was very nice to see. I was expecting the exact same course I had been through before. However, the course had new techniques for trouble shooting, new requirements for testing. The course felt fresh and new.
  4. The true enthusiasm of both instructors and participants was contagious.

The RKC is the standard for the health and strength industry on teaching, physical standards and level of personal ownership of the material.

The knowledge that Pavel and the rest of the instructors bring to this certification is very deep. The spectrum of sports/athletes and professions creates an amazing pool for data/beta.

The practical material taught here is so simple, but yet amazingly practical (useful) to so many different areas of movement and athletics. The quality is top notch and should be sued to judge all other courses by.

I enjoyed the new material from the CK-FMS. Keep it up.

It seems like you at Dragon Door have this down to a science. This course was different than the first (both were great) I enjoyed the fresh feel of the material.


Jay Johansen, Olympia, WA, Coach/Owner South Sound Barbell Club

Athletic Achievements, training background or specialty:

Crossfit Cert One

Truly formatted as "Tough Love' instruction I appreciated the professionalism and direct manner of explaining and then applying.

This is truly the best seminar/clinic that I have been to. This training was more in depth, hands on, physically grueling and challenging than any clinic/seminars I've been to.


Ashley M. Masters, Washington, DC, Attorney

It's a fantastic experience with fantastic people who push you to be better, and create great habits.

Pavel, O'Connor, Nepodal, and Cheng were awesome. I've learned from one of the best, and it's incredible how much more each person contributes. Their understanding of the human body and function is amazing and beyond compare. They helped me find a few more triggers.

It's the best. Kettlebells work. Period. The certification course makes you work better with them.


Fabio Campisi, Siena, Italy, Personal Trainer

An amazing experience. Everyone, from Pavel, Master and Sr. to all Team Leaders, took care of students. A certification that helped me to improve my kettlebell, technique, my instructors skill, and last but not least my self-confidence.


A great attention on the quality of teaching, that I didn't find before. A great experience.


Della Whelchel, Encinitas, CA, Group FitnessTrainer

Athletic Achievements, training background or specialty:


My experience is that this experience was very much strength training. I prepared and was ready physically and got much feedback on how to improve form to attain more from any training. Frustrating at times, at my own body but invaluable information.

It was privilege to be taught by Pavel. All of the Sr. Instructors, Team Leaders and assistants were very informative, encouraging and most professional!


Andie Crosby, Santa Fe, NM, Marketing Consultant

Easily the hardest physical accomplishment of my life, but it was also the most rewarding experience for me. While the training and standards are tough –the community of instructors, assistants and fellow victims supported me and contribute to an amazing learning experience.

The instructors, team leaders and Pavel all shared the same qualities. Expert instruction, high standards, yet supportive, and humble learning environment where I felt safe to dive in and really experiment and challenge myself.

June 2010 Russian Kettlebell  Certification Workshop—Participant Praise

Andy Thirlwell, Knoxville, TN, Student

Athletic Achievements, training background or specialty:

5x Division 1 NCAA All American (Swimming), British National Jr. Record holder, Member of British swim team 2002-2005

Before attending the course I thought my technique was the real deal and thought I knew a lot about kb and practicing with them. After the course I realized there is so much to learn from Pavel, and his team of instructors. They have changed the way I approach my kb practice. I found the course 100% beneficial in my learning and urge kb practitioners to take the course if they have not all ready. Life changing.

Unreal! They have so much depth in knowledge, yet they make it so simple to understand and apply.

Way more beneficial then the CSCS certification. It was so much more personal. I feel I have been brought into a family of strength and conditioning.

Loved the course 100%. It has given me direction to where I want to go with my career.


Diana Behrend, Slinger, WI, Respiratory Therapist

Athletic Achievements, training background or specialty:

I'm an HKC; I've competed in triathlons, 1/2 marathons, duathlons and other various races.

Pavel and the instructors (including assistants) level of knowledge appears endless. I felt very comfortable brining up any issue at any time and never felt "belittled" in any way.

This certification is why I will be buried with my kettlebell. The kettlebell community is rock solid. It sets the gold standard for the rest of the fitness community to follow. However, I see no one ever coming close.

My character and soul were truly tested and I'm a stronger person than I was 3 days ago.

It was 3 years ago that I first slipped my hand through a kettlebell under the guidance of a RKC trainer. 115 lbs later – I'm so proud of myself and what I've become, not only physically, but mentally and spiritually. I look forward to completing the circle how and get on with returning the favor to someone else. Words, honestly, cannot describe how I feel towards the cannonball with a handle!


Robert Reed, Perham, MN, Chiropractor

Athletic Achievements, training background or specialty:

4 years Div II football, 2nd degree blackbelt in Tae Kwon Do, 2nd degree black belt in Hapkido. Certified Chiropractic Sports Physician, CSCS (lapsed).

A physical awakening and intellectual revival taking place simultaneously but with different peaks.

After 4 years of college football, 19 years of martial arts (Tae Kwon do and Hapkido) including (2) two-week trips to Korea, this was by far the most intense 3-day stretch. I have endured, you will earn this certification!! Practical application are over the top exceptional. Scope was I think as broad as could be considering time frame.


Sarah Lurie, La Jolla, CA, Personal Trainer, Author Kettlebells for Dummies

I left my 2 small children to come to the RKC, although that was difficult, it was infinetly worth it. Pavel and the instructors inspired me with their positive attitudes, high skill levels, detailed and patient instruction and all around genuineness to make me the best RKC I can be!

I have been to two previous RKCs. I really didn't think the RKC could get any better. So, in a nutshell, the RKC went from being the best training system in the world to being the absolute best training system in the world.

The quality of instruction, methods of teaching and tips and techniques taught don't even compare to any other training program I have done. The RKC prepares you to hone your practice, teach your clients and understand why you do what you do.

Thanks for creating such a great community!


Shane Hylton, Grand Forks, ND, Martial Arts & Fitness Instructor

The Russian Kettlebell Certification Training contributed to my understanding and practice of kettlebells in the following five ways:

  1. Details! The attention to details is outstanding. Throughout every exercise details are taught, emphasized and enforced.
  2. Kenneth Jay truly is amazing. His knowledge and experience made me see the faults in my techniques, his encouragement helped me overcome them.
  3. Pavel! What more needs to be said!
  4. All of the team leaders and assistants are extremely helpful. It helped me to know what they all had to do this too.

They know how we are feeling throughout because they have been there. This makes the leadership second to none.

I am HKC certified, coming in I had a very good idea of what to expect. Wow, was I wrong! The HKC gave me a great knowledge base, the RKC made me strong! I would recommend that everyone start the way I did. Find an HKC, do it, train, then do the RKC.

I have had the pleasure to know many quality martial artists. I now have the pleasure to know quality strength trainers and teachers. Pavel impressed me greatly at the HKC. At the RKC he and the other instructors blew my mind!

Keep up the outstanding work and level of excellence. You all Rock!! ;)


Nicole Spencer, New York, New York, Personal Trainer

Athletic Achievements, training background or specialty:

ACE Certified Personal Trainer, 200-Hour RYT, Yoga Alliance, Bachelor of Arts, Master of Arts

The Russian Kettlebell Certification Training contributed to my understanding and practice of kettlebells in the following five ways:

  1. It has broken down the technique/form and practice of the basic exercise so much so that my own practice has improved dramatically; this is very beneficial for my clients.
  2. The RKC gave me corrective drills that my clients will see immediate results from, which adds to my value as a trainer.
  3. I better understand the benefits of kettlebell training beyond simply a great physical workout.
  4. The marketing lecture was not only informative to an invaluable measure, but it was also inspiring and helped me develop ideas to make myself as a trainer more valuable and successful.
  5. It has made my thirst for learning so much deeper. Now want to know everything that the RKC has to often, and I am already excited to come back to continue improving myself for my clients.

This weekend has been beyond inspiring and will truly impact my training. I plan to implement as many of the ideas and tools I have been given here to transform my prior methods of training. I am so happy to have become part of a community of such intelligent, knowledgeable, and generous people. I definitely will be back for more!

Impeccable. I could not ask for a more knowledgeable, intelligent group of people to learn from.

I took a month long, 200- hour yoga teacher training, and I felt that we covered the same amount of depth with the RKC in 3 days (although we had a lot more exercises to cover in yoga!) I love that the RKC is performance based – I think they should all be that way over a written test.


Melissa Schmidt, Fond du Lac, WI, Recruiting Coordinator and Advisor - UW Oshkosh

Athletic Achievements, training background or specialty:

Division I Women's Crew Team - UW Madison, Varsity 8, 1992-1995; Tactical Strength Challenge: April 2010 - 9th place on national scoreboard, 1st place for location (Brookfield, WI). UST: 208 reps in 10 minutes with 16kg (with rest) SSST: 275 in 10 minutes with 12kg, no rest; 5 minute TSC snatch with 16kg - 137 reps, no rest - April, 2010

This certification contained so much valuable information. It will take another week for it all to sink in. Excellent program and high quality professionals teaching, training and running this certification. Impressive. I learned a TON!

What five aspects of the workshop did you find most useful and why?

  1. John Du Cane's marketing workshop – so many great ideas on how to promote and market yourself.
  2. Troubleshooting different common problems with the moves/exercises.
  3. Research done by staff and presented like Kenneth Jay's.
  4. Having instructors help your every move – great ratio of team leaders/asst to student. Improving technique.
  5. Walking through every move step by step.

Pavel and all the leaders were top integrity, quality people who had my best interest at heart.

I've never had this level of training, ever. Very detailed and impressive amount of knowledge. Thank you so much for the opportunity to increase my knowledge base in kettlebells!


Adam Erwin, Maple Grove, MN, Fitness and Nutrition Coach

Athletic Achievements, training background or specialty:

Founded Rapid Results Fitness in 2007, Semi-Pro Football Player (2007), Certified Personal Trainer

Surrounded by geniuses the RKC calls instructors. I came in full of energy and a little empty on information. I leave a little empty on energy and full of information. That's a worthwhile trade!

Good combination of instructor styles… Pavel vs. Brett vs. Kenneth. strong lecture… backed by substance, science, and study. Nice to hear from true experts.

Most thorough teaching of body movement I've ever had!


Corey Howard, Sioux Falls, SD, Personal Trainer

Athletic Achievements, training background or specialty:

Owner of Results Personal Training in Sioux Falls, SD

It was an awesome weekend. To be able to learn first hand form some of the best instructors in the world is amazing. I honestly feel as though I received so much valuable information, I'll need to review it for the next few months to apply it.

Pavel is simply brilliant. I appreciate his blunt, too the point approach. Pavel and his instructors have a patient demeanor that allows us to ask questions and receive educated, applicable answers.

This has been the most honest and logical approach to fitness I've seen. I think exercise physiology professors in college should take this course. RKC is the truth! A lot of what the professors and books teach just doesn't make sense now.


Elle Middleton, Pfafftown, NC, nutritional consultant

Athletic Achievements, training background or specialty:

Health Minister with Hallelujah Acres, currently working on N.D. in Holistic Nutrition.

Outstanding knowledge and application administered by professional, committed and caring people in order to pass on a safe, effective and beneficial way to train in the fitness field.

Although the entire weekend was a great challenge, motivating and educational, the one aspect of this weekend that impressed me the most was the overwhelming desire that all the instructors and assistants had to help each one of us be the very best instructor that we could be. They really showed enthusiasm for us to get it and be able to pass it along to our clients correctly and safely.


Meaghan Hennelly, Santa Fe, NM, Jewelry Designer

Very comprehensive and detailed training that was both challenging and gratifying. I learned a great deal about myself, my own personal strength and how to push myself physically and mentally I was given a great set of tools and taught how to use them effectively in teaching myself and others. Thank you!!

There is no doubt in my mind that I have received the absolute best training by some, if not the most knowledgeable RKC instructors and Team Leaders.

It was engaging and interesting and kept my attention which is important and in any teaching environment. I would not hesitate to attend another lecture, workshop, etc with any one of them. Anywhere in the world – I know I would leave satisfied and with additional tools to perfect my new trade and training.


Amanda Sowada, Duluth, Minnesota, Part time retail manager

Athletic Achievements, training background or specialty:

Some mixed martial arts experience, and kettlebell training for the last year.

The RKC has been the most exciting, challenging interesting and motivating training I have ever participated in.

I thought the quality of training and knowledge provided by Pavel and the other Sr. RKC's and Team Leaders was amazing. They are all well educated in kettlebells and other areas of expertise that go along with the program. They were all very helpful and willing to share at anytime.

Everything I have learned I can easily take back to where I'll be training I have the materials, the knowledge and resources to do that. Also most trainings don't give you the extra marketing advice to help you accomplish your goals.


Eric Skinner, Oklahoma City, OK, Business Analyst transitioning to Fitness

Athletic Achievements, training background or specialty:

18 years indoor/beach volleyball, 12 years USAF, 3 years Mixed Martial Arts

Everything that I expected it to be … and then 2 more days!!!

These are the experiences that I live for. It's rare in life that you get the opportunity to test yourself (mind, body, spirit) the way that the RKC tests you.

I'm grateful to the entire community for providing a path to greatness. This is a school of true strength power to you! Thanks again.

I seem to be a glutton for punishment. I went through basic training twice enlisted and officer boot camps. These 3 days of insight were far more superior.


Michelle (Shelley) Caron, Faribault, MN, Personal Trainer/Group Fitness Instructor

Athletic Achievements, training background or specialty:

NIHS Back Specialist, ACE Certified Personal Trainer, NETA Certified group fitness instructor. Featured in 2 fitness DVDs "Jump Force" and " Cardio Force".

One of the most challenging experiences both physically and mentally! Pushed me past my comfort zones and opened a world of endless possibilities.

Top in the industry. The knowledge, research and physical abilities of everyone involved was amazing.

By far surpassed anything I have ever been certified in for the past 13 years.

There's always ways we can improve, but at the time nothing comes to mind. Everything was an incredible experience!

I thought they did an excellent job giving me information and direction on how to guide me with materials, equipment and resources to continue moving forward with my training and business.

I feel fortunate be have had this opportunity to train with some of the most elite people in the health and fitness industry. I'm always looking for ways to improve upon myself and increasing my knowledge and this went way beyond anything I ever expected.


Maria Burk, Valparaiso, IN, Nonprofit Adminstration

Athletic Achievements, training background or specialty:

Completed the HKC in Sept 2009 in St. Paul. I teach kettlebell classes and kettlebell workshops with Angela Ramos, RKC in Crown Point, IN at Inspiration Fitness.

One of the most intense, rewarding experiences of my life. For the kettlebell enthusiast the RKC goes beyond all expectations in bringing you to a new level.

Amazing! Pavel's ability to deliver a wealth of information in a quick, precise nature to a large group, for practical application, is invaluable.

The Team Leaders and Sr. RKCs are all approachable, friendly, and professional. They exemplify what the RKC community is about.


Name withheld, Decorah, IA, Student

Athletic Achievements, training background or specialty:

All-Conference (2010 Indoor and Outdoor Track), Black Belt-Taekwondo

As a college athlete, the RKC certification allowed me to learn not only new ways to condition and strengthen my body, but an immense amount of anatomical and physiological knowledge to create a better understanding of why such basic fundamental movements are crucial for improving my fitness levels and quality of everyday life.

Pavel and the senior instructors as well as team leaders provided and guided me with countless exercises, practices and unique exercises to not only help the RKC attendees improve, but to be able to relate and pass the information onto clients, friends, etc. I have learned so much in the past three days that will provide me with lifelong information.

Because I am an endurance athlete and compete year round, my body has built up strength for long and intense bouts of exercise. The RKC certification challenged me in a different way… three days of intense mental and physical focus were key to successfully completing the course.


Roland Nunn, Bentonville, AR

These guys are the real deal. They can just look at you performing an exercise and break down in laymen terms how to fix each and every flaw.

Pavel is absolutely amazing and so is Zar Horton. Kenneth is incredible smart and his passion for perfection in athletics and performance is inspiring.

In a whole other league from any other certification I have ever done.


Tony Webster, Victoria, B.C., CANADA, College Instructor

Athletic Achievements, training background or specialty:

NSCA-CSCS, CrossFit Level 1 certified, CrossFit Olympic Lifting certified, CrossFit Gymnastics certified, CrossFit Barbell certification, Athletic pursuits: cycling (road and mtn), mountaineering, kayaking (river and ocean).

In Crossfit, (what I have been doing/coaching for 2-3 years) KB use is very limited and most coaches know little or nothing about traditional KB training. This course has made me far more mindful about KB's and their vast potential. I look forward to introducing these concepts when I coach Crossfit clients!

Demanding, enlightening, enjoyable, good people.

Clearly Pavel has set a high standard and this has been transferred to the whole RKC community and coaches. Very good instruction, excellent.

RE Pavel: Cleary his breadth of knowledge is very rare in the field of fitness and conditioning. We need more guys like this! Thanks.

I have taken a lot of courses as I teach for a living. -> Crossfit, CSEP, MSCA. This workshop has certainly been amongst the most informative I have taken. Level of info was excellent.

The fact that 2 hours is taken to discuss marketing and professionalism shows that you guys care about your graduates and your community. That speaks volumes. I liked this lecture.


Lindsey Richtmyer, Bozeman, MT, Personal Trainer

Athletic Achievements, training background or specialty:

ACE certified personal trainer, amateur boxer in college, currently practicing jiu jitsu at Montana Mixed Martial Arts, bowhunter, competitive swimmer for 13 years and lifetime of xc and downhill skiing, snowboarding, and horseback riding.

Excellent experience! All the detail and key points I was looking for to both train myself and my clients efficiently! Can't wait to start using all the knowledge.

Excellent knowledge from all team leaders! These guys are on top of it! Really enjoyed how each TL had a niche and extended knowledge in that area.

RKC blows them all away! Definitely worth the $ and definitely what I was hoping for.

The breakdown of everything is superb and very helpful. Don't think you could cram more into the weekend without sacrificing important info.

Great experience. Great knowledge. Already want to learn more! Thank you!


Clark Leaders, Plymouth, MN, Personal Trainer

Athletic Achievements, training background or specialty:

NASM Certified Personal Trainer, Finisher of 10 marathons and 4 Triathlons

Very through. It is the best certification I have ever gone through.

There has not been another cert. near the quality of RKC.

I can apply all that I have learned immediately to my business.


Scott Ward, Waukegan, IL, Firefighter/Paramedic

Athletic Achievements, training background or specialty:

college basketball

A physically exhausting weekend, mentally demanding. The top quality instructors are very approachable and happy to share info answer questions.

It is very impressive how they can watch a skill performed and immediately see what needs to be changes/improved. Pavel is impressive on the depth of his knowledge on how the body functions.

Brett Jones is outstanding with his knowledge and ability to share and instruct with humility and humor.

KJ, Dr. Hartle and Zar Horton – all also top quality, they could all lead a workshop alone, if need be.


Julia Patek, Mora, MN, Inventor, Horse Trainer

Athletic Achievements, training background or specialty:

Have 7+ years experience of lifting weights, have taken KB classes on & off over the past 5

I really pleased to see the consistency of how to break down and train each maneuver at the workshop. Compared to the training I received from Jon Engum, everything that was taught at the workshop just reinforced how and what he taught me.

The quality and depth of knowledge was amazing! Almost too much to absorb and retain in one weekend, but that is what notes are for ;)

I have done weight lifting, running, horseback riding and construction. And the overall benefit of health and strength training and conditionings is far superior.


Jay Little, Houghton MI, Student, Bartender, Bar Security

Athletic Achievements, training background or specialty:

Professional Mixed Martial Arts Fighter

All instructors were knowledgeable and interesting. Each had their own way of keeping your attention while giving good info.

Better combination of drills, instruction, reasoning or science behind the drills then I have gotten anywhere else.

More physical nature then other places.


Linda Mertens, Plymouth, MN, Personal Trainer

Athletic Achievements, training background or specialty:

NASM, NCSF, ACE Certified Personal Trainer, HKC Certified Kettlebell Instructor

Totally changed the way I will train clients!

All I have to say is that is was a privilege and honor to be taught by Pavel, Brett, Doc, Zar and Kenneth!

Never have I been in a workshop with the level of expertise and knowledge and all in my hometown!! I am grateful that RKC exists!!

Highest quality and THE BEST manual I have ever received. I have been to many workshops. None compare to RKC.

Brett Jones is awesome! I wish I had more time to learn from him. He is an excellent instructor by far!!


Carlton Brown, Toronto, Ontario Canada, Personal Trainer

The hardest fitness/training cert physically.


Miriam S–nchez, New York, NY, Physical Therapist

Athletic Achievements, training background or specialty:

Ballet Dancer, Physical therapist, Pilates Instructor

It's a serious certification, you really have to earn it, you have to go through a lot of discipline to achieve it, but at the end its an amazing experience and an honor to be able to work with great people.

They have a great system that works, people are prepared, they know how to do it and they know how to teach it and make it easy. I have never experienced any other certification program with this level of organization.


Garrett Watson Louisville KY, Personal Trainer /Strength Coach

Athletic Achievements, training background or specialty:

Brazilian Ju Jit Su Blue belt, Muay Thai student, Amateur MMA fighter, college Rugby player and strength coach, high school soccer, soccer strength coach, CSCS, Cross Fit certified, TRX certified, SPARQ tester, NCSF personal training certification.

It is obvious that the RKC staff and instructors are some of the very best in the world. I was honored to be a part of workshop. This experience is a turning point in my training forever. I hope that I can make as big of an impact in my clients lives as the RKC instructors have made in mine.

Surpassed already high expectations.

How did the Russian Kettlebell Certification Training compare with any other training you have taken in physical exercise—in terms of quality, scope of material, and practical use?

- Much higher standard
- More qualified instructors.
- No wasted time like others.


Min Qiu, Bellevue, WA, Personal trainer

Athletic Achievements, training background or specialty:

B.S. Kinesiology, ACSM CPT

Precise skill demonstrations, fatiguing, and training resiliency in 3 days. Very powerful certification process.

The quality of the instructors an attention to details is second to none.

What I learned from RKC and all Dragon Door resources goes way beyond my B.S. degree, NASM, and ACSM certification in terms of quality and practicality.


Rocco Rinella, Staten Island, NY, Bartender

The certification was every bit as demanding as I'd heard, both physically and mentally. The teachers were on point and helpful.

I had read much of the work of Pavel, as well as several of the other instructors, but being able to ask questions is very valuable.


Dom Uguccioni, Athens, GA, Residence Hall Director, The University of Georgia

Athletic Achievements, training background or specialty:

NCAA Division III All American, Hammer Throw, 2007, NSCA CSCS, NSCA CPT

It was very demanding physically and mentally it felt like a football mini-camp complete with playbook (manual) study at night. I also feel I learned some great life/managerial skills which will help me as an administrator in higher education.

Pavel: Very personable and forthcoming with his knowledge, a true gentleman and leader by example. It takes a lot for someone to be able to command the respect that he does as a leader/ supervisor, while at the same time being approachable during down time.

Brett Jones: Brett is also very approachable and forthcoming with his knowledge, and I really earned a lot from him both times he's been my team leader and also as his assistant in 2008.

Kenneth Jay: Very knowledgeable and scientifically versed, this was my first experience with Mr. Jay.

Zar Horton: Also my first experience with Zar. Zar has a lot of energy and passion for kettlebells/RKC; I truly enjoyed his lecture on "What is RKC?"

Dr. Michael Hartle: Very knowledgeable and skilled, I learned a lot from his demos/ power lifting techniques. Dr. Hartle also carries his strength and accomplishments with great modesty.

I have taken both NSCA-CPT and CSCS; both were paper/pencil. Enough said.

Keep up the great work! I have seen outstanding changes implemented since Sept. 2007.

You guys do overall GREAT WORK, and it is great to have certifications in different geographical locations as well. Fitting all of the information in one weekend that you do is no small task, bravo!


David Soto, Johnston, IA, Student

Overall very informative, I learned plenty of things. It was both a good and difficult weekend.

I felt that Pavel and the other instructors are very knowledgeable. They have a keen eye for technique; to see flaws that ware made. A lot of technical and scientific know-how.

Italy May 2010 Russian Kettlebell Certification Workshop—Participant Praise

Paul McIlroy

This was the most comprehensive insight to kettlebell/strength training I've ever experienced and I've experienced a lot! It's also the toughest thing I"ve ever done full stop!

Pavel is like a Jedi Master, I've read all his books and came in thinking I'd know most things… way wrong! Learned more than I ever thought possible.

Pavel's depth of knowledge knows no bounds. The Senior Instructors where perfect examples of The RKC Hard Style, they taught it with great depth and understanding.

I have a degree in sports science, CSCS; I boxed for 10 years. I won the World Junior Power Lifting Championship. I've been working in the fitness industry for years, this beats everything hands down!!!!


Massimo Conpalonieri

Very tough, hard training, great attention to techniques.

I find all the instructors very well prepared and available for suggestions to the students. They teach very clearly and they look at the applications of their advises to exercises.

I had a background in martial arts and running and I think that kettlebells have a strong carryover to sports.


Belpulsi Max

RKC is the best approach to kettlebell training, either for professional or for normal people who want to make a change in their life. RKC is not just another "tool in the box" it is a real life change that happens from the first minute you step into it.

Thanks for everything guys, keep doing the great job. Proud to be an RKC!


Giuseppe Galbiati

The RKC is a great course where I can find a good energy and feeling with all: instructors and students. Also it's a great experience for few people. So I understand in three days maybe what I can't learn in 1 year.

Pavel is very great man and teaching with great technique. Also instructors and team leaders are very well prepared.

April 2010 Russian Kettlebell Certification Workshop—Participant Praise

Sean Jennings, Pittsfield MA, Healthcare Admin

RKC training dismantled 20 years of high-level competition as a boxer, endurance tri-athlete and nationally ranked marathon canoe racing and gave me the concept of true strength and conditioning. I feel like before attending RKC I was a fitness imposter.

Recently attended Cross Fit Level I Cert. Couldn't walk for 1 week and learned very little. Instructors (Cross Fit) showed off, acted arrogant and did not progress properly. RKC was the full package – this was a serious well designed progressive training that tested my limits, but did not humiliate and provided extraordinary insight into me and my body. I feel like RKC introduced me to my body for the first time in my life.


Erika A Ross, Evansville, IN, Personal Trainer

Athletic Achievements, training background or specialty:


The RKC is powerful. You gain so many useful tools to utilize as an individual as well as a trainer. They give you everything you may need to become stronger, more flexible and better at what ever you do!

Pavel continues to display an endless flow of knowledge, instruction and experience. His style of teaching is very relational and easy to comprehend. (For the smart ones anyway).

No comparison. In a league of its own. I have learned more this weekend than any other cert and I have attended in the past 7 years.


Jessica Hofman, Albuquerque, NM, Full-Time Student

Athletic Achievements, training background or specialty:

A Mother of 4 and Fitness Competitor. Top 5 at Fitness America National Championships 2009 & top 3 OCB Los Alamos Fitness Competition 2009. A background in gymnastics, track-n-field, volleyball & basketball. A youth volleyball coach for 4 years.

It was a true honor to have the opportunity to work and gain feedback from all the knowledgeable kettlebell leadership team, Pavel, John and Andrea Du Cane, Dave Whitley, Mike Juve and many more. I know I am in the right place here at RKC. This was an intense, highly informational course and I loved every moment of it. This has been one of the most rewarding experiences I have been through.

The RKC training experience far exceeds any other training I have been a part of. I have a background in gymnastics and many other sports and the quality and scope of material presented here was outstanding.

Thank you so much for giving me the opportunity to be here. It was such an honor to be a part of this workshop.


George Petrides, Jr., Baltimore, MD, Personal Trainer

Athletic Achievements, training background or specialty:

CSCS since 1995. Personal trainer since 1994. High school strength and conditioning coach for 13 years. Former Strength and Conditioning coach in the Texas Rangers baseball organization. Former strength and conditioning coach to various men and women's team at Johns Hopkins University. Former recruiter for the US National Bobsled and Skeleton Federation. 1st place winner in over 30 power lifting competitions since 1988. 2nd place winner in the 2000 York Barbell Strength Spectacular Strongman competition (lightweight class).

The most comprehensive approach I have been involved with that focused on only 6 exercises! This "in depth" approach allowed me to truly understand each movement (the purpose, the muscles involved, benefits).

I began kettlebell work as a means to stay fit and strong after 20 years period as a competitive power lifter that wrecked havoc on my shoulders and hips. After 3 months of using kettlebells I decide to give the RKC a try. I allowed 6 months to train. What I discovered in those 6 months was that not only did my conditioning drastically improve, but all my lifting related injuries had disappeared. So now, at 40 years old and in much better condition, I plan to continue with my kettlebell training but also resume my power lifting. The exercises I learned in RKC (TGU, swing) have re-strengthened those bad areas that have allowed me to do what I love: "lift heavy weights".


Amber DeLuca, Las Vegas, Nevada, Entrepreneur, Self employed

Athletic Achievements, training background or specialty:

Intercollegiate and Military Volleyball, Sportclimbing, Muay Thai and BJJ, American Gladiator, Armwrestler, Bodybuilder, Power sports training.

The instructors ensure a high quality experience by combining the fine balance of conditioning and rigor through discipline. Discipline was instilled by high repetition swings, the fundamental KB movement. It is a rigorous course for anyone who desires to become an instructor.

Perhaps the highest quality of instruction in one area. The different types of athletes and diversity of instructors, which also includes their approach to instruction, was brilliant and exceeded my expectation by far.

I found the overall quality better than any other training I have attended because there was always relevance, and the instructors made it fun. Again the balance between, rigor, mental absorption, fun and humor made the entire experiences motivating and inspirational.


Melissa Walker, Ringwood, NJ, Pediatric Nurse Practitioner, Fitness Studio Co-owner

Athletic Achievements, training background or specialty:

Certified Pediatric Nurse Practitioner, registered nurse. IYCA Youth Fitness Specialist. Former Div. I Track and Field and Cross-Country athlete.


I have run Div I track and cross-country and done so many intervals, I thought my lungs would explode. I have run marathons and thought my legs would collapse. It's hard to put into words how much harder attending the RKC was. Being a mom of two, I can only compare it to childbirth. It's excruciatingly difficult, but once you have been through it, you know your life has completely changed for the better.

My husband, Joe, who assisted this weekend, constantly sings the praises of Pavel. It's gotten to the point where my 4-year-old son can identify his picture faster than pictures of some relatives. I hate to admit it, but my husband was right. Pavel has such passion for his craft and provided the same "tough love" to the moms that he did to the power lifters.

Better than I have ever experienced. More useful than I could have imagined. Besides applying this to my own life. I intend to use what I have learned and apply it to both housewives and high school athletes.


Chris Hardy, Owings Mills, MD, Military Physician (U.S. Navy)

Athletic Achievements, training background or specialty:

U.S. Army Deep Sea Diver (1991-1995), U.S. Navy Physician (2003-present), Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist

An encouraging experience that showed me the importance of "teaching by doing". The information density was high but presented in an easily digestible manner over the 3-days. This was one of the best experiences in my professional life.

The Chief Instructor and Instructor Leaders were extremely knowledgeable and showed humility in their approach. I never felt uncomfortable asking a question. This is a top-notch group of true professionals.

Far beyond anything I have done previously in theory and practical applications.


Maria "Lisa" Hines, Rome, Georgia, Teacher, Training Facility Owner, Personal Trainer

Athletic Achievements, training background or specialty:

American Council of Exercise Personal Trainer, Masters of Education-Supervision & Administration, Tactical Strength Training, Sprint Triathlete, and Runner

Hardcore, life experience that made/helped me become emotionally strong in areas I am weak in, increased awareness of myself and others in general. Helped me realize I can carry on a legacy and possibly make one for myself to those I encounter.

The quality of training and knowledge provide by all was of the highest quality. I have been to several fitness and other industry seminars who did not compare because of the lack of commitment and passion and excitement for the industry.

It is an honor to be able to attend RKC I because very few have what it takes to register, not to mention engage in all 3 days, pass all tests.


Gina Glenna, Minneapolis, MN, Implementation Consultant

The experience was enlightening, motivating and restoring. From someone without a fitness background, I was completely able to keep up, learn from the best and be encouraged at the RKC. My existing skills were fostered and enhanced; I can move forward with a different career choice and the RKC gave me the fundamentals to do that!

The instructors made this course. They are all clearly experts in their fields and have a passion for not only what they're doing, but helping others perform to perfection. Mr. Whitley was always there, provided 1x1 attention, instruction and detail.


Emily Gehrke, Iowa City, Iowa, Student (University of Iowa)

Athletic Achievements, training background or specialty:

200 hours Power Flow Yoga Certification, BA in Dance


It is exhausting physically and mentally in the best way, enabling you to overcome and learn things you would never imagine. You will walk out a smarter, stronger, more skilled individual.

Impeccable! Truly eye opening and so completely amazing. It was a full learning experience. There were no holes, no gaps, nothing left out. I feel honored to have been a part of this!

Way more technical, hands-on, strict (in a good way – safety, corrective exercise, form.) the RKC training covered more than I thought I could fit in my brain. It is of top-quality; Pavel and the leaders know their stuff! We were able to cover so much and apply so much practical use and application in just a weekend. Unbelievable! It truly does not compare to anything else!

Thank you for an amazing weekend! I am so excited to share what I know with others! ;)


Michael Kurkowski, Clifton Park, NY, Personal Trainer

Athletic Achievements, training background or specialty:

Baseball and Basketball through 2004, National Academy of Sports Medicine Certified in August 2008, Functional Movement Screen Certified in March 2009, Functional Trainer and Performance coach since Summer 2008

One of the most rewarding experiences I have done in both my career and my personal life. The RKC instructors show great passion in education on strength and safety.

Pavel and the team really proved their value in the fitness world. Nowhere else have I seen such passion to teach a group. Thank you Pavel and the RKC instructors.


Geoff Butler Boone, N.C., Student/Personal Trainer

Athletic Achievements, training background or specialty:

Scholastic, freestyle, Roman Greco wrestling, ACSM CPT, kettlebell pump cert.

This has truly been a dream of mine and I am confident it will open many doors for me in the future. I am honored and grateful o have been a part of this workshop and the greater RKC community.


Those are truly the best in the world.


Kelli O'Neil, Pella, IA, Professor

Athletic Achievements, training background or specialty:

M.A. Exercise Psychology, B.A. Exercise Science, NSCA-Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist (CSCS), NSCA-Certified Personal Trainer (NSCA-CPT), ACSM-Health Fitness Specialist (HFS), AFAA Primary Group Fitness Instructor, Body Pump Instructor, Body Combat Instructor, Nationally-ranked freestyle skydiver

This certification packs a ton of crucial information and practical application into 3 very intense and rewarding training days. My teaching and my own performance have improved greatly, and I know this is just the beginning.

They expect perfections, or at least improvement, but they precede those expectations with phenomenal step-by-step instruction and many opportunities for practice and evaluation. The level of tension, intimidation and respect is appropriate.

I am ACSM, NSCA, and Les Mills certifies, and this 3-day experience provided more practical tips to develop super joints than the other organizations. I see RKC as a valuable addition to my other knowledge and experiences.

Amazing weekend! Thank you for everything!


Jeff Ostrowski, Philadelphia, PA, Physical Therapist

Athletic Achievements, training background or specialty:

College basketball, physical therapist

RKC training is a perfect blend of intellectual stimulation and hard-core physical training. The camaraderie with the other candidates makes it fun. Finally. The instructors and organization are first class. I never got the feeling that anyone was "mailing it in." Pavel and David were especially good.

I have never done anything this intensive before. It was fantastic. Sure best sitting in a hotel meeting room getting bored to death with lectures. John Du Cane's Sunday AM lecture was terrific too.


Heidi Rockweiler, Decorah IA, Finance/Human Resources division of our own business

Athletic Achievements, training background or specialty:

Played volleyball, basketball, and softball throughout my life until injuries did me in. Currently run numerous 5k's, ran a half-marathon, did a duathlon (placed first in my age group), and six triathlons (placed 3 times in my age group). Enjoy keeping busy and taking on new adventures!

It is, by far, the hardest "event" I've ever attempted. It is, by far, the most rewarding experience I've went through other than delivering two 9.5 lbs babies with no drugs.

Quality – empowering and realization of how much there is to learn.

Scope of material – overwhelming – a lot to retain in a short amount of time. I want to absorb everything.

Practical use – very practical – keep it simple – go back to basics.


Nicholle Kuennen, Decorah, Iowa, SAHM - stay at home mom (:

Athletic Achievements, training background or specialty:

I am a mom to 3 boys ages almost 4, 2.5, and almost 1 (that is 3 in under 3 years!). After having my second son I was stuck, found kettlbells through Mike and Sara Juve and have not looked back. Had my 3rd son, and was right back to kettlebells 5 weeks after he was born. I have lost all of my "baby weight"...twice, and am much more fit than I have ever been!

Incredibly eye opening experience. Pushed my mind and body like I have never before. So much thanks and gratitude to Pavel and his incredible staff!

The quality and knowledge had me in awe many tines. I have learned so much and it just makes one want to learn more and more. Troubleshooting tools were fantastic.


Mario Carlomagno, Atlanta, GA, Strength Coach

Athletic Achievements, training background or specialty:

Krav Maga Black Belt; CrossFit Trainer; Registered Yoga Instructor; NASM Certified Personal Trainer

It was awesome – I have been humbled by a movement as deceptively simple as the swing. I've got a ton of things to work on, enough to spend the next several years perfecting.

All of the instructors impressed me with their knowledge and proficiency. Cueing was good – concise and vigorous, to the point, and immediately effected the desired changes in performance. Everyone seemed completely justified in their level of authority (unlike some mail order certified trainers I've seen out there) Pavel is awesome – a great presence, the right balance of affability and dictatorial.

Again, I want to emphasize accountability: I love testing (not doing it, but the fact that it has to be done.) Crossfit Level I has zero performance, zero standards, zero teaching standards, therefore, I place little value in that cert in the absence of thither training. The scope was good not too much to be overwhelming or not allow quality repetition, but more than a brief workshop.


Mark Underwood, Medina, OH, Transportation Manager

The RKC training program has been the hardest physical challenge of my life. It has also been the most education and inspiring thing in my life. I will leave St Paul a completely changed person.

The quality of training and the knowledge of the instructors as world class. I felt honored to be learning from this group of instructors.

The RKC training program is the most intensive and useful program I have attended. The material is current and thorough and can readily be used when I get home.

I thought the organization of the workshop was incredible. So many moving parts both literally and figuratively and it was like a well-oiled machine.

What can I say –this was truly an amazing weekend. I will never forget the instructors, my team and the rest of the attendees. It was awesome!


Kevin Knapp, Seattle, WA, Personal Trainer

Athletic Achievements, training background or specialty:

Warrior Diet/CFT Certified. HKC Instructor

I had some expectations of what to expect and the RKC has rocketed past all of them. Pavel and his instructors have put us through one amazing days. Words don't describe the amount of knowledge (and workload) we all got.

Unmatched – I am always blown away how simple and easy the knowledge flows from these instructors. I have a hard time getting it all down on paper before the next golden nugget is said.

No comparison hands down the most practical, quality material in our industry. Functional use for all the concepts of the RKC system.


Blakely Petersen Minneapolis MN, Certified Natural Trainer

Athletic Achievements, training background or specialty:

CNT levels I and II, HKC

Meeting others with similar passions and love for raw strength has opened up many avenues of networking and camaraderie. The knowledge that the RKC team has and continues to gain (i.e. research) is truly mind blowing. I want to be a part of that group of enthusiasts.

It's clear you all have done your "research'. Both in books, in the field, and on yourselves as well as those you train. We received consistent tips from everyone though differing a bit here and there) this was helpful because learning from a different teacher makes you a better teacher too. The feedback was simple too. Quick and concise.


Paul Hafner, Little Egg Harbor, NJ, Law Enforcement

Athletic Achievements, training background or specialty:

Police Academy Defensive Tactics Instructor. Physical Training Instructor. Expandable Baton Instructor-Trainer. Handcuffing Instructor-Trainer. Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu Purple Belt

An intense physical and mental experience similar to book camp or the police academy. The instructors push you to your limit and just when you are ready to quit they bring you back in. All of the students bond during the demanding three days but everyone feels a real sense of accomplishment when they walk out the door.

The quality and knowledge cannot be questioned. They seemed to have an answer for everyone's problems most of the time correcting it on the spot. Instant results are what everyone wants and appreciates.

I have taken marital arts seminars, Jiu-Jitsu summer camp, physical trainer instructor course etc. The physical exercise is second to none. The first two days of training pushed everyone right to their limit.


Tim Daly, Saginaw, MI, Personal Trainer

Athletic Achievements, training background or specialty:

I have competed in several bodybuilding shows and taken first in my weight class. I am a NSCA-CPT and member of the NSCA.

Pain with a purpose. The best worst experience of my life.

I expected to learn from the world leading experts and that is exactly what I got.

Awesome group of instructors and participants. Had an amazing time. Would to come back as an assistant some time.


Stephanie Escobedo, Iowa City, IA, Operations and Fitness Director

Athletic Achievements, training background or specialty:


We practice Crossfit at our facility and when I get back we will be changing our program to include more KB work and workout programs (structure) recommended by Pavel.

The staff is very knowledgeable and I feel this certification has made me an extremely better coach. RKC is not for everyone and one has to work to receive the certification, which is important to me. One needs to be mentally and physically strong to achieve their goal.

Pavel is one of my idols. So I felt very lucky to have him look at my form critic and then tell me I am doing well. The Sr. Team Leader was very knowledgeable and wish I could pick his brain and just work/observe/learn from him so I can further my knowledge.

No comparison! RKC is superior to most training, although I enjoy Olympic/power lifting with BB. I have noticed that KB training has increased my Olympic lifts weights and cardio vascular. I was able to run a half marathon without training like I sued to. I had to train 3 months prior – now I only need 1-2 week to train!! Strength, prior to kb's could not do 1 push up now I can do 20+ without stopping.

I am so impressed. Well worth the money.


Dale Buchanan, Boca Raton, FL, Personal Trainer. fitness instructor

Athletic Achievements, training background or specialty:

Tae Kwon Do - 2nd Dan. ISSA CFT. T'ai Chi Chih Teacher. TRX Trainer. Several other kettlebell certs. General fitness and conditioning specializing in mind/body and therapeutic exercise

Overall a very good experience. Very tiring on 2nd day and sore on 3rd day, was amazed at how soreness wore off so quickly. John's marketing lecture was top notch. I want more!

Quality of training was far superior to other fitness certs I have taken.

I took 2 other kettlebell certs prior to RKC and HKC but I feel like I did not get the proper tools to teach until I took RKC.


Bart Bishop, Whittier, CA, Chiropractor

Athletic Achievements, training background or specialty:

EMT, CPR-AED, Divemaster, Chiropractor, HKC

The RKC weekend was demanding, enlightening, and informative.

Group instructors were knowledgeable and compassionate – Pavel demonstrated ways to "cut to the chase' – very helpful.

I think that the RKC is most useful because of simplicity – effectiveness, a single tool that can be used anywhere. A system of movement to support structured – whole body health.


Kathi Burger, Afton, MN, Management Analyst

RKC was an eye-opener for me on correct form and areas where my own techniques needed to be corrected or changed.

This is my first certification – anything after this is going to have to be kick-butt to compare.


Kelly Estep, Chantilly, VA, IT Project Manager

The training exceeded my expectation with the collective knowledge of instructors and presenters.

They all know their stuff! Pavel is very motivating, entertaining and gives great examples. The Sr. Instructors having varying personalities added a lot of diversity to the program. It never got boring! The team leaders exhibited confidence in their knowledge in the way they passed information onto us.


Ross Weymiller, New Albin, IA, Farming

An intense, rewarding, experience with more knowledge gained about strength/power then I've over gotten from similar weight lifting techniques and expertise.



The certification is a huge steppingstone in health and fitness. Whether not our using this certification to actually teach or as a career. You will walk away with a new look at your fitness goals as a individual.

The quality is at a very high level all instructors and team leaders seem very unique and above average. I feel honored to have had them correct my form and teach me.

The certification can be compared to levels of training for people who have served in the armed forces. It is unique and very well planned to leave students with great information.


Dave McRay, Rome, GA, Pediatric Rehab Company Owner

Athletic Achievements, training background or specialty:

Endurance and Ultra athlete (triathlon, trail running, cycling for many years). HS Coach in wresting, track, and football. Single digit Hdcp.golfer. Kettlebell training with Scott Hines-RKCII for 2 years.

The training was intense, at times painful, but offered thorough instruction to make you a stronger, fitter person.

The things learned immediately can be put into use. By for the most in depth instructions I've received.


Ron Wetzell, Minneapolis, MN, Kettlebell Instructor

Athletic Achievements, training background or specialty:

I am RKC certified. This is a re-certification

RKC is a mountain. RKC is the mountain. Everyone earns their certification. There is nothing cheap about this.


Scott Stransky, Denver, CO, Writer

Athletic Achievements, training background or specialty:

Survived 2 heart attacks; 1 at age 26, the 2nd at age 28. :-)

It's extremely challenging both mentally and physically. The staff are pure experts in HardStyle kb. And expect their students to be the same. It's not for the faint of heart.


Beth Niebuhr, Iowa City, IA, Student

Fun and exhilarating learning environment that challenges you not only physically but mentally as well. It has been and honor to work with and get to know the team leaders, assistants, and Pavel and have the best of the best help correct my form. I feel like I have drastically improved my form/technique in the three days of training.

Thank you so much for this opportunity! I greatly appreciate what this workshop has done for me and my training skills.


David Helwig, Durham, NC, Technical Support Analyst

It was a fantastic experience for me to learn the subtleties of the movements. Watching other body types move and be corrected sparked my interest in the way humans move themselves.

The quality of the training is excellent from everyone. I expected great training from the instructors I was pleasantly surprised by the knowledge and quality of assistants from the assistants.

I have only started training for anything physical in the past year. The simplicity of the kettlebell intrigued me. My trainer at home is RKC II and I think prepared me very well for the certifications.


Kay Imoehl, Decorah, Iowa, Full time - CSA - Insurance / and part-time Advocare Advisor

Athletic Achievements, training background or specialty:

High School Girls Basketball (1979-82); Tae Kwon Do - achieved orange belt (2005) Kettlebell training at Rejuvenation Kettlebell Studio, Decorah, IA (2 years)

I have learned techniques that I will take into my own workout and that will help others too. It's the hardest thing I've ever done. The benefits of this training will make others I help stronger, and I have been given a confidence that I wasn't ever lose – there is "strength' from kettlebells and it's not just physical.

The helpful tips/instruction from the senior instructor and team leaders were great. The encouragement helped me to go on throughout the day.


Jenna Rockweiler, Decorah, IA, Student

Athletic Achievements, training background or specialty:

I have been involved in volleyball, basketball, softball, soccer, track, golf, and other sports oriented activities. I am currently the captain of my soccer team and was a captain of the volleyball team. I have also been training with kettlebells for around two years with Mike and Sara Juve.

Awesome. It's truly understanding the body and every thing it can do. The workouts make you focus on tension and relaxation' who knew they could go hand in hand! Plus Pavel isn't so bad for the an "Evil Russian" ;)

They were great, they gave instruction at good times and tried to let you correct things yourself before stepping in. The quality and training was top notch. I enjoyed working with Andrea Du Cane a lot. She was very knowledgeable and I felt like I could talk to her about anything.

It was so much more organized and specific. The instructors gave credible information and all around it was tough but fun. Thanks for everything – I've learned a lot about myself.


Lionel M. Nelson, Durham, NC, Dentist

As a recreational athlete with little to no organized experience or inherent athleticism, RKC has allowed me to realize that through WORK, discipline and an open mind I can exhibit strength and power that was before unattainable. Everyone can't run a 4.3 40 yard dash or dunk a basketball but EVERYONE can challenge and exceed their potential through KB training. I am an example.

SPECIAL THANKS AND APPRECIATION To John, Gary and Amy. Amazing personalities, great feedback and remarkable knowledge. Also, Pavel being present everyday at every session. Learning names and being hands on is refreshing in today's market place. He could make more $$ having 10 of these simultaneously but the quality of system would suffer. The head of an organization dictates the overall character of the organization and it shows in every team leader and instructor. I attend conferences and rarely meet and get feedback from the author. But at RKC I can say that Pavel, Jon, Gary and Amy evaluated my swing, get-up, press- squat and snatch several times. That makes me wasn't to continue and advance in RKC. Strong work comrades.


Shannon O'Neil, Seattle, WA, Personal Trainer

Athletic Achievements, training background or specialty:

HardStyle Kettlebell Certified Trainer, American College of Sports Medicine Certified Personal Trainer.

My form is 100% better Sunday than Friday. I can now create shorter workouts with lighter weights and have a better out come.

The RKC training has increased my flexibility, strength and knowledge. I have had a great experience and enjoyed the atmosphere at the RKC.

The quality of training and knowledge is exceptional. Pavel is able to concisely get his point across, correct you and keep an atmosphere that is enticing. The senior instructors are all very knowledgeable and explain all lifts very well. Their knowledge has made me more confident as trainer.

Kicks all other training certs' butts. It is the best information; everything you learn applies to all clients, athletes to seniors. I have never worked out so hard. My strength, form and flexibility have never benefited so much from 3 days.


John Robison, Belton, TX, Government Contractor

Athletic Achievements, training background or specialty:

Been an athlete all my life, participated in all sports and am NASM-CNT2 and HKC certified.

It was a great weekend of training and learning. At points had to dig deep to finish off workouts while maintaining good technique.

First Class all the way!! Each instructor was very knowledgeable and gave great feedback. Everyone was very considerate while doing so and also made all the attendees (victims) feel welcome.

By far one of the most demanding things I've done, both mentally and physically. Tons of material covered in a short periods of time that requires a ton of focus.

Want to thank everyone in the Dragon Door Family. Very friendly and promote a family atmosphere.


Wade Padgett, Dallas, TX, Southwest Airlines Safety and Security Team

Completely Fantastic! A tough weekend that puts you through the paces, but when you come out on the other side you are tougher, leaner, stronger and ready to take on the world.

Quality of training is superb. The wealth of knowledge provided by Pavel and all the instructors is seemingly limitless. They provide you with the tools to succeed and want you to do well. Everyone is super nice, even while giving out "tough love".


John Carney, Alexandria, VA, Performance Acceleration Professional

Athletic Achievements, training background or specialty:

so far have summited Kilimanjaro (Africa), Aconcagua (SA), McKinley (NA), Vinson (Antarctica) - and this fall Carstenz Pyramid in Indonesia (Oceana)

3 days of extremely useful information, techniques and training for any level of athletic performance from Olympic level athletes to people interesting in just day-to-day healthy living.


Scott Ballor, Grand Rapids, MI, Massage Therapist

Athletic Achievements, training background or specialty:

EAS product endorsement (2003). 12 years massage therapy. 4 years military service. 28 years weight training. 2005 RKC. 2007 RKC

Anyone who would like to have more to offer their clients should take this course.

The collective knowledge base of the instructors is so vast and extensive it is beyond my skills to express without being redundant or at least having more time and a thesaurus.

The RKC would be the perfect complement to the massage training that I went through. I use techniques learned in previous RKC training with every massage.


Justo Bernechea, Elmhurst, NY, Boxing Coach/Personal Trainer

Athletic Achievements, training background or specialty:

I currently hold a USA Boxing certification, Ace certification and a Level 1 kettlebell certification from Kettlebell Athletics. I've been part of the boxing world as a amateur boxer and coach for over 15yrs.

This is the only and proper way to learn the way of the kettlebell!!

Pavel's and Engum's critiques and adjustments gave me a better insight to kb training.

I can compare the V02 Max snatch test to 4 rounds of boxing. I would use the with boxers instead of the sparring they do to keep them healthy and heart strong.


Scott Tighe, East Bridgewater MA, Kitchen cabinet delivery

Athletic Achievements, training background or specialty:


It was an information packed weekend. It was a lot of hard work but it reinforced that when things get tough you have to keep your form perfect. Also I met a ton of great people.

I was amazed at how much information and the quality of it. Just little tips they shared went along way.

It was not easy but you learned how to push through and keep going when you didn't think you had anymore in you. They showed us how to apply the knowledge to a lot of different aspects to training and quality over quantity.

I had a great weekend and met some awesome people.


Joao Luciano da Silva Oliveira, Brazil, teacher, business man

Athletic Achievements, training background or specialty:

I graduated in Brazil as a physical education and I have experience in aikido, run, volleyball and fitness in general.

It was a learning experience with good people, and engaged instructors and a good organization.

This certification was very serious and gave a good material for the practicing; and ratified my expectation.


Marcus Hooper, Nashville, TN, MGR.

I believe the RKC was a great learning experience for my future in kb's and life in general!

Pavel's knowledge along with all instructors I encountered over the last 3 days was overwhelming. Always top notch and ahead of other methods I've researched.

Unmatched. I feel this is far superior in all aspects of exercise.


Frank Karam, New York, NY Lawyer

A great awakening about how much I can learn about how to use my body strongly.

I was impressed by the seriousness and professionalism. The effort to get things right and always try to do better by Pavel and the instructors shows in results.


Duncan Shaw, Chapel Hill, NC, Translation Services Manager

Athletic Achievements, training background or specialty:

Purple belt in Tae Kwon Do.

It encouraged me to push myself further and higher than I thought I was capable of. It also constructively exposed points I need work on so that my future training will focus on them.

This was elite, world-class instruction that clearly has evolved and foundationally matured over the decades. All instructors were rigorous but fair, and the access to everyone was incomparable to any other training experience.

The manual is thorough and an excellent means of post – implementation to substitute what I absorbed in person. Access to instructors for questions is unusually open and available. In short, the door is wide open to get as much as the student chooses to get form the experience regardless of experience/background.


Okee Walker Jr, Vinton, IA, Sales

It will test your physical and mental endurance. The amount of learning you will get cannot be measured.


February 2010 Russian Kettlebell Certification Workshop—Participant Praise

Raymond Harvey, Murfreesboro TN, Personal Trainer

Athletic Achievements, training background or specialty:

Former professional baseball player with the Cleveland Indians Organization. Certified Strength & Conditioning Specialist with the National Strength & Conditioning Association. HKC Instructor through Dragon Door.

The Russian Kettlebell Certification Training contributed to my understanding and practice of kettlebells in the following five ways:

  1. The certification taught me that with proper technique, kettlebell training is extremely safe and very efficient in strength and conditioning.
  2. The training can be very effective in cleaning up mobility issues and restore lost function.
  3. The training can be modified to a different level of client's abilities.
  4. This is a school of strength and that clients should not be afraid to move heavy weight when ready.
  5. The science lays the foundation of program design.

This was by far the most useful information I've been given in all my years practicing strength and conditioning. I wish I would have had access to this training system when I was a pro athlete.

What five aspects of the workshop did you find most useful and why?

  1. The numerous techniques in teaching and cleaning up exercise flaws.
  2. The valuable applicable training techniques given by each instructor who presented.
  3. Pavel's attention to detail in every way as well as the other presenters.
  4. Each instructor and assistant in my group was very professional and encouraging.
  5. The marketing seminar was awesome!

Please share your thoughts on the quality of training and knowledge provided by Pavel Tsatsouline, the Senior Instructors and the Team Leaders this weekend:

This is the part of the course that made my huge investment worth the money. Each instructor gave me multiple tools to be a better instructor and helped me take my training to a higher level. I feel that I will reap multiple benefits from my investment financially.

How did the Russian Kettlebell Certification Training compare with any other training you have taken in physical exercise—in terms of quality, scope of material, and practical use?

This was the best certification I've done. The fact that I could learn by doing was great. Difficult physically, but very rewarding.

In future Russian Kettlebell Certification Trainings I recommend you consider making the following additions/changes to the program:

I really don't know how you make it better.


Wendy Schauer, Olympia, WA, Chiropractor

Athletic Achievements, training background or specialty:


The Russian Kettlebell Certification Training contributed to my understanding and practice of kettlebells in the following five ways:

  1. I really understood the reasoning behind teaching newbies the swing and getup only. I will be going back to basics.
  2. That Pavel probably could walk on water.
  3. There is no other system like this. People may copy but they are far inferior.
  4. I had no idea how weak my glutes were and how tight my psoas/hip flexors were
  5. There is a reason behind how they teach and it is extremely important to follow it.

After participating in 5 certs I am still learning and perfecting. The basic premise stays the same but Pavel and his instructors keep coming up with ways to make us learn better/easier. I had several AHA Moments.

Top notch. I think back to 2005 when I first went through and the team now is fantastic. Extremely knowledgeable and supportive. They want you to get it right so you present it to the public right. No egos! I love them.

I love that they are always on time. I paid money to get info and I hate when seminars are lax and breaks eat up into learning time.


Brad Hamilton, Little Rock, AR, Director of Personal Training and Operations

Athletic Achievements, training background or specialty:

NASM CPT (3.5 yrs)

What five aspects of the workshop did you find most useful and why?

  1. Driving home the concept of "simplexity" – mastering the basics will now be easier for me to teach
  2. Being able to make an instant and dramatic improvement of my hip mobility – it's been problematic for years.
  3. The number of corrective exercises for various movement issues – this will help with many of my own clients and myself.
  4. The amount of technical details presented for each movement – helps continue to keep me on my toes – always vigilant
  5. The marketing course with John Du Cane – I got many new ideas on how to further my business and profitability.

Pavel is the real deal! Truly an expert and a very charismatic instructor. He also seems very genuine and down to earth. His team of senior Instructors also exceeded my expectations. David Whitley was my team leader; very to the point, even blunt at times, but also has a good sense of humor – all good qualities of an expert instructor. Everyone's attention to detail and willingness to help was incredible!

The RKC is far superior to anything else I've seen/attended. I have been NASM-CPT for almost 4 years, attended many seminars and conferences of so called "gurus", and the RKC blows them all away!


Jennifer Morey

Athletic Achievements, training background or specialty:

Massage Therapist, Competed and placed in power lifting, olympic lifting and kettlebell sport. Women's national KB champion. Member of first USA international KB team. Degree in Kinesiology.

The RKC is what you do to become a ninja of strength and conditioning. Everyone wants to be good at what they do (hopefully), but it's better to be the best!

This being my third level I cert, I cannot say enough about how the learning never stops. All of the instructors are like gurus. It's something I aspire to. It's great that after years of holding these certs you all are holding up to what it's all about, and what its been about. The intensity and enthusiasm is still there, if not more than when I first certed (2005) perhaps other instructors of other subjects would become less invested in making sure their students reach a standard caliber. The efficiency of conveying such a plethora of information is amazing. You are all awesome molders of strong men and women. Rock on!

Nothing else can touch the RKC with a 20 foot pole.


Mikki Reilly, Santa Barbara CA, Personal Trainer

Athletic Achievements, training background or specialty:

CSCS NSCA, MFS ISSA, BA UCSB Exercise and Sports Science Degree.

It was a challenging seminar both physically and mentally. Pavel is an outstanding teacher and leader who exemplifies the highest level of excellence…

It is the best training I have received in a seminar and I have had a lot… some of it very good.


Ryan Jacobs, Lacey, WA, personal trainer

Athletic Achievements, training background or specialty:

issa personal trainer certification. some martial arts. weightlifting and general fitness

A very complete experience. From my own practice to becoming a better teacher. The best training I've ever had.

Pavel is an amazing and charismatic teacher well researched and able to apply it. Mike Castrogiovanni was concise, on target, and inspirational. He really made it a team effort, which helped me feel comfortable and supported. Robert Budd and Gayle Hunter were equally important with their comments and attitudes. The rest of the staff and presenters were excellent as well.

RKC simply blows away all the other certs I've been to. Everything is a cut above the rest. I know there are many modes of training that can be effective, but this may be the most complete and rewarding.


Billy Brashear, Fairfield, CA, Police Officer

Athletic Achievements, training background or specialty:

UCPD SWAT, Former USMC FAST Co., Shooting Instructor, Chemical Agents Instructor, CQB Instructor.

My experience at the Russian Kettlebell Certification Training was a love/hate experience. I loved every aspect of the training. The instructors, the course, my new comrades, and yes, the multiple "tough love" sessions. I hated myself for: 1. Doing this to myself and 2. Not having done this to myself sooner. Whether you want to be certified to teach RKC or just be good at performing kettlebell "practices" take this course. You will have a better understanding of how and why it works.

The quality from top to bottom was outstanding and testament to the dedicated and skill of all the instructors.

Overall I have never seen a more professional certification course anywhere. There is a good practical application for all aspects of life.


Bill Duvall, Reno NV, Personal Trainer

Athletic Achievements, training background or specialty:

Owner of Bill Duvall's Personal Training. ACE certified. Competed it MMA (king of the cage, Gladiator challenge, strike force).

It has been one if not the highlight of my fitness lifestyle both on personal and prof. level.

So far nothing comes close to the RKC weekend.


C.J. Brown, Houston, TX, Firefighter/Paramedic

Athletic Achievements, training background or specialty:

Train with weights, kettlebells, bodyweight for about 10 years. 2 years of Martial Arts (Kuk Sool Won)

The RKC training was a life changing experience for me. Being surrounded by instructors who not only were knowledgeable, was inspiring. Furthermore, all the instructors were very approachable, displayed exceptional integrity, were always patient. I am honored to be apart of learning at this school of strength.


Wow! All of the instructors know so much about not only kettlebells, but health and strength. Their ability to come up with corrective drills that made dramatic changes was great.

The RKC training was not only physically demanding, but it also required tremendous mental focus and attention. In an industry where certifications can be given out on the internet, the RKC is earned with brains and brawn. Their requirement for high standards and integrity, make me proud to be apart of this organization.


Sergio Giardini, Tucson, AZ, Gym Owner

This RKC weekend completely changed how I look at kettlebells. Before I thought they were just a conditioning tool, now I know they are an everything tool. The instruction and hands on experience with the Kettlebell made me realize I can trust any RKC with training.

All of the instruction was presented well and easy to understand. Pavel was flawless and it was easy implement what he showed you right away. I was also impressed by the willingness of the instructors to help you. My team leader Jeremy Layport was full of useful info and very helpful. I really enjoyed his mobility drills on our team time.

This was the best. Bar none. I feel that if you earn this certification, you earned it. Others have just been a lame weekend. All of this info is applicable now.


Vid Jindal, Sunnyvale, CA, Sports Chiropractor

Athletic Achievements, training background or specialty:

Doctor of Chiropractic, American Board Certified Chiropractic Sports Physician, Active Release Provider, Graston Provider, Hanson Muscle Technique Provider, Athletic in many sports, Ski Racing, Volleyball, Golf, Mountain Bike Etc..

Amazing. Started this training 6 months ago and it has changed my way of thinking and practicing as a health care professional. The course has given me a fine touch refinement of my skills and help me better understand how to apply such little tweeks and changes for great results.

The information is cutting edge and that's why I am here. My practice uses the FMS daily to screen and improve my patients and this training fits so perfect with achieving the same goal, correct the movement and the pain goes away! Really enjoy the high tension information and will be exploring this in more detail! The Instructors/Team Leaders are great at making you work but helpful in making you better. All very passionate about kettlebells and what they do and you can see that from their style of presenting.

No comparison! This course is far above and really needs some more research based trials to complement what has already been discovered. Info you can use immediately and see changes in a very short time.


James Wong, San Francisco CA, Financial Advisor

RKC demonstrated to me why it's the premier cert class. I now understand why those three letters, RKC, command such respect in fitness.

It's been a life-changing experience. I am excited about improving my fitness in ways I could never achieve with traditional body-building single isolation exercises.

Pavel, Sr. Instructors and Team leaders are the ultimate professions and great teachers. They were all able to articulate the correct kbell techniques in a manner that is easily performed. No jargon, straight to the point. I respect the fact that all instructors and team leaders I meet are the ultimate professionals.

The RKC is far superior to any training I've had in the past. I am now building all-around-functional fitness instead of just big biceps/chest. The professionalism and humility within the organization is very evident.

It's great that someone of Pavel's stature is willing to rollup his sleeve and walk around to assist/teach students with deficiencies they may have. I admire Pavle's quiet humility.


Tristan Phillips, Sayville, NY, Martial arts instructor

Athletic Achievements, training background or specialty:

I am a 4th level Black Sash in Choi Lei Faht kung fu under Sifu Gus Kaparos. Amatuer full contact fighter in San da, San schou, and MMA.

  1. I gained a tremendous amount of depth on each and every technique covered at the RKC.
  2. I learned that I am nowhere near as tough and resilient as I thought I was after seeing experienced RKC's and Sr. RKC's in action.

Absolutely amazing and life changing. In one weekend I acquired several new role models and even idols. The RKC certification certainly holds itself to a higher standard than anything else l've seen. I just hope I can live up to the title RKC sufficiently.

I feel like the word amazing is coming out too much but it is the only word that accurately describes everyone here. Through the instructors that I met this weekend my own personal goals and the standards that I expect from myself has increased a hundred fold. I can't wait to be a part of this community and be able to look at the others RKC's as friends and one day, peers.


Doug Descant, Houston, TX, fire fighter paramedic/fitness coach

Athletic Achievements, training background or specialty:

Fire Fighter Intermediate. - 6yrs experience in one of Austin, TX top MMA schools (Jeet Kune Do, Kali, Silat, MARS)

The Russian Kettlebell Certification Training contributed to my understanding and practice of kettlebells in the following five ways:

  1. From day 1 I learned that there is a huge difference between lifting a kb and performing a kb lift.
  2. This ain't (TX slang) your personal trainers cert. course. The RKC standards are set high for a reason. If you can't meet these standards, then you don't deserve to wear the RKC badge of honor, which is way more than 3 letters behind your name.
  3. I learned that strength and conditioning are by products of applying the Hardstyle methods with your movement with the kettlebells.
  4. I learned that leading by example will teach my students so much more than my mouth ever will.
  5. I've been given the knowledge and tools to make a serious impact on a person's life. This is more rewarding than $$ or fame could ever be.

If I were asked to summarize my experience of the Russian Kettlebell Certification Training in a couple of sentences, I would say:

  • A rebirth, by way of breaking you down and building you back up into a better moving human being.
  • Knowing that the journey continues well beyond this three day certification is more motivating than anything.
  • Teaching me to know myself.

Meg Lloyd, Menlo Park, CA, Software Development Executive

Athletic Achievements, training background or specialty:

1 year kettlebell training

If I were asked to summarize my experience of the Russian Kettlebell Certification Training in a couple of sentences, I would say:


  1. What you think you know about kb.
  2. A staff of extremely knowledgeable instructors
  3. 3 grueling days of physical work.
  4. 100 other kb enthusiasts.

And you'll find you improve 100% in your skills and you understand how to improve the next 100%.

The quality of the training provided was exceptionally high. In particular, I really benefited from.

  1. Consistency of feedback – all the instructors were on the same page.
  2. The cooperative attitude across team leaders and the respect they showed each other.
  3. The discipline to run such a massive program on time.

Alyssa Chang, San Mateo, CA, Personal Trainer

Athletic Achievements, training background or specialty:

NCEP, NCSF, HKC, Pre-Post Natal, CPR-AED, Volleyball- 11 years experience (4 collegiate at CSUEB)

The RKC was a phenomenal experience it combined very thorough instructional tools, killer workouts, problem solving and networking in 3 days. My team bonded over the 3 day period and created a special relationship that carried us through day 2, which was by far the roughest day.

Everything was great. Pavel showed why he is the "king" of kettlebells, with how thorough he was with every detail!

My team leader, Michel Castrogiovanni was excellent. He not only provided excellent corrections, but also showed that he really cared about our success. Gayle and Robert were our assistances who provided a sea of knowledge and constantly gave minor corrections on each exercise.

Great! It was definitely physically challenging, which forced you to push thorough the achy muscles and workouts and develop mental focus and strength. It emphasizes team unity and camaraderie, which unlike other certification, do not emphasize the RKC with respect and holds each student to a very high caliber, thus graduating only those who excel and prove to the "RKC material".


Sadie Chanlett-Avery, Oakland, CA, personal trainer/ yoga instructor

Athletic Achievements, training background or specialty:

MA in Holistic Health Education, ACSM certification, Forrest Yoga Certified, Yoga TuneUp Certified

The Russian Kettlebell Certification Training contributed to my understanding and practice of kettlebells in the following five ways:

  1. My understanding of mental strength has drastically been improved.
  2. My knowledge about biomechanics has been deepened.
  3. I now can safely teach a broad cross section of client how to use kbs.
  4. I clearly understand both the "why" and the "how" of kbs.
  5. It really inspired me to teach and train with kbs.

There are very few fitness certifications that can challenge multiple key elements of your physical condition as well as your intellect. The RKC had my brain doing ballistics and grinds as much as my muscular tissues.

Pavel and his team are both masters that have done their homework. The depth and breadth of the instructors was inspiring. They deliver their expertise with honor, finesse and conviction.

The RKC was much more detailed and exacting than any other certification that I have ever done. I appreciate that they demand we practice what we preach.

I love to hear that the RKC is constantly improving from all the instructors hammering out all sorts of little disputes.

The RKC strikes this amazing balance between encouraging excellent performance as individuals and coming together as a team.


George Cuevas, San Mateo, CA, Personal Trainer

Athletic Achievements, training background or specialty:

Tae Kwon Do, Wrestling, Track and Field, Football, NSCA CPT, BS Kinesiology

The experience was as humbling as it is enlightening and opened my mind to a whole new perspective for progression in training and in life.

One of a kind. I don't think I've ever had such complex methods taught to me so easily.

Thanks for everything, the class was great, coaches were awesome and the experience was for a lifetime!


Anthony Gilbert, San Mateo, CA, Sports Massage Therapist

Athletic Achievements, training background or specialty:

Active Release Technique Instructor, Certified Massage Therapist, Ultra endurance bicycle racer, Certified personal trainer, Certified strength and conditioning coach

First it was a very humbling experience for myself being an endurance athlete. The emphasis on safety would be really thorough.

What five aspects of the workshop did you find most useful and why?

  1. The seminar was run to the minute. All instructors were on time.
  2. Details of lifts, where broken down into great detail.
  3. Being a sports therapist this will let me understand my clients' injuries from a technique, overtraining, or program problems. I can evaluate where the injury is present and make corrections to their technique to present reoccurring problems.

This has been a very rewarding experience fro me, the entire staff was very knowledgeable, focused and wiling to share information. They were patient (mostly) and very supportive.

Very thorough, well presented, easy access to instructors for information.

This certainly will raise the bar for other programs.


Zachary Michalski, Fremont CA, Exercise Coach

Athletic Achievements, training background or specialty:

National Academy of Sports Medicine (NASM) certified, Russian Kettlebell Challenge (RKC) instructor, CHEK Exercise Coach

The hardest and most demanding certification out there. You better be prepared to take this certification and be willing to work if you want to represent the RKC name.

The knowledge is very good. All of the instructors walk the walk. And are very skillful when demonstrating all of the exercises.

It's the hardest most physically demanding certification out there. It combines knowledge with exquisite execution.


Kamilah Webb, Raleigh, NC, Software Engineer

Athletic Achievements, training background or specialty:

I've been training with Kettlebells for 8 months. It was love at first swing.

It was difficult both mentally and physically. To have your weaknesses exposed is very humbling. But without a doubt it was made clear to me that my instructors were trying to perfect my movements. It was fun in a painful sort of way… and painful in a fun sort of way. I love the kettlebell more after this weekend.

RKC is far beyond anything I've ever experienced. I haven't been pushed to such limits before. I also haven't felt such a demand to be spot on in my technique ever before.

RKC rocks! I want more!


Denise Palermo, San Mateo, CA, Personal Trainer

Athletic Achievements, training background or specialty:

I am a competitive bay sailor, trail runner, windsurfer, road cyclist, mountain biker, rock climber, accomplished Argentine tango dancer, kick boxing junkie, former nationally competitive speed skater, collegiate foil fencer, have 10 years of classical ballet training, am a backcountry backpacker, third level Reiki practitioner and mother of two sons.

What a deep, deep pool of knowledge, experience passion and physical discipline. I feel honored to be in the company of these men and women.

Doesn't begin to compare. I have trained for 7 months doing nothing else – spent $1000 and $1000 on P.T. RKC chose/called me and I have devoted, time, $$, my heart and believed.

I will never miss the money I spent to get here and be here! I have come away richer/fuller/better. Thank you


Mathew Gonzales, Livermore CA, Information Technology

Athletic Achievements, training background or specialty:

I have been into serious weight training for the last 8+ years. I have only been using KB's for about 3 of those years. I have a small Law Enforcement and Martial Arts background.

I would have to say this was the single best thing I could have done for life, and my body and in every way. This will change the way I look at all aspects of life.

The quality of training was outstanding. Blew my expectations away. Pavel has a way of speaking that not only demands respect. But is fun loving. The teachers were great and patient. A pleasure to be around.


Jeff Bartlett, Sunnyvale CA, Student

Athletic Achievements, training background or specialty:

Scout Sniper in the United State Marine Corp from 2003-2008. I was a trainer at both 24 hour fitness and Equinox from 2008 to 2010.

Very intense with strong military roots. You will learn strength through lots of repetition; be patient.

I thought it was great instruction and made me realize that I don't have a slight idea of how powerful the kettlebell is.

Pavel is great and surprisingly funny!

O'Connor was patient and very knowledgeable, I was very impressed with him.

The assistants in my group made me feel comfortable, not like they were better then me.

Peter and the buff San Jose State guy were really good too.


Thomas Knox, Evansville, IN, Physical Therapist, Strength & Conditioning Coach

Athletic Achievements, training background or specialty:

Doctorate of Physical Therapy. Bachelor's in Exercise Science. CSCS. FMS Certified. SFMA Level I and II. Sports Medicine Residency. Internship with Athletes' Performance

The RKC was a great learn-by-doing course that will integrate seamlessly with the functional movement screen and my physical therapy practice.

Pavel's instructional ability and keen eye to dysfunctional movement is incredible. His ability with the help of the Senior instructors to explain complex ideas in a simple way was amazing.

The practical use of this course ranks among the best available. I will easily to be able to integrate what I've learned into the physical therapy clinic and my personal training business right away.


Tracy Reifkind, Trainer, San Jose, CA

Attending makes me want to continue to improve my skill but more importantly I will become a better teacher/instructor/coach.

I know of no other organization (DD) or group of people that have a greater understanding of the material presented.


Adam Gibbons, Eugene, OR, Physical Therapist

Athletic Achievements, training background or specialty:

PT, CFMT, CKT, specialize in orthopedic manual therapy, prior service Army Reserves, Danzan Ryu Jujitsu student

It was a very challenging weekend physically with a lot of valuable information. The instructors have a broad body of knowledge and freely share it.

They respect it, each other and their profession as well as the system.

Their passion for the material comes across.


Steven M. Ledbetter, San Francisco, CA, Strength And Conditioning Specialist

Athletic Achievements, training background or specialty:

NSCA Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist.

There is no better way to learn body awareness, strength and power than kettlebells, and no better way to learn how to teach kettlebells than an RKC weekend.

Pavel certainly knows what he is talking about, but that was no surprise. The diversity of instruction and ways to understand these movements provided by the senior staff was incredibly valuable and surprising.

My other training has either been scientific or sport specific. RKC has proven to be much more applicable to more people that I train and the RKC material is certainly effective and deep in its coverage of the methods.


Gene Sanders

It was an eye opening experience. This was my second time taking the course and the presentation was even more informative than the 1st time around.

Pavel, as well the Senior Instructors and Team Leaders were extremely informative. They know exactly how to dissect the material and presentation in a manual that any one could understand. I liked how everyone had their own niche regarding the material they taught and how their individual styles at presenting the material made it so much more interesting and not mono toned to the listeners.

A great deal of information has been introduced during the course. However, the physical/practical application was far more superior to any other cert. course I've taken. Usually during seminars, or workshops I start falling asleep within an hour into the lecture. The instructors at RKC kept my attention and gave me the opportunity to absorb the information.

Mark Reifkind is the man! His instruction was informative but humble. He didn't favoritize or pick on his students. When corrections needed to be made, he informed me and made sure to get his points across clearly and effectively. Great instructor as well as the assistants.


Mike Corrales, Union City, CA, Commodity Manager

Athletic Achievements, training background or specialty:

2 years training Kajukenbo

Extremely hard, technical, and physically and mentally demanding work.

Great fun, friends and networking.

Jeremy Layport is outstanding. He knows his stuff, he cares, he pushes us hard, his standards are very high. He gets a HUGE positive recommendation from me. I could not have asked for a better team leader.


Chris Michelmore, Campbell, CA, Swimming Coach

Athletic Achievements, training background or specialty:

American Swim Coach's Association Level 4 Coach. CrossFit Level 1 Certified. CrossFit Owner, instructor.

A fantastic experience in the details. My swing is night and day different from when I first walked through the doors.

I don't think the quality could be better. And even when opinions differed it only helped give new ways of thinking of the same thing.


Barton Lunsford, Pacifica CA, personal trainer

I thought I knew how to do the basics from watching videos. I needed to unlearn to do it correctly.

I don't really know where to start Jeff, Lance, Gary, Melinda were always encouraging and helpful. There where many times I felt like giving up because of back pain and spasms from improper technique learning correct form stopped the pain and allowed one to finish. This is exactly what I need to teach my clients. And we will all have healthy more productive lives.

This is truly a life changing experience when done with the correct attitude.


Nate Tuffanelli, Pleasanton CA, Personal trainer- strength coach

Athletic Achievements, training background or specialty:

nsca-cscs, nasm-pes

Great time of instruction pain and education. I see the difference between training and working out.

Very, very high level. It's the standard for other certs to follow. I loved the hands on way of teaching each drill/ex then we did the ex. More certs need to be less book and get real.

Way more application of knowledge than most certs. Great diversity of info (different) areas of fitness in one place (RKC). (RKC) is not afraid to pull other info and make it work for them – that is great.


Graham Trout, Middleboro, MA, Correction Officer

Athletic Achievements, training background or specialty:

Marine Corps Veteran, Mixed Martial Arts student. Correction Officer

I'm reminded of when Pavel quotes Bruce Lee in the original Russian Kettlebell Challenge. "When I began Karate a punch was just a punch, and a kick was just a kick. When I learned karate a punch was no longer just a punch. When I mastered karate a punch is just a punch again".

The level of expertise was top notch. David Whitley's teaching style was extremely effective and to the point. The broad breadth of knowledge possessed by the instructors was extremely inspiring.

My training experience is limited to military and law enforcement. In regards to physical exercise RKC is far superior.

Awesome workshop, worth every penny.


Lisa Diffey, Palm Desert, CA, Owner Infinity Pilates

Athletic Achievements, training background or specialty:

Pilates Instructor, Master Teacher Trainer for Pilates Sports Center. Massage Therapist 11 years. Throughout the years have been certified with AFFA, Johnny G Spinning and Yoga. Have run 7 marathons with the last one being under 4 hours, which I attribute to the addition of KB training.

This has been one of the most physically challenging weekends I have even experienced. With that being said, I am so excited about what I am being taught I will take the pain with a smile.

What five aspects of the workshop did you find most useful and why?

  1. The workshop manual is one of the best I have seen.
  2. I am impressed with how the whole weekend stayed on track in a very timely manner.
  3. I loved the time taken to teach ways to fix bio mechanical problems with students.
  4. I felt the instructors were very helpful and available for any questions.

I am so impressed with the quality of training and knowledge of everyone. Pavel is very open in his style of teaching I am honored to have spent the weekend with him. I am somewhat new to this style of strength training and I love the attention to proper technique in RKC. It is this level of expertise in all of the instructors that will keep me coming back for more.

I come from the "pilates/yoga" world and have attended many training courses over the last 12 years. This is one of the best courses in terms of material, knowledge and practical use I have ever attended.


Craig Hayes, Rogers, AR, International sports

Athletic Achievements, training background or specialty:

Rugby would be the played sport as well as competing judo/jiu-jitsu.greco wrestling is what I grew up learning in Oklahoma and Kansas at public school and Military School. Win, place or show at all Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu tournaments entered in 2009 in 187 weight class. WBJJA member for 14 months plus.

I would say it is the very best thing I have set out to do, and the most enjoyable workout program in the world.

I have to say the group of men and women taught with respect to all of us. I was giving an answer to all questions I had. Quality is 2nd to nothing. RKC hands down #1.

Just want to come back for more and more and more. Can't get enough of this tough love.


Jesse Bender,

Very informative and challenging experience. I came here with very little confidence in my kettlebell abilities and an leaving with a different mind set.

I have participated in a lot of high pressure and physically demanding things and this was one of the more difficult ones. In terms of quality it is one of the best workouts I have ever had. I am hurting in all the right placed and feel stronger mentally as well.


Jeff Kennedy, Lihue, HI, Health Educator-HMSA

Athletic Achievements, training background or specialty:

ACE-Gold Certified Fitness Specialist, Hawaii State Licensed Massage Therapist

It was a great experience. Very hard work but worth it.

Pavel is remarkable. I truly enjoyed my experience overall. Chris Holder was exceptional very motivating. Positive feedback and able to convey the RKC message.

Many workshops I have one or two take home messages. This is more of a lifestyle.


Dale Armstrong, Goleta CA, Laboratory Supervisor

A fun and demanding experience with knowledgeable and considerate instructors. One of my best feelings of camaraderie!

Arresting and clear. Questions were answered whole heartedly by individuals devoted to the RKC systems.

Less injuries than powerlifting. More exciting than bodybuilding. Less worries than running. SO MUCH FUN!


Kala Wong, San Jose, CA, Sales

Athletic Achievements, training background or specialty:

Strength and Conditioning for athletics. Wing Chun Gung Fu - 20+ years. Capoeira - 3 years

The most fundamentally sound workshop or training philosophy I've ever encountered.

Very in depth and thorough in the explanations of exercises and the problems that arise from doing them incorrectly. Referencing studies was very beneficial in verifying the validity of statements.


Gregory Frank, San Francisco CA, Software Engineer

An intense introduction to the basic foundations of the hard style school of training. For people who have their start in kettlebells and want to begin the process of refining their ability to move and create power, this is the place to start.

Instruction was great. All Sr. RKC interruptions were extremely insightful and useful.


Susan Gibbons, Eugene, OR, Physical Therapist

Athletic Achievements, training background or specialty:

RKC, PT specializing in orthopaedic manual therapy

As a person recertifying, my experience was very useful to hone and develop my personal kb training skills and to learn new ways to assist others to achieve the RKC standards.

Very valuable insight from Pavel, delivered in a concise and direct manner.

This is my only physical exercise certification, but it is clear that the priority of each instructor is to facilitate. Each students understanding, performance, and practice of the RKC standards.


Hazel Vera, San Bruno, CA, Personal Trainer

Athletic Achievements, training background or specialty:

Blue Belt- Brazilian Jiu Jitsu

Pavel breaks down every movement so that if you couldn't see him & only hear – you could clearly visualize the movement. His explanation could be understood by kids. He makes every technique enjoyable and eager to get started. All instructors energy can be felt throughout every moment of the day. They keep you focused and continue to push your hardest.

RKC does not compare to any other cert. I have taken. The physical exercise – I'll be sore for days! I train in BJJ 5 days a week 2 hours a day! This doesn't compare. So much knowledge was gained this weekend ;)


Patrick Curley, San Mateo, CA, Personal Trainer

Athletic Achievements, training background or specialty:

3yrs, Background in Classic Boxing.

It was a brutal and life changing event that challenged my personal physical expectations and opened a door of desire to learn more.

I am a certified spin instructor and what I have noticed is when it comes to spin you can push yourself and get great benefits or be lazy but, when you train with kettlebells your body has no choice but to respond with maximum return.


Brandon Nugent, Campbell, CA, Trainer, Multisport Coach

Athletic Achievements, training background or specialty:

Adventure Racing 6 hours to 3 days non-stop, Ironman triathlete, CrossFit trainer, USAC cycling coach

RKC is more challenging and tougher than I first thought. I thought I knew kettlebells, but instead learned more/gained more than my collective understanding up to this point.

If you want to know about kettlebells, these are the men and women to seek out.

Compared to ACE? The physical testing is far and beyond. Period.

Compared to Crossfit? The testing alone sets it apart. Plus the focus on one apparatus enables a deeper understanding.


Carl Dimailig, San Jose CA, Chiropractor

Athletic Achievements, training background or specialty:

USMC Sgt, Honorable discharge

It was filled with more information than I imagined. The "why" behind the movements and the subtleties between kettlebell movements and popular movements were explained.

It is obvious that this system of knowledge was well thought out. The way the instructors presented the info was clear and purposeful. The organization of the program was well thought out with no wasted time.

In terms of efficient use of time, it comes very close to USMC boot camp.

Additional comments, suggestions:

The assistant instructors were highly motivating. They bridged the gap between learning from professional athletes (team leaders) and reminded me that technique is everything, not your prior profession.


Jennifer Burton, Livermore, CA, Personal Trainer

Athletic Achievements, training background or specialty:

USA, CoE (Airborne), NASM

A fast-paced, in-depth exposure to safe and proper movement. An intense but fun way to spend the weekend.

This is probably the most physically challenging training I've undergone for the time allotted – Airborne training was hard for 3 weeks.


Loren Shelton, St. Louis MO, Personal Trainer

Athletic Achievements, training background or specialty:

Competitive swimming, Navy

My time here was mostly positive, I would recommend this to not only clients but to the people I love.

Training quality was through the roof. Knowledge, experience and most of the way it was delivered was impressive.


Percy Thomas

The course brought clarity to my weight training program. Learning proper kettlebell techniques has increased my awareness of better form and isolated muscles, also the corrective training will make me a much more affective teacher.

The training was amazing being taught by such professionals helped me understand my body and my mechanical issues, as well as how to be a more effective trainer, plus the workouts were awesome it definitely kicked my butt.

There is nothing like this training it gave me so mush insight to how proper kettlebell should be taught also the benefits of kettlebell.


Charles Fields, San Diego, CA, Personal Trainer

Athletic Achievements, training background or specialty:

Am I Hungry? Licensed Facilitator, RKC, February 2008 Iron Core Pre-RKC Course, 2008, Cheerleader, Northwestern University, Gymnastics, Age 6-17

The RKC training gave me a lot of useful information, exercises, and drills to improve my clients' performance and safety.

Pavel and the Sr. Instructors and Team Leaders have great expertise, and are very good at articulating it.


Leah Wolverton, Portola, CA, Hair Stylist

It was a good experience. I thought I knew a little bit about kettlebells coming into it… but I found that I had to really focus on erasing all my bad habits and just absorb what was being taught, I feel so much stronger, and way more in touch with my body.

I've never worked this hard in my life!! I had a very amazing team leader he makes you realize how everything you do in kettlebells affects what you do in everyday life.


Paul Lyngso, Chicago IL, Transportation Broker

Athletic Achievements, training background or specialty:

Certified Natural Trainer, Level 2

It was overall a terrific experience, highly professional instructors with valuable information.

I enjoyed it because we covered fewer topics in great depth, and we covered the lifts by doing them and having the basics pounded into our heads.


Will Partridge, Granite Bay CA, Personal Trainer

Athletic Achievements, training background or specialty:

Football in College, Qigong instructor, Martial Arts practitioner, DotFit certified Professional, YogaFit certified, Expert Rating personal trainer cert.

My experience at RKC was a great, very efficient on time and well structured. Felt a deeper understanding on how to train and always made sense on the function of the exercises.

The confidence in the quality of information is unmatched. The knowledge is boundariless to where it felt Pavel and leaders could go forever on a subject and for it not to get boring.


Leslie Barron, Edmonton, Alberta, Canada, Food Product Development Specialist

Life changing experience. I have absolutely no regrets. I met a lot of great people and come away with renewal and enhanced interest in my practice.

Dragon Door provided a deep field of expertise for this weekend certification. I was really impressed. My only regret as my own foundational knowledge was limited so the amount of information delivered was overwhelming to me.

This is the first workshop of this type that I've taken and I was very impressed with the quality of information and training provided.


Juan Ramirez, Lihue, HI, Personal Trainer

Athletic Achievements, training background or specialty:

Hawaii State Licensed Massage Therapist, ISSA Certified Personal Trainer

Great tool to know, excellent teachers. By far the best quality training experience ever.


Benjamin Cooke, Healdsburg, CA, Retail Associate, and owner of American Karate Academy

Athletic Achievements, training background or specialty:

2nd Degree Black Belt (Latosa Escrima Concepts), owner of American Karate Academy, Certified Personal Trainer

My confidence in my ability to perform the kettlebell exercises has improved 10 fold.

I came into the RKC training with a little knowledge and a set of ideas that were not only met but shattered with the depth of knowledge and professionalism from all the instructors. Knowing how to dig deep down and keep going was challenged by the RKC, and I came out knowing that I can keep going more than I sometimes realize.


Masataka Ueda, HYOGO JAPAN, Chiropractor (Bonesetter)

Athletic Achievements, training background or specialty:

Diving Instructor CMAS)

Very good for knowing human strength.


Brendan Tinney, Richmond, CA, Police Officer

Athletic Achievements, training background or specialty:

4 years Law Enforcement experience

I had a great experience at the San Jose RKC cert. course. The course taught me valuable skills associated with kb training and exposed areas of "leakage" I was experiencing.

I appreciated how simple Peter Lakatos, Gerard and Marcus made learning the techniques. Having a better understanding of how to improve my technique gave me more confidence with my performance.


Brian Fox, Burlingame CA, Personal Trainer

A great overall experience. A physically challenging yet emotionally gratifying experience. Team was exceptionally knowledgeable.

September 2009 Russian Kettlebell Certification Workshop—Participant Praise

Eric Sommers, Personal Trainer, New Heights Fitness, Hudson, WI

Athletic Achievements, training background or specialty:

BS Health and Human Performance. CSCS. NSCA-CPT

It was everything I had expected, everything I had hoped for… and more!

What five aspects of the workshop did you find most useful and why?

  1. Attention to detail: for as well as I thought I was doing I was able to discover plenty of things to work on.
  2. Reminding me that "the six" movements when applied correctly are all the drills you'll ever need.
  3. The marketing seminar was amazing! Every bit of it is spot on when looking at my 15 years as a personal trainer attempting to better market myself.
  4. Networking with students and instructors.
  5. Making lost of new friends that are passionate about the same things in life as I am.

Pavel was top notch, as expected. I expected the Tiger Woods of kettlebells and I got him. My team leader and the rest of the team leaders and assistant instructors did nothing short of an amazing job.

When I first learned of the physical demands (snatch test) and the certification fee I was furious. After about an hour I was ecstatic! Finally a course that demands 200% commitment both physically and financially. I have a degree in Health and Human performance, am CSCS, and NSCA-CPT. Yet anyone in terrible shape can study a book for a couple days, pay a small fee and become a certified trainer. My CSCS has been given no more respect then ACE by some, with RKC finally a line has been drawn. You will be RKC, or you will not. Toughest certification I have done. Thankfully!

I had the time of my life. Felt like a kid in a candy store all weekend. Discovering Pavel, Dragon Door, kettlebells and everything that has come with it has changed my life… I cannot thank all those involved enough for what you have opened my eyes to.


Drew Forshey, Personal Trainer/Strength Coach, Raleigh, NC

Athletic Achievements, training background or specialty:

Four time North Carolina State Champion Wrestler. Undefeated for four years in the state during high school. First team all ACC wrestler at University of North Carolina Chapel Hill. Team Captain UNC Wrestling

I thought I knew how to use kettlebells correctly and in fact I had no idea. The change to my personal kettlebell techniques will only help myself as well as my clients. I had a really good time and I now feel 100% confident to relay my knowledge to my future victims.

The instruction was great. I really learned way more than I thought I would.

I felt it was a good mix of learning the technique, applying it into a workout and then trouble shooting anything that needed work.


Marty Mills, High School Strength and Conditioning Coach/Teacher, Greenwood, IN

Athletic Achievements, training background or specialty:

Division II Collegiate Wrestler, University of Indianapolis, 1993-1997. High School Strength and Conditioning Coach/Teacher, Center Grove High School, Greenwood, IN, 2002-present. Certified Strength & Conditioning Specialist, NSCA, 2002-present. USAW Sports Performance Coach Certification, 2004-present. 2006 USAPL National Bench Press Champion 242 lb weight class (606 lbs.) Denver, CO. 5th place 2006 IPF World Bench Press Championships 242 lb weight class (573 lbs) Milosc, Hungary. USAPL Bench Press State Record Holder (620 lbs @ 242 lbs). I have been the strength coach for over 100 "All-State" athletes since 2002. My biggest accomplishment in coaching has come this past year. While using a minimalist program with kettlebells, Olympic lifts, and powerlifting we were able to win the 2008 IHSAA 5A (Big School) football state championships. Max Preps ranked our football team the 13th best in the country, and USA today ranked our conference the 5th toughest football conference in the country.

I thought I had great technique coming in, but technically I'm not as good as I thought I was. I came in good, but I'm leaving great.

It's the best system of training (but I knew that coming in).

I have my NSCA and USAW certs. As far as being "rigorous" on a scale of 1-10 the RKC is a 10, the NSCA is a 1 and the USAW is a 5.


Jennifer McGowan, Personal Trainer, Chicago, IL

Athletic Achievements, training background or specialty:

ACE Certified Personal Trainer 2001, 2004 Chicago Marathon

The Russian Kettlebell Certification Training contributed to my understanding and practice of kettlebells in the following five ways:

  1. Improved understanding of how subtleties of body position can improve overall performance.
  2. Enhanced knowledge of "relax tension" technique for improvement in strength.
  3. Better understanding of how to actually see problems with technique in other people.
  4. More "tools in the tool box" to correct the problems with improper technique.
  5. Better understanding of all the fundamental kettlebell moves/lifts.

It was a very intensive course mentally and physically that allowed me to go to the next level in my kettlebell training. This course is a firm foundation to what I look forward to as a life only learning process. I am eager for the rest of the journey!

Pavel is fabulous! Great teacher; engaging and knowledgeable.

My team leader, Dan John, was an unexpected surprise. He is a great coach and his generosity of spirit made me want to do my best. I'm so grateful that I had the opportunity to work with him.

This workshop was expensive for me in terms of money and time. I leave it feeling that it was a very good value for today and the future.


Yarida Mendez, Personal Trainer New York, NY

Athletic Achievements, training background or specialty:

American Academy of Personal Training.

Is a life changing challenge, very inspirational. It has changed my life in everyway. I'm the kind of person who doesn't like to be told what to do. But this was different. I encourage any trainer to pass through this program. It was the hardest thing I have done in my entire life.


Dustin Williams, Pipe Layer, Hugo, MN

Athletic Achievements, training background or specialty:

High School Hockey, 3 years kettlebell training.

Grotesquely brutal at times, yet beautifully traumatic. I usually enjoy a slice or two of humble pie at times, this weekend my stomach was constantly and uncomfortably full of it!

What five aspects of the workshop did you find most useful and why?

  1. Swing breakdown. It is the foundation exercise, yet I feel in my experience it has not been taken seriously enough. Until now.
  2. Turkish get up and how it can be a beautiful corrective exercise in coordination and flexibility.
  3. Dan John's lecture on what is RKC. It made me feel very connected and significant in the organization.
  4. John Du Cane's marketing lecture. I want to make a living out of kettlebell training. I believe he/Pavel/Dragon Door can help me do that.
  5. The constant drilling of the importance of lats. Why is obvious; they control all kettlebell movements.

Sommer Spain, Stay home mom, Fort Worth, TX

Wonderful experience, I was lucky to have gone through this with my husband. Such a great way for us to bond and share a challenge we will remember forever

I was very impressed with the Sr. Instructors and their knowledge not only in the field of kettlebells, but in other areas that can be used to better teach and demonstrate. This is not a meat head workshop, but a learning center for those who want to better their understanding of kettlebells and how the body can benefit from them.

I am excited about the challenge my husband and I were able to do together as a team. I just had a baby 9 months ago and I have been so impressed with my strength and recovery from using kettlebells after my pregnancy. I look forward to sharing story and experience.


Andrew Pantke, Mechanical Engineer, Highland MI

This is the most challenging thing I've ever done in my athletic career, as well as the most rewarding.

Excellent instruction all across the board.

The attention to detail is what sets the RKC apart for me. I'm not a natural athlete by any means. So all of Pavel's advice that is simple to athletes is important to my ability to improve.


Breg Hughes, US Army, Sonora, TX

Athletic Achievements, training background or specialty:

5 yrs US Army

Most comprehensive physical education I've ever received. The learn by doing method of instruction combined with personal attention of RKC's drives home the principles and reinforce good learned habit. The instructors were extremely professional/knowledgeable.

RKC exceeded all prior physical education I've ever received. The scope and practical use were surprising. The quality is unmatched anywhere I have been and explanations of the system were clear and concise, very easy to understand.


Adam Kantelas, Fitness Instructor/Cashier, Cleveland, OH

Athletic Achievements, training background or specialty:

I served in the Infantry for three years within the Army. I am a level 1 Crossfit Trainer at Crossfit Cleveland.

The trainers were extremely warm and amiable, while at the same time attentive, informative, and demanding. I look forward to coming out to more certifications through Dragon Door because of this incredible tight rope walk that the trainers are more than capable of.

Mr. Tsatsouline did an awesome job of explaining how to develop tension and relaxation when necessary. Instructor Dan John had a very keen eye with all of the movement. He was able to spot deficiencies very quickly and offer solutions. His insight into training others was very astute as well. Instructor Amy Dudley and TR did an excellent job of spotting deficiencies, taking care of their team and keeping us on track in general.

How did the Russian Kettlebell Certification Training compare with any other training you have taken in physical exercise—in terms of quality, scope of material, and practical use?

This course has blown them out of the water. Nothing compares to this, to my knowledge, outside of Dragon Door.


Steve Johnson, Manager, St Louis Park, MN

Life Changing! Haven participated in collegiate sports with over 20 years of weight training I've never been involved with something so simple yet effective.

Top notch. Insightful, yet easy to understand. You don't have to be pre-med to get it!

The best so far for me. I plan on really focusing on the program minimum and correcting my weaknesses. When I have balanced things out the sky's the limit.


Cory Jirak, Personal Trainer, Cedar Rapids, IA

Athletic Achievements, training background or specialty:

Two years of division three college football. B.A in Major Fitness Development and Health and Wellness. Personal trainer in Cedar Rapids last three years this September 26th.

Hands down the best course I have ever taken. 4 years at college and the study of fitness, was just presented to me in 3 days. This beats any personal training certification in my mind.

I will leave here with valuable knowledge but knowing that I have a long way to go excites me. Talking with Asst. RKC's they all say that every time the asst. A certification they learn something new. And the fitness/training knowledge of Pavel is absolutely astounding, his words, techniques, drills shall make me better as a person and a trainer.


Brian Lawson, Personal Trainer, Red Hook, NY

Athletic Achievements, training background or specialty:

Active in sprint distance tri-athlons. ACE certified pt. Attended AOS kb cert course May 09. TRX instructor. Owner of Body Architecture, a privately owned personal training studio specializing in functional training and working the hell out of clients. 4 yrs active duty ARMY 93-97

I got the most out of this weekend more than any other course I have ever taken! Completely hands on!

Pavel is amazing! Jon Engum is awesome as were the assist.

Jon was very direct in what he wanted and expected and the assistants were there to support and help with their team. Antonia was very helpful! The quality of training was more than anything else I have ever done. I wish I would have done this years ago!

The RKC was so in depth and detailed. I took the Art of Strength Kettlebell cert in May and I feel as though I wasted $2000 and my time on it. I learned way more here in 4 hrs than I did there in 2 days. I will by far recommend this course to anyone! I wish I would have researched more before taking that other one.

Great course! I think that anyone who is serious about fitness with themselves or who train clients should make this essential n their to do list. This course makes all the big training certifying agencies out there seem like a joke such as ACE, NSCA, etc. why study a reference manual and take a multiple choice test to pass/fail. That doesn't have any bearing on the type of trainer you are but this absolutely does!


Wynne Conklin, personal trainer, Northbrook, IL

Athletic Achievements, training background or specialty:

18 years personal trainer

The last 7 months of training with kettlebells has revived my passion for seeking higher knowledge and the pursuit for a highly skilled "machine" the body. At 48 years old I feel better and look better than ever. I still "spring" out of bed each morning and look forward to inspiring my "victims". The perspective of kettlebell training as a practice vs. a workout has also inspired me to achieve what the mind can perceive it can achieve with tough love and hard work.

How did the Russian Kettlebell Certification Training compare with any other training you have taken in physical exercise—in terms of quality, scope of material, and practical use?

No comparison. This has been life altering. No looking back. Only moving forward. Will use everyday and study more.


Lionel Martin, Massage Therapist, Madison, WI

Athletic Achievements, training background or specialty:

Nationally ranked ultra runner, CAT 2 cyclist, 2nd degree blackbelt HWA RANG DO, work with 15 guys in the NFL...Ex Military Police 8 years..

Run don't walk to get this invaluable training. I got the discounted early bird rate – what a steal!

I have never experienced as much willingness to help in any seminar as much as this one. One on one when you needed it – on our own when you didn't, any question asked was answered quickly and concisely. By the end of the seminar it is easy to see everyone was 500% better than when they arrived.

Having read Pavel's books I knew a little of what to expect RKC results will have to speak for themselves. Let's say that, this was just a phenomenal experience and if you are thinking about training with the kettlebell there is only 2 ways to go. RKC and HKC.


Tod Livengood, Massage Therapist, Cleveland, OH

Athletic Achievements, training background or specialty:

30 years martial arts training. 20 years qigong, and healing arts training.

I had a great time. Pavel and all the instructors were very approachable. Everyone was happy to share their knowledge!

Honestly I have been in the martial arts 30 years. This is the hardest physical training I have done!


Pat Sitton, Computer, Claremore, OK

Athletic Achievements, training background or specialty:


The Russian Kettlebell Certification Training contributed to my understanding and practice of kettlebells in the following five ways:

  1. My understanding has at least doubled.
  2. My technique has improved drastically, especially in the TGU.
  3. I have finally learned what hardstyle really means.
  4. I really do have more fortitude and stamina than I thought possible.
  5. Learned how to handle stress under very adverse conditions.

In my fifty five years I have received many certs and degrees but none have moved me to work so hard to attain a goal like the RKC cert.

What five aspects of the workshop did you find most useful and why?

  1. Instructor knowledge. I was just blown away by the immense amount of knowledge and the ability to share it with everyone.
  2. Instructor assistants I doubt I would have made it without their help and support.
  3. The materials were very thorough.
  4. Staying on schedule, outstanding.
  5. Everyone involved wanted us to succeed.

The quality was top notch. The amount of quality information just blew me away. There was no fluff in this course.

This was the most comprehensive course I have ever taken. Now I want more of the same.

I have many certs and degrees, this one however means more than all of the others combined.


JR Haines, Personal Trainer, Plymouth Minnesota

Athletic Achievements, training background or specialty:

NPTI, NASM, Powerlifting

It has been an experience that has changed my life and will never forget. Mentally and physically the most challenging thing I've experienced, I consider my classmates my brothers.

Their knowledge of kettlebells far exceeded my expectation. I had no idea the one on one coaching I would be receiving. They dramatically improved my form and skills.

The best course I've taken, all of the lands on knowledge you receive is priceless. Each instructor takes individual time with you to make sure you understand the knowledge and can apply it. I've learned more in this course then I ever could have imagined.

From a training and mental toughness level, the best thing I've ever done!


Lori Phillips, Personal Trainer, Plain City, OH

Athletic Achievements, training background or specialty:

I started personal training in 1988 after teaching group fitness for three years and having the desire for a more personal one on one experience with people. I started dancing when I was three years old and progressed to eventually doing some group dance competitions and a handful of pageants. The gym I was at was a large facility with a good size membership. I went to a lot of workshops and tried as many types of trendy styles. I got my first personal training certification through AFAA in 1988. I got certified in fitness boxing and that has really stuck.. In 1997 I got my certification through NASM which was an incredible asset. After fighting my way back from a car accident in 1998 ending up with fibromyalgia and chronic fatigue syndrome I made controlling fibromyalgia one of my specialties. I have had quite a few clients and seen them make incredible improvements.

True test of strength.

I don't mean muscular but far beyond mental strength, physical strength and emotional strength, perseverance. It would be easy to give up if you weren't passionate about exercise, health, following through with the "dream" of being a RKC instructor.

What five aspects of the workshop did you find most useful and why?

  1. John Du Cane – marketing, different material than I have heard before, a good rest as well.
  2. Breakdown of the shoulder press – too many people have shoulder injuries, good to see the correct way to do it all and how to increase strength.
  3. Breakdown of the swing even though I knew it and have been doing it. Hearing and seeing from Pavel makes it all clear.
  4. Seeing, doing, watching another do an exercise then correcting it. Finding what the problem is.
  5. Along with that – Pavel's way of correcting various problems.

The knowledge and research backing it up (much that they have done personally) is outstanding.

All the Team Leaders on their own specialty and passion. The willingness to help, critique, assist from the instructors is beyond compare. I have been in fitness for 24 years – group then personal I have been to many workshops and certifications I have never had the attention before at another workshop.


Mark Dungan, Personal Trainer, Omaha, NE

Athletic Achievements, training background or specialty:

BS-Exercise Science, Certified American College of Sports Medicine Health-Fitness Specialist, 1st Dan Taekwondo, 4th Dan Hapkido

An orderly, intensely disciplined practice of the RKC foundations with university level instruction.

All RKC professionals demonstrated a deep comprehension and demonstrability of advanced physiological and sports science concepts. An incredible experience I would gladly pay for a textbook on such topics written by any of these professionals.

RKC requires more, and it should! The more you put in, the more you dedicate and focus your efforts, the more you receive,

Scope of material was right for the duration of the certification.


Jeff McAleer, Facility Co-Owner, Director of Training and Program Development, Toronto, Ontario

Athletic Achievements, training background or specialty:

Varsity Basketball, Dalhousie University '91-'94. 25 years resistance training/athletic conditioning experience, 13 years in fitness industry. Student of T'ai Ch'i

Certainly, the RKC was the most challenging physical experience in my life. Combined with invaluable information, the weekend was thoroughly stimulating, both physically and intellectually.

The workouts were intense, thoughtful and creative. I found Pavel's communication to be clear, concise and informative.

I was pleased, after having read most of the books, to find new stimulating ideas and techniques. Dan John provided great leadership through entertaining storytelling, challenging expectations and a wise sense of when to push and when to pull back. Thank you.

It is obvious that all of the SR. instructors are passionate about their craft and sharing it with others. Kenneth Jay has earned his nickname.

How did the Russian Kettlebell Certification Training compare with any other training you have taken in physical exercise—in terms of quality, scope of material, and practical use?

Superior in all aspect, although I have been mostly self-taught, the RKC seemed too valuable to miss and my intuition was correct.

Awesome experience! Would recommend it to anyone!


Vickie Quast, RN, Volunteer Firefighter, Garrison, MN

Athletic Achievements, training background or specialty:

Martial Arts: Tae-Kwon-Do. Member of Engum's Academy Sparring Team since 2007, 2009 Senior National TKD Champion Women's Blue Belt Division, various 1st-3rd place medals in other tournaments.

It was awesome to have Pavel present and involved in the training. All the instructors were awesome – encouraging, reassuring and empathetic. Felt like was among the most elite trainers of kettlebells.

It was the highest quality training I have ever had. The wealth of knowledge all the instructors brought contributed to that. The material was clearly presented in with verbally and visually. This helped with better learning and understanding techniques.


Jeff Semonick, Physical Therapist, Arden, NC

Athletic Achievements, training background or specialty:

Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu Blackbelt

Wow! What an experience! Russian "tough love" is what I needed! Highly recommended course for anyone interested in physical fitness! You'll never be the same!

Outstanding. Not one question unanswered. Just as impressed this time around, as well as the last time I attended. Quality of instruction by SR. instructors and team leaders demonstrated the superior quality the RKC demands.

I've learned more about human biomechanics in this 3-day course, than an entire semester in PT school.


Brad Ellingson, VP-Finance, Maple Grove MN

Athletic Achievements, training background or specialty:

Current RKC, Level 2 Z health trainer, CSCS, powerlifting

Simplicity is the highest form of complexity. Not to be confused with easy.

Expert instruction is great, but I need to respect the people I am working for. You can't find a better group of encouraging people.

Far and away the best certification out there. Six movements over three days shows the depths of the scope of material.


Lora Sierschula, Speech Language Pathologist, Columbus, OH

RKC was one of the most challenging, yet rewarding, experiences I've had. (I am proud of myself for coming back the 2nd day;)) The instruction was priceless.

Pavel's leadership, knowledge, and charisma are impressive. He is very approachable and makes himself available to students. Dan John has great mix of sense of humor, knowledge and business that make him a highly effective leader.


Steve Rowe, Personal Trainer, West Haven, CT

Athletic Achievements, training background or specialty:

National Academy of Sports Medicine Corrective Exercise Specialist and Certified Personal Trainer

This maybe the BEST certification a personal trainer could use – it certainly is the best I've been involved with. I got more than I expected for the training team. The RKC manual is worth its weight in gold. The Challenge was everything I expected. I'm humbled by the knowledge these comrades have to share and how well they shared it.

Nothing compares! The quality is better than top notch –the scope wider than expected. I have many new tools to help my clients and my self improve.


Matt Romain, Mechanical contractor, Bloomington, MN

Very intense, informative and overwhelming at times. The attention to details and science are way beyond what I thought it would be.

The knowledge of these professional men and women amazed me at the high level and degree that the simplest of movements were broken down. They all have a great understanding and watchful eye to catch the smallest of errors.


Barb Lass, Administration, Anoka High School, Andover, MN

I learned more about the techniques and teaching of kettlebells than I had learned over the past (almost) 2 years of training.

Pavel put things out there that were so easy to understand and immediately apply and make corrections as necessary.

My team leader Mark Reifkind and all of the assistant instructors were GREAT!! Thank you!

What I am taking from this course will improve my teaching forever.


David Ellis, I.T. Manager for Target Corp; also founder of men's adventure retreat org: Heart Revolution Inc., Minneapolis, MN

Athletic Achievements, training background or specialty:

Track & Field background (High School and College)- 1982 800 meter state record holder; no other notable athletic achievements or training/certifications.

RKC not only significantly teaches one how to build endurance and strength it also reveals one's potential, stamina, heart and willingness to go all-out to achieve the desired goal. From body to mind to heart – RKC strengthens them all.


James Ratcliff, Personal Fitness Trainer, Northbrook, IL

Athletic Achievements, training background or specialty:

All American Cross Country Runner, Training background includes CSCS certification, ACE, study Gary Gray, Gray Cook, Paul Chek, and now Pavel. I am a personal trainer/strength coach of 10 years.

One of the more painful but most memorable 3 days I have ever experienced. Somehow getting smoked throughout the day you are able to learn on the fly how to relax and prefect your from, while you are getting more fatigued.

I couldn't imagine that there is a better certification process anywhere in the country. When the leaders speak you want to be listening because they are giving you the knowledge necessary to make a difference to someone tomorrow.

No comparison. The only other certification that I want is RKC II.


Bonnie Boone, commercial real estate management, Durham, NC

Athletic Achievements, training background or specialty:

BFA Dance East Carolina University. KB training at Rapid Results Fitness

This weekend has been a goal that I set for myself about 5 months ago. The experience has been amazing, difficult, simple but not easy! I feel extremely accomplished.

Fantastic. Always effective to go to a workshop of any kind and meet a united front. Everyone is one the same page. Thoroughly prepared and extremely willing to help and answer any and all questions.

My background is in dance training, lots of ballet, very technique driven. RKC training was as well thought out, organized and commonsensical. Like the five ballet foot positions – from which everything comes. Kettlebell training is the same and having it laid out that way is wonderfully effective.

Everything has been so well organized and has run like a well greased engine. Even from the registration process to all mailing - emails. Great job!


Lee, jong Ki(Kenneth Lee), CEO of Kettlebell Korea, Seoul Korea

Athletic Achievements, training background or specialty:

Kettlebell training 6 years.

As expected but pretty tough experience in 3 days, I can jump to the next level. It's a new world!


Will Starr, Personal Trainer, Roseville MN

Athletic Achievements, training background or specialty:

3 Sport Letter Winner in High School, D3 College Football at St. Olaf. Working at Corrective Exercise Specialists in downtown Minneapolis. Certified in the FMS, Titleist Fitness Instructor

Demanding, physically and mentally, rewarding, in that I am joining a system of top tier practitioners (RKC), and enjoyable.

Knowledge was excellent, energy high, and a sense of really caring from all instructors I had the pleasure of working with.

I loved the different backgrounds of everyone and hearing their own take on the RKC. Special note on Dan John -> excellent instructor, clear passionate with high expectations.


Gretchen Falck, Owner of Forza! Building strong bodies and minds, one core at a time, Northfield, MN

Athletic Achievements, training background or specialty:

B.A. in Exercise Studies from St. Olaf College, Master's Degree in Teaching from University of St. Thomas. Competed at the collegiate and national level in track and field. Coached track and field and soccer at high school level. Level Ii Ki Hara Method of Resistance Stretching Intern.

My level of understanding of and skill with the kettelbell has increased exponentially. I am so much better prepared to practice and teach the kettlebell.

Instructors all are very knowledgeable and skilled. I felt like I was in good hands, challenged but safely so.

The quality was superb. The material was covered in a timely fashion with plenty of time for practice. The ratio of instructor to pupils was good.


Randy Ives, Personal Trainer, St. Paul, MN

Athletic Achievements, training background or specialty:


Very memorable experience.


Jody VanRyzin, Accountant, Hanover, MN

Athletic Achievements, training background or specialty:

I have been involved in sports my entire life. I played volleyball, gymnastics, and softball through high school. I was All-Conference and Captain of both the softball and gymnastics teams. I played fast pitch college softball at UMD. After college, I have continued to play softball for fun, and enjoy golfing weekly. I started Kettlebells last September in Sharon Nelson's class at Hopkins Community Center and fell in love with it! Thanks, Sharon!

This has truly been a life changing experience for me. I fell in love with kettlebells a year ago and am looking so forward to teaching others what I have learned over the weekend. I am looking forward to continually learn move. Thank you.

Pavel is such an inspiration and just fascinating to listen to and learn from. I feel so privileged to have gotten this opportunity. My team! Yeah! Rocked. Rif – Mark – Juan – Kelli! They made this whole experience unbelievable! Thanks! Always willing to help, correct, answer questions you name it. I was so fortunate to end up with the best team.

Nothing else in my lifetime has compared to this!


Pat Schuh, Physical Therapist, Little Chute, WI

Athletic Achievements, training background or specialty:

Currently training in Hapkido and studying for the Manual Therapy Certification in Physical Therapy.

Intense, specific, strict, useful, corrective and hard core!

I was amazed at Pavel's understanding of the human body and the corrective/trouble shooting strategies he implemented to help those without proper mobility and stability achieve great gains in a short period of time. This not only helps your client's technique but will set them up for a greater quality of life and movement. I would take the class again just for the troubleshooting techniques.


Ernesto Roldan, Project Manager & Personal Trainer, Long Branch, NJ

Athletic Achievements, training background or specialty:

W.I.T.S Certified Personal Trainer. 6 Kyu in Bujinkan Ninjutsu

Before coming to the RKC I thought I was on the right path. Now I know I wasn't, but the RKC is leading me in the right direction.

Point blank – blown away! What I thought to be right was wrong but I was shown the correct ways in a way that I could relate and understand.

The most physical and mentally draining course that I've ever taken. You broke me, but put me back together.


Michael Spain, Equities trader, Fort Worth, TX

Athletic Achievements, training background or specialty:

Aspiring Mt. Climber

RKC was a grueling experience which enabled me to better understand the dynamics of my body and empowered me to extend that info to others.

All very well spoken, no words are a mistake everything is for a reason. Everyone was very deliberate and knowledgeable.

It's my first one for a reason. I've been working out for almost 2 decades and RKC is the only one I will use for the next 3 decades.


Jason Van Zandt, IL Secretary of State (Field Liaison), Du Quoin, IL

Athletic Achievements, training background or specialty:

Played one year football at Joliet Junior College in IL. Certified as a Club Coach through the Olympic Training Center. I have been weight training for about 15 years. Currently working with high school and college football players out of a gym at my home.

It was a very physically and mentally challenging course. The hands on training is priceless.

I thought overall the course was wonderful. I learned so much about the RKC system. I thought I knew kb's until I came here. Thank you.

The RKC blows away other certs. Because of the hands on approach. I also believe you cannot learn to swing by reading about it.


Payton Aarestad, Ontario, OR

Athletic Achievements, training background or specialty:

Tennis Player, weight lifting and kettlebell training.

These were the 3 hardest days of my life. In these 3 days I gained some of the best knowledge advice you can get anywhere in the world.

Their knowledge was amazing. They could quickly answer and fix any of your problems.


Kurt Hartmann, Trainer, Saint Paul, Minnesota

Athletic Achievements, training background or specialty:

2nd Dan Blackbelt Taekwondo, NSCA-CPT, Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu practioner

Amazing! It has totally enhanced my understanding and approach towards training; both physically and mentally. A perfect balance of pain and pleasure. Reinstated my belief that if you're going to do something, do it right and follow through.

It blew remedial PT certifications out of the water. There is not comparison, RKC is the best.


Jimmy Yuan, Chiropractic Physician, Gilbert, AZ

Athletic Achievements, training background or specialty:

Active Release Techniques (ART) Assistant Instructor, Fellow of the International Academy of Medical Acupuncture, Certified Graston Techniques provider, Registered Trigenist (RTP), Level 2/Medical Certified golf Fitness Instructor (via Titlist Performance Institute), member of Athletes' Performance Institute (Arizona) Physicians Network

The training was the ultimate yin/yang experience. Brutally fun and exhausting relaxation!

As a relative novice to power lifting/weightlifting principles they made everything easy to understand and more importantly feel. I've read many journals/books on topics that never had someone use simple language enough for me to feel the difference.

In terms of quality, scope of material, and practical use. I don't think there is an equal.


Pete Moore, PERSONAL TRAINER, Naperville IL.

Athletic Achievements, training background or specialty:


It was extremely difficult but rewarding.


Herb Brunkholz, Firefighter/paramedic, Seville, OH

As a firefighter – this weekend was important due to the fact that I have to "function smartly" under tremendous fatigue. We had to "revert to our training" in kettlebells. "reverting to training" sound familiar to any firefighter/paramedic or Police Officer. The weekend was enlightening, humbling and sinister.


August 2009, San Diego Russian Kettlebell Challenge Instructor Certification Workshop — Participant Praise

Sean Marnane, Personal Trainer and Accounting Assistant, Santa Barbara, CA

RKC is the most challenging and rewarding experience of my life. I am truly a better and stronger person as a result. RKC has further solidified and deepened not only my career path in and passion for fitness, but also my experience of who I truly am.

What five aspects of the workshop did you find most useful and why?

  1. Strength as practice -> this leads to a path toward mastery rather than just learning new systems or exercises.
  2. The sheer difficulty -> this will make other challenges in life more manageable. Also very humbling!
  3. Attention to detail -> increases my own abilities and my teaching skills
  4. Emphasis on safety -> I have a new appreciation of how to safely progress clients while still challenging them.
  5. Marketing information -> very helpful for someone like me who loves to train but is resistant toward being a businessman.

Top Notch! Pavel is a riveting and knowledgeable speaker who exudes confidence while remaining humble. He walks the walk. Each Senior or Master RKC who taught one of the six core exercises had much to share and they all related the exercise to the underlying basic principles of the RKC school of strength. My Team Leader, Franz, was very informative and encouraging. Each of my team assistants had something unique to share.

The best by far!


John Swain, Strength Coach, La Jolla, CA

Athletic Achievements, training background or specialty:

Former Captain United States Marine Corps. CHEK 2. Poliquin (PICP) 1. Certified Biosignature Practitioner Level 2. Certified Active Release Techniques Provider.

My experience of the RKC was much like my training in the United States Marine Corps. Not just in the "physically demanding" departments but the course has dedicated professionals who want and demand you to perform the skills proficiently so you can represent "RKC" in the same professional and competent manner. TOP QUALITY INSTRUCTION.

What five aspects of the workshop did you find most useful and why?

  1. The constant refinement of our FORM
  2. The course was very organized and well run.
  3. The course covered what was advertised.
  4. The marketing lecture was very helpful because it reminds us as trainees that we run a business as well.
  5. There is a high priority on safety. Because first and foremost we should "DO NO HARM" to our clients.

I thought the quality of instruction was outstanding. Pavel's style allows the learning experience to happen with great cues and limited "wording." My Team Leader/Senior Instructor and assistants were very helpful and were well versed in coaching the finer points of the kettlebell lifts.

I think the RKC is far superior to most courses I have taken in that it is immediate in its use upon return to my clients. There is a purpose to the lifts and there are built in progressions to the kettlebell lifts.


Roger De Freitas, Brazilian Jiu Jitsu professor, Torrance CA

Athletic Achievements, training background or specialty:

Black belt in Brazilian jiu Jitsu under Roger and Rigan Machado, North Shaolin Kung Fu Instructor, National Champion in Kung Fu and state Champion in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu. (Brazil).

Life changing experience.

Pavel really knows his stuff.

It is the effective type of training, and I think there is no comparison with anything out there.


Dr. Rusty Smith, Chiropractor, Strength & Conditioning Coach, Deep Tissue Therapist, Nutritionist, Santa Barbara, CA


  1. The RKC is no joke. Depending on your health, conditioning, experience, etc. months of preparation for the demands of RKC is highly recommended
  2. No detail is too small. Absolutely everything is interconnected and interdependent
  3. Having an ego will never allow one to continue to grow and expand as a human. One can continue to improve and grow until the last breath.
  4. Kept it simple. More is NOT necessarily better. Kettlebells can do more in 10 minutes than an hour of "traditional weight training"
  5. Kettlebells can be one of the ultimate physical tools on the planet to get one present, here now, what a gift.

The RKC training took me to a whole other layer of resistance within me. I was shown another level of egoic grasping that no one else would probably see but I sure did. I was given another opportunity for surrender. As my spiritual teachers as a younger man once told me, " die before you die Rusty." Death of the false self, then I can give whatever I came to give at a deeper level. Thank you, thank you, thank you. Humbled beyond belief, Rusty

Quality is the best in the world with true humility, passion, and a never-ending quest to continue to question, take responsibility and grow.

Beyond anything I've ever been exposed to in my entire life bar none!!


Bryan Gomez, Personal Fitness Trainer, Millbrae, CA

Athletic Achievements, training background or specialty:

International soccer

I learned more in 3 days than I learned in 12 years. Forced myself to dig deep.

Professional as you will ever find. All willing to help and improve.

The amount of hands-on was exponential compared to others. Vast material to learn. Thought I knew about kettlebells but found out I have a lot to learn.


Mark Cochiolo, US Navy, San Diego CA

The Russian Kettlebell Certification Training contributed to my understanding and practice of kettlebells in the following five ways:

  1. Expert Instruction
  2. Expert Analysis of my technique
  3. Rif's speech on the RKC was truly inspiring
  4. Soul crushing practice sessions that still somehow, left me energized
  5. John Du Cane's Marketing seminar left me wanting to take my instruction beyond the military.

If I were asked to summarize my experience of the Russian Kettlebell Certification Training in a couple of sentences, I would say:

  1. Worth every penny!
  2. The level of instruction is unsurpassed
  3. The staff was able to correct 6 years of bad habits in two days. Incredible.

I have been through many excellent courses of instruction, but civilian and military. This course blows them all away. There is no flaw in your technique that they cannot find and correct. Just do what Pavel says it will work!

It is all practical, no B.S. and exercises for exercise sake. The focus on doing the basics to perfection (or as close as you can get) sets this course apart.


Al Lowrimore, Martial Arts Instructor, San Diego, CA

Athletic Achievements, training background or specialty:

Certified Instructor Jeet Kune Do (Harris International). Certified Instructor Brazilian Jiu Jitsu (Harris International). Instructor Tang Soo Do ( Master John Hernandez)

I have been to many seminars, certifications and tests. I have been instructed by some of the most renowned martial arts instructors in the world. This course is the cream of the crop, rivaled only by one other instructor in my experience.


Ryan Egan, Strength Coach, Truckee, CA

Athletic Achievements, training background or specialty:


It awakened the beastly desire of what it takes to be truly an elite athlete.

What five aspects of the workshop did you find most useful and why?

  1. Instructor to student ratio (very important)
  2. Getting my ass handed to me (a very good reminder)
  3. The marketing lecture (would have liked more)
  4. The emphasis on technique and subtleties
  5. Getting a beat down

Pavel is incredible, very clear and simple. His knowledge is simply unmatched. I will loyally follow Gen. Pavel. Brett is great – CK-FMS here I come. Dave was tough – I'm surprised he didn't slap me around. He told me enough to be precise and perfect. Tough, firm, and fair. Rif – great stuff.

How did the Russian Kettlebell Certification Training compare with any other training you have taken in physical exercise—in terms of quality, scope of material, and practical use?
Simply the best.
There is always a #1.
There is always a right way.
There is only one path.
This is that path.

If pain is weakness leaving the body this course stripped me of all weakness.

This course is hard style I think it should be called very hard style.

The fact that the General himself teaches, roams, corrects and is a full integrated part shows the level of commitment to the RKC. There is no other course where the designer is a part of a cert. That is incredible!! This is not a program it's a lifestyle a road of limit-busting self-exploration and superior performance. Pavel and the RKC leads from the front!! Change your life sissy!! And step up to the challenge, the RKC challenge.


Ron Jones, Corporate Wellcoach, Lawerenceville, GA

Athletic Achievements, training background or specialty:

BA Phys Ed/English; MS Kinesiology/Sport & Exercise Psychology; ACSM Health & Fitness Specialist; Executive Corporate Wellcoach; 2-Time Biathlon All-American; 2-Time Race Across America Champion-RAAM (Men's 4 man open division); RAAM transcontinental world record holder (1996); AdventureCORPS Ultracycling Hall of Fame member.

The RKC cert was the most powerful group of people I've had the honor of ever sharing pain and sweat with in my 49 years of life… and yes we enjoyed the pain and have become better men and because of it.

What five aspects of the workshop did you find most useful and why?

  1. Safety first – I get paid as corporate well coach to prevent injuries. Safety must be #1 with me.
  2. Fundamentals – too many people want to skip the basics which means eventual disaster!
  3. Punctual timing so we covered our agenda.
  4. Quality Team Leaders and Assistants – safety and progress was put first.
  5. Difficulty –I'm sick and tired of the free rides for people too lazy to work. Thanks for the high standards.

I have two college degrees and a list of professional certifications recognized globally. I have raced internationally. The RKC is second to none. They are the best. This was my attraction, this is why I am here – and why I belong.

Thank you. The RKC is a wonderful system with quality people. It has made me a better man and a better wellness coach. Power to us!


Jason Cox, Trainer, Denver, CO

Athletic Achievements, training background or specialty:

Specialty in training and conditioning for martial arts of all styles. Special emphasis in full contact styles and grappling.

The Russian Kettlebell Certification Training contributed to my understanding and practice of kettlebells in the following five ways:

  1. I really didn't understand the techniques at all until I got here.
  2. Made me stronger and more efficient in every measure.
  3. Taught me I was capable of more than I had thought.
  4. Multiple personal records.
  5. Understanding the overall purpose, benefit, and important of the RKC system.

A revolution in how you understand strength, fitness, and health. The best thing you can do for your body.

The depth and precision of knowledge is unlike anything I have ever experienced. These people know, live and breathe this material.

How did the Russian Kettlebell Certification Training compare with any other training you have taken in physical exercise—in terms of quality, scope of material, and practical use?

Better in every way – deeper and broader, higher quality, extremely practical.

Rarely do I have the opportunity to feel like something is worth more than I paid for it. This is clearly one of those instances. The RKC is worth more than asking price – bargain isn't even the word.


Jason Addison, Personal Trainer, Tucson, AZ

Athletic Achievements, training background or specialty:

Gracie Jiu-Jitsu, Boxing, Swimming, Olympic Style Lifting, ACE Personal Trainer, University of Arizona Bachelor of Arts - Liberal Studies (minor in Business Administration and Spanish)

RKC assisted in making me believe, and know, that I can do more than I ever imagined (mentally and physically)

What five aspects of the workshop did you find most useful and why?

  1. The "program design of the workouts and due to the fact I feel much stronger after 3 days.
  2. The lectures because they were matter of fact, concise and interesting.
  3. Marketing seminar: I was in sales for 8 years in the finance and construction industry. I have attended multiple seminars and course ($5k +) and never experienced such an informative one. Great presentation and concise outline!
  4. Kettlebell drills – manner of practice (methodology) to help tie everything together.
  5. Explanations – every instructor was knowledgeable and able to simplify technical aspects.

I was amazed at the knowledge, experience and one on one interaction with all instructors.

This was the most intense, challenging and technical training I have ever received.

Life changing experience! I will never forget it.


Andrew Kingdon, US Marine, Company Operations Chief, 1st MSOB, Bonsall, CA

Athletic Achievements, training background or specialty:

Former Collegiate Swimmer, Current Masters Swimmer, 18 Years Marine Reconnaissance and Special Operations

Really made me better understand what I wasn't doing correctly so if I were to instruct someone I can help them understand.

Excellent. I had several "a-ha" moments when I really wasn't getting something, all it took was a finger on my head and David to say your head into my finger. Those are the types of things that make good instructors, not just people who say "lengthen your spine."

This 3 day course was harder than many schools I have gone through (being in the USMC/Recon) for 18 years. This course, and what I have learned, applies to everything I do.

I thoroughly enjoyed this. Even if I don't instruct I learned, and unlearned, a lot. I have not been this worn out since Ranger School.


Tim Spencer, Personal Trainer, Goleta, CA

Athletic Achievements, training background or specialty:


Elite level of training for people who know the forest from the trees in the fitness industry. Pavel and all the other instructors carry themselves without unreasonable ego and truly desire to provide for the willing.

Compared to the other very well known certifying agency that I have received a credential from as well as my junior college level education thus far undergone – the RKC is a bastion of hope for the people who "get it" but haven't yet found their flock.


Chris Lonsinger, Moulder operater, Anderson, CA

Most painful vacation I've ever gone on. The toughest physical and mental challenge I've faced yet and one of the greatest experience of my life, I learned more and did more in 3 days than I thought possible.

What five aspects of the workshop did you find most useful and why?

  1. The hands on teaching. Showed me lots of little tricks, ex. Running fingers up spine to elongate it.
  2. Working with a partner. Helped to really emphasize the teaching techniques we were learning.
  3. The "tough love" helped me stay focused on my body.
  4. The multiple techniques taught for breathing and get-up. I believe it will make a big difference for clients since everyone is different.
  5. Brett Jones - just was an incredible teacher with a teaching style that worked well for me.

Amazing. Not one question of mine went unanswered. The instructors are a fountain of information.


Jamie Nelson, Mom/Personal Trainer, Santa Maria, CA

Athletic Achievements, training background or specialty:


When I pass, it will, without a doubt, be counted among my personal greatest accomplishments. My mind and body has been saturated with priceless information and training skills!

What five aspects of the workshop did you find most useful and why?

  1. It was awesome to hear from all of the different team leaders and learn the different approaches that each one had to offer.
  2. With all of the assistant instructors, we received much needed individual instruction
  3. The emphasis on safety and learning, while in a very structured and strict environment, made it very ideal to learn and retain information.
  4. The class made it very clear, that there are no reasons or justifications for NOT training. You can adapt the skills to what you or you client needs.
  5. Working with other people of all different skill levels, and partnering up with said people, was very beneficial.

It far exceeded any training I have ever received. I'm sold for Life.


Kyle Rourke, Personal Trainer, Palos Verdes Estates, CA

Athletic Achievements, training background or specialty:

4 years Marine Corps, 5 years Army, Field Artillery and Infantry Scout. 6 years Personal Training NASM CPT. 8 years Martial Arts Hapkido Black Belt, currently training in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, Roger Machado, and currently training at the Inosanto Academy

The Russian Kettlebell Certification was an awesome experience for me because I have had to train very hard in preparation overcoming old training injuries from my 9 years of military service and 8 years of martial arts training. This is the best certification for personal trainers who are passionate about fitness and love helping clients achieve healthier lives.

I have been impressed by Pavel level of confidence and knowledge concerning strength and fitness since I met him in 2006 at the Inosanto Academy. It was well worth every dollar. Dr. Mark Cheng helped me back in 2006 and then again back in May. I have attended his class many times and I could not have passed the RKC without his help. Brett Jones helped at the Perform Better Seminar this year in Long Beach. His and Gray Cook's DVDs have helped my hip and shoulder injuries a lot. Franz and Yoana Snideman also helped me prepare. I went to a seminar at Revolution Fitness. They are so knowledgeable and explain everything in a fun and friendly manner. Doug Nepodal was an awesome team leader. He made us feel like he wanted us to succeed and created an environment for success. John and Delaine were awesome. Nikki did a great job she was very strict and saw and corrected every flaw. She pointed out a lot of mistakes but always gave the perfect solution.

This is the best kettlebell certification. I have 3 other courses. The learning materials are great, the service and shipping is better than any other fitness company.


Firmen Sowers, Personal Trainer, San Diego, CA

Athletic Achievements, training background or specialty:

20 years Martial Arts experience: 3rd Dan Yoshukia Karate, 1st Dan Aikido, ranked Judo and Brazilian Jiu-jitsu. 15 year fitness industry professional: CPT, Pilates Instructor

Grueling. One of the hardest accomplishments completed since 20 years ago testing for my shodan which lasted for 3 hours compared to 3 days.

The quality of the training is extremely efficient. The knowledge of the instructors – very informative.


Dan Turner, Carpenter/construction, Colorado Springs, CO

Athletic Achievements, training background or specialty:

Runner: running for 5+years, racing mostly 10k,10 mile and 1/2 marathons. 6:39 pace last 10k race 7/25/09. I dominate my age group...thanks to kettlebells. Kettlebell training: 5+years w/ Zachariah Salazar RKC, Z health:4years, all phases of Z training w/ Zachariah Salazar RKC

Just a "ton" of information. The hardest thing I've ever done.

Excellent! Such combined knowledge and practice from all, very helpful. Tough yet sweet. Very complete always willing to help, or answer questions. Dave was so good to us. Thanks Dave! Thanks Ken. Thanks Kristen.

Just excellent. Above and beyond anything else I've ever come across. Very complete. Covered a lot of material in three days. I'm much more in touch with teaching.



Mark Snow, Athletic Trainer, Nashville, TN

Athletic Achievements, training background or specialty:

Three Sport High School Athlete in Football, Wrestling and Baseball. 4 year letter winner in college (football), Certified Athletic Trainer with the National Athletic Trainers Association (since 1996), Certified Specialist in the Functional Movement Screen, Performance Enhancement Specialist with the National Academy of Sports Medicine, Masters in Kinesiology at San Jose State University

The RKC programmed me to become a proper moving human being while developing my mind, strength and flexibility!

Like a triathalon with cast iron!

What five aspects of the workshop did you find most useful and why?

  1. Progression of myself and clients
  2. Drills to improve movement pattern problems
  3. Marketing lecture was fantastic
  4. Mobility drills

The instructors are a direct line from Pavel. Every instructor was professional, knowledgeable and approachable. Instructors also cared for my safety by helping with water and sunscreen.

Training was top notch!

Tops everything. You can't learn by a book or DVD like you can learn by doing, drilling and doing again. So much covered in a small period of time. Materials with simple concepts that develop into dynamic movements.


Keats Snideman, Personal Trainer, Massage Therapist, Strength Coach, Chandler, AZ

Athletic Achievements, training background or specialty:

Master's Track & Field Competitor in Sprints (100m and 200m). Former collegiate sprinter (92-94). Certified Strength & Conditioning Coach through the NSCA. Licensed massage Therapist in State of Arizona specializing in Neuromuscular Therapy (NMT) and therapeutic soft-tissue techniques. USAW (Weightlifting) Club Coach and sprint/speed-enhancement specialist.

One of the most challenging yet rewarding physical and emotional period of days in my life! The practical experience and wisdom learned from the instructors is incredible. RKC is not just about the kettlebell; it is a school of strength!

The quality of the training and knowledge Pavel and all his instructors was fantastic, at least that is what I experience in my group with Brett Jones and his assistants. Each assistant brings their own unique experience with kettlebells to the program!

Second to none. There is no other program like this that I have ever done, period! The excellence that is demanded by both the instructors and students is incredible.

Brett Jones is incredible. His assistants were also phenomenal in their continued support, care, and concern for our team! Thanks to them all…


Leslie Goldman, Personal Trainer, Boot Camp/Group Fitness/Pilates/Spin Instructor, San Francisco, CA

Athletic Achievements, training background or specialty:

NPII, Spin, Level 2 mat pilates, Level I Cross Fit, AFFA.

It surpassed my expectations and I surpassed my expectations. Not only did I learn amazing techniques to pass on to my clients, but I also became more confident in my self as an athlete.

I have been extremely impressed by this certification process. I really loved the way it was all practical and hands on. I am walking away with a much better understanding of kettlebells and I feel that I can safely show someone how to effectively enjoy them.

There was not a bunch of kindness lovey dovey mushiness. It was brutal and intense. I loved it. I loved that we were outdoors the working the whole time and not sitting in a classroom taking notes like in other certs.


Brian Bannan, Actor; Toronto, ON

Athletic Achievements, training background or specialty:

Currently training for NYC marathon. Played sports (hockey, baseball, squash, golf) my whole life.

The hardest physical training I have done. Immensely detailed; a ton of fantastic information. The most comprehensive intense weekend you could wish to endure.

What five aspects of the workshop did you find most useful and why?

  1. The "a-ha" drills; I loved unlocking previous tough spots
  2. The different aspects of teaching a movement; teaching the snatch from the bottom up = revolutionary
  3. The building of one technique upon another, gives you the base to do everything
  4. The workouts; gives you ideas to build your own training
  5. The difficulty of each day and the sum of all three days; gave a real sense of accomplishment

Pavel is an encyclopedia of sports and training knowledge. The instructors are impressive with their skills, attention to detail and ability to communicate. Franz was excellent; enthusiastic, knowledgeable, and motivational.

The practical value (GPP) is off the charts. The material is great and well covered. You get top-notch instruction, but most importantly, those who are here are truly passionate about what they do.


Emmanuel Pedro, Workforce Management, Personal Trainer, Cypress, CA

Athletic Achievements, training background or specialty:

Crossfit level 1 trainer, U.S. Army 10 years, 4 years Army Ranger, Lameco Kali

The Russian Kettlebell Certification Training contributed to my understanding and practice of kettlebells in the following five ways:

  1. The quality of my strength is better based on the technique I learned
  2. The amount of work I can produce in the short amount of time helps me work smarter
  3. Training with kettlebells has increased my ability to understand how the work is not related to the amount of weight.
  4. With what I learned, I can push more by the principles and mechanics of my technique/skill
  5. My technique has helped me understand the body and mind better

This is the best experience I have had in any physical and mental type of training. The instructors, team leaders, and assistants all have my gratitude and thanks to make me better. The professionalism of everyone shows in high volume throughout the weekend. Only a course such as this can attract the great quality of people I had the pleasure of "serving" with. I am very happy with the decision I made and will gladly come back and recommend this course.

So much was said in so little words. I was bombarded with so much information but was able to take it in with the quality of how it was taught. Pavel has implemented a course and lifestyle through himself and his team that the ideas can stay with someone for good.

Hands down this course is overall the best course around. Nothing can equal to the quality and attention to detail. This is not the "cattle" kind of courses out there.


Ashleigh Kast, Certified Personal Trainer, Student, Clark, NJ

Athletic Achievements, training background or specialty:

NASM Certified Personal Trainer specialty in long distance running/triathlon strength and conditioning actively training for half Iron Man triathlons.

My experience at the cert this weekend exceeded my expectations. I learned something from everyone I encountered, and they were eager to share. After attending this cert, I feel extremely accomplished and ready to turn around my own training and my business.

What five aspects of the workshop did you find most useful and why?

  1. Meet and greet – got to meet all of the instructors I had heard so much about.
  2. Pavel's techniques – I learned so much not only from his corrective techniques/tactics but also from his demeanor/attitude towards training
  3. Business/marketing meeting – Du Cane's comments really sparked my imagination.
  4. My team assistants (Team Franz) – they were just great, each one brought something different to the table. I really learned a lot from J.J.'s caring
  5. Presentation – the lectures/learning and practices/workouts were spread out well through out the day.

Please share your thoughts on the quality of training and knowledge provided by Pavel Tsatsouline, the Senior Instructors and the Team Leaders this weekend:

How did the Russian Kettlebell Certification Training compare with any other training you have taken in physical exercise—in terms of quality, scope of material, and practical use?

In my mind, there is no comparison. Kettlebell training is innovative, honest, and practical. It leads its students towards a variety of athletic, strength, and wellness goals on a safe, efficient, exciting path.


Sondra Fair, Business Owner/ Personal Trainer, Salt Lake City, UT

Athletic Achievements, training background or specialty:

Former dancer & associate artistic director of dance company. Certified Pilates Instructor. Kettlebell training

I was not prepared for the rigor of this certification. I learned more in 3 days than in 1 year of taking sessions.

I felt that the quality of training and knowledge provided by Pavel, Team Leaders, Seniors to be beyond my expectations. Everyone was very serious and dedicated to making us exceptional future RKCs. Also everyone seemed accessible and willing to give of their experience. I felt it was a great environment for learning and getting inspired.

RKC was all encompassing of a certification training.


Tyson Penrod, Automated Access, RENO NV

The amount of knowledge presented was incredible and universally applicable. Add in the physical challenge of repeat application of the techniques made complicated concepts understandable. Many of us have sweated and worked ourselves to the breaking point with other trainers who have no understanding of why they are having us do what we do. Here it is different, here we sweat, we gain knowledge, we understand why, and we have a great time.

It was blatantly obvious that all involved had an in depth knowledge of what they were teaching and a desire to share that knowledge.

Far higher quality than I've ever been exposed to. It was suffering with a purpose, as opposed to just suffering.


Mark Hanington, Technical Manager, Huntington Beach, CA

Athletic Achievements, training background or specialty:

Former NASM CPT, 7 years U.S. Navy, Some Tae Kwon Do & Hapkido training, Project Management Certification, Many years as an HIT Jedi until I saw the light, found Pavel's materials, and made the switch.

The Russian Kettlebell Certification Training contributed to my understanding and practice of kettlebells in the following five ways:

  1. Learning the fine points of fundamentals.
  2. Made me rise to the extreme challenge
  3. Identified clearly all of my weaknesses so that I can transform them into strengths.
  4. Introducing me to like-minded individuals and strengthening my core beliefs in the benefits even more.
  5. Marketing insights tied it altogether for a "business" vs. simply a training method. The crucial subtleties…

Brutal, intense challenge that will make you dig deep, re-evaluate, dig deeper, and go back for more. The reward is personal. Priceless.

How did the Russian Kettlebell Certification Training compare with any other training you have taken in physical exercise—in terms of quality, scope of material, and practical use?

Like comparing a trip to the Grand Canyon to a trip to Mars!


Brian Olson, Personal Trainer, Martial Art Instructor, Laguna Niguel Ca

Athletic Achievements, training background or specialty:

CPT Action Strength Trainer, Full Instructor under Progressive Fighting Systems, High School Basketball and golf coach.

Hard but fair. It feels like I just discovered a great secret.

What five aspects of the workshop did you find most useful and why?

  1. The Assistants – it would be so confusing without them. Rif was great but there were too many of us. The assistants rocked!!
  2. Pavel's knowledge – I feel like I can preserve and improve people's health rather than just tearing them apart and saying good workout.
  3. The camaraderie – in an environment with so much suffering, people pull together and bond.
  4. The networking has been great.
  5. The collaboration of knowledge among the Senior and Master instructors. I felt safer in their hands than in the hands of most doctors.

I'm excited to soak it all up. Have read three of Pavel's books so far. As I stated before I feel blessed to be part of the RKC family.

In a league of its own. It doesn't even compare to others it's so effective and real!


CHASEN BOOHER, Fitness and Wellness Director, San Diego, CA

Athletic Achievements, training background or specialty:

B.S. in Exercise Science/Physiology, ACE-Advanced Health and Fitness Specialist. NASM-PT Certified. AFAA-PT Certified. Athlete

This workshop was a great way to break out of the mold of current exercise regimes. It was a challenge and an experience to push yourself beyond your current sticking points whether it be mind or body.

Great knowledge. Brilliant marketing.

There wasn't any fluff or ego driven mainstream fitness crap that we currently see. Simple tool that can give great results when used properly.


Kristen McBryde, Sales, Nashville, TN

Athletic Achievements, training background or specialty:

3 1/2 Marathons

The most comprehensive physical experience of my life !

What five aspects of the workshop did you find most useful and why?

  1. Time with our groups and one on one training feedback from Team Leaders and Assts.
  2. Listening to Pavel speak was amazing
  3. Assessment/corrective drills to see instant improvement in comrade technique and form
  4. Breathing and tension techniques – because they demonstrate how to create strength with your clients
  5. Networking, to help create a list of contacts and available resources to a successful kettlebell bootcamp.

Each Team Leader had their own way of teaching. Seeing the compounded knowledge from TLs, Sr. Instructors, Masters and Chief also including the Assistants was more knowledge in one room regarding fitness, functional movement and corrective techniques than could be absorbed. Therefore the openness and time able to network and create a list of resources and instructor contacts will only add to my arsenal for training and teaching when I leave RKC. The manual is also excellent by the way too.


Jacques J Kabongo, Personal Trainer, Southfield, MI

The Russian Kettlebell Certification Training contributed to my understanding and practice of kettlebells in the following five ways:

  1. The amazing impact RKC instruction can do for flexibility
  2. Deep understanding of RC fundamentals and the impact on the human body: the limitless potential to make every individual, all ages, stronger
  3. The importance of the swing and proper execution
  4. Priceless knowledge on how to achieve your maximum strength and fitness level with a stand-alone system.
  5. Proper mechanics of the swing, snatch, squat, getup, beyond what I learned in videos and one on one instruction
  6. Importance of safety

RKC cert was an amazing weekend. While being empowered with a wealth of knowledge we were pushed way beyond our limits and comfort zones the essence of strength, cardio endurance and its affect on optimal fitness were exemplified.

The course was top quality and the instruction was superb. The conditions were harsh in terms of the heat but that was beyond the control of Dragon Door. My team leaders were awesome and set examples on how RKC Instructors should be. The importance of safety was emphasized as paramount.

How did the Russian Kettlebell Certification Training compare with any other training you have taken in physical exercise—in terms of quality, scope of material, and practical use?

More functional and precise; none other compares.


Michael LaBue, Strength Coach/ Performance Coach, Carlsbad, CA

Athletic Achievements, training background or specialty:

CSCS, USAW Level 1, 14 years experience coaching track & field

The RKC is a lot of work, a lot of information, and a lot of fun. It will take the first steps to making you a kettlebell expert.

Pavel is the all time expert. His knowledge is so deep and useful..


Krystal Robens, Personal Trainer, Taunton, MA

Athletic Achievements, training background or specialty:

Semi-professional soccer player WPSL, Division 1 athlete, NSCA-CPT

It was the most intense training I have ever been through. Totally worth all the money and sweat.

What five aspects of the workshop did you find most useful and why?

  1. Marketing – will hopefully help me triple my income
  2. Form – will help me demonstrate better form and therefore teach better and more effectively
  3. Corrective exercises - helping my ability to teach others properly
  4. The number of assistants, team leaders, master, senior RKC's help one-on-one training.

The quality of training was impeccable. They gave us a variety of different drills and taught us so many things.

There was a huge amount of information given to us here at the certification. I am a former college athlete (Division 1) and this training has been superior to anything else I have ever done.


Nick Cameron, Student, High School Football Coach, Culver City, California

Athletic Achievements, training background or specialty:

Letter in Football and Track and Field

It was one of the most challenging weekends of my life but one of the most rewarding weekends also. It gave me a great respect for technique. It made me develop a far greater love for kettlebells than I ever thought I would.

The knowledge from all of the instructors that was shared to us this weekend has shown me a new more efficient way to train. The quality of the workouts were amazing. The way they share the information is in a simple enough way to get you to understand the proper techniques for all of the lifts.

It surpassed all previous training I have been doing. It taught me the most effective training in the world.


William Neal Zumbro II, student, Wilmington, NC

Athletic Achievements, training background or specialty:

United States Marine Corps (2001-05, 08-2009), Machine gunner and infantry squad leader. Brazilian Jiu Jitsu purple belt/ Instructor

About as militaristic of training that a civilian course can offer (military training has always had the ability to drive the information home).


Gary Gant, Physical Education Teacher, Victorville, CA

Athletic Achievements, training background or specialty:

US Army 1986-1990, Athletic Trainer Certified, Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist

Exhausting, painful, challenging, fun.

I have been to Army Basic Training, and the attention to detail, the discipline, the structure, camaraderie compared to "basic training"

This was second RKC, and I learned so much more this time, I think the first time was just overwhelming with info. I think everyone should experience it twice to really get it!



What five aspects of the workshop did you find most useful and why?

  1. Isometric contraction of work muscles before implementation of movement. Very effective
  2. Pressing lecture, and pressure built with breath
  3. Marketing lecture. Real time information to spread the good word
  4. Attention to strict form every time always correcting and encouraging when form is correct
  5. Actually teaching from the man himself. Seeing Pavel and listening to him, the founder, is very powerful.
    Exceptional. Balanced between too much and not enough. Very focused on essentials and not just mindless information.

Courtney Neupert, Physical Therapist, Durham, NC

Athletic Achievements, training background or specialty:

D1 scholarship athlete (volleyball - Rutgers University) 1994-99, MVP, co-captain. Doctor of Physical Therapy from Duke University 2003. Z Health level 1-4 certified

A remarkable and challenging experience that forges your character, mind, skill, and your body through "tough iron", camaraderie, and superb instruction.

Absolutely amazing. Truly professional. Tough but safe. A wealth of knowledge with very unique twists due to individual backgrounds. Cohesion.

A well-oiled machine. Good distribution of info into manageable "chunks." Extremely practical in the "real world." Not so much that it was overwhelming.

I'm thrilled to have been on team Jones! He knows just what to do to ramp your skill quickly. Always encouraging. The consummate professional with an amazing depth and breadth of knowledge backed up with skill and humility.


Michelle Carlborg, Mom of Four, Group Fitness Instructor, Boot Camp Owner, San Diego, CA

Athletic Achievements, training background or specialty:

Certifications: ACE, Schwinn Nautilus Spinning, TRX Suspension Training, BOSU Integrated Balance Training, Outdoor Action Fitness, CardioZone Spinning.

This was a challenging weekend which tested my limits in many ways; however the knowledge I gained was worth the "pain"! I will go back home as a better trainer armed with the materials and knowledge needed to enhance the lives of my clients.

Instruction was excellent on all levels – from Pavel down to the assistants. Clear and concise. I of course expected nothing but the best from the senior instructors and team leaders. I was very pleased to see the same level of expertise from the team assistants. Everyone was extremely impressive. I feel lucky to have worked with Team Jones. Jill, Terrance and Jordan were awesome – Brett is beyond words.

I have attended numerous trainings/certifications over the past 15 years, and this was hands-down the most organized and comprehensive.


Trish Marchant, Accountant, Santa Maria, CA

Change is good. This has been an amazing challenge for me personally and it has changed my paradigm a lot! Push through, never give up.

The level of instruction I received was great. A little overwhelming, meaning a lot of information but it is good. The instruction was very clean and precise. All instructors were very professional yet approachable.

Wow! This has been an amazing experience for me. I have never experienced the intensity and level of instruction and physical workout before this. It is truly a feat of endurance and strength. All the material is easy to understand, deep and wide. I know this is only the beginning of my journey with kettlebells and I am very excited!

Thanks for the amazing experience. Pain is good! I feel a lot stronger and confident for it.


Owen Evans, Personal Trainer, Laguna Beach, CA

Athletic Achievements, training background or specialty:

ISSA Certified Trainer, College Rugby and Lacrosse Player

The certification I a physically demanding experience that provides kettlebell enthusiast with a wealth of knowledge and experience to share with others.

What five aspects of the workshop did you find most useful and why?

  1. Hardstyle – found a leakage that will help my technique
  2. Marketing meeting – great knowledge that I can apply to my business
  3. Individual assistance from team assistants
  4. The manual – a wealth of knowledge that is easily acceptable.

Exceptional knowledge that is conveyed in a way that is easy to understand and can be shared as easily with my clients.

No comparison to other certs. The physical and intellectual part of RKC far surpasses any other personal training exam or course I have ever been a part of previously.


Andrew Peebles, Personal Trainer, Pembroke MA

Athletic Achievements, training background or specialty:

AFAA Certified Personal Trainer. Westfield State College Boxing Club Captain

The instructors expect a lot out of you but take the time to teach you. They were helpful in increasing my knowledge of kettlebells.

The quality of training and knowledge was fantastic. In three days I was able to learn more than I had in 6 months. The attention to detail was terrific and they really made you feel challenged, but confident.

I've noticed that kettlebells have taken my physical performance to an entirely different level, and the workshop really fine tuned everything I had been working on. It is much more practical than anything I have ever done before.

This workshop was very informative and I would recommend it to anyone serious about kettlebells.


Drew Vercellino, Security Officer, Sunnyvale, CA

Athletic Achievements, training background or specialty:

2+ years Mixed Martial Arts, 5 years Pop Warner Football - 2 years coaching

It is the most intense, interactive, informative, training class I have ever attended and would recommend it to personal trainers everywhere.

What five aspects of the workshop did you find most useful and why?

  1. The team leader assistants really took care of the minor issues ie: taping hands, water, sunblock, that saved us a lot of time for training.
  2. The problem and solution scenarios being demonstrated in front of the class helped to understand mistakes you may come across as a trainer with your clients
  3. Group support and peer teaching/assisting helped us learn better how to teach others.
  4. The marketing seminar gave great ideas about how to generate more business
  5. The explanation in depth about each movement helped me better understand the purpose and health benefits

Pavel was extremely knowledgeable in all of his answers and explanations to complex questions.


Paul David, Health Club Owner, Fitness Coach, Menifee, CA

Athletic Achievements, training background or specialty:

Mountaineer, BS - Exercise Science, NSCA-CPT, R-phase certified, ACSM HFI, MES Certification

If I were asked to summarize my experience of the Russian Kettlebell Certification Training in a couple of sentences, I would say:

My secret weapon!

Thought provoking. Instructors not only practice what they preach but are students themselves. David Whitley was our Team Leader. Found him to be practical in his approach and very detailed in not missing any key points of instruction. His southern slang makes me smile ;)

No comparison. I've been to numerous certs in my 16 years in the fitness industry and nothing compares.


Teresa Hoffmann, Owner of Port Townsend Athletic Club, Port Townsend, Washington

Athletic Achievements, training background or specialty:

Club owner/operator, RKC, ACE-Certified Master Trainer, BODYCOMBAT,BODYPUMP,BODYFLOW Certified instructor, Zumba Certified instructor. Love all Martial Arts

The most comprehensive, physically punishing, uplifting, life-changing program I've ever participated in.

Pavel has made the biggest difference to me, more than any other trainer, as far as expanding my knowledge, confidence of my ability. The Senior Instructors have also been extremely knowledgeable and funny! I really appreciate that the instructors are very down to earth and do not have a high horse attitude. Very professional. Thank you.

The best by far!


Andrew Bibb, College Student, Santa Fe, NM

Athletic Achievements, training background or specialty:

3 years active military, 2 as Army Airborne Ranger

It made me doubly aware of strength as a skill and greatly reinforced the idea that just a few drills done properly can completely restore and enhance your body.

It was apparent that everyone was well versed and excellent at their craft. Dave Whitley was an honor to train under and if I had to do over would be my first choice of Team Leader. Pavel conveyed his wealth of knowledge with skill and professionalism, keeping it entertaining and relevant.

The RKC system has become my primary source of knowledge in terms of strength and conditioning. I feel that the course has prepared me more than any other to meet the rigors of day-to-day life and come out feeling great.


Ryan Harmer, Personal Trainer, Westfield, NJ

Athletic Achievements, training background or specialty:

NASM, WITS Certified Personal Trainer. FMS Certified

A great experience to learn how your body moves and creates strength. Kettlebells are not only a tool to emphasize that movement and power generation, but are a great way to learn movement and train it as well.

I say this about Gray Cook and the FMS stuff as well that: I feel fortunate that Pavel and the RKC system even share this information with others. I feel like am a generous person but if I learned either the FMS stuff or the RKC system of strength on my own I would think twice about sharing it with others!!! It's like magic. What the hell?!

The only other things close are any FMS workshops. As far as the material presented in a short time, and the quality of that material. I have a few personal training certs and after learning this and FMS I feel those are a disservice to the clients trained by those instructors. Me being one of them until now.


Brian Shane, Teacher, Narberth, PA

It was a tremendous educational experience.

It is second to none. Pavel is an encyclopedia. Rif is very good. Heidi was very helpful. Pavel's ability to teach was awesome.

It is deeper than anything I have ever done. The best by far.


Matt Maher, Personal Trainer, Red Bank, NJ

Athletic Achievements, training background or specialty:

6 years Personal Training experience. 3 years Brazilian Jiu Jitsu

As prepared as I thought I was and as developed as my techniques were when I arrived, I learned far more in 3 days about myself and the RKC system than I did in 3 months prior.

The most physically challenging experience my life thus far, forever changing the way I approach and instruct my victims.

One word: awesome. Ok, a few more: second-to-none.

In terms of quality, scope and education of material and practical use: unmatched. As enlightening as it was difficult.


Mandy Bathurst, Occupational Therapist, Virginia Beach, VA

Excellent course! Very well organized, planned, and run. Very professional and motivating. Excellent instructors. Difficult but well worth the pain.

Excellent! The knowledge of the instructors is very high quality however explained and demonstrated in a manner that is easily understood and applied.


Daniel Soto, Personal Trainer, San Diego, CA

Athletic Achievements, training background or specialty:


It's enough info to make your brain swell. It is not only the mental aspect of learning movements and cues but buildable to execute those movements on a high level that makes RKC unique.

I believe all the instruction was high quality however Brett Jones' and Rif's scientific approach appealed to me most. All the instructors were my favorite but Brett and Rif would be my more favorite, all still favorite. Learned a ton from Franz S. my Team Leader I felt very fortunate I was placed with him and his team.


Anshu Sabharwal, Chiropractor, Sunnyvale, CA

Great experience! I have never attempted an athletic endeavor like this before and I am much stronger and have a much greater appreciation for my athletes.

My Team Leader was great! I really appreciate the one on one corrections and the explanation to my questions was very detailed: knowledgeable.

This is my first "hard core" physical exercise endeavor and it was an intense and very rewarding experience. The quality of the material is cutting edge, as a chiro I can appreciate the incorporation of research with functional application.


Cheyenne Brown, Student, Port Townsend, WA

Brutal training, but so much quality information that can be applied not just to kettlebell training but to training in general. The growth not only in kettlebell technique but overall awareness of body movement and function makes all the training well worth it.

Team Leader (my own) was incredibly knowledgeable and provided great feedback and cues. All the team leaders were approachable, open and helpful with questions and feedback. Instructors (assistants) were also incredibly helpful and approachable.


Louie Towkaniuk, Kettlebell Instructor, Murrieta CA

Athletic Achievements, training background or specialty:

RKC, 3rd Degree Black Belt Taekwondo, Certified F.I.G.H.T. instructor, Crossfit certified

This is my second time taking the RKC and honestly I thought that it would be the same. I WAS COMPLETELY WRONG. The depth of instruction just on the swing, and especially the getup was phenomenal, talk about going an inch wide and a mile deep. I just want to say thanks to Pavel and all the instructors for improving the system, I'm excited to take my strength and my client's strength to new levels.

Great you can really tell that these guys and gals are passionate about improving the system, and the instructors. The RKC is truly the martial art of strength training.

I'm certified in several course of instruction, from fitness to martial arts, and by far the RKC is the toughest and most in depth course out there. If you want to learn how to teach kettlebells you better take the RKC.


Michaela Martin, Naturopathic physician, Licensed Acupuncturist. Kamuela, HI

It is amazing that under the strain of long, HOT, days, that our technique can actually get better with understanding and focus. It has given me a new appreciation of the capacity of human bodies and minds (especially when used together).

Pavel: amazingly clear/precise/humorous (really appreciate)

Seniors/Team Leaders: appreciate all of the varied expertise and their own unique ways of sharing info

Heidi – was a very helpful, encouraging assistant. Really appreciate her feedback.

Mark- Rif really broke things down simply, and was very thorough and encouraging

How did the Russian Kettlebell Certification Training compare with any other training you have taken in physical exercise—in terms of quality, scope of material, and practical use?

Whoa! On all of those terms. This has been the first physical certification I have taken in years, because these kettlebells have absolutely changed my life and this training has shown me the how and why and challenged me to the core.


Anna Dornier, Personal Trainer, Pleasant Hill, Ca

Athletic Achievements, training background or specialty:

NASM Certified Personal Trainer

The RKC exceed my expectations in so many ways. Not only did I learn proper techniques for each exercise, I also learned how to develop flexibility, strength and safety skills among others. Being a part of this wonderful experience is an honor which I will rekindle and treasure for the rest of my life. It made me a better person and a much better personal trainer.

Everyone in the RKC staff (mentioned above) are very knowledgeable, highly trainers, and very approachable. I am very impressed with everything that they've taught me.

So far I only have one certification with NASM and the RKC is far more superior in terms of hands on training, depth of knowledge and quality of material. I like the feeling of having physically "earned" my certifications instead of going to a testing center to take a test and become a personal trainer.


Nikki Snow, Accountant, Nashville, TN

Athletic Achievements, training background or specialty:

NAIA All-American Basketball Player. 2002 Midland Lutheran College Athlete of the Year. 1000 points, 1000 rebound club-basketball. All-Nebraska - soccer and basketball (high school). ACE Certified Group Fitness Instructor

The RKC weekend was a great experience. There's a wealth of knowledge with all the instructors and I learned a lot of great techniques and tips that I'll be able to take home with me and use on my clients.

Everyone was great to work with and had their own bits of knowledge to share that I found very useful.

I've played sports my whole life and I've never had this much instruction or knowledge given to me. The progression was great, we covered so much material in a short period of times but it was very thorough.


Erik Blekeberg, Strength Coach, San Diego, CA

Athletic Achievements, training background or specialty:

CSCS, USAW Club Coach, Competitive Olympic Weightlifter - 5 years, Strongman Competitor - 1 year

Three days of hard work, good learning and perfection of self, the kettlebell is a fantastic training tool but the RKC is not just about the tool. It teaches you to use the body in the strongest way possible.

Doug is a kind and yet disciplined instructor. He didn't need to yell to get respect. His demeanor and knowledge demand it though. Great focus on the little things by all the instructors. It's the little things that improve the whole.

Great to be technique tested. This is a true rarity. Focus on details. Other certs teach you how to write things down. This (the RKC) teaches you to teach.


Joy Gonzales, Medical Sales, Fresno, CA

Amazing! I have felt that I was falling into a workout "slump" even in my kettlebell training, this cert weekend has awakened that competitive desire to improve spirit I know I love, thank you!

Found the instruction/technique taught by Pavel, Master, Seniors and Team Leaders to be the best knowledge I will have always. It's one thing to read a book (which are great by the way!) but to have the exercises broken down by each position of your body and to understand and see result is priceless!

Undeniable, the most detailed instruction, physically demanding training I have ever done. In other challenges or training I felt very alone as far as instruction for skill, this was opposite.


Mike Carville, gym owner, Nevada City, CA

Athletic Achievements, training background or specialty:

PSIA Ski Instructor, Rock Climbing Guide, Owner: South Yuba Club & Monster Gym

Great cert. loved the physical aspect and reinforcement of RKC philosophy.

Excellent and comprehensive without being overly complex. Very practical. Scope broad but pertained to key techniques.

Great system, philosophy and approach to integrated strength. I have over 4,000 members between our 2 little gyms and I feel 70-80% will find a great fit with RKC!


Keith Carnine, Personal Trainer, Santa Maria, CA

Athletic Achievements, training background or specialty:

NASM Certified Personal Trainer, Hung Gar Kung Fu

A brutal demonstration of the benefits of high volume on technique execution.

The ideas of the instructors were concisely expressed and very clear. I found the lectures informative and entertaining.

The amount of material covered and quality of all the instruction was unlike anything else I've done. I appreciated its hands on nature.


Tyler Saso, Fitness Coach, Bakersfield, CA

Athletic Achievements, training background or specialty:


The RKC is truly the "Survival of the fittest and smartest." The RKC strongly encourages and requires students to "walk the walk and talk the talk"

The knowledge provided by the staff is second to none. I am impressed.

The RKC blows everything out of the water.


Levi Rivas, Table Games Dealer, Fortuna, CA

Athletic Achievements, training background or specialty:

High school sports: 4 years basketball, 2 years track.

Before I was playing with kettlebells; now I'm practicing, to quote Dave Whitely, "Hard-a-style"

From what I can tell, when one focuses on all the concepts learned, the drills just work, and in the end, that's al that matters.

The carry over is amazing, and from only practicing swings for a short time, I saw incredible results in comparison to "lifting 45 min" and basketball.


Gavin Garringer, Martial Arts Instructor, Costa Mesa, CA

Extreme fitness and pain in the pursuit of an all natural feeling of systematic body euphoria.

I felt that each and every senior instructor, team leader, and especially Pavel, give a vast array of knowledge relating to kettlebells and the capabilities of the body in general.

Much more physically and mentally demanding while combing a wealth of knowledge on the subject of kettlebells and body mechanics.

I enjoyed the entire experience, it not only honed my skills with my body and the kettlebell but it allowed me to find new length and strengths that I personally can achieve.


Brad Ellis, Assistant General Counsel, San Diego, CA

Athletic Achievements, training background or specialty:

Have trained with Kettlebells at Ironcore for several years. Currently member of San Diego Sheriff's Search and Recovery Dive Team.

Very complete, very challenging , and quite satisfying.

Instructors were engaging and engaged. Instructors were genuinely interested in improving student knowledge.

By far the best training I've received on a global basis. I've had the pleasure of training with Brett Jones personally so it would be difficult to say that I received better instructions, but having to perform under stressful circumstances certainly improved performance.


David Ebert, Sales/Self Employed, Franklin, TN

It was a tremendous challenge that gave me a great goal to set and accomplish to get in the best shape of my life. I look forward to helping others learn what I have learned.

Over the top! The best.


Katia Shokrai, Fitness Trainer, Carlsbad, CA

Athletic Achievements, training background or specialty:


I have a yoga/pilates background and for the first time in my life I felt I as in Russian Boot Camp. Even though in pain I had a great time and realized "I can do it" if I just put in the time and work hard (infinite possibilities) ;)

In this training not only do you need to know how to do the work but how to teach the work. As a yoga/pilates instructors I appreciate the importance of a "GREAT" teacher vs. a good teacher.


Jay Cannon, Business Consultant, Nashville, TN

It was the most physically demanding 3 days of my life, but it strengthened my mind with simple but not simplistic strength and conditioning biomechanical fundamentals. It taught me power through safety, tension, and relaxation.

This is not a "dumb" guys "muscle up" system. These instructors are brilliant in their education. I was fascinated by the level of biomechanical knowledge in the instructors. This vastly increased my confidence.

RKC far, far superior than any other training I've received. Body and mind were stimulated like never before. I was amazed that there is such thoroughness in what seems simple. Learn to master for many years.


Laura Sacks, Student / Massage Therapist, Santa Barbara, CA

I came into this weekend knowing that it would be immensely difficult. It has been exactly that: extremely demanding, physically emotionally and mentally. In the same breath, it has been incredibly rewarding to push my limits and accomplish more than I ever know I could. As a result, I will leave as more than when I came – minus a few strips of skin.

The quality of knowledge share din this course is unreal. The understanding and awareness of the body, if not already present, will be firmly ingrained in the participant by the end of the weekend.

I have been using kettlebells exclusively for 16 months. I was already convinced that kettlebells are the superior method for training and the RKC training only further convinced me. The quality and scope of material was fantastic: worth every penny, tear of the hand, and sweat spilled.


Cara Egeland, Claims Adjudicator, personal trainer-home Rogue Fitness Gahanna Ohio, Westerville, OH

Athletic Achievements, training background or specialty:

Claims Adjudicator, personal trainer-home Rogue Fitness Gahanna Ohio

One of the hardest, yet most educational experiences of my life. I did things I never thought I could do and improved skills I thought were already solid.

Amazing. The most impressive part was how the vast info was taught in such an understandable fashion.

Completely surpassed and blew them away. I am a Level I Crossfit coach. Your broad strokes provided much more confidence than their Level I cert.


Rick Voirin, Executive coach, Dallas, TX

It was truly a demanding mind/body learning experience. By the end of the program my mind understood what my body knew!

Absolutely world class!

It was exceptional in all areas as opposed to simply adequate.


Rhonda Decker, fitness trainer, martial arts instructor, massage therapist, Riverside CA

Athletic Achievements, training background or specialty:

Specialist in Performance Nutrition, Chinese Kenpo martial arts instructor, certified in holistic healing arts and fitness instructor, and member of ISSA, ISA

Wow! Every question you ever had before the RKC is answered by the time you leave, and you are guaranteed to leave smarter, stronger, and a better instructor. I have had an awesome time here!

Outstanding! Instructors conducted themselves in a respectful manner and professional. Gave teaching and feedbacks when each saw the appropriate moment. Always there to address needs, concerns, or questions.

Attention to fine-tuning technique and simple, but specific explanation of exercises. A much more wider range of topics covered in a short amount of time.


Marisol Teran Penner, Mom, Santa Monica, CA

Athletic Achievements, training background or specialty:

Karate, Triathlon, Bodybuilding, Power Lifting

How to be more flexible and powerful. To move functionally, to improve sports, to take people out of injury.

It is a beautiful tool for life, tool of power, mobility.


James T. Urianza, Personal Trainer, Urem, UT

Athletic Achievements, training background or specialty:

Professional Certification. wing chun and filippino Kali-Dan Inosanto. Train law Enforcement

It was an insane experience, but perfect in its knowledge and scope of using kettlebells.


Wendy Pond, mom/homemaker/teacher/etc. etc., Fairfield, Ct.

It made my love for kettleblls MORE ;)

They broke it down so you could understand them in a simple way.


Joey Barbera, Specialist in Sports Conditioning, Nashville Tennessee

Athletic Achievements, training background or specialty:

ISSA Certified Specialist in Sports Conditioning. Owner of Temple Fitness training facility in Franklin, Tennessee. High School national power lifting champion. New York State High School Wrestling Champion. Division I collegiate wrestling scholarship. Bachelor's degree from University of Nevada Las Vegas.

I really enjoyed the challenge and it was very insightful.

The quality was phenomenal. Very good. Much more complicated than expected.

It was very well done and the best as far as depth in the material. It was broken down extremely well.


Nathan Flores, Personal Trainer, San Carlos, CA

Athletic Achievements, training background or specialty:

Certified personal trainer, Certified pilates instructor, former Muay Thai amateur kickboxer

The most difficult, strenuous and informative authority on kettlebell training. Exercise under stress in a military format.

All the Seniors, Team Leaders, and Pavel are top notch because they know exactly how to explain the exercises and how to fix.

The quality is there because the RKC is the original kettlebell training. Lots of material to grasp.


Harrison Curbello, Pizza Delivery, Three Rivers, TX

Athletic Achievements, training background or specialty:

Health Care Specialist, U.S. Army

It was a reality check on my part concerning my conditioning and set me on a path to correct my problems.


Chris Schrameck, Personal Trainer, La Quinta, CA

Athletic Achievements, training background or specialty:

Functional Movement Screen, Selective Functional Movement Assessment ,Active Release Technique, Muscle Activation Technique, Poliquin Coach Level 1, ACE, Chek Level 1

Well planned, very professional execution of educational material

A no fluff certification. Only relevant materials. Loved very few talking head lectures.


Stevie Weaver, Fitness Instructor, Port Townsend, WA

Athletic Achievements, training background or specialty:

Jiu-Jitsu, Wrestling, Kung Fu. Certified Les Mills instructor

I learned A LOT. It was very challenging.

AMAZING. All instructors and assistants were extremely knowledgeable and helpful.

Way more in depth. Staying with 6 basic moves only was good. 10 times more difficult. Basically just way better.


Jeffrey Bailey, Personal Trainer/Teacher, Santa Barbara, CA

Athletic Achievements, training background or specialty:

Semi-professional basketball player Adapted physical education specialist. MA ed. CPTS

Rigorous exercise. High learning. Helpful instructors.

High quality training. Vast amount of knowledge and info.

Was the most physically demanding hands on and visual approach with practice and feedback followed up was effective.


June 2009 Russian Kettlebell Challenge Instructor Certification Workshop — Participant Praise

Forest Vance, Trainer, Sacramento, CA

Athletic Achievements, training background or specialty:

Four year letter winner and three-time All-American, UC Davis Football. On opening day training camp roster of Green Bay Packers (2004) and Kansas City Chiefs (2005). Experience as personal trainer and fitness manager; about five years of experience in the industry. M.S., Human Movement, A.T. Still University, Mesa, Arizona. Certified Personal Trainer; National Academy of Sports Medicine and American College of Sports Medicine. Performance Enhancement Specialist and Corrective Exercise Specialist; National Academy of Sports Medicine

This weekend was extremely mentally and physically challenging, and worth every second – and dollar, for that matter! Much more useful, more information provided than any other cert I've taken (I have 4). Instructors and overall knowledge present and information provided were amazing. An amazing experience I will never forget.

What five aspects of the workshop did you find most useful and why?

  1. The attention to detail in instruction.
  2. Pavel being so involved and hands on in the workshop.
  3. The overall knowledge level of the instructors.
  4. The people I met and connections made.
  5. The physical challenge was great as well.

Outstanding! Very impressive, from Pavel with his ability to fix problems so fast and articulate so efficiently; to John Du Cane whose marketing lecture was profoundly helpful (probably worth the cost of the cert in itself); to the Sr. Instructors and Team Leaser, who all had a great wealth of knowledge to share themselves.

In terms of applicable knowledge, none of my other certifications compare. The course really teaches you so much about the human body – the kettlebell is just the best tool to get the job done.


Clifton Bennett, Personal Trainer, Cartersville, GA

Athletic Achievements, training background or specialty:

8 yrs. Wrestling experience. 1 yr. Jui Jitsu and Muay Thai experience. B.S. Exercise Science. NESTA Certified Personal Trainer. NESTA Biomechanics Specialist. NESTA Functional Training Specialist. ISSA Specialist in Performance Nutrition


  1. Pavel – he is like the entire health and fitness industry rolled up in one man.
  2. The manual is a great tool that not only helped me this weekend but will be used the rest of my career.
  3. The elite aspect of this weekend goes a long way. The people that come here are a different breed. They understand hard work and nothing here is handed to you.

The quality of this training far surpasses any other certification, seminar or college course I've ever taken. Everything here I can apply and get someone to understand. Too many times I've gone to seminars and am ready to leave before it's over. Not here, I would stay 3 more days if you guys would let me.


Caleb Terray, Theatrical Fight Choreographer / Martial Arts Teacher, Lake Balboa, CA

Athletic Achievements, training background or specialty:

Phase 2 in Jeet Kune Do, Kali, Silat (Magda Institute). Black Belt in Korean Hap Ki Do. Foil and Saber Fencing. Society of American Fight Directors Combatant Certifications. Recreational Ice Hockey Player

It was just like what I expected, in so much as it completely exceeded my expectations.

Simply the best. An extremely charismatic instructor with an incredible wealth of knowledge, which is shared quite openly with students.

Extremely challenging; mentally, physically, emotionally. Very practical, just enough material for 4 days crammed into 3.


Philip A. Earley, Personal Trainer, Tyne and Wear, England

The most in depth course on kettlebell applications I have done to date. Very hands on with top class instruction that improved my techniques. Made me look at new ways of introducing kettlebell methods to my own and my clients training. Superb training manual provided to allow further understanding.

Simply, if you thought you know how to use kettlebells and you haven't done the RKC, think again! As well as great instruction form Pavel and his team there is a wonderful camaraderie within the teams. I made great friends and realize RKC is undoubtedly the number 1 kettlebell certification.

The level of in-depth instruction is superior to anything I have encountered in the world of kettlebells certification programs to date. Pavel's knowledge is incredible and having waited 10 years to meet him, I wasn't disappointed. My Team Leader, assistants and all the other Sr. instructors were fantastic to work with! A truly wonderful experience.

I have studied different applications such as IKFF and BKLF, but the RKC is the most in-depth I have come across. You will leave enriched and maybe a little shocked at how much you don't know.


Andrew Read, Personal Trainer, Lecturer, Melbourne, Australia

Athletic Achievements, training background or specialty:

4 years 2CDO COY, 1st CDO Reg. Taekwondo, BJJ, Boxing, Muay Thai, Teach Personal Training courses.

I would, maybe, have learnt how to do all this on my own from books and DVDs, but it would have taken 10 years, not 3 days.

As a trainer who both works in the fitness industry and as a teacher to others in the fitness industry, the quality of instruction was without peer. The depth of knowledge, precision of application and obvious passion set the RKC apart.

Come to Australia!


Michelle Barbera, Personal Trainer/Owner of Fit Vixen, LLC, Margate City, NJ

Athletic Achievements, training background or specialty:

ACE and AAAI/ISMA certified personal trainer. Member of IDEA and ECA World Fitness. Trained in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu and American Tae Kwon Do.

It is life changing. Everyone is compassionate, eager to help, excellent in instruction and driving you to succeed. The instructors are passionate and excited for you when you ret that "ah ha" moment after you struggled with a technique and then show you got it!

The "Rock Stars" blend with "us groupies." Pavel makes you feel special – not one of a crowd and helps along with his awesome team of instructors. There are no egos like there are in other areas of fitness. We are here to learn and grow; to overcome or become and they helped us do jut that. Pass or have to try again it's definitely worth the journey. It is a life experience!

Quality - Worth every penny – great instructors, great access to knowledge and technique like no other I've been to (ECA, ACE, IDEA).

Everything from registration, to transportation, to manual, hands-on and lecture was superior! I will recommend it to one of my future hopefuls.


Ed Long, Sales-Chevron, Simpsonville, KY

Athletic Achievements, training background or specialty:

-17 yrs weight training. - 4 yrs kettlebell training. - 4 yr college football player. - Former CSCS - Former strongman competitor and winner of ultimate strongman challenge in Louisville, KY. - Personal trainer for 4 yrs. - krav maga student

I came to RKC thinking that I knew how to use kettlebells and that this certification would help "legitimize" me as a kettlebell trainer. Boy was I wrong! There were numerous details in kettlebell lifting that I had not focused on and by applying them I will be a stronger kettlebell lifter and better trainer for future kettlebell clients…plus it helped me set a new PR in my military press within minutes of technique change.

Instruction was outstanding and the multiple instructors really helped. I was having difficulty with one aspect of the swing and 3 instructors were telling me how to fix it… but it wasn't sinking in. the a 4th instructors offered her suggestion in a different manner that I could completely relate to and we fixed the problem within 2-3 swings.

No comparison. All of the other training certifications (NSCA, etc) focus on material, notes, and slides and not on application. RKC improves one through the use of practice and hands on applications.


Brian Jones, Medline Industries/Self-Employed, Advocare Int., Durango, IA

Athletic Achievements, training background or specialty:

College Football, Loras College, Dubuque, IA, Avid Weight Lifter for 20 plus years. Have been training with Kettlebells since August of 2008.

This is a life-changing weekend for anyone seriously using or who is planning to use kettlebells. It is a MUST for people who feel that they have what it takes to train others with kettlebells.

Their wealth of knowledge is incredible but their ability to simplify techniques is a great asset to the course

Keep up the great job Dragon Door!


Sergej Sinicin, PFT, Sport Specific Trainer, Weyburn, SK, Canada

Athletic Achievements, training background or specialty:

Played in the World Hockey Championship for Team Latvia. Own a fitness club for 12 years.

It was extremely educational. Every callus that was ripped open on my hands was very much worth it.

Pavel – one of the best sports guru that I have come across.


Steve Ruiz, Petroleum Landman, Edmond, OK

a) Intensely brutal, but also intensely informational. There was a constant stream (or river) of drills, cues, and corrections – for anyone wanting to train someone with the KB this IS the cert.

b) Relationships – met some wonderful, like-minded individuals with whom I shared (suffered through) a wonderful experience.


Anonymous Navy Seal:

The Russian Kettlebell Certification Training contributed to my understanding and practice of kettlebells in the following ways:

  1. Focus more on quality vs. quantity (I've been in a rut of going too very high rep snatch and swing workouts, sometimes deteriorating my quality).
  2. Verbal reinforcement along with "aha" drills to repeat things I've read many, many times.
  3. There is a difference in working on your own technique and being able to relay that technique to others (people learn different ways, body types are different).
  4. Hard style uses kettlebells as a tool to increase performance in life and sport, not necessarily focusing on achieving kettlebell specific goals.
  5. TGU!! Huge change, I've been doing long sets of TGU's with big weights. There is no way I could do that with this new style of TGU. (I can get great workout now, with much lighter load).
  6. I've found I become too efficient at times (the body will sacrifice quality for quantity! Gray Cook). But I need to work on working the lift harder (just like #1).

A simple effective training method. All anyone really needs to accomplish their goals.

Very high quality instruction.

Loved Pavel's classes, sense of humor. The squat class was phenomenal. Geoff Neupert's lecture on "What is the RKC" was amazing.

I've used kettlebells since 2005. I've carried my bells to Irag/Afghanistan. I've used them as my primary fitness tool. They've helped me stay in shape and get in better shape in any environment imaginable. They work.

The course was great because it helped perfect and refine my technique. Also making it easier to help others

Thanks Pavel and the rest of the RKCs.


Dusty Barker, Freight Thrower and MMA fighter, Elko, NV

Athletic Achievements, training background or specialty:

Multiple martial arts training in Kempo, Boxing, Mauy-Thia, Brazilian Jiu-Jitsiu, Judo, Jeet-Kune-do and MMA. Have participated in Full Contact Karate tournaments, amateur mauy-thia, amateur boxing, and amateur MMA fights. Started out body building in high school until I discovered kettlebells 4 years ago and now work with them exclusively. No direct training but do have experience working as a security guard for casinos and bouncing for local concerts.

The Russian Kettlebell Certification Training contributed to my understanding and practice of kettlebells in the following five ways:

  1. Improved my swing. I never had serous problems but definite over-tightening in my lower back. But now I feel more powerful and better aligned in my back.
  2. A new PR in my C+P after only one technique. I pressed a 24kg, which was usually hard for me. Pavel saw how easy it was and said, "That kettlebell is too light for you grab a heavier one." I picked up the 28kg kettlebell, which I have never been able to press and put it up with ease.
  3. I had a much easier time with the rack position on my clean.
  4. NO back pain in my front squats any more.
  5. I also learned that kettlebells are truly the hardest tools in the world to work with and that Pavel truly is Evil.

The hardest but most satisfying weekend of my life. Like a championship fight you'll hate it when your getting beat, hurt and exhausted beyond belief but when it's all over your glad you did it and know that you will never be the same afterward. I came to the RKC just a man and left a greivik.

What five aspects of the workshop did you find most useful and why?

  1. The team leaders were amazing. They caught things in my technique that I wouldn't have caught myself and made me a more efficient athlete.
  2. Mr. Du Cane's lecture on marketing provided a great deal of information I had questions about.
  3. Training on a team brings out the best in everyone because you don't want to let them down.
  4. Being put on the spot. We perform better (under fire).
  5. Being asked questions randomly kept me alert and taught me the hard way to catch mistakes.

Casey Campbell, Student, MMA Instructor, Portland, Oregon

Athletic Achievements, training background or specialty:

Army Infantry Vet, Muay Thai and 10th Planet Jiu Jitsu training background.

The Russian Kettlebell Certification Training contributed to my understanding and practice of kettlebells in the following five ways:

  1. No matter how much experience one has with KB's there is always room for improvement.
  2. Tai Chi/Qigong is a magnificent complement to KB training.
  3. That we don't train kettlebells to get better at kettlebells, but rather other things.
  4. John gave me tremendous tools on marketing, an area that I was totally inept.
  5. This is a community that I shall devote the rest of my days to.

The RKC is catharsis incarnate. It's like embarking on an epic journey in which we gain internal/external strength and focus, tremendous self-knowledge and camaraderie stronger than I ever felt as infantryman.

It was a combination of simplicity and profoundness. I've been given a great arsenal of tools to get my clients stronger and healthier in the shortest amount of time. Every instructor on the field was not only brimming with great training information but their generosity with it was amazing.

It has beaten everything else by a landslide. You simply can't get this combination of quality, precision and hard, intelligent work anywhere else.


Philippe Til, Fitness Coach, Los Angeles, CA

Athletic Achievements, training background or specialty:

Wild fitness Coach (Level I), earned in London, UK. NASM Certified. Dux-Ryu Ninjutsu Black Belt.

Kettlebell training, while being one of the most challenging forms of fitness, yields the best results for all aspects of life. The workshop exponentially increased my knowledge, appreciation and humility at every rep, every breath. Never in my life have I worked so hard and so efficiently. From staff to candidates, everyone ROOTS for your success! Spread the word!

Pavel was spot on, so were all the instructors, combining various teaching styles and personalities. A good mix.

As with most I have taken, I have learned a lot. But this one truly teaches how to analyze and actually make sense of its knowledge, rather than spout it like it's something we should know without proper backing.


John Sullivan, Chiropractor, Lafayette, LA

Athletic Achievements, training background or specialty:

Professional rated skydiver, Jumpmaster, NAUI Scuba Instructor, B.S. Degree in Health and Physical Education, Judo background (yellow belt), United States Marines 1962-1965, Chiropractor(Advanced Certification Activator Protocol, Founder and Developer of Independence Chiropractic Technique, VOM Tech Certified (animal adjusting), Z-Health R-Phase Certified (should be I-Phase Certified by RKC. (Gym Rat for the last 40+ Years) Prior to Kettlebells.

A life changing, life appreciation experience that develops both confidence and humility. Marine boot camp plus TAO – beautiful.

Very, very impressive – they were able to fairly effectively get a lot of info across to a VERY large and diverse group of people.

Superior in every way.


Sheri Lenthe, Account Executive, Forest Lake MN

Athletic Achievements, training background or specialty:

I've run 5 marathons (2000-2004). I've been training with KB's since January 2008.

Absolutely amazing! I've trained for and ran 5 marathons, and I thought that was tough. I can't imagine that anything compares to working with a kettlebell. It really is extreme fitness in your hand. The RKC training is incredibly tough. Words can't describe it. But, it is incredibly EMPOWERING!!

Nothing short of outstanding! The wealth of Pavel's knowledge is mind blowing. And he shares it in a way that you can understand – it's relevant.

I love how he walks around and really engages with the students. He really is watching you.

Geoff, Jenny, Amber, Bryan and PAVEL, THANKS!


Thayne Shatah, High Intensity Trainer, Apollo Beach, FL

Athletic Achievements, training background or specialty:

Certified Personal Trainer, Licensed Massage Therapist. Specialty: High Intensity Training, Weight Management, Strength and Conditioning. Former United States Marine

"Without kettlebells there is no life". Thayne Shatah


Dean Hocken, Power Engineer, Red Deer, Canada

The Russian Kettlebell Certification Training contributed to my understanding and practice of kettlebells in the following five ways:

  1. High instructor to student ratio! This allowed for hands on training from the instructors.
  2. That form & technique are crucial and should never be compromised.
  3. That all body types need to be evaluated. What works for my body type may not work for a different body type.
  4. That pain and tough love are enjoyable if it is presented in a loving way.
  5. You need to practice and practice the basics.

My experience was great, in that I learned from the very best. I would have to say that this course has changed my life.

AWESOME!! This is the most comprehensive and challenging training I have completed. Thank you all for your time, effort and sharing of knowledge.


Chad Sexton, Entrepreneur, Studio owner, St. Paul MN

It was difficulty with a very define purpose. I was impressed with the way the information was presented and how the physical challenge of the workshop complemented and enhanced the learning process.

What five aspects of the workshop did you find most useful and why?

  1. Marketing seminar, it tied together the feelings that I had during the hardest moments of the training.
  2. The instruction on the technique for the practice of kettlebells. I was able to improve on a daily basis despite fatigue and other factors.
  3. The difficulty of the course. I really thought that the break down of the body will pay dividends in my life in general.
  4. The professionalism of Pavel. I was very impressed with the presentation of the material and it was delivered with wit and humor.
  5. The other candidates, I was impressed with the earnest and dedication of many. It is humbling.

I thought that Pavel did an extraordinary job. I can see why RKC has become what is has become. I was also impressed with Shaun and Cortez; their explanations were sufficient, much like the practice of kettlebells itself. I also noticed how they ran their groups I thought they got the maximum out of the students and were very organized.

The training is a hard as anything I have done. It was similar to when I played hockey and we would practice without the puck for a week, skating and endurance, skating and endurance, building a foundation to excel. I think that this were the difficulty of the training comes into play. The exercises, technique can become second nature leading to a fundamental understanding of movement and allowing to excel in either your chosen sport or as a teacher.


Tom Leverett, Martial Arts Instructor, Austin, TX

Athletic Achievements, training background or specialty:

12 years practicing traditional Kung Fu stylist in 7 Star Praying Mantis, Tai Chi, Qigong & Hung Gar. Sifu in 7 Star Praying Mantis system of Kung Fu.

The Russian Kettlebell Certification Training contributed to my understanding and practice of kettlebells in the following ways:

  1. It gave me a much deeper understanding of the movements, the importance of details and the value of high standards.
  2. It opened my eyes to how kettlebell training with proper form can dramatically fix mobility issues often rather quickly.
  3. It helped me to feel connected to the RKC and feel the responsibility of carrying on the name in a way that would make my instructor and forebears proud.
  4. It helped me realize that everyone comes to the table with different body styles and they are not necessarily going to perform the way I do.

The RKC is trial by fire with tough love, respect, high standards and systematic success.

The knowledge and understanding demonstrated was a blessing. They really are masers of their trade, and in this arena you only get there by doing it yourself. Therefore I give much respect and appreciation.

The tops – the support materials and feedback were extremely helpful.


Rebecca Reep, Active Duty Military, Sacramento CA

Athletic Achievements, training background or specialty:

I've been in the Air Force for 8 years. I'm a certified Spinning and Pilates level 1 instructor. I've been training with Kettlebells for two years.

It's hard-core and beyond anything I could imagine. The motivation I get working with Andrea Du Cane is monumental. This has been amazing, unforgettable and unexplainable how in 3 days I am beginning to truly work as a strong unit.

What five aspects of the workshop did you find most useful and why?

  1. Professionalism and commitment: commit to the workout and focus.
  2. Breathing techniques -> improved my focus, cardio and in then my technique was stronger.
  3. Marketing lecture was motivational and gave me key points to concentrate on as I'm building my clientele.
  4. The instructor/assistant to trainer ratio -> and every time I had a question or an ugly double swing it was addressed and corrected.
  5. The 3 concepts of RKC – proud to be a member of such a strong, intelligent, focused, professional and humorous family. All 3 concepts continued to keep my motivation soaring through out the weekend.
  6. Stretches were incredible and very helpful – sink deeper into your squat, relax your shoulder. I will def. daily use these ideas.

They tell it like it is. Meat and potatoes only. You listen and become a sponge -> I have learned the strong basics through Pavel, my team leader Andrea Du Cane and the other team leaders and assistants with weekend.

The information was presented and broken down in a way that I will retain and understand. RKC doesn't compare in terms of mental focus, strength techniques and understanding the way your muscles move than any other fitness cert I have taken -> it kicks all other certs' ass.

Blood, sweat, tears, dirt – TEAM DU CANE.


Kati Terray, Classical Singer, Los Angeles, CA

Athletic Achievements, training background or specialty:

Background in dance and gymnastics, some martial arts experience

This is the most intense physical training I have ever undergone. I have learned more than I even hoped for and I am very excited to go home and try these techniques in my own workouts and working with others.

I found everyone I worked with to be extremely knowledgeable and helpful. Andrea Du Cane was my team leader any my technique will be forever changed for the better by working with her. She was amazing at making corrections that really work. The assistants were very helpful and supportive. And of course learning from Pavel himself is beyond compare.


Pamela Klim, Advocare Distributor, Bettendorf, Iowa

Each team leader was so knowledgeable and I benefited greatly by the variety of helpful feedback and suggestions of each one! I felt I received outstanding instruction and am amazed at the level of organization, and professionalism that I witnessed throughout the weekend.

It was monumental in terms of learning an art form. I felt prepared coming into this, but realized there is still so much to learn! I love the process.

Outstanding. Everyone had a different "style", yet all were beneficial to witness and learn from. I felt everyone that led had the proper experience and equipment to do so.


Meagan Pollak, Senior Product Manager, Milwaukee, WI

Athletic Achievements, training background or specialty:

3 time half marathon finisher, 4 time marathon finisher

I don't think I have ever learned so much about something I am so passionate about in such a short amount of time. It has pushed me both physically and mentally to be an example to my clients. I am energized to go out and share my knowledge and love of kettlebells even more so than I was before! What an exciting experience.

Knowledge was AMAZING felt so honored to be instructed by this group. Provided "tough love" to push us to be the best that we could be.

Wonderful experience and am looking forward to other Dragon Door Workshops in the future.


Paul Straw, Business Consultant, Sheboygan Falls, WI

Athletic Achievements, training background or specialty:

USN 1988-1994

The Russian Kettlebell Certification Training contributed to my understanding and practice of kettlebells in the following ways:

  1. Learned how well my body can move when cued.
  2. That I have just begun a long wonderful journey.
  3. When feet are rooted into the ground I can reach unheard of heights.

Not only was my body guided into un-thought of abilities my mind exploded to even greater gains.

I feel like I have just dipped my toe into a vast ocean. Great knowledge base and abilities to mirror what they are explaining.

Well done, well worth the training, time, expense and effort to come and get the RKC experience. Thanks for challenging and changing my life and the lives of those I will come into contact with because of this RKC.


Andy Speer, Personal Trainer, New York, NY

Athletic Achievements, training background or specialty:

NCAA Div I Track and Field Athlete- Pole Vault. NSCA-CPT

The best 3 days I have spent in years, the overall professionalism and efficiency of the course is incredible. The amount of information packed into 3 days is unbelievable. It was both physically and mentally challenging, but done so in a way that only promotes growth and the desire to learn more.

Pavel's knowledge is amazing. His ability to take complex scientific principles and put them into simply, "ready to use now' applications is the best I have ever seen. I can't think of a more qualified person to run this workshop.

Andrea Du Cane was an amazing Team Leader. Her knowledge and ability to coach is at the highest level and she doesn't "pussy foot" around. I loved her "get it done right attitude" – it flowed perfectly with the over all professionalism of the course, and she is cool.

Very impressive. Some material may be used immediately, whiles some will be put away for a lifetime. I have taken other certs. FMS, USAW, NSCA which have been great, but the amount of physical, hands-on activity really sets this course apart from Any other.

The marketing workshop was great, it was unexpected, but really shows DDP is at the top of its game.

Overall – amazing. Hope to be in RKC community years to come!!!


Mike Provost, RKC, PC/Video Tech, Reno, NV

Athletic Achievements, training background or specialty:

2 yrs RKC & NASM-CPT. 3 yrs high school Football/Weights. 8 yrs Tae Kwon Do (5 yrs instructing). 4 yrs Muay Thai/Kali/BJJ (2 yrs instructing). 1 yr MMA. 6 yrs traditional weight lifting/body-building. 3 yrs Kettlebell Training

Knowing you can contact and get help form the Sr./Masters/Chief is great. Knowing that you have these resources definitely helps.

Life changing. From the depth on instruction to the marketing info, every aspect of how to be a successful RKC is taught to us in a very efficient way. All one has to do is put that info to work. It's hard work, but that just makes it all the more satisfying when you're done. I can't recommend this course enough!

Top-notch, pure and simple. No matter what question was asked, there was an answer. Their attention to detail is so precise and so effective that, even as the weekend wore on, people got stronger, more flexible, and just flat-out performed better. Everyone was very approachable, and always willing to help. Basically, they all make it clear that they want you to succeed just as much as you want to succeed.

No comparison. It's the most in depth training I've ever taken part in.

This was my second time through the RKC, and it was much harder this time. And I'm glad. I'm proud to be part of something like this that grows, evolves and constantly raise the bar. Keep up the awesome work!


Josh Hanagarne, Librarian, Salt Lake City, Utah

It was a celebration of the potential in every human body and mind. The community environment makes it possible for candidates to surpass what he or she could achieve on their own terms.

What five aspects of the workshop did you find most useful and why?

  1. Constant drilling, when my swing finally clicked, I realized how to expend only the energy necessary for the movement.
  2. Pavel was as smart and charismatic as I expected. I now know that this is more than business for him.
  3. The chance to ask questions = answers.
  4. My instructor's assessments. I realize how limited my ability to self-assess is now.
  5. Camaraderie – meeting 60 people who love kettlebells is like bumping into 60 old friends you lost track of.

Absolutely brilliant. Nothing is more frustrating than asking a question and having a teacher either not know the answer, or worse – not be humble enough to admit they don't know and give you guesses. That doesn't happen here.

Much more difficult, much more useful, instantly applicable. The depth and breadth of "only" 6 exercises presented could easily be a 2 week camp – yet I learned what I was supposed to in 3 days. Now I could teach.

Can't thank you all enough. I am a writer and still can't find the words to describe what this meant to me. The most fun I've ever had, in a sick way. Sort of like having Christmas… in Hell.


Mark Oltman, Registered Nurse, Eagan, MN

Tougher and yet more rewarding than anything I've ever done! I was able to learn more and do more than I ever thought possible.

An absolute wealth of knowledge. To be the best you have to learn from the best, and these instructors are exceptional!

I haven't participated in any serious training since my first year of college. I played football, wrestled, ran track and played baseball in high school. This is tougher than anything I've ever done.


Rocky Barker, Security Officer, Newport, OR

Athletic Achievements, training background or specialty:

Black Belt in Kyokushinkai Karate, many years in Muay Thai and MMA.

The RKC was the most challenging thing I've been through. To say I learned a lot would be an understatement. I learned about technique, cues for teaching others, and mental toughness.

The RKC staff were just plain "high quality" instructors!

I've been studying to take the NSCA cert. for about a year and still don't feel prepared. After the RKC I feel prepared!


Ron Davis, Teacher/Coach, Oologah, OK

Athletic Achievements, training background or specialty:

Collegiate Track and Field Athletic, National Strength & Conditioning Association Certified Personal Trainer.

I exposed myself and my weaknesses. I need to go home and work on those weaknesses. This weekend was very hard and scaring for me. I am glad I came.

Knowledge is so good. I am a CSCS and NSCR-CPT. I learned so much. I don't regret dong the CSCS etc, but wish I had done this long ago. The training was great, interesting and the instructor so nice to me. Believe me they had to have patience with me.

So more thorough, so much more intense. It exposed my physical problems, but I feel I am going to be able to correct those in the future.


Christine Fallon, Stay at home mom, Virginia Beach, VA

Athletic Achievements, training background or specialty:

Currently studying to become Certified Personal trainer through National Academy of Sports Medicine. Have four years of military service (no longer active duty).

The safety and corrective drills were priceless. These will allow me to safely and effectively correct and improve my clients' exercise problems.

This experience was physically challenging, mentally stimulating, and helped me realize my own physical strength – I am much stronger than I thought!!

Excellent knowledge and ability shown. Professional, too! Shaun Cairns and his team were great together in helping us! The overall format of the course was excellent – teaching us, breaking down, allowing us to practice on each other, then on the victims. What a natural progression.


Bret Kliethermes, Personal Trainer, Chesterfield, MO

Athletic Achievements, training background or specialty:

Bachelors of Science in Health and Wellness Promotion. Certified Strength & Conditioning Specialist.

The RKC certification training took what I knew and forged a more complete understanding. I was honestly humble with a little ego bang while at the same time relieved that I still had much to learn. I truly intend to make my skill level a life long pursuit.

John's marketing lecture added a vital piece of the training puzzle for those of us who do this for a living.

Very in depth. No time for excuses or complaints. To the point, clear, simple. What good teachers should be.


Lance Dillon, Personal Trainer, Gary, IN

Athletic Achievements, training background or specialty:

A-CPT- NPTI, CPT- NPTI. Group Exercise Instructor- AFAA. CPR/AED- American Red Cross. Certified Lifeguard- American Red Cross

There is no way to simulate this hands-on experience. To be around and taught by the best in the kettlebell training, I gained the knowledge not only on how to perform and teach, but how to carry myself as a professional!

I don't want to leave them. I am learning so much just by watching them, how they interact, how they teach. I have to come back!

After this weekend I want to throw all of my old material away and only purchase and experience Dragon Door.


Andrea Andrews, Personal Trainer, Forest, VA

Athletic Achievements, training background or specialty:

Collegiate Track and Feild Athletic, National Strength & Conditioning Association Certified Personal Trainer.

The certification was very tough and pushed me to discover my full potential.

All of the staff was extremely helpful to me. I felt that everyone was highly qualified to assist at the training.

It's the most challenging course I have ever taken. There was also so much more hands-on experience.


R.T. Girch, Sales Manager, Northridge, CA

Athletic Achievements, training background or specialty:

Baseball player and current coach. BS in Kinesiology

This was one of the most difficult but gratifying experiences of my life. Through pushing myself physically I found a new mental toughness that I did not think I ever had.

Personally being able to work with Andrea Du Cane to increase my squat 6" with one stretch.

Obviously Pavel's knowledge is vast and amazing. I only wish I could have more time to soak up as much knowledge as possible. The best part about it is that he is not cocky in the way he goes about things even though he is "the master". He is also always willing to learn more as seen through his attentiveness to his Sr. Instructors and Team Leaders.

Nothing comes close in comparison.

Marketing presentation was a great help as I am trying to start a business. I also found the Qigong very re-energizing.


Dustin Smaill, Sheriff – Highway Patrol, Edmonton, AL, Canada

Athletic Achievements, training background or specialty:

Trained for and completed half Ironman triathlon. Successfully completed Sheriff recruit training.

I will now be more efficient in all my workouts.

I believe this training has made me a more confident person, especially in the execution of delivering the fundamentals of the kettelbell.

This has been the best training in exercise I have taken. The workload was extensive but still manageable. High quality training was presented in a very clear and concise manner. It was nice to put it to practical use each day. And be tested appropriately.


Larry Brun, Strength & Conditioning Coach, Windsor, ON. Canada

Athletic Achievements, training background or specialty:

Former Professional Wrestler

This certification has increased my metal (& physical) capacity to handle pain and use it to break through thresholds and evolve into a stronger individual. Discipline is taught through exercise technique. Strength and endurance is enhanced through perseverance. Camaraderie is developed by team harmony.

Execution! One of my new years resolutions was to execute more. That's why I signed up for RKC. Most people talk too much, Just do it!

More practice.
There are talkers and there are executors!
Most lecturers talk and hardly workout themselves.
At RKC you execute!


Chad Brittian, Trainer, Cartersville GA

Athletic Achievements, training background or specialty:

Certified Specialist in Sports Conditioning. High School and College athlete

The RKC training experience is very welcoming from the start of the meet and greet in the hotel. Everyone is very helpful with their knowledge of the drills and technique. The experience overall is a great learning tool for anyone wanting to get better at teaching and using kettlebells themselves.

What five aspects of the workshop did you find most useful and why?

  1. The team leaders and assistants were most helpful in their critiquing of form in a proactive manner.
  2. The marketing seminar helped me see how to overcome some of the problems I have run into selling myself as a trainer.
  3. All of the trouble shooting demonstrations, because that is the kind of stuff I run into as a trainer. They help explain why.
  4. The handbook is and will be useful because it has step by step instructions that actually help
  5. The Turkish get up segment helped me fix my form and feel the entirely of the exercise.

The quality and knowledge of all instructors was extremely useful. All used constructive criticism and were never rude about questions asked.

The practical use of this training is by far the best specific training I have been to. Everything was covered in great detail with real life examples and solutions to fix them.


Joe Sansalone, Owner/Head Performance Training Specialist, Optimum Performance Training, Ellicott City, MD

Athletic Achievements, training background or specialty:

Black belt, Baltimore Martial Arts Academy. Full Contact Fighter 1994-2000.

PROFESSIONAL CERTIFICATION: Functional Movement Screen (FMS) - Certified Instructor. American College of Sports Medicine (ACSM) - Certified Personal Trainer. National Strength & Conditioning Association (NSCA) - Certified Personal Trainer. American Council on Exercise (ACE) - Certified Personal Trainer. Lifestyle Management Associates (LMA) - Certified Nutrition Specialist. Athletes' Performance Institute (API) - Three phase mentorship Graduate.

Mentally demanding, boot camp like experience. Very intense, detail oriented class with superb instruction.

Pavel – humble and excellent, very knowledgeable, made you feel good about yourself, even when you struggled, yet still taught you now to improve. Never demeaning or arrogant. Always treated you with respect.


Brad Middleton, personal trainer, Winston-Salem, NC

Athletic Achievements, training background or specialty:

ISSA certified trainer. AFPA nutritionist, massage therapist

Learning to subdue myself to create a stronger more engaged trainer. As I stepped aside and opened up to instruction from peers and instructors I am learning to focus on the assistance I can offer others.

Pavel was thorough yet brief and pointed. I was able to better absorb info this way. He had just enough science information to drive home key issues. Seems to really enjoy the pain we experience as we grow.

Far superior in info and even process in action.


Joel Jose, Dentist, New Albany, Ohio

This RKC program not only tested the limits of my physical strength and stamina, but my mental strength and stamina. For that I am truly grateful.

Excellent! Very knowledgeable and more importantly able to convey that knowledge base effectively.


Jason Ginsberg, Licensed Acupuncturist, Brooklyn, New York

Athletic Achievements, training background or specialty:

Academic: Master's of Science in Traditional Oriental Medicine. Profession certifications: Licensed acupuncturist, herbalist, thai yoga massage practitioner, Martial arts experience: Hung Ga kung fu, submission grappling

Extremely good principles of effective strength training and movement.

Quality was very good. Scope was just right, not too much or too little. Very practical.


Danyelle Berger, Investment Analyst, Baltimore, MD

Athletic Achievements, training background or specialty:

Co-owner, Baltimore Martial Arts Academy, and Baltimore MMA. Black Belt in Mixed Martial Arts with over five years of mixed martial arts experience. Student of Joe Sansalone, Optimum Performance Training since 2006. MBA, Johns Hopkins University

I can only comment fairly on Pavel and my team instructors since they are the ones that gave me direct feedback (Team Du Cane) my team overall was very knowledgeable and gave constructive feedback. I liked Pavel's teaching style because there was very little extra, misc. dialogue – he got to the point and still gave all necessary details.

I train with a protegee of athletics performance, which in my opinion is an extremely high level. My trainers not only trans me physically but educates, the RKC has the same dual service which is invaluable.


Tom Heafey, IT Analyst, Chanhassen, MN

It was tough but honest – no fluff and no sympathy – just good old-fashioned work to achieve a high degree of competency.

Outstanding – really a lot of subtleties that make each exercise more powerful, effective and safe. Everyone brought something different to the table. It helped me think differently about how I will communicate to my clients.

No comparison. Only 3 a days during the not and humid August football practices from high school came close to testing my limits of endurance.


Nic Branson, Personal Trainer, Coventry, CT

Athletic Achievements, training background or specialty:

5 Years in the US Navy. NSCA CPT.

It's a course on real training. It is informative and more importantly it teaches you now to implement that information.

Priceless. Huge help and extremely informative.

Top notch. Most certifications are book study only.


Kate Lavanga, Personal Trainer, Alexandria, VA

Athletic Achievements, training background or specialty:

AFAA Certified. Completed 2 marathons and many 10-mile races

I have learned a lot about my own kettlebell practice as well as how to guide others. I feel part of a real community.

Pavel and the trainers are clearly top-notch. They bring a wealth of information and a way to communicate that information.


Bobbe Ariano, Personal Trainer, Boot Camp Inst., Durango, Colorado

Athletic Achievements, training background or specialty:

Enjoy many of the outdoor sports Colorado has to offer, trail running, races between Silverton and Telluride. I have four children, twin girls that are three years old and two boys ages 13 and 14. I have many small certifications that pertain to fitness, but the real certification for me is the one with a challenge. I love to challenge myself. I run a very successful boot camp program here in Durango Colorado.

Very much a challenging experience! Humbling.

The instructors were very helpful and knowledgeable. The instructions were broken down in so many steps that practicing them and teaching them makes sense as to why and what.

It has credibility by really teaching a true technique. Other fitness equipment or certifications can mostly be obtained by anyone – it takes dedication and knowledge to have a true RKC cert.


Feng Yi Chew, Student, Athletic Trainer, Military Officer, Ann Arbor, MI

Athletic Achievements, training background or specialty:

Certified Trainer, Officer in the Singapore Army.

It was indeed an enlightening and educational experience to spend the weekend learning the RKC "hard-style" method, as well as how to use what I mastered to effectively coach others. Kb's can be a tool in any person's arsenal in their pursuit of health and overall fitness.

Extremely professional and high-quality knowledge put out by all instructors. Instructors were meticulous in pointing out faults and often went beyond their duty in providing assistance to trainees.

Hands on practical training was the order of the day and I really appreciated that. We managed to pack a large amount of information and skill acquisition into the 3-day weekend. We also learned the foundation exercises of Russian KB training and the mechanics involved.


David Dunnam, AT&T Technician, Mobile, AL

Athletic Achievements, training background or specialty:

Collegiate Track and Field Athletic, National Strength & Conditioning Association Certified Personal Trainer.

The hardest thing physically I've ever done, but one of the most rewarding. I trained hard for six months using Pavel's Enter the Kettlebell program. I needed very minute of it! Thank you.

Good explanations to all questions, lots of Tough Love! Instructors went the extra mile to b helpful. Thank you.


Pui Panich, Design store principal. Atlanta, GA

Athletic Achievements, training background or specialty:

Power Pilates Beginner Mat Certified

The most humbling experience which made me a better person.

The highest quality and knowledge of any certification.

Very intense physically and mentally with no holding back on information.


April 2009 Russian Kettlebell Challenge Instructor Certification Workshop — Participant Praise

Bryan Boyd, Personal Trainer, Fort Worth, TX

Athletic Achievements, training background or specialty:

NCAA Basketball Athlete. Competitive Mountain Bike Racer. Karate enthusiast. Bachelor of Science, Texas Wesleyan. Cooper Institute Physical Fitness Specialist: Biomechanics Specialist. Older Adult Specialist. Nutrition Specialist. Special Populations Instructor


  1. All of my movements in exercises were wrong in some way or the other and they were corrected to increase power, stability and performance.
  2. Hands on training greatly increased my ability to tweak all the exercises while moving, thus performing at a whole new level.
  3. I learned that there is no finish line in the education, principles and knowledge. You must stay current to stay in the game.
  4. Enabled me to evaluate technique flaws and gave me the knowledge to correct them through drills and exercises.
  5. Pavel and his team knew how to push me past points I have never been able to attain.

The most comprehensive, enlightening, and life changing experience I have ever done. The instructors' knowledge is so amazing and hands on, that I will never forget in my instructors' encouragement and technique skills that have turned me from a boy to a man in relation to kettlebell training. The most painful and challenging thing I have ever done in my life, yet also the most rewarding 3 days of my life. This is the challenge of a lifetime.

  1. I had to earn every bit of this RKC and NOTHING was easy!!
  2. Got to train with the founders of westernizing kettlebells. The "Michael Jordan" of kettlebells.
  3. Marketing knowledge by John Du Cane has helped me with ideas to expand my business like never before.

Other certifications are not even on the same planet. Instead of a boring lecture and multiple-question test, RKC makes your learn hands on and Hard-style. By far the best in my eight years of personal training.



Donavan Hellkamp, Plumber's Apprentice, Rochester, MN

Athletic Achievements, training background or specialty:

weight training since I was 13 years old off and on. Joined the army national guard in 1999 served tours in Bosnia (SFOR 14) and IRAQ (OIF 6-8).

Quite possibly the most eye opening experience of my life, to believe in one school of thought when it comes to fitness. Then to realize that the detour (kettlebells) may have been the true intended road.

Pavel and other lead instructors were fabulous. Team Jones was exceptional, personally finding ways to understand and start remapping of my internal circuitry to perform the exercises correctly. This course is giving me hope in reclaiming my enthusiasm for my own well being!

Second to none, even when fresh out of boot camp this would have repaved my road to now!


Michael Perry, Personal Trainer, Westford, MA

Athletic Achievements, training background or specialty:

CPT-NSCA. USA-W Sports Performance Coach. USATF Level 1 Coach. FMS certified specialist


  1. Now, I truly understand how to swing a kettlebell
  2. This course taught me how to use my body more efficiently
  3. I am learning that I can always practice my skills, there is always something new to learn.
  4. It taught me how to control the kettlebell better and more smoothly, not let the kettlebell control me.
  5. I learn to "fix" my form using light bells as well as heavy bells.

The RKC was the most "eye opening" weekend in the professional corner. It taught me "free" strength in a way I would have never thought of. The days were long, tough and tested my mentally and physically. I can, would not trade this weekend for anything!

The RKC Sr. Instructors and Team Leaders are top notch. They are always there to help you fix an issue and motivate you. It doesn't get better than them. I wish I did this years ago and I hope that someday I can give back to the RKC community.

This is the best course I have taken hands down. The teaching was simple and effective. This course lets you "feel" what's going on. Anyone can study for a test and pass. This is the only certification that is EARNED.

Brett Jones was amazing!! He is honestly one of the most passionate and knowledgeable people I have ever met. Few people have the ability to make people laugh one minute, and the next you are locked in on a get up. If I end up with a quarter of his knowledge I will be happy.


Matthew Seki, Personal Trainer, Los Angeles, CA

This is my 2nd time through the RKC and I felt like I learned at least the same if not more the 2nd time around. The RKC still remains a gold standard in strength conditioning training.


Petra Van Baar, Floral Designer, San Diego, CA

It was eye opening, mind opening and door opening! It was what I was expecting and far surpassed my expectation to personal attention.

I was so impressed by everyone in the entire process. Pavel is so genuine and down to earth as was every single instructor/staff member. It was very much a welcoming family energy and I was able to see the level of commitment, ability, and passion from each instructor on all levels. I was delighted and impressed. I have no training background and was able to follow along nicely TEAM JONES ROCKED!!! Assistants, Tim, Sharon and Fawn, were very uplifting and helpful.

The overall experience was truly amazing – it hurt so good, and I felt it as a significant part of my "life journey". The human energy was amazing. All my expectations, wants and needs were met or exceeded.

I think you are doing an amazing job – it is obvious that this "RKC Dragon Door Entity" is evolving forward in amazing fashion.

100% Satisfaction.


Sean Todd-Geddes, Personal Trainer, Boston, MA

Athletic Achievements, training background or specialty:

Long Course Triathlon

I learned more techniques in 3 days, than I could've thought possible in a month, and got a substantial amount of hands on training at the same time.


  1. Approachability of Pavel and the Sr. Instructors and Team leaders; this provided for immediate feedback on anything.
  2. Teams: the ability to practice in small teams with the same instructors allowed for greater personalized instruction.
  3. General outline of instruction – it was precise, to the point and very clear.
  4. Watching Pavel correct students up front – allows students to see how to implement the cues and trouble shooting techniques.
  5. Marketing seminar – phenomenal information, the 2 hours were better than all of my college marketing courses.

Mike Robertson, Strength Coach, Indianapolis, IN

Athletic Achievements, training background or specialty:

Competitive Power Lifter

It was a very challenging, yet rewarding experience. I feel my ability to coach both kb's and basic lifts will be greatly improved.

Exceptional! Very highly skilled and knowledgeable form top-to-bottom. Brett Jones and staff were phenomenal. Great coaching and feedback, plus motivation. Amazing!

Very thorough. I feel as though I learned as much about improving movement as I did kb's


Gary Music, Retired USAF, Shiloh, OH

Athletic Achievements, training background or specialty:

Martial Arts


  1. I was taught how to actually get a more intense workout with lighter weights. This helps me with my rehab.
  2. I now understand the TGU and actually set my PR during the test.
  3. I understand the concepts of "the groove"
  4. I feel I will now be stronger faster, which is important to me.

It is a very well organized seminar. The information was taught in an excellent systematic manner.

  1. I really like the way Karate-Do principles are integrated into the system.
  2. I find the teacher to student ratio to be just right.
  3. The variety of knowledge of the instructors is excellent.
  4. I am retired but found the marketing lecture to be right on the "money"
  5. Pavel is very interested in each and every student this is rare in many large organizations.

These ladies and gentlemen are very professional but yet they bring a lightness and humor to the subject that help put me at ease and ready to learn.

It is as good or better than any training I have experienced. I am 22 years in the military and 35 years in martial arts, so I have seen lots of programs – good job!


Tim Tweedy, Computer Programmer/Personal Trainer, Burnsville, MN

Athletic Achievements, training background or specialty:

Certified Personal Trainer (NFPT)


  1. Developed much more knowledge of technique.
  2. Fully learned principles of relaxed tension and tense/loose/tense
  3. Greatly understand compression and purpose of it.
  4. Gained on appreciation for "tough love" in performing tension movements.
  5. Learned that kettlebells are the tool, but they require a thorough understanding of the principles to be fully effective.

This training was one of the most intense and amazing experiences of my life. The instruction was world class and the principles I learned will take me to a completely new level of training – both for myself and for my clients.

I received a higher level of quality instruction than I believed possible. This instruction goes far beyond any classroom or textbook instruction. I've received before. Pavel and my team leader (Doug Nepodal) were extremely hands on and both gave tremendous feedback, as well as the assistants.

There is no comparison. The quality, depth, and instruction were far beyond any other training I've had. Everything I learned had a purpose.

It was rugged, demanding and intense. Change nothing.


Mark Bixby, High School Teacher, Santa Fe, NM

I have talked with many RKCs about their experience at the cert., and their comments are inevitably peppered with positive superlatives. Often times, hype diminishes one's actual experience. In this case, however, everything I heard in advance accurately described my time here. I have been involved in sport my entire life, and I can think of no athletic accomplishment that matches the sense of accomplishment and camaraderie I feel now.

Pavel – expert, usefully/humorously anecdotal. Provided corrective strategies that I can use b/c they are not overly technical.

Brett – Appreciated his "bipolar" disposition. His tough love got me going when I was waning; his jokes brought a relaxed feeling to things when we needed it.

Brad Nelson – was calm, calming, instructive and challenging. He gave us lots of cues on what to expect when we teach and provided expert feedback on our individual technique throughout the weekend.

This is the best concentrated athletic experience that I've ever had. I improved my skills and developed a deep bond with people that I only met 3 days ago. Unbelievable.


Marc Andresen, Fitness Trainer, Raritan, NJ

Athletic Achievements, training background or specialty:

Fitness Trainer, 6 yrs exp. ACE CES, IHP mentorship, various seminars, conventions, etc

There is no better training. Been to all the certs and seminars in the past 3 yrs. I get the feeling that collectively we only get 10% of what these instructors actually know (that's a complement). The approachability and helpfulness and patience are priceless. The ability of them to get ideas across is an art in itself.

None compares. I will have to change course now with my present clients due to the importance and effectiveness of what I've learned.


Kimberly Alexander, Software Tester, Parker, CO

Athletic Achievements, training background or specialty:

Personal Trainer, 1/2 Ironman triathlete

I have great respect for the commitment the Dragon Door team has and the RKC community has to teaching others and enabling others to be better people.

This is my introduction to a new lifestyle – I worked out before, now I will practice my techniques and principles every day. I learned a great deal about my abilities and most importantly my potential.

I received very useful tips for strengthening my upper back (Z-Health tips), keeping my shoulders square and in front for one arm snatches – my instructor team was very professional – always wiling to answer and re-phrase if someone didn't understand or demonstrate when necessary.

I thought training for ½ Iron-man races and then competing in them – climbing fourteeners and training for them was tough. This by far was more challenging and rewarding. Again I gained a much better understanding of my potential. I know what I can do – now I now what to do better and what I'd like to aspire to.

Dennis and Team ran this wonderful workshop like a machine. Time frames were kept, accommodations were perfect, information relayed was accurate. Very, very professional.

This was a wonderful experience and will cherish all that I've learned.


Laurel Blackburn, Boot camp owner and instructor, Tallahassee, FL

Athletic Achievements, training background or specialty:

IFPA certified Advanced PT, certified youth fitness instructor, Crossfit level 1, Former Competitive bodybuilder.

  1. Just being amongst the best in the field to evaluate my form was invaluable.
  2. It answered all my questions about troubleshooting.
  3. It made me aware of the proper techniques and form no matter how tired I was.
  4. I realize that kb training is a learning process and that I will never know enough.

Not only did I learn from the best in the field, but I did things that I never thought possible. You have no idea how confident I feel. It's not just being able to teach, that I will get better at, but it was doing and getting through some of the hardest workouts or my life!


Sean Terry, Personal Trainer/Security Officer, Westhampton Beach, NY

Athletic Achievements, training background or specialty:

NESTA certified, brown belt American Karate. Triathlons; Road races including marathons and ultras; track and field, football, basketball background; ocean lifeguard certified; weightlifting 20 years+; fitness enthusiast

Was it difficult? .... YES.
Was it informative? ... Absolutely YES.
Was it earned, not given? ... No question.
Was it "fun"? … DEFINITELY.
Was it worth the effort, airfare, travel, expense? …. RESOUNDINGLY YES.

Firstly, Pavel's knowledge is unparalleled in the industry of strength, flexibility and KB technique. With that said, the fact that he is willing to take knowledge still from others is a great act to follow and an excellent example of how one becomes extremely knowledgeable in the field of expertise. With anecdotes, stories and humor the principles are thoroughly explained. The "tough love" and "be on time or else" aspect is helpful to keep a serious overtone to the training and safety of lifts. This philosophy is apparent in trainers under Pavel, Sr., Team Leaders and Assistants.


Robert Miller, Personal Trainer, Chicago, IL

Athletic Achievements, training background or specialty:

ACE CPT. Former U.S. Naval Search and Rescue Swimmer.

The safe, disciplined skill of kettlebell work is explosive and intense. The instructors provide a wide range of expertise while the standards maintain integrity in the field of strength training.

  1. Camaraderie – very important to learning with intensity.
  2. Discipline – fair practice from instructors as well as students.
  3. Networking – expanding each students earning potential.
  4. Intel – great insights into the little nuances of each movement.
  5. Value – worth every second and worth every penny.

Pavel is the man. Zar Horton is an excellent leader and inspires students to perfect our art.


David Mack, Director of Wellnesss Education and Programming, Denver, CO

Athletic Achievements, training background or specialty:

Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist (CSCS), Navy veteran, Collegiate Rower, Aikidoist

Humbling, very humbling. In the wise words of Oprah, "I have learned that I still have a lot to learn." Overall, a very well organized and efficient learning experience.

Pavel's strength is in his warm, generous, grounded energy and certainly his sense of humor. I didn't know anyone behind the iron curtain had any sense at all. His knowledge is exceptional and he is a role model for those of us who seek more from our profession and our personal journey.

The Senior Instructors were professional and courteous. I believe each had a different and unique background, which contributed to the overall experience. Andrea "Dragon Lady" Du Cane was freaking intense! Yet, she did allow her soft, cuddly side out for those of us who needed to be held ;). She insisted on perfect form and did not compromise quality. I like that. The Team Leaders were very knowledgeable and professional as well – a very helpful bunch.


Mark Wilson, Construction Contractor, Personal Trainer, Fargo, ND

Athletic Achievements, training background or specialty:

Training with KBs since 2005. RKC Certification in Sept. 2006. Competing in TSC events. Full deck of cards torn in half. Red Belt ATA.

I'll be brutally honest. Pavel – top notch. He is everything that is written and talked about in a very approachable, down to earth person. Except during V02 snatch workout where he made me laugh by saying "wood chipper!!"

Team Leaders -> I now know why they are where they are. Cream of the Crop in knowledge and instruction. I can't say enough about my Team Leader Zar Horton. He gets it. He's got an A game, and his knowledge is incredible in every aspect of movement.

I have attended Olympic lifting workshops and the RKC is by far a more practical seminar. Learn it, leave and teach it. I wouldn't trade this experience for anything.


Nelson Alvarado Jr, Student, Waterbury, CT

Athletic Achievements, training background or specialty:

U.S. Army - 6 yrs. NASM-CPT - 3 yrs. Exercise regularly

The RKC is not only a kettlebell certification, it is a life certification with the emphasis on kettlebells. The education here is second to none and will enhance your life as well as everyone you teach.

The amount of knowledge between Pavel and the rest of the RKC instructors is un-measurable and may seem overwhelming to take in but they display it in a manner that is easy and applicable for anyone of any background.

The best by far! The quality of equipment (kbs) as well as knowledge and respect they have for everyone is contagious and makes it enjoyable despite the torture. The material is so in depth and precise, you leave with a sense of money well spent. This is so practical, it can be implemented immediately in adolescents to the elderly, male or female, elite athlete to part-time fitness member.


Jeff Perry, Police Union Business Agent, Orange, OH

The best bang for the buck is the best result in the least amount of time. Those great results were forced upon us all.

Top notch. If they had specialized in finance instead, there would be no economic problems left in the world!

The entire staff rocks! I would put small portions on line so people can understand that they are great people as well as great teachers.


Shari Wagner, Clothing Designer, Aurora, CO

Athletic Achievements, training background or specialty:

I have been training with kettlebells for 2 years. With my training, I have successfully overcome nagging knee and back problems. My kettlebell training has allowed me to complete a 2-day 150 mile bike ride for the first time and with no knee pain. I also no longer need to wear orthodics for plantar fasciitis and pronation. It has changed me and now I want to change my career so I can help bring this change to others.

This was by far the most physically intense thing I have ever done but it showed me that with good practice, and attention to detail, I can get through anything.

The quality and knowledge of everyone mentioned above is second to none. I was so impressed with everyone and their ability to effectively demonstrate and teach to such a broad range of potential RKC instructors. I was given some great tips about how to improve my technique and carry that through for my future.

I have not taken any other type of physical exercise training. I did however research some of the personal training certs and they don't compare in that they don't seem to demonstrate how to stabilize the joints for better movement and performance, and it is mostly textbook learning, not practical learning.


Jake Varner, Students/Personal Trainer, New Richmond, WI

Athletic Achievements, training background or specialty:

Brazilian Jiu-jitsu - 2 years of training. NASM Certified Personal Trainer

The RKC training makes me wish I could go back ten years and have this training knowledge. What I learned here this weekend will forever change the way I train.

RKC surpasses the NASM CPT exam by far. You get hands on knowledge and know how to apply it to clients/victims. You know not everyone can get this cert and you're proud of yourself.

I was very happy with everything. Location, price, marketing, and instruction was all great.


Fabiana O'Brien, Personal Trainer, Ashland, MA

Athletic Achievements, training background or specialty:

AFTA certified, Art of Strength Certified

Every aspect of each exercise was explained and demonstrated to perfection. I feel privileged to have been able to tap into the wealth of knowledge of each and every instructor.

The best experience I have ever had. I am confident that I have learned from the absolute best. The variety of knowledge from one instructor to the next was incredible. The different teaching styles as well.

The others do not compare. So much more hands-on than any other training. The testing is serous, as it should be. You don't just pass for attending and this is the way it should be. Other courses do not do this.


Robert C. O'Brien Jr., Sales, Ashland, MA

Athletic Achievements, training background or specialty:

I am an avid fan of strength and conditioning and have been utilizing kettlebells since 2005. I am certified by the American Kettlebell Club and from The Art of Strength (AOS) - Essentials.

I was extremely impressed with the detail and amount of information presented. The instructors were excellent and very helpful. I would highly recommend the course to anyone interested in strength and conditioning.

High quality, informative, interactive, helpful but challenged you. All that you could ask for.

It blew away the previous training courses I have taken because no stone was left unturned.

I am an extremely competitive person and passing this course is one of my goals because kettlebells and S&C are one of my passions. If you become an RKC; you have earned it and there is something to be said for that.


Jennifer Meehan, Personal Trainer, teacher, mom, Alexandria, VA

Athletic Achievements, training background or specialty:

AFAA Certified, Masters degree elementary education

The RKC has been a weekend full of "a-ha" moments. I "learned" how to use my body effectively. What a great family to be a part of!

The quality of training and knowledge was incredible. The instructors were approachable and willing to answer any questions I had. I have a new respect for what the RKC means. I am lucky and proud to be a member of this talented group of people.

The RKC is by far the best training I have ever had when I first started with kettlebell training about 8 months ago, I was skeptical because I have a herniated disc. Everything I tried always produced back pain. I truly believe working with a kettlebell has fixed my back problems. This certification has reaffirmed the fact that a kettlebell is the best tool in the fitness industry! Thank you ;)


April Spas, Retired Marketing Exec, Minneapolis, MN

Athletic Achievements, training background or specialty:

NASTAR Ski Racer, Gold Medalist in my age category. I kicked serious butt as 3M Marketing Operation Manager.

It is worth every penny. Excellent group obviously love what they do and are committed to excellence. They infuse excitement into the sometimes very exhausted students.


Alise Frye, gym owner, trainer, yoga instructor, Alexandria, VA

Athletic Achievements, training background or specialty:

USAW, Crossfit 1, Registered Yoga Teacher 200 Hr

"Tough but satisfying" "smoked but stoked" RKC training hits the right note pushing hard physically – if you've trained for the cert, the 3 days of RKC is a satisfying challenge.

Pavel is the only one to see for kettlebells. Andrea was also incredibly knowledgeable and strict about form and safety while being a motivating leader.

Quality of instruction was the best on singling out the key techniques and breaking them down.

Scope of material was right for getting enough depth on enough techniques to train the general population.


Hirdemail Rai, Firefighter, Vancouver, BC, Canada

Athletic Achievements, training background or specialty:

Personal Trainer. Rugby. Flag Football. Basketball

It is the most fundamental sound training there is for strength and conditioning. It should be the building for every athlete and non-athlete.

- I have taken crossfit level I and I thought it was the best certification until this weekend.

- RKC. Is more about perfect, execution, and discipline.

The leaders, and instructors were very helpful, knowledgeable and genuine.


Roxanne Altmeyer, Hairstylist, Minneapolis, MN

Athletic Achievements, training background or specialty:

Horst graduate 1984, Cosmetologist. Russian kettlebell training since 9/07

Now I know what my children went through in boot camp. Strict professionalism.

Zar was fantastic, very positive when needed, corrective also. The assistants were always watching us. I learned a lot with each Sr. Instructor, Andrea is very by the book, love it.

I was fully engaged in every moment. The info was hands on, in your face, and put to use immediately.


Field Stark, Sr. Systems Engineer, Madison, WI

Athletic Achievements, training background or specialty:

Numerous 5K/10K runs.


  1. Kettlebell training is more than strength and power. It is a system integrating safety with sound techniques.
  2. Provided a firm foundation to understand the functional steps in each of the six core exercises covered during training.
  3. Importance and value of flexibility in providing stability and greater power to the core exercises.
  4. Introduction to larger kettlebell community and practitioners outside of my local community (i.e. value of networking)
  5. Clarified importance of beginning and ending of every movement (much like singing a "legito" musical phrase on the breath)

I have learned so much more than basic technique during the past three days of training. Facts can be memorized, but feeling tenseness alternating with looseness and the tension of working opposing foundation for continuing progress. One cannot give up!

What an awesome team of trainers! There was a mix of different styles and personalities – all very competent and supportive.

My trainer said if I was serious about kettlebells, learn RKC. There is no other system!


Scott Whetsell, Corporate Controller, Indiana, PA

Athletic Achievements, training background or specialty:

High School football and baseball all-district and all-region athlete. 15 years experience in weight training.


  1. I "thought" I had a good swing and snatch before the workshop. After the workshop, I can't emphasize how much they've improved and how much more powerful they are.
  2. I realize how much more important the hips are in nearly all athletic endeavors.
  3. I understand how to lengthen the spine during goblet squat.
  4. I see the benefits of the towel swing for clients.
  5. I realize the swing and get-up alone can provide great results for myself and for clients.

The RKC training was one of the most grueling, yet one of the most rewarding experience of my life. The instructor's knowledge and careful attention to detail was very impressive. You receive individualized attention, which is integral in correcting flaws. In summation, it is extremely intense and well worth the money and time investment.

All of the instructors were outstanding. Pavel, Andrea Du Cane, Andy Alexander, Katie Bigelow and Dan Kane all provided tremendous expertise and individualized instruction. They worked to help correct my flaws and did so in an emphatic, yet caring manner.

The RKC training is so much more in depth in terms of all of those attributes. I've learned that it is a system of movement that can be used in nearly all athletic pursuits.


Matt Franco, Marketing Rep/ Personal Trainer, Albany, NY

Athletic Achievements, training background or specialty:

Crossfit Level 1. Crossfit Gymnastics. Owner of at home Training Company

The kettlebells to me started out as a cast iron, handled weight that I could use to get a good workout and now it is much, much more. The kettlebell is now my tool which best suits how I have learned to move my body and with the principles I have learned this tool will help me achieve greater strength, flexibility and wellness. All thing I gain my victims will gain through my training of them based on the teachings by Pavel and the RKC team. Amazing! Thank you.

First Class!! They demand the highest performance from all of us and their passion and receptivity made us all want to give 110% for them!

Above and beyond without question! The intensity was awesome and the depth of knowledge was even more intense and great!


Leslie Branham Paulsen, Personal Trainer, St. Paul, MN

Athletic Achievements, training background or specialty:

Marathon and Ultra-Distance Runner. USATF-LV1 Running Coach. NASM/ACE Certified Personal Trainer. NASM Performance Enhancement Specialist. Well coaches Certified Wellness Coach

The RKC was a wonderful experience in which the participants learn the fundamentals of kettlebell technique, experience group workouts and have the ability to learn skills from the best in the business.

Wow! Their knowledge and ability to communicate it was amazing. Breaking down each move and having Team Leaders give more corrections by showing corrective exercises or suggestions – hand on – was excellent.

Like many certifications I have taken in the past, the RKC packed a lot of info into a very short span of time. However, I feel like I took more away from the RKC than some of the other weekend certs that I have done – because the expectations were very specific, clear and kept simple and we had a lot of time to improve and practice each expectation. Time was not wasted waiting for people and going over things that were not critical to meeting the expectations.

It was excellent and efficient. The lunches were outstanding. The facility was well kept and organized. The materials were well organized and easy to thumb through and read. Great job. Would highly recommend.

Thank you so much for a tremendous experience!


Gabby Eborall, Personal Trainer, San Clemente, CA

Athletic Achievements, training background or specialty:

AEA, AFFA , Yogafit Certified

The RKC experience for me was harder than childbirth. The sense of accomplishment and camaraderie here is like nothing I have ever experienced.

Pavel and his team made this experience better than I could have hoped for. I thought I knew kettlebell, I was wrong. Now I can take what I have learned here and apply it to my practice Thank you!

The quality of this program cannot be matched up to any other that I have done. Simply the best.


Edward Edelinski, College Student, Gulfport, MS

Athletic Achievements, training background or specialty:

U.S. Navy, Desert Shield/Storm War Veteran. NESTA Certified Personal Fitness Trainer

Very comprehensive, very strict and painful. I've met some really talented people and feel honored and privileged to be trained by Pavel and his RKC Team Leaders and assistant instructors.

This was very intense and comprehensive instruction. The knowledge Pavel and his instructor's posses is world class! I feel proud to have been have to bear witness and to participate!

No comparison. I went through the Navy and the 3 days I've been here surpasses the training I received fro the Navy.


Amy Welch, Cosmetologist, Class Instructor, Certified Personal Trainer, Waukon, IA

Athletic Achievements, training background or specialty:

NCSF certified personal trainer

I thought I knew how to connect and listen to my body – this has definitely added improvement to that.

Pavel – the best instructor I have ever had in any course.

Instructors – very strong and precise.

Team Leaders – Very helpful and took the nervousness I had out of the weekend, so I could relax and put my energy where I needed it.

No comparison! Ranked 10 in quality, material and practical use.

An extra thank you to Andrea, Andy, Dan and Katie you didn't want to see anyone fail (of course) and helped by motivating, encouraging and making this as comfortable as could be expected.

John Du Cane you are so inspiring and have a very positive, approachable personality.


Keri Anderson, Personal Trainer, Buffalo, MN

Athletic Achievements, training background or specialty:

NETA, APEX and Z-Health certified.

I am now confident in my techniques, posture and skills as an instructor and feel that I can now troubleshoot my current and future clients much more effectively.

It's a learning experience that both mentally and physically drains you with (the overwhelming) abundance of knowledge and skill.

Very good and to the point. I liked that it stayed on subject and that we stuck to the core basic instructions. All of the instructor had the same instruction and didn't try to add their own "special flare" to an exercise for which would have made for a lot of confusion between teams

It makes me excited to be at their level soon! ;)

You had to earn your way! You are not allowed to just talk the talk you must get down in the dirt (literally) ;) and walk the walk. It helps gain much respect for anyone with an RKC cert! Practical use… I can't understand why anyone would even question it ;)

I am proud to be here and am honored to be one of the few to say that I personally trained and got certified by Pavel himself. Thank you so much for officially changing my life--- for the better.


Marla Diener, Electrical Engineer, Albuquerque, NM

Athletic Achievements, training background or specialty:

NMSU Women's Basketball 1976-1978. OSU Women's Soccer 1978-1980

WOW! A return to the basic foundations of strength and mobility. Informative, tough, fun and a highlight in my life.

Top notch…

Which is what I had heard and what I expected. I was not disappointed.

I played college basketball and soccer but have never attended training like this before. I relished in the high expectation and having to earn the certification by not just knowing but actually doing. I can see using what I have learned in teaching clients as well as using the philosophy in my everyday and work situations…(fulltime engineer)


Valerie Waldron, Personal Trainer, San Clemente, CA

Athletic Achievements, training background or specialty:



  1. I learned that it's not just about swinging kettlebells, this certification teaches you how to move better.
  2. My techniques improved tremendously.
  3. The repetition of the movements really helped my body learn how to move efficiently
  4. The teaching techniques and cueing form instructors was helpful in learning how I can improve my technique and also the technique of my clients.
  5. Even after the severe beating my body took over the course of the weekend, I was not only able to perform all of the lifts, but I was able to do them with greater ease.

This training and certification not only did the obvious – helped my techniques and teaching ability – it emphasized the importance of professionalism and how to be a better athlete and coach all at the same time.

Pavel is amazing – to physically do the things he does and then run the business he has while the entire time remaining approachable and hands-on is something you just don't see very often. It's very refreshing.

My instructor Brett Jones was the same way. You can tell he loves what he does and respects the craft. They are humble and professional and I look forward to becoming a part of the team.

The RKC is different because you don't just study a book and take a written (or bubble) test. You form relationships, you learn technique from the best, and you are then tested on what learn. It was the most thorough certification I have ever been through. (Aside from the FMS which is similarly formatted).

Fawn Friday and Tim Anderson were both great assistant instructors. They both had the same style – they didn't speak much but when they did, you know they had a purpose – to help you perform better. They weren't making corrections just to show they knew how to make corrections – but when they did, it always helped.


Benjamin Shealey, Nuclear Medicine Technologist, Kingston, NY

Athletic Achievements, training background or specialty:

Attended Anthony Diluglio's Art of Strength and Punch Kettlebell gym Essentials workshop on 4/5/08.


  1. The RKC taught me that I really needed to work on everything.
  2. What I thought I knew about the basic of kettlebells was nowhere close!
  3. I learn a lot about myself when it came to stamina and guts!

It was hard (but in a good way), but well worth the money and time!

This by far the most in depth kb training I have ever had.The RKC training is second to none! All the other seminars/training lasted one day. This was three days of beautiful hell!


Steve Wolff, High School Teacher, Stamford, CT

Athletic Achievements, training background or specialty:

Have trained with kettlebells since Dragon Door introduced them. Lifelong recreational basketball player. Supervise the weight training club at the school where I teach.

The certification is very challenging and demanding, physically and mentally, but greatly rewarding in new knowledge and skills.

The instruction was extremely high level. All the instructors were extremely knowledgeable, excellent communication, and struck a good balance between being strict and demanding, and encouraging and supportive. The team formant allowed for a lot of individual interaction and attention.

No comparison. The physical demands, amount and quality of knowledge and level of accountability participants are held to are orders of magnitude greater than any other workshop or certification I have attended or know of.


Tammy Metcalf-Filzen, College Professor/Basketball Coach, Northfield, MN

Athletic Achievements, training background or specialty:

Completed Ironman Triathlon 1990

Being equipped with the larger vision of kettlebell training at the same time learning the foundational pieces and intricacies of training. A great, exhausting educational experience!

Excellence demonstrated by and demanded by incredibly qualified professionals. Their knowledge, energy and enthusiasm inspire me to demand precision, focus and effort of myself.

Much better due to hands on approach…other training has been book preparation for a pencil and paper test.


Christopher Leeman, Personal Trainer, Wallkill, NY

Athletic Achievements, training background or specialty:

-Retired Sgt. New York State Dept. of Corrections. SHU (segragation) Supervisor. 3rd Dan Ranking Okinawan Isshinryu Karate. 9 yrs. Instructor New Paltz Karate Academy. 2005-08 Self Defense Instructor Dutchess County Comm. College. W.I.T.S. Trainer Certification

I had no clue. Thought I was ready, and found myself a beginner. Directed toward correction by tremendous staff. Found a new me.

I thought it tremendous to go to a learning environment and not hearing any conflicting information discriminated by staff. Any one approached was different in personality but greatly forth coming with a wealth of information. Thought I had seen the best in law enforcement/correction. Not so.

It is on a par with my martial arts teacher in as much as he is the best student of the arts I have ever met and teaching is his life. RKC has unparallel back up and resource reserves I have ever seen. There is not a thing presented here that I cannot use.


Jeff VanMaanen, Owner of Personal Training Studio and CPT, St Paul, MN

Athletic Achievements, training background or specialty:

Played collegiate football. Farmed and raised beef cattle for 20 years. NASM(CPT). (PES) performance enhancement specialist.

I feel that anyone looking to change their life in a positive way and put their emotional physical and mental capacity or a higher level should get involved.

I think that Pavel is amazing. It excites me to see the joy in his face when seeing so many come from so far to learn what is close to his heart! I would like to get to now both John and Pavel better. Both are great teachers in life.

This certification makes me feel that I have spent too much money on other C.E.C.S. You all have exceeded my expectations greatly.


Bobby Spencer, Teacher/Football and Strength Coach, Martinsville, VA

Athletic Achievements, training background or specialty:

Played college football.

The experience was worth the pain and effort in becoming an RKC.

The instructors from Team Nelson were engaging and extremely helpful. Their teaching was top-notch with just the right balance of tough love and applicable knowledge.

In terms of quality and practical use, there is no comparison to the RKC certification. It is almost like the instructors "reverse engineer" seemingly complex drills. By utilizing powerful cues that are specific to the individuals needs, they are able to teach powerful, truly compound moves.


James DiStefano, Web Strategy and Development, Atlanta, GA


  1. I gained significant knowledge of the flaws in my fundamental technique.
  2. I gained body awareness.
  3. I gained much greater stability, plus the tools to further develop stability over time.
  4. I met incredible instructors and leaders; these people form the nucleus of an extended family of teachers. This will aid in my future learning.

Humbling. I came into the certification feeling like a somewhat advanced student, after 1.5 years of study with two RKCs after day one, I realized how little I knew and how far I have to go to be accepted as a peer in the community. Instead of being a taunting task, it is a goal to eternally strive for. My faith in the RKC family makes me want to continue learning.

Pavel – stunning. Very approachable and friendly. I feel like I could call on him for advice. To be that close to the "Top Dog" is amazing.

Brett- I cannot imagine a more effective instructor kicks ass when needed and coaches constantly. Perfect balance of friendship and respect.

Tim- an amazing instructor, always willing to offer advice. He saw and corrected problems in real-time. Such knowledge is a demonstration of mastery.

Fawn – someone I'd like to work with in person. Strong and knowledgeable. She always communicated the best way to correct my flaws.

Sharon – Motivational. She stood by my side, gave me strength when I had none left, and showed me more of what I was capable of than I myself knew.

I have never done anything close to this, either physically or mentally. It is definitely not for everyone… but after this weekend, I'm confident it's for me.


Ryan Blackburn, Personal Trainer, Orlando, FL

Athletic Achievements, training background or specialty:


It was hard and grueling but I learned more about the body and how it moves efficiently than in any other certifications.

Very, very knowledgeable about the body and how it moves. These guys are perfect combination of brains with brawn.

Blew it all away. Everywhere you go, it is about a book and a multiple-choice test. Here you have to apply what you learn or else…


Brandon Serwe, Personal Trainer, Campbellsport, WI

Athletic Achievements, training background or specialty:

- American Council on Exercise (ACE) Certified Personal Trainer and Lifestyle & Weight Management Coach. University of Wisconsin Madison Strength & Conditioning Coach for the UW Triathlon Team, 2008-2009. 2007 US Halfmax Half-Ironman Triathlon National Championship Qualifier.

It was life changing. I will use the principles I learned this weekend to my clients training as well as my own.

The highest quality that I have ever experienced. They encouraged questions and answered any we had. They explained how and why we did each drill/exercise.

I have never had a training that was this involved/organized/intense. Unlike other workshops everything we learned can be put to practical use.


Mike Chomitsch, Personal Trainer, Edmonton, Alberta, CANADA

Athletic Achievements, training background or specialty:

Three years kenpo karate

Outstanding! Brutal! An amazing amount of knowledge drilled into us in a very effective – i.e. physically brutal way.

Excellent. Very in-depth knowledge which is absolutely critical, but more importantly it was their ability to explain concepts. Never once was an explanation unclear.

The best. The quality, scope and practical application are precisely why it is the best.

Quality – I expect the best from Pavel and his team and they delivered.

Scope – inch wide and mile deep. Brilliant.

Practical use – I feel everything focused on this important aspect. Tough love was a great way to educate us on practical principles.

Outstanding course, keep up the great work.


Lori Boswell, Certified Fitness Trainer, Conshohocken, PA

Athletic Achievements, training background or specialty:


You better be prepared. Train with an RKC before entertaining the challenge. Awesome experience. The sense of "family" that was created in my 3 days here is indescribable. We all motivate each other physically and mentally.

Overall, the instruction was awesome I appreciated that we were told to come motivated not to expect to be motivated while here. Our team leaders were great and helpful as well as friendly, but stayed very professional. Being in Pavel's presence and getting one on one instruction was probably the most amazing part overall.

I also enjoyed that each Team Leader led different drills. We all have different techniques and personalities and they shined through each individual.


Joe Wright, Medical Technologist, Hudson, WI

Athletic Achievements, training background or specialty:

Completed 12 Marathons including Pikes Peak Double. Completed 50k and 50 mile Ultra Marathons. Numerous shorter races. Preparing for Shodan Test in Shorin-Ryu Karate and Shodan Test in Matayoshi style Okinawan Kobudo (Testing in June 2009)

I thought I knew what I was doing in kettlebell training pretty well. I learned many details and fine points of the exercise that proved I didn't really know it. I now have information that makes my training more productive and brings more value to me and consequently my clients.

It goes without saying Pavel and Sr. Instructors know what they are doing. Their depth of knowledge is so valuable to those of us who take the time and money to come here. We want to be the best so we are learning from the best.


Sam Stewart, USAF, Charleston, SC

Very challenging both mentally and physically. The amount of information taught is huge.

It was excellent, Andrea Du Cane, My Team Leader was great, she provided a ton of information. She also provide a lot of critiques on mistakes. She then provides the correction for all of them. Her instruction was top notch.


Mark Thompson, Strength Coach, Brainerd, MN

Athletic Achievements, training background or specialty:

NSIC Track & Field all conference in High Jump, Pentathlon and Decathlon from MSU Moorhead. Member of the 2001 indoor and outdoor NSIC Track & Field Championship team. I train with RKC Senior Jon Engum.

It's an I depth look at not just kettlebell drills but the function of the human body.

Very knowledgeable, yet they don't talk down at you. My instructors were all very humble and at the same time had an answer for almost everything. Everyone was very professional and very personable.

I like how they give you principle not just facts. Principles can be applies to different things, but fact usually only work for a specific. They give you the template and show you how its useful, because you experience it first hand.


Lawrence Franklin

Don't come here thinking you now everything abut kb because you don't come here with a open mind and ready to learn attitude. Also you don't have to have a long drawn out workout to get results.

The knowledge was great. I learned so much in this weekend than in the six months of training. The way they break the terms down and examples were amazing.

This was both the most insightful and physically challenging experience I ever had.


Roman Young, General Contractor, Candler, NC

Athletic Achievements, training background or specialty:

Current CKM Student

My experience was filled with tough endurance work and lectures filled with important information on basic drills including their specific details.


Brandon Hetzler, Certified Athletic Trainer, Springfield MO

Athletic Achievements, training background or specialty:

NATA - Certified Athletic Trainer. NASM - Performance Enhancement Specialist

Top notch – not only can the instructor each move, they do each move with a level of mastery. And then they pass that knowledge on to each candidate in a manner that is individual to each person.

Much better in the "practice" portion we weren't just given the didactic information and sent on our own to practice our interpretation of the info like many courses with the emphasis being on the execution of each skill we walk away with a higher level of performance – and nothing is lost in translation.


James Demuynck, Personal Trainer Delta BC

Technique focused with plenty of practice in acquiring the perfect repetition. Detail oriented in safety and corrective exercises for technique flaws.

The quality and knowledge of all instructors was better then expected. The simplicity of it all was astounding.

This was my first certification, and it will be tough to find another cert that can compare.


Nick Barringer, Dietitian, Columbus, GA

Athletic Achievements, training background or specialty:

Currently Active Duty Military 6 years.

Revealed my weaknesses and taught me how to improve them.

Great instruction. Brad and the Tem Nelson instructors went above and beyond the standard by working with us even during breaks.


Robert Montz, Occupational Therapist, Fort Benning, GA

Athletic Achievements, training background or specialty:

Military-20 years. Martial Arts-6 years. Human Performance/Strength&Conditioning-10 years. Running/endurance events-12 years

The experience was basic, functional, and meaningful. The RKC instructors expertly broke down each skill of the movement and related the movements to every day functional movements from the housewife to the professional athlete.

Expertise is second to none. Pavel, instructors and Team Leaders walk the walk and talk the talk, not like other fitness courses where some of the presenters have rested on their past accolades!

The best practical and instant application in the last 10 eyars.


Zach Filer, Trainer, Seattle, WA

As expected. Long, hard and full of useful knowledge

The practical was the best I've had. And the way the test is run is how all tests should be run.


Austin Jones, Personal Trainer, Houston, TX

Athletic Achievements, training background or specialty:

Certified Personal Trainer – ACE, NASM

It was an amazing experience. It changed the way I train with kettlebells for the better.

Higher quality due to participatory training. Scope was fantastic – made me want to learn more and dig deeper.

This has immediate practical use, as opposed to a manual with an M.C. test.


Melissa Pugh, Bartender, Atlanta, GA

Athletic Achievements, training background or specialty:

4 years in the USFA

RKC course left me physically, emotionally, and mentally exhausted, but I leave holding my head higher than ever before because the RKC course took me to my best but pushed me to my greatest.

This was by far a very humbling but great experience. The instructors are knowledgeable and always there to come for help. As much as I complained I loved it!

Being in the Air Force, and always being athletic, I never achieved the satisfaction I have with kettlebells. In 3 months I had the body I dreamed about with just 45mins a day of kettlebell training, compare to the 2hrs I would have to spend n the gym.


Sunny Schultz, student, Mount Vernon, IA

Athletic Achievements, training background or specialty:

I have been training with Russian Kettlebells for over a year with Keira Newton RKC II. I have also attended a workshop taught by Zar Horton, RKC Team leader, as well as trained personally with him as well.

An experience of a lifetime! I am so proud of myself and my team members. I learned so much and can't wait to come back to Pavel for more.

Pavel is incredible – he demands respect through his strict, yet open demeanor, requiring the comrades to focus on his every word. The ways in which he teaches are fundamentally patient, kind and to the point. There is no over explanation b/c he is precise and clear.

I was on Team Nelson and feel that the quality of instructor was respectful, kind and highly demanding. Carol is FANTASITC as is Phil. They notice everything and don't allow for less then perfect. Brad is great!! His experience and attitude are encouraging even when he is correcting form. He rallies the team. Having trained with Zar before I felt lucky to have him here. Doug, Andrea, Zar and Brett Jones are highly skilled and effective teaching. I was impressed by the ways in which they taught. I believe that Zar, however, has a gift with inspiring victims. He notices many problems and explains in a great way. I trained with Keira Newton (Dynamics KB Fitness) for the past year and feel that my success is owed to her full ability to perfect form in her clients. Both Zar and Keira have been inspirational to me. Keira in phenomenal – she changed my life by inspiring me to come to RKC St Paul.

This, as B. Jones stated, is the gold standard of fitness training. It is grueling, powerfully humbling and packed with exceptional information that I will take from here and apply to clients in the future. This has been the best weekend of my life.


Carlyn Wade, Massage Therapist, Santa Fe, NM

Athletic Achievements, training background or specialty:

6 Marathons, Santa Fe Century

This physically and mentally rigorous training gave me an opportunity to really see who I am and the limitless potential of who I can become.

Pavel is a fantastic instructor humorous, respectful, and aware. Doug was a great team leader – easygoing, insightful, calming, aware of our condition while gently pushing us to do our best. He is Awesome!


February 2009 Russian Kettlebell Challenge Instructor Certification Workshop — Participant Praise

Christina Smith, Wellness Director YMCA, Alexandria, VA

Athletic Achievements, training background or specialty:

C.H.E.K Holistic Lifestyle Coach Level 2. A.C.E. Certified Personal Trainer. Level 2 Metabolic Typing Advisor

Very intensive training with a group a phenomenal coaches all of whom bring something different to the table but offer the same end result — respect the kettlebell and respect your body, respect others.

The quality of training was fantastic — the best of the best come together for 1 weekend and impart their knowledge on us — doesn't get any better than that!


Joey Williams, Police Officer, Pacifica, CA

Athletic Achievements, training background or specialty:

Police Academy Drill Instructor. Police Weaponless Defense Instructor. Fitness Instructor. USMC Fitness Instructor

The kettlebell is only a small portion of what you will earn at the RKC. It is more of a system of strength and fitness for a healthy lifestyle that has no comparison in the fitness arena. Awesome Class!!!

I have attended fitness certifications and seminars for over 20 years. Pavel and his crew are second to none.


Hisashi Imura, Athletic Trainer, San Francisco, CA

The instructors were phenomenal in the various backgrounds and expertise. They each provided such great insight and tools to better perform each exercise. Pavel is amazing in his knowledge and the team he surrounds himself with is top-notch.

There is more information in 3 days (practical and useful info) than 4 years of college and 2 years of graduate work "an inch wide and a mile deep"


Daniel Sawaya, Training Manager, Tucson, AZ

Athletic Achievements, training background or specialty:

Strength Training for 20 years, but fell in love with Kettlebells over the past 1 year and haven't put them down since. I train special populations and High School Athletes. CSCS, Bachelors Degree Nutritional Sciences

One of the most powerful and fulfilling experiences of my personal training career. The application of these principles transcends more than learning a physical technique. To truly dig deep on a physical, emotional and educational level increased my confidence.

Top notch. Professional and on point. I have a degree in the field, CSCS and years of experience and was very pleased on how they broke down each form in segments and showed how it applied to real world applications. Jeff O'Connor was phenomenal! His verbal cues and eye for technique was amazing! I also appreciated his passion for safety.

More physically challenging than anything I have ever gone through! The hands on experience was more beneficial than any written test I could test.


Matt Wuchner, Personal Trainer, Santa Maria, CA

Athletic Achievements, training background or specialty:

NASM-CPT, Performance Enhancement Specialist (PES), Corrective Exercise Specialist (CES)

If you are involved in the "fitness" Industry (I still don't know what is considered fitness!) and you've noticed that something isn't quite right with most of the B.S. out there, the RKC confirms your hunch. The system really does represent a paradigm shift back to the days of the old time strong men, where form FOLLOWS function. Tense all your muscles, don't focus on the biceps!

Honestly, you all are a fantastic group of individuals and I can only hope to one day be working along side you. I feel I am "among my kind of people" so I'm ecstatic to one day (hopefully total) be one of you. And Pavel is awesome. Not because he's some physical badass (he is) but because he doesn't act like some superior "god among men! I appreciate that. And the rest of the RKC team: you all are the nicest bunch of hard asses I've ever met.

I'm certified through the National Academy of Sports Medicine… I'm a "corrective exercise specialist", and "Performance Enhancement Specialist", and those courses are a joke compared to the knowledge bomb dropped at the RKC… Don't get me wrong their program is insightful and I owe my beginnings but looking back, that's just a stepping stone.

Thank you for the best worst weekend in my training so far!


Eric Moss, Fitness Professional, Wharton, NJ

Athletic Achievements, training background or specialty:

Physical Culture, Martial Arts, AFAA

I thought the course was just going to be a lot of training along with a basic recap of Pavel's books and videos. I was completely blown away both by the techniques and the way the information was delivered. This is how they can create world class trainers to teach a system that creates world class strength and conditioning.

It is so amazing to see Pavel in action. People came to him with problems in their form and it takes him maybe 10 seconds to address the problems and formulate a solution that works on the spot. The instructors are so knowledgeable and it is easy to see why they are masters, Senior Instructors and team leaders.

The other certifications don't provide real world information and leave you without direction or real knowledge. RKC gives you hands on instruction hands on knowledge and hands on experiences.


Seth Burford, Estimator/Project Manager, Oakdale, CA

Athletic Achievements, training background or specialty:

Played College Football and the NFL

Great environment to just absorb the accumulation of knowledge. Between Pavel and all of the team leaders, the amount of information available is unbelievable. Great experiences, being a victim is not always a bad thing.

Pavel is second to none. Enough said about him. Team leaders were very instrumental in explaining details and how the RKC can be applied.


James Mandes, Firefighter, Sacramento, CA

Athletic Achievements, training background or specialty:

Blue Belt Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu 6 years, Firefighter with Sac Metro Fire 22 years with a background in technical rescue.

It was the hardest, most intense instructional class I've ever taken.


Joey Hauser Jr., Track and Field Coach/Personal Trainer, Oceanside, CA

Athletic Achievements, training background or specialty:

Graduated from Cal Poly San Luis Obispo in 2008 as a student athlete, Ranked #8 in the Nation in the triple jump for High Schools in 2003, School Record Holder in the Triple Jump, San Diego County triple jump 2003 Champion, Currently personal training Marines and their families on Camp Pendleton, Coached for U.S. Crossfit.

The RKC is a college level biomechanics exercise physiology class with pain.


Steve McMinn, Personal Trainer / Wing Tsun Kungfu Instructor, Vancouver, Canada

Athletic Achievements, training background or specialty:

BCRPA Certified Personal Trainer. Primary Technician Grade Wing Tsun Kungfu. Trainer Level 1 Wing Tsun Kungfu

By far the most professional and info-packed certification I have ever done, bar none. Team leaders and Assistants were genuinely interested in my success and had absolutely no ego!

I really liked the style of TL's presenting and Pavel adding the fine points. Also how other TL's and assistants felt free to add points to all lectures. An amazing depth of knowledge with the skills to back it up. All TL's and assistants carry their abilities with quiet dignity!

I can't wait to come back for RKC II. I am amazed at how much I have improved and keep daydreaming about how much better my clients are gonna get, starting next week!


Matthew Cook, Physician, Gatos, CA

Athletic Achievements, training background or specialty:

Yoga Teacher

I have heard so many times that this program is life changing that I took it for granted. After going through it I feel it is one of the greatest honors I have attained in my life.

I think Pavel's knowledge and skill at teaching are unparalleled.

No other 3 day certification begins to compare.

I feel that Chris Holder and his staff deserve the highest recommendations. The course was superbly organized, and flowed efficiently. Also it is inspirational to see a Div I school using kettlebells. I think that he is the standard of what a strength coach should be and being in that presence is inspirational.


Kelly Park, Personal Trainer and Registered Nurse; Santa Barbara, Ca

Athletic Achievements, training background or specialty:

Scholarship Distance Runner at Cal State Long Beach. Competed in road and mountain biking as well as triathlons for the last 23 years. Participated in gymnastics, basketball, volleyball, and baseball as a youth and in high school. Career Certifications: ACE Personal Training since 1999. Registered Nurse since 1995, with Certifications in BLS, Advanced Cardiac Life Support and Pediatric Advanced Like Support

This certification training brought me up to a different level of understanding and creativity in my thought process for training my clients. I learned that with patience and training progressions happen.

I'm really impressed by all the instructor's collaboration with each other. I've been to a lot of the Perform Better seminars and I think Pavel's understanding of the movement patterns of the body are right up there with Gray Cook's. Pavel's approach is much easier to understand especially if you don't have a medical background.

Organization was the best I've been to. All the instructors were great. They really knew their content. Hand out instructor manual is awesome and very informative.

The workshop was awesome.


Bill Garelick, Fitness Trainer, Union City, NJ

Athletic Achievements, training background or specialty:

NASM CPT, PES, CES, USAT Level 1 Triathlon Coach, Tri-athlete

I knew what I was signing up for. It was a long 3 days but a very fulfilling 3 days. I was sore and tired afterward but the information I received was well worth it.

I couldn't have asked for a more knowledgeable group of people in regards to training and kettlebells.

It is by far the best training I have ever received in any training workshops and I've been to quite a few of them.

The hotel, the facility, the SJSU staff and Dragon Door were all great! I feel a lot of time and energy and thought went into make this happen.


Clinton Herring, Trainer, Middletown, DE

It is the kind of experience that any self-respecting human should have, but few ever will. My skills that apply both to my own training, and my effort to spread KB training to others, were refined and put on the correct course towards mastery. I was asked to rise to a physical challenge, the successful completion of which, has made me a better person, I have gained more respect for myself and others, similar to the practice of a martial art. Perhaps the most profound aspect of my experience was the RKC community of peers and teachers that I have now become a part of. The quality of people here is such that I am quite certain that I have established life-long connections.

It kicks every other certs, and experiences ASS. It is a lot of take in, but it is comprehensive and applicable. The quality of instructors is top notch.

Chris Holder and his incredible facility are top rate. In my eyes, this is one of the most able locations to facilitate RKC.

Thanks for changing my life.


Joe E. Marquez, El Paso, TX

Athletic Achievements, training background or specialty:

Personal trainer for 10 yrs. Participated in local half marathons and mountain bike races. Pursuing degree in exercise science.

It was the most challenging thing I've ever done but I would definitely do it all over again! The wealth of information that you receive is phenomenal!

The quality of training and knowledge provided by everyone here was the most informative I've ever come across.


Ashley Benedict, Bartender, Atlanta, GA

This was probably the most nerve racking — in a good way — weekend of my life. This is so important to me. It was crucial that I do a good job and make an impression. I have the utmost respect for all of the trainers here. They were helpful but firm, just what we need. I will definitely be returning for RKC II after lots of training.

I never felt like I was in a group of 80-100 people. I never felt like a needle in a haystack. There was always someone to help us. The level of knowledge was mind blowing. I can really tell their love for kettlebells. I've learned so much this weekend, hopefully I can retain most of it. Pavel just seems to know everything, it's great. It was an honor to be here this weekend.


Michael George, Investor, Gloucester, VA

It was an experience of immersing myself in a ocean of excellence among the best of the best, with the most revolutionary skills of strength — I can only hope some soaked in and rubbed off on me — I believe it did!

I've read all the Dragon Door books — but it's not the same — better. In other words, five minutes with a master is worth 25 books and videos.

These instructors are truly exceptional, outstanding. They walk the talk. I believe I am better in many, many ways for their teaching and personal attention. Everyone was very accessible and honored my little questions with great courtesy and support. My assistant team leader were just as outstanding as the lead instructor. I may have learned the most from the assistants in my team. I'm very grateful.


Sarah Wisotsky, Student, Aromas, CA

Athletic Achievements, training background or specialty:

SJSU Women's Soccer Team

Knowledge is Power. I have learned how my body functions in ways that I can optimize my power and strength.

Their knowledge of kettlebells was extensive and fascinating. I learned something about how to improve myself form each of my instructors. All the lectures broke down a step into becoming better and more aware of kettlebells.

It will and has improved my training. Breathing correctly to tensing and relaxing all has relation to my sport and my training. I can't wait to go train and see my improvements.


James Henson, Physical Therapist, Pittsburgh, PA

Athletic Achievements, training background or specialty:


This training is intense and a challenge physically and mentally. The instruction, problem analysis and corrections were excellent. I highly recommend this course to anyone looking to improve their knowledge of training a wide range of clients.

Pavel: excellent instruction, great command of the room. Superb presentation of scientific concepts in layman's term. My team leader Mark Reifkind was superb. Quick to analyze technique problems clear, concise positive instruction. Victoria and Asha were ever present with feedback and explanation. All of the instructors were committed to their profession and demonstrated great knowledge and leadership skills.

I have never taken such an intense course based on actual physical performance of the exercises. Great emphasis on safety for the client and instructor. I will immediately be able to use this information with my patients. The scope of the information was vast. The manual — a great resource.


Brooke Sullivan, Massage and Body Work Therapist, San Diego, CA

Athletic Achievements, training background or specialty:

Martial Arts — various, Professional — massage, Muscle Activation Techniques.

One of the most rewarding, personally empowering, mind focusing and fun weekends ever. Went sky diving a few weeks ago, RKC is a much more satisfying exhilarating experience.

Pavel — yes read the books, however listening to him speak gave me an ever greater respect of him because of his understanding of the human body and its complexities.

I took a training session from a top instructor who is said to have the perfect TGU. I found I got here and that some of my TGU was not correct. I really appreciated the congruity of my four instructors.

Very well organized material, well presented. I do not learn well if there are a lot of tangents, I have a hard time coming back to the original subject. I felt like our training was focused, concise, if there was a story it was short and immediately reality and then brought back to the subject at hand.

Thank you. This has changed my life in more ways than I can express both personally and professionally.


Mahidhar Reddy, Personal Trainer/Strength Coach, Fremont, CA

Athletic Achievements, training background or specialty:

BS Exercise Science, Rutgers University, New Brunswick, New Jersey. National Strength and Conditioning Association Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist (CSCS). American College of Sports Medicine Health/Fitness Instructor (ACSM HFI). National Academy of Sports Medicine Corrective Exercise Specialist (NASM CES).

Pavel displays a degree of competence in his chosen subject matter that goes far beyond the publications. Sense of humor will worth price of admission.


Stephanie Myers, Personal Trainer, Group Fitness Instructor, Lansdale, PA

Athletic Achievements, training background or specialty:

Certified Personal Trainer. Group Fitness Instructor, Body Pump Cert. B.A. Early Childhood, B.A. Psychology. Collegiate Softball Fast-pitch & 4 years National-level slow-pitch competitor. Body Building competitor. Power-Lifting competitor. Coaching experience in softball, baseball, gymnastics, and basketball.

RKC has given me a gift that I hope to share with as many clients as possible. It has transformed my understanding of all movement, and has literally changed my life.

I am completely amazed at how much information and expertise that Chief Instructor Pavel has but better yet his way of explaining and showing then applying the techniques. I have learned more from all of these instructors than a whole life of athletics and weight lifting. A special thanks to Jeff O'Connor for showing, correcting and connecting things that I never knew I was doing wrong. He has an amazing way of gently and thoroughly expressing his point. Very encouraging! Tough Love! Able to break down complex movement to make them more effective.

No comparison. Physical application, repletion, being pushed to the limit. The BEST quality of instruction that I have ever had, and I am walking away with so many new "tools" in my toolbox for practical use.


Bridget Humphrey, Firefighter, Seattle, WA

Athletic Achievements, training background or specialty:

ACE — personal trainer — Peer fitness trainer. 24 yrs weight training experience. Completed swim from Alcatraz — Summer 2008 completed Danskin Spring Triathlon 5 times.

This was a very demanding weekend. It required my complete attention al weekend. I will continue to learn from this weekend for a very long time.

Training and knowledge was un-intimidating, which was a surprise. It was, therefore, really helpful. Pavel has a good delivery style.

The instructors in our group were serious and obviously very interested I our success. Jeff O'Connor has a quiet presence that makes you want to perform well. And Darrell's unchecked enthusiasm was awesome — positive and yet insightful and clear.

This is the fastest paced training I have gotten — almost not doable — but doable. I am very happy with the amount of information offered in this short amount of time.

This facility is great. Dragon Door is great.


Michelle Johnson, Esthetician/Spa Own, Napa, CA

RKC training has changed the way I view the body for life. I decided to attend as a personal goal, to continue the transformation of my body. What I am taking away is a tool to help others transform their bodies and their lives. I now have a burning desire to introduce my spa clients to this amazing way of life.

Pavel and his team of instructors have demonstrated an incredible foundation of knowledge and integrity. I had very high expectations and each person has managed to exceed them.

Leslie F. Keehn, Attorney, San Diego, CA

It challenged me to dig deeply for the best within myself in terms of physical strength, body awareness, and mental endurance through fatigue.

Pavel has an impressive eye for identifying subtle movements that are making an exercise more difficult or less efficient. Pavel also treats his student with respect, which makes me respect him more, and want to learn from him. His team all seemed skilled and knowledgeable. I learn best when I'm treated with respect and given encouragement.

This is my first and only experience with a certification program. I thought the quality of instruction was top notch, with a large but not too overwhelming scope of material. I liked the focus on a set number of basic movements. The instructions, combined with the manual, will make the material very practical to apply. The collective information provided appears sufficient for immediate application with clients.


Farrah Lin, Senior Software Engineer, San Diego, CA

Athletic Achievements, training background or specialty:

ACSM Certified Personal Trainer

The RKC training provided me with all of the tools that I need in order to effectively teach kettlebells. And I learned how to improve my technique in order to get more strength and endurance

I was very pleased with the amazing amount of knowledge that all of the trainers had. Chris Holder is extremely knowledgeable and very approachable. He was very clear when correcting my form and was very encouraging when he would say job well done. Cassie was extremely helpful in teaching me to perform the press with my lats engaged. I am excited to apply what I've learned when I go back home.

The RKC was more applicable in day to day training. The material is straight forward and applicable I have an ACSM personal trainer certification and I have forgotten a lot of the info. The RKC info will not be forgotten.


Alan Heddings, Firefighter, Monroe, WA

Athletic Achievements, training background or specialty:

Played College football. (US Coast Guard Academy) - Competitor, Scott Firefighter Stairclimb - Competitor, Firefighter Combat Challenge (qualified/competed at World Championships) - Competed in dozens of 5k races, 10k, Half-marathon and Sprint triathlon - Climbing Mt Hood in spring 09
Military Background: - Officer in US Coast Guard, working primarily in Maritime Law Enforcement and drug interdiction.
Law Enforcement Background: - Worked as Sheriff's Deputy prior to joining Fire Dept.
Professional Certifications: - Emergency Medical Technician - Hazmat Technician.
Fitness Certifications: - ACE/IAFF Senior Peer Fitness Trainer - ACSM Personal Trainer - Cooper Institute Fitness Specialist - Schwinn Indoor Cycling Instructor

The months of preparation, sweat, lost skin and sore muscles were not enough to qualify me to become an RKC. There is no breezing through this course. Everyone who comes through gets to hit a breaking point… but they learn to adapt their mind and body in an extremely short amount of time to overcome and exceed their own expectation. The staff or RKC instructors make sure of this for you. This is a life changing accomplishment.

The instructors are extremely personable yet very passionate. There is no doubt that they want you to succeed, and will give you every bit of help possible to do so, yet they wear the RKC badge with honor. Honoring the badge means that standard of skill, self-improvement, conduct and image is essential. Humility is a must. The professionalism of the staff leaves no doubt that you are entering into an elite family and that pathway in is very tough yet extremely rewarding. It has been the most well taught class I have ever been to.

This is the most applicable (immediately so!) courses I have ever been into terms of physical training. The bleed over into aspects of my life outside of fitness are immeasurable activities in the outdoors. Time with family, quality of life, longevity, mobility into old age. I have never finished a course physically exhausted, yet so invigorated, feeling stronger and fitter than in my college football days.


Kari Sonnenberg, Gymnastics Coach, Pixley, CA

Athletic Achievements, training background or specialty:

Competitive gymnastics 8 yrs old — 23 yrs old. Level 10 for 5 yrs. Cornell University Gymnastics team 4 yrs. National Floor Champion 2007. 3 time All American. Team Captain 2006-2007.

First, I love KB! Second, it's a lot of information! But, it was presented in a way that made sense. KB makes sense to me now.

The instructors were not only extremely knowledgeable about kb, but also had something else to bring to the table, i.e. sports or medicine which I loved.


Frank Nash, Strength Coach, Worcester, MA

Athletic Achievements, training background or specialty:


I am a CSCS, NASM CPT, PES, CES, FMS, and this by far has been the best learning workshop I've ever attending and I go to everything.

The instructors were more knowledgeable then I anticipated, I did not expect Pavel to be as involved as he was. He was very intense and helpful to all individuals.

Chris and his staff were awesome, facility was great. I cannot wait to see all of you in level 2 RKC and CK-FMS.


Eric Fleming, Captain USMC — AH-1W Cobra Pilot, Encinitas, CA

Like any formal school/training, a standard is set here from which very little deviation is tolerated. A military approach in a professional atmosphere makes for a high-intensity program without be demanding. It is also as hard as you make it, so when instructor eyes aren't watching, those with integrity continue to push. You don't find many people on the other side; people want to be here.

Similar in structure to the Marine Corps training I am most familiar with: information in physical performance balanced with the "why" and "how" in lectures. There is much tactical application to everything done here.

Thank you for a worthwhile weekend of instruction in a subject I regard very highly. Thanks for a great team leader!


Theresa Nesbitt, Physician, St. Charles, IL

This was a re-certification for me. I was really amazed at how the process continues to be refined and upgraded. The attention to detail and the efficiency of the process just keeps getting better. I am more excited about kettlebells than ever.

When I met Pavel Tsatsouline 2 years ago I told him I have had hundreds of coaches and teachers around the world, and he is the best instructor I have ever worked with personally and that the quality of RKC team leaders, Masters and instructors were a testament to his skill and knowledge. It has been a busy year and a half for me as I travel to work with many teachers and coaches. But Pavel is still the best — full stop.

I could write a book but it really is summed up in one phrase — Superior in every way — as an all around fitness tool.

Chris Holder should get a medal for outstanding job as team leader and host. He was there for us (his team) 150% and still made it great workshop for everyone.


Karen Washburn, Business Consultant, Tucson, AZ

I wouldn't miss one minute of it or the months of training with my team preparing for it. Our RKC instructor prepared us very well.

If I were to rate the instructors and their ability to present their respective subject, it would be a 20 on a 1-10 scale. The single difference experienced at RKC was access to every instructor who was personally vested in my individual success — unlike any other training I have attended. Positive teaching was practiced by all instructors.

I have never attended a similar training — very well executed from a business perspective.


Stacey Schaedler, Personal Trainer/Yoga Instructor, South Boston, MA

Athletic Achievements, training background or specialty:

College Athlete, Corporate Wellness, Studio Work.

Amazing and well worth the money. Pavel and Team Leaders are inspiring and really care about making RKCs competent instructors. Jeremy and Keira care about how well we teach as well as how well we perform.

Unlike any other. Everyone got better and better everyday. I feel confident sending clients to an RKC anywhere in the world. Met great people who think like me.

Very challenging but accessible to wide variety of people. Tons of troubleshooting for clients, as well as workouts for us crazy people! I learned so much I don't want it to be over.


Peggy Silveri, Accounting, Incline Village, NV

Great experience to learn how to efficiently keep the body fit and how to help other people do the same. The instructors were of the highest caliber really knowing the depth of knowledge that I came here for.

I loved the weekend and learned I can do way more than I believed before coming here. The course was definitely going to challenge someone who's been in the fitness field before coming but at the same time I felt I still am coming home with knowledge I'll use the rest of my life, and I'm basically a part-time accountant and housewife.


Stuart Rodeffer, Battalion Chief, Tucson, AZ

Athletic Achievements, training background or specialty:

Former Marine Military Police 1983-1993 (knee, hip, back injury 20% disabled) Fire Service 1993-present

I started wide eyed eager and wanting to better myself. I found my limits push thorough them and found new muscle, new breath, new flexibility and a new inner and outer presence of health.

Professional: would be selling short these individuals. Warm, tough, caring, intense, honest and real! An elite group that welcomes anyone who is willing to be as dedicated and outstanding as them.

This is awesome. Dragon Door, San Jose State and Chris with his staff. Live RKC!

Thank you for giving my life back!


Audrey Evans, Personal Trainer, Los Angeles, CA

Athletic Achievements, training background or specialty:

Completed 24 marathons including Prague, New York, and Boston. Hold Personal Training certification with NASM. Also PES with NASM. Have Crossfit certification for kettlebell instruction.

Awesome! It took me to levels of strength and fitness I didn't believe possible — and that was just training for the event.

I was so impressed with everyone's knowledge and professionalism. It was great to hear from world record power lifters, physicians and strength coaches.

I really appreciated the assistant RKC coaches. Victoria and Asha helped me enormously.

The organization was wonderful. What an impressive guy Chris Holder is. Mark Reifkind is an amazing teacher.


Donald Berry, Chiropractor, Frederick, MD

Athletic Achievements, training background or specialty:

Instruction for Close Range Combat Academy. Wing Chun Kung Fu, Certified Corrective Exercise Specialist

I had been training on my own for 2 years and thought I knew something. I had to change everything but it paid off. I am stronger and more powerful!

They were all present and personable with incredible skill and knowledge base. Just awesome.

I have done a lot of thing in over 30 years of martial art training. Nothing pushed me this hard. Thank you. I have learned so much.


Cody Nicholas, none, Alexandria, VA

It is far and away the best tool for training out there.


William Valenzuela, Personal Trainer, Tucson, AZ

Athletic Achievements, training background or specialty:

NSCA Certified — level 1 Crossfit

This was tough on my body but even tougher on my mind! One of the best experiences of my life!

They were all knowledgeable and very energetic. A perfect group of very different characters!


Aaron Gonzales, Hawthorne, CA

Athletic Achievements, training background or specialty:

ACSM Trainer, Silver Medal at Gracie US Nationals 2009 Jiu-Jitsu Tournament.

Inspiring, unbelievable! Blows everything out of the water!


Steven Lo, Strength Coach, San Jose, CA

I was skeptical about the RKC initially and was not quite sure about all the claims. But the systems is truly rooted in scientific research and synthesized in terms which are practically applicable to all populations.

Pavel had a straight to the point approach to teaching which was very useful. His team of instructors also were very useful in reinforcing ideas.

Practical use in the best area of the RKC. I've taken the CSCS and NSCA CPT and neither of those certs are directly applicable. I like how focused the cert is in actually becoming a better instructor.


Sean Ramsey, Realtor, Rocklin, CA

Instruction is excellent, with knowledgeable experienced instructors with many different types of background.

This training is more technical with a focus on proper form and developing strength that is already there.


Michaela Zwinakis, VP Marketing; Woodside, CA

Athletic Achievements, training background or specialty:

Dedicated gym devotee

For anyone is looking to take their training to the next level, this seminar is perfect. It is expensive but you only got one body and after this seminar it is likely to be a much improved and honed body.

Generally excellent. By comparing with real world situations and diagnostics and the cumulative years of experience you produce a saturation and density of info that you couldn't get anywhere else.

Like a super managed course. Incredible 100:1 training session.


Scott Osguthorpe, Cabinet Manufacturing, N. Salt Lake, UT

A lot of great information shared with you then getting to practice it while being pushed beyond what you though you could do.

Everyone worked very well together at helping correct any thing that needed "fixing".


Roger Carroll, Sales Manager, Southlake, TX

Athletic Achievements, training background or specialty:

College Football Player. Training with Kettlebells for 3 years.

The seminar offered a great amount of technical information that is broken down into teachable parts. The instructors do a great job of explaining the techniques and teaching easy corrections. There is enough physical challenge as well.

Chris Holder did a great job of explaining and correcting. He was very approachable with great feedback, Pavel — I was very impressed by his hands on involvement throughout the course. He is not just a name on the brand. He is deeply involved and does a great job of delivering the information.


Chris Drier, Physical Therapist, Merced, CA

Very challenging, yet learned a lot, will sleep good tonight.


Kevin Zybach, Army, Puyallup, WA

Athletic Achievements, training background or specialty:

4 years KB training on my own.

I learned a whole lot about what I was doing wrong, and I became stronger as a result.


William Case II, Gym Owner, Kamuela, HI

One of the best times I have had. It was everything I thought it would be and more. It was the best training I've had. No matter what I walk way a better person.

Blows everything away by far.


Gilbert Smith Jr, Personal Trainer/MMA Fighter, Colorado Springs, CO

It changes the way you move, think and training for the better regardless of your background.

Without the instructors and their level of knowledge I would have not gotten what I needed.


Ty Eidam, Firefighter, Sacramento, CA

Athletic Achievements, training background or specialty:

Martial Arts

This training has created a great deal of clarity on the depth of this system and how important the details are.

High quality of training, not any fluff.
Not many people can handle hard core training, glad it still exists.

Strict, on time and on task, very organized. At a much higher level than any other course.


Ajay Bulchandani, Fitness Trainer, Radio and Night Club DJ, San Francisco, CA

Athletic Achievements, training background or specialty:

ISSA Certified personal trainer. AKC certified kettlebell instructor. Strength for the streets certified fitness instructor. Outdoor boot camp certified instructor. Group strength instructor. 2 years previous Muay Thai kick boxing. Currently back in Muay Thai (different school)

One of the toughest and most rewarding weekends of my life. In addition, I learned the finer points of what to do and what not to do when training.

Their attention to detail is without equal. Their ability to point out even the most minor mistakes was extremely beneficial to my learning process.

The hands-on learning was crucial as opposed to most book and or online/classroom certs. Having to demonstrate proficiency before passing leaves me more confident in myself (and other RKC trainers) being able to teach.


Rudy Tapalla, Gym Owner/Trainer, Chicago, IL

Athletic Achievements, training background or specialty:

Former Marine Corps Sergeant. ACE, NASM Certified Personal Trainer. FMS Certified. Z-Health R phase Certified. CrossFit Level II Certified. USAW Sport Performance Coach

Challenging both physically and mentally, but fun. Great instruction with ample hands on practice time.

Excellent quality, very personable people. I would have liked a little more time in our small groups with our team leaders but also understand there was a lot to teach.

It was everything I expected! It was great to have a side bar with Pavel talking abut the furthering research on eccentric loading.

It was awesome to have Tim Ferriss speak on marketing (I wish that part actually was about an hour longer).


Tiffany Larson, Fitness Professional, Napa, CA

This was a great experience for me to test my mental strength as well as my physical strength. If I can do this I can endure most anything.

Pavel is a wonderful instructor and a master at troubleshooting. It is helpful to see and hear his solutions to common kettlebell mistakes. Doc Hartle and Chuck Halbakken really helped me "stay in the game" I had a lot of self doubt and my coaches helped me endure the weekend.

Thank you. I thought I was strong when I got here now I know I am.


Jason Agrella, Personal Trainer, Mountain View, CA

Athletic Achievements, training background or specialty:

NCEP CPT. NCEP core and balance specialist. NASM. APEX. 2002 APF teenage national power lifting champ 181 pound class. California State record holder for all three power lifts in 181 teenage division in APF and APA.

Very in depth. I feel I am walking away with a much greater appreciation for the little details of movements and their importance on the quality of the movement.

Much better. Other programs want you to accept truth based on "authority" and "science/data". Other programs have proved very little to support their claims by the end of the course. The RKC shows you why what they say is factual and correct. This is the only program I can walk away from feeling less confused than when I started.


Sergio Aparicio Jr., Fitness Trainer, San Juan, TX

Athletic Achievements, training background or specialty:

SSA Certified, IRHSA Member, 7 years Fitness Trainer

Overall I feel very strong and athletic. This weekend has shown me how hard our bodies can work it we just apply ourselves and have determination! The networking is also a big plus this weekend. I would o it again and again.

I truly respect the methods Pavel applies to his RKC system. It allows us to learn more abut our bodies and how it works under pressure and stress. Everyone here is very knowledgeable and friendly.

It is by far the most intense thing I have ever done. Material is very informative and can be applied to everyday life.


Christopher Gaines, Personal Training Manager, Palo Alto, CA

Athletic Achievements, training background or specialty:

Collegiate Football & Rugby, S&C Coach for Stanford Men's & Women's Rugby Clubs, NSCA-CSCS, NASM-CES

This training has enhanced my understanding of physical preparation and movement more so than any book I have read before. The hands on physical approach to instructional training is a highly effective and unparalleled experience.

The quality of training is just as Mark Reifkind described it, "simplexity". Highly complex ideas broken down into simple components for greater understanding.

The depth of knowledge that each instructor brought to the course helped to make it a truly well rounded instructional and training experience.


David Bradley, Internet Sales Manager, Encino, CA

My experience has been humbling and lifted my confidence at the same time. I've very excited to apply all I have learned into my training and hopefully a few others as well.

My team leader was great and I am proud to have been a part of team Hartle. I don't now if I'll leave here an RKC yet but I do know I'm leaving here stronger than when I came in tougher than when I arrived and my knowledge base is wider. This has been a dream come true and I thank you all for sharing it with me.


Jeff Catanzarite, Dr. of Chiropractic, Newport Beach, CA

Athletic Achievements, training background or specialty:

Weight Training, Running, Yoga and Physical Fitness

One of the most rewarding and physically challenging experience of my life. It was probably just as hard, if not harder than double session back in my high school football days.

The quality of the training was very thorough and detailed I enjoyed the diversity of the trainers backgrounds and perspective on the technique. Definitely ranks as the best training on exercise. Superb — keep up the good work.


Michael Davis, Personal Trainer/Gym Owner, Three Rivers, CA

Athletic Achievements, training background or specialty:

Bachelors Degree/Accounting. Credentialed School Teacher. Brown Belt. CSCS

The weekend was the most enlightening, education and physically demanding that I have ever done. I loved meeting all the prospective candidates and watching the good excel and inexperienced become amazingly smoother.

Blew all other workshops away, I learned more and reinforced other thoughts, and techniques. RKC is much better then ISSA and my CSCS materials.


Anne Letourneau, Stay at home mom, Ridgefield, CT

Athletic Achievements, training background or specialty:

AAU and NBC nationally qualified back thousand years ago (in bodybuilding) I dabble in all kinds of sports (tennis, running, kickboxing, volleyball, etc.)

Loaded with information, great drills, attention to detail and a great instructing. Physically and mentally demanding to make me a stronger athlete.


Nas Tarazi, Personal Trainer, San Bruno, CA

Athletic Achievements, training background or specialty:

National Academy of Sports Medicine Business Degree

Great practical course that teaches the body how to work effectively and helps weed out dysfunction. Very knowledgeable and very advanced techniques. Lots of information that takes longer then 3 days to master.

It was far beyond any cert in the past. More info and more application then ever. I appreciate the experience and all the instructors. I will never forget it.


Stephen Nepa, Health & Wellness Consultant — Kilboa, LLC, Rabun Gap, GA

The weekend was intense, informative and gave me a sense of responsibility in promoting and protect the RKC brand.

Deep, deep understanding of concepts, principles and the bio-mechanics, physiology and neurology behind the kettlebell movements.


Daniel Sullivan, Student, Boston, MA

Athletic Achievements, training background or specialty:

Track and Field Thrower, Swimmer and Diver

The depth of knowledge displayed by all of the instructors was very impressive. Even though there was only 1 Pavel for 80+ students he was able to offer 1 on 1 instruction to everybody at sometime.

I have been training with a level 2 RKC full certified Z Health practitioner so my exposure to such practical training had been extensive prior to the cert.; however, coming to the cert exposed me to ever more practical methods due to the multitude of training backgrounds of all the RKCs present.


Mike Prosser, Police Officer, Thousand Oaks, CA

Athletic Achievements, training background or specialty:

United States Marine Corps Combat Veteran. Service in Desert Shield / Desert Storm. Career Police Officer. SWAT / SNIPER. Firearms Instructor. Krava Maga Level 1 Agency Defensive Tactics Instructor. Field Training Officer

It unites a group of vastly diverse people and indoctrinates them into an elite fraternity in a way that most people only experience in U.S.M.C boot camp, SWAT/Sniper school or combat.

Pavel is has an incredible wealth of knowledge. A book or DVD does not allow you to ask questions or get feedback and correction as well as Pavel and the Team Leaders can in person.

In Marine boot camp, the Police Academy and SWAT School we p.t.'d a lot. Day after day. Week after week, only knowing we needed to do it to graduate. "do it or else". RKC has been the hardest physical challenge in my life and has taught me how to impart that toughness through training to other people to help them "do it and thrive" vs. "do it or else".


Lindsey Bellomy, Military, Carlsbad, CA

Athletic Achievements, training background or specialty:

USMC Training — The Basic School

RKC is the think tank for learning the fine-tuned skills to whole body strength and flexibility. You learn the basis of not only kettlebells, but the way our bodies were born to move.

The knowledge of Pavel and his instructors is powerful and insightful. They helped us to be the sponge in front of the fire-hose and absorb it all through constant lectures and demonstrations.

My only other training has been in the military. And I found here to be striking similarities in execution. It's efficient and will yield great results when looking for a certain "type" of RKC instructors


Danielle Lang, Accountant, Tucson, AZ

Athletic Achievements, training background or specialty:

State and Zone champion Hunter/Jumper horse back riding, have traveled and competed all over the US and Canada

This was the most informational intensive course I have ever taken in my life. We learned the skills of strength, endurance, perseverance and humbleness. Treat each victim with respect but realize self-motivation is a key factor. This course was very comprehensive in that each exercise was taught and administered step by step from the ground up.

Pavel is incredible. He is so knowledgeable yet humble and was able to call each and every victim by his/her name. The quality of instructions by him was not ever whelming in that he taught step by step and connected one thing at a time. Jeremy Layport was my group's instructor and to be able to watch someone with that skill and performance was so key. Gave great pointers and concentrated on specifics without overwhelming the victim and recognized when the victim was doing well. Kiera — assistant instructor, was so helpful in particular as she was a wealth of knowledge on troubleshooting and future prep.

I've loved everything about this experience so intensive and demanding as it should be. All the material was useful and repetition made efficiency! Well done!


Peter Meyer, Product manager, Fortuna, CA

Hands on, in person instruction from multiple trainers was invaluable.

Very comprehensive with emphasis on skill building and proficiency.


Sheri Kaminski, Personal Trainer/Manager, Snap Fitness, Henderson, NV

Athletic Achievements, training background or specialty:


The weekend strengthened the good habits I had, and fixed the ones that were not so good. I feel so much more confident gong back to my clients and on with my education.

Wonderful! As much as I felt I was able to learn through Pavel's books and DVDs — and Andrea Du Cane's DVD — I got so much more here. The instructors are clean and empowering.

It has been by far the most valuable training I have taken to date. The balance of workout/lecture is a very difficult task and the RKC did it so well. The practical aspect was amazing.


Leslie Wu, Student, Stanford, CA

Athletic Achievements, training background or specialty:

3+ years Chinese martial arts (Wushu, Gungfu, Taiji)

Awesome, Pavel is always impressive. I appreciated the women instructors in Team Toomey who I learned the most personally from, especially Melody who noticed and then fixed my KB issues along the way. Always love what Rif has to say.

Best training ever — extremely engaging, personal, deeper a whole system.


Bernardo Santamaria, Personal Trainer, Houston, TX

Athletic Achievements, training background or specialty:

Bachelor of Science Kinesiology-Exercise Science and a minor in health. CSCS (Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist). Some Muay Thai, Brazilian Jiu-jitsu, and kung fu experience.

One of the toughest experiences I have had, but fun and educational at the same time.

Pavel Tsatsouline and his team of instructors are very knowledgeable. They get to the heart of training. What we need to know and discard what is useless.

RKC is at the top. They clearly explained what they expected from us, which is our best. They taught us what work is and no less. They also showed us its use in sports and in daily life.


Mark Greaves, Personal Trainer, West Midlands, United Kingdom

Athletic Achievements, training background or specialty:

Titleist performance Institute level 3 golf fitness instructor. Chek golf biomechanics certified. Premier UK personal training diploma.

Incredibly intense 3 days. I probably learned more in one weekend than I have in the last year. Painful at times but an experience that I am better for.

Very precise instruction. Great teaching from Jeremy Layport and this team. Very clear and sensible use of time.

Quality of products (manual, bells etc) is pleasingly high unlike many other courses. No multiple choice questionnaire to pass unlike so many lame courses.


Adriana Mireless, Personal Trainer, San Mateo, CA

Athletic Achievements, training background or specialty:

Reposturing, weight loss, core, balance, strengthening, post rehabilitation. NASM certified, Medical Exercise Specialist.

I was able to improve my technique and also this weekend was a great opportunity to prove to myself what a mindset and commitment can do for you to know your own potential. The RKC weekend has been without a doubt the most mental, and physical challenge of my life so far, besides giving birth to four children. I am confident I'm going to able to deliver the skills learned in this weekend to my clients and beyond.

I like the fact again that the lectures were very specific, simple and yet they addressed the movement patterns of the body without complicated terms, but with immediate, practical application.

I like the respect the instructors had for every participant.

I like the fact that different topics were covered by different instructors obeying their expertise.

I like the discipline and organization of the schedule.


Cheryl Cohen, CrossFit Coach, Carlsbad, CA

Athletic Achievements, training background or specialty:

CrossFit Level 2 Certified. Olympic Weight lifting Certified. Affiliate Owner

The experience was very good. I feel that I have a much greater understanding of how to execute and teach the movements. I think my group was amazing! I really enjoyed the sense of community amongst the participants.