Participant Praise for the May 2012 Certified Kettlebell-Functional Movement Specialist Workshop

Mike Connelly, Chicago, IL, Owner/Instructor Rebell Conditioning

Athletic Achievements, training background or specialty:


I’ve been through the best military training in the world. RKC and Gray deliver that same quality in a different arena.

Mark Wechter, Turnersville, NJ, Teacher/ Coach

Athletic Achievements, training background or specialty:

I have been coaching high school football and teaching high school physical education for the last 20 years. I was named Coach of the Year for the 2012-2013 season. I have served as a strength and conditioning coach during that time.

Awesome! Top quality instruction from people that I revere as being the best in the world. I felt the RKC standard was being upheld. Gray and Brett are brilliant.

Mike Perry, Tyngsboro, MA, Strength Coach

Athletic Achievements, training background or specialty:

NSCA CPT, USA-W, USATF, FMS, RKC II, 3 time all conference collegiate soccer player

The CK-FMS was a great experience. It cemented what I already knew about the FMS system and gave me some new ideas and drills to help me getting my clients to move better.

Brett, Jeff and Gray are the best. They continue to amaze me with how they teach and their willingness to allow us as trainers to get better. I would like to hear Gray speak a bit move it possible.

This course was the best Dragon Door event I have witnessed. I have attended and/or hosted RKC I, RKC II and HKC and this was the best by far.

Shane Hylton, Grand Forks, ND, Personal Trainer

Brett and Gray are the best at what they do and it shows. Their blend of knowledge and humor make this one of the best courses I have ever taken!

In terms of quality, depth of material and practical use, this course should be required in all University Physical Ed programs. As for comparison how does one compare anything else to a diamond?

James Perry, Aspen, CO, Personal Trainer

Athletic Achievements, training background or specialty:

Skier for 48 years.

The most important training I have received in physical training.

Top drawer. Informative, prepared and just right amount of humor to keep it light. A tremendous amount of material that was administered so even the lay person could absorb. I would definitely do it again.

Petra Orloff, Royal Oak, MI, Writer

Athletic Achievements, training background or specialty:

Triathlete, Marathoner, Competitive Archer, Ballroom Dancer, Sometime Curler

For me, the CK-FMS not only provided invaluable knowledge of the screening system and also exercises to re-pattern movement, but also how to teach people to function properly in movement. I have a more advanced knowledge of prompts, cues and so forth.

The CK-FMS was clearly the next step in my RKC training. It’s really opened my eyes to understanding the scope and magnitude of good kettlebell training. The instructors were excellent, the material was well covered, and the implications for practical use are limitless.

Mira Kwon, Portland, OR, Nike Performance Network Manager

Athletic Achievements, training background or specialty:

Olympic weightlifting

I felt the course was invaluable not only for my profession so that I am more knowledgeable but more so now that I feel a responsibility to move better with more competence and impart that gift to others.

Steve Holiner, Brooklyn, NY, Strength Coach

Athletic Achievements, training background or specialty:

RKC II, CICS, DVRT 2, Assistant Muay Thai Instructor

CK-FMS offers a lot and delivers on all accounts. There is a tremendous amount of information given but the structure of the course and lab work allows you to retain it. I honestly feel that every RKC should make this their second stop before attempting Level 2. It is going to be an invaluable tool to my client’s health and my business.

Garcia, Modesto, CA, Trainer/Business owner

Athletic Achievements, training background or specialty:

RKC level one, BS. TRX certified.

A fantastic four-day experience led by professional, knowledgeable, humble and gifted instructors. An absolute essential for anyone wanting to help a greater client demographic. Really does cement the RKC principles.

Kevin Perrone, Durham, NC, Bodyworker/trainer

Athletic Achievements, training background or specialty:

RKC II, Z-health IV, NKT, MovNat, LMBT

Like all the other RKC related trainings I’ve been to, it’s fantastic to see the evolution and refinement of the teaching and application. I’d been through CK-FMS before I’m glad I came back through.

As useful and applicable as anything else I’ve taken. I’ll be able to immediately apply the information as well as be able to ruminate on the material for later application.

Rosalia Chann, Brooklyn, NY, Fitness Manager/Personal Trainer

Athletic Achievements, training background or specialty:

Former Professional Contemporary Ballet Dancer, NASM CPT, RKC Level 1

This honestly has been one of the best experiences of my life. It is refreshing to get out of my comfort zone and fine-tune my personal and professional skills. Gray and Brett made the information fun to learn and easy to understand. I do know that this probably just skims the surface, and even in that, I am confident that I will make a difference in myself an d my staff, and my clients when I return home.

Farrah Lin, San Diego, CA, Personal Trainer/Gym Owner

Athletic Achievements, training background or specialty:

ACSM Certified Personal Trainer, FMS Level I, Battling Ropes Certified

CK-FMS is better than any other training that I’ve gone through. There is a lot of good information that was clearly presented.

Julie Buranelli, Princeton Junction, NJ, Fitness Professional

Athletic Achievements, training background or specialty:


Takes HardStyle to the next level by placing emphasis on movement patterns and assessing dysfunction within these patterns, to not only make people stronger but make them better and “happy”.

This was the most helpful workshop I have ever taken to date. My main concern and focus right now is to truly make a difference in my client’s life by helping them with their dysfunction not just giving them a good workout. And I want to help them without them even knowing it! This will be the key to take my career to the next level.

Lauren Perreault, Boston, MA, Personal Trainer

Athletic Achievements, training background or specialty:


Even though I had been using the FMS for over 2 years now, I feel that this course gave me a much clearer understanding of how to apply what the screen tells you into a cohesive program that will not only help out clients move better, but also in so doing, will help them achieve their fat loss, strength, and body composition goals more effectively and efficiently.

Gray Cook and Brett Jones are two of the most knowledgeable and articulate people in the fitness industry. The way they are able to break everything down to make it as clear as possible for the layperson it truly an art and they have both mastered it. They combine humor, knowledge, science and research all together to make for an extremely enjoyable weekend. I am leaving the workshop feeling excited to implement all of my new knowledge thanks to them.

The quality of CK-FMS training is miles ahead of other workshops I have taken. The practical use aspect of this training will be what I take away most.

Hugh McNeil, Monterey, CA, Physical Therapist

Athletic Achievements, training background or specialty:

Physical Therapist, OCS (Orthopedic Clinical Specialist), Blue belt in BJJ

I am a physical therapist and I think this should be a mainstream part of PT training.

A lot of info crammed into such a short time. Not sure how to change that with lengthening the course.

Robb Reed, Perham, MN, Chiropractor

Athletic Achievements, training background or specialty:

Certified Chiropractic Sports Physician?FMS level 1, SFMA level 1, Paramedic, 2nd Degree Black Belt in Tae Kwon Do, 2nd Degree Black Belt in Hapkido

A clear and concise introduction to the possibilities that exist within movement programming and rehabilitation. Also, a practical roadmap to a supported assessment for a starting spot for clients.

As expected, coming directly from the sources, I found the width, depth and breadth of the instruction to be at a much deeper level than my previous FMS/SFMA course. Very clear, concise and logical with enough “open” format to address individual concerns and questions.

After my RKC experience it was what I expected from a Dragon Door Course.

Joe Chalakee, Torrance, CA, Kettlebell instructor

Athletic Achievements, training background or specialty:

RKC, Shotokan Karate Black Belt, Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Purple belt, CICS, former Bicycle motocross pro.

This is the best workshop by far. You can watch all the CK-FMS DVDs. You can read the book Movement by Gray but nothing compares to it other than being here yourself to get the information first hand.

Karen Rossler, Washington, DC, RKC

Athletic Achievements, training background or specialty:


I have come to expect great things at Dragon Door certifications. CK-FMS exceeded my already high expectation. My brain is full – in a good way!

CK-FMS is my fourth time learning from Brett. (HKC 1/2011, SOS 2011, HKC 2/2012 (assisted), CK-FMS 6/12) I consistently learn so much, it’s just amazing. Brett and Gray compliment each other we well – information is presented in a fun, entertaining yet serious and professional manner – never overwhelming.

Outstanding – as are all Dragon Door courses. CK-FMS is so far above and beyond everything else out there, it makes other courses laughable. I am confident my training and education here set me apart from other “trainers” I have become even more marketable then I was “just” as an RKC. CK-FMS has helped me see the bigger picture of movement and training vs. movement or training.

Sean Skahan, Anaheim, CA, Strength and Conditioning Coach

Athletic Achievements, training background or specialty:


The CK-FMS was an unbelievable experience for me. The level of instruction and professionalism was outstanding. I know that I can now understand the FMS and also know that when I screen my athletes, I know hat to do with the in formation. This is what I was looking for.

Justo Bernechea, Elmhurst, NY, Personal Trainer

Athletic Achievements, training background or specialty:

: I've been a boxing coach for 17yrs. I'm ACSM-HFS, Precision Nutrition and Level 2 certified coach.?

My skill as a strength coach means nothing if I cannot have someone move. The CK-FMS has exposed me to movement and the beauty and power of represents when someone is free from dysfunction. Its given me the tools to set people free. Amazing.

I feel lucky. To be around guys like this only solidifies my own thoughts and ideas on where the industry should go. We cannot be powerful if we are not graceful. Movement is the key to the future of health.

I’ve taken many FMS courses. This is hands down the best one. The lectures were solid. To be honest, I would rather listen to Gray and Brett all day long. Awesome!

Bill Sadler, Bountiful, UT, Physician

Athletic Achievements, training background or specialty:

RKC 4/2011 St. Paul, Lung specialist/intensive care medicine, Ex-fatman

CK-FMS training has given me an objective, reproducible way to assess movement and a systematic way to address and improve movement dysfunction.

Amazing depth of knowledge and ability. Great presentations and demonstration with excellent humor.

Shaun Cairns, Senior RKC

Athletic Achievements, training background or specialty:

Jam-packed with information, sensory rich teaching environment, well paced program and knowledgeable instructors and assistants. Well worth the time an effort.

Fawn Friday, St Paul, MN, Fitness Trainer

Athletic Achievements, training background or specialty:


I learned a great way to use kettlebell training to help with movement restrictions. I have also learned how to administer and screen which will detect these restriction and corrective exercises to encourage healthy movement patterns.

Prentiss Rhodes, Chicago, IL, Studio Owner / Instructor

Athletic Achievements, training background or specialty:

Chiropractic Sports Practitioner, CSCS, NASM CPT PES. Martial Arts Background: Haganah Black Belt, Taekwondo 3rd DAN, Former Collegiate medalist

The CK-FMS is a necessary tool for the trainer to expand beyond body part training and to develop a working knowledge of and appreciation for beautiful movement.

I am always honored and humbled to have the opportunity to learn from pioneers and innovators. Every time I leave a workshop with Gray and Brett, I feel that I am a more confident and competent practitioner because of their knowledge.

Piers Kwan, Queensland, Australia, Personal Trainer

Athletic Achievements, training background or specialty:

Former state panel basketball referee, cert IV personal training

The RKC felt like it gave me the tools to help people to move better and become stronger. The CK-FMS has taken those tools and given me a way of identifying which tool will help each person in each situation. In other words, RKC is the missile that does the work, CK-FMS is the targeting system.

Gray Cook was an excellent presenter, both intelligent and engaging. He does a great job of making difficult concepts accessible.

Brett Jones knows what he’s doing. He uses humor to put across insights and information in a way that generally sticks.

Blew away everything. The quality of the material is very good and seems to be something that I can take home, consolidate, and be experiencing results with in no time.

The material covered is exceptional it’s such a ‘simple’ system, that seems to have endless depth. Practically, I think that if I don’t go home and apply this I will have been negligent!

Kristine Gill, Seattle, WA, Firefighter

Athletic Achievements, training background or specialty:

RKC II, Z-Health Movement Specialist (R & I Phase), Peer Fitness Trainer (PFT) for Seattle Fire Dept, Muscle Activation Technique (jump start certified), Special commissions w/ Seattle Police Dept.?

Movement and strength is what everyone wants (I do)… but the FMS principles have shown that strength without movement causes pain at some point do to compensations. So before I train anyone I will do an FMS eval.

Tony Gracia, Portland, OR, Manager - 24 Hour Fitness

Athletic Achievements, training background or specialty:

Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu brown belt, B.S. Exercise Science, NASM certifications: CES, PES, CPT

The weekend was a great learning experience that helped sharpen my eye for analyzing movement. I will be able to use what I learned to help myself and my clients move better.

Both Gary and Brett were fantastic. They are both extremely educated and knowledgeable, yet present the material in a way that is digestible for the average RKC.

The CK-FMS exceeded other certifications/training in all areas listed above. Namely the practical application is what I appreciate the most.

Al Rymniak, Sharpsville, PA, Sales

Athletic Achievements, training background or specialty:

Former Marine

Fantastic. Excellent verbal materials with good depth and practice.

Haran Choi, South Korea, Gym owner

Athletic Achievements, training background or specialty:

Yoga teacher, Thai Yoga Massage Therapist, Taekkyeon, Krav Maga

CK-FMS workshop is so great! I can get lots of great tools for designing my kettlebell class. It’s so scientific and simple. And corrective exercises are useful and fantastic. I think someone who wants to deeply understand human being movements, join this course.

Leslie Branham, St. Paul, MN, Fitness Professional

Athletic Achievements, training background or specialty:

RKC 2 Russian Kettlebell Challenge Instructor, USATF Certified LV1 Running Coach, Wellcoaches Certified Wellness Coach, CK-FMS Certified Kettlebell Functional Movement Specialist, NASM Performance Enhancement Specialist, ACE/NASM Certified Personal Trainer

Top notch, there isn’t much better out there. Very easy to listen to and learn from. Able to speak very simply about very complex material.

Very high quality and extremely applicable. I could come to certs like this over and over and still learn more each time. In fact, I am sure I will!

Todd Hitchcock, Catonsville, MD, personal trainer

Athletic Achievements, training background or specialty:

BS in exercise science, CSCS from NSCA, FMS, RKC?

The CK-FMS puts it all in place. From the screen to evaluating results, to systematic approach in correcting movement problems.

Both Gray and Brett are masters in this area. The info that each of them share works perfectly together. Every single one of the lectures brought many “ah-ha” moments. I have been using the FMS system for at least 6 yrs and I still came away with lots of new information – thanks to them both.

David Kliewer, Yukon, OK, Personal Training

Athletic Achievements, training background or specialty:

RKC Certification, Sep. 2011.

The CK-FMS training provided this weekend completely changed how I will approach training clients. I now feel like I can provide what is needed to restore movement patterns and get positive results for people.

Aaron Baulch Tulsa, OK, RKC

Athletic Achievements, training background or specialty:

NSCA - CPT, RYT - 200, RKC

The CK-FMS weekend has truly been fantastic from start to finish. class act instruction throughout! This really begins to connect the dots o what is really important in how and why we train.

Craig Valentine, Rocklin CA, RKC Trainer

Athletic Achievements, training background or specialty:

rkc, trx , crossfit, ace

CK-FMS is the most informative certification I’ve ever been to. The detail is unmatched anywhere else, the instruction manual is better then any other, if others even have them, I get to go home and start helping people immediately. I’m very excited.

Scott Hanson, Manhattan NY, Co Owner Essential Fitness

Athletic Achievements, training background or specialty:


It was a fun, thorough breakdown of FMS training and KB corrective that will help build a more equip tool box for future application in my life and with my training clients.

This is my 5-6 time hearing from both Gray and Brett. Gray – seems to always hone in on what is missing real time to help bring the message that may be getting lost in translation to the forefront. Brett – is very honest and thorough with the course work and stays focused and to the point long enough for retention. Quality: excellent quality in terms of applicable research and application. Scope: CK-FMS is essential for any programming to be accurate. The broad range of movement covered is incredible.

Kelli Keyes, Belle Fourche, SD, Owner/Operator of Barefoot Fitness

Athletic Achievements, training background or specialty:


The CK-FMS has, again, greatly broadened my knowledge of functional movement and then showed me how to apply to kettlebells. I am thrilled to bring it back to my clients and watch them all move more efficiently and painlessly.

Wade Padgett Dallas, TX, Airline Employee

Athletic Achievements, training background or specialty:

Certified MovNat instructor

This is a fantastic course, necessary for success in athletic and personal training.

CK-FMS has exceeded all expectations and set a new bar for future courses. I hope when I perform kettlebell workshops I will present as well as it has been presented to me.

Derek Lahti, Neenah, WI, Gym Owner/Head Trainer

Athletic Achievements, training background or specialty:

Currently hoid a RKC Level I Certification, Bachleors Degree in Exercise Science, and CSCS. Own and operate a gym in which kettlebells are the center of the training, blended with functional base movements using other tools and bodyweight.?

The CK-FMS is far more valuable than other certification, due to its in depth teaching, and practical, systematic approach. This is a standardized system, which can be blended well into current training.

Lauren Tefft, Boston, MA, Personal Trainer

Athletic Achievements, training background or specialty:

Nasm, RKC, Pre and post natal, Precision nutrition, Tier 3+ trainer at Equinox

Amazing, learned so much great info I can directly apply to my job. Not a dull second!

Brett, Jeff and Gray are the best. They continue to amaze me with how they teach and their willingness to allow us as trainers to get better. I would like to hear Gray speak a bit move it possible.

This course was the best Dragon Door event I have witnessed. I have attended and/or hosted RKC I, RKC II and HKC and this was the best by far.

Brian Lawson, Red Hook, NY, owner, Body Architecture

Athletic Achievements, training background or specialty:

level 2 RKC, 4yrs active duty Army

One of the best courses Dragon Door has to offer! Not only for you but everyone else round you will benefit in someway if implemented correctly.

These two guys are incredible! I thought 4 days was going to be a bit long but it went by very fast! The depth of knowledge and how they convey is it really refreshing! I would take this course again!

Carol Donahoe, Seattle, WA, Trainer

Athletic Achievements, training background or specialty:


As always I feel very fortunate to be a part of such an amazing group of people. I am greatly impressed by the level of knowledge, skill and application the leaders of the workshop hold. The quality has been top notch. It is also wonderful to beheld accountable for my skills and know everyone else here has also earned the right to be here.

The quality of training – knowledge provided by Gray book and Brett Jones was very, very high. You can tell they know exactly what they are talking about know how to present it in a way that makes it easy to understand. You get the feeling they love what they do and that makes it exciting to learn.

It has been my favorite training experience thus far. The information is never ending but presented in a way that makes my want to walk through the door that has just been opened for me. It has left me hungry for more!


Participant Praise for the May 2011 Certified Kettlebell-Functional Movement Specialist Workshop

Gary Gant, Victorville, CA, Teacher

Athletic Achievements, training background or specialty:

HKC, Coopers Institute Functional Fitness Trainer ACE Group Exercise Instructor, US Army Officer, Major (Retired) Airborne, Air Assault, Ranger, Instructor

The most educational weekend of my life! I got a college education in 4 days! I have a degree in Sports Medicine and a Masters in P.E. I thought I knew something until this weekend, the information was informative and relative and can be applied right away. The best workshop I have attended and the best instructors.

The "RKC" was the best training I had ever received previously. With the two together I feel unstoppable!

Ron Davis, Tulsa, OK, Teacher, Coach

Athletic Achievements, training background or specialty:


I was blown away by the instructors. Their knowledge was awesome. They did not talk down to anyone. They made it fun and entertaining. My 1st experience with Gray Cook was much more than I bargained for. He is so smart and so easy to listen to. I could listen to him for days. Brett Jones is awesome as always.

I am a CSCS and a CPT through the NSCA. The RKC and FMS is light years ahead. I should have done this 1st.

Matthew Flaherty, New York, NY, Personal Trainer

Athletic Achievements, training background or specialty:

MS Exercise Science, CSCS, NSCA-CPT, NASM PES, USAW, CICS, FMS Level 2, 4th degree Black Belt TaeKwonDo

Amazing. I need to throw out all my programs and start again.

Unbelievable. I’ve seen videos with Cook but never in person. SOOO much knowledge. This is the 3rd time I’ve worked with Brett. Just when you think he’s said it all, BAM something new, useful and important.

This makes all other courses make sense. This answered all the whys? It didn’t just give us this worked for me. Now go out and try it!

Cheryl Cohen, Palm Desert, CA, Coach / Owner Desert CrossFit

Athletic Achievements, training background or specialty:

Level 2 CrossFit Certified Trainer, CrossFit Olympic Lifting, Movement and Mobility, Running/Endurance and Nutrition Certified Coach, Russian Kettlebell Challenge Instructor.

The most valuable investment I have made in my career without question. Even before finishing, I already knew it would completely magnify the difference I would make in the lives of my clients.

I’ve never participated in a training as comprehensive. This is truly a program focused on making people move better. I’ve only been involved in learning movements. Big difference! Quality of information was exceptional… practicality is immense. This is truly aimed at all populations.

Michael Kurkowski, Clifton Park NY, Fitness Professional

Athletic Achievements, training background or specialty:

Former Baseball player, Specialize in group training, sports performance, NASM certified

The CK-FMS proves how injury prevention and performance training work together not separately. I have heard Gray and Brett speak many times, and they continually amaze me with their knowledge. A life-changing experience for me!!

There are not enough words to describe the quality knowledge that Gray and Brett bring to the table. Their passion for their training comes out in every lecture and application. They proved again why they are the best of the best!

I was looking forward to tis weekend for 6 months and it didn’t disappoint in the slightest. After doing FMS and RKC before, this workshop brought them both together in the perfect amount. Hands-on training was great!

Bart Bishop, Whittier, CA, Chiropractor

Athletic Achievements, training background or specialty:


As a practicing chiropractor, this system provides a coherent algorithm for progressing such patients toward wellness and the 100-year lifestyle.

Other courses in chiropractic/rehab lack true functional outcome assessment – in my experience most emphasize "find the weakness and strengthen it".

Bill Maeda, Honolulu, HI, Personal Trainer

Athletic Achievements, training background or specialty:


The CK-FMS should be prerequisite not just for RKCs but, for EVERYONE. The CK-FMS answered, and will continue to answer so many training issues that were previously a mystery to me.

Rock stars! The way they present is very entertaining, and that makes the lectures really easy and fun to follow. I was not the best student in school, but these guys kept me up and interested.

SUPERIOR. As an LMT and CPT, I’ve been to many events. Dragon Door events are always top shelf. It takes A LOT to get this Hawaiian off his rock, but DD events are a must.

Cecily Casey, Highland Park, IL, Business Owner

Athletic Achievements, training background or specialty:

USAW level 1 Performance Coach

I learned more in my 4 day CK-FMS experience as far as applicable information that I did in my last two years at a traditional college program for exercise science.

The best – very professional, but also engaging. I felt as if they really have a vested interest in how we apply what we learn.

Hands down the best workshop I have ever attended. I have attended many of the Perform Better workshops and I love them, but I feel that my money was so well spent here. This workshop was incredibly comprehensive!

Alan Heddings, Seattle, WA, Firefighter/EMT

Athletic Achievements, training background or specialty:

Athletics: Collegiate football player, Firefighter Combat Challenge World Championships qualifier; Summited Mt Hood (OR) and Mt Rainier (WA...Certifications: ACE/IAFF Peer Fitness Trainer, Cooper Institute Fitness Specialist...Military: Graduate of U.S. Coast Guard Academy with BS in Civil Engineering, CG Officer for 11 years

The CK-FMS course is by far the most enjoyable and useable course I have ever taken, followed by the RKC. The fact that kettlebells were used to validate and complement the course made it that much more valuable. I believe that I have the ability to make valuable, life-changing movement patterns for people who have and will have suffered, and I didn’t need to become a doctor to do it. The system speaks for itself.

Much of this subject matter could be made very technical, confusing and ultimately boring. Gray Cook and Brett Jones have developed a language about this subject that is not only palatable, but makes you want more… more case studies, more stories and more experiences. When you are done, you wish you could recall every detail or have a video of the entire experience. It is rare in my life that I have been excited to go into an auditorium looking forward to being both educated and entertained.

The best course I have ever taken as far as quality and usability – this includes numerous courses taken through college, military service, police service, fir service and fitness calluses and certifications. RKC is a close 2nd, but – because CK-FMS would not be possible with RKC, I’ll call it a tie.

Campbell McCormack, Havertown, PA, Physical Therapist

CK-FMS has helped me bridge the gap between rehabilitation and training. As a sports and orthopedic physical therapist, I treat pain and dysfunction all the time. However, CK-FMs gives me other tools to use for those patients no longer in pain, but who still do not move well. And if I cannot treat beyond insurance restrictions, I have a whole community to refer to.

I take every opportunity to see/listen to both Gray and Brett. Gray is transforming how outpatient PT works and I consider him one of my greatest mentors. His knowledge is great, but it’s the communication that sets him apart.

Brett presents material in the best of ways. He mixes the intellectual side (FMS) with the School of Strength (RKC) mentality. They both represent functional movement better than anyone.

CK-FMS is the most practical exercise system I have taken beyond SFMA. Recognizing movement and its flaws is what separate the good from the great. DD has a quality standard and CK-FMS exceeded it.

Neghar Fonooni, Baltimore, MD, Performance Training Specialist

Athletic Achievements, training background or specialty:

Co-Owner of Optimum Performance Training Institute, USAF veteran, ACE and NASM CPT, RKC II, 10 years competitive softball

I first attended the FMS level one in 2007. Since then, I’ve attended several seminars with Brett, Gray and Lee etc. and I have implemented FMs into my training model and have always used it as the foundation to my programs. This weekend I was blown away. I feel as though I have learned brand new strategies, and have a much more solid understanding of the FMs system. I feel more confident and aware and was reminded of several things I forgot! My programs are going to get exponentially better as a result of attending this course.

I’ve seen Gray and Brett present several time and always expect a high level of professional and in depth instruction – they never disappoint. The combination of brilliance, humor and humility is refreshing and crates a rich learning environment. If Gray and Brett are teaching – I’m there whether it’s FMS, kettlebells or anything in between. The quality of instruction is top notch.

I’ve done the FMS level one and this blows it out of the water. By far the best education event I’ve attended and will attend this year.


Participant Praise for the October 2010 Certified Kettlebell-Functional Movement Specialist Workshop

Dan John, Senior RKC

The first hour is amazing… then, it gets better. "Life Changing" is not hyperbole here. I was flatly shocked at the corrections. It will probably save my athletic career.

The odd "hallway moments" were amazing, too. You could get a degree from eating lunch and just talking.

I have always had great respect for Brett. He mixes passion with humor. He is also an expert. Gray, of course, is one of a kind. The best, by far, in the field. I was humbled.

Practical use? How about tomorrow! Fabulous, the best, outstanding.

I wish the rest of the industry was a tenth of this…

R.T. Girch, Stevenson Ranch, CA, Sales/Trainer

One of the single most informational seminars that I have ever attended. If you are involved in any type of profession involving instructing people to move you need to attend this course.

I have a BS Degree in Kinesiology and I learned more in 4 days about the body and how it moves, than I did in my whole college career. Gary and Brett present complex subjects, break them down and make it easy to apply and understand.

No comparison, by far the #1 event I have ever attended.

Keith Weber, Red Deer, Alberta, Canada, Physical Therapist


  1. Definitely broke my bad habits (kettlebell wise) I had developed since my last re-cert! Thank you to everyone who helped me.
  2. I feel empowered to use the screen on people I previously thought were just uncoordinated or weak.
  3. Feel more confident in presenting certain KB exercises to my clients, to help with their unique problems.
  4. Have a more clear picture and practical concept of the human neurobiology of movement and how to rebuild lost patterns.
  5. Have a completely different and more practical approach to core stability training!!

I now have the ability to identify the underlying reason physiologically for a person's problem, whether it is pain, rom, weakness, or poor balance and to, even better, give simple and practical strategies and approaches that they can do with little equipment or understanding of their own bodies to help themselves in a hurry! I can't wait to try this stuff when I get home.

Gray Cook's lecturing skills are exceptional. He has a gift for speaking to audiences and conveying his message clearly.

I am committed to advancing my knowledge and clinical skills in an effort to better help my clients achieve a higher quality of life in terms of physical function with little or no pain. Not since my first RKC nearly 8 years ago have I experienced concepts and practical strategies that I can take with me to work tomorrow morning and implement immediately and effectively. Just over the past 4 days I feel physically and mentally rejuvenated as a direct result of personally practicing the corrective strategies and am excited to see them work on my clients and family members.

Geoff Neupert, Master RKC

A series of "A-HA" moments that have helped explain past movement dysfunctions and injuries. It also provided a series of quick "self checks" and correction to ensure quality movement/function.

Pavel + Gray + Brett = the 3 smartest guys in any room. Possibly even an unstoppable force to make the world a stronger place!

Joe Sansalone, Ellicott City, MD, Owner/Director, Optimum Performance Training Institute

One of the best training courses available in the fitness, strength and conditioning and performance enhancement industry. The combination of the lecture and hand on application work and the depth of information explained by some of the best instructors in the industry is truly world class and worth the amount of costs.

Gray Cook – True Genius. The depth of his knowledge and his ability to teach the content is the best in this industry. Period.

Brett Jones – One of the top 5 of the great instructors and masters of human movement and performance.

The CK-FMS is so much farther ahead of everybody else. The scope, instruction, and application of information is way above everybody else..

K.C. Reiter, Chico, CA, trainer

I am convinced that through learning the principles of the FMS I will not only be able to help my clients get past and avoid injury I will also be able to improve their strength and function by having a greater understanding of how the body works.

It is obvious that these two men have put in the time to develop a system that is very useable and potentially profoundly effective.

As with all DD products, the quality is top notch, the instruction excellent, the material a must have, and the people extraordinary.

This is the most technical yet useable informative course I have taken.

Dennis Breckey, Nashville, TN, Solution Provider

This was my second journey through the CK-FMS in less than 6 months. I stated before that is had the best cost to benefit ratio of any training I had previously experienced. I feel that is even more true the second time through as I greatly refined my understanding of the system.

I took a lot more out of the lectures this second time through. Having been able to step away and experiment with what I learned the first time for a while and then come back through has been invaluable. I feel like my understanding and comfort level grew exponentially over this weekend.

It is refreshing to work with individuals that are not just selling a "product" or touting the company line but are educating you on a system that they not only believe in completely but live daily.

Derek Miller

This CK-FMS workshop has been: perspective-altering, industry-broadening, and hugely influential in my career plan. The CK-FMS is the movement system that should be the base for RKC performance.

Gray Cook is, in my eyes, a time traveler from the future. Gray dispenses large volumes of information with easy-to-understand examples. His view of movement gives the attendees a peak into what is to come in the fitness industry.

Brett Jones provides deep insight into application of the CK-FMS. He displayed a large knowledge base in the FMS arena.

The CK-FMS provided more high-quality, applicable knowledge than any other training I've received

Lauren Miller Brooks, Encinitas, CA, Fitness Coach and Clinical Nutritionist, RKC Team Leader

CK-FMS is one of the most useful and informative experiences in my career as a fitness professional. This is the type of course that should be required for everyone who wants to move. Which means even those not in the health/fitness industry would benefit from this, so they have a clearer understanding of how to prevent injuries and acquire more body awareness.

It's the missing link in the industry and should be included in every single training certification in the world.

Brett - Brett has the experience and knowledge to back up everything he is presenting. He is an incredible speaker that keeps you engaged with his use of great analogies. Brett is funny which makes the comical aspect of the presentations a perfect approach for learning. He probably would do quite well if he wanted to take up stand up comedy. I mentioned to Brett that he has the power to take an ADD student to being a focused student. That goes a long way! Thanks Brett for always delivering outstanding information.

Gray - Hands down one of the most knowledgeable and interesting speakers that has the studies and experience to back up everything he says. When Gray speaks, I listen very carefully. He has the gift to take an overwhelming amount of information, that can be complicated, break it down in an easy digestible fashion. I look forward to continue to learn from him and enjoy his open mindedness and his very humble presence. Thank you Gray. It was an honor to be one of your students.

2 words - THE BEST! Other than the RKC, which I now feel some sort of FMS should be required before the RKC, is absolutely essential. You just realized how many mistakes you may have made in the past. Having the FMS is the power to improve yourself and clients beyond imagination!

Asha Wagner


  1. Helped me to differentiate between performance and function and how that correlates to resiliency.
  2. I had previously read and watched the video for Athletic Body in Balance. This gave me a much better and more in depth understanding of how to administer the tests, what to look for and how to select and apply the corrections.
  3. Mark Snow's talk on how to use FMS gave me a better understanding of ways to apply this in group settings as well as the potential results that can be gained.
  4. Through my 26 years as a competitive athlete and 13 years as a coach I am used to learning and teaching the body mechanics of skills. This course showed me the importance of fundamental and primitive movement patterns to the acquisition and execution of those skills.

Masters in their fields – very knowledgeable on the subject matter. Effective communications and teachers. Approachable and open to questions.

This is the most in depth physical exercise course I have taken, with the broadest scope and application for the material covered.

After playing volleyball for 23 years including 5 years at the Collegiate Division 1 level and coaching for the past 13 years, the information presented in this course over 4 days is easily as important if not more so, than anything else I could teach my young athletes about volleyball skills.

Scott Iardella, Parkland, FL, Clinical Specialist

While it's very comprehensive in the information presented, it's the most valuable (system) to maximize our outcomes with the clients you work with.

It's critical to understand movement patterns/weak links, identify them, and implement corrective strategies to truly help the people you work with. As a physical therapist, I wish I had learned these assessments of strategies years ago. A highly valuable learning experience I can't wait to use!


I knew coming in to CK-FMS that the level of knowledge from Brett and Gray would be at the highest level. If you have an opportunity (any opportunity) to hear these 2 speak, you don't want to miss it it's a "no-brainer" as far as I'm concerned.

Incredible knowledge and experience and of the most valuable workshop I've ever attended

Perfect blend of lecture and workshop/lab.

Denise Harty, Red Deer, AB, Canada,

It is both a privilege and an honor to be apart of system that is evolving, and changing lives. Being a part of an elite group with our education and knowledge from the most knowledgeable people in fitness industry gives me confidence and excitement to apply this to my community.

Gray and Brett are exceptional and light years ahead of the world. They are easy to understand, intelligent people that keep us on the edge of our seats, thirsty for more information. The stories and the humor are always great.

The quality is always awesome with a Dragon Door event.

Kati Terray, Lake Balboa, CA,

I am more inspired than ever to take this new information and begin applying it in my own training and with my clients. Absolutely the best training I have received anywhere.

Everything was presented in a way that was easy to understand. I was inspired by Gray and Brett in the way they spoke and presented the material. They were both outstanding.

Beyond compare! Although the info was so vast, I feel like I have the knowledge to know where to begin practicing and applying new skills.

Carmen Bott

The CK-FMS is the "link' between sound assessment methods, dysfunctional movement patterns and an above-average ability to prescribe exercise and coach strength. Its purpose allows the strength coach practitioner a valid and reliable means to look beyond anatomical structures and biomechanical issues into the true essence and purity of movement as a behavior. It simplifies + exemplifies "movement' as the basis for all bio-motor abilities to build upon.

In my opinion, when someone is truly an expert and has mastery of subject matter, like Gray and Brett do, they do not have to "talk above' their audience. Instead, they are able to create succinct, clear explanations that drive meaning home when the subject matter is often misconstrued as complicate or complex. The key in teaching is to create meaning for the learning to teach/talk in such a way that the subject matter resonates – they both do this exceptionally well. I have been a CSCS for 15 years now, and have met many high level people in their respected field. These guys are in the top 2%.

I teach at University Level – the text "Movement' has to become part of curriculum for the future of this industry.

Again, exceptional work – this is the best course I have ever taken in 15 years of practice – I would pay double for this as I feel it really separates the pretenders from the contenders in my industry.

Joe Walker, Ringwood, NJ, Studio Owner

This was a life changer for me. This could possibly be more applicable to the lives of my clients, friends, family, etc. than my RKC training. That's saying something since the RKC seriously changed my life and the lives of my clients. This system combined with the RKC School of Strength take us light years ahead of the rest of the fitness industry. Thank you for this experience.

  1. The lectures were enjoyable and easy to understand.
  2. The labs allowed us to cement what we learned after the lectures.
  3. Participating in the screen and administrating the screen so many times increased my comfort level and understanding of it greatly.
  4. Participating in much of the corrective work was both helpful and enlightening.

This was one of the best learning experiences I've ever experienced. The ability of Gray and Brett to simplify the complex enough to get a dope like me to understand and be comfortable with it is a miracle in itself. All kidding aside, I'm extremely grateful for being able to learn from them and know that the lives of my clients will improve tremendously from their knowledge and system.

Nothing else has even come close to this. This is a true game changer.

Nelson Alvarado, Waterbury, CT, Self-employed personal fitness trainer

It was better than I could have ever imagined! I learned more (stuff that actually works) in 4 days than I did in years of College and/or with any other certification.

Very informative and easy to absorb. I used to think the FMS was not for me because it was too complex but Gray and Brett presented the information in a way where it feels easy to learn and apply immediately.

The best training hands down (along with the RKC)!

Shari Wagner, Denver, CO, RKC, Personal Trainer, Designer

Amazing! So many a-ha moments were presented to me. I am confident that I will not only improve my movement and performance but also the movement and performance of my clients. I can't wait to start applying what I have learned. Now fully understand why others have called this workshop an RKC for your brain.

I am amazed at the level and depth of knowledge that these 2 men have on the FMS, bodies in general and how it all applies to what we do as RKC's. They make everything easy to understand and easy to apply. They provide ample time for Q&A and were available for specific issues that were discovered during lab time.

It was right up there with the RKC (not surprisingly) in its richness of content and practical use.

Paul Britt, Rockwall, Texas, Owner, Britt's Training Systems and Amazing Athletes

This class is life changing both personally and professionally. I cannot see teaching any physical skills without it. I have literally re-wrote my business model over the last few days. Both in how I teach, but also in what strategic alliances to create.

My own personal training has changed in that I now realize the importance of what I do to my movement patterns. What I do now will continue to either spiral downwards or be corrected and maintained. I have to train for the maintain!

Put simply, there are not any better instructors out there. They are both the elite of the elite. Brett improves every time I see him. His depth of knowledge is awe inspiring. He is able to make it understandable for all.

Gray Cook is a witty, knowledgeable and passionate instructor. He exceeded my expectations.

Next to the RKC course itself, this was the best training I have ever had. RKC got me to a certain point, CK-FMS will take me even further. The impact of this course is immense.

As usual, this was well run with great staff. I don't not believe anyone else does a workshop planning any better.

Beau Bentley, Bixby OK, Trainer/ Student

When I went through the RKC I remember thinking "Wow! There is nothing else like this anywhere". After going through CK-FMS, I have the exact same feeling. There is nothing like this.

Both Bret and Gray are very knowledge. There is no hiding their passion for the FMS, or their intellect in the subject. Any question I thought of asking was answered before I had time to ask it. They know their stuff.

If you have taken the responsibility of training another individual, CK-FMS is not a necessity, it is a need.

No other community/program puts as much value in quality movement as RKC, CK-FMS and Dragon Door.

Steve Freides, RKC Team Leader

The CK-FMS is a system of principles related to good body movement. The weekend clearly presented those principles and also gave both general and detailed methods for implementing them in individual and group settings.

I now move better as a result of working with my fellow students and the instructors and I believe that starting my clients with an FMS will be good for them and good for my business as well.

Gray is clearly the master of his materials and Brett is equally capable and experienced. They know their stuff, and they have made tremendous strides in organizing it since I first attended the inaugural CK-FMS. Nice job folks!

It equals the RKC, and that is very high praise.

Anton Summers

A great four days that left you wanting more! A great introduction to the principles and corrective strategies that make up the FMS.

Kerry Timko

It was a great education in understanding body movement and learning how to reprogram faulty movement mechanics. This program was the missing link to my complete training package. I can't wait to get started. I anticipate a new awakening for my clients and athletes. A body awareness which will be totally reflexive and to wake-up ones deep core reactions.

Both speakers have an expertise in the field of physical movement that is top shelf. I felt very privileged to have had the opportunity to study under them.

This course was very in depth and will require much more work on my part to become proficient. This course is cutting edge research. And in a total new direction compared to other run of mill programs. This program could easily be a full University or College course credit.

Matthew Godina

The CK-FMS provided me with a comprehensive understanding of fundamental movement patterns. Not only did I learn how to assess and screen these patterns, but also I was given a systematic method on how to correct them.

They were both amazing instructors. The depth of knowledge regarding the topics and off topics presented by the both of them was amazing.

I have not done any other training workshops other then Dragon Door workshops in several years. That being said, the reason I keep coming back is that the material presented is of such high quality that I don't feel a need to learn from anywhere else, and the CK-FMS has served to further reinforce that idea.

Mike Krivka, Gaithersburg, MD, Training Director - Martial Arts Koncepts and CrossFit Koncepts

The CK-FMS was an astounding and eye-opening course. The quest for the "perfect snatch" must pass through the FMS. The understanding and realization that improper movement patterns are robbing me and my clients of the full benefit of Russian Kettlebells was well worth the cost of the course (in dollars and brain cells)

Brett and Gray are an amazing team and bring an energy and enthusiasm to the CK-FMS that is unparalleled in the fitness industry.

The CK-FMS is comparable to the RKC – in that the intensity level is tremendously high – not on a physical level but a mental one. The information presented will not only add years to my own physical lifestyle but will also do the same for my clients and federal agencies and military organizations that I work with.

Shannon O'Neil, Seattle, WA, Personal Trainer,

Wow. Great info. I have a new understanding to movement and know that the CK-FMS will change the way my clients move for the better. I am very excited to see the results my clients will get fro this. They will be great!

CK-FMS is 100 times better than any other training course I have had. It is a seminar that applies to all clients at any level and I am confident in what I am brinbing home. I also appreciate all the great minds coming together in such an open forum.

Robin Sinclear, Durham, CA, Paramedic Battalion Chief, RKC Instructor

It has given me a number of tools to add to my tool box that can be used in everyday practical application. Excellent instruction and presentation of material.

As expected, the CK-FMS provided the same high quality material that is presented in all Dragon Door/RKC workshops. I feel confident that I can incorporate the principles I learned over the course of the four days into my everyday practice.

Nic Branson, Coventry, CT, Strength Coach, Business Owner

Mind blowing. Completely changed my mindset. With these two the quality is impeccable. Open and very willing to share.

This is the best investment I have made. Even better than my RKC.

James Talo, Vancouver, BC, Letter Carrier/Strength Coach

Brimful of information – practical useful information that will take time to assimilate to make me a top tier coach with my athletes and clients alike.

I have attended 8 events by the Dragon Door/RKC group. These events have had me change my career, my outlook on life and have given me the skills to serve my community. I have found no training that has even come close in quality or value.

I look forward to being surprised by the high quality of future Dragon Door workshops.

Thank you to the Dragon Door support staff for their outstanding efforts.

Thank you to the Du Cane's and Pavel for continuing to raise the bar in education.

Thank you to Gray, Danielle, and Brett for so readily sharing their time and knowledge so that I may continue to serve and share what I have learned with those around me.

Brad Middleton, Winston-Salem, NC, Group KB class leader; Personal Trainer/Nutrition Trainer

Why go on training or go on through life activities with the certainly of breakdown. I now have enough information and tools to stop some of the madness.

These guys know their stuff. It was obvious they have many and varying experiences to share with us. This was great! Very different in style and delivery which helped make the seminar more interesting.

As usual, all RKC sponsored/associated training trumps anything else I have experienced and I have been at this physical training for some twenty year now.


It gave me exactly what I wanted from it. A complete understanding of the testing, a breakdown of the appropriate steps to take after screening a client, the progressions from soft issue work, into mobility, stability -> dynamic with moves.

They are both books of knowledge, busting at the seams! Doesn't get any better!!

I rank it as high as the RKC I, which I have #1 on my list. I've been to numerous C.E.C. and the material covered, lab time provided and Q&A's available are unspeakable. The manual is so thorough, I can walk away form here ready to apply and use the material. When in the past with other C.E.C.s, I haven't been able to. I came here because I went to FMS 3 years ago and never felt 100% comfortable using is as a baseline because I didn't feel it was enough time or info given at the seminar. Knowing Dragon Door teamed up with 2 of the best in the field, I had to come and seek the completion I've needed on my FMS training.

Caleb Terray, Lake Balboa, CA, RKC / Fight Choreographer

Overwhelming! A very enjoyable learning experience. Challenging and yet not over-taxing in scope, with very powerful materials to make even the more complicated lessons hit home.

I can't imagine anyone more knowledgeable or effective at delivering this type of training. The best of the best.

This is certainly the deepest and most practical training I've ever attended on physical exercise, with the RKC a very close 2nd. But in fairness, this was longer.

Jerome Anderson, Bergenfield, NJ, Fitness Professional

Developing a program with such competent educations builds enormous value. FMS takes you tot he next level of profession athletic development.

Priceless… Thank you. Only one compares… RKC I eagerly looking forward to RKC II July ;)

Jay Cannon, Nashville, TN, Business Consultant

CK-FMS training with Gray and Brett was a phenomenal experience because of the lecture and lab work we conducted. We could have spent twice as much time in lecture and I wouldn't have received the same benefit without the hands on work. I personally experienced physical improvement in my movement patterns. Additionally, the lecture explained why and the science behind, I experienced those changes.

This is my second DD event RKC was the first. This was equal to RKC in excellence, but different, of course, in presentation. I really appreciate the respect we were shown as already recognized RKCs.

Tristan Phillips, Sayville, NY, Marital Arts Instructor The CK-FMS was 1 big "a-ha" moment I've realized the roots to many, if not all of my limitations, and now have clear path to correcting each and every one of them.

Gray Cook and Brett Jones are absolutely inspiringly insightful. They lecture and work as a team in a seamless manner. They are both patient and extremely helpful on a one-to-one basis as well as to a group.

Ryan Egan


  1. I now have an algorithm that explains why and what I have been doing with the FMS.
  2. Just gave my clients a bulletproof vest for safety readiness in kb training

Above and beyond expectations. I now have a full fledge battle plan and an arsenal of movement and exercise ammo, to blow away restrictions, annihilate roadblocks, and unlock performance potential in athletes never thought possible. I'm ready for war.


The combo of personality, knowledge and entertainment helps unlock a mental Pandora's box – that once opened will forever change the way you perceive human movement.

Gray is amazing!! I will hear him speak again and again.

Brett backs up the brain with powerful insight and real time application.

It doesn't compare!! This is the razor's edge cutting away all the sloppy fat of the modern misperception of real movement, pure function, and true training.

Ron Wetzell, Minneapolis, MN RKC, Z-Health Instructor


  1. I now have a system based on movement principles that can and will direct my corrective strategies.
  2. I can improve metabolism thru better movement.
  3. I can identify person at increased risk of injury and movements that they should not do until movement has improved.
  4. If clients don't improve kettlebell movements with repeated instructions, it may be because they can't improve those movements until I identify and remove the brakes their system has adopted. I now have system to make me a better coach and instructor of movement and kettlebell training.
  5. I don't have to improve everything at once, I only need to identify their weakest link.

Wow! Extra-ordinary. This is graduate school. I could not have been more impressed with the material and presentation. The scope and detail really is at "the next level'.

This is as good as it gets. If this isn't the highest level of excellent, I wouldn't know it if I saw it.

This training is at the same level of all Dragon Door training that I've taken which is to say, top drawer.

Joe Johnson, Hannibal, MO, Personal Trainer & Wellness Coach

Great! Right at the edge of overload!! Okay, maybe over the edge. The workshop has taught me to not only look at movement, but movement like a baby. But also this is how I need to look at improving myself and my client. By making small improvements that soon develop into a functional being.

Great training. I can listen to Gray and Brett talk all day. Their knowledge is so vast and their experience so deep. Even when a question is asked on the spot, there is no hesitation in the answer.

I am FMS certified through the workshop Gray and Lee do with Perform Better. Even though a lot of the initial info is the same this goes so much deeper, from a practical position as much as anything.

Bill Duvall, Reno, Nevada, Personal Trainer

The CK-FMS has allowed me the chance to get amazing instruction from a couple of the best in the business on human movement, assessment and corrective strategies. This kind of instruction when applied properly I feel takes me to a much higher level in the fitness industry as well as my customer service for my clients.

The only other training that even comes close is the RKC back in February.

Austin Jones

It was a very eye-opening experience on how we move, as well as, how we do have the ability to affect our movement in a positive way.

They are top notch presenters and educators. They have the knowledge and mileage to back-up what they say and do.

Alex Verdugo Jr, San Diego, CA, Fitness Specialist

The CK-FMS is the twilight zone of fitness. The information given is beyond 99.9% of fitness professionals' scope. Definitely the next generation of health and wellness.

Andy Speer, New York, NY, Trainer

Great amount of knowledge and practical application learned in these 4 days. They really set the stage for me to be able to take this FMS principles and learn how to help people in my practice.

I took the FMS with Lee Burton about 1½ years ago. It was 2-day workshop with less qualified attendees. The overall scope of material along with being in attendance with other RKC's made this course much more useful and worthwhile.

Bryan Gomez, Millbrae, CA, Personal Fitness Trainer

By far the most valuable information I have had the privilege of being a part of. I am leaving St Paul with the confidence that I can truly make a difference in my clients' well-being.

Blown away! Amazing listening to two individuals with so much knowledge who are able to simplify and put into layman's terms. The amount of material far exceeded my expectations.

Lori Passmore, Edmonton, AB Canada, Fitness Instructor

Wow! The information I received in the last 4 days will change people's lives!

The information to articulate is vast and potentially overwhelming. Brett and Gray made it simple and fun!

The information was detailed, concise, practical, easily applies. The opportunity to immediately practice was great to understand the information given.

Lance Coffel, Portland, OR, Fitness Coach

New, wow, great stuff. My head hurts! I'm excited about the potential.

Top notch. Best of the best info. Their knowledge is without question some of the best and most useful I've had the opportunity to experience.

Right up there with the RKC 1 and II. Among the top certs I have attended over my 30+ years in the fitness business.

Kingston Heng, Irvine, CA, Martial Arts Instructor

Great event to educate anyone interested in the well being of themselves or others around them. Don't need to be a health professional to be able to grasp the principles of the CK-FMS system.

I've only taken the RKC and CK-FMS courses. Both have given me a wealth of knowledge, cueing, troubleshooting that many other health professionals I know do not even know.

Jimmy Yuan, Phoenix, AZ, Chiropractic Physician

First class from beginning to end. Organization, information, education, experience all were bar- none. I could not have asked for a better seminar/workshop experience.

Both Gray and Brett are in my "Hall of Fame" as instructors, presenters and people! A wealth of theoretic, research, and practical knowledge.

The beauty of CK-FMS is that it can be both a standalone system but also can be merged with existing systems/teaching that I use. I can use the methodology and principles as a check and clearance for my clients and patients.

Kevin Knapp

This is the next level for me. I learned more about my movement, and others each hour during these 4 days. I truly feel this will change my practice and client practice. The CK-FMS is a must for the RKCs!

Mind blowing – feel as if I could ask any questions on movement, kb training, FMS, career as a trainer and not just get the answer… but get the best answer. They are top notch, great speakers – funny – engaging, and talk/walk the walk. Amazing instructors.

The materials are awesome, the system is universal and applies to everything I do in the training field. Exceeded all my expectations and I had the bar set high.

Joe Thimmesh, St Paul, MN, Kettlebell instructor; Landscaper

A phenomenal experience that shows and explains how people move and reasons some people can't move.

Wow!! More knowledge then you think would fit into a person's head.

Thiago Passos

It changes everything and gives us an accountability for every step in our practice. It will make me a more careful and precise practitioner of what I do.

The expertise presented to us was superb. Mr. Cook and Mr. Jones have a great connection with everything they do and also between themselves. That shows during the 4 days by the easy transition and supplementation of the information "on stage" and the fact they"re not "theoreticians" of the subject but actually the application guys, gives a lot more credibility to the material.

Bridget Humphrey, Seattle, WA, Firefighter

I now understand what trainers can accomplish as opposed to a physical therapist. In other words, I have appreciation for the trainers input.

Larry Birzer, Meridian, MS, USN-RET, SCH COUNSELOR -RET

A positive reinforcement of proper health and fitness activities, which provided a "barometer" to distinguish good vs. bad.

Both well versed in the CK-FMS programs and possessing the concept of "blink" to recognize help clients fix problems.

Much more detailed and applicable in the everyday world of average "Joe" and yet specific enough for the professionals.

Tim Anderson, Fire Fighter, Fugquay-Varina, NC

Great information that, if used correctly, will take a good trainer and make them a great trainer.

Simply the best. A wealth of knowledge and information; passionate about their craft.

Most of my training comes from the RKC (Dragon Door). The bar was set high. This course has not disappointed. Great course.

Participant Praise for the May 2010 Certified Kettlebell-Functional Movement Specialist Workshop

Pavel Tsatsouline, RKC Chief Instructor
Santa Monica, California

Yang and Yin. Hard Style and reflexive movement. RKC and CK-FMS. "Enjoy the pain!" and "Enjoy no Pain!" Strength and Health.

Andrew Read – RKC, Melbourne, Australia, Trainer

Athletic Achievements, training background or specialty:

4 years 2 Commando Company, 1st Commando Regiment. Member Olympic Taekwondo team 1988, 28 years martial arts experience, 18 years PT experience, Former S&C coach at Victorian Institute of Sport, Contributor for UltraFit and Blitz magazines, Speaker at national fitness conferences

The CK-FMS is the reason I became an RKC in the first place. The course has not disappointed at all. Gray and Brett delivered amazing material throughout and there were ample opportunities to practice and ask questions. When you include the manual and other add-ons there is simply nothing like it anywhere else in the world.

Dave Clancy - RKC, New Albany, OH, Strength Coach

Athletic Achievements, training background or specialty:

NSCA CSCS*D, ACE-CPT, Triathlete, Martial Artist (Hapkido, Taekwondo)

I was very humbled by the quality and depth of knowledge that was present. The talent in this building is amazing.

I have been to half a dozen of Gray's seminars in the past year. I also drive 3-hours each way to train under Brett. There are none finer. Add Doc Cheng to that list. There is a reason he collaborated on Kalos Sthenos.

Having followed Brett's and Gray's work for a long time and having been through the rigors of the RKC I had very high expectations for the CK-FMS. The dates were circled on my calendar for a year and I anticipated a top-notch experience.

My expectations were completely blown away! The knowledge shared and the correction strategies displayed alone was worth the price. Add to that the complete professionalism and commitment by the entire group of presenters, coupled with enough fun to keep it light, made for another life changing experience.

If you are a trainer and do not take advantage of this, what the hell is wrong with you! I have found no better investment of time or money.

Keith Veri - RKC, Atlanta GA, Personal Trainer

I leave the CK-FMS with wealth of information that is applicable to my practice at professional life. Application as well as the blueprint of changing the lives of my clients by helping them move pain free in their training and their everyday life.

The quality of the training is well beyond anything I have ever experienced in my career. The delivery of the information and the tips on how to apply it so easily.

This has been the blueprint I have been searching for, everything else is just fillers.

Angelo Gala – RKC II

Extending the workshop to fours days rather then the previous three demonstrates first how important all the information provided is. Hats off to two speakers that make learning so much material entertaining and enjoyable.

As usual DD blew away my expectations for the workshop. Quality of content was top notch. Thank you for putting together an amazing event!

John "Scott" Stevens - RKC, Omaha, NE, Martial Art Instructor

Athletic Achievements, training background or specialty:

30 Years Taekwondo. Kukkiwon Licensed International Master Instructor. USAT Level 1 Coach. 2008 World Taekwondo Hanmadang Gold Medalist

It felt like the equivalent of years of college and practical work crammed into a few days. It will take me years to fully digest but I am confident it has given me what I need to start getting better results and building better relationships with my clients. I can't wait to return to future CK-FMS certs and see how it evolve and improves.

Absolutely wonderful and inspiring. It was an honor to watch someone who has mastered the system at work.

In terms of information this far exceeded everything I've ever experienced. Practically and quality is matched only by the RKC.

Prentiss Rhodes, Chicago, IL, Fitness and Self-Defense Instructor/ Chiropractor

Athletic Achievements, training background or specialty:

Athletic Achievements: Former National Collegiate Taekwondo Medalist in the heavy weight division, Former NAGA Illinois Championships winner in 200lb weight class, Former NAKF regional long cycle champion in 24kg class 71 reps. Training background: Corrective Exercise Specialist, Strength and Conditioning for martial artists and boxers, RKC since 2005, Martial Arts: 3rd DAN Taekwondo, 1st DAN Hapkido, 1st Degree Black Belt Haganah, Blue Belt Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, Professional Certifications: Doctor of Chiropractic, NSCA CSCS, ABCSP Certified Chiropractic Sports Physician, RKC II

CK-FMS has allowed me to be a more holistic teacher by recognizing patterns and finding common denominators in helping to restore function.

Some schools offer courses over 100 hours that do not give the same education. Gray and Brett have the knowledge and the excellent teaching ability to make a topic that is quite advanced practical and immediately applicable.

Zar Horton, Senior RKC, Albuquerque, NM

Amazing – once you know this, or are exposed to this, you have a responsibility to your clients/family/friends to be a part of them getting better – movement, pain wise if necessary or performing better!

- Amazing, mind blowing.

- Inspiring –

Thank you guys for taking the thousands of hours to prepare, refine, present this most incredible stuff. You are both so giving and generous you set the example. I will represent you to the best of my ability. – Brett is mind blowing you are willing go student by student with no time limits on graduate work. Gray- Thanks for my personal advice. Thank you both! Zar.

Very in-depth, organized, explained supported/defendable.

- It as all D.D workshops, which is the majority of what I attend stand high.

The developers can stand proudly

- Very Professional

- Highend information

- Perfect tell, show, do approach to hit every learning style.

Dennis Breckey - RKC, Nashville, TN, Solution Provider

Athletic Achievements, training background or specialty:

Z-Health R & I certifications. Practitioner of Wado Ryu Karate and Kwong Sai Jook Lum Praying Mantis.

I had an experience that far exceeded my expectation. This is saying a lot as I expected a lot based on my previous RKC experience. I had a great time while learning a wealth of information. If everything in life had this value to quantity/quality ratio the world would be a much better place.

Simply unsurpassed. You could tell they lived what they spoke. It is not just theory for them, it is a way of life.

Material was very good. I will rearrange for my own personal style.

Its quality was above par and laid out in a manner that was logical and allowed for easy progression through the needed steps.

Phil Ross – RKC Team Leader

Wow! A great deal of solid, useful information that will five me the edge in the training world. I feel very confident that I will be able to help my clients achieve fitness and performance levels that they did not think possible before hand. I look forward to the challenge of becoming a very good FMS practitioner.

Incredible – I felt that I was able to tap into a whole unexplored area of corrective fitness knowledge – unlike anything that I have ever experienced before. There was a great deal of data to be absorbed and implemented. It was done in a very effective manner/

I would put it on par with my RKC training.

The RKC was more suited to my personal liking – but the FMS is more suited to my personal development.

I am with the RKC and Dragon Door programs because they are second to none. Period.

Anton Iskerskiy - RKC-1, CK-FMS, Staten Island, NY, Fitness Professional, Owner Staten Island Kettlebells

CK-FMS has evolved greatly in the past 2 years. Compared to the inaugural CK-FMS this workshop was much more structured integrating the latest developments in the field of corrective movement and the RKC system. Personal dynamics between G. Cook and B. Jones made the whole experience very entertaining.

G. Cook and Brett Jones are very experienced and hands-on instructors who are not afraid to admit their errors. It is great to see the system evolving and getting better at making people better fast.

Just like any other Dragon Door events, CK-FMS is above and beyond other kettlebell certifications and the basic FMS.

The fact that you must complete a case study, maintain your RKC certification combined with the fact that all instructors are very down–to-earth an are wiling to answer questions in person, via email and on the forum sets this cert. apart from others.

Keira Newton – RKC Team Leader, Santa Fe, NM, business owner (kb gym)

Athletic Achievements, training background or specialty:

Z-health level II, feldenkrais practitioner, gymnastics

This training has given me a clear, precise way to evaluate and (train) my students in an effective (athletic) way.

It is clear that both Gray and Brett have an enormous amount of information (study) and practice with the method. Outstanding quality with both instructors.

CK-FMS has improved dramatically over the last 2 years! The quality of the material is fantastic you can "see" it in the before and after numbers. There is a wide range of materials and exercises to use for corrective or further study, which helps with the practical use of the method. I also feel that Brett and Gray are extremely helpful, and always wiling to help – if needed.

David Ebert - RKC, CICS, Franklin, TN, Self Employed

CK-FMS is an essential component to complete RKC.

There is no comparison. RKC is physical, Indian clubs was mental. CK-FMS was 10x more mental with great application.

Jason Marshall – RKC Team Leader, Lubbock TX.

Gray and Brett are awesome at what they do. They compliment each other perfectly and present the material in a light and practical manner that any trainer can understand. Even though they keep it simple for the lay-trainer, their intelligence and breadth of knowledge is truly awe-inspiring.

I attended the first CK-FMS in Aug 2008. This time my expectations were exceeded by a mile. The extra day and additional information covered coupled with the current innovations made the course an exponentially better experience.

I give HUGE props to the DD staff! They were (and always are) AWESOME! Great job!

Matthew Beecroft - RKC, Adelaide, Australia, Personal Training Manager, PT, DT Instructor, Muay Thai Coach

Athletic Achievements, training background or specialty:

Certificate 4 in Fitness, Certificate 4 in Sports Coaching (Martial Arts Instruction), Graduate Level 5, Civilian Self Defence Instructor, International Krav Maga Federation (IKMF), Netanya, Israel, Level 2 Wing Chun Instructor, International Wing Chun Academy (IWCA) Sydney Australia, Level 1 National Coaching Accreditation Scheme (NCAS) Boxing and Sports Power Coach, Crossfit Level 1, Circular Strength Training (CST)Instructor

An amazing opportunity to learn from pioneers in the corrective movement field. This material will revolutionize how we understand movements, improve movement and durability in performance fields and pre-hab and rehab those in dysfunction.

Amazing!! This material will revolutionize how we look at movement and improve the quality of life for many individuals. Fantastic – the best I have experienced.

Pat Sitton - RKC, Claremore, OK, Computer

RKC was first grade, CK-FMS was college. Huge advancement in skills in a short time.

Words that express my feelings about Gray and Brett are hard to express. They presented the material in such a manner that was completely clear. With the added benefit of being engaging and entertaining.

By far the single best workshop I've ever attended in any field.

Andrea Chang – RKC Team Leader, Seattle, WA

It is one of the few movements/assessment certifications in the training world that holds its students to the highest standard of their own personal practice, as an RKC, we are expected to walk the walk, talk the talk, and then add an informed and judicious mind in order to go out and work with the population that we work with.

Gray Cook and Brett Jones are two of the most accomplished practitioners out there. Their combined knowledge base ensures a non stop flow of information that makes your head explode! Humor and intelligence combined with a very conversational delivery style made it continually engaging and enjoyable.

On par with all the DD events – of the highest order! Per usual ;)

Marc "Spud" Bartley - RKC, Columbia, SC, Gym Owner, Powerlifter

Athletic Achievements, training background or specialty:

Professional Powerlifter, 1 time competitive bodybuilder, Owner of South Carolina Barbell, Personal Trainer, Owner of Nutrition Warehouse, Owner of Spud, Inc. Straps and Equipment.

CK-FMS is a bag of simple tools organized easily so many health/fitness professional can use them within 10 minutes. The assessments gathered from these screens save a ton of time and quickly tell you what, when and the how that you can do to a client in that countless sessions learning a little or nothing at a time.

I enjoyed them because of the simplicity of the material presented. It was obviously very technical and medical but both presented in a very easily to listen to and understandable format.

Always top shelf.

Steve Milles – RKC II, New York City NY, Partner, Head Muay Thai Instructor at Five Points Academy in NYC

Athletic Achievements, training background or specialty:

Professional Certifications: Arjan (Master) under Grandmaster Chansadeth "Cheetah" Chantanao, Cheetah Muay Thai Assoc. Kru (Teacher) under Grandmaster Thosaphon "Toddy" Sitiwatjana, Muay Thai International Assoc. RKC Level I (Aug 2008) and Level II (June 2009). Instructor Achievements: Trainer to 9 members of US national teams to World Muay Thai Championships. Trainer to multiple amateur and professional champions at national and international level, including current women's WKA Bantamweight World Champion and men's USMTA Welterweight World Champion. Athletic Achievements: Retired Professional Thai boxer (15 years), top ten ranked fighter, USMTA Welterweight Intercontinental Champion, WKA Jr. Middleweight US Champion, WKA and ISKA Welterweight US Champion, Bronze Medal, IAMTF World Championships in Bangkok, Thailand.

Eye-opener. Mind-blowing. A-HA! Every RKC event I attended is better than the previous. This CK-FMS continues the streak.

Gray Cook is very smart, very passionate, very excited about what he does. It's contagious. Brett is an excellent presenter, light, funny, but on point at the same time! They would both be intimidating if they weren't so pleasant and approachable. Both Gray and Brett take very involved material, make it approachable, understandable and positively fun.

I can't wait to get screening. It's that good. The idea of quickly identifying dysfunction holding back my students, clients and fighters... and having strategies to fix them just takes what I already know from RKC 1 and 2 and rams it way up.

O'Connor is also great. He is a clear, articulate presenter who often manages to put the final "A-HA" on something I thought I already understood from Gray and Brett.

Carolyn Brumfield – RKC II, Cardiff, CA, Owner, Phyzyks, Kettlebell and Exercise therapy training company

Athletic Achievements, training background or specialty:

Muscle Balance and Function Development certification, Fitness Instruction, exercise Science certificate from UCSD

Once again a course that exceeded my expectations. I am especially impressed that such a complex system could be organized and taught in a way that leaves me with no doubt I will be successful practicing. Gray Cook and Brett Jones were outstanding.

Elise Matthews - RKC, Columbia, SC, Exercise Physiologist

Athletic Achievements, training background or specialty:

Former Collegiate / Semi-pro Goal Keeper, CSCS

By far the best certification I have been to which allows me to help everyone I am working with from a tri athlete to a 70 year old. The training was complete from the teaching of the screen all the way through to the corrective strategies.

The level of knowledge here was way beyond impressive. Second to Pavel, I haven't met anyone else who is as knowledgeable and passionate about their system.

The quality of information far over shadows anything I have taken and its practicality is universal.

Susan Bartley - RKC, Columbia, SC, Gym Manager


Obviously a great experience! Because of the low "intensity" training style I was able to grab and save more information than if it had been highly technical and no fun. This is the perfect combination of fun and functional.

Very informative and enlightening, presented in an energized and straightforward format! Their style makes it much easier to digest the load of info.

I have always said that the certs through Dragon Door are worth every dime spent. I have been to no other certifications in any field that meet this standard.

Rolando Garcia III – RKC II, Guttenberg, NJ

"Better the second time around!! A must for the fitness pros!" Best I've seen, bar none.

Dustin Miller - RKC II, Chicago, IL, Personal Trainer

Athletic Achievements, training background or specialty:

1999 AAPF IL State, National, and World Powerlifting Champion. 2000 IL State Champion, Set total of 11 world records. Beast Tamer (Sept '08), CSCS Certified (NSCA), CES Certified (NASM)

WOW! Totally mind blowing. Information was awesome. So much to take in. Bring your thinking cap.

Delaine Ross – RKC Team Leader, Atlanta, GA, Kettlebell Gym Owner

The CK-FMS was awesome. It really made neural re-patterning through new movements make sense. I'm excited to have a measurable testing system my students can see and understand to take back with me.

Gray and Brett never fail to impress with their knowledge of the body, especially the brain and neural patterning through quality movement.

With this instruction, I feel comfortable going home and practicing whereas I have felt other (non-kettlebell movement) certs feeling completely insecure using the method learned. I love that there is an objective, reproducible testing method.

Nikki Snow - RKC, Omaha, NE, Russian Kettlebell Instructor, Bootcamp Instructor/Co-Owner

Athletic Achievements, training background or specialty:

All-American College Basketball Player, Midland Lutheran College 2002 Athlete of the Year, All-Nebraska Soccer and Basketball Player, All-Conference Volleyball, Soccer and Basketball, ACE Group Fitness Instructor

It was a mind-blowing experience. The instructors (Gray and Brett) did a great job explaining the screens and correctives and really broke it down into language that I could understand. I learned a lot about myself and what I need to do – plus a whole lot of great information to help my clients.

Gray and Brett are both incredibly knowledgeable and they have a great dynamic that made learning the material enjoyable. You can tell they are passionate about what they do.

Ryan Harmer - RKC, Westfiels, NJ, personal trainer

Athletic Achievements, training background or specialty:

NASM, FMS, Z-Health Level 2

Amazing! Such a detailed presentation of how the body functions (or dysfunctions). FMS gives a great starting point to work with the extremely complicated human body.

Great presenters. Entertaining, engaging, very in depth descriptions of the stuff. I was not bored or turned off in the least for all 4 days.

Very high quality. Top notch sought after information. Will be put to use immediately. For the amount of info, it was delivered clearly and in an easy way to understand.

Mark Toomey, RKC Team Leader, Reno, NV

It was like jumping into a swimming pool and finding myself in an ocean.

Best cert of its type… anywhere at any cost.

Steve Rowe - RKC, Orange, CT, Personal Trainer

Athletic Achievements, training background or specialty:

RKC, NASM Certified Personal Trainer, NASM Corrective Exercise Specialist

This course has "filled in the blanks". I now have a better understanding of the what's, and how's to fix and improve the movements patterns of my clients.

I've experienced only a few professionals with the kind of knowledge and expertise outside of the RKC community.The RKC holds the highest standard and both Gray and Brett are perfect examples. Their knowledge, skill expertise, experience were willingly, easily and effectively shared and communicated over the course of instruction.

Stevie Weaver - RKC, Port Townsend, WA, Personal Trainer

Incredible, it was an awesome experience. Great intro to the CK-FMS I can't wait to attend again.

WOW!! Amazing knowledge and understanding of corrective drills and screening.

A very high, same level as the RKC level I or more. Way above Crossfit.

Sergei Karaliou – RKC II, Ocean, NJ, Personal trainer

A lot of helpful info to use, think about, yet benefit from and to help people.

Highly experienced in this department it was great to watch the "magic" coming and coming. I feel that they would be the most competent people to learn from. A+ across the board.

Vince Toomey - RKC, Reno, NV, Student

This is completely eye opening. It changed my view on training myself and my clients. If I didn't take the course someone else would have and would take my clients

The knowledge presented by Gray and Brett is staggering. They are not only incredibly smart people, but they know how to dumb it down for the average person to understand. First rate stuff.

The CK-FMS is the perfect partner for the RKC. It's application goes far beyond anything I've read in books or seen demonstrated before. The real-time application of what was just taught in lecture cemented the ideas and exercise corrections.

Naina Bhasin - RKC, Durham, NC, Director of Business & Technology Development

Athletic Achievements, training background or specialty:

RKC Level 1: April 2007, RKC Level 1 Assistant Instructor: August 2009

Gray and Brett are phenomenal. I love the scientific approach that Gray has brought to the table. Coupling that insight and knowledge with Brett's mastery of the RKC system was incredibly powerful. Both set a great tone and atmosphere here. I certainly will try to get to other events where one or both will be. This workshop only touched on the depth of their knowledge I'm sure.

I only have the RKC to compare to and this was outstanding. Both the RKC level I and CK-FMS are intense experiences – CK-FMS was certainly more mentally challenging.

David Whitley, Master RKC, Nashville, TN

CK-FMS is an essential element in my practice as an RKC both personally and professionally.

Brett and Gray each are at the level of excellence by which I am inspired. Either of them are excellent; the combination of the two of them is outstanding.

Tim McPhee – RKC II, Rochester, MN, Plumbing/ Heating Installer

Athletic Achievements, training background or specialty:

Master Plumber, 4th Degree Black Belt Tae Kwon Do, Certified Instructor Tae Kwon Do

I have taken RKC Level I and II courses. The information presented was voluminous and comprehensive. The lab work allowed us to see just how effective the corrections could be: corrections that for most part were not "shiny, sparkly", but down to earth basics (which seem to have been left behind by the mainstream).

I think Brett's knowledge and ability in this arena are outstanding. He is very down to earth and yet I have no doubts that he can communicate very well at the academic level. I think that Gray is quite honestly a master artist. He has great knowledge of his field to the point he is extremely comfortable with enjoying presenting and sharing what he knows.

This workshop is on par with Dragon Door/Pavel's RKC I and II workshops. I would expect nothing less.

Scott Whetsell - RKC, Pittsburgh, PA, Corporate Controller

Athletic Achievements, training background or specialty:

RKC, High School football and baseball all-district and all-region athlete, 16 years experience in weight training.

It was amazing to see the "AHA" moments for others as well as to experience my own in regards to how the corrective exercises improved my kettlebell swing and get-up.

Hands down, two of the most dynamic speakers I've ever had to pleasure to listen to and learn from. They play off one another so well in a light, amusing manner while still imparting all of the pertinent information. Gray and Brett's willingness to share real-life experience in their demonstrations and discussions was priceless.

Went far above and beyond what I expected. Expectations were high after reading comments from RKCs at previous CK-FMS workshops, but Brett and Gray exceeded them greatly. Two genuine, caring, individuals (along with my teal leader) made every effort to convey the information as thoroughly and simplistically as possible. Mentally challenging to the max! So much information to review, re-review and apply, but looking forward to it.

Danny Sawaya - RKC, Tucson, Arizona, Personal Trainer

Athletic Achievements, training background or specialty:

B.S. Nutritional Sciences, RKC, CSCS. Specialize in Special Needs

Tons of information that will help take my personal training practice to the next level. We are so ahead of the curve and this training will allow me to distance myself from the competition.

Gray is amazing. Been a fan of his even pre-RKC. Actually his take on kb training encouraged me to take the RKC more seriously and want to get certified. He is an amazing communicator and is very down to earth and approachable which is very helpful. He was engaging and humorous.

Brett is fun and has lots of credibility from coming from a perspective as an athlete and RKC. That he is dealing with movement issues himself. Brett is great.

As with all my experiences with the RKC they bring the goods. Most other workshops I have attended leaving me wanting to know much more or incomplete. This was just the opposite. Tons of information.

I consider myself very hands on but and I am very grateful for the hands on approaches that borderlines therapy since this is my specialty.


Chris Leeman - RKC, Wallkill, NY, Personal Trainer

Athletic Achievements, training background or specialty:

Retired Sgt. NYS Dept. of Corrections, 3rd Dan Isshinryu Karate. Self Defense Inst. Dutchess Comm. College

Tremendously rewarding overload on information. Broken down and simplified by tremendous presenters who put it in a perspective of usable and very doable terms.

There are no adequate terms to describe the enjoyment for listening to Gray and Brett. This wholly contributes to the ability to absorb a lot of information with no stress. Their side handed manner of re-presenting key points was very effective for me.

No training course even comes close in comparison to CK-FMS. That is in comparison to 25 years of training seminars in dept of corrections and many years of marital arts training and seminars. RKC is only other comparison.

Michael George - RKC, Williamsburg, VA, Retired

Athletic Achievements, training background or specialty:

Cured my bad back with kettlebells, that's it.

This has allowed me to help myself – and my clients – improve their kettlebell practice, an thus, their quality of life, in a deeper, more refined way. All that effort to achieve a powerful hip snap in the swing comes like magic after a simple correction drill that addresses my dysfunctional movement pattern.

What was so difficult has become much easier, and much more satisfying, (less pain!)

Overwhelming depth, I could listen to these guys talk all day and night. Time flies, eye-opening and loved every second and wished for more

And extremely generous with my little concerns and questions.

Marc Andresen - RKC, Raritan, NJ, Fitness Trainer

Athletic Achievements, training background or specialty:


I have studied the home-course DVD, and even with the over abundance of information it contains, it pales next to this weekend's presentation.

I've always thought that geniuses were either nerds or highbrows. Gray and Brett are so down to earth and approachable that my paradigm has been completely changed. "The great ones make it look easy" is a phrase that comes to mind. The fact that there are 2nd and 3rd time and certified FMSs here attest to the quality and density of the material.

Teresa Hoffmann - RKC, Port Townsend, WA, Own and operate Athletic Club

Athletic Achievements, training background or specialty:

Training and teaching group fitness almost 20 yrs. RKC, ACE- Certified Trainer, Crossfit Certified, TRX, Les Mills Certified (Combat, Flow, Pump, Step and Vive). Certified Zumba instructor, Bootcamp instructor.

It was like turning the lights on in the stadium!

Outstanding! I wish I could follow and be an apprentice and continue to listen and watch. I feel very honored to be able to learn from Gray and Brett directly. I will aspire to have the kind of knowledge they have gained through all the experience they have. I especially love to listen to Gray explain things the way he is able to do and connect so many dots. Thank you!

As usual, the best seminars, workshop, training experience I have had to date have all been organized by Dragon Door (RKC 2x and CKFMS) and I have been to quite a few. It makes me want more. I think the scope, quality and practical use were all excellent.

Kyle Rourke - RKC, Palos Verdes Estates, CA, Personal Trainer

Athletic Achievements, training background or specialty:

Black Belt Hapkido, Silver Medalist Blue Belt Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Nationals 2009, RKC, NASM CPT, PES, CES, 300 Army PFT, 300 Marine Corps PFT, 10 years military service

CK-FMS was a wonderful experience for me as a trainer so I can return as a better coach and teacher. Also this course helped me as a martial artist and exercise enthusiast by taking out a lot of pain and tightness and sending me home with a clear cut program.

Out of all the courses and presenters I have listened to over the last few year Gray and Brett give out the most useful information.

This is the gold standard for me. I have all the secrets DVDs, Kalo Stenos DVD, Indian clubs, 15 set CK-FMS home study, and almost all of Gray Cook's material. This is how I want to train myself and my clients.

Leslie Branham - RKC, Saint Paul, Min, Personal Trainer/Running Coach

Athletic Achievements, training background or specialty:

USATF-LVI Running Coach, ACE/NASM-Certified Personal Trainer, NASM-Performance Enhancement Specialist, Wellcoaches Certified Wellness Coach, Marathon/Ultra Marathon runner

Awesome. All the other team leads and assistants were fantastic- so great having so many helpful, educated people roaming around to help out and answer questions. There was always someone there if I had a question to be answered.

Extremely detailed, well thought out. Appreciated the well-organized manual and handouts. The "script" is very nice to have as well as the advanced corrective exercises progressions in order, etc. as a beginner to all of this, the manual is there to "hold my hand" through it all and to fall back on.

Paul Daniels – RKC Team Leader, South Orange County, CA

Completion and incorporation of the CK-FMS really goes beyond. As a professional who strives to be at the highest level this knowledge puts you light years ahead of the competition. Simply the best!!

My thanks to all the great work of the Dragon Door Staff!!

Jordan Vezina – RKC Team Leader, Palo Alto, CA, Trainer

Athletic Achievements, training background or specialty:

United States Marine Corps and Executive Protection.

An essential component to your RKC based kettlebell training program. Ensures you are not "canceling out' your hard style training by stacking it on top of dysfunction.

Antonio Cordova – RKC II, New York, NY, Personal Trainer

Athletic Achievements, training background or specialty:

Serve 4 years in the Navy. Got RKC certified in Oct 2008.

I've attended 2-FMS workshops and the first advanced FMS workshop by Brett Jones, the CK-FMS has brought my level of understanding the FMS system to another level, both in the testing with the FMS, and complementing basic kettlebell movement. This is by far the best movement screen certification I've attended.

Great complement to the RKC system. I'm amazed at the level of professionalism by both Brett Jones and Gray Cook and what outstanding presenters and individuals they are. Highly recommended, a must as an RKC.

Nothing has surpassed the CK-FMS. It has complemented my RKC skills and will continue to improve those skills.

Max Shank - RKC, Del Mar, CA, Strength Coach, Owner Ambition Athletics

I am more valuable as a fitness professional. Period.

I will take any opportunity I have to be at a Brett Jones or Gray Cook presentation/workshop. Enlightening but enough to understand easily.

Larry Brun - RKC, Windsor, Canada, Certified Strength & Conditioning Specialist

Athletic Achievements, training background or specialty:

Professional Wrestler, Former Professional Soccer Player, RKC Level 1, Certified Kinesiologist, USAW Club Coach, USA Track & Field Level 1 Coach, Certified Neuromuscular Therapist, CHEK Practitioner, Registered Massage Therapist.

Awesome! In a league of its own. A lot of other courses train you to blame it on anatomy, not CK-FMS, which looks at dysfunctional movement patterns. This is life, integration, not isolation.

John Heinz – RKC Team Leader, blacksmith, farmer, martial arts instructor, kb instructor

The four days were intense but the programming was digestible and clearly laid out. Perfect amount of time to be able to present the skills and concepts within/ certainly one of the most valuable skill sets anyone who is involved with movement would want.

Gray and Brett both demonstrate core and seriousness of intent in their teaching. This leads to better engagement by the student… certainly not a "dry" course.

Mike Chomitsch - RKC, Edmonton, AB, Personal Trainer

Athletic Achievements, training background or specialty:

kenpo, Brazilian Jiu Jitsu

It was completely awesome! This is in terms of depth, scope and application – as well as in how overwhelmed I was by the extraordinary information.

Absolutely outstanding presentation by both! Their wit and humor provided levity for the overwhelming – albeit amazing – information they provided. They are the gold standard for presenters.

Top Level! Learning cutting edge info from the best around says it all!

Jennifer Bryan - RKC, Lake City, FL, Physician

Athletic Achievements, training background or specialty:


As Master RKC Whitley so eloquently says "It's like trying to drink from a firehouse." The information just kept coming.

Brandon Hetzler - RKC, Nixa MO, Certified Athletic Trainer

Great weekend. Definitely an example of how the brains 70% energy expenditure can make it a tough weekend.

After going through the RKC, it set the bar that I've compared everything else to. CK-FMS blows it away in the level of knowledge and information presented. Not as physically demanding, but sill a challenging course. There is nothing in the weekend that anyone can do on day one, regardless of condition, age, etc.

Dave Prois - RKC, Hayward, WI, Trainer

Athletic Achievements, training background or specialty:

3 Years Military (Ft. Bragg), 26 years Law Enforcement (Use of Force Instructor, Fire Arms Instructor, Det. Sgt) Canoe Racing, Triathlons , Biking Racing, Inline Racing, XC-Skiing

Their knowledge of the subject is above high. They kept the information fresh and they enjoyed what they did. Very nice job.

James Demuynck - RKC, Vancouver BC, Personal Trainer

A very simple, yet in depth, presentation on how the body is supposed to move. The amount of info presented to correct movement flaws was astounding.

No equals. The material was simple to ingest and apply. The practical use of this material as well as its effectiveness was very eye opening. I plan to be back.

Jim Hooper – RKC II, Huntington Beach, CA, Owner of Balboa fitness Inc. / Strength and Conditioning Specialist

Athletic Achievements, training background or specialty:

Former AVP professional beach volleyball player 83' - 98', 20+ year in the fitness industry, RKC 2008 UCLA, RKC II Minn, 2009 cert of Attendance, CICS Minn 2010

Truly an amazing four days that will add tremendous value to me as a strength and conditioning specialist. I feel as if I have taken myself to another level, Brett and Gray have done an outstanding job putting this together.

You can't ask for better, they put things in a way I could digest and implement. Plus they have an interest in helping you get it. "AWESOME".

Hands down the most informative certification I've ever been through. Definitely hands on.

Yarida Mendez – RKC I, New York, NY, Personal Trainer

Athletic Achievements, training background or specialty:


This blows away any other workshop. It teaches me how wrong I was in many things. But pretty much how wrong it was other techniques that I've learn before. This makes way more sense.

Gray Cook – I am a fan of him and having this opportunity to be in one of his workshops is fantastic. Great, I love the way he implemented things. He fixed my squat in 3 minutes. A lot of things to take back home with me to NY.

Brett Jones – Pretty amazing, didn't bore me. But what I like about him is the way of putting FMS that sounds so complicated on a simple way for me to understand it and apply it.

It blows anything away. I went to American Academy of Personal Training and I thought it was good but now I realize how most of the things I've learn there were wrong. NASM is good but goes too much in kinesiology and GYM assessments – poor, poor. I wish this was an essential requirement for trainers or at least the mentality of screening.

Jeff VanMaanen – RKC I, St. Paul MN, Owner Equipt Fitness

Athletic Achievements, training background or specialty:

Colligate Football, RKC 1, NASM PT, NASM PES, TRX Cert.

Gave me information that I have been thinking about but in an in depth look.

The fitness industry is moving back to basics and Gray and Brett are changing lives one two three at a time. At CK-FMS it's 100 at a time.

Kate Lavanga - RKC, Alexandria, VA, Personal Trainer, Kettlebell Instructor

Athletic Achievements, training background or specialty:

AFAA Certified Personal Trainer, Two-time Marine Corps Marathon Competitor

I feel like I have been given a systematic way to test my client's movement patterns. I have also been given a roadmap with which to fix dysfunctional patterns and the beauty of the test is how simple and reliable it is. I can simply and quickly retest and know if I've affected positive change –send a client away with work to do or with them and track change over time as well.

Blown away. They are both phenomenal presenters there is no doubt in my mind that they know what they are doing. Not only could they get across their knowledge, but could teach us how to use it as well!

On par with RKC – what I'd expect from this organization. Above all else that I've experienced.

Kerry Swick-Metelsky - RKC, Pittsburgh, PA, Personal Trainer

Athletic Achievements, training background or specialty:

Personal Trainer for 15 years

It is the equivalent of a semester-long advance college course conducted in 4 days. There was no wasted time/ every lecture and lab had a definite purpose.

The reason I paid for and traveled to this workshop is because I was certain that I would receive quality instruction. And I did.

Far better quality than most seminars. You always get what you pay for.

Neal Snyder - RKC, New York City, Fitness Manager/Personal Trainer

Delivers a foolproof system on how to help anyone move better.

Light years beyond anything else out there right now. Overall, way beyond what I expected. A lot of great insights. I can't wait to go home and SCREEN SCREEN SCREEN! Looking forward to CK-FMS II.

Steve McMinn - RKC, Vancouver BC, Canada, Personal Trainer / Wing Tsun Instructor

Athletic Achievements, training background or specialty:

BCRPA Certified Personal Trainer, 1st Technician Grade Wing Tsun Kungfu

At first it was a bit overwhelming i.e. info-overload but as the days went on it became clearer and clearer that this, like the RKC, is a systematic approach where the whole is greater than the sum of the parts. Material presented and previous days started to fit together and became much more easily understood and applied!

Top notch. What could have been dry material was presented in a way that kept us all interested and relaxed to learn.

Very obvious that they really care about turning out the best possible CK-FMS practitioners. Always available to answer any questions in a welcoming and nonjudgmental fashion.

As high-quality as my RKC cert. No comparison to any other cert I have taken. As usual, DD does the best ones!

No. DD does a great job. We are better taken care of than any other workshop or cert I have attended.

Marc A Howard - RKC, Oklahoma City, OK, Personal Trainer/RKC

Athletic Achievements, training background or specialty:

Collegiate Volleyball Player & Coach, Semi-Pro Beach Volleyball Player, Songham Tae Kwon Do Student, ISSA Certified Personal Trainer, RKC I

This provides a fitness practitioner/professional a chance to truly be better than the mass majority of his/her "colleagues" in fitness

Gray and his team are shifting the paradigm of what movement, fitness and performance mean.

Brett Jones, as Gray's professional "partner" has made it significantly more easy for Gray's team to get their and Brett's messages out to the world.

There guys, along with Pavel and the rest of the RKC are changing the world for the better.

No comparison except the RKC. It's light years ahead of everything else in the physical fitness realm.

I love this organization (RKC) and feel its cooperation with FMS may very well lead to a healthier and more fit world. I can't get enough.

Heather Prois - RKC, St.Paul, MN, Personal Trainer

Athletic Achievements, training background or specialty:

11 yrs competitive Inline Skating, 5 half marathons, 4 triathlons, 4 cross country skiing races, 3 yrs of personal training, NASM certified, 3 yrs of group exercise, NETA certified

It was a fantastic training. I feel like I can go home and screen friends and know what I am doing.

I thought it was great. They knew what they were talking about and then some ;)

Kristen McBryde - RKC, Nashville, TN, Owner of Tennessee Kettlebell

Athletic Achievements, training background or specialty:

Owns and operates Tennessee Kettlebell training adults and young athletes in group training classes with the main focus on using kettlebells.

The best instruction of clinical and rehabilitative type information presented in a non-clinical way for an exercise professional to be able to better their individual practices, skills and way of working with clients to produce real results.

The knowledge shared at this workshop is only the tip of the iceberg of what these two masters have to offer. I am looking forward to keeping up with their studies, online collaborations, publications, etc… as a continuation of what each of them have to offer.

My only other designation is RKC – a must have and great complement.

Pre-conference information and onsite facilitation is a well-oiled machine with Dragon Door.

Rick Garrigan – RKC II, New York, NY, Strength and Conditioning Coach

Athletic Achievements, training background or specialty:

Allstate Soccer Player w/International Experience, Ultra-Marathon Runner, Rock Climber. US Army Veteran, Naval Contract Deep Sea Diver/DSO. Certs: FMS, CSCS, ACE-CPT

I have been using the FMS and KB for several years. This course has brought the two together in ways that were not as evident as I thought. The course has laid the foundation necessary to ensure my success in improving the health and physical capacity of my clients (and myself).

Outstanding. Two of the best presenters I have had the pleasure of experiencing.

The quality has only been matched by other RKC events. After years of education and experience this training has offered more useful information than any other. The CK-FMS course's scope of material has been both unsurpassed by any other course I have experienced and offered more practical information than I could have anticipated.

Robbie Williams – RKC II, Cork, Ireland, Personal Trainer

Athletic Achievements, training background or specialty:

RKC II, Training background – running, cycling

A really good experience – well planned and described. Lots of new info to absorb and assimilate. This a really workable product for me to take home and immediately start with my clients/teams etc.

Excellent – they have an answer for every question – and it is not based on opinion but tried and trusted experience – and they could show it to be effective instantaneously.

Peter Lakatos – Senior RKC, Budapest, Hungary

A great system, that really supports RKCs to succeed as trainers, and could turn into a revenue booster, if applied correctly.

Amazing material/presented. CK-FMS is truly taking the RKC knowledge to the next level.

Jeremy Layport, RKC Team Leader, San Jose, CA

A lot of info, very in depth and well organized. On par with the RKC standard of excellence.

Jon Alford - RKC, Pensacola, FL, Progressive Insurance

Athletic Achievements, training background or specialty:


Brett and Gray were awesome. I need a few weeks to digest all the information.

Joakim Bohm - RKC, Engelholm Sweden, Trainer, RKC instructor

Athletic Achievements, training background or specialty:

Sergeant Swedish armed forces in Bosnia 93-96, Bodybuilding 2:end place Swedish championship 2002, 7-8 place 2003-2004. purple belt in BJJ

It woke me up even more to think patterns and train on the things that needs to be practicing on for real health. It is mind blowing to have them in front to learn from. They talk so I understand.

Dustin Rippeteo, RKC Team Leader, Guthrie, OK

The RKC school of strength continues to grow and evolve. The CK-FMS is a opportunity to get a review of the future.

I continue to be in awe of not only the knowledge possessed by these gentlemen but the humility and skill at which they present it.

Absolutely no comparison. CK-FMS is the sniper scope to the high caliber rifle that is the RKC.

Bill Case - RKC, Big Island, Hawaii, Gym Owner

Athletic Achievements, training background or specialty:


It was a great experience. Learned to see the problems and how to fix it.

Nothing compares, are you kidding.

Matt McBryde - RKC, Nashville, TN, Owner of Tennessee Kettlebell

Athletic Achievements, training background or specialty:

Former Marathoner/Triathlete. Owns and operates Tennessee Kettlebell training adults and young athletes in group training classes with the main focus on using kettlebells

The level of instruction at this event was "top shelf". I have learned so much and been given information that will set me apart from others. I could write out so much more but let me be short and to the point: CK-FMS rocked my face off!

Right on par with the training I received at RKC.

Kevin Perrone – RKC II, Chapel Hill, NC, Personal Trainer/Massage Therapist

An immense amount of immediately applicable information. I wish I would have had this years ago.

Rod Silcox - RKC, Edmonton AB, Canada, Personal Trainer

Absolutely amazing experience. I learned so much.

I can't even put into words how knowledgeable and intelligent these two men are. They get their point across.

Mark Snow – RKC, Omaha, NE

It takes my clients training to the next level by giving me a pre and post score to determine success.

Beyond better than anything else. As Gray says it puts the health before the exercise and the neuro before the muscular.

Fantastic job.

Samy Mattos - RKC, Edina – MN, Personal Trainer

The CK-FMS was an extremely intense course, not in a physical way like the RKC, but in an informational manner, which shifted and improved the way I look at exercise in a whole.

I have followed their work for a few years, and admire their knowledge, experience and ability to share what they know. AMAZING TEACHERS and PRESENTERS.

Laurel Blackburn - RKC, Tallahassee FL, Owner, Boot Camp Fitness and Training and Tallahassee Kettlebells

Athletic Achievements, training background or specialty:


The vast amount of information I received along with lots of opportunity to practice will make me stand out amongst the hundreds of trainers in my town.

They are an awesome team they are brilliant at speaking on my (our) level.

They worked well together, they were very entertaining. Both blow my mind!

Joe Chalakee - RKC, Torrance CA, Computer service consultant, kettlebell instructor

Athletic Achievements, training background or specialty:

RKC, Black belt shotokan karate, purple belt Brazilian jiu jitsu, orange belt judo, former pro BMX racer,

I have a great new tool in the tool box to help my clients and myself.

Gray and Brett are excellent at what they do! I enjoy listening to both of these present.

By far the best, next to the RKC! Do I need to say more?

Tim Tweedy - RKC, Burnsville MN, Web Developer

The CK-FMS has made me reassess the methods I use to train my clients as well as how I train myself. An unbelievable wealth of knowledge which leaves me humbled all over again. The mental equivalent of the RKC.

A staggering amount of information presented by the leaders in the field of movement and kettlebell training. Clear and direct, though miles deep in subject matter. Brett and Gray are worth every penny.

Such a vast level of material leaves this workshop miles above all others, with the exception of the RKC. This is training I can use immediately.

Dragon Door workshops are always organized to utmost efficiency. Don't change a thing.

Michaela Martin - RKC, Kamuela, Hawaii, Naturopathic physician, Acupuncturist

I appreciate the clarity and competency of both Gray and Brett and their willingness to impart the knowledge in a useable way.

Wayne English - RKC, Huntington, MA, Quality Assurance Engineer

Athletic Achievements, training background or specialty:

Co-Captain High School Track team. Member Umass Olympic style weightlifting Club 1972.

Very positive and inspirational. Armed with CK-FMS I know that I can positively improve peoples lives and my own.

Gray and Brett are just incredible. Not only is their knowledge of the subject matter deep they have the ability to transfer that knowledge to the class participants.

As with any Dragon Door course excellent. I have not taken any other course in physical exercise and have no plans to do so. I have found the clear industry leader Dragon Door/RKC/FMS..

Jen Meehan – RKC, Alexandria, VA, Personal Trainer

Athletic Achievements, training background or specialty:

RKC Level 1, Personal Trainer, Masters Degree Elementary Education

The CK-FMS training is essential for helping people improve their quality of life. This training will be incorporated into my daily routine!

Gray and Brett are unbelievable! They present the material in a "non-threatening" manner… make you feel at ease!


Every fitness professional should go through FMS! It is essential to help yourself and clients more properly!

Matt Maher - RKC, Red Bank, NJ, Personal Trainer

Movements that initially "just didn't look right' now can be broken down to identify the specific flaws and corrected.

I began the weekend never administering a screen or being screened, and ended the weekend feeling confident enough to screen and improve every single one of my clients, tomorrow. Many of the largest holes in my education and practice have been filled in one awesome weekend.

No two better instructors to push me forward in this stage of my continuing education.

On par with my RKC in terms of direct and practical application to my training. Perhaps even exceeding the huge amount movement education there.

Cat Holman - RKC, Johnstown, OH, State of Fitness, LLC, owner, head trainer, coach

Athletic Achievements, training background or specialty:

RKC, NSCA-CPT, USAW Level 1 Sports Performance Coach, ACE-PT, ACE-GFI

Very insightful and useful applications of physical functional and/or dysfunctional issues for people of all fitness levels and for non-active individuals alike.

The training I received at the CK-FMS will benefit my personal and group training clients immensely.

Both guys are passionate about the FMS and CK-FMS systems and their knowledge is far more practical to real life situations. Their understanding of how the human body works is greater than some doctors or other physical professionals I know.

Michael Castrogiovanni, RKC Team Leader, Malibu, CA

Information overload, stimulating and thought provoking.

George Samuelson – RKC II, Chesterfield, NJ, Marketing Consultant / Strength & Movement Coach

Athletic Achievements, training background or specialty:

Krav Maga – IKMA, BJJ - RABJJ Association

I have been familiar with FMS since 2007 and returned to CK-FM S for a second time. Gray and Brett took into consideration feedback from last year and added more information to the course while making it easier for many people to learn and appreciate the concepts of FMS. As a professional that cares about their clients, it is of great benefit for you to know what movement issues/restrictions your clients may run into and you can safely address them.

Outstanding. In-depth. I learn and appreciate something new every day. Great job by the assistants as well.


Tommy Blom – RKC Team Leader, Molndal, Sweden, Krav Maga Instructor, RKC Team Leader, FMS

Athletic Achievements, training background or specialty:

Krav Maga since 1994, instructing since 1996, professional (globally) since 2002. Professional MMA fighter.

It is a great source of understanding the way of integrating kettlebells and the FMS. The way the course helps me to choose the right tool to fix or make somebody stronger/more flexible really makes it a complete system. It also makes me more safe in the role as a professional to make the right suggestions/referred.

The vast experience and knowledge of Gray and Brett has helped me understand more and me wanting to learn even more about this subject. I have been teaching instructor courses (Krav Maga) around the world and will do so in the future. The impact G & B has had on my understanding will transfer into that subject too! Thanks!

I want more, when's the CK-FMS II?!

David Matthews - RKC, Charlotte, NC, Reconstructive Craniofacial Plastic Surgeon

Learning to implement corrective treatment to re integrate the movement.

Both have great field of knowledge and can teach and diagnose problems and work out methods for correction. Teaching, assess and attempt and reassess to learn is very useful.

Have taken the FMS screen course and this was the way to go and learn what was not available in short course.

Tom Heafey - RKC, St Paul, MN

CK-FMS has provided a systematic method to assess a person's movement patterns and the corrective exercises needed to correct or improve those patterns. Though the course offers a wealth of information, the movement screen, corrective strategies algorithm, and corrective exercise tie all the information together so that it can be immediately implemented.

Very deep and broad knowledge of the subject matter. Additionally, they both have the practical experience that supplemented their course materials.

Very high quality. I will begin to implement it right away.

Ron Farrington – RKC Team Leader, East Hanover, NJ, Police Officer

Phenomenal, systematic training, providing many eye opening AHA moments.

It is clear as mud that both Gray and Brett are thoroughly knowledgeable and well versed in the material they teach as well as all of the related areas – enough said!

Great job guys, and thank you for keeping it simple enough for the masses to grasp.

The quality, material, and most of all practical use were as always, top notch. IN FUTURE CK-FMS TRAINING I RECOMMEND YOU CONSIDER MAKING THE FOLLOWING ADDITIONS/CHANGES TO THE PROGRAM:

It would be nice, if it is possible, to see the corrective exercises demonstrated during the lecture with one person as they are being presented.

I know there were on the screen but for some reason I just seem to learn better seeing it live. With that in mind I realize that could be just me.

In time, have more assistants who are able to help in the groups.

Alessandro Affri - RKC, Varese, ITALIA, Human Movement

Athletic Achievements, training background or specialty:

ISSA CPT, FMS Cert. Specialist, CKT, AIPS, Z-Health R,I

"A great way to improve your evaluation skills. Evaluation of movements rather than muscles will really help me and my clients to a better understanding of their weak links".

I really find Gray's work amazing. I don't know other, rather than me, in my country that really appreciate this works. But I really think it would be nice to have more PT and Chiropractors and therapist get in contact with his ideas. In Italy soft tissues therapist will have a lot more of credential among population through CPT.

A lot of info. A lot to think about. A lot to learn after this. Learning for me is the highest "money value" for your brain so my total evaluation is pretty good.


Athletic Achievements, training background or specialty:


The CK-FMS is a must for any RKC that is truly interested in making a dramatic improvement in the quality of their skills as a trainer, and to gain a greater understanding of the human body and how it pertains to functional and pain free movement.

I thought Gray and Brett were excellent at presenting the information. Showing the screens and corrections and creating a system/seminar that we can use, and understand without having a degree in exercise science and kinesiology.

It was probably the most informative, useful, workshop/seminar I have ever attended.

Participant Praise for the May 2009 Certified Kettlebell-Functional Movement Specialist Workshop

Ryan Toshner, Gym owner and strength & conditioning specialist, Waukesha, WI

Athletic Achievements, training background or specialty:

RKC. CSCS. Avid rock climber and getting into Jiu Jitsu. Men's competitive hardball for 12+ years. NCAA Scholar All-American wrestler.

The best decision I've ever made in regards to my education and practice/pursuit of true fitness was to attend the CK-FMS cert. Even better than RKC I (although that base knowledge is definitely a pre-requisite).

You guys rock! Knowledgeable, funny, relaxed yet intense. You both obviously believe and stand behind what you teach. And your astute observations and experiences help to back up everything that you teach.

CK-FMS is a phenomenal course. I had very high expectations coming in and DD and the instructors fulfilled those expectations and then some. Info is very practical whether you work with young athletes, the general population (including the elderly) or elite athletes/professionals/military.

Joe Wagner Owner - Kodiak Kettlebell Conditioning, Wake Forest, NC

Athletic Achievements, training background or specialty:

RKC Level 1, Paramedic x 15yrs. Top ranked competitive swimmer in PA prior to multiple knee injuries/surgeries

Absolutely mind blowing! The expertise and more importantly, the passion which all of the instructor possess regarding both kb training and FMS is incredible. They have provoked a level of excitement in me with respect to both my personal and professional training that I have never had before. Thanks to all. I won't let you down.

Aaron Gonzales, Personal Trainer, Redondo Beach, CA

Athletic Achievements, training background or specialty:

ACSM CPT, Jiu Jitsu and mixed martial arts practitioner.

I bought the 15-dics series and actually considered not coming, because I thought I could memorize the info on DVD. They are great on disc, but to get to pick their brain and absorb the combined knowledge they've obtained in person, changed my perspective on training, teaching, and life in general. I just may come back for 2nds.

Light years ahead, blew any and everything out of the water. Definitely in a league of its own, I'm honored to be a part of it.

George Samuelson, Personal Trainer/Marketing Consultant, Chesterfield, NJ

Athletic Achievements, training background or specialty:

NASM Certified Personal Trainer, Train in Israeli Krav Maga

Hands down, one of the best educational workshops I have ever attended. CK-FMS set the bar higher for how I can and will implement a system to maximize my clients' results. Four days of training with Gray, Brett, "Doc", and Jeff have left me hungry for more knowledge! RKC instructors, if you take you profession seriously and want to provide the best service possible to your clients, sign up today!

I am humbled and honored to learn form two men who I consider at the top of the business. Very informative! Very eye-opening!

Jule Albretsen, Engineer, Colorado Springs, CO

Athletic Achievements, training background or specialty:

None Given

WOW! The price of the workshop was worth the time of Gray, Bret, Jeff and mark helping me with my own dysfunctions and technique. Thank you very much to all of them. The barefoot running was gold nugget among many others.

I took the 3 day CK-FMS last year, this 4 day was much better. The paced of the material and the lab/lecture alternation worked better this year. Huge improvement!

Liz Gilinger, Personal Trainer, Phoenixville, PA

Athletic Achievements, training background or specialty:

Over 18 years of Personal Training experience with certifications in RKC Level 1, Pilate's, General Personal Training. Competed for 5 years in Figure Competitions, winning 2 overall and master's titles. Currently I specialize in Kettlebell Training teaching classes and private trainings.

Awesome and eye-opening experience. Witnessing first hand in my own body the results – sold me! Being tested, going through the corrective steps necessary and then re-testing – a great AH HA moment. It doesn't get better then that. The proof is in the results. I am excited to bring this knowledge to my practice. – Thank you.

Since getting involved with the RKC almost 2 years ago – everything has changed from my own workouts and knowledge to that of my clients. I wish I would have done this years ago. The knowledge you gain from everyone is this organization is truly priceless! Worth the money and then some. I hope to continue learning and growing for many years to come.

Carlos Feliz, Educator, Corona, NY

A college level education without the pretense, ceremony and politics. We got the prime cuts of meat without having to deal with all of the fat.

I feel like Gray and Brett are part magicians, comedians, scientists and above all educations with integrity. The time and care they took to answer your questions both during class and out of class is rare.

Adam Glass, RKC II

The most valuable training course a trainer can take. There are very deep waters to explore and it will positively impact your training, business and your clients quality of life.

Gray is an amazing presenter. Staggering amounts of info has been presented cleanly and clearly. This has been a highlight to participate in. Brett is as always a shining example of who an RKC should be – energetic, caring knowledge, and helpful. Well done sir.

CK-FMS – without equal. Period. You have out done yourselves gentlemen! Awesome workshop.

Jon Engum, Senior RKC, Brainerd, MN

Excellent. I attended for a second time and my understanding of the information was much deeper. The instructors were great and I feel the whole flow at the weekend was very smooth.

Eddie D'Almeida, Fitness Instructor, Decatur, GA

Athletic Achievements, training background or specialty:

school rugby team; military, police and security experience (member of International Bodyguard Association); currently participate in Sambo, Systema, Brazilian Jiu-jitso, Shenkendo; certified RKC (June 2008), certified personal fitness trainer by American Muscle and Fitness, certified TRX Suspension Training (Fitness Anywhere, Inc.)

Eye-opening experience: the instructors are walking encyclopedias of knowledge of the human body and its movement. They make it easier to understand very complex principles.

It is like a spiritual man going to a place of worship everyday, but one day he understands why he is there.

Exceptionally powerful team! Best in the business.

Quality – exceptional! Worth the money.

Scope of material – vast but focused as appropriate.

Practical use – totally practical and more! I am working with some returning vets who have suffered injuries. Now I have more to offer them!

Matt Schinabeck, Physician (Infectious Diseases); Shaker Heights, OH

Athletic Achievements, training background or specialty:

College Football

The CK-FMS is an extremely helpful course that will help me identify and correct dysfunctional movement patterns in order to prevent injuries and enhance the performance of my clients and myself.

Best course I have taken outside the RKC.

Derek Toshner, Gym Owner and Trainer; Fond du Lac, WI

Athletic Achievements, training background or specialty:

2X NCAA D3 Champion 4x400m Relay (National Record). 3X NCAA D3 Champion 400m Hurdles. '03/'05 USA World Trials Competitor. '04 Olympic Trials Competitor. 2nd in State Wrestling. Rock Climber

An excellent program to help facilitate proper mechanics down to the smallest of details.

Incredible in-depth information. I haven't thought this much about anatomy and mechanics in a long time. To gain years of their knowledge and practice rolled into a concise program is priceless.

I would compare this program to the level of knowledge I gained in the whole semester or maybe even year of college study in exercise science.

Andrew Lyons, Physical Therapist, Columbus, OH

Athletic Achievements, training background or specialty:


An eye opening experience allowing me to see what true strength really is and providing me with the necessary tools and understanding to achieve that strength.

All I can say is that the material delivered by these gentlemen is unlike anything they are currently teaching in physical therapy programs and definitely filled in some gaps in knowledge and clinical application that I was left with upon graduation. It has pointed me in the direction of the SFMA and I think I will be a better therapist faster because of it.

The scope of material was immense, but the quality did not suffer under a 4 day time constraint. Both Gray and Brett have presented the material in a manner that will make it easy to apply to myself and others immediately upon returning home. This is such an important strength of this workshop. I have attended PT CEU courses many times to find a total disconnect between the science and application.

Carl Sipes, Personal Trainer; Washington, IL

Athletic Achievements, training background or specialty:

-Personal Trainer for 7 years. -Work closely with a group of chiropractors. RKC level 1 certified

This was an excellent experience that I would recommend to anyone interested in raising the durability of their clients. This course showed me how to make sure my clients are ready and able to train.

Out standing! They find a problem, tell you why a certain strategy will fix it, and then actually fix it in front of you. I will be recommending a lot of people I work with to sign up to hear these two talk.

It's top quality info, that covers the whole body and can be put to use right when I get back to work. I'd say it's beyond comparison.

Renee' Spriggs, Pilates Director, Personal Trainer, Houston, TX

Athletic Achievements, training background or specialty:

Ms Fitness USA finalist 2001. ACSM HFI, RKC level 1, Stott Pilates all apparatus, Master Instructor for Spinning, Resistaball and Pilates

CK-FMS was a week filled with a deeper knowledge base than any conference I have ever attended. The Senior RKCs and Gray Cook were awe inspiring with their wealth of knowledge and ability to deliver it to attendees in a way that we could understand and apply.

What I liked was they worked well together as a team. Gray blows me away with his knowledge and is a light hearted presenter. Brett is smart firm with approach and brings laughter to the team.

Scope of material was like taking a semester of graduate work in Human movement. Practical use I believe will be excellent. Quality – top notch.

I leave with a great job ahead of me, to move better and help my clients, friends, and family move and feel better. Nice job I have, huh?:)

Martin Hinton, Personal Trainer; Las Vegas, NV

Athletic Achievements, training background or specialty:

Personal Trainer, RKC-1

My experience of the CK-FMS training was the missing link to intelligent, safe and measurable exercise. I have a completely different view of how I approach movement, exercise and evaluation.

This was an amazing experience that has shifted my understanding of training. I feel like I finally have an intelligent informed view of myself and my clients. Gray and Brett are examples we all should strive for. Brilliant work guys! No question brilliant, educated, measurable and scientific. As close to perfect as I have seen.

Your passion and demand for excellence doesn't go unnoticed. I appreciate your hard work, quality professionals and genuine desire for our success.

Sheila Cooper, Anesthesiologist; Las Vegas, NV

Athletic Achievements, training background or specialty:


A requisite for any kettlebell instructor who wants to go beyond the basics and in fact I think it should e a requirement to call yourself a "certified" instructor. By not being able to recognize dysfunctional movement patterns and having the knowledge to implement corrective exercises, you are training your clients in continued dysfunction which will eventually out picture as injury.

Jonathan Barber, Personal Trainer; Nottingham UK

Both Gray Cook and Brett Jones demonstrated excellent knowledge and were able to present it brilliantly. They're able to keep us entertained and absorbing information for 4 days.

As usual with Dragon Door an excellent course with quality presentation; practical application of material. Reached the high quality that I have now grown to expect from Dragon Door.

Bob Ucuccioni, Golf Course Superintendent/Healthland Fitness Trainer, Colrain, MA

Athletic Achievements, training background or specialty:

RKC, NCAA Div III KS. Hockey and Golf. BA Biology and Chemistry, 5 years karate training at J.R. Roy. ISSA Fitness Trainer, Strength and Conditioning trainer, golf trainer certified.

Both men are beyond qualified. Both men have earned their knowledge in the trenches. They have coupled brilliant minds and intuition with hard work and a love for what they do. Their tape series are called "secrets" but they share them with anyone that wishes to learn.

I am leaving with information to help me and all my clients from 14 to 88.

Scope of material is vast but connected at every stage. Very systematic.

Jay Armstrong, Trainer; League City, TX

Athletic Achievements, training background or specialty:

6th Degree Black Belt TKD. Owner - The Kettlebell Club

I came to the CK-FMS because my students are getting injured. In spite of mobility training, exercise variation, and cyclic loading they are getting injured. My mission is to help clients be more mobile, have increased strength and improved cardiovascular capabilities. Injuries in no way help my clients.

Brett Jones – this is the first time I have observed Brett as a Chief Presenter. I am pleased to find him engaging, entertaining, enthusiastic and extremely knowledgeable on the subject matter. I look forward to the next time.

Gray Cook – WOW! Where did this amazing guy come from? I know many people with multiple PhDs who do not possess the integrated understanding of systems. Terrific personality combined with total dedication to helping others enjoy life with a functioning and pain free body – quite an honor to say I know Gray Cook.

Josh Wiedow, Personal Trainer; Chicago, IL

Athletic Achievements, training background or specialty:

National Personal Training Institute. RKC Instructor. FMS Certified

If I can retain ½ of what I learned the last 4 days I will be light years ahead of most people. This is a mental equivalent to RKC.

Knowing how smart these guys are it would be easy for them to speak "above" my knowledge bases, but they both make things simple to comprehend and apply. They both have a great way of not over-complicating things.

There is never a comparison when coming to anything Dragon Door. When you're the top in the game and keep getting better that speaks for itself. Always the best.

Nathan Senter, Personal Trainer, Chicago, IL

My brain feels the way my body did after completing RKC II. Which tells me I have a lot to practice when I get home if I am going to be elite.

Their quality of training and knowledge is spoken for by the fact that I chose to spend 4 days learning from them and still wanted more.

There is training that you filter and there is training that filters you. The CK-FMS, like the RKC has left an indelible mark on my approach from this day forward.

This workshop is a testament to what I expect from the RKC. We only work with the best and premier leaders in our field.

Every RKC who trains others should take this workshop. You owe it to them, yourself, and the RKC to pass on knowledge in the most safe and wise way possible.

Darrell Banning, Personnel Trainer, Tucson, AZ

Athletic Achievements, training background or specialty:

Competitive Powerlifter and Strongman. Former U.S. NAVY Sea Air Rescue Swimmer (SAR)

I just became superman with the ability to help people!

Outstanding! Not only are these men very knowledgeable, but they teach it in a way I can understand! The passion they have for what they have done, are doing, and future work shows I how hard they are on us!

To be honest the knowledge I have received from Dragon Door keeps working over, over, and over—I'm not looking to anything else.

Taikei Matsushita, System Engineer, Trainer; Tokyo Japan

Athletic Achievements, training background or specialty:

American Football player/coach. Krav Maga Blue Belt. RKC II

This is both a course with lots of information and principle based course. It had both simplicity and complexity in same package. I still can't believe this is going to put me on top of the industry given I work hard. But given Gray and Brett's accomplishments trial and error for decade based, and application to professional athletes, I have to believe it.

Andy Alexander, Personal Trainer, Computer Programmer; Parker, CO

Athletic Achievements, training background or specialty:

Martial arts (30+ years). Military (Army 10 years). RKC2. Crossfit. Personal trainer

Some of the most deeply useful training I have had. Showing me better how the body works as a unit.

These two are excellent teachers and presenters. They really are giving us the keys to the kingdom. Their experience is wonderful and I appreciate their sharing.

As usual DD has done a great job of organizing, assembling and presenting some of the best training available.

Tony Tokman, Business Owner; Pepper Pike, OH

Athletic Achievements, training background or specialty:

Krav Maga, RKC

Way above anything else I've experienced from the position of material and use of kb training.

Christopher Lindquist, Veterinarian, East Fallowfield, PA

Athletic Achievements, training background or specialty:

Academic All-American in Football. Patriot League Scholar Athlete in Track. Practice Krav Maga

The CK-FMS was an eye-opening experience. Brett Jones and Gray Cook have established a workshop which should be mandatory for all RKCs that intend to train anyone (themselves included). It was enjoyable and valuable.

Gray is a fantastic speaker with seemingly endless knowledge of anatomy and exercise physiology. He made the workshop incredibly valuable.

Brett Jones displays the experience and knowledge expected of a Master RKC. He is a great leader and he made the workshop an enjoyable experience.

Tremendous quality
Enormous scope
The most practical and meaningful workshop ever attended.

Dustin Rippetoe, Kettlebell and Martial Arts Instructor; Guthrie, Oklahoma

Athletic Achievements, training background or specialty:

13+ years of Martial Arts experience. Kettlebell Instructor since 2006

The CK-FMS is the high-tech scope to the RKC school of strength's High Caliber Rifle.

They are the best at what they do.

When you surround yourself with the best organization, experts and ready-to-learn students a career/life changing experience is bound to happen.

Brad Nelson, Personal Trainer, Owner Kinetic EdgeAthletic, Woodbury, MN

Athletic Achievements, training background or specialty:

B.A. Exercise Science, CSCS (NSCA), Sr. RKC, Z Health Performance Level 4, 3rd Degree Black Belt Nae Gong Do

This is the yin within the yang of the RKC System.

Useful screen to predict risk of injury -> understand concepts.
Will be able to implement Monday morning.

David White, Personal Trainer, Venice, CA

Athletic Achievements, training background or specialty:

RKC, NSCA –CPT, JKD – Trained.

A total positive experience. Instructors were patient and helpful and I believe my added knowledge will help my clients to better movement and improves health.

Training and knowledge by Gray and Brett were amazing they are both great teachers showing patience, knowledge and at time pure genius.

CK-FMS was as challenging to me mentally as RKC was physically. Combining the 2, I believe has set me further apart from everyone practicing that has not taken both courses.

Cecilia Tom, The Boss, San Francisco, CA

Athletic Achievements, training background or specialty:

RKC, Z Health Levels 1-3, Certified Pilates Instructor, Certified Yoga Instructor, Dance, Taiko, Tai Chi, Qigong, Shaolin Kung Fu

The program was laid out in a logical manner. The first lecture was the best as it explains the "whys" of the screen so I understand the importance of it and also its limitations. They were both engaging and knowledgeable and it's a pleasure to learn from these two great teachers.

Lena Caroselli, R. EEG T., RKC; Collegeville, PA

Athletic Achievements, training background or specialty:

RKC level I Cert.

The course provided extensive information for evaluating and corrective screening of FMS with emphasis on being able to apply the information in a hands on practice. Thus making the course great for understanding the concepts and seeing the results.

Both great presenters, never boring and very informative.

Lulin Tsai, Personal Trainer; Los Angeles, CA

Athletic Achievements, training background or specialty:

Bachelor's Science Degree Psychobiology UCLA. RKC October 2007. Certificates in massage therapy: Institute of Psycho-Structural Balancing. Shiastu Massage School of California. Certified personal trainer with: American Council on Exercise. American College of Sports Medicine. UCLA Extension Program in Fitness Instruction. Exercise training background in Yoga, Mat Pilates, TRX Suspension Training, Muay Thai and Kung Fu

Superior instruction provided in a friendly and enjoyable environment. Most of the staff, instructors and participants were personable and helpful.

Gray and Brett are very knowledgeable and experienced in their fields. It's refreshing to have two brilliant instructors that can teach without ego. Gray and Brett fostered an optimal learning environment by allowing questions and discussion without bias and made learning fun by adding humor.

Adriana G. Mireles, Personal Trainer; San Mateo, Ca.

Athletic Achievements, training background or specialty:

RKC Challenge, NASM certified. Medical Exercise Specialist. Re-posturing Dynamics Licensee. BS Chemistry and Biology. Masters in Pharmacology

They are knowledgeable, experienced, personable, approachable, helpful, and I really think they are have because they want to help, not only make money. I like the fact that they provide scientific data and references. So, what they say is credible as opposed to some sort of magic they own. They are credible because they support what they state on the experience and data, oh and also they are not afraid to admit it's okay to make mistakes as long as one learns from it.

The Ck-FMS training was comprehensive. Great relationship between theory, and practice. I like the applications with the kettlebells.

Norm Schilder, Contractor, Ottawa ON, Canada

Athletic Achievements, training background or specialty:


I received an absolutely overwhelming amount of information that over the four days coalesced into an effective straight forward method to apply with my clients and be confident that I can train them safely to reach their goals without injury.

Gray so obviously knows his information so deeply and is so passionate about it that I suspect it has seeped into his very cells and every contract you have with him imparts new knowledge entwined in a creative thought process.

Although Brett tries to hide it, his passion for sharing with his students and clients promotes a similar desire in oneself. How could something so beneficial not be shared.

Thank you to both Gray and Brett.

AJ Oliva, Bartender, Tinton Falls, NJ

Athletic Achievements, training background or specialty:

RKC, blue belt in brazilian jiu jitsu

Lots of information, brain spasm, and tons of light bulbs going off the CK-FMS unlocked movement and took my limits off of unlocking that movement.

I think the knowledge provide was top notch and quality of training was awesome. Gray and Brett are respectable professionals and individual and I am thankful to have learned from them.

It doesn't compare, there is nothing like it.

Bashir Ali Ismail, Optometrist/Personal Trainer; Sandnes, Norway.

Athletic Achievements, training background or specialty:

Bsc in Optom. Vis Sci. Personal Trainer, ISSA CFT, SPN and 4,5 year service in the military.

Overwhelming info but at the same time ready usable. It made me reconsider my training regime to make the CK-FMS as baseline for other activities. This is also the way I want to preach to any other client. We are all after the results, and this is the way to fix them and then get better results.

These guys are the smartest and at the same time most humble instructors around. Knowing that it is a lot of info covered – they tell us that we will surely get there.

It goes unsaid that the principals/theory and the experience from the instructors are like nothing else. We also manage to use a lot of it in our practice/lab work which helps my understanding even more.

Edward Leonard, Personal Trainer, Minneapolis, MN

Athletic Achievements, training background or specialty:

Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist (NSCA). Candidate for M. Ed. in Kinesiology, University of Minnesota. Former Elite level Road Cyclist

The experience was information overload but without a doubt a presentation of a new way of thinking that, through the evidence and experience of the workshop, the case is made that this works and it is worth your time to continue the study and practice of the info presented.

This was the most satisfying to me as a trainer and athlete since it is a lot easier to exercise hard then to exercise hard without injury.

Participant Praise for the August 2008 CK-FMS

Pavel Tsatsouline, RKC Chief Instructor, Santa Monica, California

Great many "Aha moments". Old dogs learning many new tricks — while staying consistent with the RKC philosophy.

The FMS screen has brought an atmosphere of healthy competition to corrective exercise — what a way to motivate selves and clients to get healthy!

High-end professionals. Honored to work with them. Top of the line.

Kenneth Jay, Master RKC Instructor, Slangerup, Denmark

Absolutely Magnificent! I made the choice of skipping the Olympics to come to this and there is not a single part of me that has any regrets about that. This system will do more for my personal as well as professional goals than any other training out there.

Amazing presenters. Not something you see very often with high-level material. Believe me... I have listened to about 100 different professors speak and Gray Cook and Brett Jones rank at the top.

I have a degree in Exercise Physiology, which does not even come close to the value of this. Only the HardStyle RKC matches it. Which makes the two systems perfect for each other.

The Viking gives the CK-FMS two thumbs up! AWESOME!

Thomas Phillips, RKC Team Leader, Gym owner and special education teacher; Marlboro, New Jersey

Athletic Achievements:

2002 Body for Life Grand Master Champion, Owner Fit-for-life pt, Certified facilitated stretching, Certified Personal trainer, Certified Sport specific trainer, Certified level II RKC, Certified FMS, RKC Team Leader, Beast Tamer Hall of Fame, 1st place National AAU deadlifter, Master class Powerlifter, National qualifier for the sport of kettlebell lifting, 1st Place National TSC elite class, 1st Place National TSC open class, U.S. Army certificate of Achievement Physical Fitness

Featured in:

Muscle Media Magazine, Outside Magazine, Eating for Life, Champions Body for Life, Interviewed on

Keynote speaker:

EAS Transformation camp 2003, EAS Transformation camp 2004, Vitamin Shop Headquarters Jan. 05, Keyspan headquarters in Brooklyn and Long Island

I had already been through the FMS certification... the CK-FMS was heads and shoulders above anything I had expected. The instruction was brilliant and most importantly practical. I can't recommend this workshop highly enough for everyone in the industry.

I have heard Brett and Gray speak multiple times either in person or on DVDs. This weekend I was blown away by the brilliance of these two individuals. Until you experience them in person, with your own questions and hear them field other people's questions it is difficult to appreciate all they have to offer.

This material is exactly what I needed at this point in my career. The quality, scope and practical use of this material is easily the most impressive I have ever experienced.

Will Williams, RKC Team Leader, Hard Style Strength Instructor; Philadelphia. Pennsylvania

As a groomsman for the marriage of hard-style and FS, I am happy to watch this first batch of recruits head in the field to use street level methodology to prove the validity of University level assessment guidelines. The level of cohesion and comfort with which the administrator preserved the material evidences the validity of the new deal. Gray and Brett have been marching in the same direction long enough to have seamlessly snapped in to teaching their respective skill to the other's community. And along came Pavel and John, from over the hills and far way, which a tool built to instill the corrections we learn are necessary to our health upon completion of the Functional Movement Screening. See you next year, gents!

I cannot imagine any organization claiming the ability to teach "fitness" concepts and applications offering a more sophisticated, simplex, and effective system than what we just created. VIVA!

Zar Horton, RKC Team Leader, Firefighter; Albuquerque, New Mexico

Athletic Achievements, training background or specialty:

Division Commander Albuquerque Fire Department — Special Operations Albuquerque Fire Department, Health and Wellness Program Co-founder, FireBellz Russian Kettlebell Studio Owner, Certified Paramedic -18 yrs, US DOE certified Instructor Intermediate Force, Ground Control for Law Enforcement, Men's League competitive soccer 17 yrs, Youth soccer Coach 2000-2004, Track: 1993 World Firefighter Games 4x100 Gold medal

A fantastic experience that gave me the "missing link" in kettlebell training. This course sowed the importance of assessment in training people and how as a practitioner and trainer one must not ass fitness to dysfunction. With being the underlying theme Gray and Brett give you the toolbox and the confidence to improve performance and health through the use of kettlebells.

Thank you guys so much for sharing and developing this course. Incredible. I liked the progression of the course I felt lost but came full circle on Day 3 with the reps/labs — and consistency in teaching.

Amazing instruction and depth of knowledge. There is absolutely no training available like this.

Charanjit "Chuzzy" Mauji, RKC, Personal Trainer; Nottingham, United Kingdom

Athletic Achievements, training background or specialty:

RKC, Been personal trainer for over 9 years.


It changed the way I think towards training. I now understand why my clients have movement and kettlebell problems. And the best thing I can now change it.

Gray Cook is God. Well maybe? LOL. His presentation was some of the best I have seen and heard. Brett Jones, very good. Helped me to understand a lot of things I've been questioning for a longtime.

FMS is out there on it's own. Really leading the way in physical education.

Franz Snideman, RKC Team Leader, Business Owner; La Jolla, California

Athletic Achievements, training background or specialty:

RKC Team Leader, CHEK Level II Certified (Corrective Holistic Exercise Kinesiology), NMT (Neuromuscular Therapist), NRT (Nutrition Response Testing)

The most comprehensive and results providing certification I have ever taken. I saw huge changes and results within minutes of trying the corrective exercises. I am so excited to use this information with my clients. Gray and Brett have condensed a lifetime of experience into this certification and it shows. Your movement will improve immediately with this information.

Both Gray and Brett taught brilliantly. Simple, effective and results producing methods.

Gray has a way of stating complex themes into understandable and applicable methods.

Brett understands the body and movement so well that he's able to cut down to the essential basics.

Better than any corrective exercise certification I have ever taken. Better than CHEK Certifications.

Matt Seki, RKC, Personal Trainer; Los Angeles, California

Athletic Achievements, training background or specialty:

Bachelors in kinesiology, specialized in biomechanics/exercise physiology, -Published author journal of strength and conditioning, -ACSM certified personal, trainer, Beverly Hills Posture and Rehabilitation head trainer, Kodokan Judo, Hombu Aikido, muso-shinden ryu iaido

What I have been looking for my entire career. Truly a perfect tool for anyone interested in human movement patterns. As well as understanding dysfunctions that arise as a result of dysfunctional patterns.

Both superior knowledge experts in their fields. Completely in line with what I have learned from Dr.'s and PhD's in their isolated fields. Both good at explaining technical as well as common terms. Good info in clinical talk, related FMS to Clinical.

Superior to any seminars taken besides RKC. So much technical knowledge, makes sense, easy to achieve results. Really applicable to life.

I loved this course, it is what I have been looking for my whole career. Understood technical aspects and layman's terms to reinforce. I think a lot of technical stuff went over many people's heads. But for us that get it, golden!!! I feel like I have something to teach/how even Dr.'s/PT's/PhD's and they will love it and benefit from it too.

Perfect course, beat my expectations. Accomplished exactly what it said it would and more. Anyone with complaints either didn't get it or had a massive ego of their own to deal with.

I loved it.

Yet again Dragon Door provided a memorable weekend in my entire life.

THANK YOU so much!!!

Jeff O'Connor, Senior RKC; Talala, Oklahoma

The natural progression of the RKC community. The future of athletic performance and longevity.

The best of the best. A beautiful integration of the two best systems, by the two best people.

Second only (and a very close second) to the RKC.

Unbelievable workshop. Thank you to everyone that made it happen.

Rolando Garcia, III, RKC II, Trainer; Guttenberg, New Jersey

Educational, in depth, and engaging without being dry and intimidating. The course puts RKC's at the forefront of fitness industry.

I cannot say enough great things about the knowledge and teaching ability of these two gentlemen. Approachable and friendly, yet possessing knowledge that puts them above the rest. They carry their genius with humility — an RKC trademark

Great Job!!!

Phil Scarito, RKC, Owner - DV8Fitness LLC, Wayne, Pennsylvania

Athletic Achievements, training background or specialty:

RKC, Crossfit

It was an eye-opening experience, that I will utilize in my kettlebell classes and PT clients. My clients will only benefit from this. I can't make them worse, only better.

Unbelievable, they both work very well together. Cook was able to give me easy understandable reason why we need to apply FMS. And Jones really gave us the background on Kettlebells and FMS. Each one had their expertise.

RKC and FMS are the best certs out there. There is really no reason to go anywhere else. RKC sets the standard in the fitness arena.

Dustin Rippetoe, RKC, Small Business Owner; Guthrie, Oklahoma

Athletic Achievements, training background or specialty:

RKC and 12+ years kung fu

Simply the best in the world at what they know and do!

It is the best training in terms of training that I have ever been to!

Andrea Du Cane, Master RKC Instructor; St. Paul, Minnesota

My experience; broadened my knowledge in area of corrective use of known drills. Added new drills to my toolbox along with the "why" and "how" of them. I feel comfortable performing the screen and picking drills to use with a given problem.

Gray is obviously very talented and intelligent PT/RKC. He is a fantastic speaker, entertaining while sharing complex information. He keeps things interesting. He has a tremendous amount of knowledge he has put together into a great system.

Brett — what can I say! I love you big boy! Good job - thoroughly great. You always come from a place of sincerity.

As good as our RKC — in line in Z-Health — in other words top notch!

Sara Cheatham, Senior RKC Instructor; Ft. Bragg, North Carolina

The CK-FMS is the 'why' behind the 'how' of the RKC

Complementary to Z-health yet easily digestible by the general population (plus, they offered adequate positive neural chunking through funny stories and slides, making it memorable and easily accessible for future reference in the field)

Complementary and synergistic to Naked Warrior, Z-health, Unlock, RKC, etc.

Seana Willis, RKC, Massage Therapist; La Jolla, California

Athletic Achievements, training background or specialty:

BS in Athletic Training, Paramedic, Massage Therapist

Absolutely amazing. It was phenomenal, very educational, information, well-structured, practical and just gosh darn good.

Quite a few individuals have tremendous knowledge, talent and skill. It is rare to find these individuals with the ability to effectively teach what they know. Brett and Gray both share this rare quality to teach their knowledge and skill with passion and humor in a way that people can thoroughly understand and use.

Much higher quality and concise material and the practical use is beyond measure. After attending the workshop any attendee can go right out and put this training into effect immediately.

Kori Bliffert, RKC, Respiratory Therapist, Personal Trainer; Frisco, Texas

Athletic Achievements, training background or specialty:


After all of the certs/workshop I have gone to, I really thought I knew how the body moves... I was wrong!!

Also, besides my first RKC, this has been the most fantastic workshop I have ever been to. The information, the knowledge and teaching of the instructors, and the work of everyone put I was incredible.

One word... phenomenal!

This workshop has to be in my top 2 workshops I have been to. The amount of information we got over the weekend was worth 10 times what we paid.

Jon Engum, RKC Team Leader Brainerd, Minnesota

An amazing, mind-blowing experience with lots of info to go back and digest and put into practice.

They are clearly experts and on the cutting edge of movement science. Both are great entertaining speaker with a wealth of knowledge. I gained a huge amount of info.

Outstanding — another quality Dragon Door production.

Doug Nepodal, RKC Team Leader; Ventura, California

As hard as the RKC but from the mental side.

As always we are spoiled by the level of instruction we have at any Dragon Door event. This course is no exception and goes hand in hand with the other course we have taken.

Top quality with real world application.

David Whitley, Senior RKC Instructor; Nashville, Tennessee

The CK-FMS was an eye-opener, an enlightening experience that has given me more tools to provide service to my existing clients, improve my own abilities and open doors to a potential new population of clients for me.

Absorbing knowledge from Gray is like drinking from a fire hose. He has a lot to say and does a great job presenting complex subject matter in an easy to understand was and provides practical hands-on strategies to apply the knowledge.

Brett — what can I say about Brett that he hasn't already said about himself? Brett consistently demonstrates that he truly is a Master Instructor.

It meets the standards I expect from the RKC organization.

Dave Randolph, RKC II, Fitness Coach; Louisville, Kentucky

Athletic Achievements, training background or specialty:

19 years kung fu, 6 yrs RKC/RKC II, Crossfit Level 1

A very eye-opening experience. It was an excellent workshop and I will start implementing the corrective strategies right away.

Gray and Brett showed thorough knowledge of all aspects of FMS. They both are excellent, entertaining presenters and did a great job conveying complex information in a way that made it easily understandable.

Daniel Wilson, RKC, Military; Honolulu, Hawaii

Athletic Achievements, training background or specialty:

20+ years military service, to include 10 years in special operations units.

Radically changed the way I approach training. Before the seminar, I always charged right to the performance aspect of fitness. Now, I will start with ensuring fundamental movement patterns are sound before progressing to enhancing performance.

Outstanding. Wish I could have had more one on one time with Gray, but understand how difficult that would be. In the end, and keeping it simple, the screen and correction system we were given is a tremendous tool that even non-physiologists like me can understand and use.

In conjunction with the RKC, probably the best foundation of knowledge I could ask for. Now I have tools to identify and correct fundamental movement dysfunction (the bade) and then progress on to cutting edge performance enhancement.

Jason Marshall, RKC, Trainer, Lubbock, Texas

Athletic Achievements, training background or specialty:

BS, Exercise and Sport Science; Texas Tech University, RKC — Oct '07

The CK-FMS workshop was one of the most purposeful and influential education opportunities that I've been exposed to. The fact that this was a "first" put me on the forefront of what will become a standard of every gym in the world. I can't say enough how pleased I am with my decision to participate in this event.

Gray and Brett are excellent speakers, presenters, trainers, coaches and people. Their knowledge of movement and the human body and ability to tie it together with familiar kettlebell drills is unparallel,

Above and beyond anything I've been exposed to before. Excellent!

Paul Daniels, RKC Team Leader, Personal Trainer; Rancho Santa Margarita, CA

Athletic Achievements, training background or specialty:

2nd degree black belt kiado ryu martial arts system, 8yrs US Marine Corp; Personal trainer.

The most revolutionary training experience since my RKC. Continuing to keep us on the forefront of the industry.

I can only say I feel very privileged to have had this opportunity.

As with all Dragon Door courses I have completed, the scope and quality of the material is light years ahead of what I thought I knew. It is like having some time warp from the future and giving you information that will forever change the way you see the world.

Andrea U-Shi Chang, RKC, Seattle, Washington

What an incredible workshop — I was given a complete system that will help me look at all my clients/students and evaluate their movement patterns in order to make corrective changes. I was already familiar with Gray Cooks, "A Body in Balance" and was utilizing some of the exercises, but this adds a huge amount of information, screening tactics, and way do measure compensatory movement and how to fix them for better, safer performance.

Both Gray and Brett have a very high level at training, impeccable thoroughness and after to detail — combined with an enjoyable conversational style of communication that keeps you connected, interested and eager to learn and do more. Kudos an incredible new DD program!

More thorough, more complete, with effective and practical ways to make the knowledge learned work when I go home.

I've really enjoyed the high level of participation, and involvement of fellow RKCs — this has been another life changing experience, not only in my future abilities to help others, but in my own personal path of better mobility, balance and performance. Thanks.

Cole Summers, RKC, Strength and Conditioning Coach; Winnipeg, Canada

Athletic Achievements, training background or specialty:

Martial Arts, Rugby. Strength and Conditioning coach to many of Canada's top athletes. Team Canada-multi sport; University; high school. RKC Kettlebell coach to more and more Winnipeg police officers.

A tremendous learning experience. A huge amount of information to explore, to learn and come back to time and again. Instantly accessible, practical and illuminating. Great skills to use in my own training and with my students, clients, and athletes. Be they weekend warriors or an international elite.

World-class state of the art. Exciting to be on the cutting edge.

Excellent. A perfect complement to the RKC. Exceeds the highest expectations.

Great job by all the Dragon Door staff, as usual. Thank you.

Pamela MacElree, RKC Team Leader; Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

It truly is an eye opening experience that will benefit my own training and those I work with ten fold.

Gray Cook was able to break down the complex into simple and applicable applications. Every question was answered with thought and knowledge. The lecture was never dull or boring. Very enjoyable and informative. It also clarified some questions I was having with my graduate studies. Great job to both!

There was a lot of information covered. I don't think that extending the length of the training would help because a tremendous amount was given, time to absorb and apply is the next step. Great quality as is the next step. Great quality as with the RKC program. As far as hands on training this program and RKC are great.

I know that when I start applying this to my own training I will see huge improvements. Would be interested in assisting or helping in the future.

Rick Huse, RKC, Fitness Consultant; Indianapolis, Indiana

Athletic Achievements, training background or specialty:


Professionally, the program expanded my ability to be of service to my clients and of greater value to the fitness world. Personally, the CK-FMS helped me address and provided a system to correct my own fitness of health issues.

I rate them on the same level with Stewart McGill.

More usable information than most programs I've attended including Gray's perform better FMS.

Karen Hamilton, RKC, Software Engineer; Forest Lake, Minnesota

Athletic Achievements, training background or specialty:

Received my RKC in October 2006.

I am so grateful for this training to help prevent injuries for my clients outside of KBs, and to help ensure that I don't injure them in the course of kb training.

Jule Albretsen, RKC II, Mechanical Engineer; Colorado Springs, Colorado

I love it! After the RKC I felt like I knew how to teach KBs, but I was not sure how to screen clients and how to work around their limitations. FMS gave me a well-defined blueprint to work with.

Awesome! They both had a talent for using down to earth team while delivering a huge volume of information.

I like it better than RKC II. More practical and usable to issues I have now.

Os Aponte, RKC; San Diego, California

There is nothing better out there. Money well spent.

I would go to the moon to learn from these guys. The most influential conditioning coaches in my humble career.

Dan Peven, RKC, Fitness Professional, Retirement Consultant Berkeley, California

Athletic Achievements, training background or specialty:

RKC; Aikido shodan

Crucial components of the jigsaw puzzle were provided. Practice will allow the pieces to be placed correctly.

Understandable and immediately useful practical application presented complex concepts broken down into understandable and logical action.

Eric Stiegman, RKC, Owner and Operator of Winning Edge Training, Inc.; Nashville, Illinois

Athletic Achievements, training background or specialty:

College Basketball 4 years, College Golf 2 years, Amateur Competitor in the sport of Long Driving, 2007 qualifier for the IL and MO District in the Remax Long Drive Competition with longest competitive drive of 359 yards.

The merger of the RKC And the FMS is revolutionary. This is the path to human excellence!

Undeniably Elite! Both present in a clear, understandable fashion and always wiling to answer any questions!

This was by far the most cutting edge information that I have been exposed to. I definitely feel that I am part of an elite group.

Anton Iskerskiy, RKC, Personal Fitness Trainer; Lakeville, New Jersey

Outstanding. It is obvious that both men possess great knowledge of the subject matter and able to convey it in engaging and easy to understand manner.

It is as good as RKC and RKC is the best.

In future CK-FMS training I recommend you consider making the following additions/changes to the program:

Bringing civilians and allowing participants to evaluated them with FMS tests and address their most obvious issues.

Shawn Manning, RKC, Personal Trainer; Wilmington, North Carolina

Athletic Achievements, training background or specialty:

RKC Instructor, ISSA Certified (1999-2006)

CK FMS training should be integrated into every trainer's program in order to prevent and address dysfunction. This course gave me the education necessary to feel confident screening my clients and designing a program that not only helps the, but does not hurt then.

Very thorough. No question went unanswered. They have obviously taken this program to the trenches and that showed in the presentation.

First class. Just like RKC, this has been some of the most helpful education that I can actually utilize as a trainer.

Renee Sliviak, RKC, Farm Manager, Sandy Lake, Pennsylvania

Athletic Achievements, training background or specialty:

Half Marathon

All aspects were very good. Although I do not train people — this information will help me in my own sports and to help me recover from old injuries.

Ricardo Nieves, M.D., RKC II, Physician; Carlsbad, New Mexico

Athletic Achievements, training background or specialty:

USA National Judo Team Physician, Volunteer Physician Unites States Olympic Training Center, Board Certified Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation. Sub-specialty Board Certification in Sports Medicine, Third Dan Black Belt Judo, Ex-member of the Puerto Rico National Judo Team, 1994 USA National Sambo Champion 149.5 lbs, RKC Level 2

Excellent complementary evaluating method for me to use together with McKenzie Mechanical Evaluation in order to better evaluate my patients not only mechanically but also functionally.

Excellent method to screen and evaluate functional movements dysfunctions.

Very well presented information in a concise but comprehensive format.

Jason C. Brown, RKC Team Leader, Roslyn, Pennsylvania

Outstanding. Great group of instructors.

Much deeper, much warmer feel and atmosphere that is extremely conducive to learning . very deep science with direct application. Able to use something on Monday, that's not always possible with other seminars, workshops.

Franklin B. Herman, RKC, Principal Software Engineer; Acton, Massachusetts

Both presenters are at the top of their craft! The information is delivered in a very engaging down to earth style.

This was comparable to the very high quality of my RKC certification.

Mark Toomey, RKC Team Leader, Reno, Nevada

Another life-changing experience. I will be a more valuable asset to my clients and a better resource.

Gray has a very easy going and disarming way of making difficult concepts simple and keeps simple concepts clear.

It's great having a Master RKC bridging the use of KB's with CK FMS.

Brian Sternberg, RKC, PE Teacher and Personal Trainer; Scottsdale, Arizona

It has given me a very crucial and necessary tool "screening". New people beginning or already involved in a training program can see if they have any red flags that may need to be taken care of to prevent future injuries.

Very detailed which really makes me feel confident that was taught to me was very clear, concise and appropriate.

Phenomenal course and I can't wait to practice what I learned and then apply it to my victims.

Tom Nunn, RKC, Capoeira Instructor & Web Site Developer; Oxford, United Kingdom

Athletic Achievements, training background or specialty:

10 years of Capoeira plus various other martial arts. Recreational gymnastics training for several years. Teacher of Capoeira approx 4 years. Kettlebell training since 2002, but only seriously in the last couple of years. Certified RKC in Denmark 2008.

Provided a simple, foolproof system for understanding a client's movement problems.

A revelation!

Dr. Courtney Mizuhara-Cheng, RKC II, Osteopathic Physician; Los Angeles, California

CK FMS training should be introduced to all clinicians who work with and treat injuries because it not only helps to identify potential injury risk factors but provides corrective strategies once an asymmetry of dysfunctional movement pattern is identified.

Gray Cook and Brett Jones are both dynamic instructors with an incredible amount of experience who are so open to sharing their knowledge in a down to earth manner that it is an honor to be able to listen to.

CK FMS training shares many of similar concepts I have learned through my osteopathic training of looking beyond the pain to the whole body, identifying functional movement pattern asymmetries and restriction of motion. The quality of the material is at such a high level that I wish similar course were offered in my medical school training. The information is very practical for anyone in the health care profession and working with injuries or prevention.

Thank you for blending these two wonderful systems.

Darlene McCaffrey, RKC, Personal Trainer/Sales; Medina, Ohio

Athletic Achievements, training background or specialty:


The coming together of such talented individuals always amazes me. Always well organized and professional. Dragon Door quality comes through.

As always the knowledge base of Dragon Door organized events/speakers is exponential. With Gray's extensive knowledge (clinical), he is still able to communicate clearly and in laymen's terms. Excellent presentation and knowledge base by Brett as well.

Quality of knowledge base as always was exponential. The practical application of the movement screen in conjunction with the correction will separate all of us from the typical trainer/instructor that will move clients through a dysfunction without making a simple correction.

In return clients will experience a more beneficial exercise regimen that will allow them to more to the next level with more confidence.

Kirsten Farrell, RKC, Athletic Trainer; Playa Del Ray, California

"Awesome" This is a brilliant course! All RKCs should take it — this will make them a better instructor both in teaching technique as well as overall body balance. I did not want this weekend to end.

Two of the most outstanding instructors around.
Wish I had this kind of instruction and passion when I went to school.
A wonderful mix of humor and personal stories.

The RKC is one thing on a physical level — this takes you mentally to a whole different plane. I am not sure all of us truly understand the unique and special opportunity we have had to enjoy this kind of access to Brett and Gray.

As a new RKC the chance to meet so many team leaders, Masters and Sr. RKCs was a wonderful experience. You have a great group of folks that are a part of Dragon Door and the RKC — so glad to be a part of it

Dan Cenidoza, RKC, Kettlebell Instructor/Strength & Conditioning Specialist; Baltimore, Maryland

Athletic Achievements, training background or specialty:

Winner of the 2007 Maryland's Strongest Man contest. Certified Strength & Conditioning Specialist (NSCA and CSCS. Owner of and Coaching experience at the high school, collegiate and professional level of sports. Senior fitness specialist.

I can only echo the reputation that precedes Gray Cook.... He is a genius!

Gary and Brett complement each other nicely. Good people, with a great sense of humor and intimate knowledge of the human body.

The CK-FMS material was presented on par with the other RKC workshops I have attended, which is excellent. The philosophy underlying FMS is revolutionary and effective like nothing I have ever seen before.

Ken Froese, RKC II, Trainer; New York, New York

I attended an FMS seminar with Gray and Lee back in Feb/Mar and the CK-FMS was a lot more detailed.

It gave me a better understanding of how to make corrections and help my clients as well as my own training.

The hands on concept is what sets DD seminars/workshops apart form the rest in the industry.

Gray and Brett are both great speakers and keep things entertaining as they pass on their knowledge. They both really know their stuff.

Steve Freides, RKC II, Musician and Trainer; Ridgewood, New Jersey

Athletic Achievements, training background or specialty:

AAU age/weight group dead lift world record holder; RKC II; NSCA-CPT

We were the beneficiaries of years of world-class experience, distilled into a simple system that demonstrably delivers consistent results. I will use what I have learned here immediately for years to come.

Equal to other Pavel/Dragon Door workshops, and that is the highest praise. Nothing else comes even close.

Scott Matsuura, RKC, Physical Therapy; San Jose, California

Exceptional! Combining the FMS with RKC is a winning combination.

The instructors are definitely at the top of their fields in regards to knowledge and training. But they are also top presenters and speakers. Also Danielle and Mark are exceptional in their knowledge and training.

This course by far has been the most useful in showing how to implement an exercise program safely by promoting proper movement patterns first.

Dragon Door has always put on first class workshop and certifications

BJ Bliffert, RKC II, Fitness Professional; Frisco, Texas

Easily one of the most informative workshops I've ever been to. This will instantly help my clients and athletes and exponentially raise the value of my services.

Second to none.

Gabi Katschthaler, RKC, — Fitness Trainer; Debrecen, Hungary

Athletic Achievements, training background or specialty:

I'm a certified fitness trainer and kettlebell instructor running my own business in Hungary — I wash to take my service towards athletes and clients to a new level in integrating the FMS system.

One AHA moment after the other. An overwhelming experience in every sense. A great wealth of information and insight, with lots of tips on putting it all into practice. Just plain outstanding, Brett, Gray and all assistants did a wonderful job, as well as the organizers.

I couldn't be more impressed. I was expecting the best but it was ever better! Huge knowledge, great wisdom and understanding of the human body. Outstanding lecture and teaching skills, too.

We have covered a lot more material than at level 1, still I'm confident I can put the pieces that are a bit confusing now together with time and some screening-correcting ways.

Jennifer Morey, RKC, Massage Therapist; Boulder, Colorado

Athletic Achievements, training background or specialty:

BS Kinesiology; RKC; GS women's national champ; Certified Massage Specialist.

The CK FMS was an extremely exciting and motivating experience. The depth of Gray's knowledge and foolproof screen were overwhelming yet simple. Coupling the FMS with kettlebells clearly exhibits immediate positive change, something many people want.

Gray and Brett's combined amount of knowledge is utterly unbelievable. Both of these "Gods of fitness and movement" had immediate as well as multiple answers for each and every question that arose. People involved in kettlebells in general (RKC etc) have an exorbitant amount of expertise. These two dudes surpassed all I could have expected.

The CK FMS by far exceeds any other training I have received. Although, it does run parallel to other trainings like RKC in many ways, it is so easily broken down and user friendly.

Bobbie Kelm, RKC II, Personal Trainer; Georgetown, Texas

Athletic Achievements, training background or specialty:


CK FMS training together with RKC and kettlebells — WOW! I was very excited to attend this workshop and it met my expectations above and beyond.

Complete and very consistent presentation that constantly reminded you of the purpose of quality functional movement.

John Bruno, RKC, Strength & Conditioning Professional; Erie, Pennsylvania

Athletic Achievements, training background or specialty:

Associate Instructor in the Harris International Grappling Association under Professor Roy Harris; Apprentice Level 1 Instructor in the Harris International Jeet kune Do, French, Filipino and Indonesian Martial Arts Association under Professor Roy Harris.

It was exceedingly informative. However, it makes me humble to see how much more I have to learn about S&C and evaluation of clients needs. I will leave knowing how much more I need to practice and familiarize myself with the information to become proficient with it. I look at this as a beginning not and end.

Outstanding world-class training, I will continue to work with Brett as he is geographically close to me. You can tell they have a good synergy and open mindedness with each other and that is a good example in a room full of "experts"!

Mark Reifkind, Master RKC Instructor; San Jose, California

The most comprehensive, detailed, standardized and intelligent approach to corrective exercise I have ever seen. Takes screening and corrective exercise to another dimension. Must-have training for the state of the art training professional. Gray Cook is the Pavel of corrective exercise.

Amazing, incredible, outstanding. My brain hurts from trying to wrap it around the unreal amount of incredible useful and pertinent date. It will take numerous readings and screenings to understand just how natural this course really is. But, as detailed as the data is, the simplicity of the system provides such s simple step by step guide as to make it foolproof. Fantastic!

Keira Newton, RKC II, Santa Fe, New Mexico

Exceptional. Both Gray and Brett have a clear base knowledge that they have used in the development of FMS

Gray and Brett were clear, direct and easy to understand. Also very good as lecturers, funny and interesting.

Heidi Rothenberg, RKC II, Russian Kettlebell Instructor/ Massage Therapist; Albuquerque, New Mexico

Athletic Achievements, training background or specialty:

Co-owner of FireBellz, Albuquerque's Premiere Russian Kettlebell Studio, Feb. 2008 RKC, 15 year certified personal fitness trainer, recovering aerobics and spin cycling instructor, 20 year licensed massage therapist specializing in deep tissue, neuro-muscular/trigger-point therapy.

Both Gray and Brett did a phenomenal job sharing their expertise in a way that not only was easy to grasp but kept me completely receptive even if overwhelmed by the absolute volume of information being delivered.

CK FMS training is most likely going to be the most effective tool I have to building my client base and make healthy, strong, stronger kettlebellers. I am blown away by how simple and even easy the corrective strategies are and dhow absolutely effective the CK FMS system is!

Jeff Larson, RKC II, — Personal Trainer; Napa, California

The CK FMS was an invaluable experience. It will cause a paradigm shift in my approach to programming.

Quality of training and knowledge are excellent. What more need be said? It would be excellent to have an internship with the gentlemen!!

The CK FMS rates right up there with RKC I and II. The systems of training are and will be invaluable as business owner/trainer/massage therapist to reach out and help others, this will in turn help my business and my level of expertise flourish.

Katherine Hawbaker, RKC II, Teacher; Louisville, Kentucky

Athletic Achievements, training background or specialty:

Member Chambersburg, PA Women's Gymnastics YMCA Mason-Dixon League Champions 1980-1985. Practitioner of Ashtagna yoga, RKC II.

This is exactly what I have been looking for to combine a screen or test so I am better informed in designing practices for each client. The CK FMS comes at a perfect time for me just a year after RKC, and several weeks of RKC II and with an official year under my belt working with clients. I have kept annotated noted on my clients and will apply this new knowledge immediately.

Excellent, Gray is so knowledgeable, yet despite any formal training on my part, I was able to follow lecture. His stream of thought is very clear, and he articulates his knowledge easily without sounding "lofty".

Brett's delivery and interaction was priceless. It was super cool to see him share his knowledge with the RKC community with confidence, humor and professionalism.

Excellent and above and beyond what I anticipated in terms of knowledge gained, delivery of instruction and sincere desire of Gray, Brett and Danielle for us to really go out there with this screen and use it to improve our client's movements and our own ability to be creative.

Stefan Madsen, RKC II, Copenhagen, Denmark

Great to have a system of screens allowing me to retest my clients. Hands on practice in invaluable.

Joseph Thimmesh, RKC, Landscaper/KB trainer; St. Paul, Minnesota

The FMS workshop was extremely informative, and will definitely help one become a better trainer.

They explained things very well and tried to keep everyone at ease, even though there was a ton of information presented.

It was very good, my only other experience was RKC. The CK FMS had a much larger source base of information therefore there was a lot to digest.

George Gomola, RKC, — Asst. Chief Fairfield Fire Dept., Strength Coach SHU; Fairfield, Connecticut

Athletic Achievements, training background or specialty:

Assistant Fire Chief, Fairfield Fire Dept., Strength and Conditioning Coach — Sacred Heart University Men's Soccer Program, Program Director — Fairfield Recreation Department SAQS, "300" SAQS

This training has made me responsible and more importantly — accountable for correcting my client's movement. Any training can train to failure, we must train to success.

Gray and Brett are both exceptionally gifted. Their styles compliment each other. Gray is big picture, Brett is by the book together they appeal to all aspects of a very diverse audience.

RKC II laid the groundwork for CK FMS. In a perfect world CK FMS would be done before RKC — it would have saved me a lot of pain. FMS is a doorway through which each future girevik must pass if we are to be truly responsible trainers.

Michael Johnson, RKC; Police Officer / Personal Trainer; Highland, Maryland

Athletic Achievements, training background or specialty:

Law Enforcement, — NSPA CPT, Cooper Institute Law Enforcement Fitness, Specialist, Defensive Tactics Instructor, 18 years of martial arts training

This training is a must for anyone who is serious about personal training and providing the best possible service to their clients.

Absolutely phenomenal instruction and knowledge in body mechanics and movement. Gray and Brett break everything down into easy to follow steps that can be used by any trainer.

Pat Henderson, RKC, Bloomington, Minnesota

CK FMS training is the simplest yet more comprehensive way of making minor seemingly unimportant corrections to make enormous change to the whole picture of knowing where, how and why you are in a certain place at a certain time with a recipe that helps you make discoveries which bring about not only small changes but also miracle changes in movement.

Their knowledge is such a meld of much that is known and much more which is either no known or recognized. They are incredible at putting the pieces together. Thank you so much. YOU ARE THE BOMB!

Definitely one of the tops! Especially like I said because of how I learn.

Gavin Van Vlack, RKC, — Strength & Conditioning Coach; Brooklyn, New York

Athletic Achievements, training background or specialty:

Combat sports athlete; 18 years in fitness industry.

I find it invaluable as a fitness professional, to help my clients.

Everything is top notch, typical Dragon Door production.

Lynda Angelis, RKC, Artist, karate and kettlebell instructor, Minneapolis, Minnesota

Athletic Achievements, training background or specialty:

Martial Arts 30 years.

It was a year's work of information resented clearly and concisely in 3 days. My experience was both enlightened and overwhelmed.

It is just extraordinary. There are no better.

Quality was excellent. Scope of material was vast. Practical use is invaluable. Most of my recent physical exercises training has been RKC — this exceeds the standard set.

Chuck Mutschler, RKC, Physical Therapist; Pasadena, California

Day one it was stated "FMS is a system" and I believe CKFMS workshop delivered that message. As a physical therapist this system will greatly enhance my ability to deliver more comprehensive care to my pts and athletes.

Brett and Gray's chemistry and knowledge of movement pattern and corrective example is a statement to their commitment to strength and conditioning. Thank you!!

Steve Gould, RKC II, Fitness Center Owner; Morton, Illinois

Athletic Achievements, training background or specialty:

Head High School Basketball and Track Coach; Okinawan 5th Dan; Brazilian blue Belt/Chicago Open Champion; Full Instructor JKD; Mauy Thai; Kali; Escrima MS'CFT; CSCS; WFT.

Enlightening. Definitely improved instruction and evaluation of clients.

Both Gray and Brett communicate their knowledge and principles clearly and in a clean progression making the information immediately applicable when returning to work with clients.

Practical use stands out. Principles and strategies presented can be implemented immediately.