Praise for the Hardstyle Kettlebell Certification™ — New York, NY, March 2016

Will Fitzpatrick

Solid. I got much more out of this experience than I expected. Clear, concise instruction. A huge amount of easily useable cues. Non-elitist attitude made its content much more believable.

I got my NASM, which establishes me as a personal trainer and with zero practical, it really has next to no worth in comparison with this class.

These coaches are awesome. First off, Coach Fury does a swell job and has a solid teaching art.  Mel did a great job too correcting and fine-tuning my movement. Everyone was super spot on, really impressive.

Amy Merl

I was expecting a very long day with a lot of being talked at. What I got was a day that flew by with mostly hands-on experience and a group of people geeking out over fitness! THE BEST!

Coach Fury Mel, and Glenna—they were all INCREDIBLE! I thought Mel and Glenna were super-helpful and approachable. Fury is a wealth of knowledge who makes it relatable to real life tips.

Jerome Doerger

HKC was an immersive, hands on training of fundamentals of kettlebell exercises. The individual attention and ability to give and receive feedback to our fellow participants and instructors was an essential step in my growth as a coach and student of kettlebell training.

Steve Fury possesses a vast and extensive knowledge of the techniques and applications of kettlebells. It’s obvious he has years of experience with a variety of clients all across a spectrum of physical ability.

This was an extremely in-depth and hands-on course. The range covered has given me the foundation on which to continue my personal growth and the confidence to share my knowledge with others.

Thank you for this program!

Cynthia Enger

Highly educated, helpful, positive and encouraging. Fury, Mel, Glenna: Not only strong and precise but as important, helpful, friendly. Very important in a situation of being stressed or feeling under pressure. They made it fun and made me feel like “I could do it”.

By far, the best. I have a lot of online certifications and have been to workshops. Nothing with as much one-on-one and practical evaluation. Testing was on true things. My AFFA personal training, I was only evaluated on one training.

Very happy with this day and experience. I plan on registering for more programs on the Dragon Door page. Just very happy to have a chance to work with these wonderful coaches and people.

Emilie Pashley

Fury – Great breakdown, step by step instructions, and trouble shooting tips.  Positive, cohesive, encouraging and confident.

I would say on a scale of 1-10, a 10. I actually feel comfortable with the movements. That has not always been the case in some certifications.

Gabriella Peltoniemi

Very educational!  This day overflowed with information. I was thoroughly impressed.

Fury – Professional, educational and fun.

Laid back, but professional atmosphere. Felt like a team with the coaches. I felt very comfortable talking with the coaches and asking questions.

Amy Scanlon

A day of precise, concise and competent kettlebell training. Giving perfect guidance for self improvement and to coach others.

Fury - Extremely knowledgeable and perfectly adaptable to a non-fitness professional. Great attention to detail with a great sense of humor.

Jessica Murphy

HKC was a comprehensive, hands on workshop that not only improved my own personal technique, but my kettlebell coaching skills as well.

Fury, Glenn, Melanie—all excellent and attentive instructors who were ready to answer any and all questions.

HKC actually puts your technique to the test, because if you can’t do it how the hell are you gonna’ teach it?

Michael Littig

Efficient training. Encouraging atmosphere. This is a wonderful comprehensive cert.

Fury is a welcoming and encouraging instructor. Such an encouraging and wonderful atmosphere.

I enjoy how practical and simple the course was as a whole. In comparison to other certs, I really enjoyed the friendly atmosphere.

Cassidy Watton

Extremely helpful at clearing up discrepancies of performing and teaching basic kettlebell movements.

More specific than other certs I’ve taken so scope was smaller, but in a positive way. Very good quality!

Julia Falenas

Informative, specific, and approachable. I enjoyed learning new cues and regressions!

Fury – down to earth/ approachable, informative, specific.

Justin Johnson

It was an excellent course, very participant-focused in a clean, energetic environment.

Coach Fury was great. He was energetic and motivating the entire day. It made the course not only highly informative but fun as well.

I’ve taken a number of courses on kettlebells before. The quality of this course is top notch. Excellent progressions and correction cues with a focus on safety.

Elizabeth Fantalon

This program was very well thought out, with great emphasis placed on fundamental movements building together to form other more complex exercises. It’s a great basis for coaching.

I was impressed by how well Fury was able to explain what was important and why. I demonstrated that he truly has a fundamental knowledge of the HKC and has applied this own experiences to his teaching technique.

I’ve trained with kettlebells for about a year now in a small group setting. I think that previously I had a pretty good understanding, but this course makes me feel confident that I don’t just know how, but also why.