Praise for the Hardstyle Kettlebell Certification™ — Bethesda, Maryland, June 2019

Michael Wertheim

Thoughtful and thorough. It goes over exactly what you’ll be tested on in detail leaving everyone confident in their ability to build, teach and execute the movements. It’s practical for every trainer.

Ana Cetverikova

It was a very informative, interactive, hands-on, fun experience. There was no place for boredom, but lots of place for practical application of the knowledge. Loved it!

Andrea Du Cane was great. Easy to follow and understand, actively engaging everyone in the room.

Ryan Jankowitz. Ryan was an amazing assistant with lots of great tips and extremely knowledgeable.

Highly impressed. I’ve been to many different workshops throughout the years and this one was worth the money!

Shelly Wagstaff

I felt Andrea and Ryan thoroughly covered the basics and how to perform in a correct manner. It’s good instruction to either start basic training or to add another layer to existing training.

Both instructors were patient and more than approachable. They took time to explain the movements and were looking at each person with a critical, yet considerate, eye.

Mike Silverman

A great foundational KB class, suited to any trainer looking to tighten up their technique.

Andrea and Ryan. Both were generous with their knowledge and super approachable.

Jenna Hamra

The cueing and instructions are clear and applicable. I have never utilized kettlebells before and I can already feel different muscles and using my brain/body connection.

Andrea is very passionate which makes the course more inviting and fun. She is easy to understand, strict on form (which is great .. no hesitations), and someone who was able to answer all our questions.

Great! Loved the little workout we did … made me see how applicable it is.

Abby Bernhardt

Very, very educational! The instructors were amazing and extremely wise

Andrea Du Cane and Ryan Jankowitz. Very clear and to the point when explaining exercises. Really enjoyed the workshop and look forward to taking what I learned and applying it to my studio.

Keittie Ribadeneira

Technical and challenging but the input and instruction was beneficial.

Ryan and Andrea.  Ryan was so nice and knowledgeable. Andrea was so knowledgeable and I appreciated her challenging us.

The small group allowed us to get a more personalized training. Access to equipment was good. I appreciate the learning material.

Gonzalo Rufatt

Very high quality class. Can use the material to develop a very effective workout.

Praise for the Hardstyle Kettlebell Certification™ — Rome, Georgia, June 2019

J.P. Crawford

Great course. More instructor attention than any other system or course.

Best practical training that I have every received.

Lauren Bearden

Thorough foundation of the two-handed swing, the goblet squat, and the TGU. I feel more confident and capable in all the movements. It’s on par, if not better, than other certs I’ve taken. I really enjoyed it and can’t wait to practice and teach others.

Kristy Agan was very knowledgeable and passionate about kettlebells and the people she trains.

Kevin F. Tobias

Great instructors who were very thorough in explaining all nuances of every movement that we learned during the day. Kristy Agan - Very personable approachable and down to earth. Joe Agan - Great sense of humor which I find important even in a learning environment.

Yannick Gumowski

Great experience! I sort of knew what to expect, but it was great to get the movements taught properly and have human feedback for improvements. Also everyone was treated very respectfully.

Kristy Agan – Super nice lady. Took time to explain everything in detail, encouraged questions, took time to answer all of them, and made it a fun environment that was not too strict but also not too laissez-faire either.

Christy Scott

Training was very informative. I liked how each exercise was broken down step by step.

Lane Brooks

Fast-paced, effective, fun.

Jim Sparlin

It is very informative. The instructors were enthusiastic about teaching, and answered all of our questions. Kristy-Agan was enthusiastic and helpful. She made us feel welcome. I really enjoyed my time here learning today.

Angela Rousy

The entire staff was super knowledgeable, passionate about training and great at watching and correcting form.

I like how professional the staff was and really took the certification serious. Not just handing over certificates without good quality instruction.

James A. Giles

Outstanding program, well-constructed, good flow, everything worked together.

Johnna Lindsey

It was very informative and the trainer did a good job explaining the information.