Praise for the Hardstyle Kettlebell Certification™ — Coventry, United Kingdom, September 2021

Colleen Drummond

The HKC is a must for anyone wanting to teach their students how to use a kettlebell safely, efficiently and progressively.  It is transferable to a multitude of fitness disciplines.

Andrea DuCane is extremely passionate and dedicated to teaching the art of kettlebell movement. Her approach and methods are easy to understand and her feedback is detailed without being overwhelming. An excellent workshop!

Alasdair Poon

Detailed yet concise explanations and demonstrations of the finer points of kettlebell training and techniques. Both Andrea and Craig Gilkes were fantastic, generously sharing their knowledge and training insight and wisdom from their experiences, with tips on avoiding injury and many needed corrections on my technique.

Johnathan Jesson

The detail is amazing! Coaches are approachable, strict but fair. Craig very approachable and awesome grounded coaching, as always. Andrea has a wealth of knowledge and I feel very privileged to have her here.

Stefan Ridley

The training was professional, detailed, and informative. Great feedback was given by an extremely knowledgeable instructor. Andrea’s training followed logical progressions, with the instructor providing great feedback and coaching cues.

The HKC teaches few movements, but those movements are taught in depth, which can be missing in other courses.