Praise for the Hardstyle Kettlebell Certification™ — NYC, NY, January 2023

Seth Thomas, Personal Trainer, gym owner

This was a great day of learning. I picked up teaching cues and learned about more efficient ways to practice and have my members practice.  Marco Guanilo was great. He demonstrated great teaching skills and helped everyone learn something to help themselves and others. The course was awesome.

Natasha Nesir, Trainer

Marco is incredibly knowledgeable and gets straight to the point. He drops all facts, no BS, and gives valuable advice based on his experiences of what actually works. Thank you.

Marco is A+. Best communicator I’ve taken a workshop with so far. Simple is best. HKC is better than StrongFirst.

Crystal Williams, Group fitness instructor

The course was informative, interactive, engaging and most importantly bad habit correcting.

The instructors and team leaders were beyond helpful and encouraging. Marco was extremely engaging and helpful with fine corrections, as well as his assistants.

Josh Feldman, Personal Trainer

Great hands on experience for anyone looking to further their kettlebell technique

Very supportive, knowledgeable instructors.

Kathleen Rahill, Coodinator, YMCA

Well planned and thought out. Excellent emphasis on safety and efficiency. Excellent.

Neil Grupp, Hairdresser

It just gave me a great foundation, with proper technique on using the bells. Marco and the team were so knowledgeable and enthusiastic, would highly recommend.

Hannah Gundermann, Trainer

Great entry level course as someone who is familiar with kettlebells. I gained a greater understanding of safety, movement patterns and how to incorporate KB’s in programming. 10/10 Marco is wonderful. The quality was there by providing in-depth materials, instruction, and practical application.

Isabella Stansbury, Personal Trainer

It was a well-taught program to solidify my knowledge of KB basics. I felt confident in keeping up with the material. Gave me specific drills to help my clients with form issues. Marco is very specific.

John Vinniano

Complete and concise on the three movements shown in class. Plenty of time was allocated for questions and demonstrations. Very knowledgeable and professional instructors. Clean in direction and obvious extensive knowledge, great real world ties.

Rosella Watson

The class was well organized, professional, and thorough. Marco did an excellent job covering the material in an interesting and informative manner.