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10/10 Do Not Lend This Book Out- YOU WILL NEVER GET IT BACK!!!
By Ron Fernando / Chicago, Ill USA

Ive been involved in Powerlifting for almost 30 years, both as an International level competitor, USA Team Coach and Sports Journalist. Pavel's new Book POWER TO THE PEOPLE PROFESSIONAL is absolutely the finest compendium of thoughts about our Sport, as seen through the eyes of some of the Greatest Lifters and Coaching minds from Russia. All of these ideas can be used by Powerlifters and athletes alike to simply get big and strong- in a hurry. I urge everyone who takes this sport seriously to buy your own copy soon- but be forewarned: If you lend this great book out, YOU WILL NOT GET IT BACK.

10/10 PTP-Pro, best book on market for serious lifters!
By former drug/gear free national champion. / forth worth, texas

This is without question the BEST powerlifting book on the market with regards to lifters who compete. I competed for about 15 years-winning both state and national drug free and then eventually gear free meets,this book would of cut years off my training and added years to my training, unfortunately for me, i no longer compete. The routines pavel has put in this book can keep any lifter from getting bored, and keep them progressing to their maximum potential. The first PTP took my deadlift without a belt from a bar and 45 on each end to 615 without a belt. I credit that accomplishment to pavel and his methods and advice! "PTP-pro"-only SERIOUS lifters need apply!
Pat "Phil" Workman, rkc

10/10 "Honey, have you seen my highlighter?"
By 3X Armed Forces PL Champion, AAU BP WR , Author / Texas, USA

Got the book yesterday and read it in one sitting(actually standing) as the workmen did my hardwood floors. A Disclaimer to start:I have read just about every classic training text including the Russian translations. I even had my copy of "Supertraining" and a highlighter by my toilet for study and review for 3 years. Happy to lend it out...I am also under the bar familiar with and have practiced almost each of the approaches, techniques, and training philosphies in this book.

What this book does, better than any other book I have read, is tie together seemingly contradictory ideas, and shows that training concepts come not on a spectrum but on a full circle. Want to understand why or why not to explode lift? Why are both right, and also wrong? Heel push vs toe slide in the DL? What about train a lift 5 days a week vs once a week? They can't both be right? Yet they are. Why do some people do a lot of assistance and others very little, or why do some folks train the week of a meet and others not at all? Are the WSB and Evil Empire really at odds? You might be surprised at that and much more. What Pavel does as well as anybody in the field is take concepts you would only know the name of if you are in a Phd program or read Supertraining in strange places, and lays them out in easily understandable and useable prose. While a powerlifting book in focus, the themes and concepts you see here are ones you use in any sports strength training.

Last night as my wife and I put the books back in our bookcases, she asked if me if i wanted all my training books on two shelves again. All but one.

"Honey, have you seen my highlighter?"

10/10 Excellent book by Pavel
By Keith Sinclair, UK / Wales, U.K>

Another excellent book by Pavel. Lots of top-quality information presented very well. I'd recommend it to anybody even if the information is a bit too advanced for most people in parts as it's a good, entertaining read.--Keith Sinclair, UK

10/10 This is THE
By Kenneth Jay, MRKC / Slangerup, Denmark

definitive book on HULK-like raw grinding strength development! I was lucky enough to receive a copy a couple of days before release and I could not put it down! For a powerlifter it is a bible..for a coach like me it is an invaluable treasure chest of knowledge delivered like only Pavel can..

Read, apply, lift. Then read and apply again and lift even more! So it can continue forever if you wish!

The Viking is happy!

10/10 Burn Before Reading
By Dave Whitley, SRKC / Nashville TN USA

That's what is says in the introduction. It is meant to be taken as a warning: this book is a collection of ADVANCED powerlifting techniques and strategies. If you aren't an experienced powerliftier or haven't at least read and applied the original Power to the People program, you have no business doing the things in this book.

I have often said that Pavel's great talent lies in being able to take extremely complex and difficult subject matter and present it in a way that anyone can understand and apply. The original Power to the People was a book that did just that. This book however, shows us what the complicated subject matter is. Going deep into various techniques to improve your lifts, periodization and programming, this book is crammed full of stuff I look forward to being able to understand.

10/10 Totally Awesome!
By Steve Belanger RKC / Orange County,Ca.

In my many years in the powerlifting game i have never come across a more comprehensive book of powerlifting information than PTTP professional.
This book is not for beginners but for the lifter that has a few years under their belt, strength training with the original PTTP principles.
I think this book could be also called "Beyond PTTP".
Many programs and techniques from westren and Russian philosophys for advancing your bench,squat,deadlift and even press but might make your head spin with the amount of information provided.
If your an information freak like i am,this book is a must have for your strength library and all for less than the price one might pay a coach/trainer to put together a PL program for you.
I can't recommended it enough for the strength junkies out there.

10/10 If there were a god his name would be Pavel
By Michael, a 42 year old nobody / De Soto, Missouri, USA

So I am sitting on my couch in my fifth week of recovery from a distal biceps tendon reattachment surgery, and my second week of recovery from acl transplant. I am wondering if dragondoor has anything new from Pavel that will assist me in designing my rehab program. I was drawn to this book. Had I read pg. 175 seven weeks ago I would still be at work and active. This book is way too advanced for me, but just like all of his other books and dvd's that my wife and I own there are some things I can use now, there are some things I wish I had been using, and there are many things I hope to grow into. Pavel you have shared many things with us from your mental database of physical training; but I don't think I am alone with this request. I WANT TO KNOW WHAT YOU DO FOR A WORKOUT, PUBLISH YOUR OWN TRAINING ROUTINE, I'll be the first one in line. With all of this knowledge, and looking the way you do, and proving with your actions that you are what you preach. What do you do daily, weekly, monthly... to be who you are. Just publish a one year training diary, no commentary, just brief explanation. That would sell. We listen to you because of who you are. Show us how to be like you.

10/10 Pavel's done it again
By D Zale / Valparaiso, IN

Another great book about building real strength. But heed his warning. This book is to be USED by advanced lifters but can still be enjoyed by the novice or intermediate as a "gold ring" to aim for. Great contrasts revealed between Russian and American training styles of training --"same but different". Pavel is a fount of knowledge about strength development.

10/10 How do you improve on PTP and Beyond Body Building.
By Rick / Mesa, Az.

what can I say, Pavel did it again. I am so tired of six pack abs and all the junk out there reference building biceps etc. Pavel hits the nail on the head and he has done it again with PTP Professional. Knock off all the bull and just lift. Great reading and information packed. Pavel keeps it simple like we said in the Marines. He not only provides you info. for PL but in addition gives you alternative advice for those of us who strength train for health and other sports. I am a fan of Pavel and Marty Gallagher.
A special thanks to Dragon Door for only providing the finest products and books by the best.

5/10 Only for serious powerlifters
By Marchant Training Method / California

There is a lot of interesting stories and workout concepts from some serious power-lifters of old and current lifters. That being said...IF YOU ARE NOT A SERIOUS POWER-LIFTER YOU WILL NOT USE MOST OF THE CONCEPTS IN THIS BOOK. But, I did find it interesting. So when you start lifting over 500 on your deads, read this. If that's not your goal (b/c it's not mine), stick with Enter the kettlebell.

10/10 Great Book!
By C. Lyttle / Knoxville, TN

Well worth every penny!

9/10 For serious powerlifters.
By Hillsboro Joe / Hillsboro, Missouri United States

Definitely another great work from Pavel. If your not interested in powerlifting specifically then this one may not be for you.

10/10 "Power" is the real deal!
By Gil Flores - ACE/CPT / San Mateo, CA

If you've always wanted to know the secrets of the former Eastern Block strength athletes, well then, here they are in black and white. Amazing, informative and instantly usable information. If you are into strength in any serious capacity, you need this book!

10/10 Title says it all
By James Doolen / Joplin, MO

I was a subscriber to the original Power to the People Monthly and loved them. I was being stupid one day and sold them. Well to make a long story short, I wish I didn't. I forgot most of the stuff I read. For that purpose this book is a godsend.
If you ever wanted elite secrets of training, this book has it all. I have read some say not to buy if you are not a serious powerlifter, I do not agree with that. The programs, theories, and principles in the book can be adapted to many situations. Plus if you train other people, you will have knowledge that can take them to the next level.
The programs in the book can be brutal, but extremely effective. The book is well worded ans easy to understand. This book belongs in everyone library.
Thanks Dragondoor for raising the bar yet again.

7/10 Good book, but overpriced
By T / Boston, MA USA

This book is useful. I was surprised that it is only a paperback book for $50 though. I'm not sure it was completely worth it.

10/10 Too advanced for me.
By Keith Sinclair / North Wales

This is a book for advanced lifters. I'm not one of them. From what I understand I'm sure it's another excellent book from Pavel but I really don't feel qualified to comment.

10/10 Putting it to the test!
By Ellen Stein-7X IPF Masters World Champion / Brooklyn, NY

Ever since I first met Pavel in Virginia in 2005 at a powerlifting meet where I was chosen to compete on his PTTP deadlift team, we have been exchanging technique tips and secrets on improving our favorite lift. I especially liked the chapter on the deadlift since I needed a new routine to try out for my next meet-The Raw Unity meet in Tampa January 31, 2010. I am halfway through my training and I am feeling stronger than ever. If you want to up your game this is the book for you!

8/10 Better understanding of what it takes to prepare for power lifting in general
By Gianni Vinci, NSCA, Can-Fit Pro / Winnipeg , Manitoba, Canada

It is a great training manual for developing strength. Some of the work is fresh and works the way it says it will. Its great to see perspectives other than our own North American ideas. power lifting or strength training has been sorrily missed placed by the fluff of bodybuilding, if you want a real woman's or man's athletic strength , then this book is a must.

10/10 Power to the People Professional
By Thor Hedges / Baton Rouge, LA, USA

Pavel has done an excellent job updating his first book, "Power to the People." If I could have only one book to utilize for my stone lifting or to train others, this book would be it.

10/10 power to the people professional review
By Emerson Billie / okeechobee,fl U.S.A.

it's filled with alot of useful information that you could use.

By Jeremy Layport MA, RKC-TL, C.S.C.S, USAW L1 / San Jose, CA

PTTP Professional is the next step I wasn't ever truly sure if Pavel was going to take. This book is taking strength training out of the general and into the specific. Pavel jumps into the realm of elite level strength athletes and covers in depth the how's and why's of every European and Eastern Block training system that is effective and dominant. Pavel is the only person who could have covered this topic with authority, insight, and his ability to breakdown the complex and complicated into easily digestible and applicable parts. So applicable in fact that I have changed my deadlift technique to a style covered in PTTP Professional and already increased by pull by twenty five pounds pulling raw with roughly five weeks training with it. The greatest advancement of all is that it feels better then any deadlift has ever felt. With this book in my arsenal it is just a matter of time before I try my hand in the Powerlifting Game and see what happens. If you are a student of the iron game you must get this book!

6/10 Only for experienced weight lifters
By Ray / New Jersey, America

I bought this book thinking I could apply it to my kettlebell workouts. It is more for advanced weight lifters who are familiar with the movements and the language Pavel speaks here.

I may be able to use it in future, but not now.

10/10 Opening my mind to new routines
By Brad Loomis WNBF Pro Bodybuilder / Portola, CA USA

This book is a must have for those who are trying to bust plateus. Are you stuck in a rut? Are you not very open to anything "new" or "different?" Then get Power to the People Professional. Once you read this book, you can't help but open your mind up to the routines. The results are right there in front of you. Dozens of evil routines that have done wonders for the worlds strongest people. Join them, or get left behind.

10/10 Really enjoyed the book
By Strength Training teacher at Lynbrook H.S. / Westbury, N.Y.

This is a book that one has to keep coming back to. There is a lot to absorb. Top notch detailed information put forth in Pavel's typical easy to understand approach. No matter what your training philosophy is, any serious strength athlete can pick up a number of valuable insights from this book.
Mike Dieguez

10/10 Thanks Pavel!
By Chris Nordeen / SO, Cal, USA

When I first started reading this book after reading most of Pavel's other books it seemed like review. But then as Pavel always does, he started dropping knowledge. I have leaned to appreciate a different point of view and the value that comes with it. Pavel brings experience and even more experience and proven techniques to the strength world, check your ego and apply. IT WORKS!!!

10/10 things that are worth while
By anthony naples / buffalo, new york, us

the ability to develop the strength nature gave is only possible with our desire instinct and proper and stimulating instruction . with it we can enjoy perform and give back beyond what the old fogy 'be careful conventional wisdom tells us ' .I learn, evaluate and enjoy the instruction and wisdom set forth.

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