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Which Ultimate Sandbag Package Is Best For You—And Why

Ultimate Sandbag Comparison Power Strength Burly

Why use these strange names—Power, Strength, and Burly?! Why not just call them 20, 40, 80, or 120-pound Ultimate Sandbags™?

The most obvious answer is that the weight of an Ultimate Sandbag can be changed. Just like a barbell that can be made heavier or lighter, an Ultimate Sandbag’s weight can also be adjusted. But unlike a barbell, the Ultimate Sandbag has a very big difference—variable dimension.

People often believe that a sandbag’s instability only comes from the sand shifting in the bag—but that is just one part of the story. The changing dimensions of the Ultimate Sandbag allow us to alter the load and shift between different levels of instability. Unlike any other training tool, the Ultimate Sandbag can be graduated by weight, level of instability, and by size.

By using dimension as a programmable variable, we can see that it is a VERY important consideration in training. The particular dimensions (sizes) of the Ultimate Sandbags allow us to focus on various elements of fitness. They can cause significantly different outcomes for specific exercises.

To help you understand this new world of functional strength and athleticism, I will break down the role of each Ultimate Sandbag by size. With a minimal number of Ultimate Sandbags, you can have the equivalent of a HUGE gym’s versatility and purposeful variety.

The Ultimate Sandbag works on its own set of rules! See why pro athletes, military units, and the top fitness professionals from around the world are making the Ultimate Sandbag the cornerstone of their fitness and performance programs!

The Power Ultimate Sandbag™
Ultimate Sandbag Power
Sure, it would have been easy to just call the Power Ultimate Sandbag the "small", but that could be misleading. When people think of a light or small weight they usually assume it is for beginners in entry-level training. But, nothing could be further from the truth with the Power Ultimate Sandbag.

The Power Ultimate Sandbag allows us to really explore movement-based strength training. With the smaller size, users can hit different planes of motion which will train their bodies to be strong while moving through athletic positions. Life and sports involve so many more movement possibilities than just up and down with the feet planted firmly on the ground.

Use the Power Ultimate Sandbag to explore a whole new world of functional strength. With a heavy emphasis on rotational and anti-rotational drills, the Power Ultimate Sandbag helps people develop the incredible strength of athletes like martial artists and wrestlers. Power Ultimate Sandbag users will soon understand how these athletes can move so well and yet produce amazing levels of strength and power.

When you understand the true potential of the Power Ultimate Sandbag, you will start to see everything differently—including kettlebells! Do you love kettlebell swings? We do too! But, when you learn rotational lunges or shoveling, you will begin to see the kettlebell swing in a whole new light!

Does this mean that the Power Ultimate Sandbag isn’t right for beginners? No! With smaller dimensions and lighter loading capabilities, the Power Ultimate Sandbag is also perfect for beginners looking to establish strong foundational fitness. The Power Ultimate Sandbag can be easier to control for more complex patterns, but it can also be used as part of a great introduction to the basic movements in the Dynamic Variable Resistance Training system.

Want to solve squatting problems in seconds? Done! Want to improve hamstring flexibility in a matter of moments? Done! Want to develop a reactive core? Nothing does it better than the Power Ultimate Sandbag!

Recommended weights for the Power Ultimate Sandbag:
  • Beginning women: 20 pounds
  • Advanced women: 30 pounds
  • Beginning men: 30 pounds
  • Advanced men: 40 pounds
Ultimate Sandbag Strength
The term "strength" means something very different to us in the Dynamic Variable Resistance Training (DVRT™) system. While most people define strength as the heaviest weight they can lift, we think that definition is short sighted.

The DVRT™ System considers what we can lift and what we can resist. Athletic and functional strength requires resisting unwanted movements as well as producing great amounts of force. The Strength Ultimate Sandbag helps us develop both of these crucial elements of strength.

Since the Strength Ultimate Sandbag can be made heavier and is larger than the Power Ultimate Sandbag, it can also be made more challenging with increased instability. Most people will notice that the Strength Ultimate Sandbag training begins with very modest loads, but the additional size and instability will really transform the training once again.

The Strength Ultimate Sandbag allows us to re-examine the limits of our functional strength training. Classic exercises such as rows, cleans, presses, snatches, and many others are radically altered by the Strength Ultimate Sandbag. Transforming these classic exercises into something more challenging is one of the most exciting aspects of the DVRT program.

You will finally learn what it means to possess "athletic strength".

It’s impossible to outgrow the Strength Ultimate Sandbag, or ANY of our Ultimate Sandbags. Just when you think you have an exercise nailed down, you can add another layer of difficulty to the movement—and take your fitness to a whole new level.

You will no longer see strength as restrictive or sterile, the Strength Ultimate Sandbag will help you unleash your own dynamic functional strength—and never look back!

Recommended weights for the Strength Ultimate Sandbag:
  • Beginning women: 40 pounds
  • Advanced women: 60 pounds
  • Beginning men: 50 pounds
  • Advanced men: 70 pounds
Ultimate Sandbag Burly
There isn’t a better way to describe this Ultimate Sandbag, it’s truly BURLY!

Designed to challenge the most hardcore strength and fitness enthusiasts, the Burly Ultimate Sandbag will humble the strongest individuals. An incredible combination of weight and size makes the Burly Ultimate Sandbag the ultimate challenge of strength, coordination, and endurance!

With the Burly Ultimate Sandbag, every repetition is so dramatically different that you will need to be on top of your strength game to tame it! If you thought this challenge was just about a very unstable sandbag, you will be sorely mistaken. The game changes when a Burly Ultimate Sandbag is loaded with at least 100 pounds.

Working with the Burly Ultimate Sandbag goes beyond just testing your fitness—your will, mental fortitude, and toughness are directly challenged! Are you up for it?

The design of the Burly Ultimate Sandbag makes EVERYTHING different. The distance of the handles from the load in the Burly Ultimate Sandbag can make even basic lifts incredibly difficult. Do you think 100 pounds sounds easy to clean? Now it’s not! It’s awesome if you can deadlift 400 pounds, but let’s see you try a front-loaded good morning with a 120-pound Burly Ultimate Sandbag. Or simply try to shoulder it for just five repetitions. It’s not the same game!

Does the Burly Ultimate Sandbag still allow us to be dynamic? Absolutely! If you want to really be strong, try performing rotational high-pulls, staggered-stance front loaded squats, or arc presses with the Burly Ultimate Sandbag. The options are nearly infinite as long as YOU are up to the amazing challenge of the Burly Ultimate Sandbag.

And if you really want to know true fitness, experience our Clean and Press Challenge, it will make you realize what being strong and "in shape" is all about!

The Burly Ultimate Sandbag has a deep history. In his 1974 book, Wrestling Physical Conditioning Encyclopedia, legendary strength coach John Jesse wrote that nothing beats large sandbags for developing a core to meet the unusual demands of wrestling. Too bad Mr. Jesse wasn’t able to experience what a Burly Ultimate Sandbag could provide!

The Burly Ultimate Sandbag will challenge you and make your strength smarter! You will find your weak links, and it will MAKE you improve them. The resulting strength will simply improve every aspect of your athleticism!

Recommended Weights:
  • Intermediate women: 60 pounds
  • Advanced women: 80 pounds
  • Intermediate men: 100 pounds
  • Advanced men: 120 pounds

DVRTBookCover thumbnailJosh Henkin is the author of DVRT, The Ultimate Sandbag Training System now available in paperback and ebook format.