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Easy Strength Workshop


Easy Strength Workshop
Reno, NV, United States
March 10 - 11, 2012

A Workshop with RKC Chief Instructor, Pavel
and Senior RKC, Dan John

Easy Strength Workshop
Reno, Nevada • March 10-11, 2012

Workshop Code # WPKB76
Register on-line or call 1-651-487-2180 for credit card orders.

How to Get a Lot Stronger Than Your Competition
—And Dominate in Your Sport

Pavel and Dan John’s original Scientific Strength Secrets for Extreme Performance workshop was a 3-day RKC-only event that received immense acclaim from those lucky enough to attend. Pavel and Dan John revealed the many groundbreaking performance secrets now published as Easy Strength, in book and DVD formats.

There is, however, no substitute for the hands-on coaching and corrections gained by attending a live training with instructors of this caliber. So by popular demand, Dragon Door is offering an intensive update of Pavel and Dan’s original trailblazer: Easy Strength.

And the great news: the new Easy Strength workshop is open to all.

"I learned more at Pavel and Dan’s Easy Strength Workshop than I have in the last 10 years of attending other workshops, seminars and reading books."
—Joey Williams, Pacifica, CA, Former United States Marine Corps, Law Enforcement Weaponless Defense Instructor, Impact Weapons Defense Instructor, Police Academy Drill Instructor.

Just how good can you expect the new Easy Strength Workshop to be? Check out this praise from participants at the original event:

Jelani Hale, Pacific Grove, CA, US navy
Athletic Achievements, training background or specialty: RKC, US Navy

"The concept of easy strength would be ideal for general practitioners, police, fire rescue, and military. Work and life is hard enough, the training should be easy.

The quality of the knowledge was exceptional. Both men are clearly masters in their respective fields of expertise. The subject matter was clear, concise and well organized. I do not consider myself a "strength athlete", but the ideas of simplicity and finding the right tool for the job can apply to a broad range of activities." 

Geoff Neupert, Master RKC, Durham, NC

"The single most comprehensive seminar in strength, the acquisition of strength, and the practice of strength that I’ve ever been to." 

Bud Jeffries, Lakeland, FL, Performing Strongman, Author
Athletic Achievements, training background or specialty: RKC, Lifetime Drug Free World's Powerlifting Champion, Strongman champion, MMA/Grappling Fighter, Highland Games Champion, Strength Coach.

"There are only a few people in the world with this level and combination of scientific and real world knowledge and they rarely talk about it live. This was one of those times that you could pick up a lifetime of knowledge over a weekend. Priceless.

Quality and scope were excellent, but what will really separate this material is the practical use. It makes the training done by real professionals accessible and able to the average person." 

Yes, this will bring HUGE RESULTS for me and my clients. I want to register right now for the Easy Strength Workshop.

Iron Tamer Dave Whitley, Master RKC, Nashville TN

"This information was outstanding because it fills in gaps in my own knowledge. In my own professional practice I know that knowledge of programming is an area that needs improvement. I have much more to work with now. I am a better instructor and coach today than I was on Thursday."   

Peter Vieira, East Providence, Rhode Island, Firefighter
Athletic Achievements, training background or specialty: Black Belt on Kenpo Karate, Firefighter combat challenge state champion

"I learned more in the three days here than I learned in my life training! It made everything an order that I could follow. They put it down; all you have to do is follow it! Thanks Pavel and Dan, you made my life easier!

Pavel’s straightforward way of showing the techniques and delivering his message was gold.

Dan John- Made everything come together! The way he showed everyone the four quadrants works. It took the guessing game away and now I know if someone wants to lose weight or gain muscle, all I have to do is go for the four quadrants. Love it!

This was awesome! I didn’t want it to end on the second day! I wrote more notes in the three days than I ever did at any other workshop. This experience made my RKC and RKC II a better package to have. Now I have the missing link to better my clients and myself."

Andrew Bender, Chelmsford MA, personal trainer
Athletic Achievements, training background or specialty: NSCA-CP

"It’s a perfect complement to RKC certification – putting the missing pieces in place, to make the training picture complete. I have been to numerous NSCA, Westside, RKC workshops and seminars and have never been to anything this good. I feel privileged to have participated. These two distilled a vast quality of knowledge and communicated it with a great effectiveness. I feel like I have absorbed about two years of a college major in strength development in three days. I look forward to applying this to my training practice. This much information will require review."T

Justin "Trusty" Garfield, Waianae, HI, Strength & Conditioning Coach, Gym Owner
Athletic Achievements, training background or specialty: RKC, FMS, CrossFit L-1, Olympic Weightlifting Coach, BJJ Purple Belt, Muay Thai, MMA, Rugby, former US Marine

"This workshop is a must if you are serious about being a successful coach or trainer. If you want to have a clear concise understanding of what it takes to be a strength coach, and how to properly approach your clients, athletes or students needs, then you will take this course!

I thought that Pavel and Dan John did an excellent job at presenting, explaining and making us understand the science and methods to strength super stardom! This was by far the most in depth, informative course that I have ever attended! 

Justo Bernechea, Elmhurst NY, RKC, USA Boxing Coach
Athletic Achievements, training background or specialty: I've been in the boxing world for 16 years as a fighter and coach. 

"These guys were awesome! Every time you think you know something you really don’t. The insight and smallest details these men brought to the table will make me a better S&C!

It solidified that Hard Style is scientific." 

Yes, this will bring HUGE RESULTS for me and my clients. I want to register right now for the Easy Strength Workshop.

Steve Wolff, Stamford, CT, High School Teacher

"This was an extremely energizing experience that has rekindled my passion for training and coaching. The enthusiasm from the presenters and the RKC community is contagious.

The presenters had a seemingly endless supply of information and experience to share and a sense of great joy in sharing them.

This workshop is something anyone who works in the world of physical education, coaching or training should experience." 

Andrew Lyons, Columbus, OH, Physical Therapist
Athletic Achievements, training background or specialty: Licensed Physical Therapist, RKC 2, CK-FMS Brazialian Jiu Jitsu white belt

"It has linked together every aspect of training and every Dragon Door related training program in such a way as to make someone almost unstoppable when the scientific strength secrets are not over thought, but simply applied.

Pavel and Dan have taken exercise science and effectively applied it to real world scenarios. Every other training course I have had outside of the RKC system has revolved around a lot of text book knowledge with little-to-no real world application." 

Wade Padgett, Dallas, TX, Airline Employee

"What a fantastic opportunity to learn over 100 years of sports science experience in 3 days.

Hero worship aside, these guys are fantastic. The thing they have done in their lifetime can barely be scratched in a single weekend. Being able to tap into these brains and trying to absorb all the information that pours forth is like trying to empty the ocean with a bucket. If I remember only 30% of the weekend, I will still be ahead of most of the population.

Practical use – off the charts!"

Chris Lindquist, East Fallowfield, PA, Veterinarian

"This seminar has been incredibly eye opening for me. The knowledge I have gained will significantly alter the course of all of my future training. This was truly life changing.  

This seminar has been the greatest 3 days of my training career. It will significantly alter how I train myself and my students." 

K.C. Reiter, Chico, CA, Fitness Trainer
Athletic Achievements, training background or specialty: Successfully challenged the Beast, TSC winner, RKCII, 8 years KB experience, College Track and Field, Recon. Marine, Military contractor, ISSA Trainer, ISSA Specialist Performance Nutrition

"Outstanding! Excellent course that must be repeated, it would be a shame if we were to be the only group to have had the privilege.

These men obviously have much more to give. And even though I was able to learn some incredible information this week I am looking forward to what is next. In the meantime I will spend my time practicing the knowledge I take home. These are professional of the utmost quality.

This course has been by far the most comprehensive highest quality and useful course I have ever taken." 

Tim Anderson, Fuquay-Varina, NC, Fire Fighter
Athletic Achievements, training background or specialty: Professional fire fighter for 11 years. Personal Trainer for over 12 years. 

"The information presented at the workshop was simply invaluable for anyone in the training, or coaching, business. Basically, cut out the clutter, do what works for your particular athlete(s) and do nothing more. I think I finally understand the saying that Less is More.

Pavel – amazingly intelligent man. He is the E. F. Hutton of the training world. If he is talking, you should be listening. Or else! The information Pavel provided was priceless.

Dan John – I think Dan John did a fantastic job. I was blown away by his presentations and style of instruction. He is truly a brilliant man as well. I think I have the information I need to allow me to become the best strength trainer on the east coast.

The quality of instruction was off the chart. The scope of material was what every trainer and every coach everywhere needs to know. This was a course in becoming an elite trainer. As far as practical use, there was nothing presented that could not be applied. In fact there was nothing presented that should not be applied."

Yes, this will bring HUGE RESULTS for me and my clients. I want to register right now for the Easy Strength Workshop.

Andrew Read, Melbourne, Australia, Trainer
Athletic Achievements, training background or specialty: RKC Team Leader, CK-FMS, 2 CDO COY, member 1988 Olympic Taekwondo team, trainer at Victorian Institute of Sport, author for UltraFit, Blitz and Inside MMA. 18 years experience PT.

"Pavel and Dan have managed to cram a lifetime of strength coaching experience into 3 days. The incredibly complex problems of human performance was distilled, in typical Dragon Door/Pavel style into simple and easy to understand frame works.

Pavel and Dan John are as advertised. World Class experts on strength training who can make the complex single.

As with every event I have attended – magnificent. The cost of the trip and course ($6000 AUD) will easily be earned back."

Somnath Sikdar, Personal Trainer, Dragon Gym Owner, Exton, PA

"I feel that I am coming away with an impressive and extensive supply of training tools and methods. Every topic felt applicable to my own practice, and the service of my clients and customers.

This workshop probably had 2 times the scope of material than any other specific course I have taken. I found all the information practical."

Cole Summers, Winnipeg, Manitoba, Strength and Conditioning Coach
Athletic Achievements, training background or specialty: Many sports, including Martial Arts, Rugby. Team Canada Strength Coach. High School Strength Coach.

"Absolutely incredible! It exceeded my highest expectations!

Outstanding all around. Great intellectual material. Great hands on coaching. Learning from world-class coaches and masters of their art. All extremely personable. Their love of sharing their knowledge shines through.

As all my previous RKC, Dragon Door experiences the workshop stands at the head of the class. It keeps getting better every time." 

John Heinz, Upper Black Eddy, PA, Blacksmith, Farmer, Martial Arts Instructor

"The Scientific Strength Secrets for Extreme Performance workshop contributed to my understanding and practice of kettlebells in the following five ways:

Allows the layman and professional to access a wealth of information. Pavel and Dan have done the "heavy lifting" and provided a fantastic educational product. The combination of both of their teaching ability and knowledge (gained from years of hard) work is priceless." 

Diana Volante, Downingtown, PA, Assistant Manager Vitamin Shoppe, RKC I
Athletic Achievements, training background or specialty: I only started training for the first time in my life two and a half years ago. I lost over 70lbs using kettlebells and have not stopped training with them since. I certified as an RKC in Philly in October 2009. I am currently deepening my education in minerals and supplements as a part of the management team with Vitamin Shoppe, Inc.

"The seminar was the basic education I need to know to be a RKC and trainer, as well as the deeper specific education I need to meet my clients’ needs and better my own training.

Priceless! I am glad this will be a book! I couldn’t stop writing. I need to re-read everything. It was very "bite size" and easy to digest but I will want to review and share. One thing that I enjoyed learning was the positive and negative effects on the nervous system and it’s consequence on training." 

Joe Walker, Ringwood, NJ, Studio Owner
Athletic Achievements, training background or specialty: RKC, Collegiate Distance and Cross Country Runner

"Pavel and Dan took some of the most confusing topics in modern fitness and manage to make it understandable to most populations. I will never approach program design for my clients in the same way ever again. Selfishly, I’ll never train myself the same way again.

Everything that I have ever learned from these gentlemen has always led to greater success in physical pursuits for me. Their knowledge has helped me achieve things I never though were possible for me. They have also helped me become a better trainer in a surprisingly fast time, much to the benefit of my clients.

All of the RKC programs are always head and shoulders above all other programs in the industry." 

Shaun Cairns, Senior RKC, South Africa

"Gives you permission to throw out a lot of the "noise" in the fitness and strength industry and focus on what it important for your clients." 

Jim Henson, Pittsburgh PA, Physical Therapist
Athletic Achievements, training background or specialty: Shotokan Karate of America Shodan, CSCS, RKC

"Pavel and Dan shared their tremendous scientific and practical knowledge of exercise with amazing energy. They were able to simplify the complex subject in a very understanding way.

This was an excellent seminar in all aspects. Highest quality of information – depth and scope. Great take home information and you will be able to make practical use, with anyone you train. Of the material, this seminar will be of great value to you and your clients." 

John Galan, Staten Island, NY, Firefighter (FDNY) Fitness Specialist, 30 yrs experience in Martial Arts
Athletic Achievements, training background or specialty: RKC 1, ISSA Certified Personal Trainer, IYCA Youth

"This experience was outstanding. I feel very fortunate that I was able to attend.I am humbled by the depth of their knowledge."

Brian Petty, West Chester PA, Martial Arts Instructor/Personal Trainer
Athletic Achievements, training background or specialty: 25 years combat sports and martial arts, USA Boxing certified Club Coach, 15 years professional security (bouncer)

"1 – Easily as life-changing as RKC cert.

2 – Seminar lived up to all marketing hyperbole – a Dragon Door hallmark.

Simply put, they can teach and teach together like the Rolling Stones." 

Sebastien Vachon-Gravel, New Maryland, New Brunswick, Canada, Full-time student

"I am so happy I was able to attend. The information given will help me with my own goals and the goals of my clients without killing oneself all the time.

Very high quality, I’ve learned new techniques to perform during lifts and new technique in programming training sessions.

5 star organization, 5 star information, loved it 5 stars overall."

Yes, this will bring HUGE RESULTS for me and my clients. I want to register right now for the Easy Strength Workshop.

Delaine Ross, RKC Team Leader, Atlanta, GA

"This workshop reinforced truths that we have been engrained with through the RKC program but never before have I seen these principles so well packaged and presented.

This is the best and most useful strength training (aside from the RKC) that I’ve ever been to – a must for anyone who trains other people or themselves." 

Steve Freides, Ridgewood, NJ, RKC team Leader, Musician and Music Teacher, Trainer
Athletic Achievements, training background or specialty: Several AAU raw deadlift records in 67.5 kg, male, 45-49 and 50-54 years old.

"A chance to listen to two of the best strength coaches & teachers of strength coaches, in the world today talk about their craft.

It provided an 'umbrella' over many of the things I had heard and read about before. In that regard, it was a new experience for me, and a very welcomed one. I feel that I have effectively 'matured' as a trainer because of what I’ve learned here this weekend." 

Melody Schoenfeld, Pasadena, CA, Owner, Flawless Fitness: Trainer/Massage Therapist
Athletic Achievements, training background or specialty: Doctorate student in Chinese medicine, certified massage therapist (CMT) specializing in myofascial release/trigger point therapy/Thai massage for chronic pain relief, NSCA-CSCS, ex-amateur boxer, almost 20 years personal training experience.

"Absolutely incredibly informative. Every minute was packed with fantastic information.

There is absolutely no question as to their expertise. I came here to learn from the best, and I did, hands down.

100% quality. Huge spectrum of material covered! Very easily transferable to my own training and my clients. I always seek to learn from the best, and this was one of the top workshops I’ve been to as always with DD." 

Denise Harty, Red Deer, AB Canada, Nutrition consultant, Fitness Instructor

"The ultimate weekend for systematic education for strength and condition.

Dan John is a phenomenal man, with a wealth of knowledge, he is easy to listen to and you can see his passion for education others. It is always an honor to be in the some room with Pavel and to be able to learn from someone with so much experienced and knowledge.

Any workshop put on by Dragon is always amazing, they always make a person feel welcome and are there to help in any way. There is a huge difference in quality of instruction, content and instructor experience compare to other non Dragon Door certs.

Just keep this style of workshop available. I see a huge need for this information. I believe this is an area that will make it possible for an RKC instructor to become great.

Amazing workshop!! Loved it." 

Steven Womack, Austin, TX, Strength and Conditioning Coach- Wellness owner
Athletic Achievements, training background or specialty: RKC, Z-health r- phase, advanced bio-mechanics from Copper Institute.

"What a privilege and honor to get tools that took hundreds of years to gather, in three days. WOW Awesome!!

None could touch this course but through this course it will allow me to help many!!" 

Yes, this will bring HUGE RESULTS for me and my clients. I want to register right now for the Easy Strength Workshop.

Andy Speer, New York, NY, Trainer
Athletic Achievements, training background or specialty: 10 Years competitive Gymnastics, New England Regional and CT state Champion, NCAA Division 1 Track and Field, Pole Vaulter Univ of Miami FL, Train in Brazialian Jiu-Jitsu and Muay Thai, NSCA-CPT, USAW Certified

"This is an excellent workshop. Gave me tools from fat loss programming to technical barbell work and everything in between. Dan and Pavel teach in clear and understandable way. Definitely taking an immense amount of knowledge and experience home with me.

Outstanding. These men are elite in the filed of S&C and it shows in their knowledge.

Especially as a supplement to the RKC this workshop covered more material of great value then any other I have been to in the strength community." 

Bob Orr, Virginia Beach VA
Athletic Achievements, training background or specialty: USMC Ret.

"This workshop was loaded with information specifically helpful for all athletes to achieve their goals.

These gentlemen represent the strength world with years of experience and solid knowledge. They take years off the learning curve.

There is no other product with this depth of application knowledge. Some people spend lifetimes studying the information presented in this 3 day intensive." 

Brian Shane Narberth, PA, Health/PE Teacher

"Dan and Pavel separated the data from the nuts and bolts information. It was fantastic!

It’s second to none - I got a lifetimes work of information in 3 days!

It blows everything else out of the water. The quality is thorough no stone unturned!"

Marc A Howard, OKC, OK, RKC/Personal Trainer
Athletic Achievements, training background or specialty: Black Belt ATA Tae Kwon Do, Collegiate Volleyball Player & Coach

Brilliant men!
Patient men!
Wise men!
Humble men!

We must do this and things like it again. More of our community needs an opportunity to get this info." 

Paul Lyngso, Burr Ridge, IL, Transportation Broker
Athletic Achievements, training background or specialty: RKC

"It was great information, shared in a setting with tons of audience Q&Q which helped the material. It’s always great to have Dan and Pavel so accessible, and be able to ask questions in person.

As with all Dragon Door workshops, it was a well executed workshop with great information that I’ll be able to use immediately." 

Yes, this will bring HUGE RESULTS for me and my clients. I want to register right now for the Easy Strength Workshop.

Neal Snyder, Astoria, NY, Equinox Fitness Manager

"Dan John and Pavel have really demystified a lot of important topics in the coaching and fitness world. A wide scope from easily increasing your bench press to planning a periodized macrocycle, to peaking your athletes at the right time. Massive amounts of information delivered in an organized manner from people who have obviously done their research and collected years of experience." 

Steve Rowe, Orange, CT, Owner Kettlebell Daily, LLC
Athletic Achievements, training background or specialty: RKC, NASM CPT and Corrective Exercise Specialist

"This was an overwhelming transfer of information. Wow! Amazing minds sharing everything they could – given the time allowed. Clearly explained and demonstrated by rue professionals.

Every event put on by Dragon Door/RKC goes beyond the best of the best." 

Amanda Clark, NY, NY, Personal Trainer
Athletic Achievements, training background or specialty: NSCA Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist  

"This workshop really forced me to look at programming in a more focused way. It has given me the tools to get my clients and athletes to their desired goals with clear, simple and intelligent planning.

This workshop was far more in depth and supported by years of real experience than any other I’ve attended. Since I don’t train athletes some of it is not practical to me now – but it is all knowledge that can be applied." 

Aaron Gonzales, Redondo Beach, CA, Gym owner
Athletic Achievements, training background or specialty: Jiu-jitsu blue belt

"A must have for strength and conditioning coaches/trainers, it was… 'enlightening'. Amazing, glad I made the trip from Los Angeles."

Ryan Toshner, Waukesha, WI, Trainer and Facility Owner
Athletic Achievements, training background or specialty: Collegiate Scholar All-American wrestler, Avid rock climber, snowboarder, and mountain biker, CSCS, CK-FMS, RKC II

"RKC I and RKC II do a fantastic job teaching us "what" to do and the proper movement patterns/technique. CK-FMS shows how our movements can be improved. Easy Strength demonstrates how to take all the tools in my tool kit and develop an intelligent program to help myself and clients reach our goals without frying our bodies or our brains.

The presenters displayed insane amounts of training knowledge. Anecdotes were appropriate and the use of humor and simple descriptions made the training enjoyable and easy to understand."

Kate Lavanga, Alexandria, VA, Personal Trainer, Kettlebell Instructor, Functional Movement Specialist
Athletic Achievements, training background or specialty: RKC, CK-FMS, AFAA Certified Personal Trainer Graduate Studies, Social Policy, American University, Marathon Competitor

"It was a huge amount information presented in a very simplistic format. The key there is that Dan John and Pavel have taken something very scientific and put it into a system that is user friendly and will assure results for clients.

These men are not only accomplished at training people to succeed in their sports, they are able to willing to share their hard earned knowledge so that others can train as efficiently and successfully a possible. That shows true commitment to strength and athleticism.

This has been very different than anything else I have done. Full of excellent information that is instantly applicable."

Andy Alexander, Romley Ct, Personal Trainer and Computer programmer
Athletic Achievements, training background or specialty: Martial arts experience since I was 13, training with TKD, HapKiDo, Kempo, and other styles. Ten years in the US Army. Trainer, RKC(2), CK-FMS, Crossfit cert.

"The workshop has truly been the most beneficial workshop I have been to. The RKC in general is also of the same caliber, but I feel I really gained their knowledge here to be able to apply the RKC better.

Getting a "brain dump" from these men is a great experience and saves the time and money in the long run.

All of the RKC workshops are first rate and this is no exception. The material here really helps in knowing how to better apply all the technical tools of the RKC." 

James Talo, Vancouver, B.C., Letter Carrier / Strength Coach

"Today’s fitness industry is full of a huge array of pieces, parts and technique variations. The teachings and lessons of this weekend are the vehicle and roadmap to sift thru the junk to find methods that will better my athletes and allow them to attain their goals.

Genuine and always engaging with the delivery of their knowledge and experiences. Why couldn’t we learn this way in high school and college? An experience and lessons that will always be remembered. Many thanks to Dragon Door, yet again, for a weekend so well done!"

Chris Drier, Merced, CA, Physical Therapist
Athletic Achievements, training background or specialty: MPT, RKC

"Very insightful and informative in understanding strength building." 

Chris Pollard, Montrose, MI, Self Employed
Athletic Achievements, training background or specialty: RKC, former power lifter / body builder, mountain climber, alpine rock climber, certified scuba diver, have trained martial arts

"I am overwhelmed and humbled to have heard and experienced 100s of man-years of knowledge researched and presented by Dan and Pavel. It will take months if not years to fully absorb and realize what I have learned this weekend.

Their knowledge is the top, they are the best – PHD’s of strength. Their ability to not only present the material verbally – but to take students and demonstrate the techniques with correction where needed.

As an RKC from rural Michigan, I am in the top 5% locally. In this group I am in the bottom 5%. I am always humbled to be in such great company and accepted as a comrade– (or) friend." 

Charles Mutschler, Glen Burnie, MD, Physical Therapist

"Dan John’s and Pavel’s vast knowledge of the iron game and people is simply amazing." 

Frankie Mecono RKCII, Santa Barbara, Personal Trainer
Athletic Achievements, training background or specialty: RKCII, Athletic background in Motocross.

"Highly recommended. This is what I was missing!

I love how Marty speaks from deep inside of the movement itself. He can feel it all the time."

Chris Brown, Fort Collins, CO, Strength and Conditioning Coach
Athletic Achievements, training background or specialty: RKC, CrossFit Level II, Gym owner, strength and conditioning coach since 2005.

"The methodology taught will solve all of your problems with program selections.

It is hard to imagine more knowledgeable and professional presenters. Superb!" 

Yes, this will bring HUGE RESULTS for me and my clients. I want to register right now for the Easy Strength Workshop.

Discover all this and more when you attend
Pavel and Dan John’s Easy Strength Workshop:

• How to spot the 21 fatal mistakes almost every strength coach and athlete makes—and the sure-fire fix for each.

• How to build durability and toughness with this top ten list of the best, heavy-duty, "armor building" exercises—be ready for some surprises.

• How just a few minutes of thinking CORRECTLY about your sport can save you HOURS in the weight room, track, pitch, field, dojo, studio—get the secret sauce here…

• How to break through your speed and strength barriers with this specialized method of varied exercise.

• How to properly use relaxation to increase the effect of joint mobility exercises by up to 10%.

• How to take advantage of the little understood principle of training transfer—and never waste your precious training time again.

• How to solve the conundrum of skill and quality transfer—and walk the fine line to make "sport-specific" training pay off, instead of destroying your skill.

• How this Russian javelin thrower trained with a non-regulation size javelin and broke a world record… Yet Western basketball players played with a non-regulation size ball and almost had to quit their sport… Discover what the Russian did right and the American wrong—to guarantee that your athletes’ "sport-specific" training enhances, not destroys, their skills.

• How to skirt the victory-killing limitations of the supercompensation model of recovery—and implement the alternative "fitness/fatigue" model used by leading, successful coaches.

• How to tweak your training load for greater gains by doing THIS with your heart rate…

• How you can help older athletes reduce their training volume yet enhance their performance (and no, we are not talking about slow recovery).

• How to manipulate the rate at which strength and other qualities detrain—secrets critical when planning your optimal training and peaking schedule.

• How to overcome the limitations of the traditional periodization model with THESE cutting edge alternatives.

• How and why this Westsider Wave works—plus several other strategies for taking advantage of the three-week phenomenon.

• How to avoid mixed results when you are using mixed training modalities. Which training modalities are compatible, like steak and Guinness—and which get along as well as cats and dogs?

• How to determine the optimal number of training modalities for a particular workout.

• How the conjugate method can joins skill practice and physical preparation at the hip for a 1+1=3 result—when you know what you’re doing…

• How GPP has been misunderstood in the West, what it really is—and why this knowledge is crucial for your athletes’ success.

• How to distinguish between "general physical preparation" and "general physical preparedness"—and, if you like to win, why you should care.

• How to take advantage of Special Physical Preparation—the winning Russian way.

• How and why emphasizing "sport-specific" exercises in a young athlete’s training leads to rapid initial progress, yet later dooms him to mediocrity and injuries—and how to avoid this scenario.

• How and why you shouldn’t blindly ape the training of a powerlifter, GS athlete, or weightlifter in your own strength regimen. What should YOU use, what should YOU discard?

• How to employ Moderate Load Training to your maximal advantage.

• How to develop a specific athlete’s will power—a powerlifter and a fighter require TOTALLY different methods. Try to toughen up one athlete using another’s standards—and you may have a loser on your hands …

• How to progress beyond your wildest dreams with this counter-intuitive, magical formula for upping the ante in your sprints, throws, and strikes.

• How to professionally apply these 7 rules for different performance-busting qualities in your training.

• How to profitably distinguish between goals and means with specialization training.

• How and why to stick with step loading for its surprisingly effective and highly reliable contribution to strength and power gains.

• How and why the Russians modify their competition exercises’ training conditions—a critical strategy for success in modern sports.

• How, why and when to employ Supracompetitive Exercises for the extra edge in your performance.

• How Gellershtein’s unexpected method can improve your reaction time—and possibly save your bacon…

• How to employ this little known Russian weekly practice schedule for maximizing skill improvement with limited training time.

• How and why Russian coaches prescribe sprints for throwers and weightlifters.

• How to wave the speed up and down for continual progress in sprints, throws, strikes, etc.

• How to employ the unique Russian technique of using shorter amplitude movements for speed development.

• How to make almost any movement faster by switching the focus—another Russian T&F trick.

• How and why going too fast too soon will set your athlete back.

• How to up your running or fighting endurance by upping your speed reserve.

• How to take advantage of the Russian research on the optimal order of training different qualities… Violate it at your own risk.

• How and why your CNS condition is the most important variable in posting great results—and how to monitor and tweak this condition with simple tests. (Surprise: peak CNS tonus is not desirable for most of your training.)

• How and why your nerve cells will burn out if you push them too hard and too long—and the lessons for a smart coach.

• How to bring your CNS to competition peak in just days.

• How to be at your peak on competition day using these seven golden rules—from one of the founding fathers of Soviet sports science.

• How and why poor technique displayed in an important competition can be easily ingrained—and what to do not to get in this trouble.

• How and why you ought use Easy Strength training—if winning is your goal.

• How and why to utilize both slow and dynamic strength for supreme results…

• How and why different training systems require radically different approaches to lay-offs.

• How and why this standard Russian weekly template is perfectly applicable to ensure great results in most sports.

• How to take advantage of the Russian "model athlete" concept for higher performance.

• How to employ this little-known approach to squat training to deliver superb results on the field.

• How to calculate the possible costs of too much specificity in your training—and drastically reduce your injuries.

• How to uncover the truths about "functional training" (it is not at all what you think).

• How and why this "40-day workout" will make your strength sky rocket. Yet it’s so easy, it feels like cheating.

• How, when and why "coaxing" is a superior strategy to "forcing" for optimal strength gains.

• How to make sense of—then emulate—that guy who appears to train very casually, yet is a lot stronger than you.

• How to make employ Accumulation, Intensification and Transformation to your best advantage.

• How and why you must know how to answer this "political prisoner question" correctly in order to properly focus your training.

• How to be savvy and successful with the subtleties of Russian "ladders" in your performance enhancement program.

• How to be smartly simple when constructing your optimally effective hypertrophy program.

• How to employ several powerful variations on the Return of the Kettlebell theme—specifically geared for athletes.

• How Dan and Pavel’s favorite basic barbell strength programs—some never revealed before—may contain your secret weapon for surging into new gains.

• How to gain like a god with these six killer muscle building complexes.

• How to correctly train your weaknesses (almost everyone is doing it wrong).

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And get surprising answers from
Pavel and Dan to these related questions
—if you want to be at the top of your game:


What is the impact of the strength coach to sport? Shouldn't it be obvious? Then, why doesn't the team with the best gym numbers ALWAYS win?

Should a 1,000 pound deadlifter jog, swim and bicycle? Play in a local basketball league? Should a 12-year old boy rest five minutes between his sets of 92% max on his squat?

Why do the mediocre guys often do so much more than the great guys?

What's a Quality, anyway?

If a training principle was considered backwards and nonproductive in the early 1960s, why would you model your career after it?

How does armor help an athlete and when does it hurt?

"Do you want to be stronger or lift more weight?"

Have you earned the right to train "sport specific"?

Why does it need to be "Strength & conditioning", not "conditioning & more conditioning"?

Do you really need plyometrics?

Easy Strength Workshop  

Reno, Nevada

Saturday, March 10—Sunday, March 11, 2012 

Saturday: 8:30 a.m. - 6:30 p.m.
Sunday: 8:30 a.m. - 4:30 p.m.

RKC Level One and Level Two Recertification Opportunity, Friday, March 9, 2012, 7:30pm-9:30pm 


Register on-line or call 1-800-899-5111 for credit card orders.

Mail check to Dragon Door Publications, 5 East County Rd B, #3, 
Little Canada, MN 55117

Tuition: $1,495.00

$300.00 fee for cancellations or transfers, no exceptions.

No refunds on cancellations after March 1, 2012

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