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The RKC Kettlebell Instructor Re-Certification Workshop

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Upgrade your skills, deepen your knowledge and attract more clients— by keeping current with the latest developments in the RKC system

The RKC Kettlebell Instructor Re-Certification Workshop
New Taipei City 236, Taiwan
March 18 - 19, 2023

Taught by Master RKC Andrea Du Cane

Recertification fee: $400.

This course qualifies for 2.5 ACE CECs and 1.9 NASM CEUs
The RKC is Ace Approved for 2.5 ACE CEU        NASM Pre Approved Provider, the RKC qualifies for 1.9 NASM CEUs

ince Dragon Door launched the modern kettlebell movement in 2001, this amazing "gym-in-the-palm-of-your-hand" has redefined the fitness landscape on a global level, liberating hundreds of thousands from the limitations and frustrations of machine-based workouts.

Master RKC Max ShankThe kettlebell is the ultimate tool for independently-minded individuals looking to take charge of their own health and strength. The kettlebell gives you more health, strength and conditioning benefits than you’ll get from a whole facility full of equipment.

And Dragon Door’s RKC SYSTEM remains the leader when it comes to delivering the most efficient and thorough education in how to become a skilled kettlebell trainer.

Here is your opportunity to become a trainer who gets consistently exceptional results for their clients, be it in weight management, athletic performance, foundational strength—or building a superb physique, at any age.

With the kettlebell’s growing popularity as the exercise tool "that does it all"—be it for the professional athlete or the everyday fitness enthusiast looking for a more effective workout—there's a rising demand for highly skilled and competent kettlebell instructors.

And there's ONLY ONE KETTLEBELL CERTIFICATION PROGRAM in the world that delivers the depth and breadth of core competencies critical to successful kettlebell instruction… Dragon Door's RKC…

Senior RKC Beth AndrewsThe RKC Curriculum Teaches You:

  • The Six Fundamental Kettlebell Lifts—The Swing, the Get-Up, The Clean, the Front Squat, the Snatch and the Military Press. Numerous ancillary drills are taught in relation to each core lift, with corrective cues, progressions and regressions as appropriate.
  • A Set of Non-Tested But Extremely Valuable Exercises To Have In Your trainer Arsenal. Includes the Suitcase Deadlift, the Single Leg Deadlift, 3 Kettlebell Carries, Lunge variations and an Active Recovery Series.
  • Program Design Get a detailed blueprint that includes Ladders, Sets, Loads, Series and Variations—so you are never at a loss on how and when to apply your training with clients.
  • A Mobility Complex Contains 10 high-yield drills to help you and your clients perform better and stay more safe.
For the RKC Curriculum’s complete Table of Contents click here now. The RKC Manual itself is the gold standard for kettlebell instructor certification manuals, with 127 pages of highly practical, user-friendly information.
Get all this and more when you attend The RKC Workshop:
  • Master the world's premier, cutting-edge strength and conditioning system
  • Fine-tune your technique—as you elevate your kettlebell power to unprecedented heights
  • Dramatically accelerate your own and your clients' acquisition of elite strength skills
  • Achieve a higher level of "trouble-shooting" ability as a trainer
  • Get a tool box of unique remedial drills to correct major and minor imperfections in lifting form
  • Experience powerful, instructor-led workouts—a phenomenal way to demonstrate different training techniques and the endless variations of kettlebell use
Kettlebell Press Senior RKC Beth Andrews
  • Mix with instructors and fellow students to absorb additional strength training perspectives and applications
  • Learn how to successfully instruct newbie, "high-learning curve" clients
  • Understand how to tailor kettlebell training to best fit the individual client
  • Get specific tips to more effectively teach kettlebells to women
  • Learn how to integrate kettlebells with other types of training
  • Gain hands-on guidance, correct unknown flaws in your own technique—to transform your athletic performance
  • Eliminate the compromise between power and safety—by mastering unique alignment techniques that channel the force away from your joints
  • Instantly "lighten" heavy weights—with dramatic, little-known, high-tension techniques
  • Master the skill of 'relaxed tension' for going the distance with power
  • Discover the little-known breath technique which dramatically boosts your stamina and endurance
  • Eliminate "power leakages" in your muscles to greatly improve your strength
  • Learn breakthrough techniques to overcome sticking points

Kettlebell Towel Drill Beth Andrews

  • Develop a warrior-like resilience—to endure and overcome the toughest challenge
  • Discover how to train without pain around a variety of injuries—and neutralize the apparent deficiencies of a "high-mileage" body
  • Amplify your lifting power with martial arts "rooting" techniques
  • Discover how to improve your mobility and flexibility with kettlebells
  • Boost your efficiency and generate greater results with fewer exercises


  • Discover the real secret of "core training"—to unleash dramatic new levels of power
  • Help your clients successfully employ the secrets of abdominal pressurization—within minutes—for a tremendous boost to their strength
  • Understand the finer points of "power breathing"
  • Learn kettlebell applications for elite cardio-respiratory endurance
  • Know how to get a top-of-the-line whole-body workout with just one kettlebell
  • Learn the key skill of shock absorption—for harder, yet safer athletic applications
  • Correct deficiencies and fill the gaps in your personal kettlebell training
  • Receive invaluable lessons on how to apply kettlebell lifting to sports, combat, and life's worst surprises
  • Receive a thorough, detailed, clear instructor manual, packed with kettlebell information you'll get nowhere else
Master RKC Max Shank Single Leg Deadlift

And Get These Additional Business Benefits of RKC Certification
  • Receive free referrals from Dragon Door's national customer-network
  • Receive a free three-year listing of your training-contact information on Dragon Door's website
  • Receive an automatic 20% wholesale discount on all kettlebell purchases for three whole years

This course qualifies for 2.5 ACE CECs and 1.9 NASM CEUs

The RKC is Ace Approved for 2.5 ACE CEU        NASM Pre Approved Provider, the RKC qualifies for 1.9 NASM CEUs

The RKC Kettlebell Instructor
Re-Certification Workshop

Taipei, Taiwan
  March 18 — March 19, 2023

Saturday: 7:45AM-12:30PM & 1:15PM-6:00PM
Sunday: 8:00AM-12:45PM & 1:30PM-6:00PM

New Certification Requirements — read before you register!

Certification fee: $400.00

$50.00 fee for cancellations or transfers, no exceptions.

No refunds on cancellations after March 9, 2023

Workshop Code # WPKBR392

Workshop reference: RKC, Taiwan, March, 2023

Recertify now for the RKC Kettlebell Instructor Certification Workshop
Certification Location:
B1F., No. 86, Sec. 1, Xuefu Rd., Tucheng Dist.,
New Taipei City
Map: TBA

Contact: Elsa Tseng
Phone: +886-979-948-678

This workshop limited to 30 participants.

Workshop price does not include room & board or meals.

A map for the location and a list of convenient hotels/motels will be provided to all registrants.

Workshop Site Cancellation

Workshop sites may be cancelled up to 7 days prior to the beginning of the scheduled workshop session for any reason. When a workshop is cancelled or postponed, candidates will be notified immediately and will receive a complete refund of all workshop fees or be allowed to transfer at no penalty to the new dates or another course of their choosing without penalty.

Refunds for credit card transactions processed online will be refunded back to the credit card within 2 weeks after the cancellation. If workshop registration was not completed online or the refund cannot be processed online, a refund check will be mailed within 4 to 6 weeks after the cancellation.

If cancellation is required, Dragon Door is not responsible for any expenses (travel or lodging) incurred beyond the registration fees. For your protection, we recommend against making non-refundable travel plans.

Note: We will be providing you with kettlebells to practice with at the training, but these kettlebells are not included in the price of the certification.

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