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December 5, 2007 01:05 PM

Completing 200 snatches may at first seem a bit daunting even overwhelming. This 200 rep snatch workout is very simple to execute, virtually guarantees you will reach your goal, and still leaves open further challenges and progressions.

After a full warm up, select the appropriate kettlebell: for example, 53 pounds for men and 36 for women. The training protocol will proceed as follows:

1 rep left1 rep right
2 reps left2 reps right
3 reps left3 reps right

Use a hand to hand switch except for rest periods. Continue up the ladder until 10 reps left and 10 reps right are completed. At this point reverse the pyramid so the next set would be 9 reps left and 9 reps right. Continue down the ladder finishing with 1 rep left and one rep right. Do the math. You will have completed 100 reps with each arm or a total of 200.

Rest periods are arbitrary in the workout. The first few sets may require no rest breaks at all while sets at the top of the pyramid may require a rest of varying lengths. Attention is focused instead on total time to complete the entire sequence. For example, if it took 20 minutes to complete the pyramid the first time, the goal is to beat that time the next workout and so on in each successive workout until you reach a specific goal — perhaps 15 minutes. Consequently, the intensity may be bumped up using the time variable. The other variable would be weight. Once a certain time goal is reached, simply go to the next heavier kettlebell.

This workout relates to snatches. Of course, any number of other exercises could be used with the same protocol. If more reps are desired, simply add another rep at the end. Pyramiding to 11 reps would yield 121 total reps. Pyramiding to 12 reps would yield 144 reps and so on.

Beginners or those not yet ready to go for 200 snatches consider the following strategies. Start with a smaller target number — for example, 25 snatches with each arm. Use the same protocol only working up to 5 reps then back down to 1. For 36 reps pyramid up to 6, for 49 pyramid up to 7, for 64 pyramid up to 8, and for 81 pyramid up to 9 for each arm. Another strategy is simply to use a light weight for the desired number of reps, gradually increasing the weight over time. A final approach is to increase both the rest period and total times for the workout. By manipulating these variables, the trainee will safely work up to the 200 rep workout.

Whatever repetition goal is selected, the fact that each workout begins with one repetition adds a safety factor to the workout since the more demanding sets will occur after the snatch lift has been completed several times. Time, weight and reps are the motivating factors and provide clear feedback for progress.

The workout is challenging with clear strength, strength endurance and aerobic benefits. Give it an honest try and feel free to give me feedback.

Steve Gould M.S.,CSCS, RKC II

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