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2007 Power to the People Deadlift Team

June 19, 2007 12:13 PM

2007 Power to the People Deadlift Team competing at Disney's Wide World of Sports Complex October 12-14th

If lifting with Pavel ( Jack Reape, and team Captains Brett Jones ( and Thomas Phillips ( as well as many other top trainers and athletes from across the U.S. isn't enough to get you motivated to participate in this years Power to the People meet; then perhaps the venue will change your mind. This year the AAU World's event ( will be held for the first time at the Disney Wide World of Sports Complex near Orlando Florida.

Pavel Tsatsouline
Pulling 501 in the 181 division
Brett Jones
Pulling 540 in the 181 division
Thomas Phillips
Pulling 523 in the 181 division

This is the third time that lifters from across the nation have come together to lift and represent the Power to the People Deadlift team. This past year the team did a cross country meet with the first event October 20-22 in Richmond, Virginia. In that meet Frank Panaro pulled a whopping 628 lbs. in the 242 lb. class while Mike Hanley and Thomas Phillips each pulled 523 lbs. in the 181 lb. class. Juliet Deane came in at a lean 123 lbs. and pulled an AAU world record 276 lbs. in her division.

The second meet was held December 15th just outside of Las Vegas, Nevada. In that meet Brett Jones pulled a strong 540 lbs. with Pavel right behind him with a 501 lb. pull. Both Brett and Pavel lifted in the 181 lb. class. Steve Freides pulled an impressive 353 lbs. in the 148 lb. class (not bad for a guy over 50 years old!) while Michelle Kilikauskas pulled 196 lbs. in the 114 lb. class and is in her mid 40's!

Each year lifters that qualify have the opportunity to lift with and learn from the members on the team as well as witness world class athletes performing at the highest level. This year, we are likely to see Brett Jones total raw elite in the 181 class and perhaps see Jack Reape finally total elite after 20 plus years of Powerlifting.
Mike Hanley
Pulling 523 in 198 division
Juliet Deane
Pulling 276 in 123 division
Jack Reape
Squatting over 700 lbs. in 242 division

If you are interested in competing please visit: for more information on how to qualify. If you decide to compete please contact either Brett Jones at or Thomas Phillips at and let them know of your intensions as quickly as possible as time is running out! We will fill you in on where we will all be staying as well as all extra details. We are looking forward to this being hands down the most exciting meet to date. Hope to see you there!!!!

Thomas Phillips, RKC Team Leader
Owner Fit for Life pt
Co-Captain PTTP Deadlift team