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Hand Care: After the Fact

September 1, 2006 09:13 AM

"Ouch! That hurts! My blister is torn. I don't think I can lift anymore today!"

Wrong Comrade!

Suck it up and try this effective hand repair method. This is a hand repair technique taught to me by Justin Braun, CSCC. Braun is the head strength and conditioning coach at Montana State University and National Collegiate Champion Olympic lifter.

I know what you are thinking, and yes, there are many things that you can do to prevent blisters from tearing, from proper grip technique to different kinds of lotions and oils, but what do you do after your hand is torn-up? I will run through the process step by step.

Items Needed-
Scissors, Nail file, Callus Razor, Super Glue*, Benzion Tincture, Elastikon* Tape (2") and Athletic Tape.

Step 1-

Clip the loose skin back to where the tear meets solid tissue, wash and sanitize the area.

Step 2-

Use a callus razor to flatten the remaining part of the callus until it is even with the exposed skin that is where the blister was.

Step 3-

Apply thin layers of super glue with your hand stretched open allowing the layers to completely dry before applying the next. When the glue is even with remaining callus and dry, use a fingernail file or fine sandpaper to make the glue nice and smooth.


Step 4-

With the applicator, apply liberally the Benzion Tincture in a 2-inch wide stripe vertically down both sides of your hand keeping the blister centered. The Benzion acts as an adhesive and a drying agent so that the Elastikon* adheres better, especially to the palm of the hand. (Sweat!)


Step 5-

Cut a piece of Elastikon* long enough so that when centered over the blister the ends come at least 1.5 inches down the wrist on both front and back of the hand. Next make a hole in the very center of the Elastikon* large enough to fit a finger through, (see photos) and pull the Elastikon* down to the base of the finger and smooth out over the palm and back of the hand. After you have made the Elastikon* smooth on the hand and comfortable between the fingers, wrap the tails on the wrist with regular athletic tape.


Step 6-

Do a couple of sets of swings to set the Elastikon to the hand, add chalk and get back to work Comrade!

Try this method the next time you or one of your clients tear a blister and enjoy the pain of your continued kettlebell training!

Dave Cronk, RKC
Bozeman, MT 406-579-1116