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How to Reclaim Mankind’s Glory Days of Superlative Strength, Endurance and Power

October 4, 2007 11:26 AM

Back in ancient Greece, in the days of the battle at the Hot Gates, the human race had superior genetics compared to us in this lifetime. A couple of years ago an experiment was conducted across history. Exercise physiologists, engineers and historians from several universities across Europe set out to determine the level of conditioning these heroes of ancient times possessed.

By an historical analysis of information on these men's training, ability to sail their ships and cover great distances by foot it was shown that the cardiovascular endurance and strength of the "average" man would be hard if not impossible to find a match for today?even when recruiting from the ranks of world level athletes. The scientists wrote: "It would be hard today to find enough world class athletes in the entire world to row a single copy of an ancient battleship at the same speed and for the same duration as the men from the past were able to do. Today we would not stand a chance against these men".
Our genetics have changed and the human race is in its worst shape ever!

I urge you to reclaim the past, make a stand and gain the heart of a racehorse with the strength of a grizzly, that would make the heroes of the past proud.

It is not a coincidence that the men of the past were in such excellent cardiovascular health. A lot of training and fighting requires the ability to exert sustained force output, great accelerations and performing the Valsalva manoeuvre WHILE being under tremendous cardiovascular stress.

The key to the performance level of the glory days is right in front of us.
The Kettlebell will deliver a heart of elastic steel with
superior flexibility and contractile force generation.

Enter the Cardiovascular Kettlebell Concepts!

In 2006 the very first Western-based university study on the kettlebell was conducted. Measurements on oxygen uptake (VO2), Lactate production, energy output and power were performed and analyzed in relation to these parameters when doing conventional types of cardiovascular training.

The Kettlebell Snatch delivers results every bit as good as conventional types of exercise if done correctly. Furthermore, a major difference exists. Because of the ballistic nature of the kettlebell snatch and the use of the Valsalva pressurization technique during each repetition, not only will you stimulate an expansion of the heart wall (called eccentric hypertrophy)?and thereby and increase in maximum oxygen uptake (VO2max)?but you will also stimulate an increase in the strength of the heart wall (concentric hypertrophy), along with increases in blood pressure sensitivity and arterial compliance. These benefits aren't observed to the same extent doing other types of cardiovascular activities.

There is absolutely no reason whatsoever not to snatch a kettlebell! It will provide you with the heart of a racehorse and the strength of a grizzly!!

However it DOES matter HOW you structure a kettlebell snatch session if you wish to reclaim the cardiovascular health and strength of our ancient heroes?

Some protocols will work better than others, just like different deadlift programs. Even if you are not an elite athlete it does not mean that you should not use the best protocols for your physical development. Proper planning and structure of the training sessions ensures maximum results and prevents poor performance. Don't settle for anything less than optimal. Learn proven protocols and why they work.

There are a lot of misconceptions about "cardio" training and they should be put to rest. Specific parameters should exist in order for an exercise to constitute a "cardio" exercise?and trainers and serious athletes should be aware of these in order to achieve what they want.

The Cardiovascular Kettlebell Concepts (CKC) will do exactly that. The CKC will teach you the reasons behind true cardiovascular training and how the kettlebell fits in perfectly! It will provide you with an understanding of how the systemic circulatory system works and why the kettlebell snatch is one of the best exercises for heart health and strength. In addition it will provide you with foolproof protocols for doing things right?by teaching you how to test yourself with repetition kettlebell snatches to ensure you do exactly what is needed to achieve physical greatness. Nothing half-assed here?only the best is good enough and you should not settle for less.

Reclaim the strength and glory of our heroic forefathers. Build a heart of elastic steel with the endurance of a racehorse and the strength of a grizzly!

For a complete training program in Cardiovascular Kettlebell Concepts and VO2max, see Kenneth Jay's 2-DVD set Advanced Strength Strategies.