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May 23, 2007 01:11 PM

Some would say that I've got a certain outlaw persona or personality. There are rumors that I even have an outlaw background?the word 'allegedly' comes to mind. And one could contend that because of said background, I have tapped into the outlaw desires of the average person, and that my teaching philosophy is directly linked to this freeform persona ? persona non-gratis. So it got me thinking about why this image is so readily accepted, i.e. The Godfather, Pulp Fiction, and/or any Clint Eastwood movies ? the anti-hero ? the bad guy with the good lurking deep inside.

What is it that is so cool about being bad? Let's get one thing straight, what Hollywood makes of an outlaw and reality are polar opposites; they are diametrically opposing concepts. For instance, getting jumped by a couple of 'wannabes' outside a bar never has dangerous music playing in the background. The 'wannabes' are generally never endowed with extra-special Ninja power; although at this point in the evening, what with alcohol and all, they think so. There's no special lighting and never a really hot girl in need of saving. Oh, don't get me wrong, there are girls but that's another article.

Back to my alleged past, when 'outlaw' meant ? on your own terms regardless of the consequences; it's a small statement but a big concept. Now days, people watch some chopper show, go out and buy a leather jacket and a bike, that is usually way too much bike for them (size and power), and a cigar. Why a cigar? I'll never know, but guys think cigars are cool (more Hollywood I guess). Some Freudian thing ?you know, a cigar is not always a cigar.

They ride down the street?not too far?you wouldn't want to get your new leather coat dirty, to the bar where the rest of the 'wannabes' gather. They park their far too expensive bike in front, just to stare at it ? you sure wouldn't want to ride the thing. Kicking back with a wine spritzer they tell each other lies about riding. You may want to remember my dictum about bars?people who go to the bars are always talking about what they're going to do or what they use to do ? the 'wannabes' and the 'has-beens'.

You see it takes more than a leather coat, or bike, or a bicep and tattoo to be an outlaw; it takes an individual's real desire to be your own person ? ?not follow and not lead, but to just please yourself. There are more sides to this, as I have come to realize through a self-awareness philosophy, but it's basically ? 'I'll do it my way'. Now you had better be ready to back that up, because some people just don't go for that. Being real is what I guess it boils down to. The people I ran with, my crew, (all gone now in one form or another) were all loyal and caring, we were all we had ? that was real.

So naturally it follows, that years later I would come upon the ultimate outlaw tool, the kettlebell. You see the outlaw mentality is ? do your own thing unrestricted by the norm of the mass stupidity of society. Kettlebells are all about the freedom of the outlaw philosophy ? drifting, moving at your own speed, answering to nothing?unrestricted. That essence is the yin, if you will, to the old yang of my past.


Kettlebells enable you to live on a whim, to create something totally yours ? the ultimate show of individuality ? your way, all the time and no rules. I love that. It's hard, dangerous, effective, uncompromising and direct in its results. It is all the things you become attracted to when daydreaming about being you own person ? a true original. The results show the truth in yourself, you can't deny them, and they are immediate and consuming. Anyone who has ever come to my school leaves addicted, and that's no lie!

Why, because kettlebells allow you to live that outlaw persona to the max, only this time no cops, no lawyers, no guns under your pillow; just pride and dignity and that's what it really come down to ? dignity for all. So 'lock and load' and unleash that outlaw in you?grab a kettlebell and be somebody.

Here's Outlaw Project #1? "The Wheel of Death or Misfortune"

A pair of kettlebells: 24 kg for men, 16 for women

Take a prone push-up position, hands on kettlebell, locked out; with feet elevated on a tree stump or something off the ground ? make sure you can maneuver in a circle around it.

Start to move clockwise: Right arm first, pick up the KB and move it to the right, left stays in place.

Once the KBs are separated, do a Push-Up and then a Right Hand Row followed by a Left Hand Row.

Continue to move the KBs clockwise around the tree stump while in the prone position for 6 or 7 side steps.

Then repeat the Push-Up plus Right & Left Row, add 6 or 7 side steps couterclockwise?

Continue for 3 to 5 minutes. A couple of sets and you'll be an Outlaw!

Outlaw Project #2

The Goals of an Outlaw Workout?
1. New Environment
2. Ignite creativity
3. Beat the cops and the clock
4. Have fun?anybody remember fun?
5. Get away unharmed and avoid being booked
6. The ultimate adapt and overcome attitude
7. Focus
8. Create a constant desire and enthusiasm to go out and live life

Fredo You Broke My Heart
It breaks my heart to see the total lack of imagination in this world for anything, but especially for working out. Wait a minute, I want to reword that?the phrase 'working out' sucks, let's use 'doing a hit' instead?as in "Clemenza, go hit Paulie"?yeah, that feels right.

So Here's Your Target to Hit
First thing is to find a new place for the "hit". Outside etc?

The Outlaw Workout
Find a playground or trees to use for your "hit"

Hey Outlaw?
Now that you're standing under the monkey bars or branches, jump up, grab the bars then monkey-time it to the end, if you can. Once at the end, pull yourself up through the arm and into a Dip position...well?Dip. Add leg raises and reverse pull-ups for biceps and for the return route crawl back across the top, and then it's time to leave.

Time: 10 to 15 minutes
Body Parts Worked: Back/Forearms/Triceps/Chest/Shoulders/Abdominals/Heart/Lungs
Objective: To have fun again?remember fun?

Ron Morris, RKC is the creator of USA KETTLEBELLS?An Experimental School for the Development of Physical and Mental Well-Being. He's trained as a Tactical Kettlebell Combat Specialist and developed the program "Tactical Kettlebells for Firefighters". Ron has over 26 years experience as a trainer, professional wrestler and champion power lifter. He's currently giving seminars and retreats. Visit the website: