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The Get Up Stabilizer

April 29, 2008 02:26 PM

The Turkish get-up is a staple of kettlebell lifting. It literally engages\challenges the entire body. However, specifically targeted are the strength and stability of the shoulder. The stabilizer version presented here preserves the benefits of the Turkish Get-up, but adds another dimension to complete arm stabilization from the wrist to the elbow to the shoulder.

The Get-up stabilizer mimics the movement of the Turkish Get-up with one significant change. The kettlebell will be in the bottoms-up position throughout. Begin by lying flat on the floor. Roll to your side and pick up the kettle bell with two hands,

Return to lying flat on the floor.
Using both hands, adjust the kettle bell to the bottoms-up position.

Press the kettlebell straight up keeping the shoulder packed in its socket.

Plant the right foot firmly on the floor. Push off with the right foot and left elbow. Sit up slowly pushing the kettlebell straight up. Look at the kettlebell throughout the entire movement.

Shift your weight to the left arm.

Draw your left foot back. Straighten up your legs and posture.

Step the left foot forward standing straight up leaning in to the kettlebell for extra shoulder stretch. Reverse the steps slowly and return to starting position on the ground.

Work towards seamless movement. Keep the wrist straight, the elbow locked, and the shoulder in its socket throughout. You will need to use a lesser amount of weight than used in the Turkish Get-up. However, the stability factor will be enhanced and grip strength improvement will be an added bonus.

Reps should stay in the five or less range, and make sure to work the Stabilizer Get-up equally on both sides.

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