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Hybrid Strength Training by Danny Kavadlo
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Hybrid Strength Training by Danny Kavadlo
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Hybrid Strength Training

How to Get Jacked and Shredded with Calisthenics and Free Weights

By Danny Kavadlo

Paperback, 204 pages

Foreword by Dan John

Hybrid Strength Training workout app

“Danny Kavadlo’s impact on my field of strength and conditioning continues to expand daily. This book is part of his legacy. Enjoy.” — DAN JOHN, author, Never Let Go

Hybrid Strength Training is the perfect book for any fitness enthusiast, at any level. The three levels of programming that Danny put together are beautifully laid out and easy to follow. This book is a must have if you’re serious about training.” — MIKE FITCH, founder & creator, Animal Flow

“I have been asked countless times over the years to recommend the finest source on combining weight training and bodyweight work... but I have always had to just shrug. Coaches and authors who really understand both disciplines at an elite level are few and far between. But the wait is over. FINALLY that book has been written!

Anything Danny writes, I devour and learn from. In Hybrid Strength Training, Danny will show you how the combined power of calisthenics and free weights can help you take quantum leaps forward in your strength and physique... the programs in these pages would put meat on a damn pencil. Get your hands on this book!” — PAUL WADE, author, Convict Conditioning

“With Danny Kavadlo's Hybrid Strength Training, we have a way forward. There are no frills and no dogma. Danny takes the best from the bodyweight and free weight worlds, creating an accessible and highly effective chimera. These are fundamental strength moves clearly illustrated and put into practice with excellent progressive programming.

I could hand this book to one of my strength-training newbie patients and feel confident they could safely and effectively begin a life-long resistance training practice.” — Dr. CHRIS HARDY, D.O. MPH CSCS, author, Strong Medicine

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Revealed: The Most Effective and Efficient Ways to Make Greater, Long-Term Strength Gains

Danny Kavadlo author of Hybrid Strength Training performing weighted pullupsHello, I’m Danny Kavadlo. I’ve been working out for over thirty years. Over this time, I’ve trained extensively in calisthenics, free weights, kettlebells, machines, sandbags and more. As one of New York City’s hardest-working trainers for almost two decades, it behooved me to be well-versed in multiple modalities of strength training.

But even more importantly — as a lifelong student of physical culture — I was constantly seeking out methods and techniques for gaining maximum strength as efficiently and effectively as possible. It made sense to put myself through as many experiences as I could. I’d walk through fire to get strong!

Since 2010, I have been one of the world’s most visible proponents of bodyweight training (aka calisthenics). I’ve published scores of articles about calisthenics and six books, including three #1 Amazon bestsellers.

I’ve taught workshops and certified trainers across the globe, from the US to the UK, Austria to Australia, Sweden to China. And although these certifications are specifically about calisthenics, my own body was built by a combination of calisthenics and weight training.

While I’ve always emphasized the importance of bodyweight exercise (and still do), I’ve personally trained in a hybrid style for decades, lifting weights and moving bodyweight side-by-side.

I want to give my clients, my students and myself the best tools for any situation, comprised of the most appropriate exercises for smashing their goals — whether it be calisthenics, free weights or a combination of both. It’s a mistake to put a particular ideology ahead of what is best for an individual. My objectives have never been ruled by dogma; they have always been all about the gains!

It was only after getting more involved with the internet that I became aware of the online rivalry between "calisthenics guys'' and "weight lifting bros". Perhaps the gimmicky branding of these two fitness factions, as well as the big-talking nature of the YouTube mob, position them as contrary forces, but they’re not.

Danny Kavadlo, author of Hybrid Strength Training performing barbell deadlifts in his backyard

In reality, calisthenics and weight lifting are completely harmonious — waves in the same proverbial ocean. Hybrid Strength Training is all about eliminating this false distinction in favor of getting the most from our workouts, thus building the greatest body possible.

The strength you get from hybrid training is real strength. In fact, if you were to do an image search of old-time strongmen like Eugen Sandow, Charles Atlas, or Steve Reeves — even Arnold Schwarzenegger — you’ll find them lifting weights and performing bodyweight feats of strength. Hybrid training has a rich history because the two methods complement each other perfectly.

Danny Kavadlo, author of Hybrid Strength Training performing Weighted DipsEfficiency and effectiveness in programming are the keys to unlocking ultimate strength. If we spend our precious energy on ineffective exercises, regardless of our intention, then we are wasting time.

We stand to gain the most when we fuse calisthenics and weight training, employing the most effectual exercises from both in order to exhaust the muscles and maximize the value of every workout. Whether you overload your muscles by changing your body’s position (as with calisthenics), adding external resistance (as with weight training) or any combination of the two, you will get results!

Both calisthenics and free weights are host to many irreplaceable exercises. For example, even a single leg squat and a hip bridge (both excellent bodyweight exercises), can never replicate a deadlift. Ever. Or vice versa. Yes, several overlapping main muscle groups are recruited for both, but they are different exercises.

The complete truth is that each of these modalities offers its own unique benefits, and we’re selling ourselves short if we don’t employ them. That’s the motivation behind the programs offered in Hybrid Strength Training. These programs will get you jacked, shredded and strong. There are three six-week programs included in this manual:

PROGRAM 1 — BLUE FLAME is a beginner to intermediate level program. It consists of progressive weekly workouts so you can familiarize yourself with the basics and beyond. Prepare to blast off from your starting point.

PROGRAM 2 — RED HOT targets the intermediate to advanced level practitioner. It builds upon your starting point, incorporating more exercises and tougher workouts, taking your fitness to new levels.

PROGRAM 3 — HELLYEAH! consists of advanced exercises and programming. This is not for the faint of heart. Prepare to rocket through the stratosphere and get in better shape than you ever thought possible.

Each program concludes with a Self-Assessment. This is a chance to test yourself on classic benchmarks of physical strength, so you can properly monitor your progress and see how you measure up.

The Ultimate Isometrics Manual
Read Reviews For: Hybrid Strength Training (paperback)
9.33 out of 10 (9 reviews)
Rated 10/10 Hybrid-alicious
By Dave Parker / Sydney, NSW, Australia

Have been using the Kavadlo Bros books for a year, stuck to their programs rigorously and have gotten great results. But I kept getting the urge to mix weight training in with the calisthenics. Couldn't get the right combination, Danny's new book Hybrid Strength training has solved that issue.

As with his other books the layout is clear, clean and uncomplicated, but still packed with information. The programs have the familiarity of the calisthenics ones, which is great to see as it gives me confidence I'll continue getting results. The exercise progressions and rep ranges really suit me and it feels like the programs where personally written for me.

Making consistent progress is that "self motivating" factor, it hasn't been difficult heading into my garage gym to workout, in fact my missus will attest that stopping me from working out for a rest day is harder. Looking at all the programs in the book, at the end of the course it will be easy to self write the next program. There are so many alternatives to "mix n match" especially bringing in his other books to add in the multitudes of calisthenics exercises. There's a lifetime of training possibilities with his books.

Lastly the price of the book, it was a Black Friday Sale, but I feel like I've mugged him. Going to train in a stripey jersey and ski mask ??

Rated 10/10 Great for all levels
By Jon Green / New York, New York, USA

Danny knows what he's doing! One tip alone from this book increased my pull-ups by 40%. I'm going to get a lot out of this book for a long time - I've barely scratched the surface.

Rated 10/10 Free weights or calisthenics-you can do both!
By Ben Johnson / Kenosha, WI, USA

Danny Kavadlo has really outdone himself this time! I have been a follower of the Kavadlo Brothers (Danny and Al) for years, and I have always enjoyed their writing and workout programs. The argument of which is better-calisthenics or free weights-has finally been put to bed: combining both is the way to go!
In Hybrid Strength Training, Danny Kavadlo lays out the rationale for incorporating both bodyweight and external weight training into an unparalleled fitness experience. It also includes the most detailed list and description (with photos) of exercises I have seen in a long time. Quick, note: it is heartwarming to see hip bridges and trap bar deadlifts on adjacent pages. Finally, Danny puts everything together with 3(!) detailed six-week programs.
Full disclosure: I have been training with Danny virtually for the past year and a half. That training has followed the methodology and protocol outlined in this book, and I have gotten stronger and put on a substantial amount of muscle, all while actually losing body weight. I am more fit in my 40's than I was in my 20's and 30's, and that is thanks to Danny's guidance and this fantastic program and book!
I cannot recommend Hybrid Strength Training enough! In a society where we are often divided among religious, cultural, or socioeconomic lines, Danny has at last put to rest, once and for all, the argument between calisthenics and free weights-combine both to keep the dream alive!

Rated 10/10 Honest workout programme
By Jim Scott / balnarring, Victoria, Australia

An effective honest work out programme from a giant in fitness Danny Kavadlo, a perfect mix of weights, compound lifts and bodyweight training, and as always no nonsense fitness advice. I cannot recommend this programme highly enough.

Rated 10/10 Well Crafted Programming
By John Bennett / Canton, Ohio, USA

As always, I have never been disappointed with a Danny (or Al) Kavadlo training book. And Hybrid Strength Training brings all the Kavadlo strength wisdom into one concise book. Great programming in a concise writing form that makes it easy for anyone to comprehend and perform. It's also a fantastic study for new fitness/kettlebell instructors on the finer points of programming a client's training. Much recommended.

Rated 10/10 Follow this program!
By Brad Mechor / Calgary, Alberta, Canada

Straight forward, ass-kicking program!
Easy to follow
Minimal equipment needed and it will leave you feeling strong and ready to go for the next workout!

Rated 10/10 another outstanding book by a Kavadlo brother
By leo steving / LATROBE, pa, United States

outstanding book on stenghth/sports training that ranks right up there with ALL of the Kavadlo books.

Rated 9/10 It makes sense to train this way.
By Kas Hansen / Rome, Lazio, Italy

As a fitness enthusiast, practitioner and student of classic bodybuilding and calisthenics myself I have always found that the two go hand in hand. Barbells, dumbbells and bodyweight exercises. I have been convinced for a very long time you actually should do both to fully develop your physique and reach your genetic potential. I always tell anybody that is into working out that wants to hear it about this.
It shows in all the greatest classic physiques of time, they all lifted weights plus they did pullups and dips, etc.
This book by Danny Kavadlo is awesome and very usefull not only for myself but also to train clients so much props to Danny for writing it.

Rated 5/10 Not what I was expecting
By Danielle Firth / Liverpool, Merseyside, United Kingdom

When it said 'calisthenics ' and forwarded by Dan John, i was expecting something great. I know that pull ups are calisthenics but I was hoping for a novel description of how to combine barbell strength training alongside calisthenics progressions such as muscle ups, flags, press to handstand, planche etc. For me, it was very basic and to be honest, I wish I could send it back.

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