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Beyond Bodybuilding
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Beyond Bodybuilding
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Beyond Bodybuilding

Muscle and Strength Training Secrets for The Renaissance Man

By Pavel

Paperback,8.5 x 11
365 pages
Fully illustrated, Fully indexed

Beyond Bodybuilding Table of Contents
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In Beyond Bodybuilding, you get the essence of most-all of the strategies, tips, routines and fine points Pavel has developed over many years for the elite men and women of the strength game. Now, with Beyond Bodybuilding, there are simply no more excuses for not excelling in strength, continuing to gain, continuing to reach new heights in your performance.

As you'll quickly discover in Beyond Bodybuilding, a close adherence to classical strength training principles is the true recipe for strength and muscle building success. What are these key principles? You'll find them all in this bodybuilding book.

The already highly skilled amongst you will find a treasure trove of new strategies for elevating your game. After all, give a consummate professional the correct adjustments at the correct time and they can surge forward in their gains… give a championship caliber team the right coaching tips and they can win it all…

For the regular bodybuilder or strength athlete, Pavel gives you the ultimate road map for progress and success. You'll be fired up all over again, as you experience one great breakthrough after another… with your new understanding of the skill of strength.

Armed with the new knowledge Pavel gives you, you'll find yourself with the power-body of a wild animal — but the mindset of a skilled strength-scientist.

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Smash Your Training Plateaus, Overcome Injuries, Make Unprecedented Strength Gains and Grow More Muscle… with a Classical Education in the Wisdom of the Past—and the Scientific Breakthroughs of the Modern Day Masters


The fight for greater strength and muscle is the story of a constant struggle against conflicting forces…

Since ancient times — when strength meant survival — to the more modern goals of competitive excellence and physical culture, we've fought a never-ending battle with our own bodies to achieve and maintain maximum performance.

Because our bodies don't want to change! And if we make them, they'll do their best to sabotage us!

Let's face it… our bodies are reluctant partners in the strength game…

Anyone who's been around the block, knows this only too well:

The story of strength training is the story of constantly adjusting, constantly engaging in a guerrilla campaign of trickery and skullduggery against our obstinate bods. A small victory here, a setback there, a sudden breakthrough, another setback, another breakthrough, a long stalemate, another breakthrough… it never ends!

And many of us simply give up from sheer frustration. We quit, when perhaps we could have stayed ahead… We become content to slough back into slackness and physical mediocrity…

And that's mostly because we never got the education we needed — to know how to win — and keep winning — the guerrilla war against our own bodies.

Of course, it doesn't help, in this day and age, that we also have to fight the myth-mongering marketers of strength training half-truths, preying on our ignorance to make a quick buck out of the gullible…

We have to fight against the machines, the gizmos, the quick fixes, the absurd claims — and the downright foolishness of most of what passes for 'training advice' in the magazines and gyms of our country.

Fortunately, there is a solution to all the confusion, ignorance and uncertainty…

When all else has failed you…

Pavel has spent his life immersed in the study and practice of practical strength and muscle training… as it applies in the very hard testing ground of both American and Soviet Spec ops, of the US Marines, SWAT, professional athletes, martial artists, gymnasts, powerlifters, weightlifters, Olympic champions and numerous other tough, tough competitors — where results are everything and failure is simply not on the menu.

Pavel has, frankly, done the research for you… plundering both the classic and the little-known strength texts from past and present… networking and comparing notes with many of today's great masters… submitting his own body to the pain of infinite experiment. And Pavel has trained thousands of troops and police whose life might depend on his tips… hundreds of athletes and martial artists with the chance to achieve their dreams thanks to his advice. 

"Every aspect of training is covered in Pavel's Beyond Bodybuilding from flexibility to all types of strength development, U.S.M.C. training, R.K.T. training tips from many of the greatest strength experts around the world, plus a glossary of exercises to fit everyone's needs. I salute Pavel and Beyond Bodybuilding."
—LOUIE SIMMONS, Westside Barbell


And of course, tens of thousands have gone to the strength forum to share the astonishing gains and results they have achieved by employing Pavel's strength advice…

In Beyond Bodybuilding, you get the essence of most-all of the strategies, tips, routines and fine points Pavel has developed over many, many years for these elite men and women of the strength game. (Beyond Bodybuilding represents a compilation of many of Pavel's best magazine articles over the course of the last few years.)

Now, with Beyond Bodybuilding, there are simply no more excuses for not excelling in strength, continuing to gain, continuing to reach new heights in your performance.

Defeat the enemies of progress

Now, as you'll quickly discover in Beyond Bodybuilding, a close adherence to classical strength training principles is the true recipe for strength and muscle building success. What are these key principles? You'll find them all in this bodybuilding book.

But as mentioned, it's not-by-far enough to just know and employ these key principles. Because without an additional bag of tricks, your body will inevitably find a way to escape…

Discover the finer points of technique… 
that separate the champs from the chumps

What finally distinguishes Pavel from almost any strength author on the planet… is his ability to zero in on the finer points of adjustment to the body's continuing effort to sabotage your progress. That — and the sheer breadth and wealth of the fine points Pavel has to offer…

Because to truly succeed with your strength training you need to become a master at making these adjustments…

It's a Good Cop, Bad Cop kind of thing:

You need to know how to cajole, torture, sweet-talk, seduce, beat up and lie to your body… to bend it to your wants!

But you also need to know how to feed it, maintain it, make it happy, care for it, sensitize it, protect it… yes, all that good guy nice stuff too.

Trouble is, the rules keep changing on you…

When's it time to give the body a good smacking and when's it the time to lighten up? Pavel steers a path for you through the minefield…

Now, you can stop butting your head against the wall and stride through the door Pavel has opened for you…

The already highly skilled amongst you will find a treasure trove of new strategies for elevating your game. After all, give a consummate professional the correct adjustments at the correct time and they can surge forward in their gains… give a championship caliber team the right coaching tips and they can win it all…

For the regular bodybuilder or strength athlete, Pavel gives you the ultimate road map for progress and success. You'll be fired up all over again, as you experience one great breakthrough after another… with your new understanding of the skill of strength.

Fight these crimes against the body

If there's one thing that makes Pavel as mad as hell… it's the insidious sissification of the body that has been perpetrated in this country, in the name of bodybuilding and fitness.

Beyond Bodybuilding is a masterplan to eliminate those cheap, cosmetic, skin-deep looks… and move to strength-from-the-inside-out. Experience a new level of confidence as your power does the talking for you….

Armed with the new knowledge Pavel gives you, you'll find yourself with the power-body of a wild animal — but the mindset of a skilled strength-scientist.

After all you've put yourself through already, you owe it to yourself to get Pavel's Beyond Bodybuilding — and make history of your past failures. 

"When you feel ready to take action on this… to own this masterly guide on how to constantly succeed in your strength and muscle training… to bust through your previous training plateaus… to feel and look stronger than you ever imagined possible… CLICK HERE NOW. 

Discover all of this and more in…

Section One of Beyond Bodybuilding: Power Training

  • The real secret to spectacular strength gains. Page 1
  • The Russians have a special name for this skill -- vital to honing your strength.
  • The two strength skills you must have to fortify your power.
  • The best breathing technique to ensure you get stronger in every lift. Find it in your sound system! Page 1
  • The basic laws of successful practice -- follow these and you can't help but gain and gain and gain. Page 2
  • The basic tenet of motor learning -- know this to keep on gaining strength.
  • Why practice alone won't help you make maniacal strength gains -- and what will! Page 2
  • The perfect number of reps for greater strength.
  • Why frequent, brief practices may yield greater strength gains than infrequent long ones.
  • How to finish a workout feeling stronger than when you started! Page 2
  • Plateaued? Burnt out? Try this simple remedy and watch your strength gains explode. Page 3
  • Big muscles, alone, make a big sissy. Why only real strength training can make you a man.
  • What all effective ways to build strength boil down to. Page 4
  • The method that did more for a SWAT instructor's strength in a week -- than conventional training in ten previous years! Page 4
  • Are you resting enough? How to get stronger by doing more of nothing at all!
  • A powerlifting champion's mathematical formula for real intensity in strength training. Page 6
  • Get the AK47 of strength training.
  • 'Neurological carry-over training' -- the secret technique that resulted in a 1,200 pound squat. Page 9
  • The Russians called him 'The Wonder of Nature' -- learn his special secret. Page 10.
  • Stuck on your bench press? How the surprising addition of a piece of wood can help you blow through your current plateau. Page 12
  • Hardgainer? -- No way, no how, no more -- when you learn the 'Six Week Hypertrophy Cycle.' Page 13
  • This high-tonnage program will easily pack ten to fifteen pounds of beef on your frame in less than two months. Page 13
  • How Mike quickly went from barely being able to pick up his toddler to pulling 475 without a belt… with this unique program.
  • A Soviet Special Forces method to pack on the pounds with kettlebells -- despite sleep deprivation, excessive exercise, stress and a limited protein intake. Page 13.
  • HIT not working for you? The four simple steps for best strength gains. Page 16.
  • How to surprise your friends with a bulging new physique in less than two months.

Secrets of the Russian Bodybuilding Underground

  • How the technique of 'fatigue cycling' created a veritable army of he-men in 1980's Russia. Page 18
  • How to cheat the 'law of accommodation' -- and gain beyond your wildest dreams. Page 19
  • Want to defy the odds and keep on gaining? Try 'teetering on the edge of chaos.'
  • The only training structure for consistent physical gains that is reliable in the long haul. Page 19
  • Another dependable plateau buster for your strength and muscle building toolbox.
  • How to jolt your system into fresh gains -- without changing any of your favorite exercises.
  • Discover the Zen art of juggling the conflicting demands of keeping your training specific yet varied. Page 21
  • Live by the law of specificity… and die by the law of accommodation. Know how to handle these two nuclear-powered rivals to your own advantage.
  • Discover why the Smolov routine has achieved a cult status. Page 21
  • Discover the hardest, yet most effective squat program ever -- guaranteed to blast you with incredible gains.
  • How even an advanced athlete can add 100 pounds to his squat in less than four months.
  • The Russian Squat Assault -- brutal beyond belief.
  • A mad commie's evil promise: survive this program and your legs will turn into car jacks. Page 24 
  • When all else has failed! -- Shock treatment for unprecedented gains, fast and guaranteed improvement. Page 24
  • This will kill you, but it works… insane… very, very intense.
  • How to make your legs swell with muscle and power.
  • brutal routine that flushes every cowardly myth about overtraining down the toilet.
  • How to develop a presence of power. Page 25
  • These 3 powerful techniques will help you achieve squatting excellence in the shortest possible time. Page 25
  • How to condition your system for peak performance.
  • This Soviet Gold Medalist swore by the importance of developing sport specific body awareness -- learn how and why. Page 26
  • Large muscles, but not much strength to show for it? Find out why and how to fix it!
  • Why it's not enough to just concentrate on building bigger muscles.
  • It can cost them a championship! The critical error even elite lifters can make -- and the special technique to end this problem and surge forward with your strength gains.
  • It's not just for firing squads! How the use of a simple blindfold can trigger surprising gains.
  • Why mirrors can sabotage your strength gains.

The Sensitive Sole -- and Other Reasons Why 'Sensitivity Training' Can Be The Strong Man's Best Friend

  • Watch difficult lifts like the squat explode in poundage -- when you finesse your strength skill with sensitivity training.
  • Why the sole of your foot can spell gain or loss for your heavy lifting. Page 27
  • The little-known secret of extensor reflex training can give you a championship edge.
  • Why you can instantly add two reps to your squat simply by removing your shoes.
  • The power of the correct recruitment pattern.
  • Why your shoes may be adding insult to injury.
  • These kinds of shoes may be killing your lifts.
  • If you really have to: the single best shoe to wear for strength training.
  • The best time to perform supramaximal walkouts.
  • How to take full advantage of Henneman's size principle. Page 28
  • Be as strong as an ox! How to use 'after-effect' overloads to make you stronger.
  • How to fool your internal 'governors of strength' into agreeing to let you be stronger.
  • The optimal rest time to take advantage of the after effect phenomenon for greater performance.
  • Discover the bench press training program used by the winners of eight out of eleven gold medals at the IPF Men's World's. Page 30
  • Russian champions consider this the critical component of any strength training. Page 31
  • Russia powerlifting mastermind Boris Sheyko's beyond-brutal training plan for building champions.
  • The three great rewards of Power Bodybuilding -- bigger size, greater strength and a simpler training program. Page 38
  • Build greater strength by employing these three fundamental principles of motor learning.
  • How to increase frequency without increasing fatigue -- for greater training success. Page 39

The Critical Secrets for Superstrength

  • Excel at your sport! -- Quit traditional bodybuilding and take up strength training. Here's why… Page 40
  • What's the secret here? A famous trapeze artist warmed up just two one-armed pullups per arm. Why?
  • Quick! This crash course in the neuroscience of strength may alone be worth the price of this book. Page 41
  • The most reliable muscle and strength building method… period.
  • Worried you are wasting your time with obsolete routines? Find out which ones work the best, now.
  • How to avoid plateaus in your in your training with this straightforward power cycle. Page 42
  • How to take advantage of 'delayed transmutation' to gain, after going nowhere. Page 44
  • Feeling burnt out from heavy, heavy lifting? Here's the perfect remedy -- from Russian world weightlifting champion, Kurentsov.
  • How to avoid burning out your nervous system during your strength training.
  • Make surprising long-term gains using Steve Justa's unconventional program. Page 45
  • Build might and muscle with this classic 'countdown to power.'
  • "Quick, hard and extremely effective." -- How to overshoot your previous max in less than two weeks, using McKean's 54321 routine.

"Congratulations ! You have done it again Pavel. Beyond Bodybuilding is a treasure chest of strength training secrets. I love reading your stuff. Your books are never a rehashed... dashed out... serving of the same old thing or even close to it. It's truly 'arm pit soaking', exciting stuff. You are a credit to the game Pavel. I am better for having known you." 
Larry Scott, Author of Loaded Guns, former Mr. America, Mr. Universe and the first Mr. Olympia
  • 7 classic set and rep schemes to build a dense, lifter's physique. Page 46
  • Weightlifting world champion Farkhutdinov's favorite scheme for finessing his lifting technique. Page 47
  • Use this scheme to develop a combination of strength, technique and hypertrophy.
  • Should you avoid them? Should you just say no to pyramids? Actually, the answer is yes and no. Find out why. Page 48.
  • Bench press stalled? Jump start your bench with this cool and effective routine. Page 49
  • Bench press champion Alexey Moiseev used this routine to push his bench up by 45 lbs in just three months!
  • How to get stronger, faster by 'waving' your weights. Page 50
  • Another great shortcut to strength-skill mastery. Page 51
  • Short on time, but still want to gain? Combine these two methods to still make progress. Page 51
  • How even the busiest person can still make surprising gains thanks to the Setchinov principle.
  • Sarkis Karapetyan set a teenage world record by deadlifting 3.14 times his bodyweight -- using this simple-as-can-be cycle. Page 52
  • Shoulders going nowhere with your military press? Shock them into life and great new strength/size gains with the 'RKC ladder.' Page 54
  • New ways to swell with dense and powerful muscle.
  • Why explosive lifting can be disastrous for your strength program -- but when it might increase your max by up to 15%. Page 55
  • Know when you need to be a 'tow-truck' in your training and when to switch to the Ferrari approach -- for optimal gains in strength and size.
  • How to correctly use eccentric contractions to stimulate muscle growth.
  • When -- and when not -- to use the 'touch and go' technique in your deadlifts. Page 56
  • How to make your deadlift far harder -- without adding weight.
  • This may be the most effective glute exercise in existence. Page 58 
  • Weak ankles bothering you? This one technique will do a fine job of fixing ankle strength.
  • How to improve the transmission of force from your muscles to your bones.
  • Why the little-known secrets of tendon training are a must for experienced iron athletes of all persuasions. Page 59
  • STOP! Could your muscle fatigue actually be ligament fatigue --setting you up for injury and failure? Know the solution.
  • How to train your connective tissues to be maximally tough.
  • Why the high-tension techniques give you more bang for the buck than the high-intensity techniques.
  • How and why integration, not isolation, is the key to elite performance.
  • Up? Down? Sideways? Backwards? How to correctly align your head in different lifts for optimal power, muscle and safety. You only think you know the right way! Surprising recommendations from Russian scientists. Page 63
  • How to use 'active negatives' for power, muscle and safety. Page 64.
  • The three major benefits of active negatives.
  • Relying on excess bodyfat to push up greater poundage? Try this safer, healthier method of 'virtual size leverage.' Page 65
  • Are your joints in agony from so much heavy lifting? Protect them better, reduce pain, with 'virtual tissue leverage.'
  • How to injury-proof your shoulders and add pounds to your other lifts -- with special shrugs! Page 67

"I wholeheartedly recommend Beyond Bodybuilding: I view it as a summation of the accumulated knowledge Pavel Tsatsouline has gathered to this point in his career. Every body part is covered and a blueprint provided for how to build and strengthen every conceivable muscular target. The detail and description is tremendous. The mix between text and photos is spot on; the clarity of the exercise description leaves nothing to the imagination. 
If you are serious about physical renovation and want a new approach to progressive resistance training, then purchase Beyond Bodybuilding." 
Marty Gallagher, former columnist, five-time world master powerlifting champion, USA co-coach, 1991 world powerlifting team champions
  • Knees killing you? Can't squat regularly because of the pain… but still want squat-like benefits? Here's one great solution. Page 70
  • The advantages and disadvantages of 'dead squatting'. Page 73
  • Try the 'dead squat' program -- two fortysomething guys added at least five pounds a week for a year with this.
  • This special breathing technique protects your spine from heavy poundage -- the effects are nothing short of miraculous. Page 75
  • The seven fundamentals you must know to succeed in the iron game. Page 76
  • Do you insist on doing 'isolation' exercises? Here's how to ensure you don't devolve into a 'collection of body parts.' Page 77
  • Flare and build your lats, develop spectacular shoulder flexibility, work all your core muscles and make your back more injury resistant with this great 'retro' exercise. Page 78
  • How to sculpt a classical physique with 'retro' lifts.
  • Gaining strength but still not as lean as you want to be? Try this practical strategy for rippn' it up. Page 81
  • Could these be the most important 'lost' bodybuilding secrets of all time? Page 81
  • Exercises you should avoid like the plague -- and exercises you should rush to embrace.
  • Why free weights are safer than machines -- particularly for beginners. Page 91
  • 3 high-yield, yet inexpensive 'home gyms" for the champion on a budget.

When you feel ready to take action on this… to own this masterly guide on how to constantly succeed in your strength and muscle training… to bust through your previous training plateaus… to feel and look stronger than you ever imagined possible… CLICK HERE NOW. 

Discover all of this and more in…

Section Two of Beyond Bodybuilding: Training Planning

  • Are you confused about when and how often to hit each bodypart? Discover how to customize your iron schedule for greater gains in strength and muscle.
  • Understand the pros and cons of full body workouts versus split routines. Page 99
  • The most foolproof training schedule for high-yield results.
  • The perfect training schedule… if strength is more important to you than size.
  • Former Mr. Olympia, Lee Haney, used this excellent split to successfully break through his training plateau. Page 100
  • Understand the value of periodization -- and why hundreds of Russian champions have sworn by it. Page 101
  • How and why you must cycle your loads to keep succeeding in the iron game.
  • Why sharp changes in training volume and intensity are more effective than smooth ones. Page 103
  • The best training conditions for high-level anabolism in the body.
  • Why it's crucial to establish continuity in your training if you are truly to make progress.
  • The optimal period to stick with a particular complex of weight training exercises. Page 104 
  • Failing to gain? You may be suffering from what Dorian Yates called 'excessive muscle confusion.'
  • What is the optimal volume/intensity ratio for strength gains? Page 104
  • The one rigid rule of load variation -- ignore this at your peril! Page 105
  • Why attempting to maintain yourself in peak condition is counterproductive.
  • A better way to optimize your body's strength adaptation. Page 106
  • Understand how to get the most out of sequential training.
  • How to take advantage of the 'adaptation lag' -- and its tremendous impact on your strength and muscle training. Page 107
  • Want this too? Many bodybuilders have reported sensational gains after using this particular workout. Page 108 
  • The Ten Commandments of free style periodization -- get the blueprints of a secret Russian program… which can help you bomb your competition back to the Stone Age!
  • The upper body solution for High Intensity bodybuilders who are failing to gain. Page 110
  • 59.3% of top Russian kettlebellers reported taking 1-4 month layoffs from their training! How can this work? And how can you personally take advantage of thissurprising strategy for success? Page 111
  • Are you simply winging it with your program planning? -- Then you had better be hyper-vigilant! Page 111
  • Confused about whether it's okay to train twice a day? Page 112
  • Stir up your muscles to new growth with this 'Strong As You Look' split. Page 113
  • Is it really okay to train your abs every day? Page 114
  • How 'controlled overtraining' can be gain-superior to 'total recovery training.' Page 115
  • What signing on as a logger could teach you about adaptation and strength gains.
  • Got a head for figures? This mathematical approach could have you surging forward with newfound muscle and strength gains. Page 116

"Beyond Bodybuilding covers just about any physical topic you could think of. It's one of those books that will speed you toward your goals by giving you the knowledge to remove training obstacles that it would take you forever to learn how to do on your own. This is a book I wish I would've had when I started training. Pavel is one of those few people who can really deal in the science-meets-real world training area. I would jump on it if I were you. You really need this book." 
Bud Jeffries, Author of How to Squat 900lbs.
  • Changing your exercise tempo can result in surprising gains. Find out how, when and why. Page 117
  • Are you a dissatisfied bodybuilder? Even thinking of hanging it up? This approach could breathe new life, vitality and progress in to your strength and mass program. Page 117
  • How and why it's best to keep it basic with your training -- yet why it's still imperative you know a wide variety of 'weird' exercises. Page 118
  • How a used phone book could help you add 15 lbs to your bench in just one month.

When you feel ready to take action on this… to own this masterly guide on how to constantly succeed in your strength and muscle training… to bust through your previous training plateaus… to feel and look stronger than you ever imagined possible… CLICK HERE NOW

Discover all of this and more in…

Section Three of Beyond Bodybuilding: Back

  • Nothing on the planet beats this exercise for all-around back development! Page 125
  • It hurts so good! How to assault your body with a max of 'constructive pain' -- with this brutishly evil one-armed drill.
  • Want truly amazing lats? Then knock off your silly seated rows and lat pulldowns -- and get serious with the thumbless overhead grip pullup. Page 129
  • How to add righteous beef to your traps and neck… with the Hise shrug. Page 130
  • This unique drill -- an incredible back developer -- helped Matt Dimel squat 1,010. Page 131
  • Shouldn't this vital back-saving skill be made mandatory in our schools? Page 134
  • Want your lats to grow faster? Then stretch them!
  • This partner-assisted chopping technique ensures a more potent pullup. Page 137
  • Discover 3 Russian 'low tech/high concept' programs for pullup power andexceptional lat development. Page 138
  • Essential pullup techniques you must know to excel and gain.
  • The single best exercise for developing huge lats.
  • According to Mike Mentzer, this is the King of back exercises. Are you about to disagree?
  • How to smoke your back from top to bottom with one simple but brutally intense lift -- what you need to know to make it work like gangbusters. 
  • Marines -- and other 'put-up-or-shut-up' professionals -- employ these extra tweaks toguarantee acing their pullup tests. Page 147
  • Are bent over rows overrated? Yes, mostly… but here are 3 options that will ice your strength cake. Page 148
  • Soviet ice hockey megastar, Oleg Fetisov solemnly swore: "this drill cannot be beat for building a powerful corset of ligaments and muscles." Page 149
  • How to take carefully measured doses of 'poisonous' exercises to prevent injury and raise your tolerance levels.
  • Would rather be made of iron or steel? Well, iron can shatter under stress, while steel has superior resilience and take a beating. -- Discover the legendary Tommy Kono's secret to building muscles like steel springs -- well-tempered, dynamic, flexible and tough as they make 'em. Page 149
  • Russian great, Valentin Dukul rehabbed himself from a broken back and went on tobecome a record shattering powerlifter -- in his sixties! Here are his top personal exercises for loosening up a vulnerably tight back. Page 151
  • Are you afraid of injuring your back when lifting heavy? (It happens all the time!) Here's renowned physical therapist Robin McKenzie's perfect solution for reducing the odds of those crippling back injuries. Page 156
  • Do you slouch after exercise? This apparently innocuous behavior could end up costing you years of avoidable back pain.
  • Why building strong abs is your best ticket for a safe, strong back.
  • Perform this maneuver with a trap bar -- and it could spell disaster for your back. Page 158

When you feel ready to take action on this… to own this masterly guide on how to constantly succeed in your strength and muscle training… to bust through your previous training plateaus… to feel and look stronger than you ever imagined possible… CLICK HERE NOW

Discover all of this and more in…

Section Four of Beyond Bodybuilding: Legs

  • How to forge truly powerful, traffic-stopping legs.
  • How to break a parallel squat, for greater leg strength. Page 162
  • How to perform a heavier, deeper squat -- more safely.
  • You will never give that ridiculous leg curl machine another look -- once you've switched to this…
  • Try this little-known, killer squat-deadlift combo for greater flexibility, better form and surprising gains. Page 165
  • Just say NO! Why it's asking for trouble to squat with a towel. Page 168
  • Why it's high time you took a wrecking bar to that leg press machine.
  • Do you have scrawny or flabby legs? Few sights in the world are more unappealing! Become the total package, head to toe… when you transform your legs from soft mediocrity to awesome muscularity in just a few short weeks! Page 169
  • Do you really know how to squat correctly? Precious few do! Here are the fine points you must know to safely make huge gains. Page 175
  • radical regimen of downhill sprints can do wonders for your calves.

"I thoroughly enjoyed Beyond Bodybuilding. Every few pages, at least, your book reveals another clever kick-ass, air tight, super-intense training modality that I hadn't even considered in my own investigative research as a muscle writer. Talk about thinking many moves ahead of us other writers, training modality wise!Beyond Bodybuilding builds the physique page by page." 
Dennis B. Weis, Author of Mass!, Raw Muscle! and Anabolic Muscle Mass, MuscleMag Int'l Columnist
  • Why plyometrics are NOT the answer for building up your legs.
  • Rip your calves to shreds with this barbell calf raise. Page 177
  • Worried about ending up with a pair of 'tree-trunk' thighs -- when all you want from your squats is amazing power and strength? Okay, then try this…
  • How to avoid setback injuries when squatting deep. Page 190
  • Front squat killing your wrists and shoulders? Page 191
  • The quickest way to master proper squat form.
  • What the heck do you think you are doing with those sissy leg extensions! --Why real men know they need to squat and squat and squat… then squat some more. Page 192
  • Are high-poundage squats murdering your shoulders? Try this unique procedure torescue your beaten-up joints.
  • How to avoid bowing -- and potentially damaging -- your knees when you squat.
  • Do you have aching, creaky knees? These two tips alone might save you from a fatal date with the surgeon's knife. Page 195
  • 2 great tips for a more powerful Hack squat. Page 196

When you feel ready to take action on this… to own this masterly guide on how to constantly succeed in your strength and muscle training… to bust through your previous training plateaus… to feel and look stronger than you ever imagined possible… CLICK HERE NOW. 

Discover all of this and more in…

Section Five of Beyond Bodybuilding: Neck and Shoulders

  • Worried about your weak neck? You should be! This unique old-timer's version of the back bridge will give you a resilient, powerful neck -- and perhaps keep you out of the hospital. Page 199
  • Try throttling this guy! The legendary strongman Paul Anderson had a neck as thick as most men's thighs. Here is the Wonder of Nature's personal routine for a bull-sized neck. Page 201
  • The ONE secret to real success in pressing.
  • How to build muscular shoulders that will truly complement your studly legs. Page 204
  • On the road again? How to give yourself an extreme shoulder workout with even a relatively light weight. Page 205
  • According to leading college coach Ethan Reeve, this amazing shoulder exercisewould be a better indicator of football excellence than the current bench test. Page 206 
  • Shoulder injuries limiting your press ability? Try this unique twist -- you will be able to handle more weight for more reps (plus build your obliques and lats.) Page 209
  • How to be hard on your muscles, but easy on your joints.
  • It's the hallmark of an elite athlete! -- How to own a magnificent neck and traps.
  • The safe solution to sore shoulders. Page 213
  • It's not the weight, stupid! The right technique for saving your neck when performing laterals. Page 214
  • A safer alternative to the press behind the neck. Page 215
  • The best way to avoid rotator cuff injuries.
  • Robert Roman, the world's foremost expert on lifting technique, explains why you may be hurting your back in the standing barbell military press -- and what to do about it. Page 217

When you feel ready to take action on this… to own this masterly guide on how to constantly succeed in your strength and muscle training… to bust through your previous training plateaus… to feel and look stronger than you ever imagined possible… CLICK HERE NOW. 

Discover all of this and more in…

Section Six of Beyond Bodybuilding: Arms

  • Are you missing the boat when you work your triceps? Study shows most people fail to engage two of the three heads. Here's one the best ways that fix the problem -- and hammer out a decent horseshoe. Page 221
  • Cheaters will lose! How to stay honest and build truly huge biceps. Page 225
  • The elite Soviet climber secret to bulging forearms and uncanny finger strength. Page 226
  • Got elbow tendonitis? Developing your wrist extensors in this way could be the answer.
  • Heavy curls aggravating your shoulders? Here's a critical safety/power technique to set things straight. Page 229
  • Are you making these serious mistakes with your curls? -- 3 insider tips help you escape elbow pain.
  • Again, just say NO! Why bench dips are potentially disastrous to your shoulders -- and the safer, more effective alternative. Page 232

"Thanks for your recent contribution to the empire of muscle and might. Very interesting and valuable." 
Dave Draper, Author Brother Iron, Sister Steel, former Mr. America, Mr. Universe and Mr. World
  • Learn from the masters -- the top ten Russian arm training secrets revealed.
  • Add up to two inches to your arms in just two months with this potent mix of old-timer discoveries and cutting-edge research.
  • Experience unbelievable strength gains when you employ this little-known neurological law. Page 233
  • Why an esoteric internal martial arts technique can translate into surprising strength gains!
  • Blast your muscles -- not your tendons -- with this unusual 'control' technique. Page 234
  • Why stretching your muscles can make them grow.
  • Enlarge and strengthen your biceps with this powerfully simple growth formula -- guaranteed to grow your guns by at least an extra inch. Page 235
  • Jump your triceps poundage immediately using the secret of 'positive support reaction.'
  • Blast your way to thick, ripped tris with this excellent, powerlifters' favorite. Page 236
  • Spark awesome triceps growth -- safely -- with this unusual combo.
  • Discover the numero uno exercise for ripping the lateral head to shreds -- plus it's a great alternative to the bench if you have injuries! Page 238
  • This is the only path to symmetrically developed triceps! Page 242
  • Another high-level drill that builds explosive triceps strength for a more powerful bench… however, read the warnings! Page 243
  • How to reduce wrist problems when you curl.
  • An old-time secret for building loaded guns -- heavy forearm specialization. Page 246
  • Is he nuts? A wild solution to building huge biceps. Page 248

When you feel ready to take action on this… to own this masterly guide on how to constantly succeed in your strength and muscle training… to bust through your previous training plateaus… to feel and look stronger than you ever imagined possible… CLICK HERE NOW. 

Discover all of this and more in…

Section Seven of Beyond Bodybuilding: Chest

  • How to go from average to superior in your bench press -- discover the finer points that separate the champs from the chumps.
  • The perfect bench -- the essentials for max power, greatest pec overload and shoulder safety.
  • Louie Simmons has saved the pecs and shoulders of many in the powerlifting community with this technique. Page 253
  • The effect of this martial arts technique on your bench is nothing short of amazing -- it's typical to immediately add five reps to your seven-rep max! Page 254
  • This favorite of many power athletes will quickly pack on slabs of beef on your chest -- thanks to the extreme and unusual overload it generates. Page 260
  • This cool Russian Special Forces favorite helps recruit your pecs to the max -- and taps into your powerful torso muscles. 
  • This tip from strength icon Dr. Fred Hatfield could advance the development of your pecs by light years. Page 261
  • How to employ 'non-involved' muscles in a single-joint exercise to deliver greater power, safety and mass. Page 262
  • Why incline dumbbell presses are a whole lot better bet than incline barbells.
  • Emulate a great gymnast with this totally unique combination of strength, flexibility and control. Page 263
  • Is it okay to arch your back when you bench? Page 265
  • The causes of pec tears.
  • A surprising way to build a bigger chest -- develop your hand strength! Page 266
  • The Soviet Special Forces and US Secret Service Counter Assault Team alike, both favor this very cool kettlebell grip-strength developer. Page 267.
  • Yuck! How to avoid drooping, breast-like pecs -- hint: avoid declines like the witch from hell! Page 270
  • Bulging breasts? On men? Not in my backyard! -- The two modern exercises most likely to make your friends wonder.
  • Three great ways to work your pecs without a bench. Page 271
  • How to get a great pec stretch -- for even greater chest strength.
  • This dirty little secret of bodybuilding not only blasts your pecs but builds bigger pipes better than curls. Page 276
  • How to recruit your pecs to the max when benching -- a first rate tip from bench press record breaker, George Halbert.

When you feel ready to take action on this… to own this masterly guide on how to constantly succeed in your strength and muscle training… to bust through your previous training plateaus… to feel and look stronger than you ever imagined possible… CLICK HERE NOW. 

Discover all of this and more in… 

Section Eight of Beyond Bodybuilding: Naked Warrior

  • How many times do I have to repeat myself? THIS is the surest ticket to muscles and might. THIS….! Page 279
  • Discover the Russian Special Forces ladder to power -- it's common for veteran soldiers to add many reps, in short order, to their pullup max…
  • The classic ladder for strength endurance and muscle building. Page 280
  • Do you measure up? How to be a man -- not a boy -- by cranking out one hundred perfect pushups! Page 281
  • How to develop your muscles' 'vascular network' -- for consistent, long-term strength gains. Page 282
  • A special warning on going to the limit with your pushups -- ignore this advice at your peril! Page 283
  • Get them here! The secrets of proper pushup form to amplify your strength gains. Page 284.
  • This manly technique strengthens your wrists in a hurry.

"When I first received Beyond Bodybuilding, I blocked out an entire day so I'd have enough time and undivided attention to savor its contents... If you think you've already seen everything Pavel has to offer, this book will prove you wrong. Don't make me come over there — get over to and get your copy today!"
Charles Staley, creator of the Escalating Density Training (EDT) system.
  • Failing to do this during an endurance feat can mean the kiss of death.
  • Discover how to take advantage of the 'central pattern generators' in your nervous system -- for longer-lasting energy.
  • How military personnel routinely add 10-15 reps to their pushup max -- with HTT techniques. Page 285
  • How to add one inch to your chest in ten days with pushups.
  • Why -- for most of us -- pushups can easily become too much of a good thing… But how to have your cake and eat it too! Page 285
  • The NASA Pushup Program -- simple, effective and soundly rooted in science -- good for any and everyone! Page 287
  • How to tinker successfully with the three basic components of overload.
  • So you think you're in shape? Let me see your hands, you softie! -- How to finally get real with your hand strength. Page 290
  • Now you can smoke your forearms and reinforce your finger strength, anywhere, anyhow -- thanks to this drill from Russian Coach Bogdarsov. 
  • 2 ultimate hand strengtheners from the 'ingenious fanatic of bodyweight strength training', Brad Johnson. Page 291
  • Steel claws, anyone? How to practice your pinch grip without plates. Page 292
  • How to develop cut and muscular legs with the Dragon Walk. Page 295
  • Bill 'Superfoot' Wallace developed power, precision and flexibility -- not to mention ripped legs ands hips -- with this super slow kick technique. Page 296
  • The Lizard, an explicitly evil Soviet Spec Ops drill… delivers driving leg power and a ripped, mean, upper body. Page 298
  • A supremely nasty pushup-walk favored by the likes of national full contact Kung Fu champion Steve Cotter. Page 300
  • All the rage among Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu players, mixed martial artists, Recon Marines and assorted bad boys -- this drill builds leg and cardio endurance, torches off fat andjust plain toughens the heck out of you. Page 300
  • How to assault your body with a brutal workout -- yet save your knees to fight another day. Page 301
  • Strength coach Mike Mahler created a one-way ticket to pain with this exercise combo… Are you man enough? 
  • Why Russian Sambo wrestlers refuse to let their wives wring out the laundry -- just let one of these guys grab your hand… and he'll squash it like a rotten tomato. Page 304
  • Learn the key mechanics for max body strength.
  • How to gain 'linkage', avoid 'leakage' in your strength training.
  • Earn instant respect! The hellacious tiger bend push up and its variants are for the supremely strong and confident only. Page 305
  • Some little-known methods to make bodyweight neck bridges even harder. Page 307
  • How gymnastic rings can help bodybuilders strengthen their 'prime mover' and stabilizer muscles alike. Page 307
  • Guaranteed: Jack La Lanne's pike pushup will fill out your shoulders and build your overhead pressing strength fast. Page 308
  • How to ace the Marine pullup test with the 'Russian rest pause.'
  • A SWAT favorite: try this harder, yet safer version of the traditional dip (and it'll give you a powerful, healthy shoulder girdle.) Page 310
  • Strengthen your neck from every direction and reduce the chances of neck injury, with the Rolling Neck Bridge. Page 311
  • The secret to achieving 20 pullups, come hell or high water. Page 317
  • For truly brutal pullups -- suspend a pullup bars on chains! Page 318
Read Reviews For: Beyond Bodybuilding (paperback)
9.62 out of 10 (125 reviews)
Rated 10/10 Give me that old time Strength training!
By John McKean, 11 time IAWA World Champion / Pittsburgh PA

Dedicated to the concept that muscular men and women should be as strong as they look, Pavel's BEYOND BODYBUILDING is a virtual encyclopedia of power building strategies from the Iron Game's all time greats!Trainees at all levels can immediately pluck key concepts to transform their stale personal programs into dynamic, instantly progressing, strength/muscle building systems.

As can be expected from Pavel, this book is very interesting, highly informative, and easy to enjoy.It takes only a few pages to convince a serious trainee that REAL body and strength development is far removed from the all too common low weight pumping schemes which are mindlessly set forth in today's gyms, schools, and clinics.

Thank goodness that a volume is finally available that will rock the training world back to the sensibilities of its STRENGTH building origins!!Pavel carefully documents the reasons why heavy, basic, intense but brief sessions are the only way to go for dedicated athletes, absolutely strong people, and those who would aspire to outright studliness!

Many of us old dogs of the 60s have been howling ever since about the virtues of hard, heavy training. Back then EVERYONE strived to become as strong as possible, and those who persisted and fought to achieve big weights had the rugged looks to verify it. Now BEYOND BODYBUILDING brings that magic back! As Bob Hoffman,the "Father of American Weightlifting", once stated, and Pavel's meticulous research confirms, " heavy lifting is the best form of bodybuilding!"

Rated 10/10 In the Top 5 of Training Books of All Time
By tootiredforcardio/zachariah salazar / colorado springs,co

I will be brief.As a trainer of 16 years and a martial artist of 24 years,I can say that I have read most of whats out there.Walk in any book store,go to the weightlifting section and realize that I have read %95 of what is on there shelves.This is a READABLE,APPLICABLE text that could change your physique forever.I first balked at the price but I recant.You can buy this book for what two visits with me would cost.Sure there are prettier books out there but is the data as good?I find that I have reread this text 5 times in the first week since I have owned it.If you really apply what is contained, sucess will not evade.I will not list all that is included;you can simply view the table of contents.Trust my experiance.I am no shill.I have spoken out on the forum when I disapproved of a product.I will stake my reputation as a trainer on the quality of the data this text presents! Safe ,smart training to all!

Rated 7/10 Must Have!
By JohnBrowning / Owosso,MI USA

This book has something for everyone from beginner to advanced! If you have less then 4 years of lifting experince you really need to get this book. It will save you a lot of time with trial and error to find out what works and what does not!It took me 10 years of lifting and geting injured to learn half of the stuff that Pavel is teaching you in this book!This book is biased toward functional strength and being as strong as you look. If you are afraid to work hard or have a dislike for free weights this is not the book for you. This book will produce results like all of Pavels products if you follow his advice! I would also recomend that you get his book "Power To the People" and his video or DVD "From Russia with Love"! All of his material is good but these have done the most for me!

Rated 10/10 By far my favorite Strength Training Book!
By Steve / San Antonio, TX USA

As a collegiate strength coach, I try to stay as current as possible and read as much as possible. This is by far my favorite strength & conditioning book yet and that includes Starr's Strongest shall Survive, Supertraining, the Science & Practice of strength training, Hatfield's Power & Hardcore bodybuilding, Optimal Muscle Training, Super Squats, Kurz, etc., etc. All these books are fantastic but I love the high level of practicality and specific examples and recomendations in this book even if it does lean more toward bodybudiling and away from pure strength training. An absolute steal!

Rated 10/10 As essential for effective strength training as a power rack
By Phil "scrawnyphil" Gibson / New York

If only I had had this book 18 years ago when I started strength training. I got a lot of the info contained in this book piecemeal on the forum, but it's so much better to have Pavel's articles collected in one volume like this. The section titled "Periodization Demystified" by itself is worth the price of admission. It clearly lays out the absolute best way to get stronger. Pavel draws on the experiences of the pre-steroid strongmen and nearly a century of Russian strength science to burn away the misinformation of the HIT-era. Pavel weaves his usual humor throughout and makes the science fun to read and easy to remember. I find myself reading various sections of the book every night for the sheer pleasure of doing so and the information is thereby easily committed to memory. Now thanks to Pavel I'm walking around with a lot of the practical knowledge of the best Russian sports scientists laid out clearly in my head and the improvement in my training has been immediately obvious. It's too soon to say that thanks to _Beyond Bodybuilding_ I've gained 30 lbs of muscle and 100 lbs on each of the big lifts, but I'm clearly on my way.

Rated 10/10 My 2nd copy
By John Bergstresser / Los Angeles, CA

I lent my dog-eared copy to a friend realizing I'd probably never get it back, so I bought a second for myself. This book helped me understand how to build strength. The first regimen I took from the book to build a base was the "Russian Bodybuilding Underground Base Level Pullup Program. It was the first time I experienced significant growth in my biceps, simply through body weight only exercises. I'd spent years struggling with curls for years with lackluster success. Additionally, the squat routines have resulted in gains as well. I highly recommend this book to anyone who wants to pursue routines that deliver results.

Rated 10/10 THE Absolute best book on bodybuilding - EVER!
By Gil Flores / San Mateo, CA

I've got over 30+ years experience in bodybuilding, and I thought
I knew it all - I didn't. Beyond Bodybuilding is the best resource
I have ever read - period. My favorite technique: the single arm
deadlift. Get this book!

Rated 10/10 WORTH 10 X'S THE PRICE


Rated 10/10 All Other Authors Should Just Give Up!
By Felix Niland ("Bleedthrough" on the forums) / Sydney, Australia

This book is absolutely amazing. As far as strength training goes, since I got this book (over eighteen months ago), I have not done a routine I found anywhere else. The principles, programs, and advice given in it are the absolute top available. As a personal trainer, this has also been an invaluable resource. With this book, I have:

- increased my bench press over 100lbs... and finally learnt how to perform this movement properly
- increased my squat and deadlift over 200lbs each
- increased my push-up max from a lame 25 to 76 in just six weeks
- gained approximately 20lbs of lean body mass (note that this was not my goal for the full eighteen months)
- ... among many other things

The push-up program was what I found most impressive. After adding 26 reps to my push-up max in just two weeks on the program, I was of course going to keep the program up... and so when college came back, I made the effort to talk to each of my lecturers before class, and then sit by the door so I could duck out and knock off my sets. This is the only place you'll find routines which are worth putting that sort of effort in to!

Thank you once again, Com. Pavel, for an excellent product.

Rated 10/10 A Goldmine of Strength and Fitness Info
By Mark Carson / Lawrenceville, GA USA

This is the book I wish I'd had twenty years ago when I first got into martial arts. Beyond Bodybuilding is useful, informative, and eminently practical. Rather than a lot of fitness fad drivel, BB contains an uncommon balance of modern research and old time strongman wisdom. The range and depth of information is mind-boggling. Plus Pavel's trademark "the party is always right" sense of humor makes it just plain fun to read. I can see that over the coming years I will be returning to this book again and again as a ready reference for time-tested, scientifically proven fitness and strength info.

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