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Diamond-Cut Abs by Danny Kavadlo
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Diamond-Cut Abs by Danny Kavadlo
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Diamond-Cut Abs

How to Engineer the Ultimate Six-Pack—Minimalist Methods for Maximum Results

By Danny Kavadlo

Paperback 230 pages

About the Author
Read Diamond-Cut Abs foreword by Paul "Coach" Wade

"Diamond-Cut Abs condenses decades of agonizing lessons and insight into the best book on ab-training ever written. Hands down.”—PAUL WADE, author of Convict Conditioning

Are you dissatisfied with your abs? Does it seem a distant dream for you to own a rock-solid center? Can you only hanker in vain for the chiseled magnificence of a Greek statue? Have you given up on owning the tensile functionality and explosive power of a cage-fighter’s core?

According to Danny Kavadlo, training your abs is a whole-life endeavor. It’s about right eating, right drinking, right rest, right practice, right exercise at the right time, right motivation, right inspiration, right attitude and right lifestyle. If you don’t have that righteous set of abs in place, it’s because you have failed in one or more of these areas.

With his 25-plus years of rugged research and extreme physical dedication into every dimension of what it takes to earn world-class abs, Danny Kavadlo is a modern-day master of the art. It’s all here: over 50 of the best-ever exercises to develop the abs—from beginner to superman level—inspirational photos, no BS straight talk on nutrition and lifestyle factors and clear-cut instructions on what to do, when. Supply the grit, follow the program and you simply cannot fail but to build a monstrous mid-section.

In our culture, Abs are the Measure of a Man. To quit on your abs is to quit on your masculinity—like it or not. Diamond-Cut Abs gives you the complete, whole-life program you need to reassert yourself and reestablish your respect as a true physical specimen—with a thunderous six-pack to prove it.

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Are You Dissatisfied With Your Abs?

Does it seem a distant dream for you to own a rock-solid center? Can you only hanker in vain for the chiseled magnificence of a Greek statue? Have you given up on owning the tensile functionality and explosive power of a cage-fighter’s core?

Then that’s a crying shame. Because, let’s face it, the abs are the measure of a man. Like it or not, there’s a reason our culture is obsessed with abs: they signal egregious masculinity. Guys, you can pump away at those guns all you want—but your gut speaks the real truth about your stature as a man.

So, to give up on your abs, in our culture, is to quit on being a real man. You’ll lose respect from others and you’ll lose respect for yourself. Don’t be that guy!

If you don’t already own man-defining abs—or have despaired at EVER gaining them—then here are the reasons why you are failing (choose any and all that apply, be honest):

You don’t eat right. You don’t drink right. You don’t rest right. You don’t live right. You don’t practice right. You don’t do the right exercises in the right way for YOU, at the right time and in the right progressions. Almost certainly, you are not motivated right. And you haven’t been inspired right—fired up right.

The good news is that any and ALL of these issues can be fixed—if you just put into practice the life-saving wisdom of a Man whose "diamond-cut" abs do all the talking for him. Call him the Mensch of Abs, if you will—Mr. Danny Kavadlo.

But be warned: this is going to mean being prepared to work like a MAN on your body—in EVERY dimension of your life. If you are looking to gain respect—or regain respect—then you are about to discover everything you need to know, to make it happen for real.

Danny Old SchoolSo let me welcome you to the complete training secrets of a modern-day abs-master. It’s all here: 25 years of hard-scrabble knowledge earned the street way—through iron-willed practice and sustained, consistent, brutal effort. Mistakes made, lessons learned, old-school style...

In the Abs Gospel According to Danny, training your abs is a whole-life endeavor. It’s about right eating, right drinking, right rest, right practice, right exercise at the right time, right motivation, right inspiration, right attitude and right lifestyle.

So, yes, all of this Rightness gets covered in Diamond-Cut Abs. But let’s not confuse Right with Rigid. Apprentice in the Danny School of Abs and it’s like apprenticing with a world-class Chef—a mix of incredible discipline, inspired creativity and a passionate love-affair with your art.

RobbWolf "Danny has done it again! Diamond-Cut Abs is a no-nonsense, results driven approach that delivers all the goods on abs. Nutrition, training and progression are all included, tattoos optional!"—ROBB WOLF, author of The Paleo Solution

Here’s a Taste of What You’ll Get When You Invest in Diamond-Cut Abs

Part I An Abs Odyssey

Chapter 1 Cultural Obsession...1

Why there is no one-size-fits-all program for training your abs…3

Danny’s big promise: why you will get everything you need to know about sculpting and maintaining amazingly defined and beautiful abs…4

Chapter 2 Abs Defined...11

You cannot fake the funk—getting clear about what it’ll take to Man up and earn that six-pack of your dreams…11

The What of the What: basic anatomy and function: know your abs-tech details so you know what you are working on…12—15

What the core really consists of…it’s more than most people think…15

Danny Kavadlo Serious Abs

Chapter 3 Personal Obsession...17

The extreme value of push-ups and pull-ups for Danny-like abs…18

Danny Obsessed: 300 reps, 5 days a week for 10 years = close on 8 million reps!—yet Danny’s functionally stronger and aesthetically more appealing NOW with WAY less reps. Discover why…19

Danny’s personal mission for you: distinguish the fitness BS from the hype…21

Why protein supplements are a waste of money…21

Dan John "There are a lot of abs books and products promising a six-pack. What sets Danny's book apart is the realistic and reasonable first section of the book… His insights into nutrition are so simple and sound, there is a moment you wish this book was a stand alone dieting book."—DAN JOHN, author of Never Let Go

Part II Nutritional Musings

Chapter 4 Primordial Soup...27

How to bring back the joy to your fitness-nutrition program…28

Why you need to develop and maintain a love affair with food—if you want that manly six-pack…

Chapter 5 Common Sense Vs Over-Compartmentalization…31

Why what we eat is single most important decision we can make about our abs…31

Why Danny’s Dietary Advice has proved 100% effective for those who have followed it…33

The 3 golden keys you must consider when choosing the right foods to feed your abs…35

Why you should eat THESE fats every day for great abs…36

Why sugar is the #1 nutritional enemy of defined abs…37

Why Danny’s abs were at an all-time best after 90 days without THESE two nutrients…39

Why you should eat organ meat, for an extra edge in your abs training…42

Why you need FAR less protein in your diet…44

Chapter 6 Weighing in on Weight Loss...47

The 3 major keys to successful fat reduction…48

How to shed body fat now…48

Why a food’s fat content has no bearing on whether it will fatten you…49

Why you should ignore the BMI…50

The role of sacrifice in obtaining ripped abs…50

Chapter 7 What I Eat…54

The secret of "mostly"…54

Danny Kavadlo talks food

For the love and care of food…54

Danny’s 3-Day sample food log…56—57

Chapter 8 The Fast and the Curious…59

The 4 Steps of the Beginner’s Cleanse…60

Fruit n Veggie Cleanse—optimal duration of…61

Juice Fast…62

The 7-Day Plan—Fruit n Veggie/Juice fast…62

Danny’s 4 favorite juices…63

The True Fast…63

The Absolute Fast…64

4 big tips for safe and successful fasting…64

Chapter 9 More Food for Thought…67

The perils of genetically and chemically compromised foods…67—69

How to avoid toxins in your food…69

Food’s most powerful secret ingredient…69

Chapter 10 Top 10 Tips for Tip Top Abs…72—75

Why water is SO important for your abs…72

MartyGallagher1 "As soon as I received Diamond-Cut Abs, I flipped to the table of contents. Amazingly I found what I have been fruitlessly looking for in ab books for decades: 66 pages dedicated to NUTRITION. Kavadlo passed his second Marty audition by not echoing all the bankrupt politically-correct, lock-step, mainstream nutritional commandments. When Dan starts riffing about eating like a horse, eating ample amounts of red meat, shellfish and the divine pig meat (along with all kinds any types of nutrient-dense food), I knew I had to give my first ever ab book endorsement. When he noted that he drank whiskey while getting his abs into his all time best shape, it sealed the deal for me. Oh, and the ab exercises are excellent."—MARTY GALLAGHER, 3-Time Powerlifting Champion, Author of The Purposeful Primitive

Part III Training Your Abs

Chapter 11 Make an Executive Decision…79

Why and how your abs training should be like a martial art …79

Chapter 12 Fundamentals of Abdominal Strength Training…83

The 10 Principles you must follow for every rep of every exercise…83—89

THIS principle makes you stronger, more shredded and more anatomically aware…83

THE #1 Principle you’ll need to employ for spectacular abs…91

Chapter 13 On Cardio…93

The limitations of cardio for abs training—and what you should do instead…93—97

Part IV The Exercises

Each drill comes with explanatory text, recommended set/rep range plus a specialized Trainer Tip

Chapter 14 Danny, What Do You Do?...101 

Danny Kavadlo Hanging Leg Raise

Danny’s 50+ best abs and abs-related training exercises…101

Chapter 15 Core Curriculum…105

Crucial exercises for overall gains…105

How to perform the perfect squat—the most functional exercise on the planet…105

How to perform the perfect push-up—the ultimate upper-body exercise…108

How to perform the perfect pull-up…111—112

Chapter 16 Beginner Abs…116

Full Body Tension Drill…116

How to have complete body awareness through progressive, isometric tensing…116

The Plank…117

The Side Plank—to emphasize the obliques and lateral chain…119

Lying Bent Knee Leg Raise…120

Lying Knee Tuck…121


Modified Side Jackknife—to help beginners target their obliques…123



Straight Arm/Straight Leg Crossover…126

V-Leg Toe Touch…127

Why No Crunches?—And the #1 reason not to bother with them...127

ZachEvenEshSmallPicture "Danny Kavadlo's book might be titled 'Diamond-Cut Abs' but the truth is that it goes way BEYOND just ab training. Danny has actually created a guide to Physical Culture & LIVING healthy. The traditional fitness industry has gone astray from what the body truly needs. Since 1989, I've read a ton of abs-related books—and they don't scratch the surface of what's inside Danny's masterpiece. From powerful nutrition methods to training the entire body with a holistic approach, Diamond-Cut Abs is a vital addition to anyone's library. I LOVE it!"—ZACH EVEN-ESH, author of The Encyclopedia of Underground Strength and Conditioning

Chapter 17 Intermediate Abs…130

Unstable Plank—a fun way to add an extra challenge to the traditional isometric standard…130

Seated Knee Raise—the missing link between floor-based and bar-based abs training…131

The N-Sit—an iso that helps set you up for the L-Sit…132

Jackknifea fighter’s favorite and a most excellent motha for firing up those deeper abs muscles, building better full body coordination—and progressing to the Dragon Flag and Hanging Straight Leg Raise…133

Danny Kavadlo Side Jackknife

Side Jackknifemasochists will welcome intensifying their abdominal agony when they flip the great classic on its side…134

Advanced Sit-Up—Bad Boy Danny’s tweaks will up the ante here in a pleasantly nasty way (curses optional)…135

Lying Straight Leg Raise—and how to make it even harder…136

Grounded Wiper…137

Danny adores the classic Windshield Wiper—but it’s a helluva challenge. The GW helps you rehearse the movement pattern before taking on the full-on manliness of the WW…137


Here’s another old school classic that should be part of any serious practitioner’s arsenal. The explosivity will have your whole body screaming in indignation—fortunately…138

Side Plank Hip Raise—notorious for being deceptively challenging, includes leverage tips to progress the hardness…139

How to Hang…140

How to grip the bar to really squeeze the most out of every rep…140

Why you should avoid Assistance Straps—and the better alternatives…140

How to employ a flex hang to add a unique neurological twist and increase upper body muscle activation—Highly Recommended by da Abs Bossman!...140

Hanging Contest…141

A fun competitive spin on hanging—but here’s some important tips on how to keep it real…141

One Arm Hang…142

Did someone shout Man Maker? The OAH is a total body drill that will make the boys cry and the men grin with pain—plus bonus tips for optimal vengeance on that brutalized six-pack…142

Ab Wheel Roll Out (Bent Knee)…143

An old time classic—incorporates stability, strength and focus in a truly unique way…143

Hanging Bicycle—last step before conquering the Hanging Knee Raise, plus common mistakes and how to fix them…144

Hanging Knee Raise—one of the most important of all abdominal exercises. Master it here…145

BJ Gaddour"Danny's new book definitely hits the mark. Diamond-Cut Abs outlines pretty much everything you'd ever need to know about building the best midsection your genetic potential allows for and without the need for any equipment. Keep up the great work, Danny!"—BJ GADDOUR, CSCS, author of Men's Health Your Body is Your Barbell

OneArmHangingLegRaiseChapter 18 Advanced Abs…147

SERIOUS training now! These moves are all full-on, full-body. Emphasis is on every cell in your bod. No mercy. Tremendous demand on the abs—requires heavy-duty injection of Will, complete harmony of mind and muscle, steely strength. Think you are a Man? Measure your Manliness here and report back

The L-Sit—you will feel it everywhere. How to do it and how to extract the ultimate mechanical advantage…147—148

Gecko Hold—a "limited contact" plank that poses a unique strength challenge. A ripped six-pack is meaningless without the strength to back it up—get that strength with the GH…149

Ab Wheel Roll Out (Straight Leg)—incredibly challenging for all levels, full body tension is key, regressions included for ramping up to complete studliness…150

Hanging Leg Raise—one of Danny’s favorites, for good reason, 6 controlled reps and you’re doin’ good…151

Washing Machine—this infamous move is a key step to mastering the mighty Windshield Wiper, regressions and progressions to full MANitude provided…152

Windshield Wiper—brace yourself buddy, the going just got a whole lot harder. Builds and requires tremendous upper body strength…153

Adrian Harrington V-Leg WiperV-Leg Wiper—ho! This is a true brutalizer of the core plus a helluva glute-banger, to boot…154

Perfect Circle—an exaggerated WW for the MEN who can hack it …155

Skinning the Cat—a precursor to many extreme bar calisthenics moves and a phenomenal abs exercise in its own right, with some optional grip strategies…156

One Arm Flex Hangthis just about breaks the mercury on the Achievometer, hyper-challenging, requires an incredibly strong upper body …157

Dragon Flagone of the all-time sexiest moves on the planet and a Bruce Lee trademark, you gotta get this one down if you want to truly strut your Man Stuff. Bad Boy Danny likes to hold it for an iso. Can you?...158

Tuck Front Lever—this regressed version of the Front Lever still requires a brutal level of upper body power. Have at it!…159

V-Leg Front Lever—another extremely difficult move, with some favorable leverage variations to help progress it…160

Front Leverthis one tops the Manometer for sure. A masterful and utterly unforgiving move that will simultaneously torture your abs, lats, glutes, arms, shoulders and everything in between. No mercy here and hopefully, none asked for…161

Chapter 19 Supplemental Stretches…173

Why stretching IS important—and the 9 surefire benefits you’ll gain from right stretching…173

The Hands Up—the 4 main benefits to this, Danny’s first stretch before a workout…174

Forward, back and Side-to-Side Bend—great prep before the Crossover, WWs and anything that targets the obliques…175

Hands Down—another fantastic stretch for the entire front of the body…176

Seated Twist—targets abs, lower back, shoulders, hips and chest…177

Hip Flexors Stretch—and why this should be included before any abs workout…178

Deep Down Squat—for overall mobility, health and wellness…179

Danny Kavadlo Weighted Human FlagChapter 20 Workouts...181

9 sample combinations for different levels—a beginning guideline…181—185

On the importance of mixing it up and shocking the system…181

Part V Abs and Lifestyle

Chapter 21 Viva La Vida…190

Abs and the quality of your life…190

A life-oriented approach to training…191

Chapter 22 The Mud and the Blood and the Beer...193

Coffee, alcohol and other beverages—how to handle in regard to your training…193—195

Chapter 23 Seasons...197

How to adopt and adapt your training to the changing seasons…198

MikeFitch"Danny flexes his expert advice in a way that's solid, applicable and often entertaining. If you want the abs of your dreams, stop looking for the quick solution everyone claims to have and get ready to learn how to maximize your efforts towards your very own set of Diamond-Cut Abs."—MIKE FITCH, creator of Global Bodyweight Training

Read Reviews For: Diamond-Cut Abs (paperback)
9.6 out of 10 (20 reviews)
Rated 10/10 Wow
By Chris Holder / San Luis Obispo, CA, USA

I spent the morning reading and flipping through this book... Dragon Door Publications has outdone themselves with this one... wow... this is one of those books you don't want to put down because you are excited to see what is going to be on the next page... it's a beautiful book... Danny, as usual, kills it... having done some writing myself, I understand how hard it can be to convey your personality through the work... with the combination of the information and some brilliant photography, Diamond-Cut Abs is one of those books where you can see Danny's personality gushing off the pages... the information is so valuable because it is coming from someone with serious cred on the matter... There are photos of he and Al doing feats of strength that are other worldy... the routines, the diet the philosophy are coming from a man who lives it... Congrats Danny and DD for another homerun.

Rated 10/10 Pinnacle of developing abs
By Paul Britt RKC TL / Rockwall, Texas, USA

Finally the definitive guide to building strong, rock hard, defined abs. Danny has really kicked it up a notch with this book. It is easy to read, has great personal insight and the pictures are awesome. It is a great read and it gives you a clear cut path to effectively developing your abs the right way. The book contains great nutritional information that is easy to follow because it makes sense. The best way to reach your goal is to make it simple, and Danny has done that with this book. As someone that does not have diamond cut abs, I cannot wait to see what I can do with the awesome info and plan Danny has created. If you want to develop abs that work as good as they look, this is the book and the way. In my opinion this is the best book on abs I have ever read. Buy it, follow it and you will not be disappointed.

Rated 10/10 Diamond-Cut Abs for a Healthier/Stronger Life!
By Eric Buratty / Germantown, Maryland, USA

This is more than just a book about abs.

Danny takes his readers through a series of habits that motivates us all to lead a healthier lifestyle--on the outside AND the inside--complete with energy and humor that makes you want to go through the entire book in one setting!

Some of the highlights include learning how to find more appreciation for the naturally healthy foods we eat, learning how to work the abs within the context of total body tension and learning how to see past the typical marketing hype involved in mainstream diets or whack supplements that we might waste our time and money on.
He even takes his readers through a look at his own, no-nonsense, food intake over the course of three typical days to demonstrate the simplicity in practicing what he preaches.

Make no mistake, however, Danny never tries to mislead his readers in saying that the journey to achieving Diamond-Cut Abs will come easy. In fact, he emphasizes just the opposite of what many fitness "experts" or supplement companies tell us. In this capacity, "the joy is in the journey" theme reigns true more than ever before--which separates it from other popular abs books.

So all I have left for you is one question:
Are YOU tired of wasting your time and money on other abs products or diets that never seem to be sustainable for your

Then get your copy TODAY = right NOW.

You won't EVER regret your purchase, as Danny Kavadlo speaks the TRUTH.

By the way, anyone who eats real butter and whole eggs knows what they're doing in my book! ;)

Rated 10/10 Buy this book ASAP!
By Michael Polito / Poughkeepsie, New York, USA

This is by far the best book i have ever read on the subject of abs and total fitness. The nutrition section is worth the price of the entire book alone. Easy to read, to the point, entertaining and holds your attention. Could not put it down. Thank you Danny Kavadlo and Dragon Door for making this fine book available.

Rated 10/10 Eat your food!
By Garrett McElfresh / Milwaukee, Wisconsin, USA

Danny has crafted the most truthful book about abs, and more importantly, about honest and healthy eating I've come across yet. I had the opportunity to attend the November PCC in Milwaukee and believe me Danny and his brother Al fully actualize that fuzzy area where Art and Action live together. Humble straight shooters who launch into the most badass physical displays. I read and re-read Diamond Cut Abs feeling inspired. Thank you, Danny.

Rated 10/10 Never judge a book by it's cover...
By Nicholas Lynch / milwaukee, Wisconsin, United States

At first glance, I thought "Am I about to read a Big Tymers cd book" but after reading on the pictures became funny and made sense.

Diamond Cut Abs is not just about abs. Its about lifestyle to achieve healthy abs and what it means to have healthy abs. This book covers exercise movement, philosophy and nutrition. A full package with awesome exercises and programs. If you read this book, follow it and don't get results, go see your doctor as soon as possible because something must be wrong.

Great Book Danny!

Rated 10/10 Really enjoyed this book!
By Lori Crock / Dublin, OH, USA

This book is visually stunning, entertaining, and extremely helpful as I am preparing for the Progressive Calisthenics Certification (PCC). I am glad that Danny reminds people that how our bodies look is based on what we eat AND how we move --- and he provides useful information on both fronts with something for every fitness level. This book will make you want to spend more time exploring movement with your feet off the ground -- and your abs will thank you!

Rated 10/10 Realistic Awesome!
By Tom Freel / Louisville, Kentucky, United States

?Diamond-Cut Abs? has greatly helped me to be focused on what really counts to achieve my goals. Thanks for being so honest on what works. After reading a number of other books, this book is refreshing.

Rated 9/10 An amazing manual to help you train your "core"
By Jeremy Burke / Minneapolis, MN, United States

I have to admit I was a little skeptical of this book given the title -- it sounds like one of those articles you read in a "health" magazine -- "how to get ripped in minutes a day!" Instead the book is an amazing mix of exercises, thoughts on diet and health, and general exercise philosophy. After reading this book I really look forward to meeting Danny in person someday. His life experience is a welcome addition to the manual. The section on food and eating both for health and for developing a particular physique are helpful and honest. Above all, this is a book about getting strong and looking good. Definitely recommended.

Rated 10/10 Great Reference Material
By Jeff Duenez / Ladera Ranch, CA, USA

I purchased this book recently and at first was a little disappointed because it looked like it was just full of pictures of people with great abs, but after I actually started to read the material it became crystal clear what the hype was about. Danny demonstrated that the workout is only a quarter of the battle, diet and common sense are what completes a solid body. As a martial arts instructor I conduct a conditioning class on Sunday mornings for the adults and I was able to use Danny's techniques and will continue to do so. I am 54 years old and have never been in better shape thanks to the Kalvadlo Bros, Anthony DiLuglio, Max Shank and to Dragon Door publications for publishing great reference material for living!

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