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10/10 Evolutionary approach to resistance training!
By Santiago McCarthy / NYC, NY, USA

Congrats to Angelo! I read the book and can't tell you enough what a great job you did bringing some light to the training community. Through your book trainers will relate the Principles of Functional Science to the work they already do with their clients.
They will understand the "why" behind the "what"!
This great book is direct, efficient and simple. It simplifies complex concepts into useful information!!!

10/10 Incredible Resource
By Paul Britt / Heath, Texas, United States

What an incredible resource to improve fitness and strength in the real world. He has mapped out how to become strong in active planes of movement.
As he writes, sitting down and working out on machines does not translate to being strong in everyday situations and movements. We see the results daily in the Parker Chiro Clinic and Chiropractic Program. I will be using this book in patient rehab as well as making sure that I am keeping myself injury resistant.
I highly recommend that you have this book in your library.

10/10 Exceptional
By Imre Veres / Zagreb, City of Zgb, Croatia

Excellent and common sense book,, using integrative motor units movement, looking to body as whole. Something like a new Science about fascial lines And also it not looks like a photomography about authors,, like many new books at Dragondoor. My personal opinion is that Intrinsic Strength and Strong Medicine by Hardy-Gallagher are the two best books at Dragondoor.

3/10 Visual catalog of exercises
By Chris Larson / Minneapolis, MN, USA

The bulk of this book is photos of exercises. If you have Crossfit or other whole-body workout experience, you will find this book to be very basic.

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