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10/10 Good in ways that I didn't anticipate.
By Dave Murray / Phoenix, AZ, USA

Although the book is about a very complete system, I'm not ready at this time to stop seeking to build up strength using black iron, so I was unsure if this book would be for me. Barbells, dumbbells, kettlebells and sandbags can all be used for many of the same things, but depending upon your objectives, some have strengths and weaknesses with respect to each other.

I'm 64, coming out of an overweight and detrained state and have found that I can only do so much in a given workout. My objective is to train with a mix of kettlebells, dumbbells, and sandbags where they best serve my objectives in an efficient manner. Josh Henkin has done a superb job of explaining how a sandbag is used to capitalize on it's strong purposes, and just what those really are. The thing is, some of those things can hurt you if not done properly. His progressions are not simply preparation for safely doing the "good stuff", they are good stuff that should not be rushed past. The most basic parts of his progressions look to be worthy parts of any program.

Using a Dan John Interventionish approach (push, pull, hinge, squat, carry + TGU) I can already see how I can choose, or rotate, tools to address my issues using the information in this DVRT book to safely and efficiently cover the bases. As Josh wrote, this isn't just a sandbag exercise book. The principles apply to other tools.

The book offers full sandbag programs, but has much to offer to people who would like to use a hybrid approach and do not wish to give up their iron cannonballs, barbells and/or dumbbells. I don't mean just pick some exercise, but pick one or more progressions that at each stage are a suitable addition/substitute for what you are doing.

I've already got sandbags, but haven't been using them since they seemed redundant and less efficient at a time when I'm finding that I need to take a tough, but minimalist approach. This book offers a fresh look at that assumption, and has convinced me that there is a proper place for sandbag exercises in my world. I'm really glad that I bought this book and will be rereading/studying it over and over as I use it. And I will be using it. That I can say with certainty.

10/10 DVRT is about Sandbag training and MORE!
By Beth Andrews / Cartersville, GA, US

WOW! What a well put together, thought-out system. I am totally interested in learning more about SB training. I'm sure you will be too after reading it. I think absolutely everyone can benefit in some way from this book. Josh covers a lot of information on strength training principles, variables and of course , how to use sandbags. He addresses the exercises from a movement perspective and leaves you without a question on how to program sandbags for the beginner to advanced. I was especially intrigued by the core section and the interesting variations of movement the sandbags offer.
I can't wait to attend a workshop and definitely recommend this book to everyone!

9/10 Who knew there was so much to sandbag training?
By Logan Christopher / Santa Cruz, CA, USA

I will tell you one thing, reading this book will make you want to lift sandbags.

It's quite the comprehensive system for doing just that. Josh covers tons of details, from how the sandbags developed (including why there are handles on his, to the dismay of sandbag purists if there is such a thing), and the information behind training this way.

It makes the sandbag a usable and great tool for anyone, even beginners. The exercise selection and programming is large. My favorite part is the many multi-dimensional movements, that bring out the best of what sandbags can offer. This is definitely a complete training guide for anyone looking to use sandbags.

The only reason I give 9 instead of 10 stars is I'd like to have seen a section about lifting really heavy sandbags, though I understand that wasn't the point of this book, and would have been somewhat separate from the theme. Still I was hoping :)

10/10 Great Book
By Stewart Lieber / Pleasantville, IA

I was very impressed with this book. It was very well written and you don't have to be a Ph. D. in anatomy and physiology to understand it. The explanation of how stabilizer muscles fit into the big picture was an eye opener. It clearly explains the differences between lifting free weights, kettlebells, and sandbags. You can't lift as much with a sandbag as you can with free weights but the sandbags can get you strong and work your stabilizing muscles which help you all around. I highly recommend the book. Great job by Josh Henkin and kettkebell superstar Adrienne Harvey who demonstrates some of the techniques.

10/10 Keira Newton Master RKC
By Keira Newton / Santa Fe, New Mexico, USA

An excellent book filled with amazing photos. This is definitely the best I have seen as far as showing form and articulating how to do a lift. Well done, highly recommended!!

10/10 A user friendly and well done manual
By Moses Correa / Hainesport, USA

I recently ordered this book from Dragon Door with the hope of using it to get ready for a DVRT workshop next year. I have found it to be very clear and to the point regarding this system. In it I have learned how to use the sand-bag as a training tool for myself and am beginning to use it with certain students.
Thanks Josh and Dragon Door for this awesome book to it I give the highest rating!

10/10 DVRT. Now you know. And knowing is half the battle
By Steve Holiner / Brooklyn, NY, USA

This is the book that DVRT, Ultimate Sandbag and Josh Henkin fans have been waiting for. Josh has done an excellent job at breaking down the DVRT Ultimate Sandbag Training System in this book. The key factor is that DVRT is a "system" that has broader applications than just the USB. You'll quickly realize how DVRT can work as a standalone system using the USB, but also how it blends seamlessly with hardstyle kettlebell training. The book is both informative for fit pros and easy to follow for enthusiasts. If you've been interested in Ultimate Sandbags, this is the book for you.

10/10 It’s Not Just a Sandbag.
By Joe Chalakee / Torrance, CA, USA

It’s a system. Josh Henkin’s lays it out in his new book DVRT The Ultimate Sandbag Training System: For Dynamic Power, Superior Athletic Performance and Enduring Strength. Josh shows you How to train with the Ultimate Sandbag in a progressive way. He starts at the beginning with the deadlift. From there to the front hold clean. Then moves to the bear hog squat. Each exercise leads to another, and to another. It builds off each exercise to progress to the next. DVRT is a system that works!

Once you have the basic exercise Josh gives you workout at the back of the book. Set up as Beginner, Intermediate and Advance. As a fit pro, and a DVRT certified coach, if you are just staring out, start at the beginner workout. As you get better progress the next level you. His workouts are deceiving. That is what I like, and my clients, about using DVRT in training.

Someone pointed out in another review, that this book should be required to read before you attend a DVRT Certification. I would have to agree 100%! It would be to your advantage. If you are not planning to attend a the cert, then just adding it to your training and your library will add more to your workouts.

8/10 I have to get me one sand bag like that
By Amnon darsa / Kefar saba, Israel

Ok, so I got the DVRT book the other day via mail, I was interested to read about the system, after all its a sand bag! A nice looking one almost sterile like( there is no sand all over the place, so you can think about training at home)
When I opened the book the first thing I read was “it's not a sand bag.” Well I thought to myself, it is a fancy looking sand bag. And at the end of the day its just a sand bag!
I have to say that when I was in the IDF we “played” with sand bags... well not so much in the service but before, when I went to special units selections trials.... there was some sand bag training, mainly filling them with sand, carrying them some 50-200m away, emptying them and starting over again for a few hours.... not to mention carrying a Stretcher for a few klicks (km) to test our resilience
so needless to say I had some memory of sands bag “training.”

In comes the DVRT book. While reading – after overcoming my first reaction to ditch this book – I discovered a system that really made my interest rise, so at the end of it all I want to go and experiment with the ideas and exercises in the park.

As an RKC and Primal Move instructor for sometime and someone who believes in movement and tries to find more systems that incorporate movement and resistance training (the main reason I like KB) I think I have found the next thing!
Cant wait to meet Josh Henkin or one of the DVRT instructors and pic their brains about ideas for training!
Go go DVRT training!!!

8/10 Excellent explanation!
By Mark D / Zurich, Switzerland

I bought my first USB a couple of years back and have read a lot of Josh's manuals & blog posts since then. This is by far the best explanation of DVRT and actually of the concepts behind Sandbag and 'Functional' training in general that I have come across!

10/10 Priceless knowledge contained
By Ken Lafavour / Bothell, Washington, USA

Yet another masterpiece published by Dragon Door.

Josh breaks things down with precision which allows the user to gain insights to the process of sandbag training.
This book not only explain how to do the given exercises, but also how to employ them in an effective training program.
Over the coming years my copy of this book will become well-worn as I refer back to it for the numerous valuable pointers it contains.

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