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Charlotte Simpson


Phone: 918-260-1330
Sapulpa, OK
United States 74066
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After years of yo-yo- dieting I had reached a hefty 269 pounds. I had endured several injuries through
the years from being unhealthy which resulted in shoulder and cervical surgeries. I was told by several
doctors and exercise specialists I would never have a normal active lifestyle. This motivated me to
change my mindset and be determined to become strong and healthy.
I had to practice joy in my journey of fitness and health. It became a decision I had to make. Joy can be
contagious. When someone smiles you want to smile. I knew my exercise had to be joyful and fun. Even
when I didn’t feel like smiling, I would say, "What fun are we going to have today?" Being with like-
minded people who want to achieve greatness is key. Take pride in what you can accomplish and never
try to compare yourself to others. Don’t let anyone tell you that you can’t do something.
When you are doing something worthwhile, sometimes doubt sets in and you want to quit. But, beyond
how I felt or how I struggled I knew I would see victory. Every time I wanted to quit I knew I was headed
in the direction of greatness. There are always curves and detours in a journey but I knew I would finally
reach my destination. Despite the struggles I continued to focus on joy and having fun on my
My fitness program was in full swing consisting of several styles of training. I attended several
workshops learning more about corrective movement patterns and kettlebell technique. I have been
training with kettlebells since 2014. I even used kettlebells and Ground force techniques to help me
complete both a GORUCK Light in 2016 and a GORUCK Tough in 2017.
Kettlebell training has reshaped my body and improved my strength both physically and mentally.
Kettlebells became my one-stop training tool of choice. I could do all styles of training with my
"beloved" kettlebell. I have been blessed with the privilege of working with some of the top kettlebell
fitness professionals in the industry today.
Training to be strong and flexible is something to practice daily rather than it being considered a
workout. I want to influence and inspire others to know anything is possible. I have released over 120
pounds and body fat % using various exercise styles and proper nutrition. I believe being versatile in
exercise creates a well-rounded and balanced training lifestyle journey.
Contact for individual and group sessions: (918) 260-1330
Facebook: Chara Kettlebell Strength & Fitness
Joy – Chara (Greek Word) describes a feeling of inner gladness, delight or rejoicing

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