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Adrian Harrington


Phone: +353872230834
Ireland 0
10 out of 10 (6 reviews)
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10/10 superhuman!
By Kayleigh Jenkins / Holmes Chapel, UK

I attended a workshop of Adrian's last November and it was awesome! Not only did it make me find hidden strength I didn't know was there, but gave me heaps more to work on! I just didn't realise how much of my body I wasn't using until he came along and tested it. The guy is a superhuman with the strength and ability that he has, but completely inspires rather than intimidates, and was a laugh and a lot of fun too!

10/10 Just awesome
By Mark Milward / Holmes Chapel, England

I had the pleasure of training with Adrian at the PCC in Newcastle UK last June & immediately set about inviting him over to teach a workshop at my gym later on that year. I have never met anyone as enthusiastic about their work as this guy. It's truly infectious.he has a gulf of knowledge & has helped me achieve seemingly unreachable goals in a short space of time through his vast array of progressions & regressions. Go and train with this guy. Like, now.

10/10 Top Notch!
By Kristian Owen / Barcelona, Spain

The first thing you notice when you meet Adrian is... ...PERSONALITY! The man has it in spades! Combine this with an intricate knowledge and love of Calisthenics, an insane ability to perform the most outstanding exercises and an innate ability to inform and inspire people to do the same and you have the blueprint for the perfect instructor. I recommend, no, URGE anyone who has the opportunity to train with Adrian to do so! Whatever level you are at, I guarantee that you will come away having learned something new, had a great time, and be eager and equiped to push yourself further, both as an athlete and as a trainer. Thanks, Adrian!

10/10 authentic walks the walk and talks the talk
By Colm Durham / Durham ltd, Dublin

Amazing athlete and coach in my opinion there is no one else in this man league . I have been training with Adrian for years and it is not just a carear for him it's a life style . He has an abundance of knowledge and skills to share . I would highly recommend anyone looking to improve their training , nutrion and all round mind set to attend any of his course .

10/10 Savage!
By Callum McDougall / Bury, United Kingdom

I can honestly cite Adrian as one of my biggest calisthenics influences, since I began my own personal journey in this field two and a half years ago. His ability to identify training issues, along with in depth remedial advice was a revelation to me whilst undertaking last year's Newcastle PCC and indeed this continues today! His rousing battle cry, 'savage', is instantly identifiable by everyone as affirmation of good form........and sounds great in his wonderful Irish brogue. Adrian's ability as calisthenics athlete is equally impressive and I would (and indeed do) recommend him to anyone wishing to advance their calisthenics skill set.

10/10 Great coach
By Dan Mitten / Holmes chapel, England

Very knowledgeable, very approachable, and has the ability to lead by practical demonstration, not just relying on explanation & theory. If you get the opportunity to work with him, take it. Can't wait to do it again

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Adrian Harrington