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10/10 best best
By Barbara Mills / Bayou, US

best best best best best best best best best

10/10 Danny helped me find my super powers.
By Karen Gasparick / Milwaukee, USA

I had the great opportunity to work with Danny at a Calisthenics workshop in Kentwood, MI at Quest Fitness. It was a last minute decision to try it, and I'm so glad I did! Danny is a great teacher because he's very kind, empathetic, and he believes that you can do it. If you want to try it, he'll help you out all along the way. As someone without a sports background, and as someone with an art background, I really related to the way that Danny presents the material. He does it in a creative, real life kind of way that made sense to me. I went into the workshop having some elusive experiences with more advanced calisthenics exercises. I was amazed that I left after one day having conquered the fear of being upside-down and doing a headstand! If you're on the fence about trying, pull the trigger and try it out with Danny. He's there for you and a super positive and supportive guy who will help you in a no-nonsense, real-life kind of way. As a personal trainer, coach, artist, writer, workplace wellness advocate, and human machine I would recommend any of my students to take every opportunity to work with Danny that they can.

10/10 Take Your Training to the Next Level
By Carl Phillips / London, UK

I was fortunate enough to be trained by Danny on a visit to New York in 2016. I’ve long been an admirer of Danny’s work and message so I was excited to get this opportunity and boy did it deliver. The training wisdom shared has left me enjoying my workouts more than ever and I find that I’m approaching my own training through an altered lens. I’m seeing training more as a process and absorbing myself in just trying to get better, little by little, rather than trying to force progress, hitting the wall and stagnating. The results are I’ve hit some recent personal best numbers without really feeling like I’ve trained hard for them (strange but true). I’m also enjoying the process of trying to refine moves and improve form more than being fixated on numbers. I’m in this for the long haul hopefully so what’s the rush?! I am in debt to Danny for his insights. I can't recommend the books of Danny and his brother Al enough. In a fitness world full of hype and misinformation they cut through the noise and deliver something special, real information that can deliver if you put the effort in.

10/10 Unbelievably motivating!
By Lynda Swenson / Sacrament, USA

I can't believe there aren't more reviews for the Kavadlo brothers. They are fantastic trainers. Danny has amazing people skills. He quickly hones in on what a person is all about and seems to know intrinsically how to connect with them and help them be successful with a movement. I loved, loved, loved working with Danny at the Encinitas PCC! Everyday was a challenging adventure and Danny celebrated every small advancement and success with each of us. Danny, you're the best and will influence my practice for the rest of my life!

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