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9/10 Great Quick-reference Guide
By Buddy Kidder / San Antonio, Texas, USA

The ebook provided with the IsoMax gives excellent guidelines for actual exercise performance. That said, I highly recommend having the ebook serve as a supplement to Paul Wade's The Ultimate Isometrics Manual. The manual not only explores the rationale for isometric training in great depth, but amplifies information contained in the ebook. The manual isn't included in the price of the IsoMax, but it's well worth purchasing separately. I say this based on three decades of personal training and multiple certifications dedicated to it.

10/10 Solid book which covers everything
By Liam Payn / Plymouth, Devon, United Kingdom

Great guide which covers everything you need to know about your Isomax. Really liked how informative each exercise was described and I also liked the additional workout programs. Overall I highly recommend this book to anyone looking to get the Isomax..

6/10 a lite version of Isometric Training Manual
By Dave Johnson / Austin, Texas, USA

It's a pretty decent guide to using the isomax, with a little programming and exercises. You can think of it as an updated appendix to the Ultimate Isometric Training Manual.

One complaint I have: the "rise time" requirement seems to have been dropped entirely from the programming and exercises. The author owes readers an explanation for this. If he no longer believes it's necessary or helpful, that's fine ... just don't leave us to wonder if it's a deliberate change or an oversight.

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