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By Judy Hansen / Minneapolis, MN

I've been training with John for a little over a year. His energizing positive attitude is contagious. As a result, I've become addicted to kettlebells! No two workouts are the same. Each one is created to meet my personal goals. He pushes me to be the best I can be. The benefits for me include increased flexibility, cardio, strength, endurance, balance, and reaching a little more each time. The benefits spill out into the rest of my life.

His expertise and knowledge in Kettlebells and all areas of fitness and nutrition is priceless! I would without question highly recommend his services to anyone.

10/10 Highest Possible Recommendation
By Rick Kahn / Minneapolis, MN

Even after lifting weights and maintaining a relatively high level of fitness for many years, I have seen dramatic benefits from my kettlebell training with John Rock. John has a precise, comprehensive understanding of how specific kettlebell exercises work different parts of the body. I expected some improvements in strength, but remain surprised and very pleased by the extent of the improvements in flexibility, stability, and cardio recovery times. I would give John the highest possible recommendation.

10/10 Excellent Motivator
By Abby Trebnick / Minneapolis, MN

Being new to Kettlebells prior to working with John, I have spent years lifting weights. However, working with John has raised the bar of my own weight training program. The high intensity of our workouts is always followed by encouragement to stay motivated. In addition, John continues to emphasize the importance of form as our skill improves. He definitely keeps me coming back!

By Jeff Spain / St. Louis Park, MN

John has been training me for nearly three years. I started with the 12K Kettlebell and moved up to the 28K within one year. His knowledge of strength and endurance training is amazing. I have been a powerlifter for over 30 years and Kettlebells have renewed by body and my motivation for training. Even with all my years of experience, John keeps teaching me new things.

10/10 Trainer who actually works WITH you
By Amy Robertson / Minneapolis, United States

I've had a few personal trainers in the past, but often had a hard time creating a program that was realistic for the amount of time I could devote to the gym as a law student. As much as I want to, I my schedule no longer allows me to devote 1.5 hours to training at the gym everyday.

John has been fantastic and has helped me create a REALISTIC plan that fits into my schedule. Rather than lecturing me about "prioritizing the gym" over all else, he has focused on creating a short and incredibly effective program. Not only have I had great results with John's program, I've learned so much. He doesn't just tell you to hold a posture; he explains why you need to hold that posture, etc. One of the best aspects of John's training technique is that he pays very close attention to your posture and corrects even the smallest of issues to help protect your body as well as maximize your results!

I highly suggest John without any reservations!

10/10 Attention to Detail
By Leslie Branham, RKC 2, CK-FMS / St. Paul, USA

John was an Assistant Instructor with me on Team Coffel for the April RKC in St. Paul. John has a fantastic attitude! He is extremely hard working, and has strong attention to detail. He was always there to accurately answer any questions our team members had. John was extremely pleasant and easy to work with. I sincerely hope that I have the opportunity to work with him again in the future.

10/10 Kettlebells rock and so does John!
By Corrine Casanova / Reno, NV USA

When I started working out in the mornings at St. Louis Park LTF I couldn't help but notice the people swinging the kettlebells around the green astroturf each Tuesday and Friday. I wanted to be part of the group and the fun. I joined kettlebell training in December 2008 and was amazed at the workout in just a 30 minute session. It was my best investment as I'm a runner and don't do the core and strength training that I need. John is thoughtful and enthusiastic in his approach to personal training. Not only did I learn how to swing a kettlebell, I also learned about Z-Health and how to improve my flexibility. This has been life changing! I recently moved to Reno, NV and had to conclude my training with John, but will never forget the excellent instruction I was given. I just found a new RKC kettlebell instructor here in Reno. Kettlebells rock and so do you, John Rock!

10/10 Great Job!!
By Dr. Michael Hartle, RKC Team Leader / Fort Wayne, Indiana

John was an Assistant Instructor on Team Hartle for the June RKC in St. Paul. He did a great job!! He was always attentive to the team's needs and worked hard. His attention to detail was excellent. He knows his stuff very well and I look foward to working with him again in the future! If you are in the Twin Cities, you definitely need to check him out!!

10/10 A Most Efficient Workout
By Susan Schumacher / Minneapolis, MN

As a 52 year old exerciser I really like John Rock's approach to good health and fitness -- especially when it comes to Kettlebells. It's the most efficient 30 minute workout I've ever done. It gives you core strength and great flexibility as well as a good cardio workout. John is an incredible trainer and very knowledgeable. I can't believe the weights I'm using and I've never been hurt. I think that's because John is VERY picky about form. He watches us like a hawk and I REALLY appreciate that. John always treats everyone in his group training sessions as individuals -- we are all different and that's no problem for him. John is always positive and always energetic. John knows his stuff. Thanks goodness for that!!!!!

10/10 The Kettlebell King
By Jennifer Baxter / Minneapolis,Mn

Being an avid tennis player,power walker and proponet of power yoga,I didn't think I needed anything else in my fitness routine.I had not lifted weights for a few years as I found them boring.In the Fall of 2007, I gave in and went to one of John's Kettlebell intro classes. I have not looked back. I have never felt stronger or leaner.Kettlebells has enhanced everything in my life. It is absolutely the finest 30 minute strength/cardio work-out you can give yourself. John is a Kettlebell master.. a positive motivator, constantly watching form and precision and pushing each of us to our "edge". He is dedicated, full of energy and also throws in a great joke now and again. Thank you John for getting me hooked.

10/10 Aging and Fitness
By Kathy Crawford / Minneapolis,MN USA

When I found John, I had given up training with weights and bars. Too much pain in arms. Too hard to come back if you took a week off. I started with John on kettlebells over a year ago. No pain, and lots of strength gain. I thought yoga would be it for me for the rest of my life. Kettlebells with John has been fun and rewarding. Even though I am usually the oldest one in his classes, I feel like I am keeping up, and that is fabulous. I recommend John to any babyboomer that wants to maintain a fun healthy life, and do it with a minimum of time and stress.

10/10 Outstanding Instruction from an Outstanding Instructor
By Tom Malone / Minnetonka Mn.

Ihave been taking private lessions from John Rock in order to improve my technique and increase the size of the Kettlebells I am working with. John has greatly aided both efforts.

His knowledge and patience is outstanding. He carefully watches each movement and closely pays attention. I am especially pleased by the effort he makes to ferret out my deficencies and help me correct them. It did not take him long to spot my weaknesses and through his efforts I have made giant strides in improvement.

I have also increasd (in 5 lessons) my swing weight from 16kg to 32kg and all this while maintaining good form.

So he is aiding both goals I set. John has hugely helped me improve the conditioning of my 60 year old body and I am grateful to him.

10/10 Well Rounded and Inspiring Trainer!
By Suzanne Gervasi / Minneapolis, MN

I've been going to the gym for the last 13 years and it wasn't until I started working with John that I actually saw the results I've always wanted! John introduced me to Kettlebell in December of 2006 and I've been hooked ever since. His teaching strategy is not only full of information and effective, but motivating and entertaining. I also see John for personal training sessions about ever 5-6 weeks and he has pushed me to make the best of my workouts and stay dedicated. John has taught me what works for me with strength training, weight training, cardio and endurance and I thank him for helping me get this far!

10/10 Great Instructor
By Cindy Baumann / St. Louis Park, MN

I have been working with John for a while now, just recently trying out the Kettlebells. His enthusiasm and positive approach set the perfect tone for each session. Just when you think you have something figured out, he encourages you to find a new way to challenge yourself and to get more out of each movement. John is a terrific instructor with a fascinating collection of jokes to share at each class! I highly recommend working with John Rock.

By Robin Statz / Minneapolis, MN

John has given me a renewed motivation to get back into a regular work out routine and provided a new and exciting method to get it done with kettlebells. "Progress is mandatory" has been proven over the course of working with John. He stresses form and safety while providing encouragement and direction in getting the most out of our workouts.

By Ed Bick / Golden Valley, MN.

John has a vast amount of knowledge about the use and different exercises with Kettlebells. I appreciate his attention to detail on technique. I have been working with John for 8 months and have noticed a nice increase in flexibility and strength. I have also found these workouts to have great aerobic benefit. John has a wonderful attitude and is an excellent motivator. I always feel great after a workout with John.

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