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Kettlebells Are Not a Side Dish

Nick Lynch double Kettlebell Overhead Squat 1200
Most of the time, I see people using a kettlebell as a side dish. This is similar to how people train their abs, like an accessory to something else. I see people adding some Swings here and there, a Goblet Squat or two and maybe even a Turkish Get Up. What a shame. Same with abs. I commonly see people ‘hitting their abs’ at the end of a workout.

Here’s the thing. Your abs are responsible for your breath, your ability to be upright and keep your back stable and safe. They should be trained first and you should put them on a pedestal.

Kettlebells are not an accessory, they’re not a side dish, they’re the main course. It’s possible you may just not know how to fully utilize them yet and that’s ok! That’s why people like me are here!

I see the look on my clients faces when they walk into my gym. Their eyes always go down and to the right. That’s because they’re nervously eying the kettlebells trying to see what they’re doing. It’s similar to if there was a gun on the counter. You’d want to know where it was, you’d keep an eye on it.

Kettlebells just sit there and stare at you with their infinite wisdom. They’re dark, cold and yet full of life. When one learns to do a proper kettlebell Swing and from there, program it, you’re set for life. Seriously. Kettlebells are like water. You need them to survive. They offer everything that is strength.

What is strength? Strength is:

  • Mobility
  • Power
  • Explosivity
  • Flexibility
  • Cardio
  • Mentally stimulating
Think about that. It’s like you get to do yoga, crossfit, powerlifting, bodybuilding and cardio all at once and yet, no impact and so therefore much safer!
athletes performing kettlebell getups
I highly recommend you seek out a professional to teach you how to train with kettlebells and from there, how to program them. If after one session your trainer says you’ve got it, please consider finding a different trainer. Kettlebells will take you at least 2 years to figure out.

Technique and programming are the keys to success and both require daily practice, lots of failing and setbacks and an incredible amount of build-up to be able to program an actual ‘workout’.

Please be humble, it will help! I’ve been a trainer for 21 years and practicing kettlebells for over a decade. Every day I learn something new! How cool is that? I thank you for reading and wish you the best on your journey.

Nick Lynch double Kettlebell Overhead Squat thumbnailNick Lynch, Senior RKC can be contacted though his website, email or call 414-477-2071