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Phil Ross


Phone: 201-962-3558
Mahwah , NJ
United States 07430
10 out of 10 (40 reviews)

 Master Phil Industries

Phil Ross, MS, MRKC, CPT, Adjunct Professor
Phil Ross' name is synonymous with Martial Arts and Fitness and is known as the area's Kettlebell King. He has successfully competed on the National Level in Submission Fighting, Kickboxing, Full Contact & Point Karate, Taekwondo and Olympic Style Wrestling. He has also held several titles in Bodybuilding and Powerlifting. More important than his personal accomplishments are the many benefits that his students have gained. A multitude of very accomplished individuals that have trained and continue to train with Phil Ross; The US Navy SEALs, UFC Fighters, Martial Arts School Owners, Professional Fighters, FBI Agents, DEA Agents, Police Officers, US Marines, Professional Athletes, Doctors, Attorneys, Educators, Students with Special Needs, Computer Programmers, Wall Street moguls, moms, dads, not to mention the thousands of children trained over the years.
His training methods have produced champions in the sports of Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, Mixed Martial Arts, Karate, Kickboxing, both Collegiate and Olympic style wrestling, Track and Field, Lacrosse, Football, Volleyball, Golf, Baseball, Hockey, Tennis and Soccer, to name a few. 

Training & Education Background:

  • Owner/Operator of American Eagle MMA since 1988. The area's first Mixed Martial Arts Academy.
  • Founded X-cel Fitness Professionals in 2003.
  • Released the S.A.V.E. Self Defense Fitness Video Series
  • Embarked on his Kettlebell Journey in 2006, began the migration from bodybuilding, powerlifting and other strength and conditioning methods. 
  • Became part of the RKC Family in October 2007 when he received his Level 1 Instructor Certification.
  • Advanced Kettlebell Workout video released 2008.
  • Achieved Level 2 RKC Certification June of 2008.
  • Appointed RKC Team Leader in March of 2010.
  • Attained CK-FMS Certification May of 2010.
  • Kettlebell Basics Manual and Workshop approved for CEU's for NASM Trainers, March 2011.
  • Online Kettlebell Training: Released in 2011
  • Master RKC 2012
  • PCC Instructor Certified in 2013
  • Kettlebell Workout Library to be released 2014
  • Survival Strong Strength and Survival Program Launched 2014
  • Black Belt in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu 2016
  • ACE Certified Personal Trainer 2017
  • Adjunct Professor Bergen Community College
  • Masters in Exercise Science 2019

The BodyBell Method

The BodyBell Method is a commonsense approach to strength, fitness, mobility and longevity. The system is based primarily upon RKC Hard Style Kettlebell training, calisthenics, suspension, moblity and plyometic exercises. Classes are conducted on a daily basis and the focus of each class is rotated between Strength, Endurance, Balance, V02, Powerdure and other specialty workouts.   

Available On-Site Training:

  • Daily Kettlebell Classes
  • Kettlebell & BodyWeight Training
  • Martial Arts & Self Defense for Adults & Teens
  • Boxing & Kickboxing
  • LENF Defensive Tactics
  • Weapons
  • Personal Training

Available On & Off-Site Training:

  • Kettlebell Workshops
  • Personal Trainer Workshops for CEC's & CEU's
  • Corporate Workshops
  • Survival Strong Workshops & Certifications
  • Videos (DVD) and Online Training
  • Burnalong Instructor
  • UBQFIT Instructor & Leadership
For additional information visit:
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10/10 RKC Instructor
By Suzanne Knox / Milwaukee, USA

WOW - Phil Ross as an RKC instructor was an amazing experience. He really gets why each of us are certifying and motivated us all as a group and each of us individually. He did a great job of assessing our individual strengths and weakness and worked hard to make each of us better tacticians and instructors. He was strict but not intimidating and safety was at the forefront of all his lessons. His tips and pointers were invaluable and will help me get more out of my practice going forward. I would highly recommend Phil Ross to anyone who was thinking about starting a kettlebell practice or looking to go to a RKC workshop.

10/10 Outstanding explanations and demonstration.
By Sean Jennings / Pittsfield, USA

My son and I just finished Boston RKC and we were extremely impressed with Master Phil. He is the best mix of gentle teacher and hard ass instructor and does it in a way that brings out the best in you. Phil puts everything into his instruction from the fine details to the big picture.

10/10 Great Teacher!
By Mark Reed / Lebanon, United States

Coach Phil led my RKC and is a great teacher. He is extremely knowledgeable and skilled and creates an amazing learning environment: high energy, very positive. We became a cohesive group very quickly. He has a strong focus on precision and the ability to replicate each movement “identically” every time it was performed. While it appears to be one of the simplest and most basic of kettlebell moves, Coach Phil made it clear that a well performed backswing is the foundation for many kettlebell movements. In short, sweat the small stuff as it makes all the difference in the end. Coach Phil was very supportive and took an individual interest in each RKC candidate and made himself available after the training.

10/10 Masterful
By Michelle Hillman / Shrewsbury, USA

What can I say about Master Phil Ross? Badass, confident, strong, skilled, articulate, professional, kind, encouraging and passionate about kettlebells. I had the honor of going through the RKC certification under his watchful, laser focused eye. From the moment I walked in the door he gave the sense of; you will have to earn this certification but I will do everything I can to help you succeed! I am proud to hold the RKC certification and I am proud to say he taught me. I continue to hone my skill as I workout to his Kettlebell Workout Library weekly. I am grateful to have met him. #RKCSTRONG

10/10 Phil is an all aorund "bad" man
By Moses Correa / Hainesport, USA

I have had the pleasure of working along with and under Phil in tow Dragon Door events. I quickly found that Phil is one "bad" dude (no meaning bad, nut meaning good. As the song says) Phil's strength levels are very impressive and his fire for training will get you fired up as well.

Phil is a great trainer for kettlebells, barbell, bodyweight and of course MMA and Martial arts.If you are near him or even far, I would train with Phil. You will get better, stronger and leaner as a result!

As a bonus, he looks and moves way younger than he is!

10/10 Excellent instructor
By Tracy Treible / Boonton, US

I took the HKC certification this weekend with Phil and his team at American Eagle MMA in Hohokus, NJ. It was a fantastic experience and left me feeling empowered and inspired. All of the movements were broken down and taught in a way that helps you as the instructor formulate the proper progressions for your clients/students in the future. Phil and his staff were friendly, informative, and worked side by side with all of us to make sure we were on point. So far all of my dragon door training experiences have been excellent...I'd highly recommend Phil and his team check them out!

10/10 FANTASTIC Instructor
By Emily Ledford / Purcellville, USA

Phil was a fantastic instructor for my RKC I Certificatio. It was truly an honor to learn from him. His knowledge and teaching methods over every skill was easy to understand and put into practice. He has such an obvious passion for what he does which makes listening and learning from him so interesting!
I am so privileged to have had him for this course and I am definitely a better instructor having spent that intense 3 day course led by him. In fact, I am absolutely elated that he will also be teaching my RKC II course in about two weeks. I was REALLY hoping to have him again and it's going to be awesome! I can't wait to learn more from this Master RKC Instructor!. Seriously, his skills are off the chain AMAZING!! :)

He has a super personality, is very helpful when you have questions, and he is quite the show off which makes it tons of FUN! But you can do that when you are that awesome! HA! Highly recommend!

Emily Ledford, RKC I Instructor- Purcellville, VA

10/10 A True Master
By Andrew Donofrio / Oakland, NJ, USA

Having been a student of Phil's for some time now, I have become accustom to how skilled a marital artist he is and the unique ability he has to instruct his students by breaking down complex physical movement into easy to follow stages. After attending the HKC course, which Phil led, I was able to again witness his ability to explain complex physical mechanics in an easy to understand fashion. As a 46-year-old fitness enthusiast, I had my reservations about my ability to take this challenge on. But with Phil's teaching ability, coupled with his passion for fitness, and desire to make people healthier, I was able to succeed. I strongly recommend HKC, particularly under Phil's guidance, for trainers and fitness enthusiasts alike!

10/10 An outstanding instructor and role model too
By Daniel Ribeiro / Haiku, HI, USA

Phil Ross was my instructor at the RKC II workshop this past September and I was very impressed by his enthusiasm and tenacity. He's the kind of person that brings out the best in people, leaving no room for doubt or discouragement. He developed a specific fighter program for me that was simple, impeccable, and extremely effective! I say role model because he told me, with his coaching, his 17-year old son can already press The Beast! And, as a proud new father of a baby boy, I feel inspired to reach that same goal with my son and to help him reach his full potential with hard work, perseverance, and love. I appreciate your time and dedication. Mahalo Phil. Aloha!

10/10 Incredible and intense trainer
By Nicole N / King of Prussia, USA

I had no idea what I was getting into when I signed up for the RKC back in March. Even with my injuries, Phil helped me with my strength and weaknesses. That was the hardest, most challenging and most rewarding weekend training I have ever done! Phil Ross was amazing! He made the weekend training intense but fun at the same time. By far, the best trainer and best training EVER!!

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Philip Ross
Naked Warrior

Dragon Door Interviews Master RKC Phil Ross

Dec 05, 2012 10:45 PM

Did you originally try kettlebells because of your martial arts studies? Phil Ross: I'm always looking for the best things available as far as training goes, especially concerning martial arts. I first heard about kettlebells at Frank Shamrock's place in the Summer of 2005. He mentioned that he knew someone in San Jose who was training with these cool things called kettlebells. So, he showed me...​

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