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10/10 My HKC Instructor
By Will Bell / Streamwood, United States

I attended the HKC in Chicago and Rob was my Lead Instructor. He was definitely a great instructor. He broke all the movements down to the simplest forms and made sure we all grasped the concepts before moving on. He inspired confidence and made the Workshop an awesome experience that I will always remember.

10/10 Thank you for helping me with my pistol squat
By Navin H / Washington DC, USA

Rob is fanatic!!
He cleaned up my sticking point of my pistol squat.
He is a great dude.
Appreciate your help Rob.
See you next time I am in Chicago.

10/10 Ex Division 1 Athlete. Best trainer I've worked w
By David Theriault / Chicago, United States

I'm an ex division 1 athlete who has been trained by the best in the business when it comes to strength and speed training, and never have I worked with a personal trainer who is so in tune with how my body is feeling before every workout. He will work with your aches and soreness by implementing a workout specifically for you, even with a class full of others training, all while still attending to everyone else's needs. Every class feels like a personal training session.

Rob is attentive and extremely encouraging. He will listen to the goals you have set out for yourself, push you a little further past that limit you've set, and hold you accountable in a very understanding and health conscious manner. He's very in tune with his students on an individual level no matter how many are in attendance.

For me, attending Rob's class has become a necessity. I leave every session with tired muscles (the BEST feeling after a workout) and an encouraged, confident mindset. I'm so thankful to have met Rob. As long as I'm in Chicago, it's Rob's kettlebell class for me!

10/10 Rob Miller: Best Trainer in Chicago
By Sam Palace / Chicago, United States

I wouldn’t have been able to push myself to the same extreme without Rob’s help.

I met Rob in 2013 and was in a situation where I was looking for something to step up my work out routine. I had just completed my season playing AAA baseball for the Washington Nationals. The past 4 years my scripted work outs became monotonous and were no longer giving me the "push" I desired.

Rob's extensive background and expertise in kettlebell training was exactly what I needed. I came to Rob and identified my goals as a member of the Washington Nationals baseball organization; to be in top shape for Spring Training. Rob tailored a workout regiment SPECIFIC to my needs and goals. I let him know my concerns being a throwing athlete and he adapted a regimented that put me in the position I am, to be as strong in my core, legs, and shoulders as I possibly could be.

Through kettlebell training I was able to do things with my body I had never done in the past and push all new limits. His program was more functional for me, being a Catcher, than I ever could have hoped. Robs training goes beyond lifting weights. I absolutely benefited from Rob's background as a Navy rescue swimmer as well. He discussed mentality and and mind set of being an athlete which allowed me to gain confidence to tackle any barrier. He helped me define where I want my baseball career to go. He even went into depth on health an nutrition and and gave me a plan that helped get me as lean as possible.

Rob took the time to focus on my technique and put my body in correct positions that would allow me for success in my field. The training was very difficult at times, but he knew exactly what it would take to allow me to try and separate myself and make a team with the club this season. I am so thankful for his time and effort. Can definitely say, I left a better athlete after training with Rob Miller.

10/10 Rob Miller will give you results!
By Michael Neumann / Chicago, United States

I am 53 years old and was going the wrong direction with my fitness. . I had worked with trainers in the past ( at Bally's) but I felt all they did was watch me lift weights etc. and look at their phone. Not impressed so I was skeptical trying another trainer. I could not be more wrong with Rob. First of all he is very hands on and committed to me. He took into account a few of my past injuries (shoulder) and using his kettle bells and overall physical fitness regimen, has me dropping weight ( 1.5 lbs. a week) and physically stronger than when i was 35 yrs old. I have so much definition in my arms I have my wife and friends impressed.. In addition, he has introduced me into yoga stretches that have helped eliminate muscle ache and stress. Rob is results orientated and with his kettle bell emphasis will bring you results for better fitness and health. I only wish I had started with him instead of wasting money on other trainers,

10/10 You Want Guns and Pistol Squats? See Rob Miller.
By Bea Rodriguez / Chicago, USA

In April 2012, I started using Rob Miller’s YouSwoop deal. When I walked in, I already felt strong. As a beginning rock climber, I asked him if he could make me stronger. He nodded and said, “That’s why I do kettlebells, so I can get weaker.”

Don’t be fooled by his sense of humor – he is serious about helping you reach your goals, whatever they may be. That first week, My 5’2” and 111-pound frame could only do the following, with less than ideal technique:
*goblet squat with a 16 kg;
*swing a 16 kg 25 consecutive times;
*do a Turkish Get-Up with 8kg;
and I couldn’t even snatch an 8kg properly.

By November 2012, I was able to do the following, with good technique:
*goblet squats with a 24 kg;
*swing a 32kg 25 consecutive times;
*do a Turkish Get-Up with 20kg;
*snatch a 12kg 116 times in 5 minutes.

All of this I’ve done without getting bulky; I’ve maintained my feminine frame! What’s more, I can now do pistol squats -- with a racked 10kg. I didn’t even know what they were until he started teaching me. I’ve already progressed so much, yet I am still motivated to keep getting better and stronger under Rob’s expert coaching.

What makes him an expert? Aside from all his certifications, he has extensive knowledge about physiology and kinesiology; he has natural talent in clearly communicating concepts to diverse individuals; and his years of experience has afforded him the wisdom to teach and motivate people from all walks of life. I’ve had many coaches in my lifetime, and Rob is one of the best I’ve had. He supports my growth through and through, and has succeeded in helping me become stronger -- physically and mentally.

Not only is kettlebell workout super fun, Rob himself has a fun personality. Rob brings the same level of enthusiasm and positive energy to each class, day in and day out. Knowing that I was going to be challenged AND feel good during and after his workout, I consistently went to his 7am class three times a week. The result? I’m now a certified badass, with guns and pistol squats and all :)

If there is anything that exceeds Rob’s passion for using kettlebells for fitness, it is his sincere desire to help his students succeed. Whoever you are, whether you’re a novice or an advanced athlete, Rob will know how to bring out the best in you.

10/10 Best all around workout I have ever had
By Mike Terranova / Chicago, USA

I have been exercising and working out regularly for the better part of fifteen years. Throughout those years I have tried several different forms of exercise like power lifting, cross fit and I even ran half a dozen or so triathlons, but I am writing this review to tell you that working with Rob in these kettlebell classes has given me the best all around results I have ever had. In the past, in order to gain strength I needed to sacrifice flexibility, and vice versa, but not here both my strength and flexibility have seen huge improvements.

The format of Rob's classes keeps me honest and his style of instruction keeps me working hard.

I will admit it took me a little while to get the hang of some of the movements and exercises, however once I started to understand the techniques and principles, I started to see results and fast.

Rob has changed the way I will exercise for the rest of my life, so Thanks!

10/10 Best Trainer!!
By Lori Kirsch / Chicago, USA

Rob is the hands down, the best trainer I have ever worked with. I am a long distance runner, and I thought i was in relatively good shape. I started taking Rob's kettlebell classes in October in order to gain a little bit more strength. His class is amazing!! I feel much stronger and I also feel like the kettlebell classes are improving my running as well.

Rob truly is great at what he does. He is very patient and extremely knowledgeable. My technique has improved greatly and I have watched him transform other beginners as well. Rob is by far the best trainer I have ever worked with and I would and have recommended his class to anyone who is serious about reaching their fitness goals.

10/10 Excellent Kettlebell Trainer and Instructor
By Amar Rehal / Chicago, USA

I learned about kettlebells with Rob at his kettlebell class. He was thorough teaching the basics like the “swing” and “Turkish get up.” He showed how the hips, glutes and hamstrings work together to provide power for the rest of the movements. He’s always available to answer questions and stay after class to talk. He keeps the atmosphere loose and fun, so it never gets tedious. Don’t be fooled, however, his training sessions will leave you drained but in a good way.

He implements other techniques in his classes, such as stretching, yoga, bodyweight exercises, unilateral and bilateral movements for a balanced workout. This is a great way to keep your body and mind engaged but also to learn something new and add to your own program. Another key is he’s able to gauge your progress, asking me to add more weight when I had my doubts, but then surprising myself.

I was excited when Rob asked me to train with him. I learned how he definitely practices what he preaches, using several kettlebell movements in his workouts, mixing in strength, speed and power through circuit training and ladders. Most impressive was his perfect form, making the lifts look easy, helping me with my mine several times, his experience apparent.

Personally, kettlebells have helped me correct muscle and strength imbalances along with gaining a tremendous boost in my conditioning. I’ve noticed my grip and forearm strength has improved, the thicker kettlebell handle causing those muscles to work harder. The power I’ve gained easily transfers to the playing field, like basketball and football. Besides the physical benefits, I feel connected intuitively working with a kettlebell. Having it in my hands is almost like an extension of myself, making the workout focused and fun.

If you’re even slightly curious about kettlebells, I would highly recommend a trainer. A hands on approach is safe, preventing injury, and will also save you time and wasted effort learning on your own. And then ask for Rob since he’s the best.

10/10 Thanks, Rob
By Nia / Chicago, IL

I?ve been fortunate enough to train with Rob for 4 years and counting, even before he became RKC-certified. He already had knowledge and skills to spare, so when he decided to focus on KB training, I knew that it must be for a good reason, and I followed along with him. I?ll leave it to Rob to explain why KBs are an incredible training tool because he is the real expert, but I can vouch for the results. In the last 4 years, Rob has helped me make nearly uninterrupted progress in strength and conditioning, which has translated into better performance in both athletic activities (which are a big part my life) and just about anything else. He has both the tangibles and intangibles that make a great coach: the focus on safety and technique and the ability to make you want to work hard.

10/10 Best trainer I have ever worked with!
By Karen / Chicago, IL

I've been working out with Rob for about 2 years now, and I am constantly challenged and motivated by his style of training. As a competitive athlete throughout high school and college, I have had a host of different professional trainers. However, Rob is hands down the best trainer I have ever worked with. He tailors each workout to my fitness goals, and is constantly pushing me to get stronger.

I have a bad back, and so was concerned that Kettlebells might not be the right fit for me. However, Rob's knowledge of proper workout techniques has made me stronger and less inclined to injury.

I've introduced many friends to Rob and each have been impressed with his training style and knowledge of Kettlebell workouts.

I think Rob's strength is that he empowers each person he trains to achieve results. He will provide world-class instruction, but he will also require that you put in the hard work to achieve your goals. If you truly want to change your lifestyle, lose weight, become a better athlete or increase strength, I would highly recommend you sign up with Rob.

10/10 Rob Miller - GREAT Instructor for Kettlebell Training!
By Leslie Harris / Chicago

I've been working out with Rob for the past 8 months. I've never felt stronger or more in shape...and I'm 50+! He is concerned with form in order to avoid injuries. At the same time, he pushes me to achieve maximum results, instilling a new sense of accomplishment after every training session. He provides me with workouts I can do on my own time, between training sessions. Rob makes training fun and keeps workouts fresh by coming up with new ways to use the kettlebells. A big thumb's up to training with Rob!

10/10 Stronger than I've ever been before!
By Suzanne Devkota / Chicago, IL

I started training with kettlebells in Rob's classes less than a year ago and have felt my body morph is this short amount of time. Being a lifelong athlete I had my share of knee pain and injury which kept me hesitant to test my range of motion. Rob has worked diligently with me in building strength back into my knee through kettlebell training and now, while still a work in progress, I'm able to work through a range of motion I never thought I'd have back. In addition, Rob is able to pack in a great amount of intensity into a short amount of time and give you a killer workout, but not the kind that makes you hate it, but rather makes you want to come back for more. I definitely, feel stronger, fitter, and happier with my body after training with Rob over this past year.

By Sasha Kloss / Chicago, IL

I started kettlebell training without knowing anything about it but thought it would be a good addition and challenge to my fitness regimen while recovering from a knee injury and other long-standing athletic injuries. Rob took my health and fitness background into consideration when introducing me to KB techniques. Rob's focus on safe and proper body mechanics as well as his attentive coaching style made it evident right away that his understanding of the complexity of the human body on all fitness and health levels exceeds the scope of knowledge of the majority of personal trainers I have worked and trained with over the past 8 years.

As I watched Rob teach his KB classes and train some of his clients (of various athletic ability and injury involvement), I noticed that he really tries to maximize each client's potential by listening to their needs, goals, and concerns and customizing his instruction on an individual basis, adapting appropriate exercise routines to each body rather than trying to mold each body into a cookie cutter routine. Rob gives excellent feedback and cues to help his clients understand the function, purpose, and technique behind the exercises he prescribes which ultimately helps gain confidence and independence as continuous progress is made.

Over the course of just a few weeks of training with Rob, I have forgotten about 99% of my pains and have almost completely recovered from my knee injury. I have gained a significant amount of strength and stability which I was lacking and plateauing with over a very long time. Rob's KB exercise routines have also helped me improve my posture and stamina tremendously which are essential to my work as a Physical Therapist, my fitness needs, as well as my activities of daily life. When pain and discomfort are replaced by strength and mobility, you feel invincible...something I have missed feeling for years!

Thanks to Rob's guidance and instruction, I have learned a great deal not just about the benefits of KB training, but also about my own body and how to challenge it in a functional way. There is no doubt that Rob is extremely passionate about and proficient in what he does, which are rare and invaluable qualities to find in a trainer, let alone any professional!


10/10 Although, He is my brother........
By Steve Miller / Battle Creek, Mi.

Rob took a different approach on me. We live about four hours away and every time he would come into town he would make some brotherly comment about how chubby I was getting. He meant it in the nicest way possible, hell he was right. So I Started kettlebells around 5'6 205lbs. It has been about 1 1/2 years now, and I am what I like to call DEISEL. I hit the scales around 175lbs and I feel like a new energized and more confident person. I just recently got a promotion at work and it is in fact do to the confidents that my brother has helped me gain. I feel forever indebted to him and appreciate his knowledge and love for helping others.

10/10 Solid Guidance for Kettlebell Trainees
By Justin D'Ambrosio / Chicago, IL

Rob is a very good trainer, who has a mastery of a large number of kettlebell exercises. What's more important, though, is that he has the ability to teach kettlebell exercise techniques clearly and effectively, so that students come to understand each kettlebell movement, and engage the right muscles in performing the exercises.

I am a certified personal trainer, and am conversant with a wide variety of training methods. As of a year ago, I began training with kettlebells, and Rob has helped me greatly by demonstrating exercises, giving technique pointers, and helping me incorporate kettlebell training into a larger fitness program. Kettlebells have become a great tool for me in my training---I have seen drastic changes to my physique, health, and strength since beginning to use them. Rob has been instrumental in helping me use them effectively.

Whether you have a strong background in fitness, or are just getting an exercise program underway, Rob is a great trainer. He understands physiology and kinesiology well, and is able to diagnose imbalances in muscle strength and flexibility readily. This is an essential skill for any trainer, and it is one at which Rob excels. So if you are looking to learn how to use kettlebells as a way to improve your physique, your fitness, and your health, Rob is the trainer to contact.

10/10 A+ Instructor
By Mark B / Chicago, IL

Whatever your goals, or fitness aspirations are Rob will help you achieve them. I have worked with Rob for the past 4 months, and he has helped me gain SIGNIFICANT results. Unlike the other personal trainers I have used in the past, Rob created a personalized program that focused on areas of weakness.

I suffer from ankylosing spondylitis (arthritis of the spine), and Rob developed a workout routine to help alleviate much of the stiffness in my spine. He followed up on days after training to ensure that I was progressing.

I highly recommend Rob for an opportunity to improve yourself, and learn how to have better workouts.

10/10 Great instructor to take your training to the next level
By John Fitchwell / Chicago, IL

I am 29 and have weight trained and played sports my entire life. I wish I would have discovered this training 15 years ago. My explosive strength and core strength have improved dramatically since I began training with Rob. Along with strength my flexibility has improved and the joint pain I had been experiencing from standard barbell movements has almost disappeared completely.

Rob teaches at a pace that allows you to be comfortable with the movements while progressively pushing you harder and harder each week. Kettlebells has been a great change of pace to complement my more traditional weight training and I highly recommend training with Rob if your looking for an opportunity to push yourself and improve your strength.

10/10 Weight Loss and Toning Results!
By Angie Meredith / Chicago, IL

When I started training with Rob the first week in October, I was SIGNIFICANTLY overweight, out of shape and not in a good place physically or mentally. I was introduced to Rob through a mutual friend and started working out with him two times a week. It is now the beginning of March and I've lost 65 lbs of fat and it's 100% due to his guidance and training program.

Initially, I was turned off by the idea of kettlebell training. As a woman, I want sleek, sexy arms, defined legs and to be lean, not bulky. On the surface, the kettlebells seem to be a program for men who want to bulk up. Not the case. Working out with kettlebells give you a total body workout with efficient movements designed to burn calories, build strength and tone your muscles.

Through working out with Rob and the bells, I've discovered more inner strength in myself than I ever thought possible. He's incredibly motivating. I really enjoy working out with Rob not only because he makes me want to achieve the best "me" possible, but he gives me all the tools to make it happen. He comes prepared to every session with a full workout planned for me. He provides me with meal plans to focus on weight loss. Rob is invested in his clients and wants to see us achieve our goals.

Not only are kettlebells effective for weight loss and toning muscles, but they're FUN. As a card-carrying member of the "I Hate Exercise" club, I dreaded going to the gym. Now, I look forward to my workouts with kettlebells. I like that I can do get-ups, snatches, swings and cleans with close to proper form (I'm still a work in progress!). It makes me feel strong and healthy. I'm also never bored.

Really, working out with Rob has been something that has changed my life. He's an incredible kettlebell instructor. I can't say enough good things about Rob. He's helped me be the best possible person I can be and for this I'll always be grateful.

1/10 unreliabe, rude, not timely
By JoAnn DeAngelo / Chicago, IL

This guy is a dip who cashed my check, didn't send materials, return phone calls or emails. I went into this totally new, and I can say it was a terrible intro into kettlebells. (I have been working out my entire life, though.) I am rather angry to have gone through chasing this guy down to get a basic print out of some copy written materials from the net. Nothing that looks like personal training.
Nothing about the diet tips he promised either. He is a horrible rep for kettlebells, and I am off again to look for someone who wants to train me with my goals in mind. I asked him before I ever met him how this would work into my lifting routine. He said: "We will talk about it in person." No asking about health history, no real regard for my goals, etc. Certainly not a free eval. I feel ripped off, dismissed and like I am on the other end of a scam.
He reminds me of the dip trainer in the Cohen Brothers last movie. But at least Brad Pitt was likeable. bad, bad, bad. I am not sure who wrote the previous reviews, but, they must've been his friends.

10/10 Results!
By Dennis R / Chicago

I have been working with Rob for the last eight months. Prior to that I had been with two other trainers. Rob is by far the best in terms of commitment, personality and genuine care for me to achieve results. Because keetle bell training is both weights and cardio combined, I have noticed I have become leaner, stronger and have better endurance.

In the time I have been working out I have had my blood pressure reduce from a medicated 187/126 to 100/60. I can now reduce my medication considerably. If these results continue I may be able to go off high blood pressure medication completely. This is quite astonishing as I have been on medication for the last 15 years.

Beyond being a good instructor, Rob is a all around fun guy to be around. He makes an hour training session fly by! I have never enjoyed going to the gym so much.

10/10 You can actually have FUN working out!
By Jessie Combs / Chicago, IL

Yes, this workout is fun....and it works! I've been seeing Rob for about a month now and am already feeling healthier, stronger, and more in shape. Rob is great because not only is he very reliable, but he's truly committed to getting you to your fitness goals. Another main concern of mine was dieting/nutrition, but Rob was able to steer me in the right direction. In two weeks time, I had already changed my eating habits and making the right choices has never been easier. He's definitely helped me make a lifestyle change! If you want someone who actually cares about your fitness goals and will give you effective nutrition guidance at the same time, Rob is the man. Quit dreading the trip to the gym and start looking forward to it!

10/10 DO THIS WORKOUT! It is unbelievable
By Aleen Boghossian / Illinois

I have been working out all my life.I was a competitive athelete growing up and I was running 3-5 miles everyday. I recently started working out with Rob. I have never in my life experienced a more successful workout. My body has completely changed into what I have always wanted in just a short time already. Rob takes the time and dedication to plan workouts that target your body for what YOU want. I started a Kettle Bell workout with no knowledge of the training and what it included. I have become a fanatic about it. I have never seen the results I have with any other workout routine. It is challenging and refreshing. It is almost a competition between you and the kettle bell and you must learn and perfect the technique needed to win the battle. When I am doing my workouts with Rob I lose all the stress and problems I walked in the door with. If I could recommend anything to friends and strangers it would be to workout with Rob and you will truly see the results you want,

10/10 If you live in Chicago and want results, this is your guy
By Rebecca Sarwate / Chicago, IL

I have been working with Rob for more than 6 months now. Before I started collaborating with him, I had reached a plateau in my fitness goals, though I was working out nearly everyday. Rob taught me how to do more in less time, by integrating strength and cardio training in vigorous kettle bell exercises. I have lost 15 pounds of fat and added muscle, strength and balance. Rob is committed to helping you become your best version of yourself. He is always continuing his own education as a certified kettlebell instructor, in order to help his clients push their bodies to the next level.

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