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Convict Conditioning Workout App


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Now You Can Hear Cues and Track Your Progress on Your Mobile Device When You Train the Convict Conditioning Super-6 Bodyweight Exercises...

How to Organize and Optimize Your Workouts to Make Maximum Progress in Minimum Time

Convict Conditioning Cover TriadXP In App Workout Program

The Convict Conditioning in-app exercise program gives voice to all of the bodyweight exercise progressions revealed in Paul Wade’s Convict Conditioning. Each workout on the app comes with photographs and descriptions of the relevant exercises. You also get the recommended reps, sets and rest periods to follow. And, since the app guides you through each workout and tracks your results, there’s never any doubt about your progress.

Visit the sign-up page on the website to purchase the in-app version of the Convict Conditioning workouts. 

Watch this brief video to learn more about what all you’ll get with this state-of-the-art app.


Convict Conditioning Program Snapshot

  • 22 bodyweight calisthenics workouts
  • Progression-based exercises
  • Time-based exercises
  • Rep-based exercises

What you're getting with this TriadXP fitness app exercise program

  • Complete audio-visual guided workout routines
  • Systematic results tracking
  • Workout summaries
  • Personal dashboard
  • Workout log
  • Workout editing
  • Digital exercise program for iOS and Android devices