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Ted Croushore’s 4-Month Body Transformation — Leaner and Stronger

Ted Croushore Isochain Before and After photos: 120 days of Isochain Only Training
So here it is – the results of 120 days of exclusively ISOCHAIN resistance training, inclusive of 90 days of caloric deficit averaging over 500 calories per day:
  • Bodyfat reduction of 6% (28% to 22%)
  • Weight reduction of 13 pounds (166 to 153)
  • Fat reduction of 13 pounds (48 to 35)
  • Visceral fat reduction of 81% (1.53 pounds to .28 pounds)
  • Abdominal fat reduction of 14.2% (4.5 pounds to 2.3 pounds)
  • Lean mass no change – exactly the same
I was floored that I had zero muscle hypertrophy. I was angry about that, to be truthful, until I looked at the totality of all the metrics I have been tracking; that includes my strength numbers. This is where the story gets interesting:
1-Rep Max Data for Shoulder Press, Curl and Deadlift
Shoulder Press – 1 rep max is up 180% (1 rep max is 82% of my bodyweight)
Curl – 1 rep max is up 138% (1 rep max is 56% of my bodyweight)
Deadlift – 1 rep max is up 211% (1 rep max is 161% of my bodyweight)
What in the world? Same muscle mass but major increases.
Here are my three big takeaways:  
  1. ISOCHAIN resistance training was critical to maintaining lean mass during 90 days of dietary restriction and daily cardio of 5-6 miles per day walking.
  1. ISOCHAIN resistance training was critical in significantly increasing strength with existing lean mass.
  1. ISOCHAIN resistance training has increased muscle density (observation only, not a test result) and neural capacity.
My next steps – increase calories slowly back to maintenance and track measurements. Stay the course with ISOCHAIN resistance training.