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The 7 Best Things about the HKC

HKC 2015 Japan Camp Foster

The HKC is awesome.

Do you need more than that? Then keep reading.

I’ve been fortunate enough to teach/co-teach five Hardstyle Kettlebell Certification (HKC) workshops in the last 8 months. My buddy Josh Henkin, Master RKC and DVRT Creator, and I had the great privilege of teaching two of those HKC workshops to the United States Marines. I taught the other three workshops in New York City, Kansas City and Connecticut. Somewhat to my surprise, I get a deeper appreciation and respect for the HKC every time I lead a new group of candidates.

The HKC was my first step down the incredible road to becoming a fitness professional. It was the first certification/workshop I had ever taken and it was the first time I ever "coached" someone. The pull-up test back then was the first time I trained for a specific goal. It was the first of many "strength tests" I would take in my career. But at the time I went to my first HKC workshop, I was just an enthusiast with zero interest or intention of becoming a coach. My intentions changed shortly after that workshop. The HKC initial seeded the roots of what I would become. A few months later, I went through my first RKC workshop. I took my first DVRT certification with Josh Henkin a month after that. The rest is history.
HKC 2015 Miramar Group Get-Ups

Here are the 7 BEST things about the HKC:
  1. It nails down the basics. The HKC covers the kettlebell swing, get-up and goblet squat. These are the three big fundamental movements. More importantly, the HKC provides you with the exceptional education to progress, regress, troubleshoot, coach AND perform these three movements.
  2. The HKC is enthusiast friendly. If you’re someone that LOVES kettlebells, or you are thinking about becoming a trainer, this is the perfect first start. By focusing on the three lifts, you are less likely to be overwhelmed—which can happen at other one day workshops. If you do feel a bit overwhelmed, the HKC manual is pure gold and will support everything which is taught at the workshop.
  3. For more seasoned trainers/coaches, the HKC will sharpen your own kettlebell technique, coaching ability and likely your own movement patterns. Time and time again, we are able to help trainers get a greater understanding of how their bodies work.
  4. You will get stronger—and more importantly, so will the people you train.
  5. Hardstyle techniques will benefit other types of training. Improving movement and learning to create tension (and relaxation) will show great rewards in anything else you do.
  6. The HKC is an excellent step toward the more advanced three-day RKC certification. Not only do certified HKC instructors get a $200 discount toward an RKC workshop registration, they almost always perform better at the RKC.
  7. Our community rocks! There are so many amazing people who are part of the HKC/RKC/DVRT/PCC/Dragon Door family. Come join the family!
Steve Holiner Coaching HKC Goblet Squat
I’ve grown to really love teaching the HKC. The more I teach it, the more I see what it’s done for me. The more I coach, the more I find the importance of the swing, get-up and goblet squat.

Try this workout:

Get-up x1 on the right side
Swings x10
Goblet squat X1
Get-up x1 left side
Swings x9
Goblet squat x2
Get-up x1 right side
Swings x8
Goblet Squat x3
Get-up x1 left side
Swings x7
Goblet squats x4
…Go back to the right for the GU. Swings continue to descend until you hit 1 rep. Goblet squats continue to go up until you hit 10 reps.
Kettlebell Swings at Kansas City HKC 2015


Click here to find an HKC Workshop near you. You can also reach out to me at if you’d like to host an HKC Workshop.

Yours in strength and fury,


Steve Holiner ThumbnailSteve "Coach Fury" Holiner’s superhero headquarters is Mark Fisher Fitness in NYC. Fury is a DVRT Master Chief Instructor and Senior RKC. He is available for classes, semi-privates, instructor training and programming at MFF. He is also available for private training at Catalyst S.P.O.R.T. Check out his website, or follow him at:, and for more info.