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The Revolutionary Training Solution - The Neuro-Set


Here’s A ‘Fool-Proof’ Solution For Rapid Increases In Your Muscle Mass, Strength, Speed, Power, Athleticism and Conditioning, That’s Been Tried-And-Tested On Olympians, NFL Athletes, MMA Fighters and More…

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In yesterday’s article you discovered 5 of the most common mistakes athletes make in their training. These included:

     1.   Choosing the wrong exercises

     2.   Choosing a program that develops "Show Muscle" instead of "Smart Muscle"

     3.   Spending too much time at the gym

     4.   Lack of focus and mental preparation

     5.   Failing to break training plateaus

Fortunately, there is a solution to these mistakes.

There have been many different types of training programs throughout the years. All of them promise to stimulate growth through maximum muscle recruitment and resistance overload. But the time has come for a different kind of strength and hypertrophy training.

It's time for something REVOLUTIONARY.

What is this revolutionary training concept?


The Neuro-Mass system incorporates cutting edge exercise combinations called Neuro-Sets. These Neuro-Sets deliver maximum muscle and strength gains in minimum time.

How is this accomplished?

First of all, we combine three distinct types of exercises into one set. The three types of exercises are Grinds, Dynamic Power Drills, and Isometrics. The result of these powerful Neuro-Sets is increased muscle size, strength and athleticism.

Let’s look a little deeper into these three types of exercises and their importance to your training:

Grinds - Slow, controlled exercises that place resistance on large muscle groups. They include squats, pulls, and presses - executed with sustained total-body tension. Grinds place tremendous stress on the muscular system and stabilizing muscles, which leads to hypertrophy. When grinds are performed using the correct rep sequence they can elicit a muscle building hormonal response.

Dynamic Power Drills - Performed quickly, these movements focus on power and speed. They are ballistic in the concentric portion of the movement and also use momentum to deliver an enhanced eccentric-loading effect. Dynamic Power Drills have the potential to recruit fast-twitch muscle fibers, as well as increase the metabolic rate. The result is increased strength and conditioning.

Isometrics - This category of exercise is performed while maintaining a static position. The joint-angle and muscle-length remain constant for the duration of the contraction. An example would be pushing against an immovable object such as a brick wall.

Now, each one of these exercise types is quite effective on its own. But when they are synergistically combined into a Neuro-Set, they become a powerful force that smashes through strength and conditioning plateaus and roadblocks.

Here is an example of a Shoulder Blasting Bodyweight Neuro-Set:

     -     Handstand push-ups – 8 to 12 repetitions

     -     Hummingbird – 15 to 60 seconds

     -     Towel isometric shoulder pull – 7 to 12 seconds

How To Perform The Handstand Push-up:

The technique we will use to get into position for the handstand push-up is called "wall walking."

To begin, place both feet flat against a wall, while your hands and knees are on the floor. Now, driving your hands into the floor, begin to walk up the wall using your hands and feet. Be sure to contract the abdominals throughout the movement.

When you reach the top position, slowly lower your body until your head is a few inches away from the floor. Pause for a moment and raise your body up to the top position.

How To Perform The Hummingbird:

Begin by placing your arms straight out at your sides and lower into a semi-squat position. Now, explosively move your arms up and down within a 6-inch range of motion. The range of motion is extremely small. You'll find that this innovative exercise has the ability to fatigue shoulders very quickly.

How to Perform Towel Isometric Shoulder Pull:

I first saw this powerful isometric exercise performed by my friend Ori Hofmekler. Begin by grasping the end of a heavy towel with one hand extended straight out to your side. Now, with the other hand grasp the towel at chest level. The position looks like an archer getting ready to pull a bow backward.

Try to pull the towel apart. As you continue this pulling motion contract the muscles of the back as hard as possible. As you increase the tension, power exhale through the mouth.

So that’s an example of how Neuro-Sets work.

Here's another article which reveals more about the system, as well as a BONUS cutting edge Neuro-Focus Training exercise to get you dialed in to the best work outs of your life!