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JoeDiStefanoGetUp thumbnail

How to Mix Kettlebells the Spartan Way, Interview with Joe DiStefano, Spartan Race, RKC

Meet Joe DiStefano, the Spartan of Kettlebells

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ChrisHolderArticleKLewSwing thumbnail

High Tension: It’s More Than a Technique Requirement

I’m closing in on fifteen years as an RKC and I have been a college strength coach for nearly twenty years. What I can tell you is that 99.999% of the population have no idea what high tension is. They think they do, but they have no relationship with intensity.

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Zach TrapBar Deadlift thumbnail

TRUE Strength: How To Develop Strength That Transcends The Gym

I remember how heavy and awkward that generator felt. As a strength athlete, was glad I lift heavy odd objects all the time.

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PhilRossKettlebellRows thumbnail

How Conor McGregor Should Have Trained To Beat Mayweather

Master RKC Phil Ross: How Conor McGregor could have trained to beat the odds

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Neuro Grip OcculsionTrainingThumbnail

How to Boost Growth Hormone, Strength Levels and Muscle Size Without Heavy Weights

Occlusion is more commonly known as Blood Flow Restriction (BFR) training. Restricting blood flow during exercise may seem counterintuitive to most trainees. In fact, many athletes take pre-workout supplements intended to increase blood flow to the muscles by creating a state of vasodilation. However, Blood Flow Restriction works better than any supplement designed for this purpose…

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DoubleWindmillAshliLinkhorn600 thumbnail

How Chiropractor Ashli Linkhorn, RKC-II Uses Kettlebells With Her Patients

Interview with chiropractor Ashli Linkhorn, RKC-II. Learn how she uses kettlebells and the knowledge from the HKC, RKC, and RKC-II to help her patients.

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M3 Group TGU thumbnail

Meditative Movement Mastery (M3)

If you wish to obtain quality of movement and therefore increase strength you need more energy.

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NathanGagnonGetUpWithInjuredArm thumbnail

Overcoming nerve damage with kettlebells, the Nathan Gagnon story

Interview with Nathan Gagon: Overcoming nerve damage with kettlebells

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LeeBacchiKettlebellPress thumbnail

Divine Providence, Kettlebells and the Lee Bacchi story

Interview with Lee Bacchi, Catholic Priest, RKC: Divine Providence, Kettlebells and the Lee Bacchi story​

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RobertBlickGobletSquat thumbnail

How This 60-Year Old Fights Type 2 Diabetes With Kettlebells

Interview with Robert Blick, HKC: How This 60-Year Old Fights Type 2 Diabetes With Kettlebells

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